Shane tells Danielle if they are both on the block and he wins the POV he will remove her, I owe you.

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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1:35am After Ian gets his HOH room. When they are alone Dan tells Ian that he thinks the nominations should be Jenn and Shane. Ian says that he agrees, and says that’s what he was going to do. Dan tells Ian how to explain choices for nominations. Dan comes down from the HOH room and heads into the bathroom where Danielle and Jenn are getting ready for bed. Dan asks Danielle if she is done for the night with diary room sessions. Danielle tells him yes, and says that she even did her goodbye messages. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Danielle is washing her face. Jenn starts joking with her about her huge zit. Ian comes down from the HOH to get more of his things to take backup to the HOH room. Ian says that he wants them to open up the yard so that he can use a swing. He says that he has been pacing up in the HOH room for a while now. Dan, Jenn and Danielle start talking about the HOH competition. They compare their answers for the how many minutes Jodi was in the house for before she was evicted.


2am Danielle and Jenn are in the bathroom alone talking about tonight’s show and how exhausted they are after everything. They talk about how think they may have heard people booing Frank when he walked out. They also think they heard Joe get a big applause from the crowd. Danielle says now that Frank is going to jury house he will be getting the nasty on all the time with Ashley. They talk about how Frank told Danielle that she was his crush. Jenn says that she knew he said that. Danielle asks if he meant it. Jenn tells her that Frank thought Danielle and Kara were hot. Danielle says so Frank said we were both hot? Jenn says that Frank told her that she is probably one of his top crushes from all seasons. Jenn says that he told me you were blushing. Danielle admits she was and says it was flattery at its finest. Danielle says that Frank told her he wanted to get Dan and Shane out and says that she thinks he may have been hitting on her by saying that. Jenn says that is how he roped Ashley in. Danielle tells Jenn that she isn’t that type of girl. She says that she wouldn’t have been interested in Frank. Danielle says that Frank is a cocky SOB. She says his social game was s**t. Jenn agrees. Danielle says about Frank that the only person he is going to have a good time with in the jury house is Ashley. Danielle says that Britney is going to hate having him there and says that she will whip out some MC Snowflake on his a**! Jenn and Danielle start talking about Joe. They talk about how grossed out they were by Joe because he never washed his hands after using the bathroom. Danielle says that he masturbated all the time too. Danielle starts imitates all the rubbing sound she would hear at night. Jenn says that he must not have realized how loud he was. They both laugh. Danielle starts talking about how everyone in the house is something they are not. Danielle says that she thinks Ashley is an actress, Ian is in grad school, Wil is a pop singer, Kara is a Playboy model, and that Shane is a bigger model than he says he is.


2:20am Dan and Ian are out in the backyard. Ian is swinging on the hammock and Dan is lying on a lounger. Dan tells Ian that he will like Chelsea. Ian tells Dan that he is lucky to have a girl writing him great letters like that. Dan tells Ian that when he gets out he will be surprised how many girls will have contacted him. Ian asks really? Ian asks like girls I know? or girls in like Canada? Dan tells Ian that he will be surprised. Ian tells Dan that he thinks Janelle is going to win the $25,000 America’s Favourite prize and that he thinks Britney could be the second highest vote getter. Ian says that he felt bad for Joe. Dan says that he went out in a classy way and Frank didn’t. They talk about how Frank hugged one person and took off and Joe hugged everyone and was gracious when he left. Dan calls Frank a douche bag for the way he left the house. Ian agrees and says it was bad sportsmanship. Dan says that in a lot of sports players take on the attitude of their coaches. He says that he saw Frank take on the same attributes that Boogie had when he left. Ian tells Dan that he wishes he would have been aligned with Dan since the beginning instead of Boogie. Dan talks about how Boogie treated Ian. Dan compliments Ian and says that he got out two big fish out with his HOH’s, Boogie and Frank. Ian tells Dan that he really does like Boogie. Dan tells Ian not to worry Boogie will like him after the game is over. They start talking about the POV.

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2:40am Jenn joins them. Ian asks Jenn if he can ask her a question. Jenn tells him that he can ask her anything. Ian asks Jenn if she would have won the shark fin POV would she have used it. Jenn says no, she probably wouldn’t have used it unless someone would have tried to strike an honest deal with her. Jenn says that she probably would have entertained a plea from Ian over one from Joe.


Meanwhile Shane and Danielle are in the kicks bedroom talking. Shane tells Danielle that thinks he is going to be going up. Shane says that he has to win POV. Danielle says that she is worried that she is going up against Shane and then he will win POV and she will be left up on the block. Shane tells her if he wins POV and they are both on the block he will remove her. Shane says that he owes her one. Danielle tells Shane that Dan never told her she was going to be the pawn tonight, she didn’t know until they were sitting on the couches. Danielle says that she couldn’t believe Dan put her up. Shane says that he thought Dan would put Jenn up and was shocked when he said Danielle’s name. Shane says that he feel bad for Jenn because she knows she is going up. Shane says that he thinks it will be the face morph POV. Shane says that he believes Ian can win that one and make sure Jenn goes home. Shane says that Ian can’t compete in the next HOH so the 3 of them (Shane, Danielle, and Dan) could try and get rid of him before the final three. Danielle tells Shane that Dan was so protective of her tonight. She says that when she was on the block Dan grabbed Ian and threatened him. Danielle say that Dan told Ian he would cut his face off if he vote Danielle out. They talk about how they can’t let Ian get to the final HOH questions competition. Danielle and Shane turn off the light and curl up together in bed.
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3:20am – 4am Dan and Ian head inside to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Dan heads into the kicks room he says that he wants Joe’s bed but that he is worried it has Joe’s semen on it. Danielle and Shane help Dan change the sheets. Dan asks them if they have talked to Ian about nominations yet? Danielle and Shane both say that they haven’t. Shane says that Ian told him that he was going to have the house guests draw straws to figure out nomination. They all talk about how important the POV is this week. They talk about sending Jenn home so they make the final 4. Shane says that the nominations don’t really matter unless Jenn wins POV and pulls herself off. They all decide to go to sleep. Jenn comes inside from the backyard and says that she would kick small children down the street for a piece of toast right now! Jenn then goes to the bathroom to get ready for bed and then heads to her bed.

5:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..
9am Still sleeping..
9:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the control room to wake up the house guests.

9:55am Jenn is the only house guest awake, all the others are still fast asleep. Jenn is out in the backyard. Big Brother asks her to lower the awnings. Jenn says no problem gangster boo. Big Brother says thank you! Jenn says what a great start to the day! Big Brother says you’re welcome..


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the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

i swear in that pic shane looks uncomfortable, the dude dont like chicks, he is fronting…


Been saying it for weeks now.


If I was Dan, Danielle, Ian or even Jenn I would not evict Dan because I would want to go to final TWO with him because you would be assured of winning the $500,000. No one is going to give it to Dan again and if you take anyone else the vote would be a crap shoot to see which one wins the $500,000.


OMG IAN…seriously you have to put Dan up against Jenn
If Shane’s up and goes home, you’re screwed stuck with Dan Danielle and Jenn in final four


No, he needs to put Dan up against DANIELLE. He needs to split them up!


Why would anyone put up Dan to evict when if they take Dan to final Two they are guaranteed to win the $500,000. None of those in jury would ever vote to give Dan the $500,000 again. They would nuts to evict Dan when taking him it guarantees that they win.


actually it’s better that Shane goes, I really believe Ian can win the remaining competitions, Jenn, Dan and Danielle aren’t that good
Shane is the only threat left

if shane stays, he’ll possibly win HOH, and who knows POV.

at this point ian HAS to win every single competition, therefore Shane is the biggest physical threat, the dudette’s gotta go


Plus Ian won’t have Shane’s blood on his hands. Dan and Danielle seem pretty eager to get rid of Shane, so he might as well let them do the dirty work. Ian has his work cut out for him to make it to the end regardless who goes out the door next week.


really though? At this point of the game,basically all the comps will be something mental.Which Shane really sucks at..
physical maybe but probably only the first part of final HOH comps which is endurance


It’s amazing how Danielle and Ian aren’t pushing to put Dan on the block seeing as how he almost ended both of their games last night. Ian would be totally justified in putting up Dan as a ‘pawn’ (wink,wink) since he already did it to Ian.

I still think it’s going to be Ian and Dan in the finale,which might spell doom for Dan.


all shane has to do is give this girl a couple make out sessions and he will have her in his back pocket but i dont think he is thinking that way


Totally agree – the best thing for Shane’s game right now would be to start making out with Danielle every chance he gets ha. He looks super uncomfortable around her and I honestly dont even know what to think of him right now. Say all you want about Danielle, but she isnt ugly, or fat or anything like that. I know she isnt Kara, but come one it wouldnt kill him to show her a little love, because if he doesnt turn on the romance or win the POV, hes gone on Wed.


danielle is like a moped, fun to ride, but you dont want your friends to see!


1995 called, it wants its one-liners back.




I don’t think that he CAN. I think he’s gay and the look on his face in that picture where Dani is kissing on him in bed could be proof. He looks downright miserable and certainly not interested. Really uncomfortable. I’ve thought all along that he is gay. Think about it for a minute. He Nairs his whole body practically. He is too good looking to be straight (sure there are some really good looking men out there, but most of them that look like him are gay). And every once in a while, you’ll see him catch his actions and change them real quickly like he’s trying to be someone that he’s not. Not that I have anything against gay men. I love them. Some of my best friends are gay men. If you’re a woman, what’s not to love? They have great taste, they love to shop, they are generally really hot looking, and they are all about FUN….but the best part is that they won’t hit on you at the end of the night! Only thing is, if he is gay, why hide it? He can’t not know he’s gay….I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box after all!


danielle is SOOOOO delusional… she thinks all the guys want her, when in reality none of them do.. she complains about shane so much and how mean he is to her, yet shes on top of him kissing him… and oh yesss frank was so interested in you danielle lol, he was only trying to conjure votes up lol… and yes dan was soooo protective of you lol

lord she is so delusional …. poor girl… low self esteem


I couldn’t take all that sulking Danielle was doing last night. The overly dramatic ‘woe-is-me’ just so the guys would all come and coddle her. Shane is clueless.He has forgotten he’s there to play a game with a $500K purse,not to be Danielle’s protector or play thing. It’s going to be the end of him.


theres a lot of passion between shane and danielle….too hot for TV


Going to get boring now. Everyone all nice and polite when they walk out the door. Danielle will need medical help when the show is over and finds out that Shane and Dan have used her like a wet rag. Of course, she’s learned from her coach how to lie and cry at the same time. Dan won’t win with this jury and having 4 weeks of safety to start won’t help his case. Jury house be more exciting where Joe is making out with Brit while Frank and Ashlee have some fun.

Nicky Brand

Instead of the BB house, I wish they’d start showing JH for a little while. i would love to see Britney’s welcome for Frank when he has to explain how his decision to save Dan and evict her instead worked out for him.


