Big Brother Spoilers – Danielle calls herself “Free Willy” Shane says she’s “Fat Bastard”

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

8:00pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle
Shane been making comments lately that he is getting fat because he hasn’t been able to work out yet. He called himself Chubs.
Danielle: “If you are chubs I am free willy “
Shane: “You are fat bastard”

Play fight for a bit.. Danielle leaves.

8:24pm Kitchen Cam 1-2 Ian and Shane

Ian tells him the competition isn’t this evening. It might be in the middle of the night and if it is he calls Bullshit. Shane hopes it’s not. Ian mentions that during Big Brother 11 they had aliens POV Competition which was suppose to happen at night.

8:54pm Cam 1-4 Cards, Bible reading, Sleeping

9:28pm Cam 1-4 Cards yo Shane jokes around with Danielle says she’s cheating in cards.. Trying to secure her vote with flirtatious banter..

9:39pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Shane Kitchen Shane comments that production is really building something big outside.. He’s been able to hear them in the backyard for the last little bit. Shane adds that he’s been learning the faces on the memory wall. Ian says if the competition is tonight it will be after Showtime is over.. Ian heads back up stairs to listen to some Matt and Kim.

10:11pm Pokemon talk in the kitchen..
Ian: “The chase is the best part”

10:30pm Cam 1-2 Shane and Ian.. (Lots of random things being said tonight.. pretty darn slow on the feeds)
Shanes alliance picks.. Kara, Danielle, Frank and Ian
Ian’s alliance picks.. Shane, Kara, Joe and Frank

10:31 Cam 3-4 Danielle picking at her zits looking for a DPOV (Image Link One . Image Link Two)

10:45pm Bathroom Cam 3-4
Danielle felt liked Jenn was mad at her. Jenn says she wasn’t mad.. she said congratulations to Danielle she said “I don’t want to hear it “ to Dan.
Jenn says Dan has done it again and kept himself off the block.

Jenn: ‘You spent a lot of time with your boy toy after nominations”
Danielle explains that Jenn was heated and Dan went off to clean up. Danielle asks if she’s talked to dan. Jenn says yes he was freaking out. Danielle: “In a good or bad way”.. Jenn: “I don’t want to talk about it.. (PAuse).. He just thinks I don’t trust him”
Danielle: “Do you”
Jenn: “I don’t feel like I can”

Danielle tells Jenn she doesn’t have to worry. Jenn says she sees scenarios that will really benefit them.

10:56pm Dan and Ian were playing Chess Ian gets called into the Diary Room.. Dan creeps around the upstairs. (Image Link)

11:17pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Jenn Jenn hasn’t been with Dan since the beginning she’s not sure where his loyalties are. Danielle tells her that She will not vote out Jenn and she will make certain that Dan votes to Keep Jenn.

11:28pm Cam 1-2 Ian, Dan and Shane

Ian tells him he will throw up if he has to put someone up to replace Jenn. He really doesn’t want it used unless She wins it and uses it on himself.

Shane says Danielle will be pissed if he spends the entire wrap party with Kara. Dan asks Shane if he thinks he would have connected with Kara, he never really got to know her. Shane thinks they would have connected. Dan says that production always tries and cast 4 people that could hook up.

Shane starts telling stories about Joe how he masterbated int he have nots room and was naked for a couple minutes on the feeds.

11:50pm Cam 1-2 HOH Dan, Shane and IAn Dan asks them if they thought Frank had cheated. Ian says apparently production heard Frank walk about it. Dan wants to know what they talked to Willie about.
Shane: “mostly the coaches coming back” Shane thinks that Willie was stuck in the HOH room for 13 days he was getting way too paranoid with the house.
11:55pm Ian tells them about his fight with Frank Ian called him a “Inbred Cow F***er”

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Dan is Anti-Christ

I miss Frank. =(


Ian called Frank an “inbred cow f***ker”!!! ROFLMBO!!!! I hope ole Ian wasn’t hoping for a $500,000 vote with that little comment!!! LMBO!!!!


if it’s first thing in the a.m., ian would have the advantage, wouldn’t he? maybe shane second, dan third. just thinking…


Im thinking its gonna be an early am pov comp since there is gonna be an eviction on wednesday. does anyone know if there is still an eviction on thursday as well?


