Big Brother 14 Double Eviction Results


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Frank goes home

Tonight on the Live Feeds
Double Eviction tonight!! As mentioned in the last couple of TV episodes tonight will be a Double Eviction night, where two house guests dreams of winning the half a million dollars will come to an end.
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Actual Votes

  • Dan Votes to Evict Frank
  • Danielle Votes to Evict Frank
  • Jenn Votes to Evict Joe
  • Shane Votes to Evict Frank

Should there be a tie Ian will break it:
There is no tie, Ian does not need to vote.

Frank is evicted from the Big Brother House

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Big Brother 14 Double Eviction Results

  1. First HOH Winner is Dan
  2. Nominations are Joe and Ian
  3. POV Winner is Ian
  4. POV Used YES
  5. Replacement Nomination Danielle
  6. Shane Votes to Evict Joe
    Jenn Votes to Evict Joe
    Ian Votes to Evict Joe

  7. JOE is evicted from the Big Brother House
  8. Second HOH Winner is IAN

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Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

1.First HOH Winner is Shane
2.Nominations are Jenn and Joe
3.POV Winner is Danielle
4.POV Used No
5.Replacement Nomination None

6.Joe is evicted from the Big Brother House

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo – Powerhouse is gone!

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

The mist was flying tonight.

Ian’s only hope. Ian needs to use some Jedi mind tricks on Shane – Help me obi-SHANE! You are my only hope.

Ian can not win this next HOH, and Dan is not playing in it. So, basically IAN needs to win the next POV, then he has a chance at the last two HOHs, and with Shane’s help, maybe he can get Dan out of the house. I don’t see any other way that Dan is gone.


Wow, I must say that I LOVE this site!! I’m hooked on it. Mr. Simon and Dog, I wish I could donate to you because I’ve gotten the most enjoyment from this page. I absolutely can’t wait for updates. I think I’m seriously addicted. Thank you for doing this, I know it must be very time consuming, but it is very much appreciated. Love from down South!! <3 <3 <3


:) Thanks!


Mark my words, Joe or Jenn are going to win the HoH comp! It’s gonna be like when Chicken George won the HoH comp in All-Stars O.o hahaha #JennCity


Jenn more so than Joe. I think the first HOH will be that weird steps thing. Could be America’s choice or before/after. Joe won’t win that. Jenn could. POV wise probably something physical due to time constraints. Bet we don’t see the next HOH till the next episode.


I guess you were wrong


How can anyone say Danielle is the best player in the house. She has done everything Dan has told her too. He even had Danielle change her mind 4 times the week they weren’t sure weather to get frank or janelle out.


That is true, and that’s why Dan wants to take her to Final 2 because he knows that the jury could see that he was basically the puppetmaster in the alliance.
She went whatever direction Dan dictated.
If she wins HOH we all know that might as well be Dan’s HOH.
I would have loved to see her play her own game without Dan just to see how she’d do.


God bless Dan and his decision to put Danielle on the block (even as a pawn). He asked her earlier today if she was on her period. She said, “NO!!” Well, take it from a woman; if she ain’t on her period today, she probably WILL be in a day or two (I’m betting tomorrow). Dan may have made the BIGGEST mistake in the game, putting Daniel up on that block with PMS!!!! She will nominate his butt and RUN HIS ASS OUT THAT DOOR!!!!!! between now and next Thursday!!! Mark my words!!! You DON’T do that to a southern girl and get away with it. It won’t happen. She will have his ass on a silver platter. I thought poor ole Dan had been married long enough to KNOW that!!!! Too late now. There’s gonna be hell for him to PAY!!!! God bless him, you know that old say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Gotta little feeling (as a woman) that Dan is fixing to live that old saying. . . . . . the hard way!!! (But I still love him!!) ;-) <3 <3 <3


I don’t think she’ll ever turn on him. If she’s pissed about being put on the block then he’ll just talk to her and explain it was pure strategy and she’ll forgive him like she did after the whole funeral. He put her up because no one would evict her plus also because they’re pretending they’re not together as an alliance. I get it, even though I so wanted Shane out.


not a fan of Danielle. too whiny. too emotional. get outa here. take Jenn with you. all mouth, little action.


How was Jenn evicted? She isnt even a nominee??? LoL “? is evicted from the Big Brother House”

Da King

I know right!?! ? is evicted, but I saw her on that picture and she isn’t nominated! LOL simon and dawg!!!


