Big Brother 14 Final 5 HOH Winner

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

Ian wins HOH

10:04pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle
Shane is mad says that Ian is going to put up Jenn and either Danielle or Shane. Danielle asks Shane who he was going to vote for if the nominations stayed the same during the double eviction. Shane says he would have voted to evict Ian.

Shane is saying that he has to keep the final 3 with Dan no matter what. Shane “He’s got 3 HOH and 2 POV’s now.. he’ll win against us in the final 2” Danielle: “I know I know”. Danielle asks him if Ian has mad a deal with Shane. Shane says no. Danielle hasn’t talked any deals with Ian.

Shane: ‘If Jenn wins POV I’m going home”

Danielle says she emotionally Drained.

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10:10PM Cam 1-2 HOH winner Ian. Everyone appears to be sh!tting their pants right now.

10:14pm Cam 3-4 Jenn and Danielle

Danielle thinks that Ian and Shane have something. Danielle says that Shane has become really clingy. He’s following her around the house ever since Britney left. Danielle: ‘He follows me.. he follows me everywhere Jenn.. I feel like he’s following me to watch me” Jenn wonders that maybe Shane is getting information for Ian. Jenn thinks Ian and Shane have something because apparently she knows Ian won’t put up Shane. Danielle: “I know Ian and Joe had a final 2”

Danielle says that they are in trouble because Ian is so good at these mental competitions. Jenn agrees says at this stage of the game it’ll be hard to get him out.

Danielle mentions that Shane is making comments about how close her and Jenn are. Jenn thinks he gets a little jealous sometimes. Jenn tells her not to be upset about the HOH.

Jenn is worried that her and Dan are going up. Danielle explains the only thing that matters is veto. Jenn: “I want to stop almost winning and finally win” Danielle feels so bad she wanted to win that HOH to protect Jenn and Dan.
Jenn says that Ian thinks her and Dan are together.

10:30pm Cam 3-4 Ian rocks on the chair for a bit then heads into the bedroom “The Socially inept Loser made it to the final 4 of Big Brother”

10:32pm Ian and Dan
Ian says he’s going to put Dan and Jenn up he wants to get Jenn out.

10:37pm Cam 3-4

Ian is pacing back and forth mumbling crazy ideas, scenarios, theories..

Shark attack.. SHARK ATTACK.. 1 or 2 my family gets a better life..

Dan joins him asks him what he’s going to do if it’s doomsday happens. Ian thinks he would put up Danielle. Dan says he should put up Shane and Jenn and they will vote out Jenn. Ian: “says that Danielle wins POV takes Shane down.. I have to nominate you”
Dan: ‘She won’t use it”

Ian: “I’m taking you and your taking me no matter what right..”
Dan: “Ya “
Ian: “How can I sell not putting you up”

Dan thinks they can call a quack pack meeting and convince Shane to volunteer to be a pawn to vote out Jenn.

Ian: “Never in a million years did I think I was going to be at challenges in this game.. I think i’m tied with Shane”
Ian tells Dan he will die happy knowing that the quack pack is in the final 4

(OMG Ian you are nuts they are going to vote out Shane.. lucky for Ian it seems like he can wins comps)

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Man, they were right. Ian’s just kicking @ss a this game now.

Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

LOL…go Ian


Yay Ian! Danielle pop a squat!


Writing not so much to reply, just useless information to dispense…Back in my hayday, those glorious days of free sex, drugs, and long-haired hippies, it was the norm of the day to have a friend invite you in to “…cop a squat”. Usually smoking was involved and everyone got bad cases of the munchies. I guess these days the term is now “…POP a squat” but I’ve got to say that the first time I heard Ian say those words, I cracked up. Pop a squat doesn’t even make sense….I’ll bet he heard the term from his Dad or Mom or one of their friends, and thought they were saying “pop”. Oh well, doesn’t really matter….Just took me back to those great days. We sure knew how to have fun!!! I do hope to see Ian win this game and am so GLAD that Frankenstein is GONE!

