Big Brother 14 Spoilers Feed Leak Mentors Confirmed

Twitter accounts @Clio_The_Leo and @BigBrotherBuddy leaked pictures today letting us see a couple shots from the live feeds. There was just a few released but from them we know the Mentors, what the have nots room looks like and possible hosueguest who won week one HOH and are Have Nots. Exciting stuff for Big Brother 14 which starts Thursday July 12th.

Big Brother 14 Mentors Confirmed

The confirmed Mentors from the Live Feed Leak are Mike Booggie, Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina and Brintey Haynes

Have Nots Room

Another leaked screen captures show the Have Nots room and man does it look trippy.

You now know who 3 of the 4 Mentors are Early bird special is one until 10pm TONIGHT Save 25% on your Live Feeds. Now Only 29.99 for the Entire season PLUS the mobile option comes free with the regular subscription. Watch the feeds on your iPhone and Android device.

From the leaked screen captures it appears that Willie Hantz may have the HOH competition and by the looks of it Ian is a have nots.

Live Feed Early Bird Link

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Welcome back Simon. Was loving this site last season….and I’m excited this season.
I would like a BB with an all new cast and no vets….but we will see what happens.
It just seems that the newbies will try to side with the vets instead of having their own game plan; or they will immediately decide to evict the vets one by one.

We will see! I’m excited.


I LOVED JANELLE it sucks she was always placed third, Dan had good strategy.,,,,I didn’t like Britney’s personal attacks and well Boogie can’t function without Will!


I LOVE JANELLE ๐Ÿ˜€ ALL TIME FAVE W/ Brenchel. Disappointed about Britney, hopefully she’s the first mentor out & I don’t really care for the other two ๐Ÿ™‚


How did they get pics off the live feed already? seems like good pics though, im happy!


they all have the same look on their face .as if they just found out something ..haha


I’m loving how this season is turning out? But I have one question… is the rumor about JoJo true? Did she leave? I can’t really tell from these photos if she’s in any of them. Can anyone clarify this for me?? But favorite mentors: Dan & Janelle. Don’t really care for Mike & how Britney was even considered is BEYOND me!! lol

Raymond j

Im fine with it too… Still dont get why boogie is back…. Cant wait for thurs


Fuck, I hate Brit… She is absolutely dumb and hateful person… Sheยดs gonna ruin this season for me :-/


omg i HATE boogie! damnit CBS!


Can anybody see JoJo?


For the first time in a few years I’m actually excited for BB..should make for an interesting season…


I guess I have to wait until tomorrow night in order to find out,exactly how involve will the mentors be in the game.Will they be allowed to play their game how they did on their own seasons?If that’s the case than Dan from season 10 should do extremely well.But,who knows there might be a few new house guests,that might be great strategic game players.

Jake K.

Awesome. 4 favorites of mine! No complaints here.


I’m so glad we don’t have to be afflicted with Bracheal or Dumb & Dumbest again!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is shaping up to be a solid season. I’m glad Will won, he’s probably my favorite so far just from reading the bios.


I am sooo relieved that Rachel is not comming back. Did not watch Amazing Race because of that mess.

Beyonce fan

Janelle is back in the house


Happy to see Britney back, never hated her for her personal attacks, but most of them were for Rachael and they were well deserved, I think will see a very different Britney this time around. And if Willie Hantz really won HOH, he’s not doing the best job staying under the radar at first. One question I have about te mentor twist is since they are playing a different game I’m assuming they can’t be eliminated early, bet CBS loves that, can’t wait to get more details on Thurs, I can’t watch until tues, since I’m in NYC, but can’t wait to read about it looks like this season will n an improvement for last years.


4 Mentors Status
-Janelle (BB6 & BB7):First time be on have-havenots, First time Pandora Box, She will reclaim the HOH record and increase POV record, 2 time third place finisher, co-hoh recordholder. perdiction:Winner or Runner-up
Britney (BB12):Second time have-havenot, She will tie with jeff of America Favorite Houseguest. Perdiction:Third or fourth place finisher
Dan (BB10):First time Have-Havenots (Second on slop), First w/o memphis, first of pandora box. Perdiction:Winner, Runner-Up,Third-Place or Fourth place finisher.
Mentor paid 20k be on the game


Only change to the mentor roster would be swapping out Boogie with Howie or even Enzo. I think Boogie is extremely overrated and without Will isn’t a good player. I think we will see that right away. Not saying that Howie or Enzo are better players, but they are far more entertaining than Boogie. I guess you could say that I have never been a Boogie fan, don’t think his third time on this show will change that.


Extreamly happy that Dan and Britney are back!!! Not looking foward to Boogie though. He gets on my nerves. Oh and I’m kinda wondering if Janelle and Britney are going to like each other? Somethings telling me they won’t. However, Britney doesn’t like much of anybody!