YES! Eviction Wednesday and another eviction Thursday!! We will have the final three on Thursday of next week!!


that’s what i understood jc to say during the last show. final four will be revealed on wednesday, final three week starts after thursday eviction. finale episode on following wednesday.


Yes, there will be one on Thursday, too.


What all the speculators seem to forget when trying to determine who Dan can beat in the final two, who the jury will vote for, don’t forget he gets to mist them one more time before they vote.


I only see Dan winning if he’s up against Jenn. The jury members aren’t going to want to give Dan another $500,000 if he’s up against Shane, Danielle or Ian but if he’s up against Jenn they’ll almost have to give it to Dan. I can’t see the jury giving $500K to one of the weakest players in this BB season. The only reason why she’s still around is because everyone thinks she is weak.


No you are totally wrong. The jury will only want to give the money to a winner that has played the game well and not hid behind people or been very weak in comps. Dan will beat anyone except someone that has done some big things as well and won a few comps—the only person left that fits that description is Ian. Ian vs Dan in F2 could go either way–all other matchups Dan will win in a landslide. Guaranteed.


@Me.I agree.It’s like the people who think Dan won’t win in final2,have never watched Dan’s season(season10).The jury members in season10,had reasons to not be Dan’s biggest fan.The person who Dan screwed over the worse(Ollie)told the rest of the jury that they shouldn’t be mad at Dan,because he(Dan)played the game the best.If Dan is in the final2 with Danielle or Jenn the jury will have to vote for him to win(unless their a bunch of butt hurt babies),especailly after Dan finish misting the jury members with the questions they will asked him and when he give his final speech.I’m sure Dan is banking on his misting ablities,to help win over the jury.This guy played the best game out of everyone who was and who is still in the house.Dan was 100%walking out the door last week,but he pulled off what is now called the biggest move in the history of Big Brother.So,yeah.Dan deserves to win this season.


I think Dan will win against anyone but Ian. I think Ian would come in first over Dan. But everyone else, I think he would beat


Shane for POV!!!!!!!!!!!

Production, please WARN him HARD to use POV on himself if Father Dan tries to sumbag him by not using the POV
It kills me to see a nice guy getting screwed like that…


Shane’s not the brightest person in the house, but I doubt he’d pull a Marcellas. Especially when he’s sitting next to Jenn, the only useless player left in the game.


Shane needs to win this pov. It’s not only his chance to stay but I think if he’s gone then Ian’s days are numbered.


So, Shane obviously Knows that he is a goner, unless he wins veto! – sad! – TeamDan/dani


I knew I Liked Danielle and Now, I understand why : She is so Mature and Kind beyond her years! .. Shane knows he might be going to jury and Dani is prepared to send him to jury! – So. instead of spending the day with Dan and Ian, having fun.. Danielle spends the entire afternoon/evening hanging out with Shane, playing cards with him and laughing and joking with him. She was taking his mind off of his plight for a short while … and they reconnected as Friends! – Classy, Dani! – TeamDan/dani!

Darranged stalker Danielle

Dani is a nut case… do you see the feeds?

Stank Frank

Classy? This greedy fat skank is after his jury vote. Wake up


Your fanship of Danielle leaves me with no other choice but to assume you have no less than ten cats.




Haha, not quite, crazy cat-ladies love Dan, and hate Dani, just so you’re clear on which side you’re on.

joe's teeth

that comment was as delusional as dani herself… ;)


hard to tell which one of these poor excuse for humans have a brain left in their heads … geeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh .. what a major sucky ending … cant sleep… watch these idiots for a few minutes….lol

Jury was not part of my dream

If Dan is reading the bible he is about to lie or has just screwed someone over.


He is looking for loopholes that allow for game related lies
The book of daniel first chapter first verse states that one absolution will be given for all non truths told in big brother as long as you win


likes this.


I pray that Jenn wins the POV, so Danielle can be sitting next to her fantasy husband Shane on the block. I want to see Danielle crying and losing what’s left of her mind for a couple days. at least having her suffering for a couple a days will give her an excuse for being the most annoying player this BB14 season.

