IAN Opened Pandora’s Box to get a Video Message From Rachel Reilly, the Others got Messages from their Families.

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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1:40pm When the feeds come back, we find out that Ian opened Pandora’s Box and was locked in it to get a video message from Rachel Reilly, while the others got video messages from their families. Ian says f**k you Rachel. Ian says that Rachel was talking about Brendon. I think the video message was in Ian’s families living room. The others talk about being able to see their families. Danielle says that someone said to her they are so glad to see she is doing well at this game. The tv in the living room says “Nominations Today”.


Jenn and Ian are out in the backyard she is talking to him about nominations and asks if there is some type of agreement that they can come to. Jenn says you have already nominated me so I hope its not me. Ian says that the nominations with be arbitrary, and that it will really come down to the POV. The way I figure it the HOH is the only one with immunity. Ian says that he is so glad that they (Dan, Danielle, Jenn and Shane) all got video messages. Ian says that he was happy that they all got a message because he has gotten the letters and stuff. Ian and Jenn hug.
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2pm Dan and Ian talk in the backyard. Dan talks about how he lost it and started crying. Ian says that he is glad they got video messages. He says that he got 3 letters so that is food for the soul as far as he is concerned. Dan says that they probably taped one with his family too. Ian says yeah they were in his living room. Dan says that he feels emotionally drained. He says that Chelsea started to choke up and he could tell that she was trying to hold it together. Dan says thank you for doing that, that has never been done before. Dan and Ian hug.

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Dan leaves and Shane comes out. Shane tells Ian that he knows it is random and that all we need to do is win the veto. Shane says so Jenn is going up? Ian says yes. Shane says okay as long as she goes up, it doesn’t matter who else goes up. Shane heads inside and says final four. Ian says quack, quack. Danielle comes out and Ian tells her that you know the one that is going up and that it is more likely that it will be one of the guys going up with her. Ian says that it is random and that we just have to win the veto and keep the noms the same. Ian says that putting up one of them is going to be hard and that he loves them all. Danielle tells him that it would be better if you put up the person that would be more forgiving (Shane) and I think you know who I am talking about. Ian says yeah I know who you are talking about. Danielle and Ian talk about how the Rachel Reilly video message was just a recording and not live just like their messages were recorded.


2:20pm Dan heads back out into the backyard and tells Ian again thank you for that. They talk about how that has never happened before, no video messages have ever been shown in the house. Ian talks about how Rachel was wearing a sequin dress and that it showed photos of Brendon. Dan asks where do you think the video was shot? Ian says that the video where Rachel was shot was fashioned to look like his families living room. He says that he isn’t sure where it was shot though. Dan asks if Danielle is nervous about going up on the block. Ian says one of them are going up and no one needs to sweat until after that veto tomorrow.


2:30pm Ian and Dan continue to talk in the backyard. Ian says that before the season started he heard about the coaches twist and says that he thought it was going to be Boogie, Dan, Janelle, and Danielle Reyes. Dan says that it would be too tough to have 3 players from the same Season. Ian says that he puts Dan, Dr. Will and Danielle Reyes in the same category for best BB players. Dan says well thank you. Ian says that he saw a tweet between Matt Hoffman and Ronnie … Big Brother cuts the feeds.

2:40pm The live feeds are still showing the we will be right back screen..

2:46pm The live feeds come back for a few seconds, Dan is talking to Jenn by the pool. Big Brother cuts the feeds again.


2:55pm – 3:10pm Jenn and Dan are talking about an ex-girlfriend that Jenn was in a relationship with. Jenn says that the relationship with the girl came down to the girl thinking that Jenn loved her more than she loved Jenn. Meanwhile inside Shane finds out that BB re-stocked their storage room with food. Danielle joins them and says that she is still in shock that even happened. Jenn says that when she heard her (Rachel Reilly’s) voice it hurt her ears. Daneille comments that Chelsea is really supportive of him, like 110%. Danielle says that she was glad to hear from her mom. Danielle says that the girl in the video was the one that she talks about that she was in a sorority with. Ian, Dan, Danielle, Jenn talk about how this season must be really good for the viewers. Ian says this season is good s**t, romance, fights, everything.


