Angela “Guess what the hashtag is? #BackdoorBayleigh”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie
Have Nots

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8:33pm HOH room. Brett and JC. Brett – when I was changing into my workout clothes Bay and Rockstar were laugh. JC – really? Do you think Rockstar know? Brett – yes. JC – if that’s the case then I don’t care. But if it is one of us trying to do some sh*tty move. Brett – who do you think it would be? JC – hopefully none of us. Brett – if the numbers break down we don’t work. JC – if she (Bay) has the power app and the hacker thing .. she is too powerful. Brett – if we get the opportunity, she has to go. Brett – I am telling you its 100%. The only reason I think she didn’t do it to me is because it would be too obvious. Second .. I think she thinks I am enough people’s target already. JC – what is she trying to do? Brett – what do you mean? She is trying to get Tyler out. I think that she wants to get Tyler out but she is aligned with Tyler. She doesn’t trust him. JC – I want her gone this week. Be sides of hacker / no hacker sh*t! I’ve already peed on my territory of Scottie and Fess. There is no more game talk to do. Brett – to be honest I thought I was going up for sure. JC – she (Bay) has to go home this week. Brett – the only way that happens is if someone wins the veto and uses it. JC – that would be really f**king bad to go home with all these powers.

8:33pm Bathroom. Tyler – She’s back on her power trip again. Kaycee – yup. Tyler – she tried to say that JC’s been acting weird.

8:47pm HOH room. Brett and Angela. Brett – so Haleigh comes to me and is like who the f**k do you think it is?! She essentially narrows it ..the only name she doesn’t say is Bayleigh. Angela – really!? Brett – then she starts saying I don’t know maybe it was Angela. Like she made the speech about how the hacker has all the control and there’s no blood on her hands. Think about how perfect that would be. Angela – are you playing into this? Brett – sure. As long as Bayleigh has no clue that we’re going to backdoor her .. then yeah sure. Angela – do you think Haleigh knows its Bayleigh? Brett – I don’t know if Haleigh knows but Rockstar knows. Angela – because after when you were all on the couch I was changing into my clothes and the started laughing.. no one was laughing after that scenario. Angela – I need to keep telling everyone that Rockstar is my target one and Tyler is the second target. And that I am not going to change the noms if I win. Brett – I was talking to Kaycee and she said if anyone asks we should say that we are leaning towards Tyler going. Like he’s a good competitor why wouldn’t we get him out. So that they don’t know which person to pin the vote on. Brett – it makes too much sense.. its Bayleigh. Kaycee knows how to read her the best. She acted the same after the power app. Angela – its so obvious its Bayleigh. Brett – I am 85% sure its Bayleigh and 15% sure its Scottie .. either way they’re both in on it.

9:10pm Havenot room. JC and Fess. JC – I am very pissed! I am very very very mad! Whoever is doing this hacker sh*t is a very nasty dirty person. Because they are trying to dirty Scottie. They are trying to make Scottie and Tyler get in a fight or something to come at each other. They will probably send Tyler home because they know we have possibilities of working with him. Tyler has never ever said anything about sending me or you home. Whoever is doing this .. I don’t know what their plan is but we have to out smart that person. Fes – I told Angela that I want to get picked to play and win it. JC – she will be very grateful. The only thing I need you to do is keep your mouth shut.

9:25pm Bathroom. Angela – guess what the hashtag is? #BackdoorBayleigh Kaycee laughs.

9:40pm The house guests are in the kitchen eating chocolate bacon

10pm HOH room. Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. Angela – Bayleigh mad a bold move assuming Tyler or I aren’t going to win the veto. Kaycee – she (Bayleigh) did make bold move and now she is trusting them to keep their mouth shut. That’s putting her game in jeopardy. You changed your nominations. Put someone up that is a competitor. And you tell the whole other side like its not going to get out.. you’re digging yourself your own f**king grave at this point. Angela – she is the biggest target right now. Idiot! Idiot! Tyler – we were so fine with out this hacker bullsh*t! If I go home because of a twist… Angela – you won’t. Tyler – I am winning this veto. Kaycee – we’re winning this veto and her a$$ is getting backdoored!

