“Sometimes the enemy you don’t know is worst the enemy you do know, Jeff take a seat” – Vanessa

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 20-31-53-065_jpg
8:30pm VAnessa calls them to the living room
Vanessa has something to read out
“House gues as everyone knows gronk said no have nots this week but the party is about to kick into high gear anytime gronk calls you to a party you must go and do what he says if you don’t show up that is a party foul and that will make you a have not for the week so show up and don’t disappoint gronk.”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 20-45-10-138_jpg

8:44pm Jackie, JAmes and Becky
Becky doesn’t think Vanessa is the kind of person to blindside someone.
Becky – The whole house is we need this girl out.. I can’t see Vanessa says UMMM no my agenda
Jackie says that would be pissing off the entire house that would be scary
Becky doesn’t see her pulling a fast one and going against the house.
James can’t see who else she would put up if it’s not Audrey.
JAems – It will definitely be a blindside if she doesn’t put Audrey up
Becky wonders what kind of deal can Audrey make she doesn’t win anything she’s just crazy and throws everyone under.
Becky – her deals are sh1t
Clay joins them.
Dozing off
james – Ahhh Meg’s such a cutie patootie

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 20-56-49-408_jpg

8:54pm People starts screaming .. “In the SHOWER”

First Gronk party is in the shower. Sounds like they got blasts of hot and cold.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 21-27-28-028_jpg

9:04pm HOH Steve, Austin and Vanessa
Steve asks her what happened with her and Meg.
Vanessa tells him they all know they are not getting rid of Audrey so she’s trying to figure out if Audrey was lying to her or not. What it proved to Vanessa is Meg was lying other. she knows this because Meg got emotional and irrational so quickly
Vanee s- she runs downstairs crying she slammed the door she slammed the door on me

VAnessa says Jeff was trying to rally the house to come up here and demand Audrey
Steve tells Vanessa to use the excuse that Jeff was trying to rally the house against her and Audrey wan’t
Austin wants Jeff’s the option.
Steve tells them that Meg cornered people saying that Vanessa is lying

Vanessa – let me tell you She’s luck she’s safe.. I’m a LIAR
Austin – are you sure they weren’t referring to Audrey
Steve – nope, your name was used.
Vanessa says maybe he heard it wrong because she never lied and that would be a big thing for her to make up.

Steve tells him to stop being nice “Keep being rude to me”
Steve – Does Jeff trust you
Austin – he’s starting to
Steve – Keep doing that
Austin leaves

Steve asks her if she wants to nominate a Pawn instead.
Vanessa says the only option is Jackie.
Steve – you have more concrete reasons for James over Jeff. Vanessa says if she puts up JAckie she’s pissing off Jeff and JAckie but if she pout up sJeff she’s only opiussing off Jeff.

She Thinks Jeff is a bigger threat than James in mental competitions she say how James performed today in the POV.
Steve moves to the Memory wall starts going through possible pawns.. Suggests Becky.
Steve asks who would go home Jeff or James
Vanessa – Jeff. I can guarantee it

Vanessa – Becky hates Jeff..
Vanessa says Jeff told her Audrey, Steve and Becky are his pecking order and when she says him she means Jeff, Meg and Jeff

Steve says Jeff is rude to him, Says she was sitting there smiling in the social setting and he said one sentence and Jeff turned around and told him to shut tup.. Says Meg and JAmes were in the room..
Vanessa – he says a lot of sexist comments
Steve says James is pleasant on a daily basis but Jeff isn’t

Steve calls Jeff a bully
VAnessa brings up him trying to rally people to force her to put Audrey up
VAnessa – he also makes comments that really bug me

They count the votes to Evict Jeff, Sheli, clay,. Steve, Beck, Liz, Austin
Steve – that’s all we need
Steve – JohnnyMAc
Vanessa – Johnnymac is friends with Jeff
They agree it’s a tight vote but either one going home is a win. She asks him what should she do to minimize the blood on her hands.
Steve says Audrey will be up here, VAnessa needs that to happen and make the house think that Audrey got to you.
Steve – Audrey’s word against anyone… Anyone wins
Vanessa says she might just say “I talked to the majority of the house, Jeff take a seat”
Vanessa – it’s the truth.. When Jeff goes home that’s the majority of the house
Steve doesn’t think the house will believe it. Jeff is going to start raising hell and arguing everyone trying to figure out who the majority is.