It would not have mattered if it was Dan or Britt she was after Frank from the start they all were after him he was the better player now it is boring and I am done done done with Big Brother it is nothing but trash now. I said before and will say it again..this has got to be the worse season ever..Grodner is a flake and cant produce s**t out into the toilet..I have nothing against gays to each their own but my gosh does all the contestants have to be gay? Cant the producers get anything or anyone other than gay? Jenn, Wil, Shane..that is just this season and other seasons have been as goodbye BB and viewers enjoy the Gay and the stupid desperate “wanna get laid” danni trying to get him interested? daaaummm


RIP Name … there will never be another Name like Name … peace


It matters a lot, Frank would have won POV if the dumba$$ hadn’t kept Dan over Britt. Let me say that again he kept Dan over Britt, dumbest player ever!

Roisin Dubh

It didn’t matter, he was gone in either the first or second eviction. This was his time and he had no allies. Nothing he could do


Actually…it would have mattered. Not sure if Brittany could’ve beaten Frank in the POV comp. So from a competitive standpoint it absolutely wound up making a difference in Frank’s game by keeping Dan over Brit. Now, was there anyway for Frank to know any of this beforehand? No, but hindsight being 20/20, we can totally see what a difference that decision made even if both Brit & Dan were gunning for him.

As far as your comments regarding “do all the contestants have to be gay?”: you then went on to name 3 out of 16 people on this show this year (and one of those people are merely speculating about). If people are going to complain about that kind of ratio, then having a truly sexuality-balanced house of 8/8 would’ve sent you “I don’t have anything against gays, BUT…”-types into conniption fits. I don’t care if you want to lie to everyone else in the world about whether it matters to you, or not, but you should at least be honest with yourself (because it laughably obvious to the rest of us). Just sayin…

Regarding the show now being “lame”, I think that’s really just a matter of opinion. It may not have been entertaining to you this season, but I know lots of folks (including myself) that found the huge amount of backstabbing and gametalk to be quite entertaining. Was the cast perfect? No, but it never has been and never will be…they’re just people, found and hired by people, to play a game to entertain people. Lots of room for error in that formula. Hate to hear yet another person say that they’re “through watching BB”, but hey…no need to post a Dear John letter to us or production…just go find something else to watch and comment on. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Just my 2.


They will show Frank arriving at the JH and Britney’s reaction to him…he’ll bring a video showing what happened to him and his game. Same with Joe.

Shutup I'm Talking

if only ian would put up dan come on ian don’t shit on my dream


I love how Ian is sucking on Dan nipples. Ian you was not gonna put Jenn and Shane up…you said you were gonna put Dan up cause he put you up. Now your not? You are a pussy Ian. I am sorry but you are. YOU ARE HOH AND ITS NOT LONGER ABOUT TEAMS ITS ABOUT YOU! It’s your hoh not Dan. You moron!!! I hope Dan turn on you like he turned on Britney and Frank. I love how everyone criticizing Frank but he was hurt..since when does being hurt make you a douchbag? He put his trust in you scumbags and you made him look like an idiot. OF COURSE he was gonna do that. He was blindsided and hurt. Get off his sack its human qualities to get hurt. The dude been on the block more than any of you scumbags and stabbed in the back more than you spineless cowards and you except him to feel all happy about it? Dan and Ian get over yourselves I hope you both go.


uhhhh…frank didn’t need any ones help to look like an idiot…he did a fine job of that all on his own


Agreed, and Junior is doing a good job of it himself as well :)

give the carrot 500Gs!!!!!!!!!!

I can only hope Ian opens Pandoras box and it releases Ebola on rest of the house…. It’s amazing how stupid these people are….

I wouldnt trust Dan as far as I could throw that pip-squeak, just because of that sh!t-eating grin he has on his face after he tells someone ANYTHING….

He just took a shot at booting Ian, and that Idiot acts like nothing happened….. QP for life bitches, Hey Ian heres a sword, please fall on it…… these people are absolutely ridiculous… and people criticize FRANK?!?!? oh how stupid he is…. he actually believed a self proclaimed christian football coach, that SWORE ON A BIBLE and his family!!! how insane…. he played a perfect game, nothing he couldve done wouldve changed his fate…. Janelle sealed it from jump by fingering him as the biggest target and Boogie only increased that target because of his reputation….

Dan is the most disappointing though…. I really thought when he made a pact with Frank on his family and his faith…. that they would run deep and I could root for him…. but I find him morally reprehensible…. no one asked him to swear on the bible, or his ring, or his chain…. he threw that out there on his own…. and became a blatent “Convenient Christian”…..

I am a straight up asshole most of the time…. but I would NEVER EVER throw my faith or my family out there without backing that…. I am also a football coach and the message that sends is “WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN IS OKAY, even at the cost of your faith?!!?!??!?!?!?!” WHAT?!?!?!

you cant justify everything simply by placing it in the context of the game…. so would he sleep with danielle to win?? are their boundaries…. For Dan, I dont think so… because I would powerstroke that fat sea-cow for 500G, but I absolutely wouldnt break an oath to my God for it….

and speaking of fat-cows…. I am not even gonna start on BB14’s Quasimoto: Danielle….. my only solace is the years of therapy itll take for her to recover from the internet heat shes gotten….

I guess the only thing left to say is …. Big UP JennCity!!…. she hasnt done much but shes not a cockroach like the rest of that bunch….


