Ian says unless Pandora’s box is a really attractive girl or a large sum of money I am not opening that s**t!

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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10am – 11am Ian is called to the diary room. Jenn is sitting out on the backyard couch in silence. Ian joins Jenn out in the backyard. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to tell the house guests that they are on a out door lock down. When the feeds come back, Ian tells Jenn that unless Pandora’s box is a really attractive girl or a large sum of money I am not opening that s**t! I don’t want what happened last time. Dan joins them outside. Jenn heads inside to grab something before the lockdown. Dan asks Ian if he is ready for a PB? Ian says unless it’s Kristen Bitting, Annie, or a large sum of cash I am not opening that s**t. I don’t care if I’ts my brother I am not opening it. If it’s a celebrity or something I will open it because I recon you guys will get to meet him and I will let you guys do that. Dan says it’s a pool day. Ian says yes it is, provided they don’t pull some PB bulls**t, if they close the pool due to that… Big Brother cuts the feeds. Shane talks to Ian about being locked down. Ian says that its not too bad at least they are locked down outside. He says that way I don’t have people trying to game talk with me all morning, because that s**t is draining and at this point the nominations are so arbitrary. Shane agrees. Ian and Shane talk about Joe and Frank. Ian says that Joe perfected the power shifter, and Frank was a beast at comps. Shane says that it sucks the comps now are going to be a lot more mental. Ian disagrees and says other years there have been physical ones. Ian says just one more eviction and Julie Chen will say hello Quack Pack.

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11am – 11:25am The live feeds are showing the we will be right back screen..
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11:33am – 11:40am When the live feeds return, the house guest are entering the house. They realize that Big Brother has replaced the table with the smaller one. Danielle comments that it’s the size of a kids table. Ian says at least we can all say we got to see the small table, it won’t get any smaller than this. Ian gets called to the diary room. Dan yells PANDORA’S BOX!


11:40am – 11:50am Ian comes out of the diary room and pretends to head up to the HOH room. They all think he got a Pandora’s box. Ian says got ya! He then heads outside to swing on the hammock. Dan says that he thinks it’s late in the season to get a Pandora’s box. Jenn and Danielle hope they do get one and that it’s a good one. Dan has his photo of Chelsea and him at the table and he is staring at it. He says that he wants to bring it to the pool but he is scared it will get wet.


Dan, Shane and Danielle are in the bathroom. Dan asks so did he (Ian) says that he was going to draw straws? Shane says yeah he said that last night and to day he said it was arbitrary, a crap shoot. It doesn’t really matter at this point. Shane says we just can’t let Jenn win the POV, that would be the worst case scenario. Dan and Shane discuss the reason why Dan put up Danielle last night. He says that he knew that Jenn wouldn’t vote her out but that they didn’t know if she would vote Shane out. Shane says that he didn’t understand it at first but then 10 seconds after realized why. Dan and Shane leave the bathroom.


11:55pm – 12:05pm Dan and Danielle are in the stereo room. Dan asks what Shane said about putting up Ian. Danielle says that Shane will put Ian up. Danielle says that she is getting smothered by Shane he followers her everywhere. Dan says I know can we not talk for 3 seconds. Danielle says she can’t breathe. I am just fed up with how douchey he is. Dan says that he just hopes we get another shot at taking Shane out. Dan asks if Jenn is good. Danielle says oh yeah she is fine, she trust you but she is just worried that if you and her go up that she will go home. Dan says that she should be, but I am trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. Dan heads outside. Dan, Shane, Jenn and Ian are all out in the backyard talking about Joe putting on olive oil to tan. Ian comments on how its cute that Dan brought out his wedding photo by the pool. Dan asks Ian so no pandora’s? Ian says no pandora, no problem.


12:15pm Danielle and Jenn talk about Shane. Danielle says that when she is done, she is done. Jenn says well let’s see it! Danielle says that she is, she is just trying to be nice. Jenn heads outside and tells Danielle to join her.


12:35pm Dan, Shane, Ian, Jenn and Dan are all out in the backyard talking about music. Ian says that he wishes they would play “I touch myself” (referring to Joe touching himself all the time). They talk about what their ring tones are for their phones. Ian says that he has that Seinfeld Theme song. Shane says he has an Akon and lil Wayne. Danielle says that she has a song “what makes you beautiful”. Jenn says that she has a Korn “Get up!” as her ring tone.