Double eviction night


Imagine Ian survives the double eviction and goes on to win his second endurance, if it’s endurance.


its going to be a shocker tonight but frank has worked a deal and joe is gone. then jenn wins HOH and putts up Shane and Ian. Boom Ian is gone. All in a days work Yo


not quite, yo.

KJS is on stand-by just in case the DNC breaks in early.

Nikkie says'

thank you


So let me get this straight… Everyone votes to evict Jenn (even though she isn’t on the block) then she somehow wins the HOH and nominates herself twice, then wins the veto but gets evicted again. Let me just ask one thing: Is ??? Related to Jenn?


Haha! I love it! ? Has all the power this week! ? will in the next two HoHs, the next two POV’s and ? will be who everyone votes to evict, TWICE!


No the “?” was there before we knew the results

Nikkie says'

Can anyone tell me the website that Simon has given a couple of times to watch BB14. I somewhere and want to watch it on my laptop.


Kelly Anderson

Simon, is this site going to show Big Brother Canada? I do not have Slice and I live in Illinois. I would love to watch it:)


I really don’t know what is going down with BB Canada.. I was in contact with the people at Shaw media but since BBUS started I’ve been too busy to deal with it.


1) 1st HOH is: Jenn

2) Nominations are: Ian and Dan

3) POV winner is: Shane

4) POV is not used.

5) Replacement Nom: n/a

6) Ian is evicted

7) 2nd HOH winner: Shane


jenn winning HOH… good joke


I’m still rooting for Dani’s zit to win HOH because it may be the only one that can really get her out. It has proven it has what it takes for endurance so maybe the second HOH will be its best bet.


Dani’s zit is the spawn of Dan’s mist…. so it can mist too

Carol & Steve

watching a little South Park waiting for what I hope to be Frank’s last live show. :)


Funny that no one in the audience seemed shocked that Frank was leaving (No oooohs or awwwwws during the vote).
Dan nominates Ian and you can hear a few gasps and ohs of dismay from audience.
I am a little surprised by that, I though a lot of audience would be BB brainwashed and love Frank.
Also goes to show Ian is a fav.


^That is me above, forgot to type my name is.
On another note, how is Ian not getting it that they wanted him out? *sigh*

I says, I

Dan and Jenn vote to keep Frank (Dan is just practicing CYA) and Shane and Danielle vote to keep Joe. Ian throws out a lame one-liner and evicts Frank.

Frank, furious at yet another betrayal, explodes. Tells the house that Danielle knew about the funeral before it happened and was playacting for Dan. She wanted him over Britney and manipulated Jenn to uses the veto and get Britney. She is working all of you. Dan and her have been plotting against everybody, so if one of them does not follow me, you’re all done.

As Frank talks with Chen-bot, Dan begins to scramble. The mist is flowing like wine at mass, saying Danielle was a dupe and actually it was him and Jenn who made the deal last week…but Danielle is in meltdown mode. Crying that Dan broke her heart and she didn’t know anything, which Dan will confirm. After the commercial break, the HG’s are called to HOH. It is a crapshoot contest, designed for anybody to win. Joe wins HOH. With only minutes to campaign, there is a mad scramble. Jenn rushes to throw Dan under the bus (poor Danielle). Shane is still outside, waiting for HOH to start and talking to the cameras about his favorite bath houses. Danielle is a mess, doing her best Tammy Baker impression, with makeup smeared everywhere, while her giant zit pulsates with ferocity. Dan begins to mist Joe, but Ian steps in. He confirms to Joe that Dan is after him. Tells him Dan has told everybody that Joe is next on the hit list. What about Jenn, Dan asks? She is secondary and worthless, plus she may be innocent. You have to get Dan now and just in case Frank was right and Danielle is with him, you have to nominate them both. She might vote to keep Dan and besides nobody in this house would vote her out. She is the safe pawn. You also ensure that she would not use veto on him. And if Dan win’s we take out Jenn as the replacement.

Joe nominates Dan and Danielle, Shane wins POV and saves Danielle. Jenn goes up as the replacement and goes home by a 2-1 vote.


Frank will only be furious if he gets less than 2 votes because he is counting on Dan and ?jenn. But I do agree that frank goes home and then either jenn or Dan is the second.


I was RiGhT


Finally….. FINALLY…….all this talk about Frank’s “Scorched Earth Exit” has been proven to be what it always was…….Total Nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Zingbot Fan

The important part was the exit. Enjoy the jury house.


I hope Danielle wins, she’s the best player in the house <3


That’s the most insanelyidiotic thing I have ever heard!!


