Big Brother 14 Spoilers – When your number is up your number is up

8:35pm – 8:45pm Dan and Jenn are talking out by the backyard while Dan puts the chicken on the BBQ. Jenn is campaigning to Dan. Dan tells Jenn that she still has a couple days to hustle. Jenn tells Dan that she thinks she has more game left in her than Danielle. Dan says yeah.

Jenn says that earlier today she feels Danielle had a little ‘Slip up” Danielle said “I hope I don’t get Nominated after this”. Jenn also feels like Danielle isn’t acting too upset. Dan: “She’s inferring that she’s automatically staying” Jenn mentions that Danielle realized what she did and started to backtrack int he conversation. Jenn: “I was like C’mon guys please don’t do me like this”.

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Shane tells Dan that he will go down as one of the best players in this game.

3:30pm – 3:45pm Dan, Ian and Danielle continue to talk in the pool about random stuff. They talk about genetics, blood type, and biology. Ian says that before coming in here he was looking into applying for PhD school. Danielle tries to catch him and asks wait don’t you need your masters before you apply for that? Ian says no sometimes you can skip your masters and go straight for the PhD. Ian continue to talk about schools and classes. The conversation turns to talking about Big Brother 5 – Project DNA. Ian explains the twist of the season to Jenn and how Nakomis and Michael “Cowboy” were half brother and sister. Ian tells Jenn about how when it got down near the end Cowboy ended up giving the deciding vote to evict Nakomis. Jenn says that she would flip out if she was in the house with a half brother or sister and no one told her.

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Ian ”I will rip your heads off if it’s a 1-1 vote.” Dan “you mean faces.” Ian “yeah I’ll rip your faces off.”

12pm Ian is talking to Jenn. Jenn is pissed about Ian putting up Danielle. Jenn wonders why Ian wouldn’t put up Dan. Jenn says that Dan has won the f***ing game before, you know what I mean f**k. Jenn ask Ian if he has a deal with everyone or something? Ian says no, he just really didn’t want the couple to have all the voting power. Ian says that he is thinking about possibly breaking up that couple. (Shane and Danielle) Jenn tells Ian that she is sorry for getting loud with him.

Dan and Danielle are talking in the kicks room. Danielle is nervous. Dan tells her she shouldn’t be worried. She says she is a little but not really. You never ever feel safe. Would you? Dan says that he would. Do you think I would vote against you.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Down to Single Digit Days left

9:00AM Cam 1-4 Everyone Sleeping

9:28pm Cam 3 Jenn gets up and changes her batteries.. heads back to bed.

Final week of Big Brother
Alot of questions about how this final weeks plays out.. I’ll try to elaborate based on what has happened for past Big Brother season. This is my no means a given.. as we have seen int he past CBS will throw a monkey wrench into things if it doesn’t go their way.

This is what most likely will happen today

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Big Brother Spoilers – Jenn never expected to get this far she played the game with no regrets

7:07pm Cam 1-4 Kitchen Dan, Ian and Jenn

Jenn says Ian and Ashley should do podcast for Dan seeing as they both read Dans Big Brother casting book.
Ian wonders if Frank or Boogie will want to talk to him and Dan after. dan says Ian might need to hash out that “Get to stepping” Comment but other than that he doesn’t think there will be a problem.

Dan says they will know by finale night where everyone stands. He doesn’t’ think the house will hold many long term grudges.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Jenn and Ian Heart to Heart “he shot someone in the a$$ at the gas station”

3:00pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Jenn Chatting about 911 and how it impacted their lives. Ian says he was in 5th grade.

Jenn brings up how in New york city the biggest concern is chemical weapons in the subways. Jenn mention that all the tourist heavy locations have heavy duty security, “These swat guys with huge guns”.

Jenn recounts a story when she was at the best buy and their was a sniper on the “roof or something“ so they closed the building down. Jenn was trapped inside and didn’t know what was going on until they turned the radios on. Jenn: “he shot someone in the a$$ at the gas station..There was this guy in a white van shooting people in the a$$”

Conversation moves to the USA being on Yellow alert. They go through a series of attacks/ threats that

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Dan says Danielle came as a little seed, you tried to grow into a flower but I grew you into a venus flytrap.

