Big Brother 14 Final 5 Nominations Results

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

6:10pm Cam 3-4 Arcade Dan alone

6:10pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane
Shane is folding up clothes says she’s lost so much weight when he came into the house he wore a 34 waist now he’s a 31.

Danielle saying that Jenn is being super crabby at her because Jenn is on the block. Shane thinks it’s just because she’s been nominated 2 weeks in a row. Shane keeps saying “She’s got to go”.
Jenn had snapped at Danielle when Danielle said to her “I’m sorry you guys are on the block”. Jenn was mad because Danielle wasn’t being happy. Shane says it makes sense that Danielle is sad both Shane and Jenn are up on the block. He doesn’t understand why she’s not cool with that. Danielle: “She told me I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT”

Searching for a power.. (And I hope she finds a veto)

6:18pm Jenn tells Dan she has anger issues.. she’s got help for it in the past.

6:40pm Kitchen Jenn and Dan Jenn is making some Slop muffins. Dan is sitting on the dining room chair looking at the picture of his wife and the Memory Wall.
Jenn: “You don’t think we’re going to play this competition today”
Dan: “It’s going to be a night one.. tonight or Tomorrow night”

6:53pm Cam 1-2
6:55pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Dan
Dan thinks the POV could be tonight. Dan heard them set up out side and he thinks they are building something that uses the steel pipes. Ian hopes that the POV is tomorrow night he cannot handle a competition right now he’s exhausted.
Ian brings up that Jenn snapped at Danielle.

7:09pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Ian
Dan has been studying for the past hour. He tells Ian he’s studying for the face morphing competition he thinks it’s either tonight or tomorrow.

7:23pm Getting ready to attack the first person that comes into the room

7:40pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle

Dan doesn’t want to piss Jenn off before a competition. Dan doesn’t really know says he talked to her and she told him she has a anger problem.

Danielle cannot stand Jenn anymore. Dan says that is fine but they have to get to the final 3 with her.
Danielle: “She’s making my time here miserable.. “
Dan: ‘you are hear to win half a million or are you here to have a good time”

Danielle: “I didn’t do anything.. why is she pissed”
Dan: “Of course you didn’t do anything.. We have to prepare for her to be mad when she’s on the block”
Danielle: “What will happen if I win HOH next week and have to put her and Ian up”

Dan doesn’t know says that Jenn will be pissed but what can they do. Dan suggests she puts Dan and Ian up if doesn’t matter.
Danielle: “How sad is that we cannot put her up as a pawn because she’ll walk around the house pissed all day”
Dan says that is the nature of the game.. it’s the difference between 50 thousand and 500 thousands..

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Has there been a power of veto hidden in the house before that someone can randomly find??????


CBS wouldn’t jack with the game, would they? Lol!


Power of Veto deep in Dani’s make-up box

“ya’ll this is so stressful”


.But,did Jenn say she was looking for a power or is that you just trying to make us Dan fans nervous?Lol.


Haha Jenn crazy

Danielle's Mind

Oh my god Shane is such a douchebag. I hate him so much. Wait a minute.. is that Shane and Jenn talking?! I know Jenn is a lesbian and all but that still a big risk. I’m gonna go talk to Dan and get him to vote out Jenn. Hmmmmm are those zebra cakes and a box of cheeze it? I think im gonna go get some. Maybe i should take one.. or two.. oh what the hell ill take the whole box. Anyways where was I? Oh yea jenn you’re taking my boyfriend away from me. I’m getting you out.

Please Please

Tell Jenn to cover her butt crack


yes, crack kills


Better win that POV Shane.


@James.But,even if Shane wins the veto.Dan has already discuss the plan with Danielle.Which is to convince Shane not use the veto,by telling him that Ian will put up Danielle in his place.They(Dan&Danielle)also plan to make Shane&Ian both think that they will evict Jenn,but in reality they will evict Shane.Obviously after they get rid of Shane.They(Dan,Danielle&Jenn)plan on getting rid of Ian.Since Ian can’t play in the next HOH.They are going to try extremly hard to win the veto.Which will lead to Ian being evicted.I think Dan plans on taking Danielle to final2 and Danielle will take Dan to final2.


