Big Brother 14 Spoilers Dead Man Walking.. Double Eviction TONIGHT!

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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1:10pm – 2pm Big Brother ends the HOH lock down. All the house guests collect their things and head down stairs. Joe asks Shane in the kitchen if everything is all good? Shane says everything is good with me. Frank, Shane, Joe, Jenn and Danielle are in the bathroom getting ready for the live show tonight. Jenn is dying her hair. Ian and Dan are sitting at the kitchen table. Ian says not many keys left, remember how many people there were just a week ago? Dan asks Ian if Boogie and Ashley were evicted day 48? Britney day 55? Wil day 41? Ian says yeah. Dan says okay. Shane is playing cards. Dan is vacuuming. The others are eating and getting ready for the live show tonight.



2:25pm – 2:40pm Dan is in the arcade room staring at the wall. Shane is in the bathroom talking about his nipples burning from the wax. Danielle is talking about her zit, she says it’s a crater, no it didn’t cave in, it went out like a unicorn horn. Shane and Jenn talk about pierced nipples. Jenn says that hers are pierced. Shane says that his sister had one of hers done. He says she showed me .. then he says just kidding. Frank joins them and talks about how he managed to pack up all his stuff including all the costumes. Shane says you bastard you got one from every POV except for the last one. Frank says yeah. They talk about selling them on ebay when they’re done.
Joe comes in and washes the colouring off his soul patch. Shane says whoa Sarah’s going to love that between her legs! Danielle says wow.. you just took it to a whole new level. Joe says well she does love it.


2:50pm – 3:10pm Dan and Frank are talking in the arcade room about past competitions. Dan says that he doesn’t mind sitting out endurance competitions. Dan and Frank start talking about Big Brother 13. They then talk about what competitions they still have to come. Meanwhile out in the kitchen Shane and Joe are talking about how Danielle was upset last night. Shane says that he is a lot nicer out side the house but he just doesn’t want to mess up his game. Joe says that he knows Shane and Danielle will be friends outside the hosue but that they will need to go on some real, real dates to figure out if he really likes her. Shane, Joe and Ian talk about hanging out after the show ends.


3:15pm TRIVIA..

4:25pm – 4:45pmThe live feeds come back from TRIVIA. All the house guests are still getting ready for the live show tonight. Shane has a short conversation with Dan in the kicks bedroom. Shane asks Dan if it is a Double Eviction tonight are we nominating Joe and Jenn? Dan says yeah. Shane then goes and talks to Ian and tells him the same thing so that they have a consensus.


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Gator girl

Poor Frank is in a snake pit. Hopefully Frank and Ian will see each other tomorrow at the jury house.


Totally agree – would LOVE for Ian or Dan to be evicted right after Frank – but probably won’t happen. It’ll probably be Jenn unfortunately.


I hope is Dani, I’m sick of her feeling sorry for herself. She’s pitiful when it come to her felling herself. She needs to go with Frank.


I hope to GOD that Dan gets evicted right after Frank tonight. His backstabbing game is getting old. I don’t consider Dan a great BB player at all because of this. It doesn’t require magical skill to stab someone in the back.

Anyone can backstab in this game; but Dan is the ONLY player in BB history who chooses to make an art form out of it while placing his hand on the Bible.

What a pathetic excuse for a human being!


Wow, EVERYONE who walks into the BB house KNOWS that this is the ONLY way to win this game. Dan hasn’t done anything worse than anyone else has and how do you know it’s a real Bible anyway, maybe it’s just a copy of Moby Dick!!! <3 <3 <3 ;-)


He swore to tell the truth about Ian, NOT final 2 with Frank.


Here’s my issue on “Father” Dan and how he represents himself. I always find it less than comforting when those who call themselves ‘good’ Christians or that they live by the Bible, or are guided by God…or some form of this; then turn around and are able to find some justification for doing what even they perceive as not Christian behavior.

In this case, as I recall it, “Father” Dan swore on the Bible, his wedding ring (thus his wife & the sanctity of their marriage) and his Grandfather (via the chain & cross he had given him). The words were something like: “Everything I’m about to say to you is the God’s honesty truth, I swear on…”

So even if one wants some major wiggle room to say: “Oh, that was just when he was recounting events” I say NO WAY. You don’t go into something like that and give another one perception and then think you can pull the plug halfway thru your discussion. To do so is disingenuous and basically a bold face lie that soils all you have sworn upon. Frank even said: “Don’t Bullshit me” and also asked if “Father” Dan was doing so. Here I’m not perfectly clear on the response but I believe it to be: “I swear to you” Which to me doubles down on the swearing on the Bible, his wife & grandfather. If he had left the room and come back then I could certainly say all bets are off (no longer would such an oath carry over). This is why when you testify in court and your testimony goes into the next day the judge either reminds you that you are still under oath or re-administers it. I don’t believe that when you’ve been sworn in you can start lying as soon as the cross examination begins…and you don’t have to be a ‘good’ Christian to know that.

Let’s look at it all from a hypothetical. Let’s say instead of “Father” Dan it was ?Jenn? that was trying to make a point. Then let’s say that she wanted to be believed and so she said: “I need you to believe me and to do so I need to come clean to you about my lifestyle…I’m not really a lesbian, I don’t like their lifestyle, I don’t believe in gay marriage and I think that what they do with their lives is not only a sin but totally disgusting…I’m SO SO sorry I even made myself out as such” Then when asked later in the conversation if she’s telling the truth about something she reiterates that she has bared her sole and should be trusted.

Now when September has passed and ?Jenn? returns home from BB to Brooklyn do you think everyone in the gay & lesbian community will look upon her as one they can trust, one they admire, one they’d wish to emulate? Will she get smiles and kudos for her actions? Does she get to go on with her life with not even a whisper nor and turned up eyebrow? I’d think not.

