Big Brother 20 Week 6 Animated Gifs

Big Brother Spoilers Gifs from Week 6! The best one for me is hands down Bayleigh screaming with a bloody mouth. Honorable mention goes to Fes and the pec bounce and anything that includes the peanut workout song. (I am looking forward to the song finally getting out of my head)

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BB Addict

I have a question about Tyler’s power. And sorry if it was already discussed in previous comments. If he activates it to block himself being initially nominated, is he still protected from being a veto renom?

Julie Chen

No. He can only use it once at the initial nomination ceremony or a veto with potential renomination. Once it’s used it’s gone.

BB Addict

Thank you!


No, he is only protected from one nomination phase. So his power can only really help him avoid a backdoor situation.


It’s only a matter of time till Loser 6 goes against each other.


Is Sam bi-polar??? Was she just jealous of Kaitlyn and Haleigh flirting – and wished it was her. Still love her but is not playing the game with a goal in mind other than being a good juror and is so up and down with her personality.


My prediction for Halieghs word of the week. Hi Julie you look like TRRRRAAASSSHHH tonight

Bye bay

Who do you predict will go to jury tonight?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

These are awesome!!!


OMG! They are showing Bay freak out in Tyler on the live show!!!!


Bottom line… CBS spent 15 minutes on JP and Bay on the race issue… JP was wrong 100 percent, but…. her calling everybody “crazy white people”? And not one word on that from CBS? C’mon… Not cool! #racistbothwayssucks