We want to know what questions YOU have for Dan Gheesling’s Wife Chelsea!


One of our loyal OBB fans, Corey will be doing an exclusive interview with Dan Gheesling’s wife Chelsea this monday and we want you to send us your questions. As you all know Dan won Big Brother 10 and a couple years later after meeting Chelsea he proposed to her at a high school foot ball game. If you are as curious about Dan Gheesling as we are and want to ask his wife Chelsea questions about him or the reasons behind the moves he has made in the game, then leave your questions below in the comments.

After lying low for weeks to avoid becoming a target, we are finally seeing the true Dan Gheesling playing the game. Since the beginning Britney tried to warn the others of Dan’s “misting” abilities and not until this last week have we really seen the true misting powers that Dan is able to use on the other house guests to manipulate them into doing what benefits his game. Dan’s ability to make the moves that ultimately benefit him are due to his ability to think several moves ahead in the game.

Dan has an alliance with the Quack Pack (Himself, Danielle, Ian and Shane). He has also made fake alliance with Frank & Jenn. Unbenounced to the other house guests Dan has made final two deals with Danielle, Shane, Ian, Frank, and Jenn. Dan’s true alliegance lies with Danielle whom he has sworn to take her to the end, never put her up and never back door her.

Just over a week ago, Dan was almost considered to be another victim of the game but after his “funeral” he managed to miraculously save himself from the block. Only time will tell if Dan is able to secure his standing in the finale as one of the final two house guests left standing.

Start thinking up all the questions you have been dying to ask and leave them in the comment box below. Once everyone has submitted their questions we will forward them on to Corey to ask Chelsea. We will post the exclusive interview shortly after it is conducted for everyone to hear the answers to a select number of the questions.

Lets keep the questions mature and respectful!

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After seeing how easily Dan can manipulate and lie, do you ever wonder if he does the same to you?


Stupid question…-_-. Obviously he’s not the same person he is in the house as he is outside.

There, just answered it for you. Next.


@ANON you are so right! its a game people, the thing with Dan is he is not playing it personal like that stupid Ian, that is why he will win this game, if they realized its only a game,, but noooooo! they play it likes personal, you can’t win this game that way ever!! ITS A GAME!!!!


I really like Dan as a player and i definitely think he should win, but he has done stuff that truly does show his colors. He swore on the Holy Bible, Chelsea, and his grandfather that he would stick with Frank final two. He shouldn’t have done that in the first place, he didnt NEED to swear on thowse things. Just a simple “im not BSing you”. Normally i wouldn’t care but Dan is known for being a heavy christian so I feel a little mad at Dan for doing that/
Still, he definitely deserves to win the game. The dude is a genius.


To envoke God’s name by putting your hand on the Bible for your own lying ass, to me is crossing the line. It show’s me that he is not a true christian and hides behind the Bible for his own advantage. It’s people like him that go around holding the Bible as a ‘prop’ pretending that he is a man of God is truly sickening. But this shows the true Dan that hinders evil. He definitely has a dark side. I know it’s a game, but he crossed the line and showed what a low life he really is. If I was his wife I would be pissed for him offering me up for redemption to God. Paybacks are a bitch so when God comes a calling, I hope he is ready.


I wouldn’t trust my children around him. I have to wonder if he has other deviant tendencies. I wouldn’t want him to coach my kids because he is not trusting. Look at what happened in Penn State the college football coach perversion that was allowed for years. Dan has the same tendencies. Trusting, deceitful, conniving and pretending to be a Bible Boy holding the Bible as a ‘prop’. I see an upcoming Jerry Sandusky.


Was being an a$$hole really necessary? If somebody is capable of being that way in the house they’re sure as hell capable of doing it outside of the house too…ever hear people say “I never thought he would do that, he was always such a nice guy….” If I saw somebody lying without blinking an eye it wold make me wonder. Geez, it’s my question, I can ask what I want, idiot.

Getting bored

Paulie I agree with you. I commented the same thing on another thread. He lies way to easily and yes I know this is a game and it is what he is doing to win and its not personal yada yada yada. I am sure that Dan is way different at home with his family but imo somewhere inside them a person has to have that deviousness to be able to pull off what he is so I think Paulie has a valid question. He is a great manipulated and hell if he did lie to her she probably would never find out.


