Big Brother 17 Battle Of The Block Results “Jeff’s freaking out “

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Summary of what is going on in the House.
Austin and Vanessa won the HOH. Their nominees were Austin = Jason/Meg, Vanessa = James/JOHNNYMAC. The plan is for Austin’s nominations to win the Battle of the block leaving Vanessa as the Head of Household. The primary target is Jeff, Secondary is James Tertiary is Jackie.
Jeff’s side of the house believes that Audrey is the backdoor plan. JohnnyMac has agreed to throw the Battle of the block to ensure Vanessa is the HOH. The reason behind this is Vanessa has fewer connections with the other side so her taking out Jeff won’t bee seen as a HUGE betrayal. Vanessa has also gotten closer with Jason so once that side collapses she’ll peel Jason off and Austin will peel Jackie (Or at least try).

Vanessa is the HOH Jason and Meg won the BOB Austin is dethroned.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 18-43-58-392_jpg

6:42pm HOH Vanessa and Austin.
Austin in the Shower
Vanessa – Jeff’s freaking out
Austin says Meg and James are acting shady with Jeff he told him before the BOB

JohnnyMac comes int.
Vanessa doesn’t think James threw it says it’s teh worst COmpetition for James.
Vanessa reassure him if the nominations stay the same John has the votes to stay
John Leaves.
Vanessa says he needs to watch Liz to make sure she doesn’t tell anyone she has a twin
Vanessa – this isn’t Amateur hour

Austin thinks the house is going to know liz has a twin “We gotta think of Plan be”
Vanessa says Liz is making way too many mistake points out she’s been smiling a lot showing her teeth. (johnnyMac noticed Julia had a crown)

Vanessa says if Liz isn’t able to hide her twin She’s out Vanessa isn’t sacrificing her game
Austin – She’s going to trust me forever.. I told shit”
Austin starts saying he thinks Clay has a twin in the game. Points out the difference moles on this forearm says Clay stays shredded and never works out.
Austin – Maybe I’m getting paranoid
Austin – I heard the IQ’s from last year was really low.. someone slipped that.. there’s no easy targets nobody’s a idiot

They agree Audrey winning the POV is perfect.

Austin and Vanessa do not trust Liz downstairs they thinks she’s going to get found out because she’s not doing a good enough job at hiding it.
Austin – It’s Jeff or James
Austin – If James or Johnnymac win the veto it’s Jeff if someone else we’ll talk
Vanessa doesn’t want to have two big competitors on the block
Austin doesn’t think Jeff is a big Competitor

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 19-00-16-712_jpg

7:02pm HOH Austin and Vanessa
Austin – if we can take Jeff out this week we take Jeff out this week.. Plus I can compete in the next HOH.. We gotta start studying sh1t.
They agree they can flip Jason. Austin points out Jason is targeting Clay and Shelli. Austin says Jeff staying give them some more options if James stays he’s pretty much coming after them.
Vanessa thinks Clay and Shelli are going after Meg, Becky and JohnyMac
Austin thinks he has a connection with Becky

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 19-08-14-294_jpg

7:05pm Jeff, Austin and Vanessa HOH
Austin asks him what happened with James
Jeff – He choked
Austin – Too many beef cakes (CBS workers or extras in the comp)
Austin says if they get Houseguests choice they need to pick Austin. Says as long as Ausdrey doesn’t get a chance to play they’re good.
Austin tells him they can run this shit, Jeff, Austin, Clay, James
Jeff – I love Clay but Shelli is f****g annoying
Jeff says they will need someone to get Shelli out.
Jeff says they should team up with Becky, Jackie, James.
Jeff – What do you think of Vanessa
Austin – I trust her
Jeff – I trust her to.. but
Austin – Jackie would be key to have in the alliance dude.. there’s never been a vampiremance
Jeff says something is different from there liz today
Austin – she’s acting totally different..
Jeff – her a$$ looks fatter

Jeff says this Liz is called Helga the other one cruella deville
Jeff – we like Helga
Austin starts saying Clay might have a twin. Starts listing off his theories.

Jeff says he doesn’t want to axe Meg but he wants Jason gone
Austin – Jason is gooood

Jeff thinks jason is going to take out Clay and Shelli because he’s so bitter about Da going home.
Jeff says he wants to take out Audrey this week and next week Steve or maybe Jason.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 19-18-18-846_jpg

7:15pm Becky and Vanessa
Vanessa says she’s suspicious that JohnnyMac threw the BOB. Becky says Jeff told Austin today they need to get “Becky out”
Becky says she was cast because she’s a strong women admits she’s boring.

