Shane misses Kara hopes she’s watching the show, Ian “She’s curled up in bed watching with Boogie”

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

10:56pm Cam 1-2 Ian, Jenn and Shane

Ian talking about Fat Circles “Fat Circles.. Shoutout to Eric Roland Calc ][ “

11:06pm ian and Shane
Shane: “This is your 3rd HOH but it’s only your second one with a HOH room”
Ian leaves
Jenn waddles in ‘What a Sh!t tastic day for me”
Shane: “I hope i’m not up against you our Dani.. Who knows”
Jenn :”Who knows what’s going on in his mind”
Ian joins them.
Shane asks Ian what final 4 HOH is all about. Ian explains that the final 4 HOH means nothing all if gives you is safety the POV winner holds the power to evict. Ian adds that the final 4 HOH is usually a crap shoot.
Shane says they all beat some of the best players in the game like Janielle and Boogie.

Jenn says that Frank told her to her face that she was going to get 7 or 6th.

Jenn is surprised at how sloppy Janelle’s game was. Jenn: “Janelle girl you disappointed me” Ian adds that Janelle’s game fell apart once the coaches entered the game.

Dan joins them.
Jenn says that Janelle’s whole team is gone. Ian says that his parents must have been going crazy watching him win the POV on live TV. Ian says that the guys from “Jefferson’s Starship” must have been watching the episode of Big Brother in the bar.

Theres a coach two first rounders a second rounder and a third rounder

Dan says that Britney was way better than he originally thought from watching her on season 12. Dan adds that Boogie and Janelle were some of the best players in Big Brother. Dan: “can you imagine making it final 3 two times”

Jenn brings up that Janelle always said her biggest mistake was keeping too many guys in the house near the end. Dan points out that in her first season all the people left were girls. Jenn laughs.

They start talking about Willie
Dan mentions how it feels like ages when they last saw Willie in the house.
Dan: “He had some endearing qualities.. “
Ian agrees says Willie had a good heart.
Shane: “I honestly think that Willie thought he was helping him and JOJO out”

Dan: “He was volatile”
Ian: “He said he passed the test but he was drinking.. (Feeds cut)

11:32pm Cam 1-3 Jenn, Ian, Shane

Ian says that Britney wanted a all guys team she told him if at the time her dream team would have been Frank, Shane and Ian.

Shane points out that Britney could have picked Joe. Ian thinks Joe looked too out of shape. They all agree that Joe handled the eviction well. He knew his only chance of staying in the game was to win that POV.
Jenn: “I’m not going to lie I thought Frank was going to say something when he left”
Jenn: “He looked very blindsided”

Jenn: “I’m telling you Jodi was here to start sh!t”
Dan on the living room coach: “Jodi is the only houseguest that we talk about every day.. Kara we talk about every 3rd Day”
Shane: “I miss you Kara.. I hope you’re watching:”
Jenn: “I’m sure she is “
Ian: “She’s curled up in bed watching with Boogie”

Ian says that Boogie was self conscious about his age. After he kissed Ashley Ian said to him “Don’t you love it how a forty something can make out with a hot a$$ 20 year old” Boogie was not happy about Ian sayign that. Jenn agrees.
Ian gets called into the Diary Room

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11:50pm Living Room Dan, Shane, Jenn and Danielle
Dan reads his HOH letter from his wife.. His wife misses him and has been going to church every day and praying for him. Dan’s family is taking good care of her while he’s playing Big Brother. Dan gets emotional says sometimes he worries that his mother and sister are not looking out for Chelsia.

12:24AM Living Room Cam 1-2 Shane, Danielle and Dan. Jenn is sleeping in the bathroom and Ian is in the Diary room
Danielle is looking at Dan’s HOH pictures. She says his wife is amazingly pretty. Dan explains that in the picture she was wearing something a little bit more revealing than she usually does. Dan mentions that she usually covers up with a cardigan but since they were on their honeymoon during that picture she wanted to “Spice it up”

Shane : “You gotta spice it up”

12:37Am Cam 1-2 Shane, Dan and Danielle
Shane says they gotta win POV. Dan tells them that Ian has one shot to make it to the end. Danielle says that Ian will open pandora’s box tomorrow and it will be something bad for Ian and something good for them. Dan: “They won’t give him a power.. any power right now will guarantee him in the game” (bring back duos)