Boogie's Huge Forehead

So true. I’ve been laughing about ‘pop a squat’ since I first heard Ian say it. Maybe someone will correct him after the finale. That happens well before Polumbus Day, right?


….hehehe….funny….you are too pool !

Go home Delusionelle

I’m from the south and down here when we go camping or four wheeler riding and a girl has to pee in the woods we call it “popping a squat”. I’m pretty sure that’s what Ian meant by it. Basically go take a seat on the shitter!


You are right…..that’s EXACTLY what that means!! The former potheads got it wrong! Ian doesn’t need to be corrected. :)


my hope is Danielle and Shane up on the block then backdoor Dan; Go Jenn City. Hey my man Sweet Red is gone , It ‘s gotta get interesting, jenn almost had that 1st HOH. I know she is kicking herself in the Nuts My powerhouse is out so Jenn City for the win. The rest of the quack pack will be fighting and Jenn will be hiding cheering them on.


I hope Ian wins it Time to get crazy Danielle out. She can pop a squat in the jury house and gaze endlessly at herself in the mirror.


naa Danielle is staying, its probably shane who is leaving as long as he doesnt win pov

Dan danielle jenn has the votes , this hoh doesnt mean anything it all comes down to pov


Dan is going to continue to Mist Ian, get rid of Shane, Then Ian next then Dan has Dani and Jenn to contend with, easy peasy…….




Ian put up dan and danielle! Time to break up your quak pack! Don’t waste ur HoH on jenn. Besides dan put u up tonight!


yep, he needs to try isolating them




It’s the big move and the right move, but the work needs to start before nominations.

He can tell Dan that nobody beats Danielle and she has loyalties to everybody but Ian. Jenn she can’t win and is the perfect final 3 partner to beat. If they have a legit final 2 deal, then Dan should be cool with it. If Danielle wins veto, Shane goes. If Dan wins veto, then either Shane or Danielle goes. If Shane wins veto and pulls Danielle, then they lose Jenn. Easy deal.

He then tells Shane and Danielle that Dan put him up and that he really wanted me out, not Joe. Tell them nobody will vote against Danielle and if Dan wins veto, Jenn goes home, or one of you wins veto, then you call the shot, but I want Dan gone. Then of course pull Shane aside and tell him Dan can’t be beat and has to go, then Jenn is the only obstacle to final 3.

He then tells Jenn, you have one chance to save yourself, so tell me everything you have cooking, I will make sure you’re safe. Just tell her the only way forward is blowing up everything she has going in front of the whole house. If she does this, she’s guaranteed final four and then you play for HOH and we both have the veto to move on. He could even promise if he wins veto to take her to final three and tell her she need not promise to do the same. But warn that if she tries to repair the broken deals, Ian will know, and the deal is off and she goes up. Now she could see though this as an empty threat, but this is Jenn, so I do it anyway. No matter what she reveals if she does it, Ian should not sell that he buys any of it. He can tell Dan that he was securing her loyalty to them and he can tell Danielle and Shane that he wanted her rattled.

But it just might influence what he does at nominations.

Ian only has the veto next week. He needs to get out somebody he is unsure he can beat at the end (Dan/Danielle) or somebody who is a threat to win veto (Shane) and would not take Ian to final three…unfortunately I think his arrogance/delusion will help Dan mist him to take out Shane.




now we see just how good dan really is, and just how ugly danielle will get when he cuts her out of the picture

Red splotch on Janelle's chest

No way Dan cuts Danielle for 3 reasons –

1) his own bloated ego – he can brag not only he got himself to the F2 but also the player he’s been coaching since day 1 (if you dont count the week he totally ignored her when Kara was still in the house)

2) he’s done enough back stabbing that he needs her so he can say he didnt do it for himself (a lie obviously) but to protect Dani and make sure they both got to F2

3) he knows he can beat Dani in F2 cuz he can say he controlled all her moves


I think you’re spot on…but if Dan feels threatened or his back is against the wall, he will cut her loose.

