Dan tells the Quack Pack, thank you for trusting me. Ian says one of us is winning $500,000!

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Dan Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
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Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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7:05pm When the live feeds come back, Ian is in the arcade room with Danielle. He hugs her and tells her that one of us just won a half million dollars. Shane and Ian are talking by the kitchen. Shane says it happened exactly how we wanted it to. Shane wonders if the HOH competition will be tonight. Ian says he hopes it’s like the one Dan had in his season, the one where you have to answer the days of the events in the house.


7:10pm Shane goes to talk to Dan in the kicks room and he says thanks for not putting him up. Shane says I appreciate it. Dan asks Shane not to tell anyone about their alliance. Shane says that he won’t tell anyone. Ian comes in and Shane leaves. Dan tells Ian that they need to vote Shane out. Dan says that he will lock Danielle in a room for 24 hours just to get her to vote out Shane. Dan tells Ian not to say anything to Shane. Dan and Ian pinky swear. Dan tells Ian that he took that way better than Memphis did. Ian tells him that it’s just a game. Dan asks if Jenn is crying. Ian says yeah. Dan says that she just lost her biggest supporter in the game. Ian says that he will talk to her.


7:20pm – 7:30pm Dan and Danielle are in the kicks room talking. Dan asks if Danielle is mad at him? She says no. Dan says that he had to put her up because she had the votes, he says that he didn’t know about Ian. Dan asks why Jenn is crying, I should have put her a** up. Danielle says she just needs a minute leave her alone for a bit. Dan and Danielle are trying to think about what they will tell the others about why he put up Danielle instead of Jenn. They say that he will say it had to do with Joe commenting about Danielle and Shane being in an alliance. Dan says he will say he panicked because of it. Dan says it needs to be me, you and her at the end. Danielle asks what she should say to Jenn about Dan putting her up. Dan tells her not to explain it but to just tell her that I talked to you about putting you up. Dan says it will be alright, you’ve got to reel her in.


Ian, Shane and Danielle are in the kitchen talking. Ian says at least if I did go home tonight, I would have gone home in my Sunday’s best! Shane talks about how he only got one question right during the competition. He asks how Danielle knew so much. Danielle says I don’t know. Ian comments that he never thought he would see Franks face on the memory wall blacked out.


7:40pm – 8:05pm Dan comes out of the kicks room and asks are we all on track here now. He asks for the finale are we all on track. Ian says yeah. Dan tells the Quack Pack, thank you for trusting me. Ian says one of us is winning $500,000! We can’t let Jenn win this HOH. Ian explains that they have the votes in the jury house; one of us is winning this. They talk about Dan getting photos and a letter from his wife Chelsea. The conversation turns to talking about the answers to the HOH competition. Dan asks if Jenn said anything. Shane says she said she wanted to burn this mothaf***er down. They talk about how they have the votes to get Jenn out. Dan asks if Frank said anything when he wanted out. Ian says he didn’t say anything to me, low class, not a class act. They talk about how shocked Frank was when the vote came back 3-1. Shane says now we are going to have to cook for ourselves. Ian talks about all of them, the quack pack up in the HOH room and revealing it to Jenn by all quacking. He says just like the Brigade to Britney. Dan asks can you believe you are still here? Ian says oh no, I thought I was going to be the first person evicted when Julie said there was going to be a double eviction. Danielle comments that she can hear them building out in the backyard. Dan says my hats off to you Ian for founding the quack pack. Ian says if we make it one more round we will have made it longer than the brigade. Danielle, Shane and Ian start studying the events of the house just in case for the upcoming HOH competition. Dan says that he is going to go lay down. Jenn comes out of the diary room and says s**tty, s**tty day! Dan then gets called into the diary room.


Danielle is in the kitchen cleaning dishes and putting them away. Shane is making something to eat. Meanwhile, Ian is pacing around the stereo room holding his HOH letter. He is mumbling to himself. He then grabs his snake and says it’s my f**king bed now. He goes into the kicks bedroom and says claimed! He continues pacing around and then says I feel like I just won the super bowl! I did that s**t son! Thanks Brit, guided me through that one!


8:30pm – 8:37pm Danielle is talking to Jenn in the stereo room. Jenn says that it just shows me that he must have some sort of deal with Shane! Danielle says that she will sleep in here with Danielle if that proves anything. Jenn says no that’s alright. Danielle tells Jenn that she did so good. Danielle says that she is so scared that the rest of the comps will be puzzle and that Ian will get them all. She says that Shane can’t do those. Jenn talks about how Frank knew at that point and he looked at her. Jenn says that she is trying to control her anger and that if she loses it she will get thrown out of here. Danielle tells her that no one knows why you are upset they think you are upset about Frank leaving. Jenn says that she is too. She says that she doesn’t know who to trust. If I win HOH its going to be hell fire! Danielle asks what for me? Jenn says no. Why didn’t he tell me he was going to do that s**t. Danielle says he didn’t tell me till right before. Danielle says you are still here and you aren’t going anywhere no matter what. Jenn says I hope so. Danielle says that if Ian wins he might put up Dan and Shane. Jenn says that if she wins she will put up Ian. Danielle says we made it to the top 5, we beat out 11 other people! Danielle gets Jenn to give her a hug and says no matter what you have to believe me! Jenn says I believe you.