They are so happy Frank is gone. Dan: “I could not take him anymore.. he was so cocky” Shane: “So Arrogant.. that’s what did it for him “

Dan: “How many cheers did he get”
Danielle: ‘Not very many.. I think I heard boos”
Shane: “Joe’s was louder”

12:47AM Ian’s out of DR

12:48AM Cam 1-2 Danielle and Dan Living Room

Danielle: “He’s starting to get on my nerves”
Dan: “We have to convince him to volunteer to go up.. If he wins POV you need to convince him to not use it or you will go up”
Danielle: “He will never do that” (Would be epic if he did)

12:57AM HOH Cam 1-4 Ian gets his HOH room..
Shane acting WAY too happy playing it up and it shows. Jenn finally wakes up, “Hot int he streets.. jenn city.. Keeping it real.. Brooklyn.. Thats right.. ”

Make a dream come true vote Dawg to end world hunger

Share it YO!!

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Can Dawg show everyone he wanted it as bad as Frank? I am not sure if he heard how bad Frank wanted it. I know it was hard to hear the story over Danielle repeating her puking story over and over while frank shared his story…. I will only vote Dawg, who is my fav. right now, if I can hear his deeply moving story of how this is his dream and has been his dream for multiple years.


I voted for Dawg and donated. I’ve done my OBB Army duties for tonight.


It’s the least I could do. The feeds usually bore me to tears around this time of season and I end up here more than watching them for myself. It only makes sense to cancel Superpass and use that money for the real entertainment. You guys really don’t get enough credit for all the work you do. You guys recap everything, sift through the boring crap to recap any game talk or provide anything interesting, and have to deal with all of us headcases who visit your site.

Now if Dawg could only win a poll. Maybe you need to rig one to favor him like production rigs comps to favor certain HGs.


I tried but it stopped me for a cooling off period I was tring to make dawgs dreams come true! Sorry please don’t block me was not intentionally doing anything I thought was wrong, if bb can cheat I was gonna to help my favorite dawg for the win. Lol


Dawg, you’re doing good Dude!! You’ve got more votes than Jenn, Shane or Danielle and I just added MINE!!!! LET’S GO DAWG!!!!! Thank you so much for the feed, we appreciate it soo much!!! <3 <3 <3


Nice, I appreciate all the votes!


Holy sh!t! Dawg can take this! Ever since my dream of Ian and Dan for F2 crumbled ten minutes ago, must try to keep this dream alive!


Too late. Dan and Ian are stealing it. Come on, people! If it weren’t for these guys we wouldn’t even have this wonderful site. TS&D4L yo!

Karen S

Down to the wire Simon and Dawg! Do you think anyone is going to compare notes now
and call Dan out? I would really like to see him get busted and see the looks on everyone’s
face knowing Dan has played them all. ha~

Karen S

Ps.. then up on the Block , Dan will go… and ta da.. a newbie wins!


the only person who could have busted Dan left tonight…. Powerhouse was the one on to him!!! maybe Shane listened but who will help him think it thru!!? *sigh* no one…


the true winner of BB14 is Dawg.

Go home Delusionelle

When did Boogie kiss Ashley?

Jury was not part of my dream

Looks like Dawg has a shot at this one.
He has won as many comps as Joe.


I really hope Ian would put Dan and Jenn instead of Shane and Jenn up on the block
Please Ian ! Break free from the mist!!!

If Shane’s on the block, and the POV is that alien-face things, SHANE is freaking screwed…

I really want to see Danielle backstab Dan though! that should be EPIC right!


Ian has to break up either Dan

Eudy's Doody

Now that my BB dream has been sh*t on, I ask all “Frank Fans” to now support Dawg’s Dream. Because the last thing any OBB fans need is “Dawg Doody!”