Stank Frank

You sound more delusional then Frank. Dani knows she will beat Shane 2-0. Didn’t you read the script? Now if Shane wins pov & isn’t a compete retard like I think he is & takes himself off the block then the script is flipped.


you’re the one being delusional if you honestly believe Danielle really has a grasp on what’s going on. she knows absolutely nothing. the only thing Danielle been doing all summer is spooning with Shane and having Dan parenting her throughout the game. she’s been relying on other people playing for her this whole time. all I will remember Danielle for this season is, popping zits, eating other people’s HOH food and commenting on how she has a body like Kim Kardashian. she’s one step away from going Amber BB8 crazy.




Every time Dani has been on the block (including Thursday), she pretty much knew she was safe. It never stopped her from going BS crazy.


Long time obb fan this is my first post want to thank Simon and Dawg for my obb daily fix


Omfg I love Ian Sooo much but I don’t think he should be wasting his hoh on jenn..


You clearly have no idea what happens at this point in the game and that it is totally valid and SMART to dump Jenn at this point for Ian. think about his situation if you have the capacity–he is in F4 and can only play POV that Ian MUST win to stay…F4 POV is a mental/memory one…Jenn is clearly better than Shane at mental comps and is possibly equal to Dan/Dani…therefore getting rid of Jenn is best for his game to survive the F4.


Ian “rockin’ retard” Terry thinks he is a big brother villian . he is nothing more than a weasel..its funny how he starts winning hoh competitions when there is less people in the house. at the beginning he was useless..he looks like a simpson character …


Yes danielle you are right, you really are free willy. Maybe if you do win the 500g please do yourself a favor and go get a plastic surgery and a liposuction to shed off some fat.


Wow! What a lame and superficial comment. There isn’t a woman alive that does not have some sort of self-consciousness when it comes to her body. People like you are adding fuel to the fire. I can only assume your are have the perfect human form! Shame on you!

Mr. Man

Well said Chichi! Let;s stick to teh game and leave all the personal s@*t to the people thta actually know these players!


Could not agree more. I mean, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s right. Danielle is both fat and batshit loco, and when I watch the show I can’t stop myself from hoping things don’t work out for her in life because she’s one of the worst (and fattest) human beings who have ever lived, but seriously, guys, let’s have some class and stop getting personal.


I’m not a Dani fan but really you have no class, you live in a sad sad world to speak like that about anyone.


wtf, why did I click those links to pics of Dani, I was eating.

Jenn's panties

LMFAO at that picture of Dan creepin…


Aqua Bernie

I don’t think Danielle can spell caribou. That’s why she is pissed off. And she did cheat in the fast card game. They had only played two games at the time and Dani said they played three, but Shane didn’t even catch on. And by the way Danielle don’t sleep with Shane tonight. Since she is so over him. Give me a break!! I can not stand her! I’d rather see Jenn win.


I had an idea that I will leave to others to decide if it is any good. So you pick 7 returning all stars and 7 newbies. then based on casting info, you pair them up. The night before they enter the house, you introduce them to their partner and tell them they are the twist. That they are being given the chance to meet beforehand, get to know each other, and decide upon a strategy to use this intro to their advantage. Of course they don’t know that the same thing is happening for every veteran and newbie pair at the exact same time, so everybody has an advantage. The rule you give them is that they are not allowed to tell the other players that they have a secret partner.

I think you would get a pair that click and starts running game, I think you get a pair that is oil and water, I think you get a pair that agrees to act as though they don’t get along to try and work all sides of the house, I think you get a showmance pair, etc

Here’s the twist that I think could be fun, but it requires some more cash. You tell the players beforehand that should they reach the final with their partner, they both receive $500K. It could be fun to see who really is able to make the partner deal work since it means you still get the same money and 2 is better than 1 and who might see their partner as dead weight, maybe even aligning unwittingly with two player who are partners and trying to get to the end together.