And as such “Father” Dan shouldn’t get a free pass either. Here is a teacher in a Catholic School, molding the hearts and minds of impressionable children and using the tools of religion and his honor; ultimately for his financial gain (or attempt at it). We all know he’s in a game, but as a parent of one of his students or players, or as a fellow facility member in a religious institution, or as a clergy member with whom he associates; one would have to wonder where his devotion lies (no pun intended). Let’s face it, he’s already been called Judas twice by two separate people in the BB house, how will he justify all these actions to his students, players, their parents, his contemporaries, his wife (she’ll probably give him a half a million reasons why it’s OK) and all those in his congregation upon his return home. Let’s not forget that some of those kids may not even question him on it, but rather act and then justify it to themselves as: “That’s how “Father” Dan would do it” never even having the conversation that would possibly set them right.

Bottom line, actions speak louder than words and so far “Father” Dan’s actions would not likely garner him sainthood from the church he expounds to cherish so highly.

Play the game how you want…lie, cheat, connive, be cunning, even be a snake. Just don’t do it in God’s name, on two levels: hiding behind it so others will believe (unless that truly is how ‘Good Christians’ are supposed to, and actually do act). Or use it as others have said here; as absolution.

The actions of ‘Father Dan’ have set back the whole notion of a ‘Good Christian’ by two thousand and twelve years. It’s these types of actions: “in the name of the Lord,” that put Jesus on that cross and were also the justification of The Crusades.

But hey…a win’s a win, and the ends justify the means. So why worry if ‘Good Christians’ get soiled in the process.

I don’t have a problem with the backstabbing or the lying, it’s all part of the game. But it seem he nailed himself on this one when we hear his own words again.

I am fully aware that the CBS Sunday & Wednesday show openings were a re-edit of the order in which Dan made comments; so it looked like all his swearing was in direct response to Frank’s questioning Dan’s allegiance to him. Most of us also know all those clips did come from one 30 minutes conversation. So it might be fair to call bullsh*t on CBS, even chastising them for putting Dan in a poor light.

But when about 20 minutes into the Sunday CBS telecast Dan says the following in the DR:

“Last week I swore on EVERYTHING to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him …sorry Frank I’m going to join my former team because I like them better.”

The emphasis on EVERYTHING came from Dan’s voice and we have all debated if that ‘swearing’ was just about ratting out Ian or his whole conversation. Looks like in Dan’s mind, which is where it really matters, it was EVERYTHING (on the Bible, his wedding ring: thus his wife & the sanctity of their marriage and his Grandfather: via the chain & cross he had given him) on which he swore and it covered everything including his allegiance to Frank.

Other’s have said that Dan has a tendency to keep his mouth shut and let others draw there own conclusion. But that wasn’t the case here. Here he used the Lord, his marriage and the dead. Some would argue which of those is more despicable than another, but it seems that the one that has drawn the most ire is his use of the Bible for his financial (attempted) gain.

A lot of people say: “It’s just a game” and that indeed is true. Others see it as a large financial payout, which they claim would cause many of us to do anything to succeed.

I’m just not sure that anyone that holds their faith very dear appreciates the use of the Bible as a tool to win a cash prize. Add to that Dan’s career of coaching and teaching high school students at a religious institution; and you’d think he’d be wiser than to use such a tactic.

Then he compounds it by breaking that oath with: “sorry Frank I’m going to join my former team because I like them better.” That’s the justification for throwing out all he swore upon…”I like them better” Wow, who’d have thought that’s how simple it is to dump a Bible swear. A very interesting take on what religious ethics mean to Dan. Looks like the only Hail Marys that Dan concerns himself with are those from the sports world of a wing and a prayer. So if I get this right then and throwing out a Bible swear can be done with a “I like them better” I would where a marriage vow fits in….will “like them better’ be a way out there too, better watch out Chelsea

Nice way to sully religion…even if you are just one man Dan.

P.S. Love to see you (Dan) make it to the final 3 with Ian and Danielle (two of your other proclaimed final two deals) only to see them both leave you standing in the cold. But I’m sure you’re thinking that would be a cold day in Hell, and maybe you’re only destined for hotter ones.


he’s not christian he is catholic. and it is a game. there are no rules saying he can’t swear on the bible. these people are dumb for believing him



I swear people take this game and things they do more seriously every season.


Christian and catholic are the same thing. A Christian is just anyone who believes in Christ. It encompasses many religions.


So what religion are you and which ones do you consider Christian? I bet your religion is the only Christian one, right? You have no idea what a true Christian is.


There is no true religion, they all are frauds and they all are filled with histories of crimes and scandals. It’s how you live your life and treat people that matters to God.


When you point your finger at someone, there are 3 pointing back at you.. .

Deep Thoughts

Okay take a breath… Whoooh! Did you leave anything out of that windy Thesis?


I may have…but brevity has never been my strong suit.

Tucker T

OMG/WTF~ Do you feel better now? My essays for school aren’t even that long. Maybe Dan has been saying extra long prayers at night and has asked for forgiveness already? It’s just a game…..


I know anyone left would love to take Dan to the final, no one will vote to give Dan the money, he has screwed everyone who stood in his way.



You hit the nail on the head with this one. His words, “…because I like them better”. He swore on the Bible! This guy is terrible. It bothers me that he teaches at a Catholic school and uses religion as a tool to gain material things, while lying in the process.

I’m thinking about sending his Bishop a letter.

He says “It’s just a game”. For the sake of argument, if saving himself required him to make-out (or have sex) with a female on the show, would he? Why not?

It’s just a game, isn’t Dan? What would Chelsea think?