Wow. … So underneath that carrot top head and his Ho Ho Ho acting exterior, Frank was just a totally ugly person. Self centered, greedy, conniving,.. the list goes on and on. Not a likeable person at all. If you watched all of the live feeds, you saw it really quickly. The rest of the house guests all saw it just as fast and that was his downfall. He was doomed the minute he opened his mouth. Why else do you think everyone has been trying to get rid of him since week 1 ? Sure they will tell him that he was such a good player that he was a threat – they are not ugly people that would tell him the truth – they’d try to tell him something that wouldn’t hurt his feelings. To give him the benefit of the doubt, I will say that I think that being teamed up with Boogie hurt his game the most. I don’t think there should have been any coaches allowed. If left to play the game for himself, Frank may have made it further, but I doubt it. When you are just ugly to the core there is no help for ya!


Has Shane completely given up on winning this game now?


I was saying the same thing. He’s too busy being distracted by Danielle and all her lunacy. Meanwhile Dan is playing the entire house whether he has HOH/POV or not.

Shane might end up going to jury before useless Jenn City.


Couple of things:

1. The QP were giddy talking all week about how they couldn’t wait to see Frank’s face when he got evicted because he would be all PO’d. Frank acts exactly like they wanted him to (i.e. pissed off) and then they get upset about how he acted when that’s exactly the type of reaction that they said would make them so incredibly happy. They already popped a squat on his dream, flush the toilet already.

2. Shane owes Danielle nothing. Between him and Dan, Danielle has been protected pretty much the whole time even while she was on the block. If he uses POV on her rather than himself, he’s asking to be sent to jury. I really do hope Shane wins out, though. His strategy and social game suck but he seems like a pretty good dude that could use the money.


agreee!!! Shane is using the money for good

I’d rather see someone like Shane wins that money..
he’s absolutely using it for good

what Dan would do with a million dollars? He won before, and that was a lot of money he won. Did he spend it all already?on what??


totally disagree!!! if this was about who could use the money more, than do a financial analysis of all the players and their families, then cut the check to the poorest one. why even play the game???


Right! Using TeamNoobs criteria I don’t think Shane’s plans for the money are any more worthy than Ian’s (helping his family and paying tuition). The game is about skill, strategy and luck NOT about what a financial mess your life is and how this might help you out.


Jeezus…Shane is just layin there like a fridged wife.


wish I could afford more guys but were on a budget.


Im wondering if Shane is possible “gay” and this is why he is not close to Dani


Really! Shane if you and Dani are on the block and you win POV, you would take Dani off the block and not yourself? You tell Dani you owe her that? And this debt to Dani is because of what? Shane all your actions show that you are revolted by Dani, you keep dreaming about Kara and what could of been between you two, you took most of the heat for the alliance during your HOH reign … while Brittany, Dan, Ian and Dani hid behind your moves, you voted to save Dani over Britney and Dani over Joe; however, you owe Dani something …… wow …..Shane, you and Dani deserve each other, you two are both mental. Shane you make my head hurt with some of the nonsense you say.

I think your love story between you and Dani should be on the Lifetime Channel. Yep, that’s where it should be, women will eat this up. On that channel its crying all the time 24/7. Dani would be a natural actress, she could be as big as Kim Kardasian, yep Dani will be huge and I am not talking about Dani’s backside. Shane must be selling a script to Lifetime as we speak, I can imagine how Scene 1 reads: Dani is crying as she gazes out the window on a winter morning. She wonders what Shane is doing. If only Shane would lift that restraining order he obtained five years ago, then she could open his eyes and show him that they were meant to be. Trey walks in and sees her crying. He opens his arms to comfort her. She is repulsed by his caresses, Dani slowly pulls the 12 inch blade out that she has hidden, is this the day that she frees herself from Trey … is this the day that she takes control of her life …. if it wasn’t for Trey, Dani and Shane could be together forever….maybe tonight, it would be so easy. Wow! The women of the Lifetime Channel are going to eat this up….they can so identify with Dani.

If what Dani says is true about Dan physically grabbing Ian and threatening him, and that’s a big if, then Dan is a bigger bully then Frank or Boogie ever were. I don’t care if Dan has lied and backstabbed, that’s all part of the game; however, for Dan to overtly threaten Ian that’s beyond game play. In Dan’s mind he is the only one that can make moves and if anyone makes a move that could be in his or her best interest, Dan goes from zero to nuclear in a heartbeat. Joe tried to comfort Dani the other night when she was crying, I know! I know, Dani cries all the time, I need to be more specific. Joe shows compassion towards Dani and says that Dan was very mean to her during his funeral and that was beyond game play. Dani, shares this info with her abuser ( Lifetime just can’t wait), Dan. Dan goes nuclear on Joe. So Dani, a man that shows compassion towards you gets diss, but your abuser you hold in high regard. Dan then goes on to ask you, “are you on your period”, that might explain why you are upset. So Dani, as a woman, you didn’t think that was insulting? So a woman can’t be genuinely upset! If she is upset then it has to related to her period in Dan’s mind. Dani, he then tells you to shout out Trey full name. Dani, do you realize how much heat Trey is going to get over this. Dani, you put this guy on blast!


I think winning the POV and not taking himself off the block wold be a good move for Shane.