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ROLMFAO you’d expect Rachel to talk about brendon instead of given ian tips on his game.

“f**k you Rachel” was the best response to her bs

Roisin Dubh

eah, but she won, that little dummy doesn’t stand a chance. Putting up Shane and Jenn, another coach controlled wasted HOH


Ould Um yeah she won on her second trip in and with lots of help.

As for Ian you do realize he is in the final 4. He may not play in hoh but he will be in pov. If he wind that he will be the sold vote deciding final 3. In finals there is 1 comp. That is always an endurance which he excels at. Also one is a mental again in his boat house. Against any but Dan he is Def. Going to win against Dan it should be close but could still win.so to say he has no chance is a bit ridiculous.

Roisin Dubh

Who helped her? That season was set up for J/J to win. She outsmarted everyone and I’m not a fan of hers. Final four big deal, it’s about final two and Dan’ gonna make sure he doesn’t get there along with Shane and Danielle backing his play. If dan doesn’t leave next week Ian’s done. Simple logic. He might be your boy and all but the numbers are against him.


I dont think the numbers are against him, he has a good chance of winning the veto, especially if its mental challenge. I think everyone underestimates Ian.


I agree with cholmes. This has become somewhat of who gets who first, except Dan has already gotten (misted) Ian, who must/should be thinking ahead and remembering his BF’s warnings about Dan. There is no way he completely trusts Dan and thinks he’s okay where he is. He must win every comp.


The final comp is in 3 parts and you must win 2 out of 3.


LOL at them all thinking this has been a good season.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I thought Ian was only going to open Pandora’s box if a “REALLY attractive girl” was shown.

Production must have tricked Ian again.


Unless he thinks Rachel is attractive, which she is when she has makeup on, but fact is when she doesn’t have makeup on she looks like Boy George , no hate look at the photo comparison for yourself, Simon hit it right on the money when he named her that. she actually looks like him.


Temptation will do you in every time. He already knew the odds of him getting something good out of Pandora’s Box was pretty low, yet he wanted to give it a try again. It was quite a risky move and he should be glad that he escaped with only a ridiculous message from Rachel instead of some game changer.


So basically Dan is running Ian’s HOH ?

Roisin Dubh

The coaches have ran the HOH’s all summer, why should this one be any different?

Jenn City's Protein Shake

Dan has been calling the shots for weeks.

Ian thinks that he has done all kinds of monumental actions that qualify as “tv gold,” but the truth is that he has been manipilated. The little moron better pack his shit. He will be going home on Thursday.

Quack Pack…dumbest name ever.


Yup that is sooo true! Yet him and other people in that house saying frank was doing good cause boogie was with him. What hypocrites! Ian, Britney and Dan are the reason you got so far! They covered for you when you went behind Boogie and Franks back. Danielle, the only reason why you got far was cause of Dan. Shane and Jenn, you guys got far cause you two flip-flop(Jenn) and always say 50/50 (Shane) lol.

Just old

Be tough for Ian to leave being head of house hold


Uh, not so much, considering Ian’s HOH ends Weds and there is another eviction thursday


Someone is leaving on Wed and Thurs this week I believe


Dan is running the entire house. While Shane plays house with delusional Danielle and Jenn City cries over her ‘almost’ won competitions. Ian is a good player yet he is still caught up on the notion of what the Quack Pack could’ve been instead of what it is;a front for advancing Dan’s game play.


Another boring Pandora’s Box. WHAT is the point?


