Big Brother Spoilers Housemeeting “Congratz I’m still voting you out you have a power”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers WOW so much fun this season.. make sure to check back I’ll add it all.

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10:45am Angela and Bay
Angeal says she meant it when she said she wanted Bayleigh to be the first blkack person to win this game..

Angela – I didn’t want this week to go down like it did.. you were never my target I did what I have to in order for my game and to ensure my safety and that’s why i
bay – taht’s fine but you are wrong i’m not the hacker and you lost a really good friend I’ve been your number 1 cheerleader and when everyone on my side wanted to get you out I protected you

Bay – treat me like trash these last few days and have me walking around here like a idiot hurt me to the core
Angea – can I ask you a question .. remember when we have that conversation day 2 and it went into the HOH competition.. you were the person taht got me out.. you put the dot in my thing
Bay 0- I didn’t ,know that Angela you put a dot in mine first. you were like Sorry bay I was like what the heck
They argue over who put the Balls where
bay tells her she should have come talked to Bayleigh about all this stuff.
Bay – you held on to grudges and you embarrassed me in front of everyone
Angela – if you feel like that I’m sorry.. I did what I have to do
Bay – you are going to feel real stupid

Bay storms into the pink room tells Haleigh what Angela said calls her a “F***ING B1tch”

Bay runs into the geometry room barricades herself in ..

11:41am haleigh and Bay
They agree they have 2 votes to keep Bayleigh.
Haleigh – I think we’ll have Kaycee after this and Brett for sure..
Haleigh says Scottie said he’ll vote and so did JC..
Haleigh – I can get to Tyler..
Bayleigh – o k

(LOL bless them they are trying)

11:42pm Rocks and Bayleigh
Bay – deep breaths Bayleigh.. you love people.. you are so nice you don’t hurt people you are not angry.. everything is fine..
Rocks – you are loved.. you are beautiful.. you are unshakable.. untouchable..

Noon Rocks packing

12:05pm Haleigh and ROCKS
Haleigh tells Rocks she’s the Hacker.

Rocks – you should have put Brett up
H – I didn’t know what to do.. I didn’t have anyone to talk to
H – If I could go back I would have taken you down and put Brett up
H – I cannot have them look at her and tell her.. you did that..


12:25pm HOUSEMEETING (bayleigh is screaming so loud she losses her voice.. )

Angela and kaycee in the HOH get called down for the house meeting
Angela – if she’s the Hacker I’ll be like umm OK
Kaycee – walk away

H – guys I’m going to start out with I love everyone in this room
H – there’s several people in this room that owe bayleigh an apology including myself.. LAst Thursday I won the hacker competition
H – Tyler I didn’t put you up for personal reasons when Kailtyn was in this game she told me several comments that there isn’t one person that would put you up in this house
H – So that combined with your 4 comp wins makes you a choice
H – Angela – I never wanted to steal you power, never wanted to take something away from you.. I had a chance to make a move so I took it.

H – the reason I am telling you all this the way bayleigh has been treated and the way she’ been spoken too is not fair. I’m not about to let her take the fall for something I did So I would like to add that last week Tyler came to Byaaleigh and asked for Angela to be backdoored..
Tyler – That is hilarious dude .. that is a lie..
Bay accuses him of throwing her under the bus call;s what he is doing “Vicious”
Bay – why are you treating me like trash when I’m not coming after you how about an apology in stead of treating me like f*ing trash
T – own it .. why would I lie about that
Tyler explains he said “If some kinda power is used”
Bay – you said Angela is the replacement RIGHT .. I said probably one of them is going up.. one of them out of the three.. but I have already mad a deal with Angela and I already told Kaycee she’s ok its not my point to tell you who I am protecting and not..
Bay says Tyler threw Angela’s name under the bus claims he just admitted it
T – I did not .. by you saying there’s four and you would target them would Angela be the replacement and you said YES
Bay – no i didn’t
t- yes you did
Bay – no I didn’t
T – 1 million percent on my life
Bay – you’re caught the way you’ve been treating me this week was trash.. are you kidding me you with your sunglasses here at the table saying I’m nominating (she means vote) you for sure
Bay – how dare you talk to me like that when I’ve been trying to protect you
T – what have I’ve been doing.. I’ve done what I’ve said I was going to do..
T – did I throw you under the bus
Bay – yes you said you were voting me out for something I didn’t do.. you can’t be a man and apologize..
T- It’s irrelevant
B – you treated me like trash this whole week and you are still a little boy because you cannot apologize

Rocks jumps in “She’s not the hacker”
T – Ok congratz
B – I could have used my power this week I felt safe with you I felt like we were friends. Angela told her not to use her power so she didn’t

T – Congratz I’m still voting you out you have a power

T – OK respect thats what you want
bay – wow you’re such a child
T – you are screaming at me and she’s the one that did this to you she’s the one that set you up
Baty – she was trying to set you up sweet heart..
T – ohh it didn’t work sweetheart..
bay – you are acting crazy to me and I literally did nothing to you Tyler

T – what would I apologize for

B – were you not there at the counter putting on the thing I said Tyler do you want to talk to me you said Absolutely not I’m not on the block sweetheart.. you areon the block now
T – I never threw Angela’s name out
B – yes you did .. it’s on tape and OI hope she watches it
T – just because you are screaming doesn’t make it true
B – Shut up
T – you can scream loud all day
B – you are such a child I would have forgiven you
T – Why would I say sorry
B – After I’ve done nothing to nobody and everyone has been treating me like trash you still can’t apologize
T – the more you scream
B – you are out of control.. SHUT UP … just SHUT UP
T – there’s no reason for me to throw Angela under the bus Bayleigh and yo know it.. I don’t care how much you want to scream and yell and personal shot at me I did not do that everyone knows I did not do that