His ego is huge, but I think his greed is bigger.




Dan will cut Danielle when it gets to the final 3 of Dan, Danielle and Jenn… he knows that the only person he will win against is Jenn. Most of the other members of the jury would vote for Danielle to win over Dan since he’s already won the game (like Britney, Ian, Joe and Shane) but if he’s up against Jenn (who huffs and puffs and never blows the house down) then he’ll have a pretty good shot at winning.


wwoooowwwwww… you are so right! That is his plan…



I says, I

Mama always said, stupid is as stupid does…


Is Ian able to compete for HoH next week or no?




it doesn’t matter anyway because whoever wins that pov controls who goes home because that will be the only vote.

I says, I

It does kind of matter. There are two guarantees to get to the final 3 and HOH is one of them. Ian gets only one bite at the apple.

The difference is next week is the reverse of the norm in that POV is the power spot, while HOH is safety.


THAT’S MY GUY IAN!!!! Hell yea!! Ian is solid to win this thing if he plays his cards right! He is in the final four, and all he has to do is win that veto and final HOH and he has won it! C’mon Ian you are so close to winning it!! TEAM IAN!! Im a little disappointed that Ian and Jenn didn’t take a shot at Danielle and Dan. It would have been awesome to see Dans face if Danielle was evicted!!!

Geaux Ian!

WHOOOHOOO! GEAUX IAN!!! I want Ian to win this thing so badly! He has played a great game and really deserves the W! The only other person left in the house who has earned the win is Dan, but he has already won. I’m not a fan of mixing the oldies with the newbies…seems inherently unfair to me…Anyways, GEAUX IAN, GEAUX!

Go Ian

Love it!!!!

C'mon man

Really getting tired of Danielle’s self pity party every time something doesn’t go the way she wants. Never seen some one want some much attention.


I agree. I used to like her until I saw how really shallow she is. All she does is whine about everything. And what is with constantly wanting praise from everyone? The night around the hot tub with her “Who do you think I look like?” stuff totally got on my nerves (BBAD) and she gets on the topic of herself and she can’t stop. Everyone moved the conversation on but not her. She kept asking Jenn “So who do you think I really look like? In my face? JLo or Tyra Banks?” I was almost to the point of changing the channel (and puking) She really thinks she is something. If anything happens, she thought of it 2 weeks ago… arrrrrgh! I can’t stand her anymore and want her gone almost as much as I wanted Frank gone! I could go on and on about things she’s said and done. She has no game play that I can see…she’s just following on Dan’s coattails since the first week. Her social game sucks. I can understand why Shane doesn’t want a showmance/romance with her. She’s just a whiner and complainer!


Yes! Thats my boy Ian! Now he needs to get Dan out


Dan has the look of horror on his face.


I feel like Ian is the new Frank, everyone wants him gone. Except I like Ian. Everyone comments on how he doesn’t want to even be there or win. Clearly they are fucking delusional. He has stated several time he wants the money for his Dad and school, also hes winning comps. Ian and Dan are the only ones who deserve to win now, tho I’m rooting for Ian.


Ian annoys the crap out of me but I wouldn’t mind if he wins it all because he’s a BB fan that hasn’t won it before.

Ians virginity

He’s annoying I agree. Really was getting on my nerves for a while but I think as a result of looking at the people around him he’s the obvious one to be rooting for at this point. He is right he’s a bit socially inept, but he’s not a loser, more of a winner than anyone left in the house


I’ll bet they are sh*%%g their pants right now!!!! ROFLMBO!!!! <3

Aqua Bernie

Danielle’s on the crazy train again! Now Shane is following her around. Why could’nt they have voted her out. OMG!


Go team Ian!! But it doesn’t look good for next week, no one would want to keep him.


did i am get a special veto from pandora’s box that he can still use?


does Ian have a special veto from pandora’s box he can still use anytime?

Ian's Wiener



no he can’t use that anytime. it was just for that week. it’s gone.