Tucker T

Nelson~ So, Catholics never lie? Priests, Decons, etc, etc? Wow, news to me.


Who is arguing that Catholics never lie? Catholics, Muslims, Atheists, Teachers, Presidents all lie. What’s your point?

The main argument has to do with Dan using religion as a tool to deceive and lie. He’s a Catholic school teacher who should be teaching his students good morals. Then, he said that he swore on EVERYTHING in the DR room but then says he’s going with the Quack Pack alliance because “he likes them better”..

How do you explain that?

What is saving himself required that he get intimate with a female on the show? Would that be okay?

Let me guess what your answer will be:
Nelson – don’t Catholics cheat on their wives?

Are you capable of responding with an intelligent answer?

MU Tigers

Are you God, Nelson? If not, Dan’s actions are between him and God. They have NOTHING to do with you. He can go to confession after he gets out of the house. Get off your high horse, his actions don’t interfere with your faith in any way. So you don’t like, whom are you to judge another person and their faith. You are coming across as a spoiled brat that wants to lash out at him for voting out your fav HG. Which he hasn’t done yet, BTW. If you follow through on your threats, I hope God judges you as harshly as you do to your fellow man.



Did I claim to be God? NO!

We are discussing a specific aspect of Dan’s game; not weather or not God will forgive him for his actions. It has NOTHING to do with interfering with my faith. My faith has NOTHING to do with Dan and this game. I never claimed that it did.

You’re obviously upset because I’m calling Dan out for using religion as a tool to get what he wants, even if it means lying and swearing on the bible. You’re okay with it. Some of us find it concerning.

I wonder what Dan’s students think of his actions? I wonder if they think it will be ok to lie to someone because hey, “it’s only a game”. It means nothing. It’s only a game. Lie. Cheat. Stab people in the back. It’s only a game.


MU Tigers

I don’t care that you are calling him out on it. My point is that you want to write to his bishop. Where in the bible does it say for you to judge your fellow man? So why do you feel the need to try to interfere with Dan’s job? I actually think it’s pathetic that you feel the need to take action.


Okay thats low. It is just a game but that doesn’t mean you throw all your morals out. Also Dan swore that what he was saying about the quack pack was true, not that he wasn’t going to vote Frank out.


Does this address your concern / comment?

I am fully aware that the CBS Sunday show opening was a re-edit of the order in which Dan made comments; so it looked like all his swearing was in direct response to Frank’s questioning Dan’s allegiance to him. Most of us also know all those clips did come from one 30 minutes conversation. So it might be fair to call bullsh*t on CBS, even chastising them for putting Dan in a poor light.

But when about 20 minutes into the Sunday CBS telecast Dan says the following in the DR:

“Last week I swore on EVERYTHING to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him …sorry Frank I’m going to join my former team because I like them better.”

The emphasis on EVERYTHING came from Dan’s voice and we have all debated if that ‘swearing’ was just about ratting out Ian or his whole conversation. Looks like in Dan’s mind, which is where it really matters, it was EVERYTHING (on the Bible, his wedding ring: thus his wife & the sanctity of their marriage and his Grandfather: via the chain & cross he had given him) on which he swore and it covered everything including his allegiance to Frank.


And what beams have you in your eye? You are so perfect that you can take the motes from Dan’s eyes?


Speak in your neighbors eye, and plank in your own eye!!


This is how Mike Boogie won All Stars. I think if Dan makes it to final 2 you have to take a serious look at how he got there. He out played everyone so far.

Team Frank

Let’s all act like pathetic losers and write letters to try and hurt someone’s real life over a game show. We have no lives, so let’s ruin someone elses. Nelson’s on board. Heck, he’s ready to write a letter to his Bishop. Way to show us all how pathetic you can be. I hope the rest of us can live up to your example. Wow, get a life of your own rather than worry about what someone did on a game show. He hasn’t even voted againist Frank yet. Sure that you hear this from the ladies, but your a bit premature here pal.


Gosh – Jenn was taken off the block via Dan and he hasn’t voted yet to send Saint Frank to the jury… He just might keep his word…




Your response was waaaaaaaaaaaay too long for me to actually read, but its length has me worried for your sanity. Get a life.


Thank you! I’ve been telling this person to take a mental evaluation and get some help all along because obviously this is a game show with 500k and OMG/WTF needs to calm the hell down.


If you find it too long for you to read, please feel free to pass it by, no worries. This is just an entertainment site and I know I’m entertained by most; long, short & indifferent.


So, what you’re telling us is that you are unaffected by Dan’s misting powers? Wow, you should be playing. TPH4L!

dan the man

I’m so tired of everyone complaining about Dan yea he swore on the bible and his marriage and at that time he meant it but people change their mind so what. Catholics,Chirstian,jews are not perfect and they lie and cheat and do other stuff other people do we are human just like everybody else the only thing is we admit out faults and ask for forgiveness. Even though the show might not show it Dan may feel bad about lying but realizes thats what he has to do everyone lies in big brother and about the teacher and coach thing he’ll tell them it was just a game and in order to make it far you have to lie which most people already know people are acting likke he’s teaching little kids he teaches highschool where they know the consequences of lying I could see if he was endorsing underage drinking or doing drugs but he’s not so calm down and just watch the show

The One Who Fertilizes Dreams

Okay – now I have to change my name from Dan is THE MAN. Yours is too close to that. Besides, I’m about to fertilize Frank’s dream so this name is more fitting.


I have to say FIRST of all that all the religious talk on this blog is ridiculous! People this is a flipping game…NOT church or the real world. Those that wish to condemn Dan for his “game” actions are completely misinformed about BB. Secondly, all the bashing of ALL the players in this game brings shame to the human race as a whole. All the ugly things said about Dani on EVERY blog are ridiculous, making fun of Ian on every occasion, dogging Britney and Wil beyond belief, making pure a$$ fun of Jenn City constantly, and NOW Dan???