T – You are the one that lied about not having a power and got called out about it
B – I just didn’t tell people because I didn’t want to use it on anybody i had no problems with anybody
B – my power is almost expired and I have to walk around with people treating me differently because I am after them
T – you got set up by the Hacker
Bay – swaggy got backdoored and I got left in this house by myself.. that is why I got a power
T – Bay you are taking this too far
Bay – you are terrible you have med my life in this house hell.. you are f***ing terrible
T oh my god how did that get so far..
Bay – you can’t apologize…
T – that was taken way too far dude
Rocks jumps in “it wasn’t swaggu would have never gotten backdoor. ” (can’t stand ROCKS)


Feeds cut to Haleigh and Sam comforting Bayleigh.

Bayleigh saying how she hates Tyler. Bayleigh bit her lip.
Rocks brings a ice cube “I think you bit yourself”
Sam grabs a box of tissues..
Bay – oh my god…
Bay says she thinks a tooth.. she heads into the teh Diary room (she bit her mouth while screaming)

12:29pm Angela walks away with JC..
Angela – why do we get dressed up for this..
Angela – regardless you still have a pwoer you are gone..
Jc – let them have good TV..
JC – they have no idea we are working together that is why they think ohh if I say this to Angela

12:31pm Tyler, JC and Angela
T – that is takes way too far .. this is a game dude why would I do that shit I’m not like that .. .
JC – you need to calm down..
t – I’m fine now I look like such jerk.. I would never do that man..

Angela tells him she knows he wasn’t trying to backdoor her
JC – no one will think you are a villain.. that is what she does makes a big spectacle out of sh1t (Bingo)

Jc – that’s what she does you know.. I don’t believe her..
Angela – no one believes her
JC – She lost control.. she got together her little minions to create all this crap;./.
A – this has been planned for the last three days
JC – that is why sh’s been so quiet and calm and sh1t
A – haleigh you’ve done sh1t in this game why not step up and she’s like now this is my chance to shine
JC – I believe that..
JC says bayleigh screamed at him in the kitchen and he never did anything to her. Bring sup that Bayleigh always takes things out of context “make a big show and start crying to make me look like a villain too.. that’s what she does she cries and plays victim.
JC – you should not let her get you like that I know it feels bad because of all the screaming she’s doing down there don’t let her get to you liek that
JC – she is NOT A F*ING victim in this game

Angela – whatever or not she’s the hacker or not it was always my plan to get out Bayleigh she has the power..
JC – she’s no friend of anyone here..
T – there’s no reason for her to scream at me
JC says that is what she does she makes something a big deal and she starts to scream and cry
JC says bayleighs side doesn’t know how to play the game.
JC wishes he could just get rid of ROCKS right now.. “but I can’t.. we’ve been working since day one and we’ve been playing an amazing game.. ”
JC If I see her screaming I’m going ot step up to her and be like you need to calm your t1tt1es down
JC hates people playing the victim in the house. Says that there’s been times in his life where he was teh victim but he kept his mouth shut “not going around screaming and crying saying I’M the VICTIM ”

They all agree Bayleigh has to go she’s got the power.
Angela thinks the other side convinced haleigh to out this
T – Haleigh is a idiot..
A – now this give me a reason to target Haleigh
T – good job Haleigh
JC says Rockstar is his number 1 to get out of the house

Kaycee joins them “we can hear everything you are saying down there.. loud and clear”

Jc – let me go do Damage control..
JC runs downstairs

12:41pm Kaycee, Angela and wounded bird
Angela thinks that BAyleigh still has the power and they convinced Haleigh to say she did. she believes the other side was trying to make Tyler look bad so they can safe Bayleigh somehow.

A – if Haleigh really was the hacker why would she make herself the target. I now have a reason to gun for her whie before there was no reason to get her out
They agree how stupid the other side will look when they find out they’ve all been working together since day 3.

1:18pm Haleigh and Bayleigh

Haleigh – lets be honest you and Swaggy came in here the only 2 black people in a house full of white people
H – you lose him you are completely isolated you have no idea what it’s like to be the only person living in a house of white people
B – They have no reason to flip on me (you have a power)
H – they completely isolate you completely turn their backs on you
B – girl I’m blown away.. i came into this house trying to be respectful top everyone ..
Haleigh thinks they have Brett, Scottie, Fes and Haleigh’s vote. “that’s all we need”

Bay – if I go home at least people got to see who I am .. literally could you imagine my family right now you go from HOH thinking I’m good.. me getting thrown on the block by somebody who was supposed to be my friend people have been treating me like trash all week
Bay – and I spazz out this whole entire episode will be Bayleigh losing her minds..
H – If one of those f*s win I will be pissed… I have to win Thursday

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I just watched the “house meeting” on the live feeds. Bayleigh was SCREAMING at Tyler for treating her “like trash,”and when he asked her what he did, she said that he put his sunglasses on when she was trying to talk to him. I really, really, really hope that CBS makes a montage of Bay telling Scottie she was going to gut him, Bay demeaning Rockstar, and then Bay SCREAMING at Tyler for putting on his sunglasses. Note to self: Never put on my sunglasses because that is a crime against humanity.


All Haleigh and Bay accomplished was getting Angela to give Tyler a backrub for an hour


Haha, Angela should thank them!!