8:37pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA… The second HOH competition is most likely be happening right now..

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147 thoughts on “Dan tells the Quack Pack, thank you for trusting me. Ian says one of us is winning $500,000!

  1. Sad to see Joe go.. he represented like 2/3 of my posts.. HAHA

    Team powerhouse 4 life :(

    we’ll have a funeral this weekend with a bottle of sailor jerry ..

    1. I agree 100% I was rooting for Tugboat Johnson to take it to the end. Don’t really care who wins as long as it’s not Ian

    2. are ya gonna grow a little soul patch on your chin? and you need to haul some bricks – oh and don’t wash your hands – LOL!
      I was really hoping he’d put Shane up & get him out first – oh well… at least he was already packed. They should’ve played his goodbye messages since the houseguests taped them and all….

        1. I expect images of the celebration of Powerhouse! LOL!! In fact, maybe a trubute post to Powerhouse – a best of moments!

    1. If Dan is that stupid to try and keep jenn in the game he will not be taken to the end if she wins with her girl crush she will take Danielle. Wake up Dan that will be ur fatal mistake remember u can’t play like last time she is not jerry u and Danielle will have to earn it to make it.

    2. I want Ian and Dan in final with Ian winning. I just don’t want Danielle anywhere near final 3 I think she would hang on a nail for Dan but he won’t for her but she is the blind one I think she beats no one but jenn out of the people left in final 2

      1. nah, i think if dani makes final 2 against anyone she wins. dan, shane, frank, and jenn will all vote her over ian. dan’s probably not getting any of the four people currently on the jury’s votes. shane only has a chance at britney, joe and maybe ashley or frank, but i think frank’d vote dani over shane. and ian, dan, britney, and shane will all vote dani over jenn.

  2. Simon, Do you think Ian and Shane have any sense that despite the alliance, this HOH is important for them to win individually or are they totally misted?

  3. YAY! Ian is still in this. I am sad to see Joe go though…he was seeing through Dans mist…which made him too dangerous to stay around…

  4. wow, what a night. i was wondering wth Dan was doing. really i don’t know what his plans are. thinking he is trying to keep all his bases covered just hope it works out for him. nobody has worked this hard at the game. can you imagine what it takes to play all these angles? boy, does he have a beautiful wife, love the way he speaks about her. one lucky woman. what i love about dan the most is that when he has coversations with other people, he is interested, whether it be about pokeman or ian’s condition. he doesn’t just talk game but gets to know people. brittany did the same thing when having conversations but she could get negative. i remember danielle complaining about ian and dan wouldn’t engage he just stated to danielle, ian is young and doesn’t know any better. i hope dan’s wife kicks boogie in the %&%(. but she is probably better than that. wish them the best and they should be on the amazing race!!!

    1. I agree that is the one thing that I like about dan and brittney. They both got to know all the players not just one or two and seemed sincerely interested in their stories. I do want Dan to win but just do not see how he can keep all the wheels spinning for the next two weeks but we will see. Could not believe how Danielle was crying when she was put on the block with Joe. Seriously she had to know why Dan did it was because she was never ever going home but any other way Joe may have been saved because Ian and Jenn both had final two deals with Joe. Love Ian though and really hope it is Ian and Dan as final two. They have really worked the hardest playing the game.

    2. I see Dan misting some people on here. Dan doesn’t care about Ian’s condition. Believe me 99.9999% of what Dan does and says in this game is to better himself and to get the money to win this game. Give me a break if people can’t see that.

      1. Did you figure that out all by yourself? DUH. You can gain a persons trust by getting them to talk about themselves and acting interested in what they are saying, you know acting like you really give a crap, even when you don’t. May not be nice but it good game play when you want to win $500,000.

  5. Technically no Ian they didn’t trust I think his name was Matt anymore so that’s why he didn’t make it to the final 4 so he was in a sense kicked out of the Brigade. BRIGADE > quack pack.

    1. I think Ian knows that the Brigade was a better alliance, he was just trying to make the case that this alliance should stick together (if for no other reason than to keep Ian safe until the final 4). As soon as Ian was placed on the block he had to realize he was going to have to fight to stay int the game and say what ever needs to be said to help him to the next stage.

      1. hopefully he has enough sense to realize dan was taking shot to try and get him out, so now he needs to give dan a taste of his own medicine.

  6. Dan is in a good spot this week with everyone taking him to Final 2. And Frank, just like deja vu. Last time he was on the block against Joe he survived the blindside, and now up against Joe again this time he didn’t survive. I guess some things are meant to be.
    At this point Dan should win this thing. I’d like to see Shane gone.

