Big Brother 16 Spoilers: New Commercials “WE’VE GOT YOUR SUMMER FIX!”

The Canadian television network Global has released a few new Big Brother 16 commercials to promote the new season of big brother that premieres on June 25th, 2014. The première will be a TWO-NIGHT PREMIÈRE event with the first on Wednesday, June 25th and the second on Thursday, June 26th. In the new commercials there isn’t any new information released about the season, however, we expect the photos/video of the newly re-designed Big Brother house to be released around Monday, June 16th. In addition, we expect that the new cast of big brother 16 will be released around Wednesday, June 18th.

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Big Brother 16 Promotion Commercial “You know its summer when Big Brother is ON!”

Big Brother 16 is just around the corner with just over a month to go until the June 25th, 2014 première date. This will be the earliest première date ever for the US version of Big Brother since it began back in 2000. Last year the première of Big Brother 15 aired on June 26th almost 2 weeks earlier than the usual start dates and we are lucky enough to be spoiled with yet another early première date to start the summer madness off with a bang! As always, the producers will be trying to outdo the previous year’s drama, twists and craziness so this season is definitely going to be the season to watch! With Big Brother Canada season 2 having just wrapped up with an impressive season, it will be interesting to see if the Big Brother US borrows a few ideas from their neighbour to the north.

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Big Brother 14 Live Eviction and HOH Results Britney Vs. Danielle

Speculated Vote results
Britney goes home

Tonight on the live feeds
Not sure what is going to happen tonight. If the right person wins HOH we are in for one hell of a weekend. Also keep in mind there are too many people in the house for the amount of time remaining in the season. I believe there is still one double eviction type scenario planned and probably soon.
Endurance on the feeds?
It has been speculated that tonight’s Head of Household competition will be an endurance. If that is the case expect it to play out tonight on the internet Live Feeds.

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Britney says Danielle won’t even come to you for the votes, when I am here trying to get your vote.

1:10pm Britney and Dan are in the arcade room talking. They talk about how they both haven’t won anything yet. Britney says that she knows Frank wants me gone for a reason. He knows I am coming after him. She says that she has burned Frank but that Danielle hasn’t. Dan says that one thing he forgot about this game is that its hard for people to forget hurt feelings. Britney says you could either spend the next three week rebuilding the relationship with her or you could spend the next three week winning this game. She will never prefer you over Shane in this game. I was mad at you for the first few hours but what were you going to do lay down and die. It encourages me to fight. You are expendable to Danielle and she makes emotional decisions. I think she is a great girl but no matter what you and I have a better shot at working together. Dan says yeah.

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Joe tells Britney he is willing to keep her, but that she needs to get the third vote.

9:35am – 10:30am Joe and Frank are now awake. Frank collects his things in the HOH room and brings them down. Britney is awake and laying on the bathroom couch. Britney and Dan are talking about how close Dan and Frank are now. Joe says that my commitment is with you, and I don’t see why his isn’t. Britney says that he did say that I would vote him out. I have to clear that up with him, I drives me crazy to think that he thinks I said that. It sucks to be up on the block with your friend. Britney says don’t forget if you don’t vote me out, he (Frank) won’t forget it …Whooa.. He can’t play for two HOH’s. Britney says here comes Frank to oversee our conversation. Frank joins them in the bathroom. Frank leaves. Britney says that she will talk to Dan today.

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Ian tells Brit to look after Ash if Frank goes into jury next. She says she can’t stop them from having $*x.

12:20am Britney and Ian are talking. Ian asks Britney to look after Ashley if Frank goes into jury next. Britney tells Ian that she can’t stop them from having sex. Britney tells him that stuff happened during their date. After Britney tells him, Ian says that he now knows he made the right choice in getting her out. They joke about how Shane is stupid even though they love him. Britney says that he is empty. They both think that Dan is smart. Britney says that she thinks Danielle is smart but doesn’t like to talk about intelligent stuff. They both think Ashley is dumb. Ian says that Dan is intelligent but that I don’t think you will get to talk to him any time soon in the jury house. Britney says that Joe isn’t intelligent. Ian says that Joe is actually stupid. They both laugh. Britney says that she doesn’t think she can survive a week in the Jury house with just Ashley and says that that she has to have an intelligent conversation at least once a day. Britney says that she can’t have a conversation with her.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Ian’s Hoffoween Wish List and the True Carrot Top Alliance

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8:25pm Bathroom Cam 1-2 Britney, Dan, Ian, Danielle, Shane
They start talking about going to Hoffoween. Ian is pretty excited about it.

Ian’s wish list for Hoffoween

Kristen Big Brother 12
Angie Big BRother 10
Rachel and Brendon
Britney and Dan
Ian wonders if Enzo will go.. Britney doesn’t think so..
James Rhine

Britney says there is one definite that will be at Hoffoween come hell or High water.. “Keith from Big Brother 13.. He lives in Chicago. “
Ian says that the entire cast of Big Brother 14 will be on his wishlist for Hoffoween
Britney: “I’m going to be Jodi for Halloween”
Ian: “Matt won’t let Jodi in he’ll say You don’t have a Key”
Ian: “Does ragan go to that thing”

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Britney says Jenn buzzed for Slop Punishment and Veto instead of letting Dan have it “you took slop for no reason”

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7:07pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Britney and Danielle

Britney points out that they cannot hear the competition being built make her question what is going on tomorrow. Danielle says that this morning there was heavy duty construction.
Britney: “I’m sort of in a bad mood.. just because of the situation”
Britney: “Who are you going to put up next week.. “
Daniele: “Who do you think”
Britney: ‘You disagreed with me this morning… so who are you putting up”
Danielle: “F and D”
Britney: ‘you sure.. cause you are sure getting close to him”
Danielle: “I hate Frank i’m just playing it safe”

Danielle tells her not to get bummed out because she’ll probably win America’s favorite.

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Frank confronts Ian about his drunken shenanigans last night. Ian says it was worth it.

2pm – 2:10pm Jenn and Danielle talk about Ian last night. Jenn says yeah I heard he was still doing it after I went to bed. She says she almost did something that would make her leave the game. Danielle says yeah he threw the basketball hoop in the pool and flipped Frank off. Jenn talks about how Ian apologized to her. She says that she was there at 9/11 so it was really personal for her. Jenn says that she knows he is wanting to put her up and says we need to win this HOH. She says that she wanted to kill him last night. Jenn says that she saw his horns come out last night.

Back in the arcade room, Ian says that he enjoyed the beer last night and that it was worth it. Frank says I don’t know about that, you said some pretty offensive things that even people at home won’t like. Ian says that he already apologized for that and that was not how that was supposed to be meant.

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Britney can’t believe she told the story about being caught having $*x last night, F my life!

10:10am – 10:30am Danielle and Britney are the only house guests awake and in the bathroom. Britney tells Danielle that we are locked out of the backyard by the way, it’s going to be endurance. Britney is worried if she said a bunch of curse words or something. Danielle tells her that she was even nice to Frank and that she has nothing to worry about last night. Britney says that she can’t believe how much of a douche Ian was being. She says that she feels bad and a bit guilty because she was wanting him to drink with her. Britney says that she is embarrassed with herself. Danielle keeps telling her she was fine she wasn’t cursing or slurring her words. Britney recounts how she got drunk and told the story about her and her husband doing it and getting caught be his dad. And how after his dad said he was a stud. Britney says that his family could have been watching that last night.

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