Big Brother Spoilers – Dan tells Danielle it’s good for her to take some heat she hasn’t yet

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

3:26pm Cam 1-4 Pool area everyone

Chatting about Britney’s face when she see Frank walking into the Jury house. Ian laughs wants to see her face when they watch the DVD and Britney finds out Frank leaving was by Ian’s hands.

Danielle says that now everyone in the jury house will now be eating well because Joe will cook for them. Dan says the second Joe found out he was evicted something snapped and he went back to normal Joe. Dan explains that some seasons have players like that who are completely different on the inside and outside. Jenn says Joe’s exit was very classy. Jenn: “Frank’s exit not too good.. not cool” everyone more or less agrees that Frank was a douche when he left. Danielle mentions that JoJo’s exit was the second worst.

Ian says that Frank and him will be cool after the show but inside the show Frank hates Ian’s Guts. Ian is worried about Boogie not liking him after the show. Shane doubts it Boogie has a lot more going on in his life than Big Brother.

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3:34pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Dab and Ian

(Lately Big Brother has been saying random trivia over the speakers, Like the largest weather vane is in spain.. etc) Dan tells Ian that during his season Big Brother did the same thing, everyone in his season thought it was a for a competition. Dan tells him to make sure the other players think it’s for a competition.

Dan: “They are the exact same ones.. theres a turtle in the house theres a weather vane in the house… I’m going to plant that seed”

3:38pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle

Danielle: “I think you are fine..”
Dane: “What did he say”

Danielle explains that Ian told her Shane and Jenn are going up because he thinks he has the votes to Evict Jenn. Dan asks her if the Nominations are Shane and Jenn and Danielle wins Veto what will she do. Danielle says keep them the same otherwise Dan goes up.
Danielle: “Why would I use the POV why would I want you on the block”
Dan: “No i’m saying after that.. What do you want to do”
Danielle: “Ohh I don’t know.. “
Dan: “I’m just thinking.. you know one of us has to win this veto”
Danielle: “What would you do if you won Veto”
Dan: “If it was Shane and Jenn I would leave them.. and we would have a coming to jesus meeting .. Do we want to win this thing or do you want to fight for it”
Danielle says that Jenn has admitted that she has anger issues. Dan says he really noticed it today when Danielle was talking to her.
Dan wonders why Jenn is so mad. Danielle says that she thinks Danielle has a deal with Shane.
Danielle complains that she is taking all the heat right now and Dan is fine. Dan laughs tells her she needs to take some heat in this game she doesn’t ever. Danielle gets pissed.. Dan tells her he’s joking. They wrestle a bit.

4:08pm Cam 1-2 Shane cleaning out the fridge

4:13pm Cam 3-4 Danielle Ian in the backyard
Ian is rocking the Hammock Danielle is in the shade. They start to Quack.. Ian says he loves the quack pack it’s so cute. Danielle likes the quacking she just does’t like to say “Quack “Pack” she would rather was QP.
Danielle brings up that Frank tried to flirt with her for her vote he said that she* was his BB crush.

Ian says that Frank eviction was Total garbage on live TV. Danielle agrees says Frank left like a douche and Joe left with all class.

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4:22pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Dan

Ian asks Dan if Jenn and Danielle have a deal. Dan says no he thinks Jenn is “Super skeptical” about Danielle. Ian just sees that they are buddy buddy and doesn’t want Danielle to win the Power of Veto and pull Jenn off making him put Dan up. Dan is very confident that Danielle isn’t going to do that.

4:29pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Shane Kitchen
(LOL HAHAHA) Dan wonders if the trivia production is playing could be for a the POV competition. They start going over all the trivia…

4:34pm Ian gets called into the Diary room.
Nominations will happen soon.
(I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Shane and Jenn)

4:53pm Nominations haven’t happened yet.. Chit chat around the house.

5:09pm Nominations have begun trivia on all the feeds.
5:54pm Trivia

Vote Dawg for a better tomorrow

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This has come down to the season of idiots and misfits. So how can Dan, as a pathological lying backstabbing slimy snake, not bury the rest of the cast when they consist of a plumped up pathetic delusional nut case stalker with no self-esteem, a dumb as dirt hammer slinging yes man that’s pretty in pink, an afflicted hammock swinger who wants to relive historic BB moments and a burned out rocker that’s always looking under the wrong rock.

Dan if you come up empty against this group of malfeasants you may go down as one of the best and also one of the worst BB players, but all in the same season.