That is like saying every poker player is lies, cheats, manipulates and misleads in real life.


It’s not obvious to me that he’s a “different” person outside the house. In fact, I think that whole argument is a cop out. People don’t just flip a switch and become someone different when they play a game. For someone who touts his Catholicism (a sin in itself) to walk into a room and, with the knowledge he was going to lie when he did it, put his hand on a bible, swear on his wedding ring and his grandfather and whatever else is who that person is. You don’t just stop doing that when you leave the house. That’s who you are.


I agree


I agree! If you have that conniving, manipulative “way”, it’s in you to use at your disposal. I have often thought this summer if I was his wife I would fear getting on his bad side.
I also find it it/him sad because it gives Christians a bad name. It makes it look ok to read your bible, be catholic, have moral values and yet it is ok to be evil, manipulate, lie, swear to an oath like God doesn’t hear it?!, sweet talk Danielle’s emotionss for his own good LIKE A master mind. He sends the message that money TRUMPS ALL. It’s a game but he has a creepy! level of deception, even hiding candy from BB in his suitcase.
Some people think of life as a “game” “you only go around once” and Dan’s behavior is their normal outside of the home. Dog eat dog world.

It’s a fine line to survive in BB with integrity but he goes too far to the dark side. It is uncomfortable to even watch his depth of conniving.


True, this is just a game but the skill to lie convincingly is the same as the skill to throw a ball or solve a puzzle, you will use it to help get the results you want whether in a game or your personal life. No way Dan doesn’t mist in real life, that’s like saying Shane doesn’t work out and Danielle doesn’t look in the mirror.


good question! But i think he is a good guy and won last time not playing this way. I understand him trying to keep him self safe but why all the sudden did he start straight out lying to people? Personally think he should have teamed up with frank once he seen what a good player he was going to be but never make a final 2 deal with him because frank should win between the two he seems to have played a more honest loyal game and still kicked ass the whole time.


Chelsea has a great man. Everything he is doing is to win the money for his family. He hasn’t flirted with ANY of the girls. You can tell he is a stand up guy and super smart to figure out how to keep going in this game! He’s a keeper Chelsea.


B U L L S H I T !
Is this you, DANIELLE?


I’m sure he does. No one an tell me they are just like this for a game.

Frank's jacked up hair

I would like to know if Chelsea believes Danielle is a nut job and how she feels about Dan’s alliance with her.


i’d like to find out what she thinks of his alliance with danielle and if there is some real loyalty there


So sorry you married a catholic school teacher because it appears he’s a professional liar. Does he lie and manipulate you?

Midwest Middie

That was going to be my question too, however we, both, know that it will NEVER be asked.
: )

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Chelsea, How can you watch this knowing all the lies that have occurred and will have to continue to occur (by and against) someone that you know to win a game like this?


Hi Chelsea,
I have a lot of respect for Dan and his gaming abilities. I truly think he will be remembered for many years as the best player in BB history. He will probably be asked to be on other game shows in the future. They may even build a game show around him, something like Can You Beat Dan In??? I have 2 questions;
1. Would you ever consider going on The Amazing Race with your hubby Dan?
2. Since Dan has been in the house are you un-misted and thinking clearly??? (joking)
Thank you for answering our questions….
LeeAnn Rigby
Highland, CA

Jolene olsbo

After seeing how good Dan is at lying are you worried that he may have lied to you about anything?


after play


Has your husband ever explained why he floats from power to power and acts as if there is a huge difference between his game and Shelly’s game from BB13? Just wondering.


What show are you watching?


Cosign this question.


Chelsea: You are a very lucky woman. I am 62 years old and with all my life experiences I can say that you have a good man. Take care of each other and llive a long and happy life together.


Is it hard to deal with some of the hateful remarks towards Dan, on the internet?

Midwest Middie

“No. I’m proud of my Dan and as long as he wins I don’t care how rotten he is to others. The bottom line is $$$$$$$$$$$$$.”


First of all,we think Dan has played a masterful game this season,and should be commended.With that being said,are you OK with his”Do and say WHATEVER to win the game” approach so as to give you a better life?


Oh my dear LORD she is f**king beautiful.


yeah she is pretty! You go girl. Dan seems like a awesome guy, hes all about his woman.,


What do you think about Danielle? As a player and in general.


How do you feel about the way your husband is playing the game?

