Big Brother 20 Week 6 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Big Brother Spoilers – The week definitely had it’s ups and downs. We had the first house meeting with expected blow up! There was standard HIVE f* ups that we’ve all gotten use to by now. There was also some punishments given out along with the Hacker power. In what could be the funniest thing this season the HIVE still doesn’t know the vote flips and I never think they will.. lol..   “Rockstar thinks it was Scottie, Scottie thinks it was Haleigh, Haleigh thinks it was fes.. “

Weeks posts

Part 1 Catch Up From the previous Week + any new powers

Another Blindside last week with Rachel leaving in what was a colossal shock to her.  Angela goes on to win the Head of Household competition. Second place was Rocks. There was no have nots this week as  punishments were given out during the power of veto competition. A new competition was played on Friday called the Hacker. The winner of the Hacker comp gets to replace one nomination, cancel out one players vote and pick a person to play in the veto. There’s also Bayleigh’s power up app and Tyler’s cloud power up in play. Lot’s of potential for game moves.

Part 2 Nominations

The plan for Angela and Level 6 is to get Bayleigh out so she doesn’t use her power. From the jump they wanted to make Bayleigh feel calm and relaxed. Angela nominates Rocks and Scottie, Angela tells LEvel6 that Bayleigh will be the renom. At this point THe hive  thinks Scottie is the target. The Hacker competition is played and Haleigh wins it. Haleigh takes Scottie down and nominates Tyler.

Part 3 Power of Veto

Angela wins the power of veto. Level 6 has the necessary wins this week to backdoor Bayleigh before she pops her power.  During the Veto competition there were prizes and punishments doled out. Kaycee got a peanut costume with over sized fake dumbbells. She has to perform a workout song whenever Production start playing the peanut music. ROCKS has to wear a spandex outfit and bake various foods for the house. During the baking she is given fitness tasks to complete.

Part 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

The night before the power of Veto Ceremony the HIVE is all excited about the prospect of Angela putting Scottie on the block and taking Tyler down. They seem to think this is a reasonable thing to hope for happening calling it “the biggest move in BB history” and Saying Angela will be a “BB legend” if she does it. (This is super ridiculous)  Angela uses the power of Veto on Tyler, Nominating Bayleigh in his place. Everyone was expecting a blow up but instead Bayleigh and Rocks stick to name calling ”
“Classless.. Trashy a$$.. spoiled a$$, rich a$$ kids .. I’ve never broke a pinky swear”

Part 5 Pre eviction

Haleigh called a housemeeting to tell everyone she was the Hacker. She didn’t like everyone blaming it on Bayleigh and treating Bayleigh like trash. During the housemeeting Bayleigh flips out on Tyler. The housemeeting does little for the HIVE game wise but was sure exciting to watch.

A couple hours before the live eviction Sam has a conversation with Kaycee where it sounds like she’s leaning to keep Bayleigh.

Where does this leave us?

Bayleigh is getting evicted. Rumour has it that Sam is trying to quit… HAHAHHA




Head of Household and Eviction results


Rocks- hey there… I love being here ..

Bayleigh – Swaggy


Hacker hacks Tyler’s vote..

Kaycee votes to evict Bayleigh
Brett  votes to evict  Bayleigh
Fes  votes to evict  Bayleigh
Scottie  votes to evict Bayleigh
Haleigh votes to evict Bayleigh
Sam  votes to evict Rockstar
JC  votes to evict Bayleigh

Bayleigh evicted…
Bayleigh – I’m not longer a scary black lady…
Baylegih says telling Rachel she had a power was the biggest mistake but it was an accident.. blames it on Rachel crying every 2 seconds and she wanted to shut her up.. The audience groans..

HOH Competition.. Knockout #Hashtagtoolong

Sam vs JC = Jc wins picks RS vs Tyler
ROCKS vs Tyler = Tyler gets it wrong eliminated Rocks picks Kaycee and Brett
Kaycee vs Brett = Kaycee is wrong Brett picks Haleigh and Fes
Haleigh vs Fes = fes is wrong haleigh picks Scottie and BRett
SCottie vs brett = Brett is correct picks Rocks and Haleigh
Haleigh vs ROCKS = Haleigh is correct JC and Brett
JC vs Brett = Brett is wrong
Haleigh vs JC = Haleigh wins…

New head of household is Haleigh


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What is the website to watch live. Football is on in my area and I don’t remember what it was.