Your thought on the game board below

Ian; Dan; Shane; Danielle; Jenn
(Ian) wins HoH
(Ian) puts up (Shane/Jenn) where Jenn wins PoV and takes herself down
(Ian) puts up Dani (Shane/Dani)
Results: (Dan) votes for (Dani)
Results: (Jenn) votes for (Dani)
*******Shane goes home

Ian; Dan; Danielle; Jenn
(Dani) wins HoH
(Dani) puts up (Ian/Jenn) where Ian wins PoV and takes himself down
(Dani) puts up (Jenn/Dan)
Results: (Ian) votes for (Dan)
*******Jenn goes home

Ian; Dan; Danielle
(Ian) wins HoH
(Ian) is forced to put up both (Dan; Dani) where Dan beats Dani in side-by-side questions
*******Dani goes home

Ian; Dan
(Forrest Gump) against (Satan)
(Forrest Gump)’s speech is he took down Janelle and Boogie
(Satan)’s speech is he misted Ian in taking down Janelle and Boogie

Final Vote:
Dani (votes for Dan)
Jenn (votes for Dan)
Shane (votes for Ian)
Joe (votes for Ian)
Frank (votes for Dan)
Ashley (votes for Ian)
Britney (votes for Ian)

**** Ian wins 4 to 3


except i wouldn’t put much faith in jen winning pov her track record isn’t very good the only pov she won was by default because frank got disqualified and she happened to answer one drawing that was worth more points then the others did so i am guessing jen is leaving on wednesday


this would be “comedy gold” I even think Frank might vote for Ian in this scenario. In reality, I think Shane will go out this week and Ian next. Dan knows that a woman will never when against a guy in final two, so if either one of the girls pick him he wins, If it’s up to him, He’ll pick Jenn FTW. Ian will win HG favorite.


*win not when

Roisin Dubh

That little dummy’s going to the slaughter house with a smile on his face. Book smart, sidewalk stupid.


we’ll see after noms…hope you’re wrong…

Fear the Mist

A heavy fog settles over the BB house, all are consumed.

Fear the Mist, ask Frank, he’ll tell ya, so will Britney. Muhahahaha


Great Pandora’s Box. Production had no need to change the game around now that Stank… err Frank is gone. They can’t save him so they did it just for the fun of it. Awesome for all, including Ian.


Does anyone think Ian is smart enough to put up Dan……pending he does not win Veto?


He might put up Dan if the veto is used to save Shane or Jenn. Whether it’s him being smart or just dumb luck working in his favor is debatable.


no, I think he believes in dan way to much to put him up if some miractle happens and jenn wins veto (but i highly doubt she will win) then more then likely shane is going because he will put dani up against shane and dan and jen will vote to keep her. Ian thinks dan is the only one on his side so he won’t put him up


Ian seems to have been following Dan’s playbook all season.
Sandbag till the end, lie and decieve along the way, then sweep the field.

Shane may be the alliance he holds true to.

He takes way too much pride in getting out Boogie and Frank.
Dan has to recognize his own game, that’s why “the kid must go”.

Rocking and restlessness aside – he has overplayed this to his advantage the whole season.
The movement probably is a tool he uses to pace his thought processes.

Love him – if you believe his “condition” (he would have been diagnosed with the degree of symptomatic behavior his has been exhibiting).
(These are not passive, silent quirks. But, rather rythmic noise. – How could he qualify into a graduate program).

Hate him – if it disgusts you that he is playing up, using a real condition that real people and real families struggle with, to manipulate that other houseguests and America to advance himself thru the season.

All Ian is, is a student of the game. And, bb14 is his test.


My son has all of Ians conditions and and Autism I believe he also has Toutettes like my son because of the noises he makes . These are ticks that you can’t help and they get worse when upset . Ians drinking is a form of self medicating to relax him self . But trust me when I say this when you have these issues the very last thing you want from anyone’s is pity my son wants noone to know he’s like this and always trys to fit in . Ian is not my favorite at all ,but he has done amazing for he had to over come being locked in a house like that and being under constant stress without medication is just crazy or therapy .much repect goes to Ian for this .


Ian isn’t some scheming mastermind in this house-That role is to another. He’s just playing the game. And you call his condition “overplayed” as if he’s acting? That kid walked into this house like that (he paced around as the evening advanced) and this so-called “over-playing” is actually, if you can believe it, stress from the house driving this condition to extremes sometimes, so cut him a break. How can you call that acting? And I didn’t even realize he had a condition until it got out of hand lately and his chat with Dan. None of the other hg treat Ian any different with this condition and I know for a fact it annoys the sh!t out of the feed viewers sometimes, so I have no idea what you’re talking about, Sister. I ‘d rather chant ‘Yeah! Go Ian!’ than ‘Awww poor little guy’, because he deserves it. It’s something he has to live with and I don’t think he’d want anyone to see him as less than in this competition, and look at him: Grabbing HOHs and POVs-And hopefully the 500k. The Boss.


