“Rockstar thinks it was Scottie, Scottie thinks it was Haleigh, Haleigh thinks it was fes.. “

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers The title says it all….

2:00am JC, Rocks, Fes and Haleigh
Haleigh – her two noms are coming from this room
JC – I can work for the next 10 years and make 5000 thousand dollars..

2:08am Kaycee and Angela
Anegla tells her the nominations are early tomorrow 10 am.
Angela – you, me, Brett and Tyler, we’re going to the end.. we have the numbers we have our outside circle that’s pretty stable
Angela- I’ve never seen so many people upset about winning HOH, Haleigh was like that, Bayleigh was like that and she didn’t compete..
Kaycee – I understand Hayleigh but Bayleigh…

Angela bring sup Bay’s power, “she has to make her decision before nominations”
Angela – the best plan is to get Bayleigh out this week.. I don’t think I trust her.. I have my decision made for tomorrow..
Angela – I’m thinking about putting up Scottie and Rockstar.. I don’t know it could change..

They talk about the hacker comp how the person that wins it can pull someone off the block and put their own nomination up.
Angela says everyone has come to her and said if they win it they will tell her.
Angela says FEs is so bad at campaigning his pitch is , “I’ve been loyal, if you don’t put me up this week I won’t put you up next week”
A – Nice.. thanks Fes
Angela says JC was really fighting to get Bayleigh and Haleigh put up. Angela says she plays dumb with JC.
Angela stumbles with all the gadgets they’ve given the HOH

2:22am Fes and Haleigh

Haleigh – did you flip
Fes – no it was Rockstar (OMFG I’ve died and gone to heaven)
H – what are we going to do.. if we go up
Fes – I’m going to win the veto I ain’t trippin
FEs – do you trust me
Haleigh – you trust JC a lot .. this is not a game you can just trust people..
FEs – I can trust you
H – you thought I was the flip 5 hours ago
Fes – I said If you flipped I would look like the biggest jackass
H – I didn’t flip I voted to evict him but I’m glad he’s here over Rachel.. number 1 rachel annoys me a lot, number 2 I didn’t want to spend the summer with her, number 3 he cooks and cleans and gives great massages
FEs – Great now I have to deal with that all summer long
Haleigh – you don’t give me massages.. you don’t crawl in my lap
Fes – do you want me
Haleigh – sometimes.. and you don’t give me massages.. and when you whispered in Rachels’s ear. I’m glad she’s gone
Fes – I don’t question that you like me
Fes – I want to be the only one giving you attention
H – why do you want to have conversations with me when I look like this
Fes – I still think you look beautiful
haleigh – what are you looking at
Fes – your eyes ..
Haleigh asks him what he would do if she did flip the vote.
fes – I would blast your a$$ on twitter.. I don’t even have Twitter.. (I love Fes now)

They agree it’s ROCKSTAR is going up.
Fes mentions his pitch with Angela “It was alot more smooth when I was in there.. ” “I’m loyal” etc etc
Fes – you can look me in my eye and tell I am man of my word
Fes says he told her he doesn’t talk a lot of game with Scottie, “I know he bounces around”
H – I told Scottie he needs to work with Angela and Rachel because they never know where their heads at..
H – she looked me in the eye and said you are not going on the block because of me.. if he gets in her ear..

Fes – do you trust ROCKSTAR right now
haleigh – no, not 100%
they agree she’s being weird (LOL)

2:33am Meeting of level 4
Angela goes on about how the other side of the house is pissed she won HOH, “Anybody want to hug me I’m HOH” They agree the other side has no idea they are all working together. “they have no idea”

Brett – I had a good convo with Bayleigh I still think she wants to kill me but at the end of the day she’s 100% going to do what Fes says
Angela wonders if Fes drives the car or Bayleigh
Brett – I think it’s both.. the only reason Bayleigh put me up is because of Fes

Angela – I told Scottie he’s a pawn.. I think I’m putting up Scottie I think I’m putting up Rockstar (apparently she’s supposed to say think from production)
Angela believes that everyone will tell her if they won “The hacker shit” ( Her words not mine)
A – I’m going to find out who it is an I have full control over everything .. it makes it even better for me, I get to control the veto, i get to control who is going to be the replacement, I can get someone to secretly backdoor someone for me
A – lets say sam gets it she comes to me .. I got the app what should I do
Angela – Secretly backdoor Bayleigh or Fes
A – if fes takes himself off we put up Bayleigh we have two people to backdoor
Brett mentions how Scottie is down with ROCKSTAR going out he brought it up to him
Angela – Scottie 100%^ thinks everyone is against Rocks even Haleigh
Brett – Bayleigh comes to me asking are you working with ROCKSTAR.. (OMG in heaven)
Brett – are you serious
The planet is laughing
Tyler – Rockstar thinks it was Scottie, Scottie thinks it was Haleigh, Haleigh thinks it was fes..