Vanessa is going back and forth about what she should say when she puts Jeff up. She thinks maybe she should just call them out for their alliance.
Steve tells her not to call James out because he’s staying and she doesn’t want to damage thing with him anymore than she can.

Austin, Liz, Clay, Steve, Becky
Meg will vote to keep James
Jason is a unknown
They’ll talk to JohnnyMac

Vanessa says JAmes is in love with Meg and he threw the BOB to save Meg. He wanted to be the hero of Meg
Vanessa – wasn’t it the most mysterious display every
Steve – the thought never crossed my mind .. you are right.
Vanessa calls is a Caleb move

(She’s putting up Jeff but is deciding to talk about it for hours to give us something to type)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 21-28-39-381_jpg
9:26pm Austin and Julia
Talking about playing shocked when jeff is nominated.
They talk about Jace’s energy didn’t jife with the house. Julia mentions Liz telling her about Jace calling everyone out in the backyard.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 21-53-41-866_jpg
9:45pm Austin, Julia and Audrey
Austin says all week the other side have been saying Audrey steve Audrey Steve
Austin – I’m going to play the shocked card
They chuckle that Jeff is going to flip out
Austin and Julia are going to tell Jeff they have his vote all week and then vote him out on Thursday.
Austin – theya re so close.. Jeff, James and Jason
Audrey – JAckie will freak when he’s gone
Austin – I know it’s perfect
Austin saying Jeff is suing jackie as a piece of meat to lure Austin away from Liz/Julia. Austin points out Jeff wants to get with Liz he’s thinking with his “____” (Points to d1ck) not with his ‘____” (points ot head)

They agree JAckie and Jeff have some kind of catch. He thinks if they can make it to the end they’ll get a million dollars.

Austin says once Jeff goes up watch Jackie she’ll show her hand.
Austin says Jeff is very manipulative much better than Jackie, “He’s good.. he’s really good.. CHeckmate”

They agree Vanessa is scared because it’s a big move. Austin is certain the other side of the house is going to go insane.
Austin says him winning the veto and not using is it worse for them as a group it cuts them both off with the other side.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 22-11-15-799_jpg

10:08pm HOH Austin, Julia, Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa – today i’m going to tell Shelli and Clay about you.. you need numbers to protect yourself..
They are going to bring Steve in with Sheli and Clay tomorrow. Steve leaves.

Austin – Jeff and Jackie are either together, married, engaged or they get a million dollars.
Austin says jeff is using jackie to get close to him, ‘this is the lies and twists season.. there’s something fishy about it”
Julia says JAckie and Jeff spelt in the same bed and Audrey heard them kissing.
Austion – They were 7th place on their season why would they be here..
Vanessa says jeff called Jackie dumb.
They agree jackie is going to campaign hard to save jeff

Vanessa’s speech – Sometimes the enemy you don’t know is worst the enemy you do know.. I want to do what the house wants.. it’s come my attention that there‘s someone in the house that has done really great job of misleading a variety of people.. and uhmm they’ve really flown under the radar.. there’s another target that are already obvious. .
Austin recommends a shorter version. He asks her if they should tell Jeff they have their vote. vanessa wants everyone that is intending to vote out Jeff to tell him.
Austin doesn’t seem excited about this says jeff is going to make the house hell for Liz. .
Austin says Jeff and the rest of the house think if they announce she’s a twin she has to leave.
Vanessa know that’s not true.

Audrey – when everyone realizes he’s 9Jeff) the male Audrey they’ll want him out
They start talking about the emotional melt down Jackie and Meg will have when their two boys James and Jeff are on the block.

They tell Julia to go to Jeff and tell him Audrey has been spending a lot of time in the HOH.
Vanessa says Becky hates jeff but she doesn’t know if it’s more than Audrey.