Shane is so screwed yo.


yes, but he did it to himself. he’s been winning comps, doing his hair, and covering his blemishes with makeup, while while dan has secured a final 2 deal with the entire house.

he’s pretty to look at, but not much else…did you see his score in the hoh question comp thursday???


Shane won like three comps. He was a competitor in the beginning but now, not so much.

Team Frank

LOL, this season is a joke. Might as well just end it now and award Dan the grand prize. Now THAT would have been a worthwhile Pandora’s Box.

Team Jury House

Bitter much? Welcome to the House. You can kiss Ashley all day long and listen to Joe touch himself all night long.


Whose to say that Ian didn’t get something and is holding back on the info…?


no chance Ian got a veto pass to use next week?


I’m really hoping for a Shane veto win just to keep things interesting. If Shane wins veto then Jenn’s going home ruining Dan’s plan of an easy F2 win over her.

Aqua Bernie

Danielle’s throwing shane under the moving bus! What a b***h!

the one

she is bitch she did britny like this too get her out plese


The only one to make any $ from pandora’s box was Rachel. She had to have least been paid scale to agree to appear as a guest star on a network broadcast. Around $750, I believe.


awww … glad it something that didn’t change game.

Roisin Dubh

They’re reading the internets. Any monkey business right now would crush the franchise.

MU Tigers

If Dan gets to the final 2 and he’s up againist Jenn or Danielle, how in good conscious and respect for the game could you vote for someone to win that didn’t do anything in the game. I know alot of people have said because he has already won it before. But is that really a good reason to not reward him for playing the game better than his opponent? If Dan vs Jenn or Danielle is the final 2, voting againist Dan would be disrespecting the game and voting completely personally. You see that alot on Survivor, but BB jurors usually show more respect for the game.

Roisin Dubh

This season is chock full of emotional dummies. I think this finale is gonna smack AG in the face and get back to doing BB the right way.


try selling that line to the jury…don’t think it’ll wash with them, and it definately doesn’t wash with me…

MU Tigers

I can’t imagine being so petty and butt hurt that I wouldn’t vote for the player that played the best game, but apparently you can.


That’s what I see in store for him at F2, a few of the JH votes for the other person not because they want to, but because it’s not the guy that already won 500k and sent them out the door. F**k, that is screwed up. Dan deserves credit regardless.


At this point, it doesn’t look like Ian will know he’s being played until Shane walks out the door. which will happen if he doesn’t win the veto. And by then, iit’ll be 3 on 1. If Ian doesn’t wake up soon, he’ll be in the same position Frank was in, and will have to win every single competition or go to the jury house.

What I don’t understand is why it hasn’t clicked for Ian yet. Here’s what Ian needs to think about: Dan nominated him, and then threatened that he would “cut his face off” if he voted out Danielle. If Dan and Danielle weren’t together, why would Dan push so hard to keep her safe? Why didn’t Dan put up Jenn instead of Ian, if Dan truly has a final two deal with Ian? Why hasn’t Ian smelled the mist yet? He knows how Dan played the game in season 10, and said that Dan is one of the best players ever. He knows what Dan is capable of. Why can’t he see he’s being played? He’s so smart, and yet so blind.. Even Joe could see through Dan’s B.S now and then.

I would really like to see Dan and Danielle go up on the block, but I don’t think that will happen. I predict either Shane or Jenn will be evicted (most likely Shane if he doesn’t win the veto.) And then Ian will find himself at the bottom of the final 4.