I love Dan:) and if you look at him and Ian they have some similar qualities as if they could be brothers! As far as the swearing on the Bible etc as a ex catholic who went to 9 yrs of catholic school Catholics believe that you sin go to confession and do a penance! I am sure he told his wife and school etc how he was going to play the game and that some things might be said or done that are not exactly catholic like! I think he deserves at least final 2 coming in 2nd to Ian if not first! He played hard this time and really played the game much like you would in a sport (fitting for a coach)
I wanted to add that I believe that Julie gave extra time to frank and stressed his wins and waning to be on BB so that he would get America’s favorite vote, it seemed to me that she was really working it for him almost like boogie did, lol;) I’m not sure what Ian will do but I do how that dan is along for the ride, I think he is a very good player and researched his entire season last weekend and saw how he had to fight to win that game! He deserved it much like I think he does now! After all, it’s only him and Ian in the house….oh wait dani, Shane and jenn are in there oops guess I didn’t notice:) lol go dan and Ian FTW:) if Dan gets out sadly I will be voting for him as America’s favorite, sorry frank but lets hope that he wins final 2 so that frank can not have all his dreams sh!t on! Lol:D


Thanks, ex-Catholic, for explaining how it works to us Catholics. Again, I’ve stated it before, this is a game!!! If he was playing cards and bluffed, would he then have to ask forgiveness for it?! Please, Dawg


Totally agree that he is playing a game they all are…dans character and commitment to his wife and faith is a testament to that! Like I said I am sure he told everyone wife etc that he may do these kinds of things to win the game! I am a devout Christian so I do not pass judgement on others it’s not for me to judge! I hope he wins it!!! I’m sure his church will see a chunk of it after he wins!!

joe's teeth

how pissed do you think danielle was to see that dan’s wife is gorgeous and not fat….she’s so jealous right now LOL (not that i’d expect dan’s wife to be anything but gorgeous)


She’s scheming to get Ian to put Chelsea’s picture up on the block right now.

joe's teeth

LOL @ CJ that was classic


Dan has always spoken fondly of Chelsea-She really is beautiful-I couldn’t even type a question because…

I will shut up now…


You’re SO right about Danielle being massively jealous at how pretty Dan’s wife is! She’ll be goin’ through the BB rulebook later, to see if she can vote to evict Chelsea’s picture next week, instead of a HG!


Her pitch to Ian: “she can’t play in POV or HOH so she’s sure to be gone next week!”

Roisin Dubh

She’s gonna start boiling bunnies.


Power House and Jenn City, she could have take the 1at HOH. Ouch Since my Sweet Red is gone this week A new the new power couple has emerged TEAM JoeCity 4L

I says, I

“Dan reads his HOH letter from his wife.. His wife misses him and has been going to church every day and praying for him.”

Even his old lady knows he’s going to hell for doing Frank dirty. God watches Big Brother, Dan, and he’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. He’s gonna find out, who’s naughty or nice….

I says, I

If she’s as hot as all you guys are saying, I would have probably had a “come to Jesus” moment myself, if I were Dan…


you can google pictures of her if you didn’t see them, she is pretty, like average-type pretty, she’s not beautiful like a Kara, i mean, this is Dan we’re talking about, he’s no supermodel himself


So you’re saying God = Santa Claus???


if Ian is smart, which he is,
he will join forces with Shane
if he’s stuck against Dan,Danielle,and Jenn in final four,
he’s basically screwed!

Let’s go Ian and Shane!
Work together!!! That’s your both only chance


or Dawg.What makes them(Dan,Danielle&Shane)think Ian will be given another pandora’s box tomorrow?But If they do give him a pandora’s box,I agree with Dan.Production shouldn’t give Ian anything that will protect him by making sure he’s in the final 4.It’s too late in the game for that.Atleast I hope production doesn’t pull any crap like last season.

I says, I

“As far as the swearing on the Bible etc as a ex catholic who went to 9 yrs of catholic school Catholics believe that you sin go to confession and do a penance!”

As a lapsed Catholic who did a 12 year bid in Catholic school (I have seniority…), it’s not really that simple. If you truly believe, then a sin commissioned with forethought of knowledge is far more severe than dropping an F bomb on your parents in the heat of the moment. The penance does not represent absolution, but rather a way to reaffirm your faith in God. The belief behind confession is that God loves you and forgives your sins (so the Evangelical argument that Catholics aren’t Christians is absurdest bigotry. The difference between Evangelicals and Catholics is Catholics aren’t so silly that they read the bible literally- the whole slave beating, wife owning, no dinosaurs stuff is problematic). That being said, A true believer would know that God doesn’t really buy the “I know it’s a sin, but I’ll say sorry afterwards, so it’s all good” argument. Again, this stuff is all predicated on belief (of which I have none, so Dan is fine in my book), so if you believe in God, then you don’t swear on his book (or your wife and dead grandpa for that matter) if you know full well you intend to break that vow when it’s convenient in a game for money. The whole point here is Dan’s belief. The fact that he so quickly broke his vow, tells me the religious stuff is just a bit of a facade.