      1. But he likely has the votes against anybody except Danielle, hence the brilliance of nominating her and reinforcing a fracture.

        He needs to get Jenn calmed down though and I wouldn’t necessarily trust Danielle to do it…

  7. Welcome to two weeks of boredom and a finale. Has to be the most disinteresting alliance I have ever seen in BB history. No one has the balls to backstab or backdoor anyone besides Dan. Start writing that check.

  8. Dan and Ian for final 2… that’s the most exciting pairing for final 2… bb should just pull out the other house guests in the middle of the night and hold the finale this week!

  9. Hell yeah..Jenn ftw! She stayed loyal to Frank and I like that. I hate dirty people…..hopefully she put up Shane and Dan. Make Danielle pick one. Be smart! Remember Dan turned on you and Frank basically. Do it Jenn city!

  10. Cannot decide if I want Jenn to win or to see her get evicted just to watch these people turn on each other & eat their own.

    Quack Pack??? I agree with Brit that name is embarrassing… “Can you tell me how to get… how to get to Sesame Street”? (that song pops in my head EVERY time I hear quack pack)

    So… Jenn is obviously the next victim… how boring… may not watch much this week, but WHO will be the first from the quack to bite the dust???

    Dan reminds me of the worms that come out of the ground when it rains alot… would love to see him shriveled up on the BB house driveway!


  12. Is it weird that I’m supporting Jenn now? It would give me the greatest joy to see her win HoH and flip the house upside down. Imagine all the drama!

    My real question is: why aren’t these idiots teaming up and blindsiding Dan? It would be 4 vs. 1. -______- if only I was in that house.

    1. Because none of them have a brain!!! They came on bb for a vaction not to win 500,000 where did bb get this people? Please get some people next year who can think for themselves.

    2. My feelings exactly. I don’t blame you! Right now, I think Jenn is the closest one to breaking free from the mist. She’s pissed at Dan and that fire could lead her to put him up. Her winning HOH would be IDEAL for me. I want to root for Ian, but he appears to STILL be drinking Dan’s kool-aid.

      Shane, Ian, or Jenn need to wake up and turn things around. If not, they might as well write the check in Dan’s name.

  13. Dan is great at this game…… but swearing on a bible might just be the lowest, dirtiest moves in BB history.

    The Catholic School Teacher stabbed a man in his back not even one week after swearing his allegiance to him on a Bible. That’s dirty folks. Dirty! Taking BB to a whole new level of DIRTY!

  14. I wonder if Dan would have told Danielle and Jenn to vote out Ian if he didn’t win the veto. I’m pretty sure Ian would of got the boot if he lost not Joe what does everyone else think?

  15. Dan has a legit final 2 deal with everyone in the house, unless it blows up on him he appears golden for at least final 2 and at this point how could u vote against him winning….maybe ian has played as well but none of the others have done sh*t. its a shame Joe wont be masturbating on the live feeds tonight, he’ll be blowing loads all over the jury house

  16. Dan should be thanking Ian for saving him this past HOH. If Ian had not won this past HOH and had been evicted out this week, Dan would have been right out the door following him. Everyone wanted to kick Dan out this past week. They were just waiting for the opportunity. Too bad Dan lets his ego get in the way to realize that out of everyone left in the house, Ian is the only one would would honor a F2 with him. I do not think even Jenn would take him if given a choice.

    I hope Ian does not get to comfortable and keeps watching his back. Hope he realizes that while the crowd cheered for his POV win, the HGs were slow to congratulate him and were upset that he won.

    Ian for the win.

      1. Definitely TIFL. Damn it I want Dan and Ian F2, but it doesn’t look good. But I’m proud the kid snatched a POV and Dan an HOH. It’s a shame what happened to Powerhouse…I know you backed him all the way, Simon :)

        Simon and Dawg-Thanks for this site-It freaking rocks.

  17. The show just got lame. Franks out and now the quack pack will just bully jen out. Frank was the only one who deserved to win. I hope frank rallies people in the jury house to vote against the rat ian and the remaining liars of the house.

  18. Shane’s in danger!!!
    Hope Shane could pull another HOH this week….
    Praying please God!
    I don’t care whoever leaves next as long as it’s not Shane or Danielle

  19. Anyone who disagrees with this next sentence is an idiot. The rest of bb14 is a bust 4/5 quack pack vs Jenn the only drama or suspense that there would of been in the next evictions or competitions are gone because we all know who is going to go home for each person winning hoh >.<

  20. Thank god Frank is gone! Can he be more annoying? His voice, his hair, everything about that guy is annoying. Felt bad for Dani last night when Frank wouldn’t leave her side. Can’t wait for Sunday’s episode – and the look on Brittany face when Frank walks into the jury house! Zing! RIP Frank & Ted.