BB14 > BB13

Lol @ Frank Fans throwing hissy fits. I liked him too, but geez


Oh, didn’t you know Frank’s gone…that’s why there is no mention of Mr. Gullible


Didn’t you know that every comment that criticizes anyone else aside from Frank is seen as a Frank lovefest even if he’s not mentioned at all?


Says who………..that’s a ridiculous comment!!!!!!


1. Look at original post where Frank isn’t mentioned at all.
2. Look at response pointing Frank out.
3. Note sarcasm.


Get over it all ready!


Fucking trolls with anger management issues. Get a life dude. Gtfo.


Yiu should probably stop watching BB if you think like that. It must make you miserable, so why would you even be on this site??? Frank is gone and was a creep. He could not even exit with class…….


I’m tired of all of these people already. Why would Frank be nice to the people that lied to his face and stabbed him in the back continuously. He didn’t leave like a douche. He left the same way everyone of us would have left if we were in his position and that’s simply the truth. Joe had no problem leaving because the guy knew he didn’t do shit all season.

And one question. Why do they keep making a mockery of Jodi? I would feel so embarrassed and bad if I was her. What BB did to her was so unfair and now they continue to treat her like a joke..


Would’ve been worst if I was Frank, 1st I’d punch Dan in the face, kick Ian in the sack, tell Shane he’s a pussy and gay,,told Dani she was batshitcrazy, push jenn out the way for not telling me what was going to happen, and tell Joe he needs to wash his fucking hands, after he jacks off when he cooks for others, then I would jump Julie’s bones……….. This is what I would do.


Easy Willie.. . easy there.. .

Danielle's reflection

Now that is what I wanted to see, so disappointed.

Jenn City's Protein Shake

Ill Will, you are awesome.

Frank didn’t owe those assholes a hug, handshake or a goodbye. They blindsighted him and I would have left exactly the same way. Ian is such a pussy about not getting his way. Brat.

Now Frank is in the Jury House and he can work his charm on all of those people. He looks like the kind of guy who is fun to hang out with and knows how to have a good time. I’m sure he can easily convince the others who to vote for and I doubt that Ian or Dan will have a fanclub in the Jury House once Frank has had days and days to work on those people.

I miss Frank yo!


Frank is getting spray-tanned by Ashley right now… :-)


agreed especially the part about jumping Julie’s bones.


Julie is married to Les Moonves is the president and CEO of CBS, I don’t think she’d start dating down EVEN IF she was divorced lmao


They are all delusional. They think this season is so good while we all cant wait for it to be over. I said the same thing why should frank be nice. Because they are so nice to someones face but then talk and scheme behind their back they think everyone should be like them. They tried to make a fool out of him by blindsiding him and then they want hugs and kisses. Why would they even want that if they hated him so much? They just like to talk trash about him. He’s out of the house, shut up already, as well as the constant bashing of Jodi and Ashley.

I says, I

I wonder if they all realize that if their obsessed with him…then it’s almost guaranteed that he’s the one cast member who is invited back.

I would bet big money that Big Brother thinks Frank is the male Janelle. Janelle had the Nerd Herd, Frank had the Quack Pack, Janelle had to win comps to stay in the house, Frank had to win comps to stay in the house, etc.

But let them keep talking trash about him, it’s better than Danielle and Ian’s delusional daydreaming.

Watching from here on out will be like watching a cobra in a cage with four mice…but I still think Dan should not want to see Danielle at the end unless he starts getting some blood on her hands.


I think frank went out fairly well compared to what could’ve happened. I dont think he is a bully if you compare him to past houseguests. Do you think ian, danielle or shane could’ve handled evel dick or russel, they would’ve probably all had a meltdown and self evicted. Plus, would we rather players be all peachy when their backs are against the wall…..that would be soooo interesting! NOT!! I hate when people complain about characters on the show that bring drama, that’s why they picked them and thats what keeps the show interesting. All the houseguests have annoying traits and they always come out when they are cornered or threatened. Dan turns into a evil snake. Danielle turns into a sniveling, annoying, pimply wreck. Shane gets all flustered and has no back bone. Ian turns into a total nut case and goes totally overboard. Frank gets all egomaniac and try’s to force people to vote for him because he feels more imPortant. Jen gets all riled up and acts a fool (you’re a pawn!!). I don’t want to name anymore, goodbye.