10:17pm Havenot room. Fes and Haliegh. Haleigh – I don’t know what is going on Fes. Fes – I know you didn’t win but I feel like you did win because you’re so good at that stuff. Haleigh – I didn’t win. Fes – you’re good with words and computer / communications / college. Haliegh – I freakin wish!! Fes – you’ve got people in this game until it’s save your own a$$ time.

10:47pm Brett and JC.
Brett – thank god we have the HOH on our side to help with who we replace.

11:05pm HOH room. Kaycee, Bay and Angelas. Angela – I don’t want to put up anyone eles up. This was such a b***h thing.

11:20pm HOH room. Bay, Kaycee and Angela. Kaycee – I really want to play in the veto. Bay – Want to play too and I hope its the luxury one. I’ll take that trip, I’ll take the money! Kaycee – what if it was 20G’s? Angela – I will take the 20G’s… you guys can battle it out. 10G is questionable. Kaycee – what do you think tomorrow it will be? Angela – It would make sense if its the hacker thing.

Fes, JC and Rockstar talking in the bedroom. They talk about how third place now gets 10G’s plus the weekly stipend.

11:36pm HOH room. Fes comes up to tell Angela – if I get picked to play and I win I will do whatever you want. I know you don’t have a lot of control this week with this stuff. So I want to respect the fact that you’re HOH and do whatever you want. Angela – right now I don’t want to say for sure but I am leaning towards leaving it the same. Fes – and it doesn’t matter. Its whatever you want. I am just happy that you and me were able to get on the same page. I’ll do whatever you want. I will respect it. Angela – it is almost a blessing in disguise where I don’t have to get any blood on my hands. I am leaning towards not wanting the noms to change. I don’t want that getting back to Rockstar or Tyler. Fes agrees and leaves. After he’s left Angela looks at the camera and says idiot! This is going to be a lot easier than expected.

12am Most of the house guests are now sleeping. Fes is praying in the lounge room. Rockstar is in the kitchen looking at the memory wall.

12:11am FEs and Rockstar
Fes says it’s cool that they were told they’ve all hit Jury.

Fers – will I find a wifey when I get out of here… This show gets a lot of attention?
ROCKS – 10 million

They talk about jury member returning and how they can’t believe they’ve made it this far. Fes is surprised. Rocks always thought if she made the first eviction she would stay for while.
Rocks says she’s seen season 6 through 16 hasn’t seen 17, 18, 19. “they were all on youtube”

Rocks brings up not wanting Brett or Angela make it to 1 or second place.
Fes points out that Tyler is playing a good game
rocks agrees says Scottie and Sam are playing a good game.

12:44am fes heads to bed..

12:47am Sam is up prepping the coffee for the morning. Sam mentions how the milk goes bad the day after her brothers birthday.
Sam – I don’t wanna miss my brothers birthday but I’m gonna

Sam to rocks “you OK”
Rocks – I’m alright..

Tyler walks through the kitchen.. heads to bed hugs Sam..

8:33am Hosueguests up early for POV picks

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I ?? this season


I love this season



This season has an incredible cast of characters…but PRODUCTION is trying so hard to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory. They are interfering way too much. Even the most gullible viewer has to be asking him/herself by now whether they are watching a competition or a puppet show.

Is Maxine Waters a Clone of James Brown?

Bingo! Production needs to justify their existence and is bored unless they are “doing stuff to make the game better”. In reality, they make it worse. Stop butting in!

Houka Inumura

Is anyone watching Tyler favorite movie Scooby Doo after he gets evited on Thursday???

Also I feel bad for Tyler that he’s missing Christopher Robin? He’s going to jury so he cant go home and watch baby movies and baby shows.

Does anyone think Tyler likes Barney, Blues Clues, Dora, Sesame Street or Teletubbies??? He looks like the type.

Scottie is the winner of bb20.

Elena McCoy

You’re such a troll. You can keep talking all the crap you want, but it’s clear that Tyler is by far the best player of the season and at this point should/deserves to win.


Tyler is production’s pick to win which makes me kinda want him out.

Sakura Haruno

Production pet is safe the whole game and the twists actually help them. Tyler is far from production pet. He’s has a high chance of leaving this week.


From what I heard, Vanessa was productions pet until Steve Moses messed them up. Notice how little you hear from him. Other winners have appeared but you never see Steve.


Sure I’ll watch scooby doo after he gets evited…just as long as he doesn’t get evicted :p


Tyler seems legit worried. I seriously doubt he won the hacker and this is some grand scheme he concocted to put himself up to draw everyone’s suspicions away from him. If he did do that, he’s pretty ballsy.

