Big Brother 14 – JoJO Has MAD Street SkillS yo

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

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4:15pm Arcade room Britney and JoJO Talking about Danielle saying how she’s “SO ANNOYING” “IRRITATING” JoJO says that Danielle wants to be in a showmance with Shane. They both doubt that Shane would be interested in Danielle. Britney points out that Danielle has talked about her personal S## life with every single person in the house. Britney continues about every single guy Danielle has been with has cheated on her. JoJO: “She’s doing something wrong she doesn’t know how to hold on to her man..She’s the type of girl that doesn’t know what to get what she wants”. JoJo says she’s playing the social game, she’s still needs to talk to Danielle even if she’s annoying. JoJo says Danielle is so stupid that she “abuse’s Danielle” right to her face and she doesn’t realize it. Both girls go round and round how awesome their team is. Neither of them trust Jenn they like her but they don’t trust her. Britney calls Jenn Sneaky and weird, Britney says that every time she’s in HOH Jen sneaks in, Britney: “U have no problem telling her to leave”. Britney explains to JoJO that Willie is going to try and cut a deal with Frank to throw next weeks HOH. JoJo thinks that a great idea.
Brintey: “You’re doing great!”
JoJo: “Ohh thanks, I’m social, I’m smart I can bullshit.. ”
JoJo says the big brother house is kinda like her life back home, “I’m not proud of it .. I’m good and getting what I want out of people”. JoJO goes on and on about how she “tricks” guys into getting her what she wants. JoJo lists a dozen luxury good that boyfriends have purchased for her. JoJo says that she’s been studying Big Brother for the past 5 months she knows things change minute by minute.

Janelle and Ashley join them. Janelle says that Dan is the biggest threat in the house because he’s able to mind control the girls in the house. JoJO starts talking about her Street skills and that Danielle and Kara have none. Janelle thinks it’s just because they are “Mind Controlled” by Dan. britney sneaks in a comment about Dan’s entire strategy is to look weak and “Mind Control” Janelle thinks that Dan threw the coaches Competition.

Britney leaves.. The remaining three girls go on and on about hos dangerous Dan is and how they need to get him out of the game. Janelle says that Dan’s thing is he likes to take one strong guy til the end and take a couple girls to use as pawn. Janelle: “Dan’s probably thinking .. USE FRANK” Ashely agrees. They start speculating about if Frank will throw next weeks HOH. Janelle doesn’t know if Frank will do it but it’s worth the risk. JoJO goes to leave tells them “I love this team”

Ashley and Janelle are talking about how awesome their team is. Ashley is glad everyone is working together and listening. Janelle tells her they need to keep Joe close to their group, “Make them feel like he’s protected by us.. I’ll be pissed if Dan or boogie scooped him up” Ashley agrees. They start wondering if Frank is going to start a showmance. Janelle says that dan asks a lot of questions makes people thinks he’s a nice guy but he’s not nice in this game. Janelle warns Ashley over and over again that Dan and Boogie are the strongest players in the house.

Janelle says that Boogie Hates that the fans don’t like him, “He’s a asshole”. Ashley adds that Boogie acts like he has a secret vendetta against Janelle.
Janelle: “He beat me in All stars that isn’t enough”

Janelle asks her what Ashley’s end game is. Ashley wants it to be JoJO, Willie, or Wil. Janelle wants to make an all girl alliance, JoJO, Wil, Britney, Janelle, Ashley. She warns Ashley that a girl cannot win this game if they are up against a man in the final 2. Janelle tells Ashley that she has to win competitions if she wants to win the final prize.

Ashley tells her she’s trying to get everyone thinking she’s spacey but she’s really focused. Janlle and Ashley both agree that they their going to go far in the game. Janelle drills into Ashley for about 30 minutes that Dan and Boogie have some kind of mind control powers over girls.

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5:00pm Danielle and Dan Danielle relaying the conversation she had with Wille back to Dan. Dan gives her some advice about how they need to start making people know how dangerous Frank is in the game. Danielle has noticed that Britney is sick of JoJO, she retells a couple instances where joJo was talking and Britney made some faces. Danielle points out how catty Britney is, Dan adds that JoJo will fly off the handle if she gets Nominated. Danielle says that Britney is a big bully, “I can handle girls like that I’ll suck up to her all day because that is what she wants” Danielle: “She’s the type of girl that talks about you behind your back”

Dan tells her that Ian is a little rat he’s catching him a couples time relay information to Boogie, Dan plans on telling Willie that later tonight.

(Danielle isn’t as dumb as I thought and Ashley isn’t always stoned SOME of it is a act)

5:28pm Haven nots room Shane Meaney and Kara Shane tells her he plans on voting to evict Frank because frank is his biggest competitor in the game. Kara warns her that Boogie has complete control over his team and Frank is a “BEAST”. Shane offers that him and her should go up tonight and talk with Willie. Kara tells her that she will not put JoJo or Shane up if they vote to keep her.. She stresses that she’s 100% loyal. Shane adds that having Kara leave the game doesn’t help him at all but having Frank leave helps him.