It will be on later after game. Look at your tv guide


I know it’s in later… 130am to be exact. but there is a website you can watch live. I’ve done it a few times. Just can’t remember.


I hope posting links is allowed in the comments.. Here’s a few sites recommended by EvelDick to watch the live show if your area is being interrupted by football. I’m going to try them out and hopefully they will work!

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Has evil dick been critiquing this season?

Botox Pelosi

Well it is all about the hacker comp now, If Level 6 wins the hacker they still can control the eviction this week.


Does the hacker need to use it? If Tyler uses the cloud does that just protect during that ceremony or the week?


He can only use it once and it just keeps him from being nominated at the ceremony. So if he uses it for nominations he can still be a replacement nominee.


Assuming hay nominates two L6:
L6 or someone they can control needs to win the hacker, and they also need the veto to not be played on whoever the hacker nominates.

pat santamaria

the station is pop on dish it is 117 it starts at midnight


What is the website to watch live. Football is on in my area and I don’t remember what it was.


That’s the one I watched on and it was great. No problems at all

Melted Snowflake

Good bye Bay. You remind me of Natalie from BB11 the year Jordan won. Her and Kevin dressed like king and queen and marched around the house. I’m thinking that is going to work out the same way for you as it did for her. Good riddance.


Goooooo Bayleigh. No really GO!!!!


I absolutely LOVED it! LOL


thank you Granny for the link for the live stream it was my perfect birthday present!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you bet! and Happy Birthday!

*throws streamers* *and a cupcake* *and a napkin since you now have frosting on your forehead*



Welcome home! We all missed you, but hope you had a fantastic time!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Instagranny was AWESOME (lol). That dude was a riot. Must have broken up the monotony in the house. Can’t BELIEVE they actually showed the House Meeting & CrayBay losing her Sh!t. Remember how much sympathy she had for Rachel crying while on the block? I didn’t realize Tyler went upstairs and cried. But if I’m around people screaming like that, it effects me physically. That girl had better be on some medication and quick.

Baby bird

It was hilarious:D

Buh bye

Bayleigh and her fetus can get to steppin

Melted Snowflake

6-1 Bayleigh is evicted.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Perhaps she will get a free coupon to Planned Parenthood as an exit prize?


Boogie, is that you?


So how crazy are you when you scream at someone and your mouth bleeds. Bayleigh is a complete basketcase and I’m so glad that CBS showed the clip of her saying Angela would go up.


Actually it was Tyler who mentioned Angela and Bayleigh agreed


What he asked was if he used it who would go up, Angela and Bayleigh said yep.


Bay DID say what she said to someone, it just wasn’t Tyler. She IS scary, glad she’s gone!


Pleasantly surprised by Bayleigh’s apology to Tyler for yelling, but it was cheapened with “I’ll be the bigger person.” *sigh


And responding to Julie in regards to her unhinged tirade “That’s what you get. BOW.” Seriously, bitch, you lost your chance at a half a million $ because you were a self-important, race-baiting bitch who erroneously referred to yourself as a queen and got knocked up on tv by a d-bag you knew for two seconds. And she refers to everone else as trash.

team fair

She doesn’t need the money remember…she’s a rich bitch…


I thought the same thing. If you’re really trying to be the bigger person. You don’t say I’m going to be the bigger person. It just makes it seem insincere. And thank you again for the website to watch since we were preempted for football. It worked perfectly !!! You’re wonderful granny !!!


Happy to help in the same way Simon helped me. 🙂

He’s the wonderful one…saves me from BB deprivation during August and September when Texas suddenly thinks football is more important than air.


Also…didnt Tyler apologize to her last night? So is she just being the “bigger person” for tv?? Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought I read that he did.


Yep. He apologized but Bayleigh told him, repeatedly, to shut up.

I am glad they showed some of her nastiness, but it represented maybe 15% of her negativity.