12:35pm TRIVIA…
Luxury Competition? Pandora’s Box? Jessie Godderz?

1:15pm Still TRIVIA..

1:40pm TRIVIA Continues..
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More like hello Shane…

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Yep, the only way I see Shane staying is if he wins the POV, and he uses the POV on Shane. I can’t believe he was talking about using it on Dani.

Dan has final 2 almost wrapped up.

The only way I see Ian making it to F2 is to win out (POV next round and win the final HOH).


If Dan has final two wrapped up then whoever he takes with him or they take Dan with them will win the $500,000!! The JURY WILL NOT GIVE $500,000 TO DAN AGAIN!


If Dan ends up in the final 2 with Jenn he will FOR SURE win $500,000. The only person to vote for Jenn to win will be Frank (and maybe Ashley since she’s a fellow floater and she’ll do what Frank tells her to do). Even though Britney is sour from being evicted because of Dan, I think she’ll get over it after a few weeks in jury and end up voting based on game play. If Dan can get someone else to do his dirty work to get Danielle out, she’ll vote for him for sure. I think that even if Dan outright blindsides Shane, he’ll still vote for Dan to win if he’s up against Jenn. I don’t see Shane being emotional and voting against Dan just for personal reasons. Ian (being a super fan) will vote based on game play, too, and he’ll make a case to convince the others to do the same. Dan vs Jenn? It’s a lock for Dan!

give the carrot 500Gs!!!!!!!!!!

I scrolled all the way down and was slightly dissappointed…. can we please get back to bashing Danielle….

she’s “sick of Shane”…. “when shes done, shes done” ….. this chick is giving all kinds of ammunition, AND the broad side of a barn to shoot it at….

Danielle finally found out Shane beats off to Joe beating off… if he keeps it up, shes gonna be “done”
Did everyone see they took away the house guest’s table and just gave danielle her own….
Danielle had a zit like that once before….. that where Ian squirted out from

We miss you Frank!!!

I am initiating the The Carrot Challenge:

Show me your yearbook photo from High School or college… and I will tell you with 100% accuracy if you were a frank fan or anyone else fan. C’mon we know all you haters were only cool in chatrooms!! We know guys like frank made a little fun of your volcano kit and you’re still not over it!! We know you people like Ian are keeping hope alive you may one day get your ugly parts wet…. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! YOU CANT HIDE!!!


I think only YOU will miss him since your user name is Give THe Carrot 500G’s…

Head of Household

The ironic thing is, ‘everyone’ speaks for ‘everone’ wanting Frank to leave. hahaha


Ian reminds me of a little High School Freshman the way he talks about women and how obsessed with “Hot Chicks” he is. I cant see him as anything other than a liitle creeper.


I completely agree. Ian is for sure a virgin (nothing wrong with being a virgin) and I doubt he has been truly alone with a girl unless its a family member. As Dan said he will have tons of girls knocking on his door but he won’t know what to do with them.

One last thing, Dan is a scum bag (I had to add that)


This makes you a big creeper, right?


Newsflash: Real men talk about and think about hot chicks all the time! We were all that age once and if hot chicks weren’t on your mind 24/7 at that age then I feel sorry for you for being so weird. Ian’s stoked out, 2 months ago he was a dorky little nerd, now he’s “girl approved” meaning that girls like Britney, danelle, and Ashley gave him confidence. His rating with girls isn’t huge still but it’s double since he got in the house. Outside the house Ian is going from pulling 4’s into pulling 7’s and he knows that now…good for him!!

PS hot chicks rule


I have to say that I think Ian has really changed since the beginning of the show. Even if you look at him physically, he looks older and more mature. I know Ian has his issues, but I hope for his sake that this is a huge transition in his life. I am sure he has been picked on or ignored because of his habits, while growing up. Maybe, this will bring a new and happier chapter in his life.