  21. i wonder who Jenn wouldve put up if she won HOH? that wouldve destroyed the quackers. prolly shane and ian wouldve gone up and when ian won piv she couldve backdoored gheesling. she had that HOH in her hands, she missed that easy question they all got right, couldve been epic

      1. Watch out what you say about Dan the best player ever!!! The best backstapper in bb histery and lets not forget he didn’t have to play the first 4 or 5 weeks. I know this is a game but some lines you don’t cross. GO JEN’!!!!!

  22. Team Mist for the win! Can you see Dan in the Oval Office?? Think how misted the rest of the world would be!!! How he is keeping all of his balls in the air is a masterful juggling act… Can it last?

  23. I am not trying to be mean or humorous, this is an honest question: Is Ian retarded?

    He acts like someone who is either retarded, in drug withdrawel (legal meds like antidepressants), or like someone with mental illness such as OCD or Schizophrenia. Something isn’t right.

    The lights are on, but nobody is home.

    1. I think the word “retarded” is pretty harsh.. Ian has admitted to having ADHD, and it has been implied that he might have Aspergers.

    2. It’s more like “the lights are on, but everyone is home and driving him crazy”. Ian is intelligent.
      Dan asked him the other night if he was OCD, and Ian said he was more like ADHD.
      Retarded means slow, exactly the opposite of the speed at which Ians brain operates.
      He has clears signs of Aspergers Syndrome in my opinion.
      It he were to win (he already has in some ways) it would be further evidence that those with such
      afflictions can function, they just do it differently than most others.
      The rocking in the hammock and pacing around are ways to deal with the internal ‘rocking’ that
      his mind and body put him through ever day of his life.

      1. Retarded actually means the act or result of delaying. I am not doubting that he is intelligent to some degree, but he is not “normal” in many ways.

        He seems very “delayed” socially, and doesn’t pick up on cues like other people. His memory is excellent and he can do puzzles but I was watching the feeds and he was trying to fold clothes and he looked like he was going crazy. He also freaks out a lot, talks to himself, and is always pacing, rocking, hammock swinging etc.

        I didn’t mean any offense to the young man. It is just so obvious that he is very different and in many ways behind his peers. I think this will hurt him in the BB house. I look for Ian to be evicted on Wed or Thu if he doesn’t win HOH. It is good that he has made it this far.

        I do agree that if he in fact has some sort of impairment, then he may be able to put a positive spin on it for others. It’s hard to tell because he has done a lot of things in the BB house that he will probably be very ashamed of in a few years. Not sure if his antics will hurt or help him.

        I feel bad for him and I have a hard time watching him. It would be hard to be in the BB house with him and not tell him to sit and chill.

      2. Why did these fools vote out Joe???

        ANYBODY could have won against him. I think Dan wasted his HOH. He should have taken a chance and put up Ian and Shane. Then his replacement nomination would have been Danielle. In this case, Dan would have gotten someone out that he may not win against. Instead, he got out the least likely person who would be chosen for the 500K over him.

        Joe hadn’t won anything and probably wasn’t going to. He was no competition. Plus, he cooked for their lazy arses.

        Dan isn’t so smart afterall. My apologies to all of those people out there who don’t see it because you are blinded by the mist.

    3. he talked about having ADHD…but I really don’t think that a person with ADHD could stand to stay that secluded and trapped…I THINK he may have a ASPERGER’S…it is a thought, he reminds me a lot of my oldest son who lives with asperger’s syndrome.


      I don’t care who wins, I just want someone from the QP gone on Wednesday. I guess that makes Jenn my default favorite.

  24. Man, Dan the Man is Ruthless!!! He’s not taking any prisoners! But, I kind of think that deep in his heart he knows he’s playing for 2nd place

    1. Chessie, I thought the exact same thing. But when I asked that same question on here recently (would the jury be OK voting Dan another 1/2 mil?), all the responses came back. “Absolutely. The BB jury is no charity case. The jury won’t hold it against him/care at all that Dan won before.” Someone else said that someone on Survivor had won first prize twice. I respect those opinions. I’m still not sure, but my gut is that the jury WILL care, give Dan 2nd, and Danielle first. And Dan won’t be at all mad about that. But I could be way off. We’ll see.

  25. Does anyone know why Dan didn’t make it a tie,by him&Jenn voting to keep Frank and Shane&Danielle voting to evict Frank,which would make Ian be the tie breaker and vote to evict Frank?If Dan wouldv’e went through with that plan,he wouldv’e had a better chance getting Frank’s jury vote.So why didn’t Dan do that?I thought he was trying to win this game.

    1. It probably would have made Shane Ian and Danielle question his loyalty. At that point, he didn’t know who would win HOH, so he couldn’t chance it. That’s my guess.

    2. I think he didn’t want it to be a tie to prevent Ian from being able to take credit and have it on his “resume”. In Dan’s own words he likes to play every scenario out 3 and 4 steps ahead. So even though I think he’s gunning to send Ian out now he had to have a back up scenario of standing beside him in the F2 with their “resumes”.

