Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Frank Vs Janelle

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Speculated Vote results
Janelle Goes Home

Tonight on the live feeds
A lot of unknowns what will happen next. Really depends on who wins the HOH. Most Thursday – Friday – Saturdays are usually really exciting on the feeds

Actual Votes
Joe Votes to Evict
Shane Votes to Evict
Dan Votes to Evict
Britney Votes to Evict
Boogie Votes to Evict
Jenn Votes to Evict
Ashley Votes to Evict
Wil Votes to Evict

???? Is evicted from the Big Brother House

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Mike says just put an empty suit case in there. Frank says yeah, and show up to the Geisha House wearing the leotard?

1:05pm Janelle and Ashley are in the downstairs bathroom. Janelle is asking her if Wil has said anything to her about not voting for her. Ashley says no. Janelle says okay because he would be a real di*k if he didn’t vote for me. Janelle tells Ashley that they have to make it to the end together. Meanwhile Danielle is packing up her things in the HOH room to move downstairs. Britney and Shane are up there helping her.

1:10pm – 1:30pm Mike and Frank are in the living room talking. Mike says moving out of the big house, that’s a terrible walk on Thursday. Mike tells Frank to put just an empty suit case in the storage room with just a pair of shoes. Frank says na. Mike says I will get you your stuff. Frank says yeah, show up to the Geisha house wearing the leotard. They both laugh. Dan and Shane join them on the couches. Frank asks you really think I should pack nothing? Mike says yeah, I would put a little weight in there though… don’t worry I will get you your stuff if something crazy happens. Frank says maybe after whoever wins HOH we should hold a house meeting.

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Frank says Janelle will be blind-sided, the only vote being Joe; he will then be on an island by himself.

9:20am – 9:40am The house guests are on an indoor lockdown, as production sets up for the live show tonight. Frank is in the arcade room talking to himself. Frank says that Janelle is cocky and she thinks she has the votes to stay but if things go the way I have heard, then Janelle will be going home tonight. Maybe she is being cocky because she has the votes but I highly doubt that, I trust that people are going to vote the way they say they will. Frank says that she is going to be blind-sided. The only vote being, Joe, he will then be on an island by himself. And he will soon be going home. Frank says that not only did I pass up the $5000, but I took the power of veto and now I am wearing this spirit-tard. Frank says that Janelle apologized to me yesterday, she must have been confident she was staying and didn`t want me to go home and see the bad things she said about me. Frank says that he doesn`t want to be too confident, I really think I have the votes but I thought I did last week if it wasn’t for the twist I would have gone home. I won`t forget those people that lied to me.

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Danielle says Janelle’s lip has so much collagen in it that it is starting to do the wave.

1am Danielle and Dan in the arcade room talking about Janelle. Danielle says that she hates bullying and says that she has struggled with anorexia growing up so it hurts to hear that Janelle was calling her fat. Danielle says that she knew Janelle called her fat. She says I have known the whole time! She says that she has known girls like Janelle before. Danielle says that she wishes Dan could have seen the way she looks at her. I wish you could have seen the way she looked at me on the ship, it was the worst. You will see it when you get home. Danielle says that Janelle told Wil he was not allowed to cheer for me. I want to knock her in her face and walk away. Danielle says that she has had a bad feeling about Janelle from the start. Dan and Danielle talk about how Boogie figured out she is nurse. Danielle asks why Janelle is threatened by her? Dan asks what do you want a coach answer or personal. Danielle says both. Dan tells Danielle that it doesn’t matter, she is gone! Dan says that she is probably threatened by you, she is getting older. Dan says that Janelle probably wanted people to vote out Kara for personal reasons. Dan says at the end of the day you get the last laugh without being mean about it. Dan says that she is going to be in Minnesota watching the live feeds and there is nothing she can do about it. Dan tells Danielle that when she gets older things like this won’t bother her as much. Danielle says that it’s just that Janelle just had a baby and she is attacking me.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frank and Boogie Figure out T!T$ they’re really called the The Castaways

9:28pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Frank bathroom
Frank telling him he wants joe out but they both agree that it has to be joe vs on of their own. Frank tells him about his talk outside with T!T$ (he doesn’t use that word) thinking Dan, Danielle, Britney, Frank, Boogie and Shane are a group. Frank adds that if Boogie or Frank win the HOH they may want to put Joe and Shane/Dan up to hide they are together. Dan thinks him going up is a bad idea.

Dan asks him other than the silent 6 is there any other alliances in the house
Frank: “The Castaways Wil, Ashley and Jenn.. Mike named that one”
Frank thinking there is a good chance Janelle is going home 8-1.
9:41pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Janelle
Janelle asks him if he would tell her the truth about the votes.
Dan says yes he will tonight
Janelle: “Dan the man I hope you are not lying to me”
Dan: “I’m not you’ll know tonight”

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Britney Warns about Dan’s Social Game – Boogie: “He’s got Ian to sit on the hammock without rocking.. that’s a feat”

7:43pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie is wondering why they just had that ½ way party. He thinks that 2 people are going home tomorrow.

7:52pm Cam 3-4 Britney and Boogie
Boogie tells her the party would of gone longer if it wasn’t for the cake party. Janelle had started the Food fight. Boogie doesn’t understand why it’s not like they were drinking. Boogie says that during season 7 someone did that and it was a bitch to clean up.
They are talking about 2 people being knocked out on Thursday. Boogie is positive it’s happening he thinks having the ½ way party on a wednesday night is really odd.
Britney asks him whose is second to take out.. Boogie: “Wil”
Britney wonders if maybe Jenn should go.. Boogie says that Wil is much larger a threat socially and physically.
Britney says she wants to keep ian around she give the reasons
A) Straight shooter
B) Doesn’t flip flop
C) non schemer

Boogie adds that Ian never talks game to people he’s a steady ship. Britney agrees.