People read your Bible…JESUS said, “Let those without sin, cast the first stone”… well, I guess there must be alot of perfect people in this world and they all read BB blogs. We should be rooting for our favorite, not bashing the rest of the cast! They are human beings, with families and friends, BUT this is a game!!!!! Those who have constantly bashed all these people should be happy to know that you quite possibly could have scarred one or all in some deep way when they get out and read this trash written about them! But after all….the people out here are perfect….I forgot!

I was not a Dan follower, I am a Janelle fan! Yes, I was upset when she left the show, but after all, it is just a game, so I dusted off my disappointed feelings and found another character to root for….now I am for Dan! And when I say character, that is exactly who they ALL are…. don’t forget they are being paid to win money while they entertain us!

Since the season is almost over we should be doing TWO things at this time….Thanking Simon and Dawg for all of their hard work to bring us the untold household truths and…..getting ready for Vampire Diaries to return!!!! GO DAMON!



Very well said!!!

MU Tigers

You will have to forgive my ignorance on the subject. But doesn’t the Catholic religion believe in confession and that you can be forgiven for your actions as long as you confess your sins? Or is swearing the bible excempt from such forgiveness?


I am a Christian and have been for close to 20 years. I do not have a problem with Dan swearing on his Bible because he did tell Frank the truth about Ian. None of the Quack Pack were standing up for him, so he made a move to save himself. That is what he was swearing to, NOT a final 2 alliance. Some Catholics are Christians, it depends if they are born again.The only thing I have issue with Dan is that in the DR when he said something about stabbing someone in the back and boosting too loudly about it. I also don’t like his cursing. His students are probably hearing it and the faculty he works with. It is a game and not a reflection of Dan outside the house.


I hope to GOD one day idiots would realize that it;s just a FUCKING GAME, and stop taking everything they do so fucking seriously…. I know it’ll never happen, but here’s to hope

defender dan

If I remember correctly, when Dan swore on the Bible he was swearing on it that he was telling the truth about the quack pack. He did not swear on it that he would take Frank to the final two. They made that agreement afterwards so why is everyone complaining so much about Dan and swearing on the Bible? Besides Frank is certainly willing to send Dan home so why shouldn’t Dan watch out for himself. This game is about self preservation and making it to the end so I feel he is playing amazingly well.


YES!!!!! well said

dan the man

WOOOOW really it’s just a stupid Game the fact that you said he’s an excuse for a human being it’s never been that serious. Name one person in bb history who hasn’t lied,talked smack behind someone’s back, or stabbed someone else in the back thats the name of the game if you try to play an honest game you’ll be voted out quick you don’t know what it takes to survive in that house so please quit being so judgmental and mad at dan for doing what everyone else does lie and stab people in the back.


Erm…he hasn’t backstabbed anyone. His one true alliance member is Danielle. Everyone else is secondary. It’s called a game.

Dark Horse

I hope Frank sees ? or Dani first…he seems the type that would not mind being surrounded with women.



Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I’m not going anywhere. I’m now the top dog in the BB house.

Oh wait, if Dan or Danielle or Shane or Jenn win HOH tonight, I might get nominated.

(while rocking on my hamock) No, no, no Dan and Shane and Joe will have my back. But, if that Danielle turns on me, then this BB house dog might just pee on her Orange dress before I leave for the jury house!


I don’t think they will let him just visit for the day :)

billie two trees

So glad Frank is going home tonight and hope the entire Quack Pack survives the second eviction. Want Ian and Dan as final two as they have both played the game and deserve to be final two!!!


Buh-bye Frankie. Not at all sad to see you leave. Your time is up. Say hi to Ashley for me.


I’m sure he’ll say Hi to Brittney, too! :-)


I’m sure Brit will be doing flips when he walk in the door.

I think Ian wants to be the next one in the jury house. My only reasoning behind this is that he wants to experience EVERYTHING about Big Brother and that’s the last thing he has not experienced. Well that, being on the block and campaigning. I hope he doesn’t get evicted tonight just so he can campaign to stay. I believe that would complete his whole BB time and make his life.

I says, I

I really hate all the people who threaten to stop watching when their favorite is evicted…but:

If Frank goes and then Dan gets popped in the second eviction, I’m done. It has nothing to do with favorites or hating anybody, rather it’s about deserving winners and those who can play the game. I just have no interest in watch Lloyd and Harry make their way to Aspen…uh..I mean watch the rest of the cast make their way to the finish line.


Dan knows this game. But I want Ian to go all the way. He is so into the game since he was 9 or 10 yrs old. He deserve to win the money, plus he can use it for school.


Maybe if you went back to school, you could take an English class to learn how to write and speak!


‘Deserving winners’ are the ones that avoid getting evicted. That’s the whole point of the game. Don’t get evicted.



Dark Horse

WOW were the feeds down that long?!

I hope I’m still poppin bottles tonight…in honor of Frank’s exit and DE.


You’ll be popping bottles and Danielle will be popping zits.


@Darkhorse.What happened on the feeds to make you think Frank won’t be evicted tonight?(you’ve made it clear that you will only pop bottles if Frank is evicted).So,what happend?


team powerhouse is dolling himself up for the live show, its his time to shine tonight!


is powerhouse changing his shirt for the big night?


LOL! I thought I was the only one who thought that! I even asked my husband if he thought he had a stash of them, or if he thought he wore the same one everyday (& maybe washed it at night?).

I hope to see Frank & Joe, Danielle, or Jen walk out the door tonight!


Let’s go Dan! Show these people who truly deserves to win this!