  26. Honestly, I’d really love to see Jenn or Ian win this HOH and somehow get Dan out of the house. I’d be fine if the final 3 were Ian, Danielle, and Jenn.

  27. I was actually pulling for Jenn in that HOH. Weird as it may seem, I would love for her to expose Dan for what he promised her, then win the next HOH and put Dan and Ian up. ANYBODY would be crazy not to try and get those two out. Not really sure who I would rather go first, or what I want to happen after one of those leave.. Any ideas??

    1. AUMOM11, hon, I don’t think there would be enough intelligence left in the house if Ian and Dan were gone. No matter how hard I try, I can’t see Shane, Danielle, and Jenn having enough intelligence COMBINED to get out BOTH Dan and Ian. I believe it would require Dan’s intelligence to get out Ian and in turn, it’s gonna take Ian’s intellegence, to get out Dan. I do not see the other three being able to figure out how to do both on their own. <3

    2. If you threw me in the house and I had to rank who I would not want to face at the end:

      1) Danielle: I know fans hate her, but everybody else sees her as this fragile victim…and if they learn more in jury house, they might also see a strong manipulator.
      2) Dan: He’s owned this game…but screwing so many jurors, coupled with the previous win, keeps him number 2.
      3) Ian: Has a hand in getting Mike and Frank, but other than Britney and Dan, who is a lock for him?
      4) Shane: Has won some competitions, but that was early when not everybody was going full blast. Has Danielle’s vote as long as he doesn’t face Dan, maybe Joe.
      5) Jenn: Has done virtually nothing. Has Ashley and Frank…but slim chances with anybody else.

      If I’m Danielle, I (should) want anybody but Dan at the end.
      If I’m Dan, I (should) want anybody but Danielle at the end.
      If I’m Ian, I want Jenn at the end.
      If I’m Shane, I want Jenn at the end.
      If I’m Jenn….I burn this motherscratcher down!!!!

        1. A lot could be said about coming on strong when you have to and Jenn’s at least done that. It’s not likely but could you imagine if she somehow won out between now and the jury? Dani has two comp wins and none in the past four weeks and Shane hasn’t won anything in three weeks. Let’s say she wins the next two HOH’s and or a HOH and POV. That’s three comp wins – more than Dani, just as many as Ian, more than Dan, and more timely wins than Shane.

          Let’s say she takes Dan to the final 2 by winning out. Frank, Ashley, Britney, and Joe could very well vote for her. Possibly Danielle if she’s in a mood.

          If she takes Shane (and Shane doesn’t win anymore between now and then), she could very well have Ashley, Frank, and Dan (who I honestly believe would vote for who he feels played best regardless of alliance. If Dani is in one of her moods about Shane, she could vote her way as well.

          If she takes Ian, she has Frank, Ashley, and probably Joe voting for her. Again, Dan may vote for Jenn if he feels that she went hard at the end and cut his throat.

          The only thing is, no one is winning against Danielle in final 2. Dan carried her game but he’s also burned people in the jury house and he has that whole already won thing working against him. The only person I could see having a shot at beating Dani in F2 is Shane IF Shane wins out and makes it his call to drag her along.

          The last week or so makes for really fun TV but relatively boring feeds.

  28. Soooooo, why in the hell is Jenn upset???? She just made F5…while she was sleeping!! I don’t get it! I think Ian & Dan had pre-planned putting Ian up to conceal their alliance didn’t they?

    1. Dan has a F2 with everyone left in the house.
      At this point I want to see Ian in F2 with anyone but Dan or Danielle

  29. Ok, I want to be as positive as possible, because this show manages to bring out the devil in me!

    Thank God Dan is there to save me, no, no, to burn me… Wait he might help me! No, no, I think those wings are actually horns?

    Omg! I dodged them… Uh, the g, God… In omg? Are you there?? Oh, hi!! You have to be quiet!! Dan might here us!! He is hiding behind your book, using it as a sheild… I know you will forgive him in the end… I just hate to see all of his casualties. All the pain he has.caused.

    Just hide, and pray

  30. What I can’t understand is Ian is such a big fan of bb he should know he cant win against Dan but I think he can win against everyone else.

  31. Well. Let the next 2 weeks of boredom commence! Up until the finale, I could care less what happens between them. Dan might become the first person in BB history worldwide to win twice with a total winning of 1 million. Unless Jenn wins HOH or POV, sh*t is just gonna get predictable. Very entertaining first 62 days in the BB house. But it’s gonna be a very dull last days.

    Gotta give it up to Dan, the guy is running the show and big time. This is Dan’s house, his game, his win. Seeing anyone of the others left win would be a shame. Only 2 players deserved the full win this season, ironically, they were arch enemies…Frank and Dan. The rest were just mindless followers who either got misted or couldn’t think by themselves, except for Ian who did make a couple of moves but not enough to deserve the win over Dan in the long run.