Vanessa asks them if they want her to put up Jeff over Audrey
Austin – Oh my god Yes..
Vanessa needs to ask Clay and Shelli.
Austin- this is a good thing for Jason.. this give him freedom to open up he should his alliance is down to this (show with his finger)
Austin points out Jason will see it as a big game move he’ll respect it .
Austin – the whole other side is wiped out if you take out Jeff WIPED OUT

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Vanessa is a fucking genius. Do not underestimate this girl. She’s in it to win it and this girl WILL be the first female winner since Rachel Reilly


Not even close IMO. Vanessa is way too indecisive, talks way too much, has way too many alliances, and has confided in the wrong person— Audrey. As much as I dislike Shelli , she is playing much smarter and I think she will make it much further in the game, Becky is also another female player that I think has a better shot at the win. Vanessa is underestimating and involving too many people in her BD plan. She is NOT Derrick. When she told Shelli she didn’t trust Austin a 100% anymore , that was stupid, so was the whole concern Clay has a twin. She targeted James because he didn’t hug her after the BOTB. She made a huge deal about her stupid argument with Meg. Each day what should be a simple backdoor plan is becoming increasingly elaborate and it seems her own alliance members ( Shelli, Austin) are becoming a little confused and frustrated with her whole thought process.


First smart thing I’ve read in these comments! She is not Derek. This season is boring without him. Can’t wait to see him on the next All Star season!!!!


Huh? He was easily the most boring HG on BB16. He just got lucky that everyone else was so bad…


I liked Derrick but he was smart especially compared to the nutjobs he has to babysit. He was dull as hell on the show though come on. He was a family man & never got crazy nor was he the guy to whoop it up to interest the feeds/audience. He slept a lot…


agree…..she keeps her emotions in check. she hates james but is not willing to send him out because of that. She needs to get jeff out….its going to get very interesting if she does….she has waivered a bit….hope she can do it! She was my fav from day 1


Surprise twist on everyone, Liz/Julia are really triplets!

If only…


Just fast foward already it’s another bimbo squad alliance nothing has change it was promising in the beginning but now it is not

Dr seuss

Austin is the biggest loser. He makes no sense loves to hear himself talk. Thinks he’s gods gift to women. His mind stop developing when he turned 13would love to see him on the block. Think he would start sobbing. Was sad excuse for a guy

Brad H

Vanessa is smart for trying to find a way to make herself look like the hero when she puts Jeff up instead of Audrey. She wants to have Austin confront Jeff & have Clay confirm, but of course Clay is too scared to do that because he’s playing the whole house just like Jeff. I really hope Vanessa pushes this agenda of hers because she could finally figure out that Shellie & Clay are still playing both sides!! I am praying for a confrontation between Jeff & Austin so everything will be out in the open before this pov ceremony.


I don’t think anyone should underestimate her. She is listed as having a net worth of 4 million dollars, was married to Chad Brown who was an American Actor, Poker Player and Color Commentator. They divorced a few years ago. She is surely a very smart cookie! Her breakdown in the house the other week could have been due to the fact that Chad Brown died July 2, 2014, and the anniversary of his death got to her on a personal level.


She is a legit poker player. Cleared over 3.5 million in poker winnings, tournaments and high staked cash games. She has a big ass house in vegas, hold parties all the time. Drives around vegas in her Lamborghini drop top. Right now she is missing the big WSOP tournaments, which is a big deal for any professional poker player.

So it begins....

Yes, yes, yes! I am so happy JM won veto, now let’s get that cocky asshole Jeff OUT!!!! The next couple days should be very interesting, can’t wait!

Butters Mom

The mistake Vanessa is making is she wants to make a big move and blame it on her alliance. She is a tattletale. lol No one likes tattletales. Its a mistake to handle it this way. If she is going to nominate Jeff, she needs to come up with a reason other than “they told me to”. Own it or don’t do it. She’s coming across really weak right now. My opinion of her is beginning to change…


Says the girl who has a huge crush on Clay. Lmmfao. Jk..well kinda. Stop the passive aggresive Nessa hate. I like you. I have enough morons hating on Nessa without u starting. Just keep crushin’ on Clay and leave Nessa alone to win the game!


It isn’t weak. She is just trying to come up with a way to cover her ass for next week. This is only the third eviction. Putting up Jeff is giant middle finger to the other side of the house. Of which there are players that can certainly win HOH and nominate her.

Farm Girl

Vanessa needs to use all the information she has about Jeff and set him up to go off. His bad temper was shown when he went off on Jason and even said he wanted Jason gone next.. Having Austin confront him about past lies is a bad idea. too many ways to wiggle out of that. Vanessa just got the info that Jeff is really working with Jackie and she knows there has been talk that he wants to confront her and demand Audrey is put up. Float the rumor that Audrey has convinced Vanessa to put up Jackie and Jeff will flip his lid so bad Vanessa will have ample reason to put him up. In Jeff’s mind he runs the house and will go off on anyone that goes against what he wants and thinks everyone is backing him. Let him think Jackie is going up instead of Audrey and all hell will break out and Vanessa can use that Jeff came at her to put him up.