Botox Pelosi

I thought we had a chance at seeing Bayleigh do some spontaneous human combustion or at least blow a vein. It is going to be awesome seeing her get the boot tomorrow night.

Tonya green

You stupid fuck…….


Oh my gosh, what a freaking debacle. Way to shoot yourself in the foot Haleigh. I hope Bayleigh has fun in the jury house. What a bunch of morons….. I can’t wait to see how CBS shows this Wednesday and Thursday.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Show Bay in all her sanctimonious, psycho, bullying, Tran trim throwing ways!!!!


That CAN’T be good for the baby!


They won’t….. they’re not going to show her for what she really is. She’ll get portrayed as the victim. Count on it. I just hope Julie Chen calls her on some of her hypocritical nonsense, but I doubt it.


So is Tyler’s strategy to make people feel sorry for him? He did it before with Hay and Bay and they felt bad, and I thought ok that is a one time thing and then he did it with Sam and now he’s doing it with L4 with his head in the pillow and now everyone feels bad for him. I’m sorry I’m not a fan of that game.

What show are you watching?

That’s not his game…. Tyler has never tried to make anyone feel sorry for him. Bay and Hay came up with that assumption on their own (that he was a wounded bird) and Tyler played along- just like anyone with good game play would.

Botox Pelosi

I’m wondering if someone should start a GoFundMe page for Bayleigh? She is going to need to spend a lot of time talking laying on a couch talking to a man with a hand puppet in her future.


That’s so rude. Do you know about hand puppet because that is who you are seeing.


Are you kidding?! There were a few times I can recall that he “cried” to get people to feel sorry for him. I want to say Sam was one of them. And yes, he “sulked” around purposely after Kaitlyn left hoping that the others would feel sorry for him. And luckily for him they did. To say getting people to feel sorry for him isn’t part of his game iso laughable!

And personally, I don’t think Tyler is as great of a player as he thinks or people make him out to be. He was strong in the beginning because he won and could influence a couple HOH’s. But everyone else starting since Sam’s reign made their own decisions with him having very little, if any influence at all.

Nancy A Hoffmann

what the heck are you watching then BECAUSE THAT HAS BEEN HIS Whole Game this WHOLE Season


Not true. He said in the diary room on many occasions that he was pretending to be sad so that they could feel sorry for him especially the Kaitlyn situation


Hence Tyler the baby.

Sweet lil lamb baby bird



Tyler does so much more than that


He’s an ass and I hope he doesn’t win.


I suspect you are a “Swaggy D” and Baybay fanboy….Carry on.

who me?

Neither am I. He is the biggest liar (even to his own alliance) and when he is called out on it, he plays the victim. He should just own it. He did put Angelo out there to Bay…just own it. Now watch the comments. All will be against Bay (yes she should have been calmer, but when you figure out all the lying someone did to you are you seriously not going to get fucking pissed about it?) I have never thought of Tyler as “poor baby bird” or “poor lamb”. Truth is I liked him at first but then realized he is trying to play Derricks game but he doesn’t have the compassion for lack of a better word, towards others like Derrick did, he just blames everyone else. So when it comes to the blame game..tyler is equal to Bay. Now only one I want to win this is….hmmm..Scottie?

Bye Bayleigh!

He (Tyler) put Angela’s name out there on purpose just to see what Bayleigh would say, He even told Level 6 that he mentioned Angela. I believe it was part of his plan, because they obviously believe him and not Bayleigh, but’s now Angela “knows” Baykeigh was coming for her and needs to go,

Second, Tyler isnt playing Derrick’s game. Actually I look at Level 6(4) as being similar to The Brigade, because they have been working together from the start, they run the house, no one knows they are actually an alliance, and they are the Masters of the Blindside.


Completellllyyyyy agree…I def think there’s a parallel between them and the Brigade. People just get their feelings hurt so bad when they are constantly blindsided. You never saw my boy brett act like this when he was on the block…twice


No he didnt ya nimrod. If he wanted to backdoor Ang, he wouldve used the veto last week on brett. Why did nobody bring up that important fact?? Rockface…you’re worthless, nobody gives a dang bout your 2 cents


Tyler talks about getting rid of her because she has a power. I hope Hayleigh wins so he has to use his power and everyone see what a hypocrite he has been. He is one of the biggest liars in the house and I’m tired of him playing the victim. He also needs to own his game. He was the one bringing up Angela’s name first. He shouldn’t have even asked as a question. The victim is an ugly look for someone who wants to be the one liked by all. He’s just mad because he is realizing he will lose more than just Bayleigh vote. At this point he will only win over Angela and Brett and even that isn’t a given. People were saying Tyler was the best BB player. Not even close. Thought he was playing the Derrick game but no where near as good. He got caught and I’m glad.

Crazy T

Tyler’s power is only defensive though. It brings no value to anyone. He can’t save anyone and the power itself is only good if it comes as a surprise. So someone like you can state it is hypocritical, but it really isn’t and is designed to be a secret by design.

Actually same thing as all the powers so far. It’s just only Tyler who can keep his big mouth shut.. unlike Bay, Haileigh and Sam.


Having a power doesn’t make Tyler a hypocrite, but him getting upset because others wanted him out for having one would.
Since he didn’t tell anyone he has a power he avoided that totally.
I liked Bay, until she told the other side she had a power but didnt tell her own side. Then she didn’t use it this week, DUMBEST move she could make.
She lost because of her dumb playing.