  32. Well I guess that’s the end of my bb season. No point in watching any more. I could care less who wins it. The only one there that deserves it is Shane, and he’s the biggest tool on the show. Ratings will be all down hill from here on in.

  33. if ya think i was a tuggin fool in the BB house, wait til i get to the jury house, it will be a non stop party “scream all you want lil joe, no one is gonna hear ya.” yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. I have logically tried to consider why anyone would take Dan to the end. It’s a no win situation
    no matter who would take him.
    The poll’s had Ian cuing into Dan’s mist first.. but maybe it will be Danielle. : )
    Since Dan can’t play for HOH… could be a good opportunity to take him out.
    Good Luck HG’s!

  35. I think Daniel should start womaning up and play the game…here is what I hope happens
    Daniel HOH puts up shane and dan….dan goes home
    Ian HOH puts up shane and daniel and shane goes home
    Jen HOH and Daniel goes home….
    Ian and Jen

  36. Tonight’s HOH is Dan’s MOST vulnerable remaining BB14 moment, BY FAR, and boy, does he ever know it. This will be the last HOH comp Dan that can’t play in. Only Ian and Shane now remain in his way. And both are strong favorites (along with Danielle, who Dan’s got for sure) to win tonight’s endurance HOH comp. If Shane/Ian win HOH, either one COULD put Dan on the block. How likely? Who really knows. Which is EXACTLY why Dan just TRIPLE-sprayed Shane with mist (when Shane thanked Dan for not making him the replacement nom for Ian, Dan threw in “our final two is still good, right?”) And he just TRIPLE-sprayed Ian with his mist. By bowing down, kissing Ian’s boots, and declaring him “Founder Of The Quack Pack”. And then saying “Thanks for trusting me tonight, QP!” (Dan mist for “Ian, I meant nothing by putting you up tonight instead of Jenn. I know you, Ian, want the ‘full BB experience’, and you were the only HG left that hadn’t yet been up on the block. You’re welcome, buddy!”) And Dan also just played on the little man’s sense of BB history. Ian wants the QP to be a greater alliance than the BB12 Brigade was, and Dan just kept feedin’ Ian, by puttin’ “yeah logs” on that fire. Dan’s now got his endgame. Bring Jenn along, not Shane or Ian, to the final 3, with him and Danielle. (Dan’s got a TON of work to do with Danielle (and he knows it), to convince/make her see why “Jenn over Shane” is their best winning option, by FAR.) He’ll give Danielle a “saturation portion” of Dan mist. Then, just execute, and it’s “BB14 checkmate” for team Dan/Danielle.

    1. He wants to win, no doubt, but the mist is strong.

      As long as Jenn is calmed and soothed and Shane stays clueless and immune to reason, then he has the votes in almost every scenario.

      vs. Shane: He has Jenn and Danielle
      vs. Ian: He has Jenn and Danielle
      vs. Jenn: He has Shane and Danielle

      The big fear (hence the Danielle replacement nomination) is somebody escapes the mist and puts him up vs. Danielle. That would mandate a POV win to survive.

  37. I can’t believe my favorite player, Joe, is gone. He was the BEST player out there on that game,and BB just had to let him go. People think Dan is the greatest player???? JOE IS!!!! HE GOT THIS FAR WITHOUT WINNING ANYTHING!!! AND BC BB WANTS TO PLAY FAVORITISM ON DAN, JOE LEAVES!!!! THIS SEASON SUCKED!!!!!!

    Don’t matta anyway, Joe will always one of the best BB players forever. NOTHING CAN BEAT THAT!!!

  38. i didnt like frank but i felt sorry for him my heart is weak …. i just want ian to win this hoh sometimes ian acts like he simple cant he see the writing on the wall but quack pack ….. i want shane or ian win … but if shane wins he will put up jen and ian …..

  39. Ian’s a smart dude but he doesn’t reason well under pressure. I’m positive if he didn’t win that POV he was going out the door. I hope given some time to reflect he realizes that the quack pack only exists in his and Shane’s mind and that Dan is the most dangerous person left in the house.

  40. Simon, any idea on when they’re going to start showing the Jury House footage? With Brit, Frank and PH there I think it’ll be more interesting than the QP.

  41. This season is such a let down. It’s getting so predictable. The only reason why it was entertainng was because of frank. And all were left with now is a bunch of idiots who think they are all in a alliance with Dan. I just hope Dan doesn’t win this. Now that frank is gone I guess I’ll just check out this site until finale night cause this show is not even worth watching.