5:35pm Dan, Kara and Danielle Kara tells them that Shane doesn’t want to use the POV but after dinner Shane and her are going up to Head of Household Room to talk to Willie about them putting Jenn up as a pawn. Dan tells her to watch out and not push it too hard because if Jenn find out she’ll be pissed.

5:38pm Boogie, Janelle, Brintey Hammock Boogie is telling them if they take Dan out that will be HUGE! Boogie says he wants to get rid of Danielle next week he can’t stand her. Dan: “I don’t think Dan can take Danielle very far in this game if Dan loses Kara he is done in the game” boogie continues that he in no way teamed up with Dan. Boogie isn’t going to “Hitch” his wagon to anyone especially a person like Dan who is down a player.
Dan: “I really only have 2 1/4 players because of Ian’s strangeness and social oddities”
Britney smiles says that it benefits the coaches to lose Dan soon it Benefits the players in the house to get rid of Frank.
Boogie jokes that when he thought he was going to coach players he thought it was going to be big Brother game stuff not coaching someone of the social norms of the USA. Boogie jokes that his his number one pick is about to get evicted and his number 2 pick is a pervert that hangs around the bathroom when girls are showering. (Dawg posted about this earlier today)

They start chatting about breast milk, Janelle asks Boogie if he’s tried breastmilk. Boogie says no. Britney retells a story in college where a guy drank breast milk out of a fridge on a dare..

6:00pm Players are getting ready to eat dinner.

6:18pm Dinner

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There is a possible chance of Frank will be leaving! However, Frank throwing hoh competition! It would be tough spot of letting Joe win hoh! I’m looking forward to see Joe’s Chef outfit!


Isn’t the second HOH usually where Julie asks questions and it’s A or B answers? It’s not hard to throw that and get yourself out of the comp., but if you do it’s taking a huge risk, b/c your assuming someone else on your team will get it. It’s not a hard comp. per se, but if it’s questions based on the house or public opionion answers can easily go either way.


What is funny is that just about all the girls are annoyed with Danielle, but I actually feel the exact opposite way, as I am annoyed and disgusted with them. Especially, Britney!!!


Any overall vibe on Danielle’s personality? Is she annoying, an airhead, sweet? Right now I’m kinda feeling like she’s a new Jordan. I always liked Jordan, but as a game player, she wasn’t much. But too late everyone found out what a big threat she was b/c she was sweet and well liked. Is this Danielle? You can never underestimate the power of the non-threatening sweet one.


JoJo has been studing bb for 5 LONG months now thats what I call great casting.
Is it me or does Brit always shadow Jani all over the house? Soon shes gonna piss off Willie I can see that coming in a couple of wks.

I think Ashley is this yrs Porsch acts like shes dumb but is hip to whats going down.


Holy crap, the live feeds take up SO much Internet Usage! I was only on for like 12 hours yesterday, and I used over 11 GB of data.


I want to jump kick Britney in her mouth. Like stfu already. Danielle isn’t the one whose annoying Britney, ITS YOU!!!! Team DAN FTW!


I think Janelle is in real good shape right now. Her alliance with Britney’s team puts Wil and Ashley in a pretty safe spot. They’re on the majority side of the house without really making any decisions or getting any blood on their hands.

And I don’t see the minority side of the house gunning for them yet. Jojo is a bit abrasive, and Willie and Shane stick out as much bigger threats.

Beyonce fan

Brit is go piss of wil and jo jo. And I don’t think if frank stay he should throw the hoh because he go find hisself back on the block.


i just read that janelle was only 32 i swear i thought she was in her mid 40s I mean she looks just like 1 of those real housewives with the fake boobs, ducked lips orange skin and the white hair. like i always say it takes alot of money to look that cheap.:)


Mmmm I love the cheap look.


It’s kind of interesting to see how differently Janelle and Boogie see their relationship. You have Boogie saying how they’re really friends and they now they can trust each other, while Janelle talks about what an asshole he is and how he just wants to beat her and gloat about it.

And they are right, the players are idiots, talking about how if they take Kara out it gets rid of Dan. It’s like, hey stupid, how does that help you?

Lastly, what is wrong with the guys in this house, taking out the Playboy PMOY in week 1.


whats pmdy?


Danielle>America sweetheart 2 yo!

Beyonce fan

Play mate of the year


Jojo is full of herself and getting on my nerves and Britney needs to stfu. Why do they care which coach is in the game they need to play the game as if the coaches aren’t there. Keep urself in the damn game and to Hell with the damn coaches.


There’s nothing wrong with confidence. if she was lame that would be a different story which the majority of the girls in the house are boring and lame


@jenn. Your right,there’s nothing wrong with confidence.But Jojo,is being arrogant and most people would say,there’s something wrong with arrogance.


Janelle said she wants a all girl alliance.So,why is she including Wil?He isn’t a girl.


Arrogance?.. Seriously? It a big brother house aren’t u supposed to b that way??…people aren’t supposed to like u n if they do, it’s part of the game to handle the friendship the best way u find fit- Jo Jo may b full of herself, but she’s still the one not talking the most sh*t about everyone making her the social one horse