I love the scrambling. I know people are ticked about this new twist but it does make it interesting. Another week of craziness and not knowing what’s going to happen. What more can you ask for?


Haileigh won it. It’s been recorded.


Recorded by who? I saw that it was a “leaked” bit of info from some dude in Twitter…I haven’t heard Haleigh tell anyone.


Recorded on Wikipedia. Look it up.


Wikipedia where all the Nobel Laureates do their research!


Wouldn’t it be awesome, just hear me out here, if the POV was used on RS and then Baileigh went up? That would mean either Tyler or Baileigh would go home without using their power. I’m more towards Baileigh leaving than Tyler. I would just love to see their wheels spinning and having breakdowns in the diary room.

JC is Pervy

Depends on who’s eviction vote is cancelled.


Tyler gets to use his power before the Veto Ceremony, so he wont be going home.


No, Tyler has to use it before any noms or Pos ceremony…it’s too late for him to use it this week because he’s on the block.


Didn’t Bret mention to Angela that a cloud came on the screen? I’m thinking that means the cloud was activated. Right?
Also I just checked Wikipedia and Haleigh isn’t on there. It was probably taken off. It just says Hacker Competition and that’s it.


Judging by the way she was acting on the feeds and how they switched every single camera to follow her for quite a while after the comp, I’m sure it was her. They don’t normally do that, and they weren’t following anyone else.

I think maybe she’s just being smart about it. I wouldn’t tell a single person in that house if I won it. No one can keep a secret there.


Look at big colorful chart under voting history – week 6 – Technology winner – Haileigh.


It’s there. Look under voting history and Technology winner


Wikipedia declared Miley Cyrus was dead, David Beckham was an 18th century Chinese goalkeeper, and Plato was an ancient Hawaiian weather man and surfer, writer of Cosmo girls and founder of the Punahou in Ancient Florida…so totally credible.


It would only be better if the victims of the hacker could see that it’s an amazing dissension tool, where you can make the people happy with the move beyond uncomfortable….imagine interrogating a gang individually when you know one member committed a crime.

Angela should talk privately to Bay and say “everyone” is saying she won the hacker…then commiserate, like “I trust you, so if you think Tyler is a target, you have to tell me why, what am I not seeing that you are? Help me?”

Tyler grabs Haleigh and goes full wounded bird, “‘Everybody’ is saying you won, so why would you put me up? I thought we were close? Did you pin the Kaitlyn vote on me, rather than Rachel? Why?”

Brett tells Fez “the girls” are pinning it on him. He thought Rachel was the boss, but now he’s not sure which girls run it after they took her down. He suspects Bay, Haleigh, Angela, RS and Kaycee won it, so when Tyler is evicted the girls will pin it on him

JC tells RS “everybody” is saying Brett won it and is using it to save her.

They do this and people get defensive, start revealing info betraying allies, and there’s enough confusion that the actual winner will not know whose vote to cancel.


I’ve thought about this scenario, too. If Tyler IS the hacker, he’s doing a great job of hiding it. I watched him last night and he looks and acts genuinely worried. Before that, I thought, he may have put himself on the block to make sure he got to play, but then he could have picked himself to play in the veto instead of putting himself on the block. But, IF he were the hacker, he could nullify a vote from the other side of the house which could cause him to stay. It would definitely be a brave, but stupid move.

Is Tyler my daddy???

If he did win the Hacker and do this…and survives…he deserves to win. He has been playing a phenomenal game! I’m sure it was someone else, but my first thought was that this would be a move that Tyler would make. He has put himself out there so many times “proving” his loyalty to nearly everyone on the short end of nearly all the votes. This would not be outside of his wheel-house.


Kaycee, Brett, and Sam will vote to save Tyler. If Tyler won, he could nullify Bayleigh/Haleigh leaving one of Haleigh/Bayleigh, Fez, Scottie leaving JC the swing vote. Although Scottie may be willing to work with Tyler over Angie. So either he has the power and he has to depend on JC or he doesn’t and he needs to get off the block.

Sakura Haruno

After this week I’m gonna start campaigning for Tyler to win America’s fav.

He played the game as hard as he could, He did every blindside this year plus he’s entertaining. Love seeing him in veto’s.