Trump is the swamp

If you are talking about at the house meeting, Tyler did not apologize. He repeatedly said he had no reason to apologize.


Yep! People that are “being the bigger person” don’t have to say it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And it was done for TV sake, same as “I love everyone here”; her real colors came back during her interview with Julie and the Goodbye messages to her as she was rolling her eyes and making faces. I wish CBS didn’t control the true reactions of the audience when they come out (i.e. the 8 production members planted in the audience screaming amidst the lack of claps and cheers). They sort of reacted negatively to one of her nasty comments. Swaggy D better run for his life!


At least we know there won’t be a battle back for her if she was shown the messages.

team fair

You guys are such haters just because she left the house pleasantly ,the most you could come up is she was rolling eyes during the goodbye messages, y’all really rearchin’….you guys stay hatin’ she’s going back to her larger than your life, life lmao…she don’t care about you

Busta Nut in Sam

I dont care about her or you either bitch!

Busta Nut in Sam

More than 8 production members in audience….

Gone, Gone, Gone

Yay, the race baiter, chip on the shoulder Baybay is gone. People like her are a cancer, drama is good but not from venomous people like Baybay.

team fair

There are people who are really suffering from cancer, who should feel insulted by your comment…and you are trying to put her down…check yourself

Gone, Gone, Gone

Ok, I checked, now what?


“Like a cancer” is just a figure of speech. Being offended by every little thing is annoying IMO.

BB Addict

Wow…I didn’t think it would be Sam.

Busta Fooligan

Same here. What was that all about?


Pity vote. Sam knew it’d be unanimous.


I was a fan of Sam but I’m so over her baby talk and whining… she’s now back on her pity pot crying and complaining about the game. Everyone is coddling her right now. She’s crying to Rockstar. I can’t take her anymore. She wishes she could of taken Bayleigh’s place. Boo Hoo


She could always self-evict. That’d be nice.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Smart move. gets a jury vote from a bitter juror


Happy Bay is Gone so we can focus on game only. Whoa! this chat this season is pretty bad all the insults left and right both sides and we not even in the house geesh lol that’s pretty bad. let’s talk game play and clearly Tyler is running the house. This is his game to lose!


Well put, we should all just turn the page. Next!


Yay Haleigh!!!!


lot of good it will do her….she only has 2 votes (Rocs & Fessie) to evict anyone! Veto will be the power this week!


It did do her good bc she’s safe another week…


Tyler just got scared lol


Tyler still has his power app. He’s not scared.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He’ll HAVE to use his power app this week. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to play a quiet game He’s been forced to win comps and he’ll need to do it til the end if he has a chance of staying that long. He’s a clear target now.


I’m not worried about Tyler for anything. I think that what remains of Level 6 will be ok this week. It’d be HILARIOUS if Faysal got evicted during Haleigh’s HoH!


Time for the cloud app….

Kid Rock

Wonder how the other folks gonna feel about Tyler having a power all these weeks… BRETT N ANGELA WILL BE ON THE BLOCK


Scared of what????


I hate that someone else is using your name, but I know the real Yikes! 🙂


Haleigh for the win, like I said the HIVE are good at comps, if only they had the brains they’d be lethal.

This week is going to be awesome. This season rocks!!!


I agree but they’ll blow it with nominations…… again lol watch Scottie leave this week somehow lol


Or Fes, smh

Bayleighs Mood Swings

The hacker comp is going to mess everything up.

The Truth Bomb

And the cloud app that Tyler has.


Hoping she puts up Angela.

Gone, Gone, Gone

And I’m waiting on the tooth fairy to show up and placing 10 bucks under my pillow for a tooth I left as a 10yr old.


Lol. I should have known that the “you’re being censored” image would be the fish image when the feeds are on pause


JC!!! Why would you pick Tyler and Rock? NOOOOOOO


Because he’s not going to openly pick a side just yet. He’s got Fez thinking they are good so he didn’t want to put up Haleigh and Angie because that’s who Fez is working with.


JC is a a huge (tiny) floater.