Come on, someone did say Jenn would win an HOH


where is the jury house? is it just some posh house down the road in the valley or down in Cabo or something?


it’s in Detroit.

Gheesling vs. Kirby: Greatest ever?

if Dans wins this year im not sure he goes down as the greatest player in BB history? i think there is a valid argument that Dr Will Kirby is still the greatest ever. 2 Wins by a weasel poser in Gheesling or 1 win and a 4th at all stars by the uber smooth stab u in the front with a charming smile Dr William Kirby?


You’d be wrong to think this clown!


Geez! Big Dan fan, huh?


Regardless, the only way to determine would be if they played against each other and that would make one hell of a season. But I would have to say Dan would be the best if he wins or gets to the F2. Coming in as a previous winner against new players should be a huge red flag and he should have been evicted weeks ago, in all stars you are playing against other returning HGs, other previous winners so that target is a lot less.


It’s still difficult (at least for me) to ignore the 3-4 weeks of protection he had in the beginning.

But at the very least, it’s become a two person conversation rather than “who’s after Dr. Will?”


Yes, I too would like to see an All-Stars with Dr. Wil and Dan competing against one another. But what if you put the likes of someone like Rachel in that mix? You know, neither Dan nor Dr. Wil have had to put up with someone like THAT yet. There’s never been ANYONE as annoying as BB12/13’s Rachel. NO ONE, and I wonder how the two of them would handle someone as competitive and ANNOYING as Rachel???? THAT would make a good All-Stars!!! <3


My husband actually said tonight, he’d like to go back and watch Dr. Will’s season again and compare notes to his season and this season with Dan. It’s a toss up till we see the replay of Dr. Will. They are definitely both at the top of the list!!!! <3


I just watched Dr. Will.
The difference between Dr. Will and Dan is nobody trusted Dr. Will but, did what he said anyway (except Nicole). He was persuasive. Dan however, uses his persuasion to get people to trust him. It’s the same but, different lol.
Also, I think the funeral speech was the biggest move in BB history.
But, then again Will was never a big enough target to have to make a big move like that.
I think Will is more a manipulator and Dan a strategist but, then again they have a lot of both.
But, Dan winning a comp at the right time (like tonight) has helped him in the game unlike Dr. Will who never had to win a single one.


Lets not forget dr will played a way tougher game in season 2. They didnt have twist and all that bs, and also there was no veto at all, back when bb was truley about strategy which is how it needs to be. Get. Back to the basics CBS


Am I missing something, trying to watch @ and nothing is happening.


With the AG edit so far on the live show, Dan’s goin’ straight to San Quentin after BB14, to serve 25 years to life!!!!!!!


How do you get the streaming to work? All I see is the commercial.

Dan's part time bible


Shane Votes to Evict ?
Danielle Votes to Evict ?
Dan Votes to Evict ?
Jenn Votes to Evict ?

Jenn is not on the block.

The One Who Fertilizes Dreams

Hey Frank: If you ever have a dream again, just give me a call so I can fertilize all over it.
Now, let me get to mistin’ while you get to steppin…..

Zingbot Fan

At least he still has the carrot suit.


Frank that was a damn good speech


LMFAO @ the vote to evict Shane’s hair


FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRANK IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The show will now SUCK!!!!

Dan the Man

Does Ian still have his pandoras box veto power?


No, He chose not to use it when Dan was on the block


oooo shit jenn could win an HOH


Better not be another lame double eviction.


now let’s see what kind of man Dan will be……will he be loyal or will he put up the biggest players…..Ian, Shane, Danielle?


Ian is his only choice, with Joe as the target.


Frank? Gone. I hope he realizes his mistake in saving Dan. What a bitter pill. Knowing that now, it’s going to make the result even harder.

I will say that Dan made a mistake. He should have voted for Frank to stay. Now Frank knows he voted him out. Jury vote..if Dan makes final 2…Ciao.

I didn’t like Frank..but..he was a worthy competitor….and now..he looks like a fool. Boogers must be climbing the wall :)

Dan? He got rid of a huge threat. But, it will cost him. I would love to know if Frank had time to say anything. Maybe not. 1 Minute, right?

I do feel sorry for Frank, in a way. He must be crushed. Now, he can empathize with Ashley, Brit, Janelle, Boogie, Jojo, Wil. Brit? Having to be in the house with Ash and Frank. She’ll lose her lovely sense of humour in a flash. I don’t envy her. I really think she’d have a better time if it had been Dan.