Here’s Dan’s playbook:

Stab everyone in the back.
Make Final 2 deals with everyone.


BB needs another Dr. WIll; not a mafia turncoat wannabee…


NOBODY else in the house is doing that very same thing, are they??????


If i remember right didn’t Dr. Wil Lie, stab people in the back, and promise people final two deals all season on all stars? Yes he did, and that’s how you play the game!


You, captain, and OMGWTF need a life. 100’s of posts attacking Dan’s family, religion, friends, and employers. You’re probably one of those lunatics that sends death threats? You’re taking this too far, dude. Some of you Frank fans have lost your mind, ridiculous anger issues. Writing 10 page speeches about Dan’s gameplay that apparently makes him a awful human being? Stfu dude. Dan is literally one of the greatest players to play this game. In my book, he and Dr. Will are pretty much tied after this season. Also, Dan is a good person outside the house. Everyone is. BECAUSE THIS A GAME. Taking everything freaking seriously, THIS ISN’T REAL LIFE. Big Brother is about lying,cheating, and backstabbing. If you want to watch an honest game then gtfo. If you’re not gonna watch after Frank is evicted do you think anyone cares? No.


omg this is the first post i see in a long time that doesn’t have a religious argument on it! i usually LOVE comments but i am so tired about hearing that dan is going to hell and is lying is a sin… and i’m catholic.

Danielle's Pathetic

Dan WILL burn in HELL.


Who died and made you God?

billie two trees

Dan won’t burn in hell but the rest of you self righteous hypocrites probably will. Get a Grip it is a GAME!! GO DAN!!


Fucking psycho’s all over the comments today. GET A LIFE. ITS A GAME. Dan’s a respectable, honest, and generous loved teacher, husband, brother, and son in real life. BECAUSE, unlike you he separates BB from his real life. He’s not going to hell because its a game and everyone will done anything to get richer. You’re just a fucking self-righteous hypocrite. GO DAN!

VA Vet

Actually, I haven’t watch BB on TV since right after Shane got screwed out of his HOH during the reset, save for the night Boogie got evicted. Looks like I’ll be tuning in tonight to see frank get the boot. Will also tune in if the bozo’s get their act together and show Dan the door.

I just can’t take watching these clowns. I’m not one to use vulgar language, but everyone in that house except Dan has their head up their a$$ At the very least, everyone in the house had to know that Dan made a deal with Jenn and Frank in order for the veto to be used and when Britney got evicted by a 4-1 vote everyone had to have known that Ian voted to save Britney. Therefore, Dan had to vote to save the house guest that was “dead to him”. DUH!!!!! You would think that the light would go on in at least one of their heads.

Dan might look like a genius, but as the saying goes, the easiest way to look brilliant is to surround yourself with a bunch of dummies.




All I know is that it was guaranteed Dan was out the door until that beautiful plan came into play and so began this ruthless turn of his gameplay. I have no doubt Shane is an actual idiot, but the rest of them just seem clueless and directionless most of the time, but I agree-Dan said in front of all of them at his funeral he needed to talk to Frank upstairs.

I was like, ‘Ummm…..guys?’

I guess that distraction with Dani sealed their non-suspicions.

Dan The Man and Ian The Boss FTW.


Does anyone know if the Obama thing tonight is going to interfere with what time the show is going to air on the west coast

Westside is the best side

Yep! It will push all the programming back a bit. So more than likely BB won’t be on until around 9:30ish (or possibly later) here on the west coast.


If it’s anything like last night,it will for sure,jmho

VA Vet

Convention coverage starts at 10 PM EST. You should be OK provided your local station doesn’t decide to start their coverage earlier.


Nope..big brother comes on at 9pm est time and Prez O will not talk until after 10pm est we are good for two great shows tonight.


I’m on the Oregon coast and it’s not scheduled to start until 10 tonight.


Thank you i’m in Oregon too so it’s probably the same for me

The One Who Fertilizes Dreams

I’m in Oregon, too. I’m starting a Dream Fertilizing business.

Shane is gay

No, I don’t think so.


Nope…Big brother is airing at 9pm est time, and the president is not to speak till after 10pm est time, so we are good for two great shows tonite.


That’s why I always tape the east feed lol.


West Coast peeps can watch it online — – works awesome! Sometime starts a few mins late – but it will work.

Another BB Fan

According to my newspaper the Orange County Register the Democractic National Convention starts at 7 pm and big broyher at 9 pm. (West Coast)

Yesterday I used the dvr and missed 15 mins, even tho I set it to record for a extra 15 minutes (now its set for and additional 45) so I ended up watching it on later in the night.

You can always watch at 6 pm (west coast) on

I wish I could record the east coast viewing but direct tv wont let me get east coast local channels.


I think it’s kind of suspicious the feeds were down so long first thing in the morning,and now the commercial is touting something unexpected happening tonight

Dan is THE MAN

FRANK – Consider your dream FERTILIZED!


Dawg, are you getting all 4 cams on your feeds?
I am only seeing CAM1, the other 3 and the quad screen just keep coming up black.


Thank you Dawg.
Was not sure if it was my system or not. Now I have CAMs 1, 3 and 4….hopefully all will be working well by tonight so I can watch the aftermath!
(I tried refresh, going to do a wash on cookies and such see if that helps some).


I have to say that tonights show will be the first time this year anticipation is setting in…Franks reaction should be good…Houseguests reaction to the”surprise” double live gonzo should be good…etc,etc…All in all,should be the best show of the season..BTW,I’m thinking,if you want to DVR it,you might wanna add at least an hour to your recording,due to the DNC coverage….Happy viewing,and…………….SAYONARA FRANK!!!!