Again, as a non-believer, I think swearing on everything is pure brilliance. It means nothing to me, nor should it mean anything to believers and non-believers alike. This is all Dan’s business, so if he’s cool with it, then the rest of us should be too. It’s between him and his God.

Just don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, and say Dan knew how to get off on his blasphemy charge via a technicality.


I totally do not think what Dan did swearing on the Bible wife or grandfather was right at all! However, as a Christian I truly believe that I am not the judge or the jury God is! So that is something Dan has to live with! I do think his faith is real trust me going to 9 yrs of catholic school with all the sacraments and even married in a catholic church you must believe catholicism in order to be around it everyday at school and on Sundays! Otherwise he could teach at a public school! He did what he did, he is the one that has to live with it, it is a game but I do believe that there are Catholics that believe if I go to confession all is good with God, only God knows if it is or not ok with Him! That said its a game, I’m sure he explained his actions prior to be game to his wife and church/school and they are probably ok with it since if he wins I’m sure they will see a nice piece of the $$!! I love Dan! He will pay his tithe and all wil be ok with st Marys:) it is what it is!!

MU Tigers

Who cares? It’s a game show. Spare us the sermon. Sure there is a website out there to discuss religion. I like to think that I can get away from politics and religion on this site. Everyday in courts of law bibles are sworn on and people lie. It happens, get over it.

Roisin Dubh

Love that HOH picture, Dani getting ready to stuff her face.

MU Tigers

Hilarious. Looks like Lunchbox is about to get her feedbag on. GRAZING TIME!!!

Like watching paint dry.....,

I don’t subscribe to the live feeds or watch BBAD but am faithful to your site to keep me updated. Tonight I was home and thought to turn on BBAD for the first time to see about HOH. I think I saw Shane shuffling cards and Dan eating a bowl of cereal. That was about it for 5 minutes. I knew it was time to turn the TV off when they showed a close up of the last couple of pieces of cereal and milk! Ugh!!!! Simon and Dawg-how do you stay awake while watching this? However you do, I am grateful because then I don’t have to! Maybe they should market this next year as a sure fire cure for insomnia!!


Surprised that there are actually people in here that voted for Jenn as there fave player left. Must be her homies from Brooklyn up in here…


Wow I certainly hope these muppetheads all take a second and look around, and see the most in the air … And maybe just maybe wonder. Why hasn’t “super Dan” been up on the block .. Well he was , so I guess they should wonder why is it the one time he was on the block Jenn took him down. It is easy people jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick. As for Dawg i wonder if Simon realizes he is using curing world hunger as a strategy to get votes …. Is dawg misting us now ????


BB shouldn’t use Pandora’s Box to give Ian a power. At least not this week. He’s already HOH. They should give it to him next week when he needs it. And he’ll definitely need it! No matter who wins HOH, Ian will be the target. Maybe next week they should tell him to go searchin’ around the house for a secret room and Pandora’s Box and the Diamond Power of Veto will be inside or something.

joe's teeth

danielle got to devour 2 HOH baskets in one night! Ian hide your cinnamon toast crunch

MU Tigers

If I was the HOH and Lunchbox was up there eating all my HOH food, I would put that grazing, bat shit crazy chick on the block.

the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

shane is a complete tool, its only magnified now because there are so few in the house, his response to everything is ” thats crazy.” and him hooking up with kara, “THATS CRAZY”


Production needs to interfere watching Dan do this is boring tell shane to go make a final 2 with Ian… This is why Britney was here so shane would be smart you stupid oaf why did you do that


How do you vote for America’s favorite houseguest?

Gator girl

When it is time to vote, Julie will make an annoucement to go to the CBS website to vote. I will vote for Frank.