Beyonce fan

Because she a bitch much this is janelle year and jo jo did not leve I hope janelle and jo jo become bff but sume tells me its go be brit and janelle


So is Willie Hantz, Russell Hantz (Survivor) brother , and why did they cast him? CBS has a thing for the Hantz family.


Yes, it is his brother!


I think the mentors will be in the hide playing the game but I think the way it will go down is:
The players will pick the mentor they want, the hoh will get to pick first! Then after they are on teams I think the mentors will get to play in competitions and maybe either they can win hoh or they have to give it to one of their players, I also think if all the mentors players are evicted that the mentor will be evicted. And I also think maybe if the mentor gets evicted then during evictions maybe the players that mentor had as a teammate will be able to talk to the players and help them out. This is just a guess we will soon find out. But notice how the mentors are in the house in the pictures!!!


leaked roster????

yo, sup

I don’t see how Brittany can be considered one of the best big brother players. All she did was get played by the Brigade. They should’ve brought back one of the members of the Brigade, and in my opinion it should’ve been Enzo because he created it.


I love Britney and I’m glad she’s back, but I agree – she wasn’t one of the best players, but she was a huge comic relief in the house and that’s why she was so likeable. They should have definitely saved her for an all-stars edition though ๐Ÿ™‚


@Noelle.You said that Britney was a great comic relief.So,you think that an All Stars season of Big Brother,should pick Britney,because she was “a huge comic relief”?I would think All Stars should be reserved for past house guests,that either did great in competitions,had a great social game or was on their A -game,as it concerns being a great strategic player.This isn’t The Last Comic Standing.Lol.And when I say a great social game,I mean someone that was able to get all of the house guests to like them.In my opinion a perfect example of that kind of player,is Enzo.Keep in mind I’m only talking about how all the house guests felt about Enzo,before they went home and watched the episodes.And in Enzo’s case he managed to get everyone in the Big Brother house to like him.Possibly with the exception of the Gremlin.Lol.But,that’s still impressive,to be able to only have 1 person not like you out of the rest of the house guests.


If you hadn’t noticed, America picked Britney as their favorite houseguest of the season despite the fact that she wasn’t a key player. Fan favorites do tend to return to the game because of their popularity despite lack of gameplay (ex. Jordan). She won a decent amount of competitions and definitely wasn’t a floater. She’s the only person from her season (besides Brendon & Rachel) that I can see BB ever considering to bring back. No need to get all riled up.


@Noelle.Your right,there’s no need for me to get riled up.And that’s why,when I responded to you, I wasn’t riled up.You said that Britney”was a huge comic relief in the house and that’s why she was so likeable.They should have definitely saved her for an all-stars edition though.”I said what kind of players that I think All-Stars should be reserved for.Which means I gave my opinion. The first All-Stars allowed Chicken George(from the 1st season)to come back,and I heard that he was picked because he was well liked.The bottom line is I gave my opinion on the type of players that should be picked for All-Stars.I didn’t say players that won a lot of competitions,had a great social game and a great strategic game are the only kind of players that CBS/Big Brother will bring back for All-Stars.Those are the kind of players that I would want for All-Stars.You mentioned that they brought back Jordan.I can’t remember,but was last year about people that played the game the best?Because I thought it was about bringing back couples,and then later in the season it became,vets against the newbies.If I’m right about the theme of season 13,then the fact that they brought back Jordan has little to do with you mentioning Jordan’s lack of game play.I agree that players who were named America’s favorite,do tend to come back,but I never said other wise.Now,I did say the kind of players that I think should come back for All-Stars.There’s a difference between who I think should be brought back and who CBS/Big Brother actually brings back.I almost forgot,in my previous comment,I asked you,if you think that Britney should be picked for an All-Stars season because she was “a huge comic relief?”I’m bringing this question up again because this question,was meant to know if being a player that was a comic relief,should be a reason to bring them for a All-Stars season.I already have a rough idea of who CBS/Big Brother will choose.But I wanted to know what kind of player that you thought should come back.I thought by me highlighting the fact that you said Britney was a comic relief,would have you think to yourself”oh,yeah,just because a player made me laugh and was named America’s favorite because she was a comic relief.Doesn’t mean she should be pick to be on All-Stars.”Lol.I was obviously way off in the way that you would take my response to your comment.But,now I understand how you view,which players belong on All-Stars.Which just so happen to be the way that I think CBS/Big Brother views which players should be on All-Stars.Hopefully,you won’t take this post as me being riled up.Lol.I’m just explaining my point of view and clarifying what I meant in my previous comment.


@yo, sup.I completely agree with everything you said.


Janelle will reclaim her hoh record and increase her pov record as well. I would love to see Janelle’s bad side. That way, the true colors of the real Janelle.


well I don’t know way CBS keeps bring back old players . Brit. never did play the game she just sat on others coat tail
I wish CBS just put in new players each year


Britney won an HoH and 3 PoV if I’m not mistaken, and a couple of those PoV came with her on the chopping block. She may not be the best strategist, but she was an excellent competitor.


