Big Brother Spoilers – Danielle calls herself “Free Willy” Shane says she’s “Fat Bastard”

8:00pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle
Shane been making comments lately that he is getting fat because he hasn’t been able to work out yet. He called himself Chubs.
Danielle: “If you are chubs I am free willy “
Shane: “You are fat bastard”

Play fight for a bit.. Danielle leaves.

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Big Brother 14 Final 5 Nominations Results

6:10pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane
Shane is folding up clothes says she’s lost so much weight when he came into the house he wore a 34 waist now he’s a 31.

Danielle saying that Jenn is being super crabby at her because Jenn is on the block. Shane thinks it’s just because she’s been nominated 2 weeks in a row. Shane keeps saying “She’s got to go”.
Jenn had snapped at Danielle when Danielle said to her “I’m sorry you guys are on the block”. Jenn was mad because Danielle wasn’t being happy. Shane says it makes sense that Danielle is sad both Shane and Jenn are up on the block. He doesn’t understand why she’s not cool with that. Danielle: “She told me I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Dan tells Danielle it’s good for her to take some heat she hasn’t yet

3:26pm Cam 1-4 Pool area everyone

Chatting about Britney’s face when she see Frank walking into the Jury house. Ian laughs wants to see her face when they watch the DVD and Britney finds out Frank leaving was by Ian’s hands.

Danielle says that now everyone in the jury house will now be eating well because Joe will cook for them. Dan says the second Joe found out he was evicted something snapped and he went back to normal Joe. Dan explains that some seasons have players like that who are completely different on the inside and outside. Jenn says Joe’s exit was very classy. Jenn: “Frank’s exit not too good.. not cool” everyone more or less agrees that Frank was a douche when he left. Danielle mentions that JoJo’s exit was the second worst.

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IAN Opened Pandora’s Box to get a Video Message From Rachel Reilly, the Others got Messages from their Families.

1:40pm When the feeds come back, we find out that Ian opened Pandora’s Box and was locked in it to get a video message from Rachel Reilly, while the others got video messages from their families. Ian says f**k you Rachel. Ian says that Rachel was talking about Brendon. The others talk about being able to see their families. Danielle says that someone said to her they are so glad to see she is doing well at this game. The tv in the living room says “Nominations Today”.

Jenn and Ian are out in the backyard she is talking to him about nominations and asks if there is some type of agreement that they can come to. Jenn says you have already nominated me so I hope its not me. Ian says that the nominations with be arbitrary, and that it will really come down to the POV. The way I figure it the HOH is the only one with immunity. Ian says that he is so glad that they (Dan, Danielle, Jenn and Shane) all got video messages. Ian says that he was happy that they all got a message because he has gotten the letters and stuff. Ian and Jenn hug.
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Ian says unless Pandora’s box is a really attractive girl or a large sum of money I am not opening that s**t!

10am – 11am Ian is called to the diary room. Jenn is sitting out on the backyard couch in silence. Ian joins Jenn out in the backyard. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to tell the house guests that they are on a out door lock down. When the feeds come back, Ian tells Jenn that unless Pandora’s box is a really attractive girl or a large sum of money I am not opening that shit! I don’t want what happened last time. Dan joins them outside. Jenn heads inside to grab something before the lockdown. Dan asks Ian if he is ready for a PB? Ian says unless it’s Kristen Bitting, Annie, or a large sum of cash I am not opening that s**t. I don’t care if I’ts my brother I am not opening it. If it’s a celebrity or something I will open it because I recon you guys will get to meet him and I will let you guys do that. Dan says it’s a pool day. Ian says yes it is, provided they don’t pull some PB bulls**t, if they close the pool due to that…

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Shane tells Danielle if they are both on the block and he wins the POV he will remove her, I owe you.