LOL If Shane doesn’t use the veto on himself then he deserves to go home.


Dan’s taking Jenn to the final 2. He’s already said in the DR that his only loyalty is to himself (so Danielle is not his Memphis) so I’m pretty sure that in the end he’ll take Jenn because he has a better chance at beating her. With Dan vs Danielle, most of the jury would vote for Danielle to win. With Dan vs Jenn, I think Ian would lead the Quack Pack to vote for the best player since Jenn’s game was so pathetic.


I really don’t think the jury will vote to keep Dani. She really hasn’t done anything…


If Shane wins POV (fingercrossed)
Production, please WARN him HARD to use it on himself when Dan’s scumabagging him into not using it
I just can’t stand a nice guy getting screwed like that…


If he’s stupid enough to not use it on himself, then he deserve to go home immediately

I says, I

I know it’s Shane but there’s a huge logic fail there. If he wins the veto and is told Danielle will go up, then he says OK. We control the vote so Jenn still goes home. Then Dan and Ian both say they will vote Danielle out. The little hamster in his head gets on the wheel and he thinks “If the Quack Pack is done, why are they not already planning to evict me.”

At heart Shane is a coward and if he wins veto, he uses it. There’s no way he stays up without a good story and if it’s too good, he will get scared and still use it. Danielle is not that important to him.

Dan has to know that if Shane wins veto, his final 3 is likely blown up


Wow! Ian won HOH! I guess the HG took the dweeb and turned him into a superstar.


Is Ian SERIOUSLY going to waste his HOH on getting Jenn out?! What an idiot. Him and his crap pack. As Evel Dick said, he is too much of a p…. and needs to make some big moves. DONE with Ian and his way of protecting the CRAP pack. I don’t get why everyone is rooting for him so much… he acts like he is this big player for getting Mike out yet he refuses to make any big moves. Serious – targeting JENN?! Doesn’t he realize that if Jenn gets evicted, he will be the next to go?! Dan wants him out, Shane will protect Danielle and Danielle is a lot closer to Dan and Shane than to Ian. He is an idiot.


Ian ratted Boogie out but Britney did most of the convincing and scheming for that to happen.


Danielle might be my all-time least favorite houseguest. It hurts my insides just to look at her.


You’re an IDIOT…I bet Danielle would feel the same way looking at you!!


Simmer Down people!


speaking of anger issues..


Everyone is entitle to their opinion and shouldn’t be called idiots.

Danielle is also my least favorite houseguest in the history of BB. She is a very sick girl who needs emotional help.


I hope Danielle would hate me. We are polar opposites. She is a turd. And i am awesome.


Well, it’s official. Ian has let Dan usurp his HOH and has been misted yet again, despite the fact that Dan nominated him and wanted him gone last night. I just want Jenn to win POV to see the QP scramble.


I agree – the only thing that would make this show remotely interesting is JENN winning and the Quack Pack having to send one of their own.


then why are you watching?


they’re not after jenn…they’re after Shane.


Ian as a pawn last night and they discussed it before the live show. Ian and Dan wanted people to think they were not working together and that was the best way to show it.


So…. unless Shane gets Veto (or Ian, and he suddenly gets wise to what’s going on) then D&D will get rid of Shane. Then Ian’ll know something’s up, but it’ll be too late. He’ll be on the block next week and if he can’t get the veto then D&D’s master plan will be complete… Dan, Danielle and Jenn will be the final three.

Ian played right into their hands! Bummer, for him.

If Jenn wins final HOH she’ll take Dani.
If Dan wins it, will he really take Dani? My guess: Yes.
The big question is: If Dani wins it, will she have learned enough from Dan that she’ll know she has a better chance of beating Jenn?


Dani is NOT going to get rid of Shane … She knows he has her covered. Besides, she’s a Shane stalker, she wouldn’t hold off without him.


Nah Dani will evict Shane in a heartbeat. CBS plays that stalker/shomance crap. True she’s delusional but she’ll vote him out cos Dan will tell her too. Dan is firmly in control of this game. The ONLY person that can stop him winning is Ian.


