Willie tells Frank he’s safe this week and Britney thinks coaches will be playing the game in 2 weeks

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15 or 16
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

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10:43pm Head of Household room Janelle and Britney They are counting votes and figuring out heir long term strategies using Bobby pins and gummy bears. Janelle really wants to get rid of Boogie. Britney points out that they can get rid of Dan before they are allowed to play. They agree that they have to drill it into the other players heads that Dan needs to go. Janelle: “If we lose power next week they could figure it out.. The jig is up” Britney: “You know they (Production) wants the power to flow.. the power to shift” … Feeds cut…. when they come back they are trying to figure out when the double eviction will be. They both think that a player will be coming back this season because the numbers don’t add up. Janelle is worried about Willie, she brings up that Willie had a Final 3 deal with Frank and Joe that they started the first day. Britney says that Joe isn’t going to go through with it there’s no way. Janelle and Britney are certain they will be coming back into the game, they don’t know when though but guess it will be in 2 weeks.

Janelle questions what will happen when the house finds out they have been getting them to fight each other all along. Britney thinks there will be drama and Boogie will be getting everyone after us.

Janelle is saying that Boogie was texting her before the show started about them teaming up if they were ever on all stars.

Janelle: “I think having boogie in here is super unfair to me.. because he’s my arch enemy” Britney thinks that Boogie is
Janelle says that ever single competition is physical the girls have no chance. Janelle than brings up that there is now chance they can win up against a guy because players won’t respect a women game play, they’ll say she’s being dragged along by a man.

Talk goes back to having the mentors come back into the game. both are worried that if the other players think that they are coming back they will start scheming against Janelle and Britney. They start talking about thing that Ashley says that are grossly inappropriate. Britney feels bad for her because of how the people watching the feeds take things. Britney mentions there will be a Ashley hate page on Facebook. They bring up how much they LOVE Dan they just want to get rid of him because he’s such a strong player

11:20pm Hottub While janelle and Britney are upstairs in the HOH room scheming against everone. the other players are chit chatting in the hot tub.

Shane is asking Willie if he’ sever had a 3-some. Willie says he’s had the opportunity 3 times but he never could focus. Shane: “Why it was with a guy?” Willie: “Mo I just can’t focus” They ask Kara if she’s had one, Kara says no. Talk goes to what peoples “types” are. Ashley says it’s not looks it’s pheromones, Willie says the girl has to have a BIG personality.

They’re playing around asking each other silly questions like “If there is anyone in the hot tub you would want to kiss” or “Is there anyone in the house you would kiss for a vote” . They mention how much they are all getting along, Willie jokes that this year will be the first BB year without a fight. for the most part it a mess of side conversations.

11:52pm Storage Room Boogie and Frank Boogie is telling him that he’s sure Janelle and Britney want Frank evicted. He thinks with the other players it’s 50/50. Boogie stresses that they need to talk to people and get in with Shane even though Shane will not use the POV he’s a good conduit to Willie’s brain. Boogie thinks that if someone is going to break off from the other group it’s going to be Joe and Ashley.
Boogie says he’s going to lay low tomorrow
Boogie: “We gotta really work Shane and Willie… but more specifically Willie because JoJo ans Shane will be doing whatever Willie says”
Frank thinks that Willie wants to keep him but he’s worried that Britney is going to change his mind.. Frank: “Shane came up to me already said him and Willie wanted to talk to me”
Boogie: “I may hit Willie up tomorrow but i’m not going to talk to Britney or Janelle”
Boogie thinks that Britney and Janelle have a lot of influence but when it comes down to the vote, Willie needs to be the one convinced. Boogie is going to talk to Willie and tell him id Willie remove a strong player in the game it makes the taret on Willie even bigger. Boogie: “It’s a good point for Willie because it works on his ego”. Boogie tells him to keep the faith they start working everyone tomorrow again.

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12:07am Hammock Willie and Frank Willie is saying he needs Frank to swear he’ll not nominate Willie if he wins HOH. Frank says he will not

Frank: “I talked to Shane and the two of you want to talk to me”
Willie looks around to make sure no one is listening. says that they are good

Willie I wish these coaches are not playing this game.. I want to play my own thing.. I really really wish we can just play our game and ride this to the end

Willie: “You are not going Home i’m telling you now you are not going home”
Frank says Shane made it sound like they wanted a deal with him. Willie thinks that the three of them can do a lot of damage in this game.
Willie says they need to start playing without the coaches if they don’t then in 4 weeks all the strong players are going to be gone and “those 2 girl” (Britney and Janelle) will be in the final 2.
If we do not step it up thpse two girls are going to remove all the tough players and they will win in 4 weeks.
Willie: “I have to fight my ass off to keep you in this game” Willie thinks Frank needs to tone down the Anti Boogie talk because people are not buying it.
Frank says that his team is a sinking ship but for this week he can count on 2 votes.
Frank asks him if Shane will vote his way. Willie says he better, Willie thinks they can count on it. Frank mentions that he sees Shane talking to Kara a lot.
Frank:”you know she was playmate of the year”
Willie: “ya, She’s not really my type”
Frank: “Ya she she’s aight.. has a couple years on her”
Frank says he’s tried for 3 years to get on this show he doesn’t want to leave so early.
Willie pleads with Frank not to tell Boogie about their conversation, Frank swears he’s going to be keep quiet. Willie goes on and on about not liking the coaches.

12:26AN Arcade Room Kara and Wil Kara is saying if they vote her out and she gets brought back into the house she’s going “Guns a Blazing”

12:53pm Arcade room Britney, Kara, and Wil. Britney is crying because she misses her husband.

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Simon or Dawg,
Is there any truth to the rumor that “Frank” n Beans and One-eyed “Willie” are following in Boogie and Wills lead and create their own version of Chilltown called…


But all jokes aside, I don’t know what changed, but its been nice to be able to post an opinion and not have me and my family members verbally assaulted. haha Keep up the good guys.


That’s supposed to read, Keep the up good work, guys. My spellcheck appears to be on break.

Mr pickles

Is it just me or does Frank not look exactly like Danny Noonan from caddyshack?


Simon, Does Ian looks like Carl from Phineas and Ferb? Carl is the assistant of MM! Disney Channel!


Why yes – he certainly does look like he stepped out of Phineas & Ferb!! Too funny!!


Can wait to see Frank Leaving? Too bad, he could been on FCW(Florida Championship Wrestling),NXT and could been WWE! Frank, you could been a wrestler like your Dad, Sycho Sid, Sid Vicious, or even Sid Justice! 2nd Generation of wrestling business like Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibese Jr. Natalya, Tamika, The Uso twins, D.H. Smith, Michael M., Husky Harris, Richie Steamboat, Bo Dallas, Primo


I went back and watch the TV show and Julie says, that’s the coaches aren’t coming back into the game. That they are ONLY their to coach. I don’t think she said that IF they were a twist for these prior players to enter the game.