What is your opinion of him swearing on the Bible, your marriage and his grandma’s necklace, given that this issue has divided commenters?


Will you see to it that Dan will go to confession asap, and not miss Mass in the weeks ahead because of his words in the BB house?


When did u first know dan was the one u wanted 2 spend the rest of ur life with?

Midwest Middie

When I realized he was a man with integrity and would never lie to me or anyone else.”

Honey Dew Boo Boo Child

Chelsea: How do you feel about Dan (handling) and freezing such an intimate item as Danielle’s panties?


If there was to be an All-Stars would you like him to come back for a third shot, assuming he doesn’t win this time round?

What do you think of his alliance with Danielle?


I read an article where it quoted his wife as saying “Do what ever you have to, to win”.

Brendan K

Obviously, you support Dan through thick and thin because you are his loving wife. However, has anything happened this season that Dan did or said that made you at least cringe a little? 😉

Brendan from NY


You did not know Dan when he played BB for the first time. Has watching him play the game been easier or harder than you expected?
If you were Dan’s BB coach, what would you change about his game?


I would love? to see Dan/Chelsea on Amazing Race.


Had Dan anticipated the coaches becoming players this season prior to entering the Big Brother house?


Chelsea, did you see Dan’s first season? Do you think he played a better game then or now and why?

VA Vet

When the show is over, will you be inviting Danielle over for a weekend? May God have mercy on you if you say yes!


Haters be hating cos the HGSs they like aren’t as smart or as cunning as Dan. It’s amateur hour in house this year. Dan is running this joint.

Midwest Middie

Of course, everyone left there is an amateur; they’re BB newbies.
Dan, on the other hand, is a former Winner of the Game.
I wonder if all of Dan’s fans would feel the same way about him if they were one of the newbies on BB 14, especially
if he wins for the second time?
Just my opinion – I dislike mixing newbies with former BB contestants. Let the newbies play the game on their own
and bring the oldsters back for an All-Star BB.


Hi Chelsea:

When Dan something to the effect, “Last week I swore on EVERYTHING to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him …sorry, Frank I’m going to join my former team (Quack Pack) because I like them better”.

Do you find it appalling that your husband swore on EVERYTHING, then turned on the alliance he made with Frank because “he likes them (the Quack Pack) better”? Are his actions concerning to you?

Also, he claims that “It’s just a game”.

If he were required to become intimate with a female house guest on the show, would you be ok with it? According to Dan, “It’s just a game”.

Lastly, how do you think his Catholic school students (and their parents) perceive his actions (lying, backstabbing) all in the name of “It’s just a game”?

Thank you.



Nelson you are an idiot!! You have to lie in this game. Poker players lie, do they do it in their real life? You are just mad that your boy (Frank) was an idiot. Dan had to play differently from the last time. Why is he the only Coach left? He changed his game. Dan and Danielle to the finals!!!!!!!

Chilltown 2.0

Do you think it would have been a better move to stay with the quack pack or to join allegiance with Frank and Jen?
What do you think of Dan swearing allegiance to Frank on his wedding ring? Do you think that was going to far or was it a wise move?
What would you do differently than Dan?


Hey guys, it’s Corey – I will be doing the interview monday. Leave your name with your question if you want me to read that as well.

NO DANIELLE QUESTIONS NEEDED. Believe me when I tell you I’ve got that covered, lol


Thanks Corey!


Hi. My questions are below:
1. Do you think it was wise for Dan to switch up his strategy and do you think he did it because his alliance had tossed him under the bus or because so many of the houseguests had seen his gameplay in Season 10?
2. Are you also a Big Brother fan?
3. Would you ever consider being a houseguest?


Chelsea, Will you let your children watch your father on BB? If so, how will you explain his swearing on the Bible, on your life, and his Grandfather?

If you don’t let them watch, does that mean you’re ashamed?


Sorry. THEIR father. Yes, you may say it was for the money. But, he already won half a mil. Bang.


Hi Corey.

I’m sure you have a ton of questions to ask the Bible preaching sham. What price * sheckles of silver*? I’m not particulrly religeous, but I find Dan despicable.

He’s already won, but greed is his first name. Personally, I think if Chelsea is on board with Dan’s actions, she’s bought and paid for.


oops, sorry for the double post. Didn’t think it went through the first time.