I hope that Tyler wins POV. If not I hope he comes back from the jury.

Tyler FTW


Dont worry there is still alot of game to play.
There is alot of People that can use the veto on tyler if he wouldnt won it for himself. If not i belive He can convice scottie to vote out rc or bailey. And also.. maby its scottie vote that will be cancelled cause there are hives members that velives they are a a pair. Tyler is here for a along time.

Sakura Haruno

Tyler only needs 4 votes. The hacker can eliminate one meaning 3 people can vote him off.

Tyler for Veto


Thoughts on who has the hacker power? I am thinking Scottie.


Haileigh won.


That whole Wikipedia thing is irrelevant. Anybody can add information to Wikipedia that isn’t true. It happened last year during the final season of Pretty Little Liars when everyone was trying to figure out who A.D. was and someone went and added info to Wikipedia that it was Paige. It had been a theory and so someone put it on there. The creator of the show came out and said it was a prank it wasn’t true and anyone basically can add whatever they want to and it wasn’t Paige it was someone else it wasn’t correct.

Also I saw the opening monologue on an Ellen show once where she stated there was false information on her Wikipedia one particular entry saying she used to work somewhere but she said she never worked there and doesn’t know how that information got added there.

My opinion is it was Scottie. Haliegh and Bayeligh have both stated that they didn’t trust Scottie and even if Rocks is getting on their nerves she’s a number for them and has always voted with them and they would pulled her down and not Scottie for the replacement.

No one other than Scottie had a reason to pull Scottie down or to put up Tyler. And the reason Scottie probably looks nervous is because he’s worried he’ll be figured out and put back up on the block if Angela realizes it was him that messed with her plan

BB Fan

It was Haileigh. Not everyone gets their information from Wikipedia. Vegas for sure is usually spot on with spoilers.


Their spoilers aren’t spoilers. They are a LARP. Telling someone it’s going to rain when you see lightning and hear thunder isn’t predicting anything.


I dunno – I don’t think Haileigh could keep it quiet. She’d HAVE to tell someone – Bayleigh or Fes….


No need to go far.. just This seoson vikipedia said scottie got the third power and j.c the crapp app…


I agree – Scottie or maybe even possibly JC? He’s pulling a Tyler & playing both sides. LOVE this season!


yeah, i agree scottie seems most likely. hayleigh and the rest of that side of the house would have probably taken down rocks and put up brett.

Just me

I agree. Scottie was overselling it to Tyler last night. I’m not buying that it was Haleigh. I guess we’ll see tomorrow night.


I’m thinking Scotttie is the only one that would pull him down. Or Bayleigh because she’s been acting sketchy. Hayleigh would probably put Scotttie next to Tyler.


Just another thought or two… Scotttie did say publicly he would take Tyler down if he won veto (which I know doesn’t mean he will) so if he’s the hacker he would probably choose Fes to throw suspension elsewhere or himself to ensure his safety. Bayleigh would probably choose Scotttie to make him look more guilty or Fes because she thinks she can control him. But Bayleigh was the only one not worried about who had it and she made it a point to bring up that Scotttie won the Greece trip to HOH. I’m so confused. I feel like I’m in HIVE because I don’t freaking know!!


At this point we are all as confused as the dumb houseguests. Danged Hacker power!


Need an edit button. Suspension? Thanks Apple


This hacker junk is ruining what was the best game in decades!

Too much power for one person. No one can compete against all that. They have really screwed up this game.

#Backdoor Bayleigh


Lets still hope its brett or for the veto to be used on tyler. But it is too much. They should pick betwin nom replece to cancel a vote. Not get it all!!!

Douchey C

Bayleigh has Rockfart pegged, “ you’re the only white person I know who hates white people” Blockstar’s fake hood accent is getting tiring. Girl, you ain’t cool.


Her accent cracks me up every time she opens her nasty mouth


There’s a little more to Bay’s comment: “You’re the only white person I know who hates white people…as much as I DO!” This girl has major hate in her.


She really said she hates white people? If that’s true, I’m sad cause I didn’t think Bay was a racist, I thought she was smarter and classier than that.

BB Biggest Fan

Heard that too. I don’t know if Bayleigh even realizes she admitted her hatred with her comment…all the while Haleigh and RS laughing uncomfortably.


