Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Ian plans to ask out Ashley after the Power of Veto Ceremony

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe


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1am Wil, Kara and Britney continue talking in the arcade room. Kara is talking about how you can’t truly be friends with people you’ve only known for eight days compared to true friends you’ve known on the outside for a long time. Britney and Wil talk about how as much as you want to you can’t totally open up and trust people you don’t know that well. Joe comes by the arcade room as he heads to bed and says good night. After he leaves, Kara says that she has started to like Joe and that Joe was unhappy that Dan didn’t pick him to be on his team. Kara tells them that ever since she was nominated the cameras were waiting for her to break down. Britney tells her that as soon as you start crying, the cameras start following you. They laugh about how the cameras zoom on them.

Joe, Frank and Jenn are in the kicks room. Frank asks Joe if he thinks everyone vote individually or as a group. Joe says as a group, its too early for people to break away from the group. Joe tells Frank that Kara already shot herself in the foot. Joe tells Frank that if there was a vote right now, I think it would be 10-0 vote for you to stay, I don’t think she would even get one vote. Joe says it’s a long week, things could change a lot by Thursday but that’s the way it is now. Joe tells Frank that right now, he’s doing well, but she is cracking. Joe says that when you’re up, you have got to hold your composure. He added that the only negative he’s hearing about Frank is guilt-by-association with Boogie being his mentor. Joe tells him that the other coaches don’t like Boogie. Frank says that the coaches fate is connected to us, our fate is not connected to them. Jenn and Frank tell Joe that they have tried to disassociate themselves from Boogie and that it’s not their fault he picked them. Joe tells Frank that maybe this week we sit down and make an alliance; the coaches don’t need to know. Joe says yeah, but I don’t want Ian in the alliance … he’s too bouncy. Joe says that at some point they’re going to be gunning for Shane. Frank agrees. Joe tells Frank that if he hears anything different he will let him know but right now you’re good just touch base with Willie every now and then. Joe tells Frank that this as a self-destruction week for Kara, and that it always happens a few times every season for people on the block. Joe tells them that Boogie’s a good dude; he is just known for being a ruthless bastard. Joe says that Frank has nothing to worry about unless a miracle pops up. Frank says that he will sleep better tonight after hearing what Joe said. Joe tells Frank that he just needs to stay cool and level headed and that he should be fine. They think that tomorrow the power of veto ceremony will happen and the Shane won’t use it.


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1:30am – 1:50am In the have-not room Kara and Dan are talking. Kara says there are just 4 more days. Kara tells Dan that the reason they want her out is because they are afraid of Dan. Dan tells Kara that he thinks she has a 75% chance of staying right now. Kara talks about how Danielle is starting to wear on her and then asks if he thinks she threw the power of veto. Dan says no. Kara brings up how Danielle is starting to annoy people because she doesn’t clean up at all. The feeds cut out and when they come back. Kara and Shane have joined them in the have-not room. Kara asks Danielle if Shane had asked her on a first date and if so if she could set it up. Shane said that he wasn’t going to get it on with the cameras watching. Dan tells them that they could have a showmance thats PG-rated. Shane said no as that would mess up his game.


2am In the arcade room, Britney, Wil, and Ian are talking about dating. Ian tells a story about a girl he asked out on a date. Britney asks questions about his dating experience and tries to give him tips on how to talk to girls. Britney gets Ian to role play with her to teach him about dating. Britney gets jokingly gets mad with Ian when he breaks character. Dan and Kara join them. They keep rewinding when he messes up. Dan asks Ian what type of girls he tries to go out with between 1 and 10. Ian tells him that he goes for girls that are a 7.5. Then they ask Ian how he sees himself. Ian says he sees himself as a six. Britney tells him that’s a problem you have to see yourself as a 10! Wil agrees. Dan tells Ian that he needs homework and to ask out a girl in the house tomorrow. Britney and Wil reference a Jewish holiday. Ian says that he doesn’t date Jewish girls exclusively. That was just once. Britney tells Ian that if they work on this every day, by the end he will be better at asking girls out. They continue to coach Ian how how to talk to girls. They convince Ian to ask Ashley out after the veto ceremony.


2:25am Up in the HOH room, Janelle and Willie are talking. Janelle tells Willie about how they have blocked all of Dan’s and Boogie’s moves. Willie agrees and says it is like a game of chess. Willie asks Janelle if it’s chess or chest. Janelle laughs and tells him it’s chess! Janelle tells him that it will be really bad if Boogie or Dan’s teams take power next week. Willie says that he hopes that Joe or Ashley win HOH this week. Willie she that Ashley is solid, she’s going to be in this game a long time. Janelle agrees. Janelle says that she can’t stand how Dan tries to guilt her into doing things by telling her things like she is his mom’s favorite player. She says she just can’t have Dan lying to her. Janelle says that she would be friends with him but that’s got to wait until they are out of the house. Willie wonders if this going to be a boring season or not. Janelle says just wait until Boogie is in power. They head downstairs to smoke. Willie asks Janelle what is up with Britney hanging out downstairs and not up in the HOH with them.