I agree…and I hope so too.


the kid is only 21 yrs old. you act like he’s 40. he’s not creepy. he’s nice. creepy was frank and mike. ick.


ooohhhh good one.


i agree 100%…the biggest creeps were mike and frank. ian is a really nice guy, maybe a little , but time will fix…


You would really defend him with his age? I just turned 20 a couple weeks ago and am far more mature than him. I would never disrespect females like the way he does… (like asking Ashley for… favors). Me? I have the ‘best friend’-type relationship with my gf like the several nights we’d set up the wii and duke it out in Mario Party. He’s a jerk that acts like he doesn’t want the power of HoH, but when he gets it, turns into a d**che (like the way he walks with his shoulders perked up) and starts threatening other players. He’s as bad as Frank with the bullying and womanizing yet you all defend him cause he looks harmless. If you’re bad, you’re bad regardless of how intimidating you may look.


Oh geez, what will it take for Ian to realize the QuackPack must split for HIS game? SMH. Just let Jenn alone and think about this, kid.


Frank on Amazing Race!! I would love to see that!!


I would love to see that! Even more better make Ian his partner! lol


Shane would make more sense, from a physical ability standpoint.


Frank on Survivor! He’s OK with being gross and not showering so he’d be a shoe in! Don’t shit on my dream!


Evel Dick was right when he called Shane the Scarecrow from the wizard of oz, he doesn’t have a brain. LOL

Give Dan the cash now yo.


I’m happy with this morning’s feeds. No more Frank to ruin it for more. Everything is going well. I don’t care who wins. Great season.


I guess Kristen is going to be in Pandoras Box to Reject him and insult him while the rest of the house will get Playboy playmates to hang with and Danielle will be like hey y’all I’m hot check out my zit.. Heck Kara could even be there in her bunny suit.


Not to say this wouldn’t be awesome but it’s highly unlikely since BB wouldn’t be able to control that many people from talking about the outside world and possibly revealing too much. You’d never know who watches the show.


DanDusky go back to ur boys in Mich. and ur valley girl sounding wife!!

Joe's Jizz Drenched Sheets

LMAO…Thank you for that…LOVE that one-two combo


I hope dans family and students are upset with him swearing on a bible, his wife and grandfather, there is never a reason to swear especially on a bible for money, he should be very ashamed of himself


get over it already…Big brother is like making a movie…It isn’t real…


OMG this is game!!! Get over it already and although not a fan of what he did even though it was a brillent game move there has been players who have played this game that have done worse and there will be players to come that will do something even worse then that . Everyone has lied in this game. I doubt any reasonable person will be mad I would hope that people will take for what it is a game move nothing more nothing less


I agree it’s only a game , i asked my wife lasty night if she would be upset if i was on Big Brother and did something like that and she had no problem with it.


Yes, please get over the Dan swearing crap. We have all sworn on something at one time at our life so LET IT GO please. Game is almost over so let the Frank cheating thing and the Dan swearing thing go. They did what they thought they needed to do, and none of us are perfect. Do have to say the Frank not liking to shower comment and that he would be great on Survivor was HILARIOUS!!!


Can we please leave any chat about the bible and religion out of this? Yes, Dan swore on the bible, but he meant it at the time. And if you still have a problem with that, the man prays daily. When (If…-cough- Iandoesn’tbreakawayfromhim -cough-) Dan wins he’ll be able to provide his family with 500k, so I don’t think they’ll be ashamed and neither will he. What part of ‘game show’ don’t people understand? If I’d won 500k and had another shot at it, sh!t-I’d be f**king CONNIVING, especially with this group, but I would own up to it like Dan also.


i’m surprised you’ve been watching and not at church.


Im betting dans excuse at the end for breaking all his deals will be something to the effect that he made a deal with his wife before he made deals with people in the house. I think he will use this as his justification for all the betrayals.


I don’t like religious people at all because they all seem to be hypocrites like Dan, but in this case i don’t mind it because I want people to see how being a “good Christian” is BS. Bad people are bad no matter what deity they follow.


Team quack pack! Rooting for Ian or Dan!


Hell yeah!


Somehow,Quack Pack will fall apart. Go Shane!

Zingbot Fan

Four of the five people left are Quack Pack so I think that proves that the QP was a strong alliance. Where is Frank? Britney is going to love seeing him show up at the jury house.