Farm Girl —- I love it!!!


I like Austin, I’ve been rooting for him, Julia/Liz and Vanessa since right before Jace got nominated week 1, but my issue with Austin is the whole trying to like showmance it up with one of the twins (I can never remember which one he wants to get with) and with Jackie. It’s really weird. Like he has a girlfriend outside of the house and like everyone inside the house knows it, and he even says he does, but he’s so sensitive to how the girls interact with him and always fishing for information on if the girls are digging him. I don’t know, its just a little creepy in my opinion. I’m definitely rooting for his side of the house because James and Jeff are total assholes, Meg and James are emotional, Jackie is stupid, and Becky who? lol. He definitely needs to get his head completely in the game though if he wants to go far.

GeekSquad McGee

I honestly thought Vanessa was this season’s Derrick. Holy shit was I wrong.

She thinks she’s way smarter than she is. Meg was crying, because you didn’t believe her, when Audrey is a notorious liar! But since Meg was crying, that proves to Vanessa that Meg was lying? She can’t read people at all!

And her getting mad at Austin, and getting mad at Liz for socializing, makes it very clear. Her alliance exists solely to help her win the game. Hope they wake up and realize that.

Morning viewer

I don’t know what she really thinks of Audrey. I don’t think she is being dumb, but she definitely is talking too much because she can’t keep up with her convos. I don’t know how much poker face she really has in this house…

IMHO Meg is not to be trusted because she’s got so many friends in the house. It’s hard to work around her and with her. I think she’s sneaky and her clean reputation is more dangerous than Audrey’s. I have no idea how Audrey will screw Vanessa over, but we all know she will.

I think Johnny is playing a safer game in week 3. I don’t know if he’s capable of forming alliances nor swaying someone’s mind. He hasn’t done it so far.

I want Vanessa to win just because I am a fan, but I agree that she should boot Jeff this week.
Jackie/Meg may put her up, but the others won’t yet. It’s also only week 3 and getting him out helps so many people in the long run, I doubt anyone will truly hate her for it. James also is on the block so he must have residual “at least it wasn’t me”. Plus in his sick mind it gives him more Liz time without Jeff there.

Vanessa needs to strengthen her bond with Liz and Austin. Once the twins enter together, she needs to get Liz booted and keep Julia. I think Liz can win over quite a few people in full time mode and Julia obviously likes Vanessa more than Liz does.


It’s pretty clear that jeff is going but the aftermath is going to be interesting because the battle line will be revealed and then vanessa is going down

Farn Girl

I doubt the battle lines will be revealed because the other side of the house are so stupid that they keep falling for the plan is to back door Audrey, but they keep getting picked off. It’s like they can’t see the game that is going on around them because they are so into thinking they are so cool and everyone loves them. James even said once Audrey was out he was just playing for fun, but when your ass is on the block you should be playing to win. Why was James so stupid to put his game at risk when he has no relationship with Vanessa? Did he forget that Da was put up as the pawn last week to get Audrey out but it turned out to be a plan to get Da out? Meg was put up to split that side of the house and that side fell for it again this week. James had a false set of confidence based on nothing but trusting people he lied to. Jame is just lucky that Jeff is the bigger target and will be taken out. I don’t see how this puts Vanessa at risk because she has the majority of the house on her side.


It is tough for me to comment because i only see the TV aired versions and read this blog. The difference between the two is gigantic. I like John. He’s kinda funny. Couldn’t care less about the twins. The house would be dumb to let them team up. From what I’ve read seems Jeff is a dick but nothing shown that way on TV.
Seems like TV is making them all look like good (publicity wise) especially Clay and Shelli. The producers
can do whatever they want and nothing will change.
We are the hamsters – Grodner’s got us all in the cage.


I have wanted Vanessa to start making moves & it started with her winning HOH. She is smart but can be emotional to a fault at times. Her getting input from Steve who is smart , naive sometimes,but very observant, whereas Audrey is psychotic & unreliable. She would cut Vanessa loose & sell her out if necessary or unnecessary lol. Steve is great to have as a weapon & her best option as a final 2. Vanessa is definitely no Derrick or Dan, but hell yes, this card shark is hands down a force to be reckoned with. Go Vanessa! Ditch Austin & take Steve all the way to finals!