Production must be team hive to give the hacker power to cancel votes they’re really trying to bail them out unfortunately they’re to clueless. Would be great though if noms stay the same they cancel out Brett vote and tyler goes out 4-3 after him and Angela were being so cocky.


i pray noms stay the same


Production is team Tyler. This gives them another 3 episodes of centering the show around him. It’s going to be boring ASF.

Who said that!

No one is team HIVE including team Hive.


I like a couple of them, but this statement is so true!


First laugh of the day!!! Haha…and I agree!


Angela is sooooooooooooooo dumb. CBS please stop casting pretty dumb women.

Your Average BB Fan

LOL the furniture can speak , but looking at the vote count right if Rockstar gets off the block ( which is unlikely at this point ) and Bayleigh is the replacement against Tyler there is a good chance Tyler is going to jury.
For Bay- Kaycee,JC,Sam,and Brett’s vote is canceled
For Tyler – Rockstar , Scottie , Haleigh, and Fessy ( if Haleigh can work her magic on Fessy I still feel like Haleigh has a bigger hold on Fessy than JC.)


If scottie will know how much bailey wanted to work with the girls against him.. and he could of be her re-nom.. he may vote against her


Scottie can easly vote for tyler to stay.
Or maby he will be the one not to vote , cause there are members in the hive that thinking theyre a pair.

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

This would require the Hive to stratergerize


How ridiculous would it be if Tyler was evicted with a power app. Sam didn’t use hers. It just automatically went to Kaitlyn…who didn’t win it. And everyone knows about Bayleighs. Power apps are kind of a huge cluster. Just hope Tyler stays calm like he usually is. I will be surprised if Hayleigh doesn’t tell anyone she won the hacker comp. crazy week ahead.


Sam didnt use her app but tyler used her app to get her the votes. So it was very benefical for sam.

Botox Pelosi

That is a great point. I had forgot about that.

Hopefully Level 6 wins veto and saves Tyler. That would be classic if Bayleigh gets backdoored with the power in her pocket.


So Haileigh is the Hacker. Wonder who enticed her to put up Tyler? I don’t think she thought of it herself. Maybe she did. Throws a big kink in his game. He has the cloud app and it said it could be used at the veto, but I don’t know how. Can he use it to take himself off the block? Otherwise, he will have to win the veto. He can’t leave yet. He’s the best one playing the game! Hope he pulls this one off !!!

What the heck

The app needs to be used BEFORE he’s even put on the block. He can’t use it at veto ceremony now.


Correct, if he weren’t already on the block, he’d be able to use the app to protect himself. His app is useless this week.


Jeez ur stupid

another name

so fes seems to low key have a clue that haleigh is the hack winner? or so it seems to me.
oh well, she’s cuddled up with him in the have not bed.
he’ll forget alllll about it in 5..4..3..2
I think her hack move is a wonderful move for her game. I’m getting tired of the whole fes haleigh storyline. sorry. I’m at that nope mute another feed point.


I don’t think fes is the brightest bulb in the bunch, but I swear, it appears to me he knows Haleigh well enough that he’s suspicious. He keeps pointing out things. He even asked somebody what they thought about Haleigh maybe being the hacker winner.


he asked jc which is dumb. jc will be his demise in this game. this dumbass cant put 2 and 2 together


Yeah great move to leave her girl next to a comp beast liked by the house…
She can easly be the re-nom ..
I dont think its haleigh..


It showed on the show that it was Haleigh!

Rachel’s Vixens

“Angela – its so obvious its Bayleigh” LOL

I wasnt a keen fan of Rachel in the beginning and i didnt like how she lost her damn mind last week when she got put on the block; but seeing how her own alliance did her sooo dirty (& finally seeing Angela’s claws starting to come out) – im totally rooting for Scottie & Hayleigh to win it! Sorry Fes, you’re too stupid to understand the game and you should really listen to your core Hive alliance members instead of that little munchkin of yours!


Angela is really nasty…not a fan.

Gigi Tomasa

She is not a nice person and her claws are out. Lets hope, not, that she can keep here level of play at the airs she is showing. She won the first comp and then HoH, and nothing more so far. She is the one that would look better in jury. The venom at which she turned on Rachel that was telling the truth was her tell. She, like Brett, enjoy tearing others down for pleasure. Brett seems to get a little turned one when he decimates someone with his words, there is a name for that, hmmm
I don’t even enjoy players that are mean girls.