I love Ian and Dan, I would be curious to see who wins if they make it to the final two. Ian got a really good edit on CBS Wednesday, and Dan got a really evil one, it was pretty funny. I think they will probably end up voting Jenn out but they should take out Shane or Danielle…

Gator girl

CBS needs to hand out life vest because if Shane leaves Dani is going to cry a river.
Simon has there been ant other houseguest that has cried as much as Dani?

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Ahh yes, Wamber. Now that chick was crazy. Natie from BB10 shed quite a few tears too. She was a bat shit crazy too. They didn’t have the game that I got though.

Fear the Mist

Did you pick up on the rattle sound when Dan would walk by on the screen? Like he’s a rattlesnake ready to strike. Hilarious.

Stone Cold Dan Gheesling The Big Brother Rattlesnake


ashley is letting Frank live the dream in jury as she services all his needs

Darranged stalker Danielle

i would love Kara to come out of the pandoras box…to send Danielle screaming with rage…and have a meltdown… .haha shane wouldnt complain we all know he has a crush on Kara


does anyone remember the episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians when the sisters set up Rob on a date with Kara? i dont remember what happened but i think they were both not into it or something…


Ian has to figure out what he needs to get to the end which is win 1 POV in F4 and then win 1 of the first 2 comps in F3(he auto wins the questions if he gets to it). SO Ian needs to win that F4 POV which is usually themental one matching up things that happened in the house associated with each houseguest. Since he HAS to win it or go home it would make sense to keep anyone that would be weak in that comp so he should be protecting Shane at all costs this week only so he would only have to beat 1 person most likely Dan or Danielle in that POV.

If he can win that F4 POV then he should eliminate the biggest endurance/physical threat for the F3 comps which would be Shane. Lots of ifs but Ian is 2 comps away from 500K.


My prediction for pandora box
Good:Shopping spree for Houseguests
Bad:Eval Dick or Jessie for Ian
Come on Shane, better start winning your pov.
Next year, Big Brother All-Stars 2!

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

OMG Y’all, have you noticed how clingy Shane is becoming. I won’t lie to y’all, it’s kind of a turn off. But everywhere I go, there he is. I was in the kitchen staring at the mirror, and then I see him sitting at the counter. Then I go outside, sitting by the pool sucking in my gut with all my power, and then he comes out and works out. I think he is stalking me. So y’all, what’d we learn today? Clingy isn’t sexy, take it from me. And Shane’s not being very sexy right now.

PS Trey, I am out of the house in 12 more days with $500K, wait for me.

BattleKat Canuck

Well…isn’t BBAD fun, watching Danielle stuff her face, Dan got what he wanted, a house full of sheep. They should be called the sheep flock, not the quack pack. Bah bah. Is it just me or is Shane becoming even more obnoxious? The things he says…man. Jenn, pack your bags. You cannot sleep with the sheep, gotta flock off. Ian..I think you should prepare to open your wallet to insert your cheque. Really…more chewing….munch munch munch… The sheep continue to graze from the HOH baskets. Danielle is going to blow up, Jenn is going to toe up ( slop has worn her out) Ian is going to pop out of his skin like an over cooked bean…he is like a jumping bean, all that energy zipping around under the skin. Shane..if you don’t stop smoothing your hair down, it’s going to fall out even faster. Dan…what can say…Shepard your flock, keep the sheep under control. BBAD…3 hours of my life I’ll never get back. Y’all agree?? Did you see me, I said Y’all, did you see?? *eyeroll*

Shane p

I’ll miss joe and his late night solo exploits!! Powerhouse+1 (me) for life! And Ian for the win, although its going to be hard for him to make final 3 now. Shout out to dawg and Simon for this amazing fuckin site!! Unfortunately I don’t have the time to watch the feeds, so ya both do incredible work to keep me up. Gonna donate now. Thanks yo. Preesh!


I heard no booing for frank, I saw standing and cheering. At least on tv.


That’s just Daneille being disillusional and Shane, well Shane…were talking about a guy who probably goes to the 24-hr convenience store and asks what time they close


or is it delusional, oh my gosh I’m having a Shane moment..must stop watching big brother 14, maybe it’s jus tthe mist


What test was willie talking about??