Yeah,but the thing is,Ian really thinks he has a final 2 with Dan,and that he and Dan will do whatever it takes to make that happen.Problem with that scenario is….one word,or two………the MIST!!Dan,I don’t think,is taking Ian anywhere but out the door..I believe Dan wants Dani final 2….Don’t really think anyone wants Ian F2….All depends on veto after this week,so I don’t think anyone knows,except Dan,what they’re really gonna do……Shane needs to get back to winning Something,or it’ll prolly be the Mist-er and ……………pick one


I’ve said this all along: Ian knows the game inside and out but his strategy sucks. He lucked out with the Quack Pack being pretty solid while the rest of the house couldn’t form an alliance for more than two seconds, told one secret that snowballed (with Britney doing most of the convincing), and just not realizing that he’s the bottom man on the QP totem pole and has been since day one.


Exactly. Ian needs to wake up and see what’s before him: QuackPack, Dan and Jenn F2, Dan and Dani F2, Dan and Shane F2, Dan and Ian F2, mist mist mist, Ian on the block, mist, POV, HOH-Ian wtf was going through your head when Jenn took Dan off the block in the first place? Why would she do that if she hadn’t striked a deal with Dan? Do you not remember Dan’s strongest gameplay technique is socially? If Jenn wins POV he should put up Dan and mist him back with, ‘oh it’s only fair since you put me up, buddy’-But Shane would go home. Is it best to separate Dan and Dani or send Shane or Dan packing (definitely)? Ian won’t know because he’s too intent on keeping his alliance anchored and it’s driving me crazy.


I think Ian really wants to go Final 2 with Dan because he wants to beat or come in 2nd to the best. He loves the game so much that to win against any of the others wouldn’t mean the same thing.

Roisin Dubh

He’s gonna learn a life lesson the hard way. A win is a win.


I think he wants to go to then end with dan because he believes he is the only one on his side that will take him there and that both jenn and shane are loyal to danielle.


if Ian nominates Jenn, he’s an idiot.

Karen S

Where is production to tell Jenn to clue Ian in?
Dan has a final two with everyone… lol C’mon production!


Don’t forget that, for Ian, F4 MUST be the Quackers! He has been working to prove that his alliance stayed cohesive under varied and difficult circumstances.That’s why Shane’s staying (this week!) Ian never believed from the start, that he’d win this game, so an awesome

VA Vet

Right on Linda. Ian is all hung up on this Quack Pack nonsense. It seems like that is all that matters to him right now.

Oh well?????


Exactly. He doesn’t even care about winning, it’s all about the Quack Pack making it to the end, but little does he know that Jenn is the easiest one to win against.

Fuck a Quack Pack. It’s all about who you can win against in the end.


Every time Ian brings up how the Quack Pack needs to stay together, I’m wondering if he realizes that the queen of the Quack Pack, Britney, was sent home because of Dan’s shady deals. And Dan just put him up on double eviction night, with him being the target.

Nikkie's says'

I hope Shane wins the veto and Ian has enough common sense to put Dan up. Dan can’t be upset because after all he put Ian up and Ian saved himself with the veto so let Dan feel the heat again. This time he will not be able to use the same method as before. I hope Shane was just telling Dani a full of hot air when he said if the two of them go up he would use the veto on her. I know the guy seems not that bright but I’m hoping common sense comes in and he gets a ah ha moment and realize he should be thinking of himself and not her because Dani wouldn’t hesitate to vote him out. Dani is trying to portray that she can’t stand Shane to the others but if Shane would give her 30 minutes of his time she would be glowing all over the place. She is the one who’s clingy not Shane as she puts it.


Are the feeds down because the nominations have started?