Simon, did they see it would be a fast forward week????


There will be an eviction Wednesday and then again Thursday.


ians going to get all sorts of girls when he gets out, rock star type status for a few weeks then it will be over


`I am now rooting for ian to LOSE.

and for shane to realize hes been in a coma since like week 3


I see it now: Ian get a Pandora’s box with a picture of Kara on the screen, he opens the box, and it’s just playboy magazines. Disappointed, he’s locked in the room while the rest of the house searches for a DPOV that is hidden somewhere in the house (Dan’s bed.)


I doubt it I think it is getting to late in the game to give any powers it would be an unfair advantage and i highly doubt there would be another pandor’s box they already had two.

Zingbot Fan

Ryan I disagree. Ian would be happy with the Playboy magazines. He might be locked in the room but he will be trying to “beat” Joe’s record.

Aqua Bernie

Ian needs to get away from the mist.


don’t fight the mist, its too powerful we are all be controlled by the mist




all summer shane talk about needing the money his school his parents need help yet he talking this crazy talk about saving danille ……. i hope shane isn;t hoping to be america ‘s player …. dimwit…. i was pulling for u shane until u said that stupid shit like u is any super hero trying to save people who trying to get u out ………. ian for the win


I think he says that now but if it really became a reality i highly doubt he would do it I think he wasy only saying it because he knows that jen is going up there is no way she isn’t and the likely hood of them both on the block probably won’t happen


amen! (dan converted me) all of this nonsense of “i’ll use the veto on you”, and “i’ll donate the money to help orphans and widows” is about to make me throw up.


Simon/Dawg you need to put dunce caps on the these newbies heads yo. Do it for me. :)

Debbie H

and a mist around Dan’s Head.


I can imagine now. Ian open the pandora box and it DPOV. All the sudden, Eval Dick comes by and make Ian more miserable while the Houseguest search DPOV. Open the Pandora Box Ian. It something good Ian, trust me.

Revenge of the Nerds

Sorry if this has been answered, I did look. But why was Jenn pissed off last night and “gonna burn this house down” stuff. Totally confused.

Nicky Brand

I think PB will be a hot girl, but she will reject Ian and try to make out with Shane instead (and fail).


why would shane kiss a hot girl? cmon, please. never. only if her name was Bob


i dont find the nude pics of kara online to be that attractive. she was kinda rockin and old school bush setup and her body wasnt super on point


kara had a kinda bushy strip or patch setup down low for playboy shoot


Go Dan mist that annoyiong little kid Ian! I am thinking Dan would like to take Jenn to final 2 if he can cause he could win against her. As for Shane, he doesn’t not know how to play this game at all it’s pure luck he’s made it this far. As for Danielle she’s clueless, she thinks Dan has her back but he is using her as his personal pawn it was a risk yesturday to put her up i mean if Ian and Jenn were smart at all they would have sent her packing and Dan risked that. If Danielle thinks Dan would pick her over himself she’s crazy. I love Dan but these people need to wake up and vote Dan out or none of them will win. I won’t even metion Jenn because she is mad at the wrong things and not mad at the things she should be. She is clueless also.


so gross how danielle was complaining about the sounds joe made while masturbating. he mustve done it in his sleep


jojo wouldve been interesting to keep in house longer. true filthy animal there, no telling what she wouldve done


You cant stop the mist. It just becomes you.


wonder if joe beat off in the jury house yet?


still at 99.9% gay
.1% bi but leans gay


lets put on more make up for my dr. we all know straight guys all wear make up to impress straight girls…

VA Vet

Ian’s comment about Julie being able to announce the Quack Pack after this weeks eviction means that Jenn will be nominated and presumably evicted.

Bad move Ian!


willie coming back for the final or cbs is done with him?


he willie not come back the cute you out of all the evints


Plot twist. Dan gets kicked out from the game and Frank returns yelling ‘Floaters grab a lifevest!’ as he barges in.


It is hard to tell who dan wants to take now it seems like if Ian puts up shane and jen, and shane doesn’t win pov then they are going to take out shane but i am not sure dan seems to have a deal with everyone so i am not sure who the real target is

Aqua Bernie

Danielle says shane is clingy and more douchey. well then b***h get out if his bed, and leave him alone. I dont like this chic at all. She is the worst person in the house. Her and her zit! May she live a long and lonely life. It’s payback time.