10:45am – 11am Danielle tells Dan about last night when he walked in on them talking. Dan talks about how Jenn isn’t happy. Dan starts talking about Jenn and says that she doesn’t like that Dan is happy right now. He says that she is going to be so pissed when she finds everything out. Dan says that Jenn is going to yell that they f***ing played me! Dan says that he is going to tell her that they needed a new insurance policy and not a 37 year old rocker chick from Brooklyn. Danielle says that Jenn is going to lose it ..she is going to lose it.

Danielle starts telling Dan about what her and Shane were talking about last night when he walked in. Danielle talks about how Shane was commenting on how he thinks you have a final two deal with Jenn because you talk to her. Danielle says that she played it off like you are friendly with everyone. Dan asks Danielle if she thinks Ian threw the power of veto competition. Danielle says that she thinks he did. Dan asks Danielle what her main reason for Shane not to use it? Danielle says me. Dan asks what can you say you did for him. Dan tell her when Shane starts talking about Marcellus, you need to shut that down.

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Dan says he walked in and they just finished whispering get Dan put up on the block.

12:30am Jenn is sleeping in the stereo room. Ian, Shane, Danielle and Dan are out by the hammock talking. Dan talks about how he mentioned Ian’s crush Taylor in a speech. Ian says that he really hopes that they cut that out. Dan says why, why wouldn’t a crush want their name said to 7 million people. They all start reminiscing past events of the season. Ian talks about earlier in the season when Frank wanted to put up Dan. Ian says that he had to diffuse the situation. He says that he was s***ing bricks. Danielle says that she couldn’t eat or sleep after Ian told her and Britney. Ian says I am so glad that they didn’t put you up. Ian says it was bad! I was worried that he was going to do it. Dan says you guys told me after the meeting, I didn’t even know. Dan says that Boogie told him that if he didn’t agree with it he wouldn’t cosign on it. He wouldn’t vote me out. That’s what he told me.

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Ian breaking out of the MIST “They’ll cut me before you…The mist the mist… Quack Quack”

8:45pm Cam 3-4 Ian rocking the hammock He’s mumbling under his breath stuff like
“Quack Pack”
“Disqualified.. Disqualified.. Disqualified”
“Renegades.. Renegades..”
“Big Brother.. ”
“Quack Quack… we did it.. we did it.. ”
“There going to cut me.. cut me.. going to cut me.. The mist the mist… They’ll cut me before you. Frickin joe”

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Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Results Final 5

5:53pm Cam 1-4 Rummy Ian, Dan and Danielle (Shane preparing food in the kitchen)

Ian says that Frank had piss poor sportsmanship. His exit reeked, he never shook anyones hands when he left. Dan points out that Frank never even looked an anyone but Jenn.

They start talking about people lying in the Big Brother House. Like Willie lying to Dan about his brother not being Russell Hantz. Ian mentions that Andrew from Big BRother 12 told everyone he was a shoe salesman instead of saying his true career which was a podiatrist. Ian brings up Matt Hoffman and how he lied about his wife’s disease. Dan: “He’s trying to be like Johnny Fairplay”

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Shane is fast asleep trying to improve his chances of winning a mental competition

10:45am – 11:10am Dan, Shane and Ian continue to sleep. Danielle is in the diary room. Jenn is sitting at the kitchen table studying the memory wall. The house guests have been studying the memory wall because they think today’s power of veto comp will be the face morph competition. Dan studied the faces on the memory wall last night by covering up different part of the house guest faces. Danielle and Jenn have also studied the memory wall but from a distance. Is surprising that Shane is up studying the memory wall just in case it is the face morph competition. Considering how poorly Shane has done in the mental competitions he should be studying more often. Who knows maybe Shane is studying in his sleep.

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Danielle says she has kept Shane safe, he didn’t even have to work for it!

12:15am Ian, Shane and Dan are talking about past seasons of Big Brother. Ian starts talking about Big Brother all-stars, who was on the season and why they were an all-star. Ian says that he thinks out of everyone on this season only him, Danielle and Shane would be considered to be asked back. Ian adds that if the all-stars season was an Evil versus Good than he says that Frank might be considered to be on the evil side.

12:35am Danielle and Jenn are alone talking in the bathroom about Shane. Daniellle is telling Jenn about how mean Shane is to her. She says that he is only really nice for the live shows. She says that he only holds her hand for live shows. Danielle says that she thinks he is using her as a shield. Jenn is agreeing with Danielle about how Shane treats her.

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