Disappointed in JC. Looked like he wasn’t even trying in the HoH Comp


English is a second language for him so he was in trouble. That comp was no where near his wheel house.


He doesn’t genuinely try to win anything. He’s hoping to float to the end. He likes being carried by others doing the work. Entitled little runt.


So happy that Hayleigh won. I was afraid L6 would put her up. Now I hope she isn’t sucked in by Tyler. Hope he uses his power so everyone sees he had it.


OK, this is too obvious. Production has once again put its nose in where it didn’t need to. To have a hacker comp and an HOH tailor-made for Haleigh, who is DYSLEXIC, is just wrong!

Just kidding, I just wanted to start some trouble. Shall we talk about race some more??????


LMAO yes…thats a fantastic idea ha

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL Let’s also talk about politics, want to??? 😀


Politics…race…and religion…some nice, neutral topics for us to discuss :p
Own it!

JC Meltdown

Hay Hay for the win! Not a Haleigh fan but sure do like watching chaos. IF there wasn’t a hacker app this could still be an even game. And Tyler may have to use his cloud app! Buckle up for another fun week.


Brett reminds me of Emilio Estevez in the Breakfast Club


That’s it!!! He totally does!

Just me

Lmao. You’re right! He does…


Can wait for this week. Hay, is probably going to take another shot at tyler. Most likely he is going to use the app. what is his alliance going to think about him keeping it (power app) a secret from them for so long. This season is so good.




Production had to ask her what she was good at for her to finally win something.


ShruteBeets, I literally said the same thing to my husband!




Sadly Hayleigh is too immature and will probably take a shot at Sam because she’s bitter about Sam nominating her. One comment that is always lost from Sam’s nomination speech (because we all fixated on the slut shaming) is when she said that you contribute the least to the house and take the most. Hayleigh is not dumb, but she’s also not mature enough to see that Sam was likely making an accurate point and just move on. I predict Sam and Angela on the block after Tyler uses his app. Then the hacker turns it all upside down!


We’re still right here. Jeeze u would have thought you won with that comment lol. L6 will win again this week…go Brett!!!


Ohhhh we’ve got an armchair hive champ here…huh hope? lol

Who said that!

So did Tyler loose control of Sam’s vote,she said she’d vote how he wanted,or was she told it would be unanimous and threw a sympathy vote?


So the question becomes will Tyler use the cloud app to prevent his initial nomination or save it in the event Haleigh tries to backdoor him? I think he should take the risk especially with the hacker thing this week. That way if he is nominated he can still play in the veto and pull himself off and if he’s not on the block and prevented from playing in the veto he will be golden.

Who would be the other nominee? Angela or maybe Sam? I think she’s still holding out hope Brett will work with her.

Could be another fun week!

Just me

He will have to! However, since Sam was trying to quit the show about an hour before going live, it wouldn’t surprise me if she asked to go up.


Heyleigh wins HOH… Looks like it’s time for Tyler to use that APP. My guess is she will try to nominate Either Angela and Tyler or Brett and Tyler. Tyler better use it. All the other apps ended up going to complete waste.


I’m actually glad Hayleigh won. I don’t want to see one side wiped out too quickly. I still haven’t been able to get anyone to answer me, when I ask why does everyone love Tyler so much ? Tyler lovers I’m not knocking him I sincerely want to know. I missed watching the first 3-4 weeks , and I don’t get it.


Tyler has actually been playing the game. That’s why.

Here’s my thoughts

Tyler won first HOH. He’s won, I think 2 vetoes (not including the last one where he let Angela keep it) and he got Kaitlyn to flip her vote to keep Sam over Steve. He’s been instrumental in most of the vote flipping that has the Hive so confused. He dealt with crazy Kaitlyn for most of her HOH Even though it was her idea to backdoor Swaggy, I don’t think she would have gone for it without Tyler in her ear. For more, I suggest going back and reading Simon and Dawg’s excellent posts from the first few weeks.


A penny for your thoughts haha…Even though I’m rootin for Brett, I agree wit u 100P…and would be pleased wit him winning the game or a few others


So seems JC is riding the middle with his picks of Angie and Tyler. It hides who he’s working with and makes it seem like he’s not targeting a side just yet. He can play off Tyler getting tossed by saying: I didn’t think you’d lose to ROCKSTAR!