With a veterans and newbies, the natural inclination is likely to pair off against each other. This is why the partner deals would make for an interesting dynamic in any alliance based on this. Say a veteran learns that all the other vets are targeting his newbie. So he scrambles and tries to get the target on a different newbie, then that newbie’s vet finds out and tries to move the target back. The same will hold true when the newbies hold power and who they target. Will the partner say “screw it” and vote his partner out thinking “Oh well, the twist is over so now I can just play on my own”

Little does he know…

Essentially I think you sew the seeds of dissension in these alliances from the get go and make it more interesting.

But it’s a rough idea, so I’m sure it has holes I’m not seeing.


Not bad.
Doesn’t seem to have any holes,
only one major flaw,
when it’s final two and the partners succeed and make it to the end the Jury can’t vote because they both win 500k..??

I miss the classic BigBro with no veterans.
They should have two bigBrothers every year,
One cast of just newbies and the second series All stars!

They do it in big brother UK,
A cast of all newbies and also Celebrity BigBrother


Yeah I thought about that. I think it’s 50/50 that a pair even makes it…maybe even less. But let’s say it does happen then you just make the finale a reunion show, where the players get to settle scores and review the season.

The only other thing I thought is if the pairs hold up better than anticipated and the show becomes boring and predictable, so maybe when it gets down to 7-5 players, Julie reveals that the partner twist was for everybody (but the non-reveal rule still applies). I think you could see some scrambling and some teams will appear obvious, thereby painting a target on their back or maybe the pairs all try to figure out which player is the one without a partner (the reveal has to happen with an odd number of players) so he/she can be made the perfect ally to work with going forward. Maybe this person was previously the house outcast. Maybe the more hidden partnership tries to create the impression that they are really the single.

Say that 2 pairs in a four person alliance have taken control of the house and are rolling through everybody, but when the partners are revealed do they suddenly see that they’re interests no longer align and are quick to try and turn on each other or do they stick together, each looking to backdoor at he earliest oppotunity to isolate and make the surviving partner dependent on them or do they decide to play it straight up and get to the final four, then the veto winner will decide which partners get a shot at a half-million a piece.


Too MTV. Just put 12 or how ever many new players in the house. Seriously. No. More. Veterans.


I like it, Bobsky. There could also be two teams that stumble unwittingly into a four person alliance with each team thinking how easy it will be to pick off the other two in their alliance. Call it the Flak Pact.


Sadly this idea has already been done with one exception. Season 6 started with all newbies with a secret partner and if that pair were to make it to the end then they would win $500,000 each. The twist was figured out pretty early in the game and pairs were broken up fast. Remember, these people are not actors.

The only difference is the vet idea.


I thought season six was the premise that they knew each other somehow in the real world, but my memory is not the greatest?

See my idea is having the vet with his/her reputation likely being known by the partner having watched the show, but aside from that, they absolutely do not know each other in any way. None of the goofy high school enemies, exes, unknowingly having the same dad, etc. And just as important no baggage.

You just put the strangers together for a few hours the night before. It could go any way. You could have the extent of the partnership being not targeting each other and maybe looking out for trouble or they might even think working together presents too much of a risk early, so they work on their own and see where things stand after a few weeks. Do their strategies align? Do they even trust each other enough to have an honest conversation? Giving them a few hours before entering the house will decide a lot.

I too like a brand new cast, but this is a ratings business so if vets bring the numbers then that’s just reality.

I thought last year was a cool idea with horrendous execution. Being alumni means all the vets had likely met before or at least had an immediate commonality, which needed to be tempered in some way (that they were pairs themselves only made it worse).

americas player eric

Dan and Ian are the.only.ones. who are actually playing big brother so if one of them don’t win I’ll shoot my brains out I would’ve liked to see.Frank /Dan final two because Dan would’ve won easily.Dan vs. Anyone left in the house he will win so its ob
vious someone will see that him out prolly Ian he’s the least Mister at this point Jen a.close 2nd

americas player eric



Thank John Turturro no one (besides me) replied to this malarkey.