Yes! Go Ian! Just please don’t waste this HOH on Jenn! PLEASE!

VA Vet

Make them all sweat, Ian!


Really getting tired of Danielle’s whiny ass. Every single day. Boo hoo about something ridiculous. Ugh!!!


HAHA this is awesome. Go Ian. Hopefully it will be him and Dan in the Final 2. That’s how it should be anyway. Im thinking he will put up Jenn and Shane. Hopefully Jenn can win veto and Shane will be outta here. But personally, I’d like to see the pyscho Danielle go home.


Ahh…a dream for this season…I dread it being shit on, but we can hope…Dan The Man and Ian The Boss FTW. And yeah, Danielle continues to irritate the hell out of me. Out of Jenn and Shane I do wish Shane to be gone… I do believe Ian will make it to the end…now come on, Dan…F**k. Nobody will want to take Ian to F2 and I’m afraid a majority of JH will vote on personal levels against Dan…I don’t know if these two can make it to F2 together-Dan wants 1st…My subconscious keeps whispering one of them has to go…

Boohoo Danielle

Really getting tired of Danielle’s whiny ass. Every single day. Boo hoo about something ridiculous. Ugh!!!


IANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN MY God this kid is killing it! Atta boy! Put up Dan and Danielle Ian this is the PERFECT time to “turn” on the Quack Pack please Ian don’t be naive see Dan’s true colors and put those two up regardless CONGRATS IAN YOU’RE THE MAN


ive been supporting Ian but sadly after this week is over, i think ian is in deep trouble. I dont think anyone is going to take him to final 3 :/

VA Vet

If Ian wins veto next week, this game is his. The final comp is usually three parts. The first being endurance which he should win and the last part is questions and we know that suits him very well.


Hell YEAH! Ian The Boss! This kid is on a roll! Take ’em out!

Geek Squas

Go Ian go….I love this game…Rome foe Dan to go!


love ian!! hope you make it to the end buddy, you deserve it


Mist his ass Dan and show him who the man is. Ian had better put on a gas mask.

VA Vet

Don’t be surprised if Ian is the one doing the misting this week. Would love it if Ian laid out Dan’s web of deceit to the entire house.


Yay Ian woooo hopefully Ian gets rid of either Dan or Danielle doesn’t really matter who goes home all Ian needs to do is win next Pov i wonder if it will be the morphing one.?? Also Ian needs to win The final HoH which i think its endurance and Ian has proven he can do that too. Ian is the beast smart at quizzes and competitor not the best social game but okay. I was a fan of Dan but not liking him so far since the funeral .


The final HoH is three parts.


Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

I am kinda hoping for Dan and Danielle final two now…..that way we can all watch in horror/laughter as Dan throws her under the bus a dozen times..talking about how she only got there because of him and his moves..he coached her and played her the entire time…it’s almost worth it to let them get there just to watch it all go down.

VA Vet

OK Ian, you took out Boogie—you took out Frank—now it’s time to add Dan to your resume’.


I don’t think Ian has the balls to do that…I mean if he had the balls to do it to Boogie and Frank. Why not Dan too?

VA Vet

That’s my point exactly. Put up Dan and Danielle. Ian only needs one vote to evict Dan and Ian gets to break the tie if it’s 1-1.

Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

Ugh…I’d love it..but I think Ian is still in the “mist…,and wants to think Dan is on his side. What needs to happen is Ian and Jenn get together and figure shit out…Please DR help them…

Rob C

If Ian is truly as smart as he has been played up to be in this game he will put up Dan and Danielle. Any other choice would be terrible.


That’d be one HELL of a resume’………….let’s hope it happens!


I think Ian knows this. At least I would hope he does. I realized (after the fact) that Frank’s best bet to stay would have been to convince Dan to vote for him to keep their alliance strong, then convince Ian to vote Joe out if it came to a tiebreak. How he’d convince Ian? Stroke his ego. “You had a hand in getting Janelle out, you orchestrated getting Boogie out, how about you add another BB winner to your resume? If you save me, you will have your best chance to have a hand in getting out one of the best players in history out of the house.”