1:35am After Ian gets his HOH room. When they are alone Dan tells Ian that he thinks the nominations should be Jenn and Shane. Ian says that he agrees, and says that’s what he was going to do. Dan tells Ian how to explain choices for nominations. Dan comes down from the HOH room and heads into the bathroom where Danielle and Jenn are getting ready for bed. Dan asks Danielle if she is done for the night with diary room sessions. Danielle tells him yes, and says that she even did her goodbye messages. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Danielle is washing her face. Jenn starts joking with her about her huge zit. Ian comes down from the HOH to get more of his things to take backup to the HOH room. Ian says that he wants them to open up the yard so that he can use a swing. He says that he has been pacing up in the HOH room for a while now. Dan, Jenn and Danielle start talking about the HOH competition. They compare their answers for the how many minutes Jodi was in the house for before she was evicted.

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Shane misses Kara hopes she’s watching the show, Ian “She’s curled up in bed watching with Boogie”

11:06pm ian and Shane
Shane: “This is your 3rd HOH but it’s only your second one with a HOH room”
Ian leaves
Jenn waddles in ‘What a Sh!t tastic day for me”
Shane: “I hope i’m not up against you our Dani.. Who knows”
Jenn :”Who knows what’s going on in his mind”
Ian joins them.
Shane asks Ian what final 4 HOH is all about. Ian explains that the final 4 HOH means nothing all if gives you is safety the POV winner holds the power to evict. Ian adds that the final 4 HOH is usually a crap shoot.
Shane says they all beat some of the best players in the game like Janielle and Boogie.

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Big Brother 14 Final 5 HOH Winner

10:04pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle
Shane is mad says that Ian is going to put up Jenn and either Danielle or Shane. Danielle asks Shane who he was going to vote for if the nominations stayed the same during the double eviction. Shane says he would have voted to evict Ian.

Shane is saying that he has to keep the final 3 with Dan no matter what. Shane “He’s got 3 HOH and 2 POV’s now.. he’ll win against us in the final 2” Danielle: “I know I know”. Danielle asks him if Ian has mad a deal with Shane. Shane says no. Danielle hasn’t talked any deals with Ian.

Shane: ‘If Jenn wins POV I’m going home”

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Dan tells the Quack Pack, thank you for trusting me. Ian says one of us is winning $500,000!

7:05pm When the live feeds come back, Ian is in the arcade room with Danielle. He hugs her and tells her that one of us just won a half million dollars. Shane and Ian are talking by the kitchen. Shane says it happened exactly how we wanted it to. Shane wonders if the HOH competition will be tonight. Ian says he hopes it’s like the one Dan had in his season, the one where you have to answer the days of the events in the house.

7:10pm Shane goes to talk to Dan in the kicks room and he says thanks for not putting him up. Shane says I appreciate it. Dan asks Shane not to tell anyone about their alliance. Shane says that he won’t tell anyone. Ian comes in and Shane leaves. Dan tells Ian that they need to vote Shane out. Dan says that he will lock Danielle in a room for 24 hours just to get her to vote out Shane.

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We want to know what questions YOU have for Dan Gheesling’s Wife Chelsea!

One of our loyal OBB fans, Corey will be doing an exclusive interview with Dan Gheesling’s wife Chelsea this monday and we want you to send us your questions. As you all know Dan won Big Brother 10 and a couple years later after meeting Chelsea he proposed to her at a high school foot ball game. If you are as curious about Dan Gheesling as we are and want to ask his wife Chelsea questions about him or the reasons behind the moves he has made in the game, then leave your questions below in the comments.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers Dead Man Walking.. Double Eviction TONIGHT!

1:10pm – 2pm Big Brother ends the HOH lock down. All the house guests collect their things and head down stairs. Joe asks Shane in the kitchen if everything is all good? Shane says everything is good with me. Frank, Shane, Joe, Jenn and Danielle are in the bathroom getting ready for the live show tonight. Jenn is dying her hair. Ian and Dan are sitting at the kitchen table. Ian says not many keys left, remember how many people there were just a week ago? Dan asks Ian if Boogie and Ashley were evicted day 48? Britney day 55? Wil day 41? Ian says yeah. Dan says okay. Shane is playing cards, Dan is vacuuming.

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