I absolutely agree – I would probably have left the same way – these people are the most boring group in BB history. Shane, who claims he doesn’t know the game and just agrees with what everyone else says – Danielle – what can I say – she is nothing but a clingy pain in the butt, whiner. Dan – to me he is the biggest loser of the bunch – lying while using his religeon and family – seems he can only play well with a bunch of idiots, Jenn – where the hell is her loyalty to Frank – she just wants Danielle so bad – she is blinded by everything around her and last but not least – Ian – what can I say – At this point I could care less who wins this mess of a season (and I have been watching since season 1). Please bring new players only from now on. This season was totally unfair by letting the coaches come in game after learning all the bad and good of their players. Hope to see a better group next year, if there is even a next year

Why everyone is mad at Dan?

Why everyone is mad at Dan when he swore to the bible he swore that everything he said about Ian and the quack pack was true. He didn’t swear about taking frank to the final two he only swore about Ian starting an alliance with the quackpack.

Judas 2 me

Dan swore on the bible, his wife and grandfather that he would take Frank to the finle 2. CBS even showed it again on last night. It makes me mad that CBS knowing this is trying to make Dan look like the best player ever. How do people explain that to their kids.


Dan swore on all that stuff that the “information he was giving Frank” was true. He did not swear on the final 2 declaration.

On last nights show, CBS did edit that to look like Dan swore for the final 2 with Frank.. .


Actually he did swear. It was even on the CBS show. Go back and watch. Frank says “me and you” Dan shakes his hand and says” final two!” Dan still has his hand on the bible.


Can anyone with feed flashback (I do not have it) go back to August 26th at 8:04 PM BBT and verify what franksfarts said? Thx..

Mrs Wilson

I totally agree about Frank. They were continually terrible to him and he’s supposed to treat them with respect??


Frank was dumb enough to believe them over and over again. Frank lost this game with his own stupidity. He should have gotten Dan when he had the chance.


I didn’t think Frank was not nice. He was basically in shock and didn’t know how to react because everybody in the house lied to him, including Dan who swore on the bible. I’m with Ill Will on this – I’d punch Dan in the face before I left.

Jerry was right, too. Dan is modern-day Judas. That’s two times now he swore on his religion then broke his promise.


Oh and Jenn is fake as shit.


Sorry I don’t get the “Dwag” thing in the polls and when written about in the comment section.

Can someone please explain what or who that is?


Ian is my favorite HG left, not only did he get Boogie and Frank out, he could be the one to get Jenn out too. As for Britney, she must be so damn happy Frank is out :)


anyone could Jenn out!! now if he manned up and got Dan out…. his resume would be really stellar…. but instead he will waste his HOH on Jenn and come in 4th! it’s a shame!! Britney warned him about the Mist!!!!!


Unless he pulls a veto out of his ass, Shane is going home. Mist bro.


So true. Ian thinks he’s too smart for the mist but Dan is a world-class, lier.

I says, I

If you like Ian, more power to you…but:

He just snitched on Mike. Shane nominated him and Britney and Dan sealed his fate. I would credit Britney with Mike’s eviction.

He just nominated Frank. Dan, like Cesar, gave the thumbs down on Frank. Dan gets 100% of the credit for Frank leaving this week.


I have to agree.. Dan highjacked Ians HOH and got Frank out!
just like Boogie highjacked Danielles and took Janelle out!!
I can’t think of one HOH this season who directly took some one out…. I mean really Frank didn’t get Britney out….Dan did!!!
and now he is highjacking again and will take Shane out! (unless he wins POV)

Jen W

c’mon people, VOTE DAWG!!!!


Settle down I did.

Joe's soul patch

Dan is such a smug son of a gun He plays the game well but I still cant stand the guy


I can’t believe he has fans with the way he acts so arrogant and always playing up to the cameras. So smug.


If there wasn’t some BB rule against it, Dan could convince Ian to put himself on the block. He has just that much sway over these people who sit around waiting for things to happen instead of executing a strategy that’s best for them individually. Screw the Quack Pack when it’s down to single digits.

Judas 2 me

I completely agree.


Wow. Jenn is doing better than Danielle on the poll.


Thats because she picked up all the Frank lovers who are probably still crying their eyes out that his dream has been crushed.


They should all vote for Dawg so they don’t $#!t on his dream either.


I really don’t care who wins (Dan,Ian,Shane, not Porker cant stand her either) but I’m pretty tired of looking at Jenn. She is beginning to make me sick. Powerhouse deserved to be here longer than her sad ass. So hopefully “Simple Shane wins POV.