The One Who Fertilizes Dreams



People are insane if they think Danielle is leaving the house. Everyone who’s in the running for HOH except for Joe basically will drag her to the finals. The only way she would possibly go up is if Joe wins HOH and that’s not happening. I’m pretty positive he’s not winning. So sorry for the PUPs but she will be here that much longer for you to hate on.


I think the unexpected tonight is the double eviction.

the one

hope so so we could get den out of this house the mist he just got got by me if i ws in the house i tell him get out time up the shit you do wn,t work on me


I think the English language needs to charge you with assault.


What language does this poster speak? Not the English version. How can He/She understand anything? I’m telementating the letter A, and spell check. ( I think his sentences are all red, with that, though.

However, thank goodness I can scroll. It’s the last post I’ll grind through.

Another BB Fan

Lets see if I can make this comment readable.

I hope so. So we can get Dan out of the house along with his “mist”. If I was in the house I would tell him, its time to get out. The sh!t you do will not work on me. (Dans mist)

The One Who Fertilizes Dreams

if you wrote in pig latin it would be easier for us to understand. Consider yourself misted.


Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!
Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.
I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance to Frank on his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank hand only to betray the value and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36 — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for this?! Oh wait .. I might get ‘misted’ ..


Someone posted on Twitter that Joe’s soul patch looked like he had a tampon in his mouth and has the string hanging out.

the one

i hope joe win hoh tonight get den out of here

The One Who Fertilizes Dreams

i hope the one lern englsh nd spek better thn writ


As a huge Dan fan, I would love to see Frank and Joe leave this evening.
Joe is the only one immune to the mist and as another commenter said earlier…Joe isn’t as dumb as others believe he is. He has been spot on with his observations (Eagle Eye!) and insights regarding Dan’s game play. Joe’s problem is he is a follower and not a leader.
It is too soon to send Ian out the door yet…between Final 2 and Quack Pack, it behooves Dan’s game to keep him at least another week.
At this point, Danielle is expendable and Shane is a bigger threat than Ian.
Jenn is the best F2 partner at this point…all of her “big moves” have been at the request/behest of others which anyone will be quick to point out during the jury question & answer.

Roisin Dubh

Dan’s Jedi tricks don’t work on the weak minded, that’s why Joe’s immune. I know Shane isn’t, still trying to figure that one out cuz that kid is about as sharp as a spoon.


I thought this too but I have been informed/realized that Dan never misted Joe! Joe is the only one in the house that Dan doesn’t have a deal with so I think Dan is just gambling on the fact that Joe never wins HOH lol

The One Who Fertilizes Dreams

That landing strip on PowerHouse’s chin makes him immune to my misting.


I’ve been distraught all week about tonights show. I may be in the minority but I love the hell out of Frank and reallllllyyyyyyyyy don’t want him to get booted. I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that there will be some twist and he’ll get the chance to play to stay, or America votes for him to stay etc. It might be a lost cause but a girl can dream, y’all! Also, seriously, if Dan gets the boot next, that house is going to be so damn boring. Ian, Danielle, Jenn, Shane and Joe…just aren’t exciting people and they’ve got about as much charisma as a carrot. Oivay.

I think the one thing that would make me happy at this point (aside from Frank sticking around!) would be Joe skipping the dye job on that disgusting slug on his chin and just shaving it off. Also someone put a sock in his mouth. And tell him to keep his hands out of his pants. And give him the damn boot.


I actually feel rather sorry for Frank right now. No question, he’s been desperate to be on the show, and to win. BUT, so have many others. It’s important to have social skills in this game because:

This game is 70% humiliation.

20% manipulation

10% elimination. ( of the right people)

However, Humiliation is the name of the game. And so, Frank should have been more humble. Instead of backing up Boogers outbursts, and intimidation, he should have distanced himself. Not joined in with the bullying.

I do think he could come back, on another BB, having learned. He would be a fierce competitor. But so far, he had been the death knell for his alliances. Or Boogers. Either way, Boogers and the loud, proud, bullying sycophant Frank, were an accident waiting to happen.

It was a fatal attraction. Without Boogers, Frank may have sailed throught to the end. Boogers was a terrible mentor. And, Frank..he should have lost the Booger’s T-shirts..and the Baby Brady one’s. Means he learned nothing. The only one who felt a bit sorry about Booger leaving was Ian. And, that’s because he looked up to Booger..BEFORE.

Ian and Joe and Shane, although not the most interesting, seem like winners. The others are just plain disgusting.

Relax peeps

Everyone talks about deserving players… Which one deserves it the most, who deserves to go out when… I think everyone has a different opinion of what makes someone “deserving”. At this point I don’t think any of them are. Let’s settle this whole season tonight with a dice roll, or how about “guess a number, closest wins”? Put everyone out of there misery, and BB can begin searching early for some better house guests for next season.


Don’t be surprised that when Frank is walking out the door he yells, oh, by the way, Dan and Danielle are working together the funeral was an act yo, Shane, you should of had my back yo. That is assuming he hasn’t told him already (which I pray he has, as it’s his last golden resort to save himself, but then again Shane’s so dumb he won’t believe him and continue to get duped)

Nicky Brand

I don’t think anyone would care. They’ve already accepted him back into the Quack Pack as if nothing ever happened. His mind control powers prevent anyone from ever holding anything against him. Everyone he shafted in Season 10 wound up voting for him.


Can we evict Obama now? lol


Nope, he’ll get 4 more years

Dan's part time bible

Two things for Frank to do tonight.

Before the eviction. Tell Ian he is going to enjoy banging Ashley for the next few weeks and say “it’s too bad, because she told me she was way into you”.
If it is a 2-2 tie, this might sway Ian to keep him. It’s a hail mary, but that’s all he has at this point.