Debbie H

100% agree


Dan could’ve lied all he wanted and swore on anything, but when he brought God into it and swore on the Bible, I knew then he would screw his own mother to win this game. He is a sleaze ball. I would never trust him off the show. He has lower morals than a pedophile, in my opinion. Playing a twisted Dani just might get her killed when she goes off the show and finds out nobody liked her and see the comments Dan and Shane made about her. Hope BB offers her intense therapy.

A Simon Fan

I can’t believe that you are saying that Dan has worst morals than a pedophile. This is just a game. I think you should rethink your comment. That’s really a terrible comment to make!


People who truly believe in God wouldn’t dare question somebody who swore on the Bible.. He swore on the Creator knowing he was lying. Even on a game show, you don’t use somebody’s faith in God, falsely swearing on a Bible and use God, to boost your credibility. That is why Frank was so hurt, not that he lied and backstabbed him…that’s the game, but he used something and somebody most holy to get him out. I married somebody like Dan, who used God and church to fool me…found out he was a pedophile, and divorced him. I see those same qualities in Dan.

Grandma Grat

Have you notice how she starts saying she’s being smothered when she wants to get rid of a person. Remember her BFF Brit, next it was Frank, now she wants to get rid of Shane. I absolutely despise her in this game , but I believe sh will win at least the $50,000.00


Okay, whatever. And I suppose her coach Dan is an angel. Dan and Danielle=toxic, and Shane is at the height of it. Dan sprays and Dani stays. Holy smokes.


This holier than thou, zit encrusted, whining looney tune has got to go…and hopefully by Dan’s hands. I think we’ve all had it with her whole attitude and approach. Poor Dan has to play two games in this house; his and Nurse Batsh*t’s.

Had to love all the Dan is pimping out Dani comments from the other day, but hey shortly thereafter Dani is changing her bed and is in bed with Shane. So she won’t be moving out because her actions were designed so she might grab the prize…and that reads as getting into bed to get the $$$$. Gee what do we call that? …sounds like an old profession.

I could care less if she’s with or without Shane, just make up your mind…which is something she can’t figure out how to do. But more important, pack a bag so someone can roll your a$$ out the door. Would love to see “Father Dan” be the one to slit her throat.



Darranged stalker Danielle

Shane your dumb as a rock…..neverrrr use ur pov on any person but yourself… this is 500k dumb ass

production rigged it

exactly i said yesterday he had rocks in his head, i mean really what a dumbass where do they find these people, what does he owe her for exactly wasn’t he the one that made the deal with ian to not put him or her up last week so if anything she owes him, apparently nobody in this house can think for themselves except dan, ian is letting dan tell him to nominate even though dan nominated him, danielle said she was willing to be evicted for dan when they were on the block together even though he’s already won before and now shane is saying in the final 5 if they’re on the block together and he wins pov then he will use it on her, i hope and pray next year they find some people who actually have a brain and can make decisions on their own and can think for themselves, this year has been a joke especially now that the only 2 people (britney and joe) that saw through the mist are gone now.


the next all stars better have Kirby, Boogie, Gheesling, Frank in the house. i think kirby retired fromreality tv though, just focused on removing tramp stamps from 50 yr old women now at dr tatoff


I bet Dr. Wil will come back if Dan wins this thing. His ego won’t let him be second best!

Head of Household

Not necassarily, Dr. Will is currently tied with Jordan (the two best placing contestants) and he shows no sign of coming back, he doesn’t even watch anymore.

Besides, All Stars 2 is probably going to be BB15 with BB8-14 contestants

frank is the new jesse

why frank? because the others are too old, tired, or rich to win comps anymore? frank’s game play was horrible, that’s why he was on the block every week. if he couldn’t win comps, he would have been voted off months ago.

i prefer players who not only can win comps, but have at least a shred of a social game, too. once frank learns to use deodorant and beano on a regular basis, and can tone down his arrogance in front of the other hg, maybe then…


frank going to town on ashley in jury while joe whales away solo Yo


*waits for a Pandora’s box with Frank inside*


man the final is going to suck for boogie sitting on that loser panel on the other side of the room


or Dawg.What time is the nomination ceromony?Oh,and Dan better blast Ian with his mist before the nominations.Dan have to convince Ian to put up Shane&Jenn.Then Danielle&Dan will evict Shane.Go Dan!Mist the entire house and start misting team production.Lol.