But Frank isn’t that bright.


Shane, you are stupid if you think Danielle or Dan is going to take you to the end. I don’t get how people say Danielle is a strong player, she won 1 HOH and 1 POV. And if you remember, Danielle only won that HOH because Britney got Ian to make a deal. Best case scenario, he puts up Danielle and Jenn and Shane wins POV. That would be awesome!


It’s been repeated so often that people believe it. Kinda like Janelle repeating that Frank was a huge threat before he actually won anything.


It’s basically like Ian gets a 2 week long hoh has this ever happened after a double eviction I’ve watched almost every season and don’t remember it happening but my memory sucks lol


Please don’t put up Dan Iove him! But seriously if Ian is at all good at this game he will put up Dan against Shane. If he doesn’t put Dan up Dan will probably win the game. I am not sure if Ian can play in the weds HOH. If he can’t he will be gone.


I have been careful not to choose a favorite because I actually enjoyed this season…..In order this is who I want to win! 1. Ian 1A. Dan 3. Shane 4. Danielle 5. ?
Ian has had a role in getting rid of Janelle, Boogie, Frank, and maybe Dan! I’m not a fan of him personally but think his record speaks for itself. Dan pulled off a brilliant move to stay and proves he is amongst the best to ever play. It has to be one of these two for the season to end great. 1B went out of the house tonight. Frank would have won this game if he had made it to the end. Only 3 that deserve it! Shane could possibly change my mind with late heroics. Please don’t let Danielle and ? make it to final 2!

King Silva

Wow Ian for sure deserves to win now.

He is a challenge beast [5 wins] and is not a slouch with his social game.

He’s also taken out big name people such as Boogie and Frank.

People would be FOOLS to take him to the final 2.

I just hope my favorite Shane can win the POV because he’s most likely going up.

Ian really should put up Shane and Dan though..


Thinking about it, and I am not a Dan fan by any means, but you have to give him credit. He was down to 1 player and himself after the first week and made it this far. Did everyone in the house forget he has already won once?

Aqua Bernie

Yeah Ian! Now take out Dan! You can do it! Stop listening to Dan, avoid the mist!


YES! grats ian!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ian is smart enough to know he has to take out DAN, and if not his allies. he needs to put up danielle and jenn with. who his target would be is unclear, but he has to isolate dan and take him to the final. NOW he can beat anyone of them. The kid is the man, and a player superfans can be proud of!


Yes. I hate the thought of it, but I know Dan is hatching up a plan and misting Ian “Oh yeah yeah yeah, we’ve still got a deal, Ian…” *turns away to sharpen the knife*-There is no way he can take this kid to F2 and win 1st. It was supposed to be Ian The Boss and Dan The Man F2-The dream will be shat on-I know it. I did want Ian to take this game, though, since his wins are piling and his social game is not bad-And I don’t want to throw in the tired fact that Dan has already won, but he has, and I think there will be voting on personal levels for Dan perhaps when JH decides. *sigh* But they’ve got to acknowledge Dan’s moves, right??????


did ian get a special veto from pandora’s box that he can still use?


Liz, Ian’s veto is LONG gone. No longer availabe to him.


Shane, “Throw ya a bone!”

2 hours later……

Danielle crying to anyone, “OMG, Shane is so mean to me. Did you hear him call me a dog? Soooo mean.”


And now she’s saying that Shane is following her around and that he’s become clingy. Pot. Meet. Kettle.


LMFAO, Throw Ya a bone, means throw ya some dick, man this women is dumb

VA Vet

How dare Shane put dogs in the same league as Danielle. Apologize to the dogs, Shane!

Dogs truly are “mans” best friend and they are faithful. Danielle is “mens” best friend. (Shane, Trey, and that other guy—whats his name?).


They need to put Ian on some serious medication. He’s going nuts.