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3am – 3:50am Out in the backyard, Willie, Janelle, Wil and Britney are talking. Willie tells Wil that he is Russell Hantz’s brother. Willie tells him that he wanted to be upfront with him because they’re in an alliance. He figures that someone will try to use it against him at some point so he wanted to get it out there first. Wil says it is no problem I’ve still got your back. Britney tells Wil that Boogie and Dan have been trying to bully Willie into admitting he is a Hantz. Wil jokes and tells them now he has to tell them his big secret, he’s a scientist. Britney says her big secret is that she has played Big Brother before. They all laugh. Willie tells to Britney that he didn’t really like her on her season but now she is like his little sister. The conversation turns to talking about their lives outside the house. Willie says that he thinks that Dr. Will is going to be disappointed in Boogie after this game is all over. Janelle says him and his 3 fans! Janelle tells them that Boogie has daddy issues that’s why he is the way he is.. she says that Boogie is nice to her sometimes outside the game, he’ll send her photos of his son. The conversation changes to talking about competitions and their past seasons. They all head inside to go to bed.

4am Britney and Janelle are in the mentor room bed whispering about Dan. Britney asks her if Dan got in your head? Janelle says No, I’m immune to his powers. Britney says his powers are strong. Janelle says she was never fooled by Dan, he just got the wheels in her head spinning. Janelle says that she can’t trust Dan down the line because he isn’t trustworthy and she has to look out for herself in this game. Britney says that it’s hard with Dan because he is nice and he is persuasive but you have to remember he is always playing the game. The conversation switches to talking about Ian, Britney says that she feels bad for Ian because he gets so nervous. Britney and Janelle go to sleep…

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Team Ashlian YO!!


Am I the only one who skips over any feeds or spoilers with Kara or the combo of Dan and Kara? She is just a waste of space with a pretty face. Boring. I’d love to see her go over Frank. Also, does she not socialize? I’ve heard a few HG say they’re always the ones approaching her whenever they converse…


She like kristen from bb12 cute face boring personality until rachel got under her skin


My BB3 Viewer doesn’t have a side panel that shows the different feeds 🙁 also, how do i access the flashbacks?


Same here, the side camera views are old still images that have nothing to do with what is happening now. I haven’t figured out how to flash back either. Superpass sucks.


I cant get over how mellow and relaxed these players are…it is almost like someone needs to check to see if they have a…..last year the house stayed up all night talking or whatever and they slept all day. This year the housemates are going to bed early and are up early…wow…totally different game this year


Danielle is much hotter!


Great season so far. Kara and Danielle are a waste of space and need to go home. I don’t know what Dan was thinking when he picked them. I won’t miss Ian when he goes either. He is so annoying. Loving that Frank and WIllie are together and in rebellion against their coaches. As usual, my first impressions were mostly wrong. Ashley and Shane aren’t as offensive as I thought they would be. Wil is wearing on my nerves. Loving Jo Jo, she is sure to give us lots of entertainment! I liked Brit on her season, but she is annoying. She actually thinks she is in control of her team. LOL. I don’t understand why she is up Janelle’s ass so much, I guess because they want to do damage to Boogie and Dan, but she forgets that Janelle’s beef with Boogie is personal revenge. She needs to keep herself out of that and start listening to her team instead of Janelle. I love it that we have some real gamers in the newbie cast for a change. Team Willie/Frank all the way!


Willie is annoying because of how he talks about being independent from Britney, yet he is up her ass, almost as much as Britney is up Janelles ass. And how is it that they turn literally everything into how deceiving of a Dan ie, and how amazing he is. I root for Shane, Frank, and Willie, but I can’t wait to see Britney Scramble when she doesn’t have power.


Me too. Willie is playing Brit, feeding her with a big spoon and she really seems to think she is in control. Just wait until Willie’s HOH is over and watch her scramble.I agree about getting Dan out by sending all of his players home because he could get players on other teams to distrust their coaches and work with him. All of the vets have their number one horse that they want to ride to the end, Boogie has Frank, Janelle has Wil and Brit has Willie. To them, the other players on their teams are expendable, and all Dan needs to do is work that angle with people like Joe, Jenn, Ian, Jo Jo, Ashley and Shane and persuade them to sabotage their team’s number one horse. If anyone could pull it off, it’s Dan. He’s working Shane right now. I hope BB doesn’t put the coaches in the game. That would be so unfair. This would have been epic without the coaches. They are preventing the good players from playing the game the way they want to. I want to see the coaches grovel and the newbs calling the shots. Maybe CBS will finally understand that their old players are past their best before date and give us all newbs next year.


i don’t get how kara is self-destructing