What, no pandora box? Come on! That’s messed up. I can’t what surprise for Ian.


now that frank and joe are out of the house they should fumigate it…inside and out!

Danielle's Therapy

So I’m trying to keep track of all of Danielle’s personalities. So far love sick teenage girl and evil lying b***h seem to be making a lot of appearances. Every once in awhile you see sweet southern girl, but she doesn’t stay very long. Let me know if you see any more!

Aqua Bernie

the sweet southern girl freaks me out too! Her voice gets real high and it goes right through you. There’s so many different sides of her, and i can’t find one to like. If i had to make a list of things i don’t like, we’d be here all day!


narcissistic weirdo


I think most of the people that like Ian like him because they feel sorry for him, that’s not a good reason for someone to win Big Brother. He’s this odd little guy with some major insecurities. His major moves in the games has been what? Against Boogie and Frank, the two that actually reached out to the little guy..what happened? He was jealous of Frank relationship with Boogie and Ashley so he makes a plan to get rid of him. He forms his little quake pack with the “cool” kids and now he’s a puppet. Ok maybe Brit did feel sorry for him and actually did like him but Dan knows his number. He will boost up Ian’s ego until he’s ready to crew him up and spit him out. I’m not saying Dan is the best player but out of the group left he is the better player.


If you recall – Ian was hurt when the HOH comp was ‘walking the plank’ and he was holding on for dear life and Boogie and Frank were nowhere in sight to encourage him… granted Boogie wasn’t his coach then – but Dan certainly did’t give up on Dani that night… even ? noticed


exactly he felt slighted so he found someone else to cling to, poor little Ian


I’d be fine if he won and I don’t feel sorry for him at all….he has a lot of redeeming characteristics …..he’s done a great job…I don’t mind his quirkiness .


I don’t know when I started rooting for Ian-I didn’t like it when Dan took fire for him and he acted like a boss in the DR, but when he won HOH and confronted Frank to let him know he was taking him out he totally became one and unlike the way nerds are typically portrayed, the kid took a stand and true to his word made it happen (and good thing Dan won that POV). I don’t know if he’s beginning to realize taking Dan to F2 is not in Dan’s 1st place agenda, but he’d better. But could Dan win against him? Ian already has a secured vote from Brit. I don’t think so…Dammit…Ah, I’ll be happy if either of them win, but I’ve been leaning toward Ian (1st) and Dan (2nd), but there’s no way Dan has come this far for second place. Listen. You can hear the knife sharpening from afar. If only Ian could see it behind the mist…Ian The Boss and Dan The Man FTW.


I’m calling a Dani knife into Dan’s back. I think she is overselling the Shane hate now to Dan and Jenn. Based on the snuggle-fest last night, she’s either lying to Dan and Jenn or she is completely bi-polar.

…Shut up I know she is insane.


When is the nomination ceremony?


I would love to see Ian’s face that Eval Dick is in there.


Wait a minute, Dani is saying someone is clingy? LOL, too rich. Dan better win this thing or it will be a travesty.


I wonder how she is going to react when she goes back and watch the show and see how nutty she acted.


With the way everything is going with big brother now I think that they should just go back to the way it was in BB1-BB6 No “special powers”. Food comps where they get to earn food items for the week and everyone is on slop for days that they dont win food for. Even the order of the games needs to change so that the house guest can’t say ” The next comp is going to be OTEV so we need to prepair for that, or next comp is endurance so we know who will win that.” They need to switch it up so its not soo predictable. AND STOP BRINGING BACK OLD HOUSE GUESTS!!!! Next season they need to start fresh from scratch ALL new comp ideas ALL new players…


I got the feeling next season they’ll bring back a few alliances or so with a twist when they showed that segment of the Brigade reviewing the QuackPack-But I do want a regular all new players season again.