He brought up Angela’s name with Bay as fishing for who she would put up as a replacement nominee. He said her name with a ? Not as a suggestion. Her saying yes she would be the replacement solidified his decision NOT to use the power of veto!!


Bay put her spin on what he actually said, he said if I used the veto who would go up..Angela? and bay said yeah probably. He did not say it the way Bay claimed as Tyler wanted her to back door Angela, that wasn’t what happened at all. Like bay or not, its how it happened. Watch that conversation, back door Angela was never said. She puts her twist on everything to make the narrative in her head fit her agenda. I don’t like bay not a #1 fan of tylers either just stating as the conversation actually happened. His whole alliance knows what he’s been doing with that side, he would sit in on their discussion and always bring it back to them.


Yeah, HE threw Angela’s name out there.


It’s a game where lying is necessary.


I know, right?!?! Have NONE of these people, house guests and commenters, seen the show before? Smh…it’s ridiculous that you can have any animosity with any one of the house guests. You HAVE to deceive and be sneaky! You HAVE to be stuck with these people for the whole summer with nothing but time and paranoia as time consumers. Smh…


You have a BB blog on Tumblr don’t you?


Yeah, that is pretty much his go to when he gets caught being terrible. Bay is right, he is a child. He is making Brett, JC, Fez, and Scottie look like awesome stand-up men by comparison.


Bay calling Tyler a child is rich, especially coming from Bay. Stomping her feet and wagging her fInger anytime something does not go her way, or perceiving every little thing as some kind of ridiculous micro aggression aimed at her. She is literally throwing a hissy fit because others are playing the game better than her. JC has her pegged.


Calling him a child all the while screaming at him while she throws a tantrum. Yeah, sure Bayleigh, Tyler’s the child!


Kudos for keeping up with that!!!

Sakura Haruno

I personally think Tyler is very mature in this augment. He was calmly explaining that he didn’t throw Angela under the bus. Bayleigh just got mad.

I hope it doesn’t hurt Tyler’s chances of winning.


Bay might really believe that, it was a conversation that could’ve been twisted, but Bay needs to go


Yes, she probably does believe her version of the convo. Perception is reality


I love Tyler, but he definitely said the way Bayleigh said he did. He said it that way on purpose so he could spin it if need be, but hey, that’s Big Brother!


I’m Bayleigh’s biggest critic but I thought she handled herself well with Angela this morning when they spoke and Angela said she didn’t trust her when she put her dot in her tube in the first competition and Bay asked her why didnt you come talk to me instead of holding a grudge for weeks. I think Bay is right, it’s not fair to use something as an excuse for a nomination if you don’t even try to get info.


The talk with angela was fine, it’s how she portrayed it to others and the embellishments


I’m sure the dot had virtually nothing to do with why Bayleigh is getting the boot tomorrow. It has everything to do with the fact she can screw over a HoH and she isn’t on the same page as Angela and that side. She’s the biggest threat the chives have and that target will be Haleigh after the eviction because she was the hacker and not on L6/5/4’s side.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

It’s totally fair! This is Big Brother, not Big Baby!! What do you think she was supposed to tell her, “I’ve been in a 6-person alliance…and you’re NOT in it!” Angela already said she’s voting Bay out because she had a power! If Bay wants a better justification, why shouldn’t Angela just make up some grudge crap?! Her first obligation is to protect her alliance, not Bayleigh’s feelings!


Well, see I completely disagree with that. She was spewing hate over Angela before that talk, and right after that talk. Angela apologized for the way Bayleigh is feeling saying she did what she had to do (yeah, because this is a game and she is there to win as much as Bayleigh is) but Bayleigh ended the conversation with a snotty “Ya Think” and “You’re gonna look really stupid”. She then went straight to Faysal and Hayleigh to rant about how Angela is a f***ing b***ch.

Angela was correct about Bayleigh’s deletion dot being the one that took her out of that first HOH. It’s interesting that Bayleigh got so upset over Angela putting a deletion dot in her tube. At that time, Bayleigh only had a few dots and Angela had 9 (Sam had been targeting Angela then Winston joined in) needed just one more in her own tube to be disqualified. She even apologized to Bay for putting it in saying something like Bay was the one with the least amount of dots (so did Tyler when he added one to Bay’s tube), but if y’all remember, Bay was spewing “change your strategy” and other crap. I’ve resigned to the fact that Bayleigh is an egoist incapable of seeing any perspective other than her own.

Bayleigh is simply getting an enormous dose of karma. I hope she learns from this, but I fear she won’t actually reflect on any of this for 20 years or so. Ya know, in this world, we can’t allow hate to guide our future. She has a lot of hatred in her heart.

What I do definitely agree with is you saying that using actions as excuses without talking it out is unfair. Yet, Angela nominated Bay because of that freaking Identity Theft power…nothing else (she tried to explain this to Bayleigh earlier, but Bay wouldn’t hear it). Angela had every right to do so, and she did exactly what she should have done….get rid of Bay beforeshse can use that power against Angela’s alliance. It’s Bayleigh’s fault L6 found out about the power. Had she kept mum, she may not be in this situation at all!


Granny – so happy you’re back! How was the cruise?


Thanks Sammi! It was great! We left Austin, Texas at 107 degrees for 80s and 90s the entire trip. It was nice to have cooler temperatures! Now I’m back in the 100s. *sigh


Hook Em


Glad you had a good time and good temps for a while! Selfishly I missed your insightful comments and I’m really glad you’re back!