Can’t wait to see if Frank spewed. Lucky Dan if he didn’t. The Mist continues……….:(


Feel sorry foir Brit??? Please, she’ll be fine, she’s a BITCH!!!

Head of Household

CMWOJJJ, let me say you have the absolute WORST judge of character on this site. If anyone is a bitch in the house, it is hypocritical DANIELLE and the show didn’t start sucking when Frank left (In fact it will become more enjoyable) however it got AWFUL whren Brit left.

Zingbot Fan

Thanks for getting rid of Frank APPREESH!


Damn Joe and Ian? Dan just slicin Dreams left from right… Cold Blooded


odds are now 99.9% that shane is gay

Frank's Dirty Rug

Out the door Frank! And for all you crazy die-hard Frank supporters:

Winning competitions alone does not win you this game. It’s Big Brother, not the Olympics. All previous winners had some sort of social game that allowed their fellow house guests to warrant keeping them around. Even Dr. Will, who’s personality was downright caustic, avoided winning HOH like the plague. As a result, the house guests saw value in keeping him, because he was perceived as a low-threat. Frank wanted people to understand he was a threat, he verbalized it during his trash talk to Ian during the last live double eviction, and he’s shown it in his actions around the house (as Janelle pointed out in the beginning of the season, “who does push-ups like that?”)

Frank was a bully, he was loud, he was self-righteous, he was arrogant, he was hypocritical. He went home.


So Dan won HOH and Ian won POV. I tell ya the way Ian was acting you’d think he won Big Brother. I can’t stand his attitude of “I have all the power”



It’s about time that Ian was put on the block




YES YES YES Ian….you go little man!!


If Ian or Joe win POV, Shane goes up. Danielle gets her revenge for him not snogging her…….and out he goes. Sick.


To all of you who WHINED that the show was rigged for Frank, I guess you were WRONG. It looks like it’s rigged for Ian, that POV was custom made for him!!!!! At first I didn’t want Dan to win since he’s won before, but since the rest of the house are all a bunch of morons, GO DAN!!!

Zingbot Fan

Frank who?

Boogie's Huge Forehead

You mean you’re still going to watch now that your heartthrob is gone? I’m surprised. I thought for sure you’d be following Frank to the jury house. Aren’t you going to miss the smell of his jock?


wow Ian won POV
DAN WILL PUT WHO FOR THE Replacement Nomination

Jen W

Can someone clue me in on what Dan is doing? I’d be so bad at this game. I don’t get it LOL help me



Zingbot Fan

Way to go Ian!


Danielle on the block now? my new nick name for Dan is “Cold Blooded”


Why didn’t Dan backdoor Shane??? Joe’s harmless!


Dan didn’t have the votes to backdoor Shane. Dani and Ian would of saved Shane over Joe. The only member of the Quack Pack that could of lost the eviction vote was Ian, but he won the POV.


I wonder if anyone will turn on Danielle. I kinda hope so. It would be interesting.

Lizzy B.

Danielle is stupid. She needs to stop taken everything personal. Dan put her on the block to make sure joe goes home.


No he nominated her cause he wants to make sure if Jenn flukes out an HOH he has a chance of not getting put up. Joe was gone regardless.


And Danielle can be manipulated by Dan and once he “mists” her she will not only not put him on the block of she wins hoh but she also won’t vote him out of he is nominated… It is kind of rediculous how easy she is to control but that is what this game is all about.


You are very right, that’s exactly why he did it. However, he took a shot at Ian by putting him up and he missed. Ian if he didn’t realize it before, now realizes Dan is the major threat; however, Ian lost an ally in Joe. Ian doesn’t have any true allies in the house. Jenn is with Dan and Dani. Dani is with Dan and Jenn, and depending how she feels about Shane at the time, may be with him. Shane is with Dani and trying to catch a ride with Dan. Ian is the only one loyal to the idea of the Quack Pack. If he wins HOH tonight, he is going to try to evict Jenn, that’s a bad move. His target should be Dan. However, Dan has covered himself, even if he goes on the block, he has he votes to get off the block. Dan has nullified the power of HOH.


I agree, Frank and Joe’s exits were fairly classy. Sure Frank was mad but he held it together…Danielle on the other hand gets nominated and she is freaking out. You could hear her “Ian? Shane? Shane?” close to a meltdown..crazy girl is going to need some mental help once the show is over.