Expect the unexpected… Frank wins this weeks POV in the production’s biggest twist ever

Aqua Bernie

I agree Simon, but Shane can’t catch on of why Dani is hanging with Jenn. Come on!


agree Simon!!! Where’s Shane that I know before?
If he could pull this veto, it’s official he won the most POV this season <3


if ian would put dan up, i would agree. but you know danielle will be the replacement nom, either way, as a pawn…


I’m so tired of Dan. His stupid mist and his claim of how he is a “different person” outside this house. Psh yeah right, did anyone see the way he was talking to Ian last night during the double evict episode? “IAN GET OVER HERE” I think he told Jenn to “GET OVER HERE” as well. Dan is a douche no questions about it. The only way Ian can truly break through the mist is if Shane gets evicted which would suck. I don’t understand how Ian didn’t break through the mist after Dan NOMINATED him. Come on Dr. Ian Terry you’re better than that! I hope A) Shane wins veto and fucks up Dan’s dream final 3 B) Jenn wins veto (yeah right) and finally C) I hope Ian wins out takes Dan to the final AND beats him. That’d be awesome.

Aqua Bernie

Dan is a douche, even though i hate that word. But it seems to be the popular word this season.


Yeah I noticed that and it’s not the first time,
Dans true colors come through in pressure cooker moments.


oh he is a freak! trust me.
how is he a different person outside? oh please! give me a break!
Jessie said it once that he didn’t even go to church on sunday
Boogie even said “I have a life outside. I am not a freak like him (“Father Dan”)”
BELIEVE ME He’s what you see on TV
That’s why Renny doesn’t even cara about him anymore.


CP3, I feel ya. Seems like a ton of posters here are bummed about the non-Dan HG’s lack of brainpower. Please – try out for BB! We’d then have much smarter HGs in the house next time, right? CP3, I have high blood pressure. Doc taught me not to sweat the small stuff. I love BB. AG makes the rules. If she doesn’t DQ a HG, then what they do to try to win BB must be considered “legal”. Why should what the HGs say in BB about their real lives matter to me? If they’re jerks, that’s their problem. I have enough flaws myself to worry about whether other people “do the right thing” or not. I might not like it, but did Dan, for example, “cross the line” in his BB game? I guess not, because AG didn’t DQ him. I don’t know one person who likes being told what to do/not do by somebody else. So I don’t give out “unwanted advice”. Live and let live. Karma’s a bitch, I say. Dan’s actions are on Dan’s head, not ours. I liked Frank a lot, when he’s wasn’t angry. I also value loyalty. When my BB faves get done dirty, I’m bummed. But we’ve all had that happen, right? Frank’s game had some holes, though, that didn’t help him in BB14. I’m so happy he finally got to be on, after 3 years trying. I bet he’ll eventually look back on his overall BB experience fondly. I think we choose our personal faves based on who we each best relate to/identify with. My boss when I was 19 said to me, “The real world is a chess game. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to. But to eventually get to a ‘good place’, you must play. Just one thing is needed to win. Smarts. Because no one can teach a person ‘smart’. Either you are or you aren’t.” I believe every HG is givin’ us all they got, CP3. Do I wanna scream into my TV and help them? Constantly. Dan didn’t get put up by Ian after Dan put up Ian because he knew what “Ian Button” to push. His “BB historian/legacy button.” As soon as DE was over, Dan told Ian (who he’s already convinced is his “BB14 Memphis”) “you took being put up FAR better than Memphis did!” THAT’S what Dan’s mist is. Smarts. Dan has a soothing, reasonable, logical “I was still with you every second” answer, for everything he does to anybody. Dan rarely gets “BB revenge” aimed towards him, because Dan’s rarely found to be guilty of the “earlier crime” (like putting Ian up), until it’s then too late to hurt Dan in the game. Is it like him robbin’ a bank and not leavin’ fingerprints? Maybe. I hope BB finds more like him.


Well said sir. I have no problem with the way Dan is playing I mean he is the puppeteer of the house right now against less intelligent people, it just bothers me that he is constantly preaching how he is not like this outside this house yet I believe that is a lie.


Dan has this locked up unless Ian wins next weeks POV. Dan knows that if he takes Danielle (the turd) to final 2, he’s rich again. And “the turd” is stupid enough to take him instead of Jenn or Shane.
Shanes dumbass thinks that taking Dan to the finals is a good idea too. Because he’s never seen a finale, he thinks the jury votes strictly on how many HOH’s and POV’s you’ve won. He is becoming turd#2. But he is gone this week anyways if he doesn’t win veto anyways. Because Dan has “the turd” wrapped around his pinky.