Still trying to figure out what’s the purpose of Jenn City? Worthless. I hate to say it, I’d drag her right to the finale too. As much as I’d hate to reward her with $50k, I’d get over it because anybody sitting next to her wins the $500k automatically.

Shutup I'm Talking

Dan put Ian up wtf and if he didn’t win veto he would have went home if only he can see that


He can’t. Ian is a terrible strategist who is coasting on ratting Boogie out. And now his endgame is the same endgame he was criticizing Frank for: having to win repeatedly to stay alive.

I says, I

He actually thinks hes the new Memphis. Delusional kid…


yes, thank you CJ that’s what I’ve been saying. His claim to fame is getting Boogie out of the house other than that he has basically been a puppet for Brit then Dan.


SMH. Frank is out the house and these hypocrites are still talking shit about him. these idiots still don’t realize only one person gets the 500k. Frank is gone, and instead of concentrating on the next move to take out the strongest player, Ian is listening to Dan and wasting an HOH on putting up Shane and Jenn. Ian talking shit about other peoples social game, his social game is no better than Frank. Ian social game consists of falling in love with Britney and trying to fit in with his stupid self named alliance called the quack pack. Dan is giving Ian the nerd verbal wedgies.

Jenn City's Protein Shake

True that!

Ian is a total idiot. He said he felt like he won the superbowl when he won the shark puzzle veto and now he can be in a Wikipedia article and be happy. What a loser!

Ian appears to be someone who is living in his own world. It’s scary at times.

? For the win!

Dawg is beating Jen and Danielle that’s gotta count for something


They gloated about wanting to see Frank being pissed while leaving. He does exactly that and they still complain. I have a feeling if he shook hands and all that stuff, they’d call him a phony.

Speaking of phony, can someone poop on Danielle’s dream?


Should have voted out Dani when you had the chance Shane. Gonna be heartbreak city when the votes come out 2-0 to evict Shane.

I says, I

Here’s the thing about them all saying Frank’s exit was not classy.

Much like when he was going to be evicted during the reset, nobody had the class to pull him aside and say they were not voting for him. Of course Dan and Danielle had reason to be concerned about his reaction…but that would denote THEIR lack of class that he had dirt on them. Shane is just a coward and neither Ian or Jenn has even really been on the hotseat, where they had to fight just to stay…and Frank had to do it the WHOLE SEASON!!!

Sorry Shane, but “I don’t want to listen to him campaign” is just the excuse of a dumb coward.

Frank had many, many flaws. Other than against those who call him a bully (I guess we have different definitions. I don’t think calling people on their bullshit or trying to argue your case is bullying), I don’t defend him. He’s an asshole…just like all the other HG’s are assholes…just like I’m an asshole.

For them to act all high and mighty that Frank would be upset that he’d been lied to AGAIN and did not feel the need to act like he respected or liked any of them is just ridiculous. He didn’t call them names, didn’t erupt on the those he could have burned, and he just stood up, gave Jenn a hug, and left.


I’m looking forward to this thing being over. I’m hoping Ian wins it…but seriously after watching BBAD last night, shits boring now! How come CBS isn’t showing anything from the Jury house this year (I doubt its any less boring there)?


It bothers me that all the remaining house guests are calling frank a douche, just because he really tried to trust people, they are the douches, at least he didn’t need Dan to tell everyone body who to put up and what to say, no one left deserves to win, they should be back frank


I agree and I think Danielle is in for the biggest suprise when she finds out more people like Frank than her. Talk about cocky.


It bothers me, too. Frank made the mistake of believing Dan’s religion was sincere and the bible was more than just a prop for him to use as a way to further his game. I’m agnostic but Dan is the kind of christian that makes me sick. Shame on him and his wife for justifying their behavior using religion as a front.

The only reason he’s in this position is because the remaining hg’s are idiots, pure and simple.


Frank actually “wins” in the end when it comes to Ian…. because by not exposing Dan last week and letting Ian know that Dan backstabbed the QP Ian has fallen right into Dans trap and it will cost him his game!!!!!
ohhh if only he and Franky had talked last week!! if only…

PS-Shane!!! wake the f*ck up bubba!!!!

I says, I

Very good point!

Frank might have thought, “why would I help any of these lemmings?” and left them for Dan to devour.


dan has a final 2 deal with everyone and would stab anybody in the back to win but i think he would still choose Danielle over everybody else for the final 2


Who do you guys hunk will get player choice. Are America choice. ?? Hope it’s Frank. If only or the comps.

the one

i know shen going up lets hope he win pov in next week put up den in denille i dont like them two they terrible people denille told us frnk body is ugly in stupid i dont like her or den using the bible going to much out this world it sever her right if she in den go next leving ien or shen fin2 i sill belive these terrible people den in denllie she is the nurse nurse dont do meen things to people you know in den using the bible to get wht he wnt is wrong but god could trun it round in let them two go home in not shen you know


Did your cat eat the A key on your keyboard?