Yes she is, CP. Dan has already mixed and squirted his “stronger-than-stalker-instincts-mist” on Danielle. Ever since the misting, all Danielle says is “Shane keeps following me around everywhere lately – I just can’t stand it, Dan!” Bringing Shane along as #3 doesn’t 99% guarantee a Dan/Danielle BB victory. Bringing Jenn City along as #3 does.


@Crappack.I’m not sure if you’ve been reading these updates,but Danielle will do whatever Dan tells her to do.Dan has told Danielle what to do since day1,and guess what?Danielle has done everything Dan asked her to do.Danielle is 100%loyal to Dan.Since Dan wants to get rid of Shane.That means Daniele will also evict Shane.

the one

i with you on this too she will not send shen to the jury so den in shen could go work on them self in not her she dont trust jenn now if she keeps jenn jenn win hoh she going up think denlliel think girl


She would send Shane to jury because Britney is married and Ashley is with Frank. She would only not send him if Kara was there LMAO!!!


I can’t believe I am saying this – but am I really going to have to cheer for DAN at this point? :/ Shane is a douchebag, Danielle is a psycho, Ian is annoying and just wasted an HOH, and Jenn doesn’t really do anything. But knowing BB the final is going to be Ian and Dan – guaranteed. I always predict the final two – and you heard it here first – it’s going to be Ian and Dan.


yes sadly :( I can excuse Jenn’s laziness but the rest, what can you say…I rather for Dan to win.


Sadly, I agree with you. I really didn’t want Dan to win because he won before, but the rest of the house are a bunch of annoying morons. Ian’s so stupid, I would’ve had more respect for him if he had put up Dan and then maybe I’d root for him. At this point, he’s still just the same annoying, lying, backstabbing, troll he always was. So I guess GO Dan, rah rah. Since Frank’s gone I really don’t care anyway.


anyone know why Frank’s live chat isn’t on CBS? They have Joe’s up already but not Franks??


Laura, AG’s not gonna let us see Joe’s interview with Jeff until each of us writes a handwritten letter to Mr. Julie Chen (who runs CBS), insisting that BB be renewed for season #15. (It hasn’t been yet.) Only THEN will any of us be allowed to watch Frank’s interview.


*I meant AG’s only gonna allow us to watch Joe’s interview


Maybe he got mad and body slammed the cameraman?


Because Frank is in sequester and is coming back into the game!!!!!!!!!



about Jeff Schroeder’s live chat with Frank.
I admit, Frank did everything he could possibly do to keep him safe in the game and he is a great competitor, but please.. quit telling us you were trying to play honest. You lied several times just like everybody else and you got played before you had a chance to screw other people over.
AND Frank said he doesn’t understand why Dan&Danielle don’t tell him the truth. they could just tell me we will vote you out. Ugh… Frank…………
WHY??? They know that cause big trouble in their game. You are not a great player.


You know.. I have this memory.. didn’t Julie say way back in the beginning, this season would be full of twists and excitement including someone being granted back into the house. I’m 50/50 on that I heard her say that, then again all the shows I watch might of meshed together and it was some other game show, but i could of sworn it was BB and Julie said that. That would just make my day, the looks on there faces would just be awesome if it was Frank that won his way back in, LOL!!


not at all a logical idea since we’re down to just a couple of weeks. and frank and rachel should be locked in a cage naked.


I think we’ll see Frank’s interview soon. Perhaps CBS wanted Frank to be part of Pandora’s Box so they did not want to interview him yet… I imagine it would have went down like this: Ian disappears for 24 hours while Frank comes back for 24 hours. Then, the company shrink stepped in and said that is “A Bad Idea”…


No, this isn’ t survivor there has never been a power just waiting to be found. If there was a power then america would vote on who got it but it is to late in the game for it.


dan’s best bet is to convince ian to get out shane or danielle because if dan is in final 2 with either of those 2 he won’t have the votes. because if jen goes to jury then dan will have frank, ashley, jen, joe and britney (if ian is in final 2) voting against him. but if he takes jen to final 2 dan wins the game because shane, danielle, britney, joe and ian will vote for him against jen


Dan is running the house ?

Shane might leave this week , Ian will sit in the next hoh he will probably be leaving thursday because dan danielle jenn want him out unless he wins pov

If Dan survives the fast forward next week he won bb14


Dan can only win this game if he goes to the F2 with Jenn. He has already won the game, and everyone in the house realise that and will vote for the other player to win in a heartbeat. However, Jenn is pretty much a useless player and she doesn’t even deserve 50Gs, so if Dan does take her to the final 2, he wins.