Simon do you hate me??
So wrong for the Jenn panty shot. My eyes will never be the same. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I just want to go back, back to the person I was before I saw that. Please. For the love of humanity you have got to never do that to us again




Are you sure those are panties and not just her crunch??
Looks like the same color as the buzzed side of her head.
(Btw crunch is a term used on BB Uk for snatch lol)

Pliney the Elder

Those of us that hate Dan’s ruthless lying and egomaniacle DR sessions and Danielle’s delusional guiltless gameplay can only hope that when Ian and Shane are in jury house with Joe, Britt, Frank and Ashley comparing notes and able to talk for hours about who told who what lie.. that they will all figure out dan might have been BB’s best manipulator but that he doesn’t deserve 500 g’s for being a douche. Then they award it to whoever made it to 2nd spot… If not.. 4 weeks from now when one of them starts reading the recaps and realizes how everyone was played for a giant sucker.. well then they will hate dan..hate BB and maybe the cast of BB15 will learn from this cautionary tale.
Britt warned him that she was going to remember his callous cold blooded betrayal… she will lead the campaign to deny him the money. he doesn’t deserve it.


Geez, I never thought that anyone would ever lie or manipulate to win Big Brother. What a horrendous idea. Next you are going to tell me that Big Brother isn’t a show were the person with the most wins a competitions wins. That would be awful. I really don’t understand what a jury is for in this game. Maybe they are the ones who plan the party for the person who wins the most competitions. Heaven for bid that they are there to decide who played the best game based on a combination of guts, determination and gile. And please don’t tell me that this game isn’t a popularity contest either, that whoever wins the most competitions isn’t the most popular because the deserve to be arrogant and condesending to the others (especially if that player has tried for years to get on the show).

So, just to recap, Big Brother is not about:
1 lying
2 decieving
3 backstabbing

Any of these actions automatically disqualify the player from winning the game.

The only things that matter in the game are:
1 Competitions
2 Popularity
3 Having a dream to win Big Brother (and no one should ever sh!t on that dream)

I hope I have made my sarcastic point.

Rob C

Poor Ian. Should have put Dan on the block. If Jenn goes Shane, Dan and Danielle keep working together. If Shane goes then Dan, Jenn and Danielle keep working together. If DAN goes, Ian has a CHANCE to work with Jenn or Shane. His only shot not to be on the bottom of the totem poll and everybody’s target next week was to get rid of Dan this week. Even getting rid of Dan he might still be 4th in the pecking order but any other eviction besides Dan guarantees you 4th in the pecking order. Ian is not as bright as people make him out to be.


Ian knows Big Brother but doesn’t do well with strategy.


I use to like Shane, but how soon u think he notices he is the last on the totem pole for quackpack/

My guess 2 weeks LOL, which is what I H8 about shane….


I miss Frank to, but we have what we have…..I hope Shane steps up but if he doesnt understand he is last on the quackpack list, I have NO hope for him..


Ian's Armpit Hair

I’m still trying to figure out how a so-called “super fan” like Ian is still so playing with his heart and not his mind. For him to have so much faith in weasel Dan and be manipulated like a puppet is mind-blowing! You go after Jen when the real alliance of Dan, Danielle, and Shane would piss all over you. Thanks for living up to that old stereotype that people with brains lack common sense.

DeMistify Ian

If Dan n Dan vote out Shane instead of Jenn, Ian is going to FLiiiiippppp Out.
He is dead set on the “Quack Pax” going to the final 4.
Here’s a thought, Shane goes home, Ian is pissed, sets up a deal w/Jenn,
Dan n Dan go up on the block, Dan gets voted out, So now its Ian, Jenn, Danielle F3
Danielle can’t play because her brain walked out the door to jury house, she will loose it.
Shane gone …Dan gone…Jenn pissed…= Danielle melt down
So Jenn n Ian end up F2
needless to say …… Ian gets the W

PS Dawg movin up in the poles ….Shane leaves u’ll b no.3 … not bad
Simon…..that was inhuman ….. u must b really bored if u r spending that much time lookin up at Jenn
something u want to tell us buddy? lol

the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

shane is a jerk, he act like a lil kid who learned a new swear word, all he does is cuss while playing cards, very annoying


How will this week play out?