Shutup I'm Talking

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Or maybe he should try to get evicted and he’ll come back with special powers

Darranged stalker Danielle

i thought about that too.but im wondering if its a ploy to have Dani throw it to shane.. then shane will backstab her and i throw a party she goes home…


They better get Danielle out now or she is going to the end. She has all of her bases covered. The only way I see her going up is if Shane and Jenn go on the block and Shane wins POV. Ian will have to put either her or Dan up. Shane would probably vote to keep her because he doesn’t understand that she will beat him in the end competitions, and Dan would probably keep her too, but if he voted against her it would be comedy gold to see the look on her face! Ian would have to break the tie, and I would bet he would send Jenn home instead. Makes no sense to do that, Jenn is not a threat in the end game and there is no way she would win with the jury against any of the rest of them, especially Ian or Dan. The second best option for Ian is to take Shane to the end. It would be a slam dunk win. He would have Ashley, Brit, Joe and Dan. If he goes with Dan, I don’t think he can win. Frank, Jenn and Danielle won’t give him the vote over Dan. Shane would probably give it to Dan too, and if he didn’t, Joe would be the deciding vote. If Ian goes to the end with Danielle, Dani will probably win, again because Frank is a douche and will not give Ian a vote, Jenn, Shane and Dan would give it to Dani. That is my worst case scenario. I would like to see Ian or Shane win. Anyone but Danielle.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Obsessed much Chloe? I swear y’all, this girl is always attacking me. She has some obsession with me or something. she scares me y’all.

Darranged stalker Danielle

did you see season 10 Dans a awesome social player,,trust me he wants Danielle out… i believe he will take Jenn to finals…He is only truthful to his wife…and with 500k at stake he is gonna play his heart out…no way will he take Danielle… he knows its too risky….. he can convice Danielle to put herslf on the block thts how good of a player he is…

I says, I

After reading the breakdown of last night, I cannot believe how sorry Danielle is. I genuinely feel sorry for her. So insecure and needy. I hope BB has a shrink on standby for her during finale when she finishes dead last in America’s favorite voting. She just seems like a future victim of spousal abuse and being on TV was the exact opposite of what she needed. Dan has used this to control her, offering praise, then ridicule. Using other girls to increase her her insecurity, then telling her Shane is infatuated with her. His manipulation of her is the one that makes me cringe the most…but it is a game

Dan’s work with Ian is kind of scary as well. Don’t get me wrong it works and it’s just I don’t think I’d have the stomach for it. Dan has made getting Frank Ian’s white whale, blinding him to future threats. He has isolated and ignored him, gone at him (Danielle saying he threatened him if he voted against her vs Joe), then drawn him in with all the girls he’s going to get and flatter him with how he is making BB history. It is psychological manipulation at the extremes.

Dan is a sociopath. Now that is a loaded term that people associate with evil and it is a trait found in many bad people, but just as often it is found in good people as well. It’s really just a character flaw. Dan is not completely capable of caring about anybody other than himself. It is impossible for him to put somebody else’s well being above his won. So while he loves his family, his wife, he would never put their well being above his own. And his feelings for those people outside his circle (family/wife/friends), is that they are merely inanimate objects meant to further his goals in life. He is will always do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, and does not even need to justify his behavior in his own conscience, because he is wired to think everybody is as remorseless as him and those who aren’t are weak and undeserving of anything more. Dan is the type of person who can justify any abhorrent behavior as the ends justifying the means.

Dan’s charm does provide cover for his ruthlessness, which makes him built perfectly for any competitive environment.

All that being said, he is still the only deserving winner left in my view. The only one left who gets that this is a game where the goal is not finding love or evicting certain people or becoming a famous model or just being happy to be on TV. Dan gets that Big is a zero sum game. There is only one winner, which means everybody else has to lose.


Ian needs to put Dan on the block this week otherwise I agree that Dan is the only smart player left.


OMG I know. Who do u think he should put up against Dan? Danielle? And where would the votes fall?

Boogie's Huge Forehead

It mystifies me why pretty girls like Danielle (Regardless what you think about her weight, she’s a VERY pretty girl. She’s bright, too.) are so incredibly insecure. Shouldn’t the gifts she’s been given (beauty, intelligence) result in some measure of personal confidence? Could it be simply that she’s always had so much positive attention lavished upon her that anything less than full-on adulation seems distressingly inadequate to her? If that’s so, let this be a lesson to you parents: Let your children experience some disappointment early on and learn how to deal with it. Let them know that, while they may be the center of your universe, they shouldn’t expect to be the main focus of everyone else’s concern.

I says, I

It’s so simplistic, but I think for many young women, their insecurities can be traced back to their dad. For daughters, dad is the first man they fall in love with and how he treats them is the lens through which they will always view themselves. Now of course there are plenty of women with bad father’s who are able to overcome it, but many don’t.

Early in the show, Danielle talked about her father and his alcoholism. She told stories of him getting drunk and going on such a rampage that the family had to flee the house. She also talked about some of the incredibly mean and abusive things he has said to her.

Notice how easy it was for her to turn on other girls for even the slightest perceived slight (Janelle) or how she chose the emotionally abusive Dan over her closest friend (Britney) in the house. Danielle thinks her mother did not protect her from Dad and as a result, she does not trust other women or think they can be relied on. It goes much deeper than just seeing them as rivals. Of course that is part of it, but the other part is that she assumes they will choose to be loyal to a man rather than her. That was why Britney was made so quickly expendable. It did not matter what assurances she offered her, Danielle would always believe Britney would choose Ian or Shane over her.

The reason she needs the constant attention and approval, the reason she thinks her 2 dates with Trey were so meaningful, the reason she is Shane’s stalker and believes they have something far more than Shane does, the reason Dan can treat her anyway that he wants and manipulate her anyway that he wants…that is all thanks to her father. Danielle grew up with an abusive father whose abhorrent behavior was always excused. That was drilled into Danielle’s subconscious at an early age. This is why a man can call her fat, tell her another girl is prettier, treat her like she doesn’t matter to him, use her to get whatever he wants, and possibly even hit her…but as long as he says I’m sorry and that he loves her, Danielle will take it.