Yeap. Had Bayleigh kept her mouth shut to Rachel, she never would be in this position!


You mean BEFORE the part where she went into the other room and called Angela a “F^CK*** B^TCH!”, right?
Yes, she’s verrrrrry mature.


she has also called Angela a whore. its funny her calling another woman in the house a whore when she is the one sleeping with scaggy and having him brag about it with all the other HGs. classy girl that bay is.


Does anyone not remember these conversations Bayleigh had?
“Here’s my spiel to you. You’re freaking crazy. You do a lot of weird stuff. I need you to be like Team Bay.” –Bayleigh (laying it down for Scottie)
“Oh, anything you need.” –Scottie
“No, like you have to be. Because even though you flipped on my freaking love. It wasn’t cute, it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t clever. Make sure you didn’t flip tonight. If I find out you flipped tonight and didn’t tell me, I will literally find you and like literally cut you up into pieces. Gut you from the inside out and I will lay your intestines out. Okay” –Bayleigh

To Fes: “You can stop all your freaking panicking and running around and being Team JC. You are team Bayleigh and Haleigh, your loyalty is only to us and I swear to God if you keep sticking your neck out for this crazy little Tas–” –Bayleigh (now she’s threatening her own alliance member?)
“I d–” –Faysal
“I’m not done. If you keep sticking your neck out for this crazy little Tasmanian devil over your Bay and over your Hay we will literally step on you.” –Bayleigh

Not to mention the numerous times she told RockStar to “shut up”, shoed people out of her room and was generally a nightmare in her HoH ?


But she’s soooo sweet and kind and never hurts anyone’s feelings or yells or treats anyone bad. Riiiiight.

But Seriously

Good luck getting into medical school or your old job back, Bayleigh. Your horrific threats and demeaning treatment of other are going to follow you on forever.


Oh, she’d fit right in anywhere in the Californian coastline cities and maybe Chicago or St. Louis, Detroit, or even Baltimore. She will be put up on a pedestal……


Thing is, very little of that is on the live and edited shows.


I remember all of that…it’s what changed my view of Bay


Okay, Tyler has played a good game. Until now. His attitude is just deplorable.

Botox Pelosi

Bayleigh goes Tasmanian Devil and you say Tyler’s attitude is bad????


Earlier Tyler was making fun of Res pretending to use clue cards. I have more respect for someone exploding in front of someone than being mean behind their backs. At least you can defend yourself if someone confronts you. The snakes behind the curtain are the ones most dangerous. I am not excusing bayleigh behavior. But stop treating Tyler like he is a total innocent in this thing. he is a liar and a hypocrite too. Don’t use the power excuse when you have one too. As he says, own it.


Tyty- You obviously do not watch live feeds. Tyler is the most level headed guy in the house and has a great attitude. He is playing a great game. Crazy Bayleigh and Rockstar the Hater of White People are nuts.


Attitude? I call that a defense….and a winning defense at that.

You should watch the feeds!


Did we watch the same feeds?


I suspect some don’t have the attention span the watch the live feeds. Only make un-educated comments….TyTy keep the pearls of non-wisdom coming. Makes for an entertaining chat.


Are you watching the same clip I am? Cause what I saw was Bay acting like a complete psycho with Hay & Rockhead joining in for fun while Tyler remained calm & rational.


The whole thing is on YouTube. WOW, just wow. I think T kept it going somewhat for effect. She would wind down and T would say something about not targeting A and she would go off again. Like 3-4 times. TV gold! I don’t feel sorry for her at all, she needs anger management.


What do you think of bays attitude? was her going off like that okay? or is it excused because she is on the block and her little feelings are hurt? what about all the other things she has said to other HGs and those in her alliance? what about her attitude?

Kam L Toe

Any one else sick of the under the bus cliche?


I’m sick of “under the bus” and ” I didn’t get blood on my hands”.


Yea dude…frickin own it!!


Whenever I hear them mention “blood on my hands” it reminds me of Vanessa from a few years ago. She must have said it a lot.


Holy hell… she has lost her damn mind. Tyler is the child? Tyler is out of control? This b*tch is crazy. Bet Swaggy can’t wait for her to get out and hunt his ass down.

Bye bay

Everything bay was yelling to Tyler just described herself! Psycho


Moreover, he really is being honest in this argument. Bayleigh misconstrued what he said, whether intentionally or not. Then she went batshit.


No, it describes Tyler. Really, she was going easy on him. He has been a cocky little weasel and hopefully Brett, Jaycee, and Angela do see that he is too much of a liability for them. After all, wasn’t that their excuse for treating Rachel like poop, why should Tyler get their protection when he has been way more shady then she ever was.

Max are screaming and acting like an idiot, how much more childish can you get? You need to step outside the house and see what America thinks of you!


Swaggy is probably in witness protection. He’s now a 42 year old woman named Beverly living in Cleveland…..


HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You win the blog today!! Spit out my coffee on this one!!!

Bay is Cray Cray!!!

And still babysitting for a living.


I had forgot that!


Bahahaha!! Thanks for that!

Hi my name is Scott

Dumbfounded, that has to be the best post that I have seen in a long time ??

Hi my name is Scott

Forgot that emojis don’t work the 2 ?? were 2 thumbs up. Silly me!


Yesterday she was whining about how BB ruined her reputation… i really hope she answers this wake up call. She is a nightmare.