Dan vs. Ian —- Ian wins
Dan vs. Dani —— Dani wins (mainly because she is new and Dan won before
Dan vs Shane—- Shane wins
Dan vs Jenn —– DAN!!!


The true Team Powerhouse. Let’s do this!


lol. for a sec I thought you wrote bring back Joe’s willie. I know the feeds are boring, but it’s great not seeing joe skeet shooting all over the house.

I says, I

I vote Willie. That was just a love tap he gave Joe. Although I loved Joe’s Joe Frazier Peek-a-boo style defense, he “sold” that butt like Joe Frazier himself was launching a left hook.

Mist-ing Accomplished

-One hour after Ian wins than HOH yesterday, Ian flat-out tells Dan: “It has to be you up on the block with Jenn, Dan.”

-Dan then applies his mist, on a HG who’s already been specifically warned by his closest former ally, to “not trust Dan/fall for the mist.”

-18 hours later: Ian instead nominates Shane with Jenn. Mr. Gheesling is simply world class at BB!


Or these people are just plain idiots.


Did anyone notice Dani wearing a ring i suppose on her left hand??

Dan's part time bible

In my opinion, Dan’s girlfriend was hotter than his wife.

Did I notice that Ian has a “tramp stamp”? It sure looked like it on last night’s show.


Props to Dan for both of ’em.


The pic of Chelsea Dan got/Simon posted is actually NOT very flattering to her at all. Chelsea just went on some “Buck And Coop Radio Show”; (Google it) Her bod in that shot was “Britney” quality. And there are a couple of face shots she had done recently that are 1000% prettier. After seein’ those, the man has done well!


Dan has teh troll face in that pic with the pic loool. I love it!

Oh No You Didn't

Probably too embarrassed for getting so completely played.

Oh No You Didn't

this was in response to Laura re where is Franks live chat

Eric CA

I hope Jen wins he PoV and Ian is forced to put up Dan against Shane.
If Ian can get Jen in the HoH and point out that they have to Split Shane and Danielle. Test Danielle’s real loyalties.
Create a situation where Jen votes to evict Dan and Danielle votes to evict Shane. Ian has to break the tie, but
it will show that Danielle is still with Dan in the game. Ian can then evict Dan. Remeber Shane always says he voted for Brittney because she had a final two with Ian, how betrayed would Danielle picking Dan over Shane make him feel.

Ian could then evict Dan and split up Shane and Danielle in the process, which after all is much better for his game. This would give Ian something he needs a bigger target… In Danielle. Jen and Shane may work with Ian after Danielle is exposed. He has to calculate his options and a split Shane and Danielle with an evicted Dan… is way better for Ian going into next week.

If she votes to keep Shane, they would know she is with Shane. Dan the biggest threat is gone anyway and he can work with Jen for a 1in 1,000,000 shot at staying to final three.

Unfortunately I think it will be Jen going home, which is very bad for Ian’s and Shane’s (He has no clue it is.) game.
People make so many mistakes in this game, when it comes to strategy, I think it is because we get see it from the outside looking in and they are trapped in that hell. I think it should be obvious that Dan and Danielle are working together and Shane is just a meat shield. The best thing is to let the meat know he is just the meat and not final 2. It may allow Jen and Ian to make a final three with Shane.


POV tonight. Someone goes home in the next day or two. Wednesday and Thursday night are eviction shows.


Guys I love Ian so much be he’s being a retard


Same here, Jenna. I’m still rooting for him, but he needs to stun us again, or I will call him The Boss no more.

lori from bama

Jenn needs to get her anger under control! Bein hateful to Dani might burn her in the long run. Jenna too full if herself & she’s gotta go!


Everyone thinks Dan should win if he’s final two., BUT mark my words. Danielle wins and wins big. No one except BRIT or maybe Ian will vote for Dan. Dan had 4 weeks safety and has stabbed these folks who WILL hold it against him. Just like Russell’s first year on Survivor., I mean Dan’s game is just like Russell’s was that season. Now, Dan might win a close vote vs Jenn City.. but, not against anyone else.