Brett says that Haleigh is now saying that she flipped.. “i’m so glad I got you to stay”
Brett – she hugged me in the storage room.. ohh ok thanks..
Angela – do they really think that you are that stupid, we’re that stupid.. that’s so funny they have no clue what’s going on in this house..

Tyler – I told bayleigh, Rachel was talking made shit about you right before the vote.. I’ll be the one vote against Rachel.. you had the power she was talking sh1t i gotta vote her out.. bayleigh is like Alright.. cool
Tyler – at the end I was like “WOW turns out I was the deciding vote that’s crazy”
Angela – it went over flawlessly
Tyler- JC is sit there chilling nobody gives a f* about where Sam voted.. they think Fes, Rockstar and Hayleigh all voted for you.. (Brett)
they laugh ..
(I’m sorry HIVE fans but they are fuc*ing dumb if they can’t figure this out 4 weeks going “wounded bird”)

Angela asks why RAchel didn’t out them
Brett – she’s a f*ing idiot
Brett says Bayleigh said I only told fes and he asked what about Rachel and she said Rachel too
they laugh
Brett – you just told me the only person you told was fes..
Brett – I told Rachel out of Respect.. what you don’t respect me
Brett says Bayleigh told him “I told fes to flip his vote”
Brett – ohh you did.. thank you .. now he’s running around saying he didn’t..
A – none of her stories make any sense.
Angela – I told Scottie so it’s been told to me by a few different people that you would put me and rachel up if you won HOH..
Angela – ohh I said that a few weeks ago when rachel was saying.. making… final 2’s with a bunch of people
Angela – oh really a few weeks ago? that happened a few days ago and it was outed a few days ago
A – he was like … well you know i’m not going to throw anyone under the bus
they laugh
Tyler – he says he’s going up i’m like dude I think I’m going up with you because we’re friends bro..
they laugh
Kaycee – they’re minds are so fu*ked dude
Brett laughs that Fes after every Thursday “I don’t f*ing know man”
A – I don’t know what’s going on
Tyler – I heard Fes in the bathroom saying “This f*ing game”
K – they are freaking out
Angela – 5 eviction we’ve voted the same way we’ve been right 5 times in a row.. running shit..
Brett says 1/2 the reason he wants to keep Fes here is to hear him say “I don’t f*ing know man” (omg this is too funny)
Tyler – Scottie is questioning his own existence.. why am i here bro.. ..
A – I had a final 2 with steve
Brett – Steve’s gotta be so pissed at me.. steve told me what a beast I was..
Kaycee – Thy’re all hating it like every eviction they are all hating it.. they all don’t trust each other.. they are all falling apart throwing each other under the bus
Brett – they all genuinely think I am working with ROCKSTAR
B – ROCKstar is breaking she was about to freak out on Sam
Brett – Rockstar was like I’ve already been lied too once in this game did you not hear that eviction speech
Brett – wait what why did you lie about us being best friends ROCSKTAR .. i’m just going to keep poking.. she’s going to lose it if she goes on the block.
Brett – Rockstar thinks I’ve ruined her existence..

Brett says sometimes they get careless and think JC is one of them but he’s not one of them
Angela warns them that JC is out for himself.
Kaycee says someone is in bayleigh’s ear about the numbers and she thinks it was JC.

Tyler mentions how production told him to keep saying Level6 even thought they lost 2 members
Brett – they told me the exact opposite..
Feeds cut..
when we’re back Angela is talking about bayleigh’s power saying it has to be done before the nominations.
Brett tried to ask production about it and they said they can’t
Angela – you can’t make up false information about it
Brett – does it have to be used
Tyler – she told me it’s until 8 people
Angela – she’s making herself a target
Kaycee – she’s lieing
Tyler – for some reason she trusts me now..
Tyler – instead of your nominees popping up her noms pop up
Angeala – she has to make the nominations before the nominations ceremony
Angeala says she told bayleigh she’s not going up, “Bayleigh’s a lot smarter than we think”