After the eviction. Tell the house he had a final 2 deal with Dan (“why else would I have convinced Jenn to take him off the block?”), and Dan swore that deal on the bible, his wife and his dead grandfather… and then tell everyone they might want to talk amongst themselves and figure out how many final 2 deals Dan has.

I would like to see Dan go tonight. I would prefer Ian goes next week so we can watch him melt down for a week.

Dan's part time bible

Joe doesn’t have a soul patch, he has a landing strip.


Does anyone happen to have the east coast feed website so I can watch it at 6pst instead of waiting


Thank you

Dan's part time bible

if you are as disgusted by Dan swearing on the bible (and his wife, and his dead grandfather) as I am, email the chancellor at st. mary’s preparatory.
His email address is under the faculty / administration tab at the top of the website.


not that serious, it’s a game…

Dan's part time bible

I bet the Chancellor would disagree..especially when he did it and later joked about it while wearing his school colors.


I’m Catholic also and I swear on everything that I hold holy and dearly to me that you need either professional help or to GET A FUCKING LIFE!!


It mus be nice being blameless and pure, when are you going to be executed for the sins of all mankind?

billie two trees

To the poster Dan’s part time bible: You really are pathetic and must be delusional to try and go after a man’s job because he is on a television show that is edited by editors and producers to show only what they want you to see. Dan is not the one that will go to hell it is unintelligent people like you who cannot sort real life from reality television. You need psychiatric help with not being to sort our reality from good television. Get a Grip on reality it is a television show.

Dan's part time bible

The obvious point you are missing, is that by wearing his school’s uniform, he is a representative of his school, and thus his actions are a reflection on his school.
Did any of the other participants name their employers? NO

DAN brought his outside life into the game, nobody else.


Quick question. After tonight’s episode is there 2 or 3 weeks left. Sorry I can’t rememnber I’m thinking its 2 right? And if its two, does that mean there will be another double eviction next week too?


I really hope Frank reveals EVERYTHING that Dan has done before he leaves tonight! That would make for a great double eviction!! But I am scared that Dan has covered his bases well because he will just tell Frank “I tried my best to keep you, but Dani refused”, putting all of the blood of his eviction on Danielle and Frank will be too stupid to figure this out and WILL vote for Dan in final 2 if he against Dani. Bravo Dan!


It would be nice if these blogs would be limited in length. Some people go overboard.


Only the self-righteous(insane) ones do that…smh


Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!
Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.
I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance to Frank on the bible, his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank’s hand only to betray the value and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36 — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for this?!


or Dawg.Why are they putting more trivia on the feeds?Didn’t they just finish putting trivia on,not that long ago?

Oy Vey

This house is gonna be an emotional wreck when all is said and done. Danielle is emotionally not stable at all and will have a meltdown any minute, especially when she goes home and see what people really think of her. Frank is going to go ballistic on live tv, he has serious anger issues. He is a classic bully and deserves exactly what is coming to him I wouldnt tell him I was voting him out. As NO ONE deserves to be bullied, harrassed, threatened, put down etc And when he gets out and see that america does not like him at all, he will have some serious emotional issues to deal with. Shane is a pussy plan and simple. He goes with the flow and is a yes man. Joe , production really needs to tell him to stop playing with himself. SERIOUSLY….what is he going to do when he gets home and finds his kids traumatized , his wife completely horrified and embarrassed. He will need some help too emotionally when he gets home to peoples opinions of him and his hygiene and masterbation. Ian seems to be really isolating and down and even asked to see a shrink. He as well is going to need help when he goes home. This is one very unstable group of people. Dan is playing a game. This is a game. He says to him it is chess, nothing more. He seperates the game from his life and I totally get that. But as well he will leave and go home to alot of hatred and religious persecution. ANd Jenn is so out of her element and has nothing in common with any of them. She spends 90 percent of her time alone. God help them all



YOU’RE the one who said “God help them all”….Does that mean only YOU can have religion in your comments????

Oy Vey

Unfortunately they will need help and no I would never claim to be better than anyone else nor would I proclaim my beliefs are right and anothers wrong. this is about a game…..period. This is NOT about religion and condemning someones soul etc. Take that crap to another board. And dont pick a religious fight with me, as I wont fight you. My beliefs are mine, yours are yours and all is right in the world.


Oh,believe me,I’m not picking a fight with you,merely observing your post and commenting on it’s content


I think the ones that need serious psychiatric help on here are all of these religious nut cases who keep going on and on and on about Dan and swearing on the bible and do not have the good sense to know that the scene shown on television was edited the way that production wanted. If they had any brains they would read what really happened on the Live Feeds Show and know that the ONLY THING DAN SWORE TO WAS WHAT HE WAS TELLING FRANK ABOUT THE QUACK PACK WAS TRUE AND IT WAS. Would not surprise me that Dan left his real ring home and that the necklace he wears is a fake also just like last year when Shelly promised to give her Diamond to Rachel but haha Rachel knew it was a big old fake. It is sad that these crazies are so willing to hurt someone or blame someone for something they did not do when they know it is not the truth. There are some real sickos out there, and by the way I am a die hard southern baptist christian but can separate reality television from real life. Get a Clue people!! TEAM DAN!!!

Dan's part time bible

So you must be saying that somehow production dubbed over Dan’s DR sessions (there were multiple times he said this on Sunday AND last night) and Dan didn’t, himself, say that he swore on the bible to Frank that they were in a final two but he has no intentions of keeping that promise.


Dont worry about Frank he will be back next year as an allstar or something he is too good and very well liked not only by fans but also production.


That’s what I’m saying Frank fucked up this season, he will do better next time, people need to stop crying with these long winded essays of nonsense making Dan out to be evil when he just playing the game… Frank Shitted on his own Dream, by listening to Dan, HE is the sole reason he’s going home


You must be multi-tasked to be able to take drugs and type at the same time. Frank for allstars, hahahah. Good one.