Ian! It’s sad to say but the only way he’ll make it to the final 2 is to pull a Frank… he either has to win HOH or POV every week or else he’s out. No one is taking him to the final 2. Now that Frank is gone, Ian is the new #1 target. The plus side is, he’ll probably win the $25,000 for America’s favorite. Not bad for a summer.

So long Big Brother!!

Well tonight I feel as if I was just voted out of the house, seeing Frank leave. As I stated in my post two days ago, I know a lot of people here are not Frank supporters, but now that Frank is gone, so am I. Frank and Dan in the end would have been sweet. Well, it was a lot of fun everyone, while it lasted. I can’t bring myself to watch anymore Big Brother this season, with the remaining 5 in the house. I wish for Dan to win, as he has the only brain in the house (sorry Ian, you may be book smart, but you have no street smarts, nor couth). On second thought, I know Jenn is not a master strategist, nor a great game player, but I do like her honesty and loyal game play, so she really gets my vote in the end now. I know she was a floater for most of the game, and I would never vote for a floater to win, but I think a “good person” should finally win this game. As for me staying until the end to watch, I really have no ambition to do so now. Can’t stand Dan swearing on the Bible and then lying like the Devil, no matter how this game is really played. Ian says Frank had “No class” when he left the house without hugging the rest, except for Jenn. Well Ian, you have no room to speak about “class”, as your arrogant rat ass jaded Frank when you turned on him, so there is no way in hell I would support Ian till the end. Too bad he won HOH tonight too. As for Shane, he is a stump on a log that is so easily controlled, so why would I waste anymore brain cells watching him in the house. Lastly, Danielle is so self-conscience and cries at the drop of the hat, that she would go down as the “Most Annoying Big Brother” winner if she manages to get to the end. So as you can see, the rest of the season is a waste in my book, so why waste precious time watching these pieces of Drift Wood anymore. I really wish these players in the house could read all of our comments. They would be shocked to see how un-popular they really are. I think I would rather join the rest of the other evicted House Guests and say goodbye to this season. So long Big Brother…until next year!! ;)


Dan is next i think


Go ian please bb give him a real pandoras box so he doesn’t get the shaft next week like a veto or five points in pov or even ticket to play in next Hoh something besides Christmas for a new hammock. This years p boxes have been a joke so far. Last year they helped rachezl now Ian deserves a real shot at final 2, if he takes Dan out this week he beats everyone else in there. Even tho I wanted final two to be him and Dan I think now Dan would slit his throat to get him out next week. Ian for the win


Why do they keep getting rid of players that they have every chance to beat in the end?

Jenn or Joe would’ve been my final two options, hands down because that’s a guaranteed win.

These people are all playing Dan’s game. If he doesn’t go this week, chances are he will win BB.


“Ian says he’s going to put Dan and Jenn up he wants to get Jenn out.”

*Facepalm* No, Ian, no! THE MIST! BEWARE OF THE MIST!


please Ian put Jenn and Dan up
hopefully nominations stay intact
and I don’t care whoever leaves. I want Dan gone but as of right now I don’t care as long as it’s not Shane or Danielle


Ian it doesn’t matter if you put Dan and Jenn up. Danielle will never vote Dan out and since Shane has no clue how to play this game he will vote with Danielle. I’m pretty sure that first Jenn will go then Ian after that. The only way Jenn’s not going is if Dan wins veto and Shane gets put up then Shane is going. It’s nice that Ian won veto but he just doesn’t have the votes to get anyone he wants out because everyone wants him out so he’s playing alone.


He needs to grow a real set and put up Danielle and Dan. At this point in the game, it’s time to show how big his balls are without an alliance backing him up.

VA Vet

If Ian puts up Dan and Danielle, it puts a squeeze on everybody. Dan would be putting the heat on both Shane and Jenn, while Danielle would be crying her eyes out. Shane will have to choose between his final two with Dan or his final two with Danielle. And Jenn will be forced to choose as well.

Unfortunately, I think Ian will be putting Jenn up. If he does, he had better win the veto next week or he will be up the creek.