Like literally

ahahahaha LOOOOVIIIIIINNNGGGGG this worst than Bayleigh is Hayleigh and Rockstar what a bunch of followers … all this convo and they cant even realize that bayleigh was trying to get close to tyler and angela she said several times that she “was trying to protect ” them the whole time. If this isnt a red flag for that bunch of braineless people …gosh bayleigh you arent accepted in the cool kids club and now you are gone for good actually


seriously why does hayleigh want to save bayleigh. rockstar is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more loyal.

bye bye sweetheart!

cause nobody really likes rockstar


The wall likes her…she should stick to the wall.


displaying her butt crack quite intentionally while changing batteries in the storage room was the last straw for me LOL (I think it was right before the Angela/Bay meeting)

GIF anyone?


heccckk noooooooo Or wait…am I? haha :p


Never liked her.


Hay realizes RS’s head is full of rocks and Fez is not much better in that department. But they are loyal…


yeah, i guess bay’s power and the perception bay is better at comps (though rocks nearly won the last one and so many are random chance).

Angela's Fantastic A$$

They are worse followers than the Cult of Paul last year.

who me?

Hayleigh and Rockstar are kissing Bays ass? What have Brett, Angela, Jc, Kaycee, etc., been doing with Tyler the whole season? Besides hiding behind him? Kissing his ass! I swear you people never look at both sides.

bye bye sweetheart!

Oh the irony………


*looks to left*

*looks to right*

Tyler’s? Nah!…not ass kissing at all, but definitely recognizing a smart player and choosing to side with the best odds. Tyler isn’t brainwashing anyone. The remaining L6 members will all be loyal to each other. They are the epitome of effective teamwork. Tyler has never misled his alliance. They all know the plan and in the end, it will come down to comp wins for finals then jury votes.

I’m pretty sure what people are pointing out is that Haleigh and Rockstar are now playing for Bayleigh rather than for themselves. That’s ludicrous!

What’s left of L6 are all there playing to win and just waiting for the game to unfold.

HUGE difference!

*damn! I could close my eyes and see all this*


So far the only thing Tyler has divulged that is significant is the fact he has a power. It’s a really weak power though so it’s reveal would take its strength away and not really give L6/5/4 any advantage.


Yeah Fess was the only one she tried to get protection for.

Like literally

epic regardless.


Geesh. And they couldn’t even get that right either. If you’re gonna throw Tyler under the bus, shove him all the way under. Not oh Kaitlyn said a comment, use imagination add some sh** to what Kaitlyn said. Don’t just say he ask about Angela going up, say he had a whole detailed plan and everything, make it messy! WT*!!

Such a waste


Exactly what I was thinking. That was nothing. And haven’t we already had that conversation. Rachel already tried the Tyler named Angela and it didn’t work out well for Rachel and it won’t for Haleigh. But seriously. They all should have said. Is that all you got and just walked out looking confused.


Hey Callie! Was it you asking for alternative way to watch BB shows during football preempting?


Hi granny. Glad you’re back. Hope you had a wonderful time. And yes that was me. It is now on the schedule for 2 am. I was hoping to watch live somehow tho


Try this (it’s what I use)


Thank you granny 🙂


That would have been great! I bet Bay would have stompped her her foot and demanded they ‘come back here right now!’ I can almost see it. Lol


If only !! Lol


haha. THis is so great. JC is right, good TV!


As everyone knows, screaming like a banshee makes you seem all reasonable and justified in your ranting. Thumbs up Bayleigh! I am confused as to how everyone is treating her like trash though. Are they walking out of the room when she comes in or is that just Bayleighvision kicking in?

Hoping against hope

I can only remember one instance offhand of people being rude and disrespectful towards Bay. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Tuesday morning Bay woke up, went into the kitchen, and Tyler said “Good morning”…… that’s it…. that’s all I can remember at this moment.


I don’t have the feeds and it’s not evident in the recaps so I wasn’t sure how accurate her comments were.


And then he put on his sunglasses.


That was the worst…I can’t believe he didn’t know that was gonna set her off. Especially after he said good morning to her the other day.


Even if they are, it’s probably because she sucks all the air out of the room with her attitude. I’d want to get away from her too. Back slowly away, smile glued on, don’t make eye contact, get out intact.

Botox Pelosi

I agree. I felt like I needed to wash my hands after just reading about her.


No smile…Kaycee was chewed out for smiling


Well that makes sense because Bayleigh is unhappy so no one should display happiness. The Queen of England has dictated that no humorous programs shall play for a week or ten days after she dies and all the news folks have to wear a black suit. Same thing as being on the block…follow the mood of the queen…

Tongue in cheek

Love this season

Wow great week to get the feeds. I never heard anyone scream like Bayleigh did. She needs to get a grip. She has lost her mind. She is throwing herself a pity party.

team fair

You guys were waiting for this since Swaggy was evicted…everyone was waiting for her to blow up…and now that she has ppl are critiquing her…so sad…hypocrites


Another super fair comment….I’ve never in my life seen someone with such an accurate handle name lol

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Team Fair? Is that you? I can’t see you for the big fat humongous beam in your eye!



QueenBay is a (scary ass psycho) QueenBitch

Bayleigh has totally lost control of herself. Everything she says is hypocritical. I just hope after this show of lunacy anyone planning to vote for her to stay will change their mind.


Crazy Bay needs to be put on a 5150 hold. Houseguests please hide the knives. She’ll be wearing their skin by morning (with Sam helping).




And now I bring to you a rare moment of clarity and self-awareness from FOUTTE/The Hive/The Washington Generals:

Bay – “I’m going to go down in history as the girl who lost it. I literally blacked out and started spitting blood.”