Another BB Fan

Not even funny!!

Show some respect, we don’t need name calling


Fine. *pout* Sorry Chad. Didn’t mean that for ILL WILL. Okay? I was just kidding.


When i think about the people who have been invited to come back in the past and how much better Frank is than they are yeah he’ll be back


Frank isn’t special. If I’m on the block, of course I’m going to win every POV I can. He’s lucky. His social game is sh#t and I absolutely can’t stand the guy and don’t even know why. He’s not likable. It’s like GTFO. And don’t come back. Bitch.


Joey Spankit dyed all his hair or just that nut crusted soul patch??

Dan's part time bible

So here’s my crack at a pre-eviction speech that could save Frank. Let’s hear what others would say…

“After tonight, there will be 6 people left in the house and if you vote me out, 5 of them can compete for HOH. Joe is one of those 5. How much do you trust him not to put you up? Do you trust him enough to give him the chance to do it? If you keep me, you have a 1 in 4 chance at winning HOH. If you keep Joe, you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning HOH. If you keep me, I fully expect I will be on the block…again, so with me here you have a 20% chance of going up if you don’t win HOH yourself. With Joe here, you have a 40% chance of going up. Nobody will know how you voted. Make the decision that is best for YOUR game because, trust me, you really don’t know who’s got your back and who’s holding the knife to put in your back.”


this would be a GREAT speech for Frank, but if he thought out things like this Dan would be in jury right now not in the house still playing… just sayin

Dan's part time bible

I can’t argue with that.


Of course YOU can’t argue with that, even though it’s a weak argument you have to grasp straws to save Franky poo. Weren’t you busy making an appointment with the Pope concerning Dan’s actions???? Smh


Actually looking at season history even with Joe playing chances are 1 in 4(or 3, don’t forget Jenn). Either way not a strong argument


To bad they didn’t let Frank get on OBB for a little bit this week alot of us have mapped out some pretty good strategy for him none of which he’s been able to come up with himself

the one

on tonight show it told me frnk then shen going home on the double evtion is it true


Can someone please give me the link to watch the show live online??? I’m on the West Coast.




I hope Frank exposes Dan before he leaves the House
H e should tell everyone Dan swore on the bible and
made a final 2 deal with Frank, and told him about his Quack pack alliance..,,,


I hope whoever is following Frank out the door is one of these people Dan, Danielle, Shane,Joe,Jenn,Ian

Don’t Shit On My Dreams

Another BB Fan

Ill Will, I sure hope it is one of the remaining six people that you listed

Unless ……

Dan’s “mist” can get a cameraman evicted


The cameraman that is watching Joe jack off can get misted, right out the damn door, we don’t wanna see that shit LOL


Does anyone else miss Britney on the live feeds…..She was hilarious……I miss Wil on the live feeds too…..Together they were awesome…..Hell, I even miss Boogie on the live feeds…’s really getting slow in the house…lots of sleeping and no pot stirring….Joe stirs it up better when he isn’t on the Block….so maybe we will see some funny stuff this weekend … Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Joe wins HOH and makes a mad dash to the final 2….now that could be some pretty good pot stirring…..especially if he was HOH…lol


I miss her in the pink bikini , it was a beautiful thing, if she had taken it off, ooowooooooeeee, I would’ve had a Joey Spankit moment


It’s not that I put great stock in someone lying..or backstabbing in the game. The Bible issue? Well, fine, from the point of view that it may just be an accessory to some.

HOWEVER, when preaching about it, making out that you’re such a good Catholic, love your wife, your grandfather, then I call shenanigans. I might even excuse it if his wife and him were starving, or they were out of work.

BUT HE ALREADY WON THE HALF MIL. I can’t stand him because he’s so smug and cold with it. Be a little shamefaced, for Chrissake!!! Not the * Oh, I’m a Master of manipulation. I can do anything. Because I’m DAN THE MAN!!! His eyes tell you a lot. And, his shit eating grin. Live by the sword, die by the sword.


We’ve only been trying to put this Bible thumping thing to rest for DAYS now. Please just go pray for his soul if you’re such a good Christian and let ig go already, okay?


When Dan swore on the Bible etc….wasn’t it with regard to what he was about to tell Frank? He didn’t lie…he told him what transpired prior to the present time as they were sitting there….he did promise to take Frank to the end as the final two…..but doesn’t everyone do that?

Nikkie says'

can anyone tell me what’s the name of the website that Simon has given to watch bb14

Another BB Fan

scroll up 6 comments or back a page



I don’t agree with reporting Dan to his workplace. Hopefully his students are not watching the show, and, after all, he may do the right thing with theM.I’d like to think Dan has a conscience, but I really doubt it. That being the case, he can explain away all of his actions.

He seems to be the most manipulative person. I daresay he will just continue to mist, mist, mist. His students? Prolly young, and easily duped.

Hey, he’ll give a donation to the School, out of his winnings, and buy a ticket to Heaven. Bravo.

I would like to know, if he’ll ever let his ( future) kids watch him in the show. What will he explain to them? Maybe….* see these toys? You got them because I lied, manipulated, used Religion and your Mom’s life. For our lifestyle. For the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$’s. That makes it OK.

If he hadn’t done those things, I might have given him the nod for a well played. But, he reminds me of all those TV evangelists, who prey on the poor, the needy, the believers. Whilst paying for prostitutes, eating off silver, and living the life.

I know it’s a game. I know that people would do anything to win the bucks. Just don’t do it under the Biblical Cloak, or people’s lives. That’s just wrong.


Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!
Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.
I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance to Frank on his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank hand only to betray the value and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36 — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for this?!