Sadly, the women have all looked bad during their HOH’s. I really don’t like how Angela is behaving and it started with her speech to Rachel. She is really a mean girl and I’m surprised Kaycee can stomach her.


For real??? >:(

Don’t call JC a munchkin.

You don’t have to like him, but you know that’s messed up to call him that.


When is Fes going to get a clue? She’s just not in to you!


Y’all… I spent two weeks on a cruise and I just caught up with BB today! My DVR worked non-stop. Things I must say:

– The “Life coach” losing her chance to come back by not being able to put together a stupid puzzle she stared at during a whole comercial break is VERY telling. Beware “Life Coach’s” clients: she’s not gonna be able to help you put your life back together. Major loser! Throwing the Veto comp to Faysal… lol! Girl, here’s my tip: NEVER trust a guy whose penis is into another girl.

– Bayleigh is the PERFECT girl for Swaggy. Loud, thinks she runs sh!t, bossy, and completely silly and oblivious as to what’s going on around her. What type of HOH was that? Why trust her power app advantage in Rachel? Okay, I can accept her wanting to trust Tyler… but Rachel? Blindside of the season… for both her and Vegas girl. I just don’t grade Bayleigh’s HOH with an F because she actually misunderstood Tyler’s reverse engineering and caused all the riff among Rachael and Level 5/6.

– Now, Rachel… first thing: stop overdoing the Botox. Your forehead is not even moving anymore. The most telling sign is in between your browns. No movements, no creases… yes, just stop it. I think it affected your brain and you just messed the whole thing for yourself and that’s why you’re out. I tried to sympathize but just walking out of the house without and attempt to blow your former alliance’s game just made you look even more like a fool.

– Angela… you are the perfect portrayal of a vapid, mean girl. Ooooooh, were you really annoyed and afraid that Rachel was gonna hurt your game? What game, broad? You just do what the dudes tell you to do. And this week is gonna be another preciousness. But your biggest issue is your goodbye message to someone you were treating like a “childhood friend” up until a few weeks ago. So low. You won’t ever be classy… so work hard on marrying rich! I can’t talk about you being a racist as some here say you are, but I can definitely talk about you being lame and effing bland. And classless quite honestly. Sorry Angela fans (you seem to be very vocal around here), but she’s irrelevant.


Angela did seem like she was playing a perfect game. I thought she could have taken the whole thing, then she opened her mouth and I lost all respect for her. She’s not irrelevant, but not a good sport either.

All of them have kind of been cry babies this season. What is with the storming out when evicted instead of giving your friends a hug and wishing them luck? They all lack class.

Gigi Tomasa

I want to love your post and hate it at the same time. You made me laugh and don;t forget Kaitlyn was evicted because she was needed outside of the house more. Look for Off the Block Facebook page to see their exit interviews. They are a hoot, until Frankie showed up Friday


Don’t hate my comment, Gigi… just love it. Too much hate in the world already. Haha!

I confess I wanted to watch the exit interviews, but when you mentioned “Frankie” I just cringed. I can’t with Frankie.


Calm down people. Way too many folks here already penciling in Tyler for jury house. There’s still a really good chance he won’t stay on the block.

For one, Tyler himself is one of the best Veto players in the house. Besides that, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, Sam, probably JC, and maybe even Scottie would all use the POV on Tyler if they win tomorrow. Why wouldn’t they? Angela certainly is fine with it being used because she gets to name her own replacement.


if jc uses veto he shows his cards. but he wont win. im tired of hi. he needs to go. i think scottie is the hacker. i know everyone is saying hay and i wll be impressed if it is, but scottie said a few times tyler is playing him. the hive are happy they have wanted scottie out for a while


sorry i meant to say they have wanted tyler out for a while

Is Maxine Waters a Clone of James Brown?

Tyler on the block is a tease. Production will never let him get evicted and if he does, he wins a battle back.


Off Topic a bit, but has anyone noticed the trend that they are going to move away from the have-nots punishment in this game? In years past, its always been a huge issue in how production would ramp up the punishment. Sleeping in dentist chairs, bumper cars, pyramid beds, etc.

Now, I may be missing it.. but at least on the public hourly episodes, they have not stressed the have not issue much at all. The only time I can remember it, was when Fes had to eat the Vegan Ham. They just casually mentioned he was a have not too. We see the updates here about who is have nots, but CBS is just not pushing it anymore.