Now that’s something to make her family proud.


Did she really say that?? Gotta love self awareness :p


The additional referencing of the Washington Generals made me literally laugh out loud hahaha


at what point will people on this show realize house meetings NEVER go well.


If I remember correctly, Dan Gheesling’s bought him some time. All the way to the finale. (He should have one!) Of course, Bay is no Dan!

Angela's Fantastic A$$

It went well if you are JC or Sam


it didn’t go all that well for sam. she just had everyone call her stupid and refuse to her ridiculous plan.


Racial Draft 2018

We the Blacks trade Bayleigh for Rockstar, we’ll even throw in Tiger Woods now to sweeten the deal 😉

Busta Fooligan

Comment of the day IMO. Hilarious!

Baby Bay

On behalf of the whites, we do not accept. Ask the Asians.


Alright fine , we’ll add Will Smith instead of Tiger Woods. But you have to give us Hayleigh in return


Hell we don’t claim Rockhead either!


Now that was funny. Good one


OMGGGGGG hi-lar-ious


I thought we already got Tiger in a previous trade, seriously how many blacks play golf? That trade may have included Marshall Mathers. Every time I hear his name I think of Leave it to Beaver.


Watched the clip of Bayleigh screaming. She is crazed with anger! Tyler put up with it. Good for him but I’d have had to walk away. I mean, she is crazy makin. Awww…poor big mouth wounded Bitch – I mean, bird. Didn’t get her way. Gonna get evicted anyway. Awww…let’s have a pity party.
How ugly can you get, right?


Lol! Tyler is such a monster. Maybe God did put her in the BB House for a reason but not the one she thinks. God wanted her to watch the show so she could see her true self. Naw, I don’t really think God cares about BB much. For Bayleigh’s sake, she should pray that he’s not watching.

Angela's Fantastic A$$

Epic!!! Cant Wait!!! The House meetings add a whole new element of butt hurt snowflakes. Its bad gameplay but good for us!!! Tyler needs to work on his comebacks. Should have pointed out Bay stabbing her team in the back and Bay campaigning against RockSlop. RockSlop better not self evict to save her sista. I got a feeling Bay will be back in the house after eviction in a few weeks. Drama! Love it bitches!


If Rockstar asks “whose d*ck do I have to suck around here” one more time, I’m going to vomit. Keep it classy Rockstar…your kids are watching!

Mount Bayleigh Explodes


Bye bay

Her alliance has 2 powers. Seems they already met thei D sucking quota


I swear I commented about that yesterday….she was so offended at what Brett did on her daughter’s bday…but she can talk about her slobbin obsession, 4 times, I’ve counted


I know right?

Rocky's Mom

Is Rock star that stupid that she doesn’t realize her so called Friends are trying to evict her by saving Baliegh? She is sitting there as they are discussing this is front of her! Wow!!!! What an idiot if that was me I would be pissed like what the heck we are on the block together! And Bayliegh being a victim seriously? She is mean made threats against most of the cast but she’s the victim!!! Yeah right! I can’t wait to see her go out the door!


RS walks around with a “KICK ME” sign on her back. Pathetic, sullen, jealous, zero self esteem. I’d pity her except she gets off on demonizing others to build herself up by calling them all names. Her poor kids.


I think she thinks if she helps save Bayleigh she’s not the other choice somehow…It’s like in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, just wrap a towel around you head so the big bad thing can’t see you and it’ll leave you alone.

Rockstar (stupiedest name ever) Sucks

Rockstar said a few days ago she wants Bay to win because of the color of her skin, these people are certifiable.


Rock has the opportunity to be the very last person on the lost no team she’s on or to be the last person on the winning side. And she chooses to be evicted by her own team. Rock-Head.


We expected Fireworks. It was just delayed.
Hayleigh really hates Tyler. I think because she wasn’t able to manipulate him. And there was a competition between her and Kaitlyn to use the guys. Tyler chose KAITLYN.
Hayleighs moves against Tyler are completely PERSONAL. Beware the woman scorned.
Onto Bayleigh.
Delusional. Says she’s a MARSHMALLOW. OK. Now burnt to a crisp.
She came off as a madwoman. Will it turn people against Tyler? People would make Tyler a target at 6 left anyway.
Hayleigh has made herself a bigger target now.
The 2 people who might flip are Scottie and or Sam.
However I don’t think so at this point.
Bay thinks she has been kind and respectful to everyone.
Screamed at Brett, JC, Rocks, Fess, told Sam to shut up.
Says everyone has been disrespectful to her.

Tom A

“You are out of control” “you’re being such a child” “You are terrible (person)” Give it a rest Bay, jeez louise. You have been the problem for the last 3 or so weeks. You are absolutely horrible to be around I’m sure. All you do is try to make people feel sorry for you, and play the victim when YOU got yourself into this mess. YOU are the one that has called people names, made racist remarks, belittled your own alliance members along the way (Fes, Scottie, RS), what a joke. She’s just someone who can dish it out, but can’t take it. That girl makes me sick. What a terrible player, and from what I can see, a pretty terrible person too.


Cue CBS scrambling to make this a good edit so Bayleigh doesn’t seem crazy just like they edited the rockstar bayleigh fight after last eviction


CBS needs to show us The Truth! The bad & the ugly.

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

LOL, I thought Day was crazy, but Bey takes the cake!

Angela's Fantastic A$$

When the hell did the Hive’s singular goal become protecting Bay??? They are behaving like last year’s cast with Paul. Bay is gone. She used you dumb twats. Destroying your games for someone who is leaving is nutz!!!!