No the feeds are back.. everyone around the pool talking about evicted players


…*Ian opens up Pandora’s Box and sees the video of Rachel gabbing about Brendon. “Ah f#ck!” he grumbles, “Fuck you Rachel..”
“What did you say?” Ian turns around and Rachel is standing there in black latex. “What? Did you just say f#ck me, b#tch? You need to wash your mouth out with soap little boy.”
“U-uh…u-um…” Ian stutters and backs away from her in awe.
Rachel laughs evilly, “Weren’t expecting me? Well, since you opened Pandora’s box, Ian, bad boys like you deserve a whooping.”
Ian has gotten over this shock and crosses his arms, tipping his chin to eye her incredulously. “Oh, really?”
Rachel pulls a whip out and snaps it acros the room. Ian jumps and backs against the wall. The more he looks he realizes her face is changing and screams. He tries to grab the whip when Rachel throws him against the wall without touching him. Ian rubs his eyes,
“Holy shit! You have telepathy?”
Rachel laughs, “Oh, you didn’t know? Your a$$ better call somebody!” She hisses at Ian and a breathes fire into his face, but he inches away.
Rachel laughs, “Don’t be so surprised…” her eyeballs roll out from their sockets to reveal reptillian ones. “HAHAHAHHAHAH!” Lasers shoot out of her eyes at Ian. Her hands have morphed into claws and her wild red hair into snakes hissing fire.
Ian drops to the floor and rocks back and forth, holding his head in his hands, “It’s not real It’s not real It’s not real It’s not real…”
“Havin’ fun yah little bastard?” a voice sounds off. Ian opens his eyes and Rachel’s head has disappeared to be replaced by Frank’s, “Yah dirty little scallywag?”
“No no no no no no no no…you’re gone…no no no no no no…NO!” Ian jumps up and in a burst of light he is in his yellow power ranger suit, “Be gone, b#tches!”
The creature before him roars and Ian zaps it with a surge of yellow. The suit vanishes and there is darkness. Ian opens his eyes and there is no monster. He gets up and breathes a sigh of relief when his eyes travel to the screen and Rachel appears with with sharp teeth and reptillian eyes. She laughs. “This isn’t over! HAHAHAHAH! I’m immortal, dumb#$$!”
The end.


Now I’m gonna have nightmares about Rachel, Thank You


The most F***ed up thing about Big Brother 14 is in the poll above showing Shane is about to over take Dawg as favorite left in the house.

Dan's piss stained shorts

Dan still will have an easy F2 with Danielle. Jury will have to hold their noses and vote for Dan over her. His ideal F3 is Dan, Jen and Danielle. I feel he has a good chance to beat either of them for the 500 K.
He will cut Ian loose ASAP now that he can’t compete for HOH. He will try and probably succeed in getting Shane out next unless he wins POV.


SMH @ the idiots left in the house thinking the season was good for the viewers. THIS SEASON SUCKED!!!! the ratings went down drastically week to week. a lot fans stopped watching this lame cast of dummies. this is one of the worst seasons ever. SHELLY BB13 was more entertaining than Ian, Danielle, Shane, Jenn and Joe put together.


Danielle was really throwing Shane under the bus.. But what did she Do last night when she got put on the block by Dan. She cries Shane!!! I cant STAND that girl. I do not want her to make it to the fianl 2.


I don’t think Ian has forgotten what Britney told him as she left, about “Don’t trust Dan.” But the combo of Dan’s mist, Ian truly wanting to see the QP all get to the “BB Final Four”, and the fact that Shane seems OK with going up against Jenn will, I think, overrule both “the ghost of Britney”, and Ian’s appetite to evict the big-name BB player (like Dan.) After the grueling DE last night, where were Shane/Danielle/Jenn? All chillin’. But where was Dan? In Ian’s ear, talkin’ him out of putting Dan on the block. THAT’S why Dan gets far in the game. He knows WHEN to be talkin’ game. And Dan knows gametalk time is about “quality”, not “quantity”. Dan knows it wears people out, so he keeps it to an absolute minimum, especially with the always-hounded, current HOH. I do still think there’s a 25% chance Ian puts Dan up against Jenn tonight, though. We’ll see. If Dan does go up, then we know Ian’s truly not buying in that he’s Dan’s “BB14 Memphis” (which he shouldn’t be.) But, if Ian doesn’t put Dan up, then Ian is, which is great for Dan. And (as if Dan needs any more help), I also think that the letter, pics and video Dan got from Chelsea has REALLY helped him with the other HGs. I think them seeing Dan’s true emotions come out made him seem that much more real and human to them. But back to noms: I think the #1 reason that Ian changed his mind and agreed to put Shane up instead, is that Ian thinks he’ll will the 1/2 mil vs. Dan in Jury. (Ian’s right about that.) So Ian’s not super paranoid about Dan right now. What Ian probably ISN’T seeing yet is that Dan knows he has to try to move HEAVEN and EARTH to get Ian evicted next week! Nice day in the house today – love the videos the HGs all got!!!!!