Busta Nut in Sam

He can also claim he was confused as it was a quick pick.


Can someone please explain to me, why Bayleigh’s alliance voted her out. What happened?


Too big a target. she became a liability and the other side had the votes. So her side’s votes was an attempt to suck up to L6.


Plus there’s no reason to toss votes on your other ally if you can avoid it.


Or not alienate their alliance member that was staying.

The Beef

Why would they vote for Bayleigh, when they knew she was leaving anyway, and piss off their other alliance member Rockstar, who was also on the block and staying? Voting out RS would serve no purpose for them other than to hurt her feelings and piss her off, and she was the one remaining in the game! They did the smartest thing for their games and for their alliance going forward.

The real question is why did Sam vote RS out? Sympathy vote for Bayleigh the Hun? Jury management? Has she lost her mind? Stay tuned………


It’s possible she asked them to.

Baby bird

Not happy Haleigh won, now that Bayleighs gone she is the next one I can’t stand and that’s saying a lot with Rockturd still in the house.


According to @realvegas4sure, Sam tried to self evict tonight, but production talked her into staying. Lots of crying in the DR before and during the live show, with her refusing to vote but was told she had to. I thought she had a good chance to go to the end, but it seems like she doesn’t want to play anymore. Sad.


Let her go! She’s toxic!

Ty’s Winking Eye

L4 is screwed- all because they cannot win a comp to save their lives (minus Tyler). Angela admitted she didn’t even study for the HOH she won, leading me to believe she just got lucky. I think Ty and Angela have been a bit too cocky while KC and Brett have made efforts to connect with the other side. Ty and Ang should be scared of Miss Irrelevant this week.


Yes so proud of my girl haleigh hopefully hive can win hacker and turn this thing around.


This is a good week for JC to flip.


This is a good week for JC to permanently flip.


The shifts in power have made this season so good. Level 6 has the brains but zero skills when it comes to winning HOH’s for some reason. It’s the only thing keeping this season afloat since all productions ideas have bricked tremendously. Happy that Hayleigh pulled it out, JC might have thrown it for all we know. He’s in the perfect spot regardless of who won, he knows he’s no ones target and will happily replace whichever Level 6 member bites the dust next week.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Bay and Fezzy made a smart defensive move by voting out Bay. Sam made an interesting move. She gets a jury vote and L6 will be guessing on the one vote for RockSnot. These 3 actually put some thought into what they were doing.


Well there was no reason to give Angie a couple of votes and really make her think she’s completely disposable. She’s all they have at this point…now that and the HoH so there’s that. There will be some excitement this week!


Tyler or Brett better win the hacker comp! And the other veto.

team fair

Even if they win the hacker comp…they can still be put up if the veto is used…either Hayleigh is still HOH and one of Loser 4 is gonna go!!! I’m here for it!


Depends on who’s on the block come Thursday. If they can get one of Fez/Angie or even Scottie on the block they can have the votes. Also depends on the hacker powers this week. Not positive they’ll have the same power but they might.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Tyler and Angie are f@cked. They were pissed and made a quick exit after the HoH. I think this is actually set up good for this week for the game. there is no reason for production to tip the scales. The Hive can even things up with L6 if Angie and Tyler go up. you could have WWIII if angie and tyler start getting down and having a cat fight. This could get dirty. I am wondering if the Hacker App will be reduced in power so that Hay gets clean nominations. Production needs to step back. STAY OUT OF IT THIS WEEK!!!

BB Fanatic

Production already tipped the scales with the HOH comp. It was made for Haleigh to win. She told them she was good at scrambled word puzzles so the Hacker comp and the HOH were scrambled word puzzles. Knew she was winning as soon as Julie explained it. Even Julie said she, Fes or Rockpile had to win. So I’m assuming the Hacker comp will either be geared for Haleigh again to get rid of someone from other side or for Tyler to save himself. Depends on which production wants.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My **** Once...I Was Drunk!