Becky says Meg and Jackie can be manipulated. Adds she doesn’t trust Clay.

7:26pm Door bell rings

Everything thinks it’s a “Takeover” but it turns out to be nothing.

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OK I just don’t get people playing this game and throwing the comps. Just play the dang game for yourself and not anyone else
Just now


Unfortunately, throwing competitions is part of strategy… It’s frustrating watching it..but, If I ever get a chance to play …I cannot guarantee myself that throwing competitions would not be a part of my strategy…. I mean, we are all playing to win….right??


BOB is the reason. Only real way to do it. Otherwise your target has two chances to save themselves.


In this game one has to go along to get along sometimes. BOTB forces that when so many sheep are playing to please the house. In order to play for oneself, that player has to be able to stay off the block and win lots of comps. Or its bye bye. And winning lots of comps reduces chances of staying off the block as one would be targeted as a strong player.


I agree with u but u also have to remember this is a social game. Social kills will get u far. Playing to hard will only put a HUGE target on ur back. If u’re willing to be used a few times it could work in ur advantage, but I wouldn’t over do it or be taken advantage of like JohnnyMac is starting too. If it’s one thing EVERYONE knows pawns eventually get blind sided & get evicted.


JMac is gonna play the pawn one too many times & possibly get the boot. Wise up Jonny!


Hate BOB. Fucking terrible. Everyone can talk shit about J MAC but if he doesn’t volunteer to throw it they will just keep nominating him anyways. Although this season is pretty good BOB is ruining the strategy for me.

Also everyone in power this season has been so sloppy (even Vanessa) it’s ridiculous. In the last update (Thanks Simon and Dawg btw) J MAC asked Vanessa who knows about him throwing it and for some reason she says Liz, Clay and Barbie (whoops mean Shelli). I don’t see the reason why she would include those 3. If any of these “pawns” realized how much time Vanessa, Austin, Lizia, and Southern Ken and Barbie spend together it would be so easy to flip the house.

Vanessa is good but not great. This season with the BOB and a sharp Vanessa is shaping up for her to run the table like Derrick. I wouldn’t be mad to see her run it but these HGs are dumb as fuck.

Still on Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


John, Becky, and Steve are playing too conservative. What John should of done was realize he’s getting played by an alliance and everyone left out together. They have the numbers. As usual he and the rest just don’t get it.


JMAC is seriously slow on perception of things & is willing to play the puppet instead of making game moves. I realize he needs to compromise but to what extent? Waiting to see if he will wise up.


Vanessa needs to ditch Austin..he is a huge liability with the way he rather smooze Liz than play the game. Vanessa was a sloppy mess with some of her choices but honestly needs to play better & rethink her alliance members. She is smart & thinking ahead but people she needs to babysit may blow up her game.


So Vanessa is HOH for week 3 – I wonder if “Gronks party week” will include the POV comp to be a food contest?


I want to see the 24hr dance party music isolation room from Dan’s BB14 season. That was hilarious.


Here’s to hoping that pig Jeff gets back doored.

Jeff is a good guy

Jeff did not fap and wipe it on Iiz’s back. It’s just made up by a fan!


Judging from what that misogynist pig ,Jeff, is into…he might enjoy getting back-doored! I am with you Sass…had enough of that chinless wonder!


It’s due to this freaking so-called “fan favorite” BoB…. makes them have to throw comps and etc. Cannot just nom…encourages the backdoor, and makes too many HG safe! Ugh!


Wow this bad. So Jeff throws everybody that he needs under the bus and Becky is talking to Vanessa about John throwing the competion and Jeff which she needs for numbers. Yeah, Becky, who do you think had John throw it? Wake up!

These people are turning into last season. They see what’s happening right in front of them. Does Shelli, Clay, Liz camping out up stairs not tip anybody off? John throws two competions. This is getting hard to watch.


They can’t see


Looks like Vanessa is already ready to cut liz loose. I get that the twins give you an extra number but I never understood why so many house guest were willing to help them get $50k.


I don’t think they know about the 50k. If that was part of it from season 5 then Jason or Steve might remember although I haven’t heard him say that yet.