So what if he won again, who cares? Everyone is ‘greedy’ because they all want the money, they’re not there to make friends and socialize and love each other, they’re there to come out 1/2 a million dollars richer.
Dan is not the only one playing for money.
And if they asked the other houseguests to come back to play again they’d say yes in a heartbeat, and that’s not greed.


Like others have posted, what is her thoughts on Danelle?


If given the opportunity, would she do Big Brother?


What does she think about him plying around with other women panties?


I would like to know if Dan prepared Chelsea ahead of time(so she wouldn’t be jealous) for what might happen or what she might see on the show…like hugging the other HouseGuests or lying on a bed with them or just lies he might tell in general.

Ava, Ontario


Have you ever seen Dan do or say anything in the game that made you cringe or embarrassed? If so, what was it?


Hey guys, Corey here. I’ll be doing the interview Monday, it will be posted shortly after. I will say though


BELIEVE me when I tell you that I have the Delusionelle topic covered 🙂


Is there anything that Dan has said or done on BB that has surprised, angered or embarrassed you? IF SO, what?

Kevin Godwin

What do you think of Dan and Danielle’s relationship? ( father daughter/ mentor).
Who do you think, or hope Dan takes to the final two?
Who are your favorite hgs left in order? How about of the departed hgs?
Is there anything Dan can do to upset you in this game? (the swearing on bible, people and things).
Do you think you and Dan will keep in touch with any of the hgs after the game?
Do you think Dan has any allegiance to anyone in the game other than himself?
Will Dan backstab anyone in this game?

Go Blue! Go Dan!

I would like to know the following:

1. Do you think Dan was initially upset with Danielle before the funeral? I thinks so, I believe the funeral was a ploy but I think Dan was a little upset with Dani and the QP because they gave up on him to quick.

2. How do you think Dan will view Dani after he sees the entire show? Do you think he will help her with her self esteem? I hope so.

3 Would Dan ever be friends with someone like Frank?

4. Is Dan a U of M fan? Go Blue!

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Hi Corey if my questions are chosen my name is CC from Farmington Hills, MI


OT: that’s the most hilarious picture of Dan that I’ve ever seen. LMAO! Nice pause for the screen cap 🙂


Is seeing your husband lie and cheat while swearing on YOUR life, YOUR marriage and the BIBLE worth the money you’ll get. Remember that ill gotten gains aren’t currency that you can use to buy happiness.


Chelsea: My husband is competing for money not happiness, so yes it’s worth it to lie and backstab coz the last time I checked the prize was 500k not happiness, and if he wins that money will buy things that can be bought with it. We’ll take care of the happiness ourselves.


It would appear that Dans wife has the same values as Dan. I hope he does make it to the final two….they’ll never give him the $500,000. He’s made too many enemies in the house!

Cajun Lady

Ask Chelsey “What did you think at first when you saw Dan giving his own funeral”?


I’m wondering if Dan is this genius outside the BB house. Who plans their own funeral to save themselves and it works!!!?? Dan’s my BB Yoda! 😉


I’ve listened to several interviews with Chelsea, so I wanted to ask some questions (off the wall as they may be) that no one else has asked yet:

1) What are some of Dan’s favourite foods? What are some foods he will not touch?

2) Other then Big Brother, what T.V. shows does he like to watch?

3) What is his favourite holiday? (I ask this because I’ve seen the little kid in him come out lately, so I can only imagine what he’s like at Christmas.)

quack-pack fan

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for answering questions from BB fans about your husband. For the most part Dan is a fan favorite because he is amazing to watch and he shares his strategy with those of us behind the camera (on occasion).

My question is – as you watch Dan this season – can you identify the moments you are most proud of him? Are there any moments/moves which you need to look away?

You no doubt are watching Dan the BB player vs. Dan your husband and are able to separate the two.

Best of luck and happiness to you both in the years ahead.


my question for Chelsea, if BB ever did a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend season would you be interested if Dan was invited.



Do you have any problem with Dan swearing on the bible and on you, to get farther in a game? Is Dan a closet atheist?


Aren’t you ashamed of Dan swearing on a bible? Obviously God


LMFAO @ the questions, sadly ppl probably won’t think maybe she knew how he would play the game.

Gator girl

Dan is able to control Dani and to an extent the other houseguest left in the house. How is he with his football players? Do they win most of their games?