Angie v Tyler on the block could be ratings gold. POV would be ratings gold. These 2 could go medieval on each other’s asses and scheme like motherf@ckers to stay in the game.


Angie is not Angela. Angie is Rockstar’s name. I assume you mean Angela versus Tyler.

Something smells fishy

After watching tonight’s HOH on I scrolled through the comments looking to see if someone else noticed the same thing. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw what the HOH comp was going to be. Don’t get me wrong, it makes for an exciting season to not have the rest of these incompetent fools quickly picked off one by one and I’m sure the Hive will f this up but it cheapens it for me for production to be so obvious with the Hacker and HoH comps. Hailey all but admitted on the feeds that the Hacker comp was tailored made for her after production asked her “what type of things am I good at?”

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Dick Once...I Was Drunk!

But remember Kaitlyn was supposedly great at puzzles!!!LOL.


The hacker app may have totally different powers this week. I don’t think production has been too ham-fisted with their control and manipulation this year as opposed previous seasons. They’ve kept a fairly light hand on the wheel so far.

Miss Conception

Just like the bell that cannot be “unrung”,I saw something that cannot be unseen and now I feel that my retinas may be burned forever…………………………Rockstar’s camel toe.As she stood up to make her eviction speech,I glanced and promptly fell out of my chair!

Busta Nut in Sam

RockSlops Camel toe is kryptonite to the male population.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Disappointed with Hay’s appearance tonite. Last week she went with the hair, makeup, and hardcore slutty outfit. Well done you naughty girl! Tonight she looked like a dirty little rodeo clown. WTF was that outfit? Dirty, messy hair, no makeup. So disappointed…..

Big b

You’re pathetic

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Dick Once...I Was Drunk!

Angie was smoking hot though!!! Hater!




Sam’s hurt feelings likely are entirely from Tyler telling her about his power app and her thinking he did not trust her

True Dat

Nope, she’s been feeling this way for most of the week. All the drama and people tearing each other apart has been hard on her as it would be for most people who are overly empathetic.

Busta Fooligan

For what it’s worth – The Cloud
Keep yourself from going on the block at any one Nomination Ceremony or Veto Meeting. If you are worried you could be nominated, sit in the Cloud, and you cannot be put on the block.

You have a 2 months/8 weeks yada yada yada

Okay, RockStar Sucked My *** Once...I Was Drunk!


Kaitlyn’s Spirit Guide

The alliance formally known as The Hive finally gets a chance. Only problem is, Hayleigh is rather dumb and will probably put herself on the block.


now tyler is saying he is done with sam!!!!!??????!!!!! wth

team fair

I’m glad yo guys didn’t get the blow-up Bayleigh, you all thought you would get when she was left the house. She can go back to her rich parents and big house and you guys can stay hatin’ in your basement apartments. lmao…


I live in a van down by the river!


Indeed, this has been one of the best seasons in BB history (top 5 for sure). Lines were drawn in the sand after week 1 in this game which unfortunately we have gotten use to waiting weeks for that to happen the past few seasons (Weeks & weeks of unanimous votes or this is what the house wants UGH!!!). The power (HoH) has constantly moved from 1 side to the other. The perfect blend of back and forth (no absolute domination by 1 side). Go figure that FOUTTE (Swaggy Bay Hay Fes Kait & Rock) THE worst alliance in BB history has won 4 of the 7 HoH comps so far (I’m including Scottie’s HoH but I will not put that awful stain of FOUTTE on Scottie’s resume). I can’t root for Rockstar or Fes at all (the worst 2 players left in the house). LEVEL 6 it helps that you are going against a group that is absolutely clueless of playing this game. Tyler is playing the best game so far. With Hayleigh winning, does he feel the need to use his power app this week? And if so, will his fellow alliance members feel a certain way toward him for being kept in the dark?

Smitten By Haleigh

Ha,Ha, Ha…… It’s time for L6 to kiss Haleigh gorgeous ass. Pucker up bitches… Throw Angela and Brett on the block and backdoor Tyler.

Busta Nut in Sam

This is a solid plan.

team fair

yay! Hayleigh won! Can’t wait to see which Loser 4 will heading to jury next to Bayleigh