Big Brother 14 Twists and Mentor Choices

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Looks like the Mentor Twist was correct and 4 past players are returning to the Big Brother Game. How this is going to play out we don’t know yet nor do we have confirmation of which houseguests will be coming back, The offical press release states this

In a Series First, Four of the Most Successful Players of All-Time Return to BIG BROTHER, Playing the Game with Their Own Agenda and For Their Own Prize

12 cast members were shown on Wednesday with 4 mentors to be known on the day of the premiere. CBS’ website has all the possible faces and they will grey out one face every day only 4 remains.

For the first time in the history of Big Brother, four of the most successful players will return to play their own game for their own seperate prize. Who do YOU think will be returning?

CBS Poll

As of Saturday July 7th the grayed out faces are Natalie and ‘Evel’ Dick. this leaves Britney, Dan, Daniele, Enzo Howie, Janelle, Jeff, Jessie, Kayser, Boogie, Rachel, Ragan, Renny, and Will.

Rumors had the 4 mentors as Boogie, Janelle, Dan and Rachel but it seems now that Britney is the favorite. This still leaves us with 16 players which doesn’t coincide with the Super-size commercial that stated Big Brother 2012 will have the MOST players. The 12 new players + the 4 mentors doesn’t beat the Big Brother 9 cast. A recent Superpass splash ad shows the 4 mentors as Britney, Janelle, Will and Dan, However superpass tweeted later that the ads have anything to do with what will actually happen on Thursday night.

@DogdaveBB counted out the beds in the house and tweeted..

16 in the House–I’ve counted the beds –they are 8 beds short–the have not room would need bunk beds #bb14

*We haven’t seen the havenots room yet..

It’s safe to say Dan, Janelle and Boogie are the mentors (not official yet)and the 4th spot is up for grabs with all rumors and “Leaks” pointing to Britney. As for what the mentors will be doing nothing is confirmed yet. Some rumors have them coming in and picking their own teams other rumors have them not even being inside the house and just interacting with the noobs in the house during the live show.

What do you all think.. out of the remaining choices who do you want to see?

This was tweeted earlier today.. by – The Game Survivor on Twitter. a trusted leak source

“Rookies enter and mentors meet and select. Before the night is over the first HOH competition will have been held. All happening today/nite”

Monday Update

Howie and Will have been grayed out this leaves
Daniele (BB8 BB13)

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enzo, howie and britney in the house together would be one nutball of a season lol. Makes me think they should have a season of just the funniest house guests ever..not exactly all stars, but it would be enjoyable.


Simon, I agree completely with your four, as that would be mine. Howie is my all-time favorite. I kind of figured Dan would have waited for another All-Stars season. Not really a fan of Britney, but she makes me laugh, so she’s a good addition. Do you think Enzo and Howie would get along?


The twist this year is that Allison Grodner will be a contestant, and every week is slop week, so that there’s more food for her.


BAhahaha … Now that is something I’d pay to see!

Beyonce fan

Janelle is BACK!!!!!

Beyonce fan

Boogie janelle is back omggggg i need to know whats going on


If I could choose, I would pick:


I guess my picks are based more on entertainment, but I think they would be the most fun to watch. However, if the rumors are true and it is Dan, Janelle, Britney, and Boogie, I would be fine with that too. As long as Brenchal and Jejo don’t work their way onto the show some how, I’ll be happy.


My Choices would be:

I know Rachel is irritating and all but i would love to see Enzo making digs at her as well as a fierce competition between Will and Janelle. I know its too good to be true but these 4 would be the best chosen as mentors.


I want Will, but I don’t have high hopes.

Beyonce fan

I Will Boogie and janelle Back :-D


I would love to see Rachel, brit, enzo and ragan. Thihat would be like a re-match of bb12 within the bb14 season. I think that would be fun to watch. I know that no one really wants to see rachel but she will certainly keep the show entertaining!


If you think about it out of the choices left the Greater players for the women would be Janelle, Rachel & Daniele and for the men would be Boogie, Will & Dan I am almost positive out of those 6 people the 4 people choosen will be one of them. The rest of the people are ether floaters or diddn’t last long in the game.