James needs to win veto and then carnage will begin. also, WTFLMAO at Becky saying that Meg and Jackie can be manipulated. Meg has Jeff on leash and Jackie has Austin on hers, she on the other hand is on leash with Austin, Shelli and Vanessa taking turns on holding her. :))))


Maybe I am missing something but it seems like Liz (not Jackie) has Austin on her leash, and Austin is just going along with the Jackie thing (i.e. acting like he is being tempted by her) to try to pull her to his side after Jeff is gone. In other words he is loyal to Liz but trying to manipulate Jackie for his benefit.

Eric CA

I hate to say this.. Johnny Mac did not through it… apparently James choked and was terrible. It was some sort of Search and Rescue. Meg and Jason apparently won on their own.
Now my friends think James threw it because he insists that James, Clay and Jeff were acting sketchy and he thinks James threw it so he could pick Jeff for the PoV and if Clay is in the PoV the three are supposed to make it so Jeff wins the PoV. He only thinks this because Shelli is worried what if Jeff won the PoV. Apparently Shelli and Liz are drunk off their butt now and he thinks Clay got them drunk so one would spill everything… I missed the getting drunk part I only saw Audrey talking to Shelli in the storage room about Shelli being drunk. Apparently they got alcohol right after BoB.
So who knows??? I will say I do not trust Clay at all…. a week ago he was Team Guys with Austin, Jeff and James.


James did not throw it,he was just horrible playing that comp & said it to Jeff. Jeff even asked if he threw it & he said no. James said he may tell people he threw it & then did. James felt stupid & used the I threw my comp challenge to make himself not look like the hot mess he was when playing.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Jeff is all over the net. He even made it on TMZ. This is crazy.

Ms. Steal Your Man

No publicity is bad publicity. Look at Aaryn, she’ve recovered already 🙂

Ms. Steal Your Man

Also, please don’t use my name to bring up racist Big Brother contestants.


That’s so 12 hours ago…

Ms. Steal Your Man

Well, excuse me for being at the hospital for the last 12 hours to earn a living. We can’t all watch the feeds/be on the internet all day. Which is why I read this site.

Vanessa with a V

The Battle of the Block is the worst idea since the solar powered flashlight. If production keeps trotting out last year’s failures, I fully expect to see BB Fan Favorite Frankie Grande hosting the 24 hour party. It will no doubt be as successful as the play he produced last year.


I hope Johnny Mac is keeping track of who asked him to throw the BOB’s ( Shelli & Clay – Austin & Vanessa) The first time he won the POV as well ( remember Shelli suggested he do so) . Wow, I hope he gets the chance to put these 4 up and say ” I know you will throw the comp for me to be HOH” “Then make sure you win the POV as well” dang, that’s rough 🙁


Does anyone else think Becky looks a little bit like Jennifer Garner?


Vanessa is in love with Liz lol


Thanks for this site and the updates! Great for people like me who do not watch the feeds, cause if I did I wouldn’t get anything else done!!! Not really rooting for anyone one person in the game yet but at least things seem to be getting good now.

B-bad owl

Doorbell rings and it’s nothing? Someone behind the scenes having a little fun at the cast members expense? Lol


I knew this would happen! Mama Day leaves and already this house is boring as Hell. Jackie whooooooooooo???? Where the hell is she??? Why is no one putting her ass on the block for the fact she isn’t playing. or At least you never see her! Secondly at least Audrey was a lot more fun when her and Day were going at it. I could handle Shelli’s dumb ass smile from time to time as long as Mama was turning it to a frown every once and a while when she was in the house! Worst house guest ever to be evicted this soon. Sorry just my opinion. Too many weak players left being told what to do by 2 or 3 players and it is too hard to watch this early in the game and it is very boring. I thought it was going to be so fun to watch this Season but after last Week. Forget about it!!!!! Vanessa going after Jeff really ??? stupid! If she had any poker moves what so ever she would have had the sense to get Shelli out! How many people did she really honestly talk to in that house. She knows no one in there!!!


I actually agree with you on the Shelli point. She is a strong player, will do whatever is good for her & Clay, not the alliance. The longer she stays in the game, the harder to get her out. Audrey is always gonna be a target & so far does not seem good at comps plus is alone. Shelli will kill it & is a true competitor. Seriously Vanessa, do it sooner than later. Shelli/Clay(Shelli/Clay=Slay,Ken&Barbie) need to be divided asap.