  42. Dan may not win this game, but anyone who says he shouldn’t at least be in the running as the best player ever in BB history is delusional! I really don’t know why people keep harping on Dan swearing on the Bible. First of all, he didn’t swear on the Bible for allegiance to Frank, he swore to Frank that he was telling the truth about the Quack Pack, which he absolutely was. I have a feeling, no matter what Dan did/does he would be criticized. If he played too clean, he’d be made fun of (and would’ve been evicted weeks ago). If he lies, people say he’s a hypocrite. Dan is playing a game. While coaching football, should he show the other team his plays first? Or, should he try to deceive the other team by calling certain plays? If he’s not a hypocrite for coaching football, he’s not a hypocrite in the BB house.

    1. I give Dan props, but if Dan wins this, it’s not that of a spectacular win. do you see who he is up against? this is probably the worst cast of idiots I have ever seen. Dan’s experience in playing BB is very noticeable. this season is not going to end well. BB needs to change some of the rules and regulations so they don’t have players like Danielle, Shane, Ian and Jenn this late in the game. this season is an embarrassment and the ratings are proof that CBS may pull plug on the BB franchise for good.

  43. Didn’t the Quack Pack include Britney? Wasn’t she evicted? Doesn’t that mean the Quack Pack didn’t make it? :-\ By that logic, if Dan, Danielle or Shane win, they can say someone from the Quack Pack OR Silent 6 won the game…..

  44. Dan will probably be gone next. and again, the rest of the quack pack are just too dumb to make a smart decision in the game, so Dan will still not be evicted if he’s on the block. I still believe if Ian did not win the POV, those idiots will still evict Joe over Ian. this is just a horrible season. the rating are so low there may not be a BB season next year.

  45. I really wish Ian could get past getting Mike and avenging Britney by getting Frank and start playing to win.

    Seeing Jenn get upset is an opportunity. Of course we know she is not a fan of his, but so what. He needs to find out what she’s mad about and stoke that fire. If she’s mad about Frank leaving, he can tell her that he’s sorry it came to that, but “if I didn’t get him, he would get me. I needed you up there with him, because as you showed (in case she’s pissed at Dan for leaving her alone this helps Ian), you were a vote to keep him. Then point out that “it was everybody else still in this house that voted him out, even though his only goal was to get me. Now I don’t know anything, but in this house, final 2 deals are currency with nothing to back it up. So if the outside chance the people who voted Frank out are trying to work with you, then why did they evict your ally when they were not his target?”

    Now that’s not to say Jenn will suddenly love Ian or even do anything directly for him. Truth is that might be more of a hindrance than a help anyway. The point is when somebody is worked up, you figure out if it hurts you, and if it doesn’t, then you encourage it.

    Ian watches this show, has it memorized, at what point does he start to play smart. Under what scenario in this upcoming HOH is he not nominated or a backdoor target, unless he wins it? He’s got to see that and even if everybody tells him Jenn is the target, those same people told Frank that Joe was the target. Big Brother’s graveyard is filled with “alliance” members who never realized their spot in the pecking order. Ian needs to shake anything up that he can.

    As Simon pointed out, If Ian is smart, a sub-alliance with Shane makes the most sense, but by now Ian has to know that Shane is a simpleton and will do what Danielle tells him. He should also notice all the vote scenarios Dan threw out last week with Frank, meaning just like his winning season, Dan has the house’s pulse. That should scare him. He should also notice that shortly after the funeral, Dan and Danielle seemed OK and since then have been seen talking alone and when in groups act very little different than pre-funeral.

    The point I’m getting at is Ian should feel nervous no matter what this close to the end. If he tries to calm himself be making a ton of side deals, word will spread. The house is too small know to find insurance policies, as Frank just found out. And if Ian tries to stir shit, that too will blow up in his face, and be transparent to the rest of the house. So back to Jenn. She’s worked up, crying, upset, and angry…so make sure she stays that way. If others have made her assurances (she has none from Ian), then maybe she rocks those boats, and her deals become public knowledge and change the dynamic. Again this is not an argument that it WILL shake something loose that helps Ian, rather that doing so COULD help him at this point.

  46. GEAUX Ian!!!! Ssssooooo glad Ian kicked but in the POV! He would’ve been voted out if he hadn’t saved himself. Hoping Ian wins this whole thing! I’m very annoyed that ? is upset. ? should thank her lucky stars that she is still in the house! Goodness knows that she hasn’t done anything on her own to have earned a spot there! At least Joe would have been grateful just for being there… Please send ?’s sorry ass home!

  47. WTG Ian !! I hate all the things Dan does and says to people but it’s a GAME worth 1/2 a million!!! You have to admire someone who can con soooo many people into trusting you in such a short time and let them still think they will come out on top after doing all your dirty work ! It’s truly amazing what money can make people do! We would all do the same. But please, why is everyone so mesmerized by that whiny pimple-popping bubble butt insecure stalker!!!??? I hope she goes next cuz I can’t take her no more!!!

  48. Let’s just hope Ian can pull another HOH out his arse…with him gone..there is no reason to watch anymore. I am now totally team Ian…at this point I am even willing to let DR mist Shane and Ian..anything to combat the inevitable Dan win….how boring.