That is so f**king wrong, but I agree! Because they were being dumb#$$es and fell into the mist they vote against the person that won 500k and fooled them. His gameplay is strategically cunning, but because it just was or because they were mindless? It doesn’t matter-It saved him-They must acknowledge that. I think they should’ve told Frank they were sending him home-If Dan can come up with a step-by-step master plan such as the funeral, why couldn’t Frank?


I hope this competition is something physical that Dan or Shane or Danielle can win. Ian’s safe this week so who cares about who wins the POV. Save the memory and puzzle comps for next week when Ian’s life will depend on it!! P.S. If you can’t tell… go Ian!


WTF are you thinking Ian? Shane and Jenn? Dan is gonna take you out next.


WTF is wrong with this kid? I mean, I feel embarrassed to admit it now, but I thought Ian would ‘shake things up’? I actually truly expected to check into this site and see Dan in the nominations. Gheesling is definitely thinking ahead. He told Dani she’d have to take some heat because IF the nominations change he WILL be pushing her up there-This man is unstoppable, and that being said, I hope Jenn wins the POV and takes herself off. Dani will go up against Shane and Shane will go home. As crazy as this sounds I hope Dan wins the next HOH and nominates Ian and Jenn (which he will), so Ian will perhaps realize Dan is NOT taking him to F2! Ian wins POV, Dani goes up, Jenn goes home and Ian steals the competition. Or…Jenn wins POV again, Ian goes home and it’s all Dan’s. Pleeeaase win the POV Jenn! Shit-I never thought I’d hope for that.


about Jeff Schroeder’s live chat with Frank.
I admit, Frank did everything he could possibly do to keep him safe in the game and he is a great competitor, but please.. quit telling us you were trying to play honest. You lied several times just like everybody else and you got played before you had a chance to screw other people over.
AND Frank said he doesn’t understand why Dan&Danielle don’t tell him the truth. they could just tell me we will vote you out. Ugh… Frank…………
WHY??? They know that cause big trouble in their game. You are not a great player.


Shane and Jenn need to win the POV!!!


ian was way too quick to forget his loss of pov and dan’s funeral. if ian doesn’t have a clue by now that dan will turn on him, he never will.

i only hope shane or jenn are smart enough to win and use the pov, and dan goes up.

the one

ien terry is you ok not den in denllile on the block fuck men you just mest up your gme shen did like you he going to go put up den in denllile next you supid this yer they got the dum people in her it not over shen will win pov in then ien in den in trouble bet on this

The Dream Fertilizer

LOL! Troll much? Wait … who is Terry?

Carol & Steve

what??? is there not an “A” on your keyboard? somehow doubt it would make a difference. my brain hurts trying to figure out what you typed.


Even Dan vs Jenn may = Jenn for the win. Because once they get in the house they compare notes. Britt already got
Burn. Frank, Ashley withe Frank, and Ian may get burn. Don’t think Joe will vote for Dan not in the end. I’m just not sure he
Should take Jenn. And burn Dani. Hmmm. One MAD group to face. Nd I’m sure the Bible question will come up. Lol
Plus they all saw him take it. He just may be surprised he only gets 50. Lol. His case is better against the others to show
How he had been running everything even their HOH.


Oh! I wish Jenn would get mad enough to talk to Shane. Give him some info


I hate to see Ian digging his own grave. He should be trying to save himself this week and he doesn’t even know it.


I am just hoping Shane wins POV. That’s it!!!!
And production, please WARN him to use it on himself if Dan tries to scumbag him into not using it.
I just don’t want to see a nice getting screwed like that…

GOD why Ian’s such a dummy with his nominations? I thought he’s an engineering student???