Britney and Dan back in the house would make me happy! Don’t really care about who the other 2 are as long as its not rachel. I don’t hate rachel I am just tired of seeing her on tv…too much of her glittery self is definitely a bad thing. This mentor twist seems odd, but could work out…its clearly big brother’s attempt to fix what went wrong with their twist last year in that there was a huge advantage to the veterans to have them play against newbies…sooo I’m optimistic (and excited) for this season.


Janelle Dani Britney Dan would be my choices

& i think they are the 4 best choices.

Beyonce fan

What did Britney even do in the house??? She won like one pov she is a Bitch


Actually, she won three POVs and one HOH


Yeah but Britney is a cool bitch and really funny :)


Britney made BB12 a great season! Haha. Her commentary was hilarious and she was right there with the general public with her diary room confessions. She wasn’t America’s Favortie for nothing :)


@Noelle.You wrote,”She wasn’t America’s Favorite for nothing:).” Jeff was named America’s favorite 2 times.Does that mean you personally think Jeff was rightfully named America’s Favorite?I’m just wondering,as it concerns Jeff,would you say,Jeff wasn’t named America’s Favorite for nothing?Well,I guess if you’re a Jeff fan,then your answer will be yes.


I would pick Dan and Enzo, the other two aren’t on the list of eligible players (James BB6 and Danielle BB3 or even Nakomis BB5). I think the rumours are true and it will be Boogie, Dan, Janelle and Britney.

Boogie, Janelle, Will, Howie and Kaysar already played twice, they were allstars. They won’t be back for future seasons or allstars, so this is a last hurrah for them before the end of their shelf life. Will has said he is done with reality tv and Howie is a hasbeen, he was fun, but not three times. Same with Kaysar, nice guy, easy on the eyes, but not a successful player.

Most of the others, like Jessie, Jeff, Rachel, Daniele and Dick are waiting for allstars. They would rather do that and play for the big prize and the title than use up their chances on this. Ragan, Renny and Nasty Gnat are red herrings. Dan is a real life coach and mentor, he would jump at the chance if his personal life allows. It’s his game to lose.

Janelle tweeted yesterday or the day before that she was on her way to “Greece” and other alumni are talking like Janelle, Boogie and Dan are confirmed with Brit as the probable 4th.


She won 2 POVs and 1 HOH. Plus she was the only thing that saved the season for feed watchers. She kept us entertained, and she won fan favourite (I still remember the scowl on Rachel’s face when they announced it – I guess she thought her or Brendon were going to win). Priceless!!.

Beyonce fan

Britney is lame she just tallk smack


Fun smack though lol :)


Which Natalie was “greyed out”? BB9 or BB11? Also, I hate Evel Dick, all he did was verbally, sexually, and physically threaten Jen. ;[


I don’t see why Britney would be qualified to come back as one of the “most successful” players. Yes she made it pretty far, but she really did not win much. In addition i sort of forgot about Britney because she was not the center of attention and drama (which might not be a bad thing). If she does come back I am looking forward to see how she does. I also don’t want to see Mike Boogie come back! He was so annoying, and i don’t think he would have been brought back for all-stars if it wasn’t for Dr.Will. Can’t wait for the premiere regardless of who comes back.


Agreed on the Britney point. I liked her and her diary room sessions were fairly amusing, but they’d have a hard time classifying her as one of the most successful players of all time.

The brigade liked her and she was Lane’s flirt partner, so they kept her around awhile. She didn’t do much.

I think it will be the originally rumored Dan, Boogie, Janelle, and Rachel. 3 former winners and Janelle, who had the POV record before Dani broke it.

Not A PH D Student

Simon, don’t you think Howie was just like Jeff? The way he would degrade and yell at women in the house? The mentor crap is a terrible idea. BB is going down hill IMO.

Yellow Squash

Danielle (brunette version)


OMG I don’t want to see Danielle Donato back in the house. She is too whiny.