I’m sure I missed something, but why is Vanessa telling Becky about Jmack throwing the comp and acting like it’s just a “gut feeling”? Is she throwing him under the bus or what?


Evel Dick said it best u don’t help somebody get they twin in the door u get rid of they ass. why help keep somebody around that will always pick they sister over u in the end every time?


I love John and hate seeing him in danger, but I think this week was as safe as any to volunteer. I think Jeff, Jackie, James, or Audrey (although she probably won’t get nommed) would all lose a vote to him.


Audrey and Jason next HoHs…that would be interesting to watch. Audey’d pull in the yellow duck in the middle of the night as part of her alliance.

Nonon Jakuzure

Liz isn’t fat.Jason should stop differentiating them by how they weigh, seriously, there aren’t that much fat on Liz. If anything she looks/weigh average while Julia is skinny-fit. And Jeff, why Jeff. His comments about him wanting to hook up with some of the girls, or who’s better at bed? Oh my God is he for real. Not surprised some people call him douchebag.


I also heard that James threw the BOB on Jokers Updates. If Clay did tell them of Vanessa and Austin plans to backdoor James or Jeff, then I hope this backfires on Clay and he gets evicted instead of them!


Vanessa’s game will go down hill from here. She opens her mouth too much. Her alliance is too big. She is playing her game like Frankie did last year. One of her mistakes is she does not reach to the other sides. Her alliance will explode very soon as long as the other side wins HOH. This year, there is no loyal Caleb to keep the group together. She lets her HOH get to her already. Keep talking and sharing information to the others, Vanessa. Steve will tell Becky, Becky will tell John, John will tell Jeff, Jeff will tell others. Great job Vanessa. Vanessa will become Audrey very soon.


Attention Production: Someone needs to check Jeff`s blood pressure! His perpetually red face is a big sign, but then maybe he’s just always embarrassed about his “Jeffness”…


He gives out such a “rapey” vibe, at the very least, a very demeaning of women vibe. I agree. And I don’t get it, really? As a woman myself I don’t find him physically attractive at all. That red pudgy face, weird eyes? He’s just creepy.


MadMari, seriously thank you for that early day chuckle. You actually were nice by saying Jeffness instead of the numerous derogatory names you could of used. Thanks!

Jeff is a good guy

Shut up meg.


Vanessa is a good strategist, although I think she’s talking too much to her “so-called” alliance and they’ll soon realize how far ahead strategically in thought she is than the rest of them and target her, well, at least the smart ones will. Hopefully not.


Vanessa, aside from being a con man/woman, also went to Duke. Ivy League. I feel she’s not using her advantage (con woman/man smarts to her advantage –way too vocal–trusting dummies) and revealing herself to those with half a brain. This isn’t poker. It’s the long con. She’s talking too much. Best cons work when those you’re conning “buy” into the con. Any one of the other houseguest that think critically will realize the threat. Albeit I don’t see any of them doing that yet, aside from Audrey, but Vaness is exposing way too much of her game plan, for such a critical thinker…even to the dummies. She’s way too exposed right now. She needs to play dumb. Alliances shift as easily as “Who’s my biggest threat?” Even dummies recognize this. Live or be killed. I hate to say it, as she’s my favorite at this point, but she’s too exposed. She’s revealing way too much, especially to Austin, also a deep thinker, although so far he’s only shown it shallowly. Her alliance will target her as they know she’s a threat, eventually. Derrick was good in that he kept his master plan confined to only one person. Vanessa doesn’t have that yet, yet she exposes her BRAIN to way too many at this stage. Sunglasses cannot hide this tell of hers. She’s already exposed her critical thing skills among her alliance. They will remember this. Even as simple as an Austin/Liz/Julia convo…she’s a target…just as an example. Austin? Smart, true. But not a gamer or critical thinker. But eventually he will figure it out. She needs a Number One. She hasn’t found that yet. She needs her dummie, like Derrick had What’s His Name, to carry out her plans. She doesn’t have that. She moved way too fast. It’s all a con and she played it too fast. But, really hope I’m wrong as I believe she’s such a smart woman!


Could not agree with ya more…well stated! I have said similar comments regarding Vanessa. Clearly she is smart & calculating in terms of game play,but says way too much to the wrong people. She also is having system overload because she is having a hard time keeping her alliance in check. She should rethink some of her alliance.