Angela “Guess what the hashtag is? #BackdoorBayleigh”

8:33pm HOH room. Brett and JC. Brett – when I was changing into my workout clothes Bay and Rockstar were laugh. JC – really? Do you think Rockstar know? Brett – yes. JC – if that’s the case then I don’t care. But if it is one of us trying to do some sh*tty move. Brett – who do you think it would be? JC – hopefully none of us. Brett – if the numbers break down we don’t work. JC – if she (Bay) has the power app and the hacker thing .. she is too powerful. Brett – if we get the opportunity, she has to go. Brett – I am telling you its 100%.

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The Hacker Changed a Nomination! “I will flip this whole f**king house!”

5:05pm HOH room. Angel, Fes, Haleigh. Angela. Angela leaves. Fes – I thought you won. Haleigh – I didn’t get it. Fes – you didn’t know it was a skull so I was trying to cover for you. Haleigh – I was making fun of her because she said sad face. Angela returns. Angela – everyone was like if I win I’ll let you know. Cool… and now no one is telling me. Haleigh – that’s the thing though if they change it you can just change it if the veto is used. Angela – it doesn’t make their game any better. Everyone is still in jeopardy. No one is safe regardless of what happens with the change because of the veto. Haleigh – to use it would just be stupid.

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“Bay told me she trusts me now more than a lot of them because I came to her before the vote”

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Big Brother Spoilers – The HAcker competition has begun..
1:09pm JC and Tyler
JC – Fes told me literally right now that I’m the person he trusts the most in this house he’s going paranoid or whatever
JC – I don’t want him to be that close to Bayleigh
T – he already is
JC says Fes wanted to blow up on Haleigh because Haleigh told Brett she voted for him
JC – I’m like … don’t do that.
JC – Haleigh is as weak as you in this game (to fes)
T – ou said that to him
JC yeah..
JC also told Fes that BAyleigh is in Haleigh’s head.
JC told Fes that haleigh wasn’t 100% with Fes which is stupid for her because he risked his whole game for her.

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Nomination Results “who do you think is the flipper”

Big Brother Spoilers Angela nominated ROCKS and Scottie
Noon Feeds finally come back. They had the nominations
FEs – who do you think is the flipper
JC says he thought it was Scottie but now it’s Rockstar
JC – if she’s really working with Brett.. they’re doing an amazing job..
JC says when he talks to Brett he always says how much he hates rs and when he talks to RS it’s vice versa
JC – why so much
Fes – try to win it man.. try to win it .. we need to win so we have power.. just go fast you will be alright

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“Rockstar thinks it was Scottie, Scottie thinks it was Haleigh, Haleigh thinks it was fes.. “

Big Brother Spoilers The title says it all….

Angela – I don’t get Sam where did she come from
T – ROCKS thinks she’s America’s player like America tells her what to do and she just does that
Brett – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was JC and Sam..
They bring up Sam wanting to call a house meeting “about nothing” Brett was supporting her because he wanted to see her rip into ROCKSTAR.
Brett – I think Sam is on the verge of snapping on haleigh to.. .
they all agree..
Brett – Haleigh’s effort is so bad.. (with dishes etc)
T – Sam does not like Haleigh
Tyler says even Scottie pointed out to him that Haleigh is just trying to go around with all the guys making them like her.
A – yup
Tyler – But I got a crush on her thought
A – Scottie said that
B – Scottie said that
S- OMG scottei said that
T – he said it.. I’ll vote her out if I have to i Gotta crush on her kinda
“awww that’s so cute”

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Bayleigh “I SAW YOU!! GIRL you can not argue with something I saw with my own eyes!”

11:09pm Bedroom. Bay and Rockstar. Bay – I don’t want to be lied to. Rockstar – I hear you, so tell me what’s up? Bay – everyone thinks you’re the one that flipped. Everyone thinks you have a deal with Brett and that you lied and told everyone that you did not speak to Brett. Rockstar – I didn’t!! Bay – I saw you and Brett in the havenot room this week. Rockstar – I DID NOT SPEAK TO BRETT! Bay – no! You’re talking too loud. I saw you in there with him Rockstar! It was just you and him. There is no way you could not be in the room with him and not speak to him. So tell me the truth! You were in the room so tell me what y’all talked about .. STOP making me look stupid. STOP making me defend you. LIKE I look so f**king Dumb right now. I am supposed to trust people to vote and I can’t even trust you to vote where you say you’re going to put them.. AND then you want to say you haven’t even spoken to him?!

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