Big Brother 14: Joe tells Wil & Janelle that Frank is coming after Shane, Willie & Wil

10am Willie goes into the storage room with Shane and tells him to not feed into what Mike is doing that he is just trying to divert the attention because his guy is on the block. Willie says I am not trying to tell you what to do, just don’t say anything ..let him say what he needs to say. He says Britney and Janelle will fire back. Shane says okay. They both leave the storage room.
10:15am Shane, Wil, Kara, and Joe are talking about traffic and parking in LA and New York. Shane asks Kara what she wants to do if she thinks being on the show will enhance her modeling career. Kara says that she is kind of over modeling and wants to see what else is out there for her.

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10:30am Frank and Mike are in the stereo room whispering. Frank tells Mike what Joe had told him last night about how right now he has the votes to stay. Frank says that Joe also told him that Kara had a blow up when they were trying to talk to her and that hurt her chances of staying.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Ashley “Maybe today we’ll have our first FIGHT”

8:25am Boogie is in the kitchen throwing things around and getting mad. He then heads out into the backyard and gives a shoot out to Dr. Will. He then starts going off about the ant infestation in the kitchen and how some people aren’t cleaning up after themselves. He says that he is going to start calling people out. He says that he is going to get Joe all fired up about it to stir the pot, and JOjo being italian wouldn’t like ants in the kitchen either. He wants to call out Danielle for not pick up after herself. He says they can’t evict me, they have three people to get through before they can get me out. Boogie says yeah, I think we have a nice relaxing Sunday… we are going to have to start calling people out. Last time I checked your mom isn’t in here to clean up after yourself. Boogie says lets see Britney in the kitchen cleaning up by herself saying that she doesn’t clean and just sits up in the HOH room with Janelle.
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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Ian plans to ask out Ashley after the Power of Veto Ceremony

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1am Wil, Kara and Britney continue talking in the arcade room. Kara is talking about how you can’t truly be friends with people you’ve only known for eight days compared to true friends you’ve known on the outside for a long time. Britney and Wil talk about how as much as you want to you can’t totally open up and trust people you don’t know that well. Joe comes by the arcade room as he heads to bed and says good night. After he leaves, Kara says that she has started to like Joe and that Joe was unhappy that Dan didn’t pick him to be on his team. Kara tells them that ever since she was nominated the cameras were waiting for her to break down. Britney tells her that as soon as you start crying, the cameras start following you. They laugh about how the cameras zoom on them.

Joe, Frank and Jenn are in the kicks room. Frank asks Joe if he thinks everyone vote individually or as a group. Joe says as a group, its too early for people to break away from the group. Joe tells Frank that Kara already shot herself in the foot. Joe tells Frank that if there was a vote right now, I think it would be 10-0 vote for you to stay, I don’t think she would even get one vote. Joe says it’s a long week, things could change a lot by Thursday but that’s the way it is now. Joe tells Frank that right now, he’s doing well, but she is cracking. Joe says that when you’re up, you have got to hold your composure. He added that the only negative he’s hearing about Frank is guilt-by-association with Boogie being his mentor. Joe tells him that the other coaches don’t like Boogie. Frank says that the coaches fate is connected to us, our fate is not connected to them.

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Willie tells Frank he’s safe this week and Britney thinks coaches will be playing the game in 2 weeks

10:43pm Head of Household room Janelle and Britney They are counting votes and figuring out heir long term strategies using Bobby pins and gummy bears. Janelle really wants to get rid of Boogie. Britney points out that they can get rid of Dan before they are allowed to play. They agree that they have to drill it into the other players heads that Dan needs to go. Janelle: “If we lose power next week they could figure it out.. The jig is up” Britney: “You know they (Production) wants the power to flow.. the power to shift” … Feeds cut…. when they come back they are trying to figure out when the double eviction will be. They both think that a player will be coming back this season because the numbers don’t add up. Janelle is worried about Willie, she brings up that Willie had a Final 3 deal with Frank and Joe that they started the first day. Britney says that Joe isn’t going to go through with it there’s no way. Janelle and Britney are certain they will be coming back into the game, they don’t know when though but guess it will be in 2 weeks.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Willie: “Day 70 someone is going to hang themselves”

7:39pm Britney Willie, Janelle and Shane HOH They are talking about the other players are asking him questions about his last name. Shane doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Willie explains that his brother is Russell Hantz, he’s known to be a smart player in the game he got to the final 3 twice. Janelle asks him if Willie thinks his last name got him on the show. Willie explains that his connections got him in the door but he had to still go through all the casting procedures. Janelle says that she helped Porsche get on Big Brother she gave her Kasstings phone number (Casting company is called Kassting). Willie says Hayden was the person that got him inside… Feeds cut… Willie tells them he’s going to tell everyone his brother is Russell Hantz because everyone is starting to talk about it. Willie is just worried that Dan and Boogie are going to try and make a big deal about Willie’s Brother.