. When it comes to Enzo,I agree with you.I also don’t get why so many people on here,hate/dislike him.In my opinion,Enzo deserves credit for the game he played.The guy only won 1 competetion.Yet, he was able to get to final 3.Most of the people that was evicted,were people that he wanted gone.He picked up on the Gremlin,getting in too deep,with Ragan.”Operation Donnie Brasco”,Lol.Enzo was the one that let it be known to Hayden that Gremlin had to go.Enzo,was able to convince Brendon that he had his back.But the reality of it was,Enzo was playing Brendon.And it wasn’t just,Brendon that liked him.Enzo was able to get almost every house guests to like him and think he’s their friend.I don’t get how some people can say,he was a floater,or he didn’t do anything.The only thing I would agree with,is Enzo didn’t win a lot of competitions.But so what.Since,when is winning competitions the most important thing.Now,if you’re lacking in the strategic/social game department.Then winning competitions is a must for you.But that wasn’t the case for Enzo.In my opinion,he had the best social/strategic game out of the season 12 cast.Do you remember his speech that he told Julie,after he was evicted.The one that he planned to say to the jury,if he was in the final 2?I really think even if he went against Hayden,if he would’ve said that same speech or a similar one,he would’ve received enough votes to win that season.As I mentioned before,if Enzo wasn’t a threat and if he had no game,then Hayden would’ve picked Enzo,instead of choosing a player that he felt would secure him winning the money.I’m obviously referring to Hayden picking Lane.If I was Hayden and wanted to win the money,I would’ve also chose Lane to go against.Oh,and I also thought Enzo was the funniest house guests.But I can do with out him chewing his food so loud.Lol.

Beyonce fan

Yes glass house sucks ass


Janelle shouldn’t be in the house…she has a little baby at home. I can’t believe she would put her name in the mix. Not cool.


If a man has a small child and leaves to go on a reality show nobody cares. Why is it a big deal if a woman does? Willie has kids, nobody is calling him a bad father. Boston Rob left his wife and baby to do Survivor again, and nobody called him a bad dad. Why is it different for girls? Libra took a lot of crap for leaving her kids too, and I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t think it’s fair to judge Janelle either, not on this. On her game, yeah, but not on this.


In one house pic I saw there were 14 places on the memory wall…if there are 12 new people, that doesn’t add up…


I noticed that too. 14 is too many for the newbs but not enough for newbs plus mentors. Maybe they will be bringing in two more people? If that happens, then there would be 18 people in the house, and CBS did say there were more hg than ever before, which currently isn’t the case.


Four choice

Jake K.


Jeff and Rachel have been blacked out by CBS!

This means no Rachel…solidifying rumors of Britney.

Jake K.

The two of them had their pics in black and white earlier…..hmmmm?


You just … Lied!


why the hell is crazy james not part of this soo pissed

This Guy

I dont understand why kaysar is on this list of greatest players of all time. I understand that he was popular but he was never very successful.

Beyonce fan

Janelle because she won like 9 pov’s back to back years


Simon, look at my stats and browse every former hg’s comps and as right now janelle still holds the record with 7. The rest of my stats would very accuracy. So, tell them to look at my stats. After that, it would change the rankings! Is it helpful? GL


CBS needs to black out some pictures lol. its been 2 days and ntohing on the voting page has happened.


THANK YOU! Someone else noticed! I was starting to wonder if it was just me loll……seriously “daily updates” my arse


LOL, I came on here just to post that, I wonder what is going on…..

Big Brother's Big Brother

CBS lies about everything.

Most houseguests ever….nope

They even changed the commercial as it used to say not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 super sized twists. It now says 4 returning houseguests.

The greying out of pictures is just another drop in the bucket. That fat pig AG gets off on lying I think. Makes me hope that this season fails so they can fire that loser.

Raymond j


I really wish for anyone other thn rachel AGAIN


They should 2 known enemies as mentor for example Rachel and Britney, Dan & Enzo!!!!!!


It’s been days since any photos were blacked out. Could it be that once again the “twist” has fizzled before it got off the ground? Why would they put it on their website and then abandon the idea? Even the vote count hasn’t changed. I’m still wondering about the “more players than ever”, the discrepancy between number of spots on the memory wall and number of players. If there were 14 newbs like the memory wall suggests, there would be an uneven number of newbs to mentors. It sounds to me like AG is flying by the seat of her pants again. I’d like to see the newbs stage a mutiny against the returnees. Put them and CBS in their rightful place and give us a season like the early seasons and season 10 when “expect the unexpected” wasn’t double speak for “same as last year”.


Will and Howie were just grayed out