Betting that within 2 seasons, there won’t be a have-not in the game. I think Production is learning its not really that detrimental to gameplay, nor is it giving AG the desired feedback. 2 years ago, CBS would be running 10 minute segments about sleeping upside down in a tin can, while eating canned slop.


I think it’s because they have sooooo much other material to use that the punishment has taken a back seat. This has been one of the best seasons in a free years.


Fez was the least trending and that was his punishment.

Cat Nip

BB isn’t playing up have not’s because Sam can whip up a filet mignon, baked potato with sour cream, Caesar salad, followed by chocolate ice cream cake for dessert … all out of slop. ; ) : ) That girl needs to be on Survivor, then have a You Can Do Anything show on The Learning Channel. Right after she smothers Hey with a homemade down pillow. ; )

Gigi Tomasa

I thought the same thing. The year they had to sleep on spikes kind of ruined it for me. That took it too far. the comp were getting a little sadistic and only for the active-active players. Now they have leveled out and anyone can win, yes even Hay and RS


Omg i think its brett
He is talking a lot
Making lies saying its angela yo haily
Then saying to angela its haily talking about her
And he wants so make sure everyone will target bailey and thinking its her

By nominating tyler they have a veto player on their side.. and he will have the votes worst case scenrio
Its bret!!!!


Simon you did said it looks like its bret because something he did!?


Omg i think you have no brain!


Because im not neccerly belive its hailey cause someone said so!?

Brett is talking so much about who it is
So it got me thinking
If he can cancel a vote .. he can make sure tyler survive this


Why are you hating on my comment.. its just a thoght!
We wait and see !! I just cant see haily wins
And i think scottie would put like kaycee


If Haleigh really won the hacker, maybe her real reason for nomination is that Tyler is the only one not wrapped around her fingers like Fez, Brett and even Scottie are.
“How dare you not pay me any attention, Tyler?!”


I think it probably is Haleigh…she just told Scottie that he needs to play in the veto competition so they don’t backdoor him.

another name

just a couple thoughts. mostly repetition of thoughts from seasons past.
man i hate twists. i even hate twists that benefit people i like. i just hate them.
the more profound the twist in terms of game interference, the more i hate the twist.
i get why they are done. i disagree with the motive.
I don’t hate the players that take advantage of the twist. sometimes i put a little asterisk beside their name when twists have been responsible for a winner’s win. but if i dislike a house guest it’s usually their personality that irks me, not the fact that they benefitted from a twist. *unless they benefit from multiple twists to the point where it becomes painfully ridiculous.
every player that ends up screwed over by a twist, even a house guest whose personality i dislike, i end up saying man, they got done dirty.
there’s a couple of seasons (well 4 actually) where i’ve stopped watching. Not because my favorites has been twisted out of the game, but because twists have just become so heavy handed that i think what’s the point, it’s very obvious that they penned a storyline week one, and they aren’t willing to adapt (oh come on there’s a couple seasons where i’ve predicted the final four and winner by the edit of the premiere episode, later quit watching, and ended up reading after the finale that i was correct).
I’m not at that point yet. but i was happy when the stupid power aps ended. and the moment i saw hack comp i rolled my eyes thinking wtfricketyf… damn. I was starting to think they’d let us have nice things… like watching strategy and interpersonal relations and comps and guile determining outcome… not pretty much a production reset. make no mistake, this is a production reset to compensate for kaitlyn’s failure to complete the puzzle that chenbot said production assistants were repeatedly able to complete in 45 seconds.
If the hack comp successfully cuts a house guest’s game short this week or next week, I’m still going to think man, that was just ridiculous no matter who is the victim of the hit job this week or next week. I think of it this way: so you get a blind nomination, you get a finger on the scale in veto, and you not only have to successfully campaign to the majority to vote for you, but you have to get majority plus one, or knowing that it’s quite possible the blind nominator is one of the people you are campaigning towards… technically you have to get majority plus two to feel safe because one of those votes will most likely be nominated. they aren’t trying to get back to the comfort zone of unanimous votes at all, are they?

Brutally Honest

I would be pissed too if tyler gets screwed because of a twist, but isn’t it the sign of a good player to be able to either save themselves from the block or to survive the vote? Let him prove he’s as good as so many think he is.