That’s not the only problem.


Man so many salty people over Dan….get a grip its a damn game for half a million dollars…..


Does anyone know what website to go to see the interview’s of evicted housequests with jeff?? Thanks

Jenn City's Protein Shake


I don’t understand why so many hate Dan. I mean I didn’t like him at first but he’s proven he’s a great player. You have to manipulate people and to me, be pretty much an ass to win Big Brother and that’s what he’s doing. I don’t know why you gotta hate on him for that.

Also, if so many people despise the show, etc why bother commenting and reading recaps? Isn’t it a waste of time?


I agree about all the Dan-hating. Any player who wants to win BB must be willing to do whatever it takes. That’s why the show has lasted 14 seasons. We love to judge from afar- it’s a game we play with ourselves as we watch each episode. I’d love to hear less whining from you all. It’d sure be more enjoyable reading..It’s frustratingly s-l-o-w enough as it is, nearing the finale. Just sayin’- we can comment without a bitching attitude. But that’s just me.


Everyone going to the Jury House will say… “I had a F2 with Dan and he voted me out.” So the next one in will tell Frank and he’ll say… “Me too!” and so on and so on…. until the last three all know they F2’d with Dan. Dan will have a hard time winning $500K. His game is good and he’ll get to the end, but he has personally betrayed more than half the jury. They respect a good game, but???


Ian’s picture doesn’t have the HOH logo added. Didn’t know if this is intentional or if you didn’t realize :)

Jenn City's Protein Shake

Ian said he would love to see the look on Britney’s face when Frank walks in the door.

Well, I would like to see the look on Ian’s face when he reads posts on this page and others of people speculating about his aspergers, adhd, ocd, mental illness, retardation etc.

Maybe he will get a good lesson in humility and realize that he has a lot to learn.


Big difference between an arrogant asshole and someone with an affliction, dont you think? By looking at some of your previous posts, I really doubt that you DO think, this post proves that you are just fucking ignorant. You should be ashamed but I seriously doubt you could feel that emotion. People like you make great blogs like this look bad. Go back under the rock you crawled out from, loser!

Jenn City's Protein Shake

I think you are in need of a protein shake.

Muscle Milk to the rescue!


Ouch!, Protein! That’s a hit below the belt. Anyone who battles neurological, difficulties 24/7 is a hero to me. Can’t imagine being bullied, experiencing physical discomfort, etc., etc. every day of my life. Ian and others are really courageous and deserve credit for their amazing coping skills.


Do ceremonies really take an hour to do? They are 2 minutes on tv!!


Okay so on the last comments I asked about Dan’s tshirts, found this

It is Dan talking about each shirt he is bringing into the big brother house….


I love how Dan can do anything he wants and get away with it. Why the hell isn’t Ian nominating him???

Count Boogula

Dan has played against complete morons both his seasons, this guy is really lucky.

Bb fan

Lol the fact that dawg has more votes than jenn lmao


I really hope that Jenn miraculously wins the POV, lol. That way, maybe Shane & Jenn could talk him into putting up Dan and evicting him (It’d be 1-1, tiebreaker), or at least Danielle so Ian’s HOH won’t be a total waste.

Kelly Anderson

Please Ian, put Dani and Jenn up. Shane annoys me, especially when he turned on Brit – but Dani is more annoying. She should of been voted out, not Brit. Ian – wake up bro – they were about to vote you out! The funny thing is that people go into this game to win it, but then they get too close to people and forget to play for themself.

Easy for you to say:

Oh how easy it is for so many of you to sling insult after insult to each and every player in the house, except for the one you are pulling for of course. But it is so easy to hide behind your computer and sling cruel insults at someone that you don’t even know when you yourself are far from perfect. That is a prime example of a bully. Get a life and stop trying to tear down other peoples.


First of all Frank should have one this game no one but him was up against a house full of
people who wanted him out from day one. He won all competitions, etc. He fought hard
to win and he did. If that RAT Ian didn/t turn on them. He definitely would have one this game.
I can’t stand Ian and the constant rocking back and forth what a creep… Now I’m hoping that Jenn will
win it appears should could use the money and I’m rooting for her…