I love that Dan doesn’t get into massive HG psycho-analysis. He keeps it simple. In BB, he preys on most young guys’ #1 weakness, Their ego. And on most young girls’ #1 weakness: Their pre-occupation with self. Ego doesn’t always mean macho, either. When Shane goes home next, over Jenn (unless he wins POV), Ian’s gonna be SUPER pissed!!!!! Why? Ian’s macho-ness? Heck no. Because Ian sees HIS BB legacy as the QP. And Jenn in the BB final 4 isn’t how Ian’s written out his QP script.. And Dan will have just sh*t on Ian’s QP Final Four dream!!!!!! All HELL will then break loose between Ian & Dan. Yeah, Ian can’t play in the Wed. HOH. But, lucky for Ian, it’s the ONE comp per season where the POV actually holds the power to evict, not the HOH (Ian has said this himself.) And with Ian’s newfound bad blood for Dan (because Jenn’s still in the house, and QPer Shane isn’t) I bet that Ian & Dan’s (with 2 others), final POV comp between them will be absolutely BEYOND epic! And how ’bout this possible “Dan Gheesling Loyalty Check?.” Say Dan wins the final HOH. We’ve all assumed he’ll bring Danielle to the final, instead of Jenn City. But WILL he actually do that? Because if Dan wants to hands down, win another 500K himself, he brings Jenn along. But if Dan’s truly happy with being either 1st or 2nd (as long as he’s 2nd to Danielle), he brings his game-long, #1 ally along. I always thought Dan bringin’ Danielle to the final two was a lock. But now, I’m just not so sure……


Bang on. Ian’s not stupid, he’s just blinded by his desire to have a QP final 4 and make a good BB moment and Dan is totally exploiting that. If Shane goes next I can see him getting really fired up like he did when Brit left


No, Ian IS stupid!

Stank Frank

Ian is a fucking moron. Dan nominated him & he doesn’t return the favor? What a spineless whelp! It should of been obvious to Ian when Dan didn’t put up Jenn next to Joe, that Dan wants to take Jenn to the end, or at least final 3. These fucktards doing exactly what Dan tells them to every week is just getting disgusting to watch at this point. Dan just tell them to pack their bags & walk out the door, that there’s a special luxury competition going on outside, i’m sure most of those idiots would believe it.

Chilltown 2.0

Does Danielle expect her to be nice when shes 99% sure shes going home ( Even though shes a pawn)


Danielle is Dan’s puppet.

Dan could convince her to put anybody up & immediately she’ll agree and find some way to justify him/her doing it. Next thing you know, the girl HATES whoever Dan is targeting and finds the stupidest reason for it.

(ie. Janelle, Joe ( who tried to console her when Dan shitted on her entire life ) etc )

King Silva

I really hope Shane can win the Veto.

If he does Ian should nominate Dan; is he crazy Dan has the best chance to beat him in the final 2..

I just don’t want Dan and Jenn to be the final 2..

Jenn deserves NO amount of money and she already got $1,000…


agreeed 1000%


Dude, does Danielle not know the game?

She always questions why people are upset when they are ON the block, gets upset when people try to talk to her for votes.. like wtf.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect her to know shit since Dan’s been practically carrying her to the end.

The girl is beyond annoying.


Let frank come back and shake the house up, he deserves it, he has had a rough summer, Dan deserves nothing, he is wrong on swearing on the bible, he deserves a punishment and they should be frank coming back haha


Dan swore on the bible that he was telling Frank the truth about the alliances. He did not swear on the bible about final 2 deal, he just shook hands. There is a difference. Frank made final two deals with almost everyone in the house.


A lot of people keep looking for major wiggle room to say: “Oh, that was just when he was recounting events” I say NO WAY. You don’t go into something like that by giving another person one perception and then think you can pull the plug halfway thru your discussion. To do so is disingenuous and basically a bold face lie that soils all you have sworn upon. Frank even said: “Don’t Bullshit me” and also asked if “Father” Dan was doing so.

Here I’m not perfectly clear on the response but I believe it to be: “I swear to you” Which to me doubles down on the swearing on the Bible, his wife & grandfather. If he had left the room and come back then I could certainly say all bets are off (no longer would such an oath carry over). This is why when you testify in court and your testimony goes into the next day the judge either reminds you that you are still under oath or re-administers it. I don’t believe that when you’ve been sworn in you can start lying as soon as the cross examination begins…and you don’t have to be a ‘good’ Christian to know that.

But all that aside, Dan actually confessed to all the CBS viewers via his DR session in his own words:

“Last week I swore on EVERYTHING to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him”
(just go about 20 minutes into the telecast and you can listen to him verbatim)

So even if most of us believe that what he said in the live feeds should be seen one way or another becomes mute.