Shane says he doesn’t plan to use the Power of Veto because it’s in his best interest. Shane is 50/50 on who to keep, he thinks if they keep Frank they need frank to cut a big deal with them for next weeks HOH. Britney thinks that Frank is pretending to not like boogie because he’s trying to trick us into keeping him.

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Big Brother 14 – JoJO Has MAD Street SkillS yo

4:15pm Arcade room Britney and JoJO Talking about Danielle saying how she’s “SO ANNOYING” “IRRITATING” JoJO says that Danielle wants to be in a showmance with Shane. They both doubt that Shane would be interested in Danielle. Britney points out that Danielle has talked about her personal S## life with every single person in the house. Britney continues about every single guy Danielle has been with has cheated on her. JoJO: “She’s doing something wrong she doesn’t know how to hold on to her man..She’s the type of girl that doesn’t know what to get what she wants”. JoJo says she’s playing the social game, she’s still needs to talk to Danielle even if she’s annoying. JoJo says Danielle is so stupid that she “abuse’s Danielle” right to her face and she doesn’t realize it. Both girls go round and round how awesome their team is. Neither of them trust Jenn they like her but they don’t trust her. Britney calls Jenn Sneaky and weird, Britney says that every time she’s in HOH Jen sneaks in, Britney: “U have no problem telling her to leave”. Britney explains to JoJO that Willie is going to try and cut a deal with Frank to throw next weeks HOH. JoJo thinks that a great idea.
Brintey: “You’re doing great!”
JoJo: “Ohh thanks, I’m social, I’m smart I can bullshit.. ”
JoJo says the big brother house is kinda like her life back home, “I’m not proud of it .. I’m good and getting what I want out of people”. JoJO goes on and on about how she “tricks” guys into getting her what she wants. JoJo lists a dozen luxury good that boyfriends have purchased for her. JoJo says that she’s been studying Big Brother for the past 5 months she knows things change minute by minute.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Zombie Talk, Condom Pranks and Final 3 deals

3:00pm Storage Room Frank and Shane Shane is telling him that Him and Willie are going to over Frank something and if he’s willing to take it they can go far. Frank is worried about Dan because he’s been going around the house “Throwing Me under the Bus” Shane explains that if they can get Dan out that is one less Mentor playing in the coaches competition. Shane wants them to think long term, Shane knows Frank is a straight shooter and he wants the 3 of them (Willie, Frank and Shane) to work towards the same goal. Frank mentions that he really doesn’t care to be on Boogies team and he hopes that there is a coaches trade.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers Feed Leak Mentors Confirmed

Twitter accounts @Clio_The_Lio and @BigBrotherBuddy leaked pictures today letting us see a couple shots from the live feeds. There was just a few released but from them we know the Mentors, what the have nots room looks like and possible hosueguest who won week one HOH and are Have Nots. Exciting stuff for BB14 which starts Thursday July 12th.

The confirmed Mentors from the Live Feed Leak are Mike Booggie, Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina and Brintey Haynes

Another leaked screen captures show the Have Nots room and man does it look trippy.

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From the leaked screen captures it appears that Willie Hantz may have the HOH competition and by the looks of it Ian is a have nots.

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Big Brother 14 CAST PHOTO Released With Alumni Mentors!

CBS has released the Big Brother 14 Cast photo of all the house guests in the backyard of the Big Brother house. Its nice to see Wil Heuser isn’t afraid to rock the banana hammock. The photo also includes the Big Brother 14 Alumni Mentors hidden behind a towel. From the looks of it, it looks like Britney Haynes legs second from the left and Janelle Pierzina four from the left. Its too hard to tell for sure which male mentors are coming back from the photo, but its a strong possibility that its Dan Gheesling and Mike “Boogie” Malin.

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