It’s getting real now! Leaked feeds. LOL. So much for the “drama” at haha. Looks like Willie won HOH, and maybe is on Janelle’s team. If that’s true, I’m glad. At first I was enfuriated that they brought on another Hantz, but his interview video was one of the best and for now, I am rooting for him. I don’t know how long he will be able to keep his last name a secret though. He looks so much like a cleaned up version of his brother and as soon as that dude starts talking, anyone who saw Survivor Russell will figure it out, and that will be a huge target on his back. Ian made a comment in his interview about not wanting to see a Hantz in the cast, he even ragged on CBS for it and the look on his face while he said it suggests that he knew about it already. For sure Ian will figure it out if he hasn’t already. Ian looks like a good kid, and I like his attitude, but I think all it will take is for one of the hot girls to turn on the flirt to get his hormones going and take his mind off the game.

Looking forward to tomorrow night I have my supplies ready, new big screen on my computer and new speakers. It isn’t summer until BB is on the air.


I’m not so sure. Take Brandon Hantz. He was totally different than Russell and by personality, I don’t think people would have figured out that they were even related if it hadn’t been for his confession or his tattoo. They couldn’t have been more different. I think CBS keeps bringing his family back on TV in hopes that they’ll make for good TV, but Brandon didn’t live up to much. I mean, getting emotional all the time was a bit funny, but you know……


I wouldn’t have guessed that Brandon was Russell’s nephew, but Willie is a lot like Russell. He talks like Russell and he looks a lot like him. I hope his last name doesn’t ruin his game. But once the feeds start I might change my mind. : )

Beyonce fan

I just don’t know how this mentor thing can work

Beyonce fan

So its heroes vs villains


You all don’t like Rachel because she cry in the bushes. How you feel if Janelle cry in the bushes? You don’t like her. Secondly, you guys been complaining that cbs help JJBR of winning competition. That not cool, cbs production never done it and they win it on there own. How you feel that Janelle was help by CBS production? GUYS….GROW UP and MOVE ON! STOP COMPLAINING THAT BRENCHEL, JJ, CBS AND ANY OTHER CRAP! THIS ANY GO ANYWHERE! JUST LET CBS DO THERE JOBS AND IT JUST BEHIND THE SCENE!


Nice grammar bro.


You all donโ€™t like Rachel because she cry (cried) in the bushes. How (would) you feel if Janelle cry (cried) in the bushes? You donโ€™t like her. Secondly, you guys (have) been complaining that cbs help (helped) JJBR of winning competition. (competitions) That (is) not cool, cbs production never done (did) it (that) and they win (won) it on there (their) own. How (do/would) you feel that Janelle was help (helped) by CBS production? GUYSโ€ฆ.GROW UP and MOVE ON! STOP COMPLAINING THAT BRENCHEL, JJ, CBS AND ANY OTHER CRAP! (huh?) THIS ANY (wont) GO ANYWHERE! JUST LET CBS DO THERE (their) JOBS AND (let?) IT JUST (be) BEHIND THE SCENE (scenes)!

I am not perfect, but I really hate bad grammar. A spelling mistake here and there, no biggie but this is really bad. Speak English please ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you Emma. Without edits, I won’t read that gibberish he puts out there.

Alexander The Great

The duos twist brought back for one week, in a pandoras box(everyone always opens it), when Rachel and Jordan are on block? Then an endurance veto once Rachels only real competition for it Daniele is gone? Seriously that doesn’t sound like helping



nobody important

post a link?


Where’s Mike Boogie? I don’t see him! I already saw Dan, Janelle, and Britney but where Mike Boogie

Beyonce fan

Stfu who even tallking about jj and Br


Simon, Where is Mike Boogie? I don’t see him at this picture.


I am holding out hope it’s not really him. There’s always a chance that pic is just a cardboard cut-out. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m so happy to see everyone who came back and the have-not room looks very trippy

Jake K.

I am sorry…but did anyone else notice Ian is grasping a TEDDY BEAR like it is his last living relative? I cannot tell whether I find this funny or pathetic.


@Jake K. Lol. I think it can be both funny and pathetic at the same time.

Beyonce fan

Simon know he hate mike lol I stop likeing mike when on all stars when will left he call that girl a bitch


This season is a great and hope you guys don’t complaining about rigged! That’s not cool!


I wonder if Janelle will be strategic?


I would hope so. Though strategy hasn’t been her strength in this game. She does however, rock at the comps.


I want to say before we begin, thank you to Simon and Dawg for ALL that they do to provide us this site.


I know there are websites out there dedicated to giving hour by hour happenings in the house… Anyone know them?? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

nobody important

Thank GOD Brenchel are not the mentors. If they were, I wouldn’t even bother watching this year.