It’s sad.


I completely agree to what you are saying! However I think he’s different in real life! He’s playing the game at its finest and has been doing really well so far. His manipulative skills are amazing. I can’t believe that even though Dan threw Ian under the bus, was the cause to evict Ian’s closest ally (Brit) and tried to evict him this week (Ian was not a Pawn!!!!!) yet Ian is taking the F2 with Dan for real.

This is what’s gonna happen:
Nom: Shane + Jenn
POV: Dani, Ian or Dan
Evicted: Shane

HOH: dan
Nom: Dani + Ian (telling them both they are pawns and wants to backdoor jenn)
POV: Dan wins
Post-POV Nom: Dani + Ian
Evicted: Ian (jenn is the sole vote and she HATES IAN)

Final HOH: Dan wins and takes Jenn to F2.

Dan is the winner.


Ah great scenario. However, when its down to the final three it doesn’t work like that. There is a competition between all three house guests and whoever wins is safe from elimination and guaranteed a seat at the final two. Only the two remaining house guests compete in the next competition and whoever wins takes the last final two seat. The house guest that lost goes to the jury. When they house guests say they have final two deals, they really mean lets work together until the final three. Because once the final three arrives, you are winning a comp to save yourself and you have no influence on the outcome of the next competition of the remaining two.


Nope, it does not work like that either. The final competition is a 3 parter. Whoever wins the 1st part, then sits out of the 2nd part. The other 2 players then play in part 2. The winner of part 2 then goes on to play against the winner of part 1 in the final part of the 3-part comp. Whoever wins part 3, then decides who they want to take into the final 2. The jury then decides who should be the winner of BB.


Just curious I says… I do agree that Dan has an uncanny ability to read other’s emotions and can use those observations to his advantage (but I would never classify him as sociopathic) – I was wondering how you define Frank’s personality – I thought his bullying was deplorable

I says, I

I see Frank as somebody extremely self-involved. He’s often oblivious to other people’s emotions and how they hear what he says. So on the surface Frank is this charming, charismatic guy, but as you get to know him better, you realize that the depth of his personality doesn’t go much further than skin deep. He’s the kind of guy you want at a party, but if you need a friend, he’s last on the list. Now I think Frank is a genuinely good and caring person, but its not natural. He’s got to be told he’s being a dick and then he’ll stop and apologize. He just doesn’t know any better.

I think as an athlete, he was very comfortable in competition, which made him a liability in Big Brother. Athletes talk trash to each other and often it’s all harmless bluster. When you make a shot, you say tell everybody it was a great shot, etc. But if you’re surrounded by non-athletes, that talk comes off as arrogant. If you notice, Dan was a guy who never had a problem with Frank’s trash talk about his run. With his football background, he knows that’s just what competitors do.

Now for the dime store psychology: I noticed that Frank and his Dad are estranged. His dad was a larger than life superstar. On TV every week, with the championship belt around his waist, making a lot of money. I think Frank has the Oedipal desire to surpass his father. Sure he’s a big fan of Big Brother and wanted the money, but I really think Frank wanted more than anything else to go back home, with a big check and a run on a network TV show, to show his dad and say I topped you and did it on my own. He wanted to show his dad that he was the bigger and better man by winning big and becoming a reality show legend.

If you think about it, Frank could have his dad place one phone call to Vince McMahon and with his size, athleticism, and looks, in short order Frank would be on TV every Monday night. Frank has the connections to get on the path to money and fame…but he apparently has no interest and has followed the dream of Big Brother as a way to give his old man the finger.

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

I agree with everything you said except that Dan should win. Whether its a game or not rewarding people like that is not something I am comfortable with. When he was talking about how his wife was a virgin and innocent, I immediately felt bad for her. She was probably “chosen” because of the fact that she was untouched. He probably manipulates and emotionally abuses her like he does Danielle. Its not just game play. You can’t just turn that on and off.

Narcississtic sociopaths are very charming. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be able to get away with the stuff they do, they would be looked at more like Frank was, someone not liked because he was always putting his foot in his mouth, yet Frank is a much better person than Dan. He was not sickly dishonest and every word was not carefully calculated. You can tell Frank actually has feelings, something Dan does not have.

Ian needs to wake up and stop drinking the koolaid, sniffing the mist and whatever else you want to call it. GET Dan OUT!!!!!


I would so love to see Shane use the POV on Dani if they’re both on the block. I couldn’t think of a more fitting ending to Shane’s game. I guess he owes it to her for doing the thinking, since Brit left.


that one pic looks like danielle was raping shane, kid must be gay, bi leaning gay or just really be disgusted by danielles appearance


Its just the picture they showed on here. I was watching live feeds and this pictures looks different than what was going on. Shane and Danielle were both cuddling and a little more touchy feely than usual. Whos to say Shane isn’t interested in Dani alittle and just not into a shomance for game play purposes. Even Shane has told the cameras that he was interested in her. I really wish people would lay off Dani, she’s portrayed to be this stalker, and shouldn’t be.


Simon and Dawg, great job this season so far!:) I think I’m more sad about this season ending because things here will slow down more than I’m sad about not actually having BB to watch. Anyway, thanks for giving us fans such a great recap of everything around the clock, thanks for being such fair moderators here with those of us who leave comments, and thanks for all the hard work:) I donated awhile ago, would be happy to do so again if the pot’s a little low:)


Thanks Eripaul, I’m glad you enjoyed the site..