So Ian knows that Dan is one of the best BB players of all time and still wants to work with him?

These players are so freakingg stupid.


I think Ian has his own “mist”.


i can see who will make it to the final 2:
Ian and Dan

Did Dan bring only 1 t shirt to the Big Brother House?
I’m sick and tired of that red t shirt……


I hope Ian and Dan take F2. Definitely. Ian The Boss and Dan The Man FTW.


Does anyone know what the heck his shirt says? I am from Michigan and live near to the area Dan does, but I have no idea wth his shirt means….anyone?


I find it hilarious that the houseguests seem to think this season was awesome to watch.

Ian's creaky hammock

Didn’t Ian say he would not open the box? I’m tired of his now cocky, know it all attitude and forced swearing. He is a 14 yr old boy stuck in a 21 yr old mans body (maturity wise) trying to seem cool to the grown ups amd talks down to them. (Has NOTHING do with ADHD/OCD/Apergers).
Also really tired of the hammock rocking, give him some ritlin or something, ugh. I was rooting for him but now hope he goes soon.


Most 21 year old guys ARE 14 year old boys in a man’s body!! :)

Ice Princess

Production please talk to each house guest and remind them Dan is a coach and he needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know why the keep calling it the QUACK Pack. From my viewpoint, since they already voted out one of their members, that alliance is done. Therefore the should come up with a new name for the final 4 alliance. Quack Quack Out


Since,it’s almost time for nominations.Why isn’t Dan misting Ian to put up Shane&Jenn?I know he told him to do it lastnight,but Dan needs to remind him to put up Shane&Jenn.So,I’m confused as to why Dan isn’t trying to make sure Ian will 100% nominate Shane&Jenn.Obviously Dan&Danielle plan on voting Shane out(Ian thinks Jenn will be evicted).If Shane wins the veto.Dan has already discuss with Danielle that she will need to convince Shane not use the veto,because Ian will put her up.They(Dan&Danille will make Shane&Ian think they’ll evict Jenn.In reality they’ll evict Shane.Then Ian is their target).But I haven’t read any recent updates today.That said Dan was misting Ian to put up Shane&Jenn.


This is my prediction on how the rest of the season will go
Ian – HOH
Nom- Shane/Jenn
POV- Dani (not used)
Evicted – Shane (2-0)

Jenn- HOH
Nom – Ian/Dan
POV – Ian (used replaced w/ Dani)
Evicted – Dan

Nom- Dani/Jenn

Ian & Dani – f2
Ashley – Ian
Britney – Ian
Frank – Ian
Joe – Ian
Shane – Dani
Dan – Dani


Production: “Ian, there’s a Pandora’s Box waiting for you up in HOH.”

Ian: “There’s no way I’m opening up that f*ckin’ thing. Take it away.”

Production: “Ian, in 14 seasons, even though we always tell everyone that it’s the HOH’s choice, have you ever noticed that every Pandora’s Box HAS been opened, even though a number of HOH’s have sworn up and down that they wouldn’t?”

Ian: “Yeah! – Well, they were all idiots. And I’m not”

Production: “Come on, Ian. AG has been preparing this Pandora’s Box all week. You don’t want to make AG mad at you, do you? She gave you Christmas presents and $1000 last time.”

Ian: “That means I’m due for a punishment this time around.”

Production: ” Ian, you wouldn’t want us to force Britney to run around stark naked in the Jury House with Frank and Joe for the next two weeks, would you?”

Ian: “Well, no, but Britney’ll be OK. She’ll keep those bozos in line.”

Production: “What if we take away your hammock?”

Ian” “OK, you a*sholes, I’ll open it!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Nice pic of Ian getting MISTED Simon! Todays MIST forecast is Level 8.


frank will not vote for dan so thats a crock of shyt