Simon/Dawg. Is there a way to vote a negative 5 on your quick ranking page? ? I feel that should be Bayleighs ranking for the day. Get a grip Bayleigh. You are a grown up, empowered woman….act like it.


I almost made this exact same request yesterday lol,,,, but I would use it for her and her entire set of minions EVERY day.

Angela's Fantastic A$$

If Hay and Bay were going to open their cakeholes why be such wussies about it? If you go after Tyler, then throw in some lies. Pit that side of the house against one another. Cause some trust issues between Tyler and Angela and make those lies big! Get the rest of the house thinking!

Busta Fooligan

That’s right Tyler, milk it buddy.

BB Imbeciles

Hahahaha the house meeting went as expected a total shit show! How I wish I had the feeds but this site makes up for it especially since i love reading. Can we just kick out the entire stupidest alliance in bb history all together? They all grind my gears. Baileigh the delusional selfish idiot, Hayleigh the I only use Fes when it’s convenient follower Rockstar(gag at that nickname) the confused white woman who preaches her dislike of white people any chance she gets and Fes the dog on a leash who I hope is not really a teacher of any sorts. At least the nerd herd got out their targets while these bunch don’t even know who their targets are because they all distrust each other and are still stupid enough to even think that they’ve got certain hgs vote to keep Baileigh


Holy meatball what just took over Bayleigh’s body? Was her mouth was bleeding from screaming so much? Like… legit, she may have just gotten possessed by a demon lol

bye bye sweetheart!

Thats the spoiled little b1tch coming out in here. Im sure that always worked with her family and she just doesnt know how to behave like an adult. Sad really




Bay is cray cray…so it’s ok for her to scream at Tyler but when he defends himself she gets to yell at him to shut up…classy

bye bye sweetheart!

Bay is a total hypocrite and she lacks any self-awareness.


Let’s just call her CrayBay from now on. Lol

Baby bird

Holy Sweetness 😀

Finally a good season

I cannot wait to see how they portray this on TV. Hayleigh do yourself a a favour for your game stay away from Bay. Try to align with Brett and Fes.


It’ll be shown tomorrow and I guarantee it’ll be real short and made to seem as if it was just her trying to put a target on him and cut to everyone talking about how out of her mind she is. It’ll be painted like the reaction to Bayleigh is disproportionate to her confrontation.




Hayliegh legit needs that mole smacked off her face.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Mole? What mole?


Use pliers instead…..please


Don’t start making this about physical appearance please.


Angelo says she meant it when she said she wanted Bayleigh to be the first black person to win this game.. (LOL Yeah Angelo is so honest sincere and she also believes dark skin color people are not ghetto LOL)
H: snake Angelo – I never wanted to steal you power, never wanted to take something away from you.. I had a chance to make a move so I took it. I’m the hacker! (OK the team clueless are the worst players of bb History LOL!)

Haleigh – lets be honest you and Swaggy came in here the only 2 black people in a house full of white people (Excuse me are we back to 1950s? or maybe Haleigh believe the civil war is still on!) LOL

Poor wounded pinky bird – Congratz I’m still voting you out you have a power Why I would apologize for LOL (poor wounded pinky sweet bird LOL and how come his prince charming brett is not coming to his defense LOL and this is how pinky sweet bird loses the big prize lol he already has 5 people in the jury house lead by rockstarz and queen B who are gonna vote against pinky sweet wounded bird LOL Hello we have a paul syndrome again LOL

Sweet baby bird

I seriously can’t stand you, please stop posting your racist rants.


I second sweet wounded bird…please


Swaggy…nobody wants to hear from you…Sorry….not Sorry!


Tyler needs to start working jury management. I love that Josh made that a thing. I mean….it’s the only reason he won last season.


Has there ever been a black person on this show that wasn’t batshit crazy?

Guy From Canada

Howie bbusa 15. I liked him, but that was the WORST season ever


Some of the earlier seasons had more level headed blacks. Now it seems casting is looking for those who either have a chip on their shoulder or the BB shrinks promise will lose their ever loving minds over the way the toilet paper is placed on the holder.


Huh? Just the term ‘level headed blacks’ bothers me

Haleigh's Melanoma

Danielle from season 3. She was a baller.


Yes she was…and I know a lot of folks don’t, but I like davonne

Finally a good season

That pic is priceless of the wounded little bird


Bay went Ape Sh!t


Say what you will about the situation, but I can respect Hayleigh for standing up for what she believes in and not being a bystander. So many seasons people just stand by (look at least season) this is the opposite of boring. I hope the hive can pull a win because it will be so boring if the two sides can’t ride till the end.


Very well said. Hay may be young, but she isn’t a sheep. Good for her.


But why? Why did she morally need to stand up?? For what? Bay wasn’t gettin bullied…she was reaping what she sowed

Cali Girl

Bay-Ohhh poor wounded bird, Tyler.

*throws poor, wounded, bird to ground, smashes like lit cig in Cali*

Bird survives anyway. Thrives actually. So far… to be continued.

Delicious season. Still.


Awww Babyleigh having a tantrum?…this is like Jerry Springer!!

another name

when Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Rock are saying ‘America give us a power!’
They already got two. what more do they want?????

Botox Pelosi

Give them the jury house power. All three of those girls are loons. Nice Exorcist impression Bayleigh,

another name

I can’t stand the ‘America, save us’ cries to the camera that inevitably happen every season. how much of the prize money do i get? save yourself or pack and line up at the door.