Shane is scared and Lying to Danielle to entice her to use veto on him, or vote for him if needed! same thing Frank tried. Don’t be a fool, Dani! … Also, Danielle you have to Stop sleeping in bed with Shane, because Dan will soon tell you that you have to Vote Shane Out! – #TeamDan/dani


The decision for Ian is simple. He has got to put up Jenn/Shane. He tells them (Jenn/Shane), along with Danielle, that he has not intention of evicting either of them. He should propose the plan of no matter who wins POV, they save one of the nominees and backdoor Dan. Ian must explain to them that it is the best thing for them to do if they want any chance at winning BB14. WIth Dan gone, one of the three of them will be guaranteed HOH because Ian cannot compete in next HOH comp. The silver lining for Ian is that he will be competing in the next POV against Jenn/Danielle/Shane….not exactly tough competition. He must tell them that if Dan makes it to the end with any of them, he will win.


yes i think ian should get the rest of the gang together and back door dan
just as long as dan dont win the pov it will be the only chance left to kick dan to thecurb
dan wants shane out because shane is the only one that can beat dan in the physical


I wish Jenn will have a final 2 deal with Ian, and tell him about Dan and Danielle act together.
And put both of them on the block


I hope if Ian puts up Shane and Jenn that Jenn wins the POV since she is not a threat to Ian at all. It will be fun to see either Shane and Dan or Shane and Danielle on the block together. I hope either Danielle or Dan go home since this will benefit Ian the most.


GREAT Morning everyone.

I’m so freakin’ excited that Stank… err, Frank is out the house that I couldn’t care less who wins at this point.


I think Shane must come from a very protective set of parents…especially from his mother. His social game sucks and he seems to be a bit uneducated as to the ways of the world. He keeps referring to Kara this and Kara that….that’s all a ploy that some gay guys use as everyone knows she is not obtainable so that keeps him safe and all his excuses with Danielle are very obvious. If the way he is laying there in the picture with trying to not even touch her while she is copping an aggressive position over him is also obvious….he is trying desperately to protect his dark little closet….would disappoint his mother too much I’m sure. Poor guy…I actually feel sorry for him. Anyways….Shane…your an idiot if you remove Danielle and not yourself if that should be the case!!

friend of jenn

You hypocrites are going to delete my comment and leave that one up. I’m done with your blog. Lameass BB


Sorry sometimes comments get through accidentally.

I’m usually cool with deleting offensive comments you just need to contact me. Sorry you think we are lame


Hey, Friend of Jenn, just wondering…. have you donated here?


By the way, I am not implying that leaving a donation gives you special treatment here. It doesn’t. You could post all day here, not give a dime, say things that pretty much nobody is entertained by, and these guys will post it. What I meant to say/what I suspect is that of all the people who post here and complain about Simon and Dawg and the job they’re doing, I’m willing to bet that about one percent at best actually has made a donation… ever.


Yes you said you were leaving… blah blah blah then go.

Joe's dirty hands

If Dan threatened Ian, why isn’t production doing something about it? They should remove him from the game….period! He is one crazy person, a danger to Ian. I hope Ian wins the game!


@Joe’s dirty hands.If production was to get rid of Dan, if he actually made that comment.(Danielle could be telling a lie).Then they would have to get rid of Ian for telling Dan last week or the week before,that he will rip Dan’s face off.He said that twice.I’m sure Jenn,Shane,&Danielle will all back Dan up,by telling production the truth of hearing Ian tell Dan he would rip Dan’s face off.(Shane,Danielle,Jenn&Dan all want Ian out ASAP.So they won’t have any problem making sure production review their footage and find Ian saying that to Dan twice).


I thought the comment she made was hilarious… she’s been on slop forever! She didn’t say “I’d kick small children down the street for steak or sea bass” she said for a piece of TOAST! That shit’s funny.


I am PRAYING that Ian follows through with wanting to tell Jenn about the Quack Pack like the Brigade did to Britney. Jenn is likely to blow and rat out Dan about their alliance with Frank AND his final two deal with her. Then they can all (except Shane) realize that Dan has a final 2 with everyone in the house. Dan will still probably mist everyone into believing their deal is his TRUE deal! It would just make it interesting TV…

Ian 4 the W!!


Ian is stupid if he nominates Shane and Jenn. he should nominate Dan and Danielle or Dan or Shane. nominating Jenn is a waste of an HOH.


I think Dani is one of the final 3


I think it’s amusing how Danielle thinks America hates all of these other houseguests and that she is a fan favorite. She is in for a real blow once the show is over.


why is everyone shitting on dawgs dream

MU Tigers

Danielle seems to think Shane is a more of a model that he claims to be. I don’t know about that, but he does seem to possess the smarts required for a model.


i was watch the show last night with my brother and he said the same thing lol


LOL at that pic of Shane and Danielle, that poor guy just doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and just doesn’t know how to let her down easy! Maybe if he didn’t hold onto the hope that he might hook up with Kara after the show is done he might be more open to Danielle, but he’s just not into her and she’s an idiot for not seeing that! Any guy interested in a girl would cuddle no matter how hot it was in the room, he makes excuses to save her feelings, he’s kind of a gentleman I guess, doesn’t want to embarrass her.
Come on Ian, go in for the Dan kill now, keep Jenn til the end, it’s kinda your only chance right now.


put up dan, ian. dont shit on my dream


Did they really expect Frank to hug and be merry with all of them after they completely blindside and continuously lied to him?

He thought he was safe or would Atleast get a Tie while everyone was in the back laughing at how dumbfounded he would be.

He doesn’t owe them anything, a hug or a vote.

So they can take that somewhere else.