Jenn / Shane on Block
Shane wins POV – He may for some reason get misted by dan to not use it?
Jenn Goes still / Not sure?
Shane does use POV then who goes up Dani or Dan? (most likely Dani after Dan mist IAN)
In that case Jenn Goes for sure! Done deal Even if Dan did go up I think Jenn would still go.
Jenn wins POV – She will use it for sure,
Who goes against Shane? Dani most likely (after some misting)
Shane goes home :(
What are your thoughts?

Dan and Dani seems safe this week to me after all he is misting up the house!


All those who think Dan doesn’t deserve to win because of his cold callous, betrayal and scheming ways….well…..THAT’S THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL!! That…and a bit of luck in winning competitions….gets you to the end. And it doesn’t matter who gets to the end…if Dan gets there he deserves to win and I don’t care if he already won it before. That’s even more reason why he would deserve it…he is good enough a t the game to be the winner. Guess its obvious I’m a Dan fan.


I enjoy reading the comments more than what is actually going on inside the bb house. It’s funnier and more interesting!


I hope Danielle is serious when she tells Jenn that she’ll vote to keep her. Nothing against Shane but I’m rooting for a Dan vs. Ian finale and Shane definitely stands in the way. Ian is everyone’s number one target next week but what’s the likelihood that Jenn will win HOH? Squat. Especially since it’ll probably be a physical competition. We’re overdue because the last few comps were endurance and mental. What’s the likelihood that Shane will win a physical comp? DING DING DING! Shane’s a nice guy but he’s gotta go.


I could have swarn that during the coach BUTTON was push, Julie said “someone being granted back into the house” if it’s push.
I have it recorded on my DVR and she does say that!!! anyone not getting this??….did Product drop the ball or it’s an option thing for them to do???


as much as Danielle is so stupid for thinking the guys in the house like her (esp. Shane), come on, Shane is very stupid for thinking he has something (or could have something) with Kara….he is still talking about her all these weeks later, i am sure he is not a blip on her radar, i am sorry for posting this irrelevant comment, but it always truly surprises me when people have such little self-awareness or understanding of things, though it shouldn’t


Danielle calls herself “Free Willy” Shane says she’s “Fat Bastard”

The jokes make themselves up…

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

What I don’t get is Dan keeps mentioning how he is swearing on bibles, his wedding ring, the cross, WHATEVER he swears on because he needs to go what he needs to do for his family. He needs to be a complete moral less douchebag for his family. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to win half a million dollars, sacrifice my morals for it, ummm no. Did Dan sqander the money he won just a few short years ago? Are him and his wife jobless? Does someone have an illness and huge medical bills to cover? Are they homeless in Michigan?

My guess is it has nothing to do with a desperate need for his family, this is his manipulative “politically correct” answer so he looks like a decent guy when the real reason is he has a sociopathic need to be considered THE BEST BB PLAYER EVER. He wants to try to one up Dr. Will. However, he can’t say that. That wouldn’t jive with his perceived image of himself and is not a “politically correct” answer. He shows no remorse for any of the things he does.

I to be honest didn’t really even remember him when the coaches came in. I didn’t remember he won or anything, but when I went back to look at the season, and then it all came back to me about him being judas and all. I didn’t like him then, and I still don’t. I did of course remember the other coaches.

Frank's Dirty Rug

If you’re playing a game that revolves around manipulation and deception, and you take someone at their word simply because they swore on something, regardless of what that something is, you deserve to go home. Period. Dan’s playing the game, and besides Ian, he’s the only one left in the house with any game whatsoever.

Dae Yum Yum

Dan makes me want to throw up everytime I see that pip squeak skulking around, that sneaky, Psychotic, SOB!


Danielle has turned into one fat and ugly bitch. I wonder if shane is going to like her after the show, once he realizes she’s been (throwing him under the bus for Dan)? Hopefully he’ll realize, that he’s better off letter her graze in the pasture.