  49. I have no feeds. On BBAD, Shane appears to be telling Danielle that he lost a “which day” HOH comp tie-breaker question to Ian. Apparently, Ian is the new HOH? Simon? Dawg?

  50. Why did these fools vote out Joe???

    ANYBODY could have won against him. I think Dan wasted his HOH. He should have taken a chance and put up Ian and Shane. Then his replacement nomination would have been Danielle. In this case, Dan would have gotten someone out that he may not win against. Instead, he got out the least likely person who would be chosen for the 500K over him.

    Joe hadn’t won anything and probably wasn’t going to. He was no competition. Plus, he cooked for their lazy arses.

    Dan isn’t so smart afterall. My apologies to all of those people out there who don’t see it because you are blinded by the mist.

  51. what a final 5 that we have……….

    shane who has rocks in his head and his head up danielle and dan’s ass

    ian who apparently isn’t as smart as we thought, dude dan just put you up hoping to send you out, wake the f**k up

    danielle who would lay down in front of a bus and even said that she was willing to go home for dan because she is so misted by him

    ? who acts all big and tough but if she wins will just try to get ian out instead of dan because she’s in love with danielle and her zit

    dan misting everyone except britney and joe the only two players to see through it and him

    i guess britney and joe can tell everyone when they come to jury i bet you wish you listened to us and not trusted dan now don’t you, especially frank since dan took him out after he saved dan and since joe told him that his biggest mistake was keeping dan but frank was in denial, i can see them laughting their ass off at him like dani donato did last year when jeff showed up the week after she did, also britney can tell shane too are you still glad you kept your stalker over me after they stabbed you in the back i tried to tell you something wasn’t right that they were acting to friendly towards one another but you wouldn’t listen to me though and now you will probably get to vote for one of them to win congratulations.

  52. Yeah sh!ttin’ on a dream
    Frank should have never trusted me
    Now that Franks history, mistin’ whoever I please
    Sh!ttin’ on a dream

  53. What’s Jenns problem get her intitled thinking ass out of there who does she think she is. Really take ur head out of ur ass u didn’t go up with Ian Danielle did she’s in love with Shane and Dan not you get over it

  54. So Ian is HOH again what a snore he’ll just put Jenn and Dan up then Jenn is evicted . Next Hoh will be Dan because now he’s playing to win he’ll put up shane and Ian his goal ,get rid of Ian . If shane or Ian might win veto take themselves down Danelle goes up and who knows who could be voted home if Shane would vote for Danelle and have put up with her sexual harrasament just long to win the next hoh after Ian is thrown out .Once Shane wins the big endurance three way he’ll bounce Dan and be in the final two with Danelle . Unless Ian wins veto then the other way or SOMEHOW Jenn wins veto and then wins hoh but thats a very log and wishful thought. But that would be great tv the other way boring…… like now……..

  55. Attention all Dan-Haters:

    In the interest of full disclosure, allow me to say that I am a DanFan.

    Now then:
    Dan has a style of play consistent with what it takes to advance in the game of Big Brother. Anyone who wants to play by real-world rules should not be in the house. Dan is subtle, intelligent, and charming. Call him all the names you like, but never, “stupid.” He takes chances, granted, but he is a high risk=high gain kind of guy.

    Dan does not take cheap shots at his fellow houseguests. None of the other so-called honest, clean-living, G-d-fearing players can make that claim. They all resort to low blows when they get frustrated. Dan listens to the verbal abuse hurled his way and moves on to the next plan. He never loses focus or wastes energy on imaginary vendettas.

    Speaking of which, I marvel at how easy it is for some of the players to lose sight of why they tried out for the show. The end goal was and is always to win the big money prize. If you make friends in the process, fine; but that was never the mission. If you make enemies in the process, well, some people can’t take a joke.

    Dan never forgets why he’s there. I would consider it a true betrayal if my loved one took all of that time away from home and spent it trying to be popular with the competition for other than gameplay. You either have the stomach for it, or you need to stay home and enjoy your moral high ground. Nothing wrong with that, either.

    Dan could have been gone Week One, when it was just him and Danielle left on their team. I confess, I was fearful. I thought it interesting that no matter who won HOH or POV, Dan was the default villain for all nominations and evictions.

    RE: “Father Dan”- Dan never called himself by that name. The other players did that. As for his reading of the Bible, I hasten to point out, it can be a very good read, even under the best of circumstances. You don’t even have to be religious. But with no other literature available, a literate person might actually crave something to read.

    Further, Dan does have sincere moments in the house. His interaction with Ian regarding OCD and his own brother-in-law was not idle chit-chat. No one else had the courage to broach the subject. Ian seemed relieved. He (Ian)has to know that most people simply talk about it behind his back.

    I wish Dan well. He has played hard and Chelsea need not be concerned that he wasted the summer, no matter the final outcome. Go Dan!!

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