Frank might have been shocked – so was Janelle – and she left with style and class..


Janelle already knows what it feels like to lose the game. She’s been through it twice before. Of coure she would be calmer than Frank.

They ALL wanted Frank to get angry, they thought it would be funny, then when he doesn’t, and simply leaves, hugging and wishing well on the only person that threw a vote his way, he’s a horrible person.

Frank didn’t punch anybody, he didn’t yell at anyone so what is there for them to even get mad over or call poor sportsmanship.

For the 10th time Frank put his trust into these people and got screwed. I would be upset too.


Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me 9 more times, egg’s on me.


exactly. I would of done the same thing Frank did. Dan is talking shit now because he knows Frank will not vote for him in the end. for people saying it was a game move, that’s total BS, it was personal shit against Frank from day 1. Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britney and Ian hid behind each other all season like bitches. it’s kind of embarassing that it took basically the whole house to take out 1 person.


I absolutely agree.

For whatever reason, they’ve hated Frank since day one & had it out against him since then.

He was a target before winning anything.

When he rallied to get votes, they would say he cornered them, etc. over exaggerating the obvious and rather common moves that people make in this game ( talking to others for votes ).

They made him out to be this horrible guy and not ONE of them can give a valid reason as to why that is.

A pathetic bunch we have here.

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

I agree……..

Fear the Mist

We need a jumbo box of kleenexs, STAT. Gotta try and stop the tears, don’t want this poster to cry out. Where are those kleenex’s?


Shane is as dumb as rocks if he uses his POV to save Danielle. I really can’t take the stupidity of the contestants this year.

First Danielle forgives Dan after all the shit he’s said to her, and ANYONE else that tries to console her is automatically trying to hit on her or scheme against her.

Shane is target número uno and he says he’s going to give his only chance to make it to Final 4 to Danielle. He is going to be Marcellus 2.0 .

What in the entire fuck.


How do they already know there’s going to be a pandora’s box again?


haha Shane and Danielle’s pic is just hilarious as if Shane is saying ok girl do what u want and let’s get over with it :p lol
he seems like a dead body with not a bit of emotion or reaction to Danielle’s … OMG can’t she stop it and have more self-esteem???


Yeah Ian, put Shane on the block. He will easily win his pov. Your going home. No more rocking hammack.


I think Dan and Jenn are going to be final two. with Dan giving the mist of his life, and winning $500K. You read it here first!


They need to have a season where everyone on it has had dreams of winning Big Brother and they could bring Frank back for it and it would Big Brother The Journey Don’t Stop Believing Season. And Frank would say in every episode this my dream I wont stop believing and no one is going shit on it. Then Dan will come back for a day when Pandoras Box is opened once again and use his mist to shit on Franks Dream and he will be evicted once again and while he there Jessie’s Dream will shit on too and he will be evicted on a double eviction night.


Why does Shane owe Danielle? He already got safety for her when Ian was HOH last week.


Something can to my mind last night.  Big brother (production)  is a major player in the house.  In his house anything goes.  Lying, cheating, manipulating, slander, betrayal, etc. 
Many things that on the outside we would denote as  evil or immoral.  But he tells us it is a GAME.  
Ok.  Follow me here. Lol
I find it very interesting for us as viewer and for the players in the house, that a
BIBLE is in the house. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think there are any other books, correct?
My question is, Why?  Maybe it’s there to remind players they can abid by moral per say be Good , or Bad.  But for you to get to the END game you will play by Big Brothers rules at some point comps. Along will not get you there.  You will sell your soul for the prizes.  The Bible could have been use for denote pure honesty among players. Dan knew this, that’s why he used it as a symbol of truth against Frank.   But he set a standard for future players The Bible is worthless , a little less Holy in my House!  Perhaps, even outside. 
Big Brother will win. 



I don’t understand how Dan can swear on a bible, treat Ian bad during the xtra veto comp. having a pretend funeral, and still is not on anyone’s radar, I hope Jen gets a super power, because than the real truth will come out, it would be awesome watching


Ian and Dan saying Frank was a poor sport when he left.. so what! umm you guys played him and he’s just suppose to hug you guys and say it’s just a game! Common now! Watching him this season, I’m not surprised Frank only hugged Jenn. At leasst Frank will be invited back for All-Stars and prob Ian from this season (not counting the coaches). Sorry Ian he’s not gonna hug the litttle rat you are and Dan hes not gonna hug you cause he had enough of your mist lol.. These people think every person that leaves is suppose to be nice when the leave. I thought Ian was smart but damn how can you not see that you need to put up Dan and Danielle! It’s a waste if you take out Jenn Wednsday

the one

big brother this seson sucks they do everything den tells them to do i dont understnd ien terry he put you on the block in shen didnt i hope shen win pov i think he is in blow thier trust up in denllile think den will bring her to the fin2 over jenn she supid now she dont like shen i dont like her i will not vote for her she terrible friend shen win revenge britny ok

Darranged stalker Danielle

wow…you dont have to be Gay to not be attracted to a person… Shane is hot and is prob use to girls throwing themselves all the time…he has choices… just like girls they have choices…im 100 percent straight and if i was in the house with Enzo wanting me id pull a shane also … but if it were Hayden that would be a different story…


Never thought i’d say this…but i want jenn to win.


Franks such a douche because he wasn’t gracious and nice to us when we all lied to him all week promising him he was safe and then backstabbed him hardcore in the back. Maybe Shane and Ian have a leg to stand on, but Dan and Danielle backstabbed Frank twice and Dan swore on the Bible while doing so . they should stfu and gtfo