JC is Pervy

Not liking this a bit. Hay Leigh used her hacker win. Tyler’s cloud is useless. That stinks. I wanted rockslop out. What a clown.


Why is Fes so dumb. jc will be his demise in this game. my gosh. stop listening to that weasle idiot. dont you see that jc is working with Tyler and tyler is with them? Fes has to be one of tbe dumbest players ever.


I’m betting a jury battle back. First 4 evicted will get the chance to return. I thought the do a double at jury so there are 2 folks going at the same time. I hate the hacker twist though no matter who got it. The game was going pretty well and you have this completely stacked power that really hobbles whoever the hacker puts up.


Sure don’t want to see a battle back. Wouldn’t the evicted be sequestered until then? Not out of the house doing shows and jacking social media?


I was referring to the first 4 jury folks. This week will be the first juror. So the next 4 evictees will get a chance to return.


Here’s my question, this hacker crap gets to nominate a replacement before the veto and cancel a vote? A theory was Tyler did it to play in the veto and stir stuff up. So if he did let’s say he loses veto, noms stay.
Why do you think he would go home?

Vote to evict Angie: Brett, Kaycee, Sam
Vote to evict Tyler: Bayleigh, Fes, Haleigh
Wildcard JC and Scottie.

Unless seriously great actor (he only acted infront of the people he needed to) JC is PISSED. So Tyler just says Scottie can’t vote. JC keeps Tyler. Now unless Katilyn sent Bayleigh a vision I think she’s keep Tyler over Angie. But as she is a “Hive” member and not totally dumb, I can see her saying Tyler is a comp beast let’s vote him out now….but that’s her baby bird too! Sorry not sorry to the lovers or haters of her (Angela) but as she would say we still have the veto so let’s wait.

Haleigh winning and actually being smart without ANY help from ANYONE why Tyler? He “likes” her no he’s not on her but I think she’s more into Brett. We would have heard a little something, she’s just as bad as the rest of the “Hive” can’t keep their mouth shut. Even Bayleigh couldn’t, she told Fes about her power before Rachel, she just didn’t know Rachel would blab it too!

Just my opinion don’t get all gggrrrr LOL


But I think they all just learned a very valuable lesson from bayleighs loose lips. Plus they keep being on the wrong side of votes and suspecting their own team of flipping. And Tyler being the comp beast he is. They do not want to go up in his place. So I can see whoever won not saying out of self preservation since they have no clue who keeps flipping votes. I know everyone keeps saying Hayleigh but I won’t be surprised if it was Scottie either and the leak was false.


If JC and Scottie can go either way with the vote, you eliminate one of the sure votes against you.


Cannot wait til angelo gets evicted by sweet little pinky bird the same way they did with rachel LOL
I think angelon is the most hated person on this season next to brett.


I’m really curious about the cloud showing up myself. Mistake by BB ? Tyler’s app says any one nomination ceremony or veto ceremony. So. Did they ask him if he wanted to use his app after the hacker comp. before they let the hacker do their nomination ? Or are they not allowing him the opportunity to use it for the hacker comp. it’s basically the same thing as the veto ceremony. I know the thing showed up on wiki about Hayleigh winning. But I just really felt something was up with Scottie. Have the wiki spoilers always been correct ? Tyler has always been great at comps but there is added pressure this time. Can’t wait to see how this week plays out. Hoping Tyler just wins veto.


Anyone can update Wiki. Not saying it’s not Haleigh, but that’s not the source to believe.

Is Maxine Waters a Clone of James Brown?

I strongly support all elements of and variants of #BackdoorBayleigh

Kid Rock

I’m so glad to finally see Tyler on the block!! He finally gets to know how that feels… We won’t have to see that arrogant little smirk on his face all week….

I’m glad other houseguests are playing the game too…., THE BIGGEST THREAT IN THE HOUSE IS NOW ON THE BLOCK..:: FINISH HIM

Is Maxine Waters a Clone of James Brown?

Dont worry about Tyler. One season production wanted Victor in the game and on TV so bad they created THREE magical battle backs to get him back in the game. All he won and were skewed to his strengths.

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

Voted out week 2. Then got to chill and do the battleback in weeks 3,4,5. Then came back in the House to join a strong alliance. He basically sat out 25% of the show and went back in when all the alliances were set up for him.