Honey Dew Boo Boo Child

I’m on the west coast, and was unable to see the program on tv. I’m so glad to be able to visit this site to get the latest info. Thank you Dawg and Simon!! I’m not surprised Dan won HOH. He always starts winning comps towards the end. I’m not rooting for Dan, but he is clever and crafty. He replaced nom with Danielle. That’s brilliant. What better way to “confirm” and convince the other HGs that he and Danielle aren’t playing together? Can someone tell me please: Did Frank “out” Dan on his way out? I hope so.


Simon/Dawg – can we evict screamers here like the house just evicted Joe?


WOW Dan has finally screwed up and in a HUGE way. He just signed his death warrant and I will be shocked if he doesn’t leave next week. Why in the world would he not throw the HOH to his 2 CLOSEST allies Jenn/Danielle??? They were in no way going to even consider nominating him.

And if that wasnt bad enough then he does the STUPIDEST thing he could possibly do and Replace Ian with the super emo Danielle!! Is he insane?? That chick cant handle it it as a pawn and Dan will regret it next week.

Soooo bad on his part–I’m surprised.


I disagree. Danielle was the most surefire way to ensure Joe went home. After she’s done crying, Dan’s misting powers will soothe her over.


Are you kidding that was probably his best move he could have made. He knew he wanted joe gone putting jen up would only piss her off and it would come back to bite him because he would lose her trust,shane was to big of a risk that people would see him as a threat and vote to keep joe he knew that everyone loves dani and both shane,jen and ian would keep her and he also knew that out of everyone dani was the most likely to forgive him. Dani was his only way out and next week everyone is still on his side and he hasn’t burnt any bridges or show anyone who he is working with. Dani and dan have made it look like they are not working together so well this only played into to that and will work into the favour.


Dans mistake was NOT throwing the POV to Dani or Jenn.. He’s got way too much dirt on his hands.. All the dirt from the 4 evictions falls back on him once they start talking in Jury.. And it wasn’t nice, strategic evictions as he’d have you think.. Joe and Ashley were NIL threat and Brit and Frank got done dirty.. He’s a write off for the 500k..


I think he burned one bridge, and that’s with Ian. I think Ian realized there was a big chance he was going home if he lost POV. Ian doesn’t have any deal with Jenn. Dan had already identified Ian as his toughest competitor and discussed with Dani about getting rid of Ian, it was the perfect setup; however, Ian ruined the plan..he won. Now, how will Ian respond if he wins HOH?


One of Dan most special BB gifts is making good, quick decisions. Danielle as the replacement nom for Ian was perfect. NO way Shane/Jenn vote her out, Jenn City would’ve and never forgotten it, so Dan saves his alliance with Jenn. And it also preserves the fact that Dan/Danielle aren’t “together” in the eyes of the house. He’s a frickin’ genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well said Jim, well said!!!


There was also no way that Ian would vote out a Quack Packer before Joe. Putting up Danielle GAURATEED his target went home 3-0.

If he would have put up Jenn as everyone expected then there was a VERY good possiblity that Shane and Ian would have voted her out. If he would have put up Shane, Jenn might have voted for Shane to go and Ian might go off reservation and take out Shane too. And who knows what Danielle would have done. Is she could be mad enough at Shane at the moment to evict him.

You are right. Genius!


But now Ian is going to wonder why he was nominated instead of Jenn. (at least I hope he thinks about that and sees that Dan can’t be trusted.) Not putting up Jenn made it pretty obvious that he has something with her. The fact Jenn stayed off the block should be the red flag for Shane and especially Ian.


Exactly! However, Ian is very limited in his moves. Even if he wins HOH tonight, going after Dan is a lose lose position. Dan would have the votes to get off the block and one of his surrogates will come after him. Its to soon to pull the trigger and go after Dan. Ian has to find an ally, Shane is possibility; however Shane has limited mental capacity. He wouldn’t realize that his chances are better going with Ian.


Yes, but is that Dan’s way of getting Jenn out himself? Make it appear how close they are and then they’re put up together and he convinces them (without a POV win) to keep him (as a quack packer) and then gets rid of Jenn with NO DIRT ON HIS HANDS!!! Think like a Danner!!!! <3


Genius for him, sucks for us, since we will now have to deal with the Danielle emotional fallout. We are still hearing about the funeral. We are going to hear about this for years after the show is over.


And to make it worse. . . . . SHE HAS PMS!!!!! OMGosh, God bless those left in that house with HER!!!! <3


Bye bye crotch hands