They start talking about Ashley and how much pain she’s in. Britney thought at first she was playing it up to avoid telling Janelle but now she thinks there is something wrong. Boogie says they brought in someone to see her.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Everyone Against Eagle Eye “In my opinion the sh!t he cooks is not that great”

3:11pm HOH cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Joe I know for a fact that Wil, Boogie and Frank are working together Joe wants us to get rid of Frank and Split up Frank and Boogie alliance.

Joe wants to work with them. Danielle doesn’t buy any of the Joe’s Bull shit. She knows Joe’s back is against the wall he knows after Janelle leaves he’s on his own and the next one to go.

Danielle is worried that she showed Boogie how strong she really is. She recounts last night when she lifted a bar with 45 lbs of weight on each side and Boogie was shocked. Shane says it wasn’t 45lbs a aside. Danielle still thinks it showed boogie too much of her strengths.. she adds that when she was younger she was in gymnastics where she had to throw girls around all day.

Shane mentions that either Ashley is good at acting or she’s really hurt. Shane: ‘I almost had to carry her out of the Diary Room (Apparently Ashley has a hurt back) Danielle thinks that Ashley has an addictive personality.. she hints at pill usage. Shane says the Diary Room keeps giving Ashley pain medication.

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Danielle says if Trey had asked me to be his GF none of this would have happened with Shane.

12pm Danielle comes back from the diary room and says that Janelle was asking if you were up here. Britney says that Janelle is going to want to campaign with me all day. Britney says that she wants to tell Janelle that she is voting the way Danielle does and that she isn’t telling me till 5:45pm on Thursday. Britney says that if we were outside the house I would tell you that Shane is that douche bag boyfriend that I would never like. Britney tells Danielle that she should just have a causal flirty relationship with Shane. She says that casual flirty people don’t cuddle and don’t kiss. Danielle says that she doesn’t want a relationship because he doesn’t even know anything about Tray. Britney says oh poor Trey. She says that she had feelings for Trey and that she didn’t even know how he felt because it was so new. Danielle says that after she won the HOH she ran to the diary room and told them not to put a photo of Trey in her HOH room.
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Mike says his favourite one of all …ya lied, A LOT, we get it, you leaving!

9am – 10am Frank and Boogie are the only house guests awake. They head into the bathroom to shower and get ready. Mike tells Frank that he will tell him a secret once they get outside as it applies to people in here. Mike says his favourite one of all …ya lied, a lot, we get it, you leaving! Mike comments to the camera, normally wacky Wednesday the nominees scramble all day, this is Franks third time on the block and he ain’t scrambling. He’ll be sitting back today watching her scramble. Ya know what’s pathetic, she asked Wil to swear on his dog! Mike tells the viewers to strap on their seat belts because tonight’s episode it going to be off the hook. Frank says it just might be an 8 – 1 vote ya’ll! They talk about if they win HOH they could put up Dan and Shane. If you are so concerned about disguising stuff, that’s why we need to disguise us working together by putting you up. Frank and Mike laugh. Mike talks to the fans saying that he and Frank have never lied, unlike Janelle. Frank says C, G, R! Mike says Clean, Game, Running… sort of. Mike says imagine if we could pop out Joe and Wil in the next few weeks. Mike talks about how they need to shore up their relationship with Jenn. She likes being a free agent. Mike says that it would not be the worst thing in the world for Wil to win HOH.
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Janelle says she had a dream where she saw Joe, Ashley, Shane, and Danielle in the final four.

12:45am Up in the HOH room, Britney, Shane and Danielle are talking. Danielle is in a bad mood. Britney asks Shane if the next HOH comes down to the two of them, will he throw it to her so that he can play for the next HOH? Shane says he will. Shane goes to the bathroom. Britney tells Danielle not to be pouty. Britney asks Danielle is she wants to be alone? Danielle says she is fine. Shane comes back from the bathroom. Shane asks Britney and Danielle if they need some girl time? Danielle says no. Britney says that she is going to head downstairs.
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Shane tells Danielle that he owes her a back massage. Danielle tells him not to worry about it. Shane says that he thinks people will put them up against each other like what happened to Jeff and Jordan. Danielle says she doesn’t think so, and says that if she goes up it will be against Dan. Danielle asks Shane if at the end of all of this when they are out of the game if he wanted to be together with her, the long distance would not bother her because she travels a lot for something.

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Big Brother Spoilers – High Stakes Poker, Danielle: “If I win Shane you have to kiss me.. a good one”

9:14pm Cam 1-2 HOH Bathroom Britney and Danielle
Danielle wants her to swear on her life that what she’s about to tell Britney never leaves this room. (Wow sounds like she’s throwing down something HUGE)
Britney: “I swear on my life “
Danielle: “I have 4 degrees.. I’m a nurse practitioner and I’m working on my masters”
Britney: “Ohh.. cool.. “

9:54pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle

Danielle is drunk she drank most of her HOH wine by herself.
Danielle: “If I win Shane you have to kiss me.. a good one and if you win what do I have to give you”
Shane: “A Back Rub”
Danielle: “you can get that whenever”
Shane: ‘I’ll marinate on that while I take a shower”

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