Why? Because Dan has spelled it out for us all in his own words…what could be clearer than that?

But Franks gone so WTF


wow, the game talk in the house is embarrassing. Danielle does not comprehend what exactly is the object of the BB game. Danielle is so stupid, she’s not realizing that Dan only wants Jenn in the game so he can take Jenn to the final 2 to win the grand prize. powerhouse Joe didn’t win anything, but he at least knew what Dan was up to. Danielle, Shane and Ian have become the cult followers of the Dan Ghessling religion.

Chilltown 2.0

Lol at bubbaba maybe u did not hear him on the live show but Frank definatly said he did swear his allegiance on the bible to him.


Thanks chilltown, I thought I heard right when Dan swore his alliance with frank on the bible


Danielle just did her I am fat thing with Shane. I forget exactly what he said. But as usual she said, “So you are calling fat?” He never said that, but he did say afterwards, “What are you about a 100lbs.?” She told him, “No, I am 133 lbs.” This was after they showed a shot of her bent over Shane with her butt up in the air. My stomach turned with her big butt covering practically the whole camera lens. I think it was more because she was forcing herself on Shane.
As a female, I do not think Danielle is fat, but she does have a somewhat large butt. Either way, she does not weigh 133 lbs. Most women wish they were built like her. I think her poor perception of herself leaves her open for ridicule. One minute she is putting herself down and the next she is admiring herself. I believe all of it is an act for attention.

Eric CA

The secret of the “mist” is 1/2 desperation of the other people in the house and 1/2 being the most stable person around.

If you notice, he tells them that he is not he smartest person in the house.
He always compliments their game.
He RARELY engages in shit talk, and when he looses it, immediately apologizes.
He does not loose his temper, a lot.
While they make things personal he brings them back to the game, then lets them go off, and then brings them back to the game, followed by you are in the best place in the house. This is what we have to do to get “you” further.

If you are in a situation like Big Brother and everybody around you is losing it, and one person is calm… who are you going to talk to?
Who do you take seriously?

That is the secret of the “Mist”, Everybody else has gone bat crap crazy.

The Dream Fertilizer

I’m still baffled as to how Team PowerHouse avoided my misting powers. Now I need to focus the mist in the direction of Team Power????, aka Jenn.

Aqua Bernie

I notice Danielle is getting a double chin.


That talk about franks social game, are they blind? What about Ian’s social game, come on big brother bring back frank he deserves it


Frank does not deserve to come back, he got misted and played by Dan.

Karen S

Tried to post earlier.. either it was my internet.. or the website being flooded with fans. lol

Production? Why haven’t you pulled Jenn in to DR session and told her to ask Ian questions
about final 2… and who has it with everyone? Just wondering…

And if Shane… Shane… listen boy… if you get the freaking Veto.. do not pull a Marcelles! Please?

At this point.. I’m hoping anyone but Dan wins it. I know he’s got his fan’s out there and I am really
happy for those who’ve wished him this far… But the rest of us want a newbie to win. Now that
Brit is gone anyway. lol
I am rooting for Ian. I know it looks bad for my dorky friend.. but at least I like him.

Danielle, I’ve tried to like. But she’s constantly the victim.
Shane, a dumbass for the most part. He could do better if he thought for himself.
Jenn… road the coat tails, been a token loser from the get go.
Dan, a weasel.

And Ian, my boy.. I love your quirkiness! Your rocking… I have an adhd kid that no one thought would
do well or even graduate. I fought schools and the system to ensure she had an education. And all
those f-ed up teachers who dismissed her.. she rated in high levels of IQ.
Ian is probably one of the most kind hearted people in there. He’s not asking for pity or favor… he just
wants to play the game. Those in the house that don’t think he’s in there for anything other than the
experience.. they’re wrong too. He’s talked about how poor his family is.. that they don’t even have a TV.

So.. CBS and Production, I hope you’re listening.. the people who are real are favoring Ian.

Karen S

Am I banned? testing one, two, three…

Karen S

Thank you Simon! lol I forgot that there are so many posts.. and had to go to newer posts.
Totally brunette here.. but have my, OH DUH moments. winks @ you!