Tyler – if we get the chance to get Baylegih out we got to get bayelgih out..
Angeal wants one of them to get teh hacker app so they can secretly put Bayleigh on the block.
Angela – OHH no bayleigh you’re up what can we do to pull you down
Angela – go balls out on the veto and be like Ohh I want to leave noms the same..
Brett – Scottie thinks he’s playing me like a fiddle
T – he told me Brett trust me for some f*ing reason. I told him good real him in..
B – I hope one of us gets this hacker thing
T – kaycee will get is

Angela says everyone is pissed at ROCKSTAR now.. just keep fueling that fire..
Brett – I could get real obnoxious.. I don’t know what everyone’s thoughts are on that
Tyler says he laughed at Bayleigh – why did you tell Rachel..
T – Rachel’s a idiot too.. rachel told me in the kitchen.. she was like Bayleigh had the power.. and Rachel’s actually pitch to me was I’ll get into that later..
K – she was a liability. .

They talk about Rachel’s game implosion. Angela brings up her nice goodbye speech “as irreverent as you are week 2”
Tyler – Savage.. we ripped her apart. she was not good at it
Angela – she wasn’t smart enough to realize her lies don’t add up (ouch Angela is ruthless yo)
Brett – she didn’t understand her lies.. she got confused and started saying sh1t
A – and when I outed her lies she didn’t understand that it didn’t make sense.
Kaycee – what do we need to do?
Angela – keep making everyone pissed at Rockstar and let Scottie know he’s the pawn
Tyler says he’s better with Bayleigh than he’s ever been becuase he told her about his vote.
Brett warns them about Bayleigh and telling her too much

Brett – JC is so happy
Kaycee – and they know not to ask Sam fort her vote
Brett – they are scared to death of her .. how is she
Angela says she know shes not going up

Tyler says he gave Sam a warning before the Brett speech so she was ready for it.
Tyler – she was excited about your speech.. I can’t wait for Brett’s speech
Brett – I haven’t had an adrenaline rush like that in a long time.. all I could think was 6 million people

Angela – Rachel’s speech was horrible.. (Angela drags on Rachel at every chance)

Brett says he practiced his speech 50 times.. production knows what he would say.. He was worried that they might want him talk first but it was Rachel.
Brett – she’s not quick witted she would have froze…
Tyler – how many f*ing blindsides are we going to have…

Brett – I’m just bummed ROCKSTAR made it to Jury
Angela – Rockstar or Kailtyn
brett – I would take kaitlyn over Rockstar..
Tyler agrees..
Angela – good point
Anegal – do you guys watch hoarders
Brett – Rockstar looks like she’s on it, yes..
Angela think sit’s Sam “She’s got so much stuff… they recruited her.. where did they find someone like this”
The amount of stuff she accumulated is insane.. I love her to death but I thin she has a THINGS problem too many things

Angela – I don’t get Sam where did she come from
T – ROCKS thinks she’s America’s player like America tells her what to do and she just does that
Brett – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was JC and Sam..
They bring up Sam wanting to call a house meeting “about nothing” Brett was supporting her because he wanted to see her rip into ROCKSTAR.
Brett – I think Sam is on the verge of snapping on haleigh to.. .
they all agree..
Brett – Haleigh’s effort is so bad.. (with dishes etc)
T – Sam does not like Haleigh
Tyler says even Scottie pointed out to him that Haleigh is just trying to go around with all the guys making them like her.
A – yup
Tyler – But I got a crush on her thought
A – Scottie said that
B – Scottie said that
S- OMG scottei said that
T – he said it.. I’ll vote her out if I have to i Gotta crush on her kinda
“awww that’s so cute”

Brett “That’s why Sam hates her becuase Sam reinds her of her brother and her brother got his heart broken by a chick.. ” haleigh flirts with Scottie and uses that to position her game. Sam thinks of Scottie as her baby brother who she is close to, “ahh that all makes sense”

Brett – whos the head of it?
Angela – I think it’s bayleigh because Fes is dumb.. fes came up her and was like .. umm I’m supposed to tell you why you should keep me
I’ve been really honest and I’ve told you in the Hammock that I was a straight shooter i’ve never lied to youer
T – he wants to date you so bad
A – yeah
A – I came into this house I said you’re my kinda girl..
A – I was like Thanks…. and then he said if you don’t put me up I won’t put yo up next week
T – that’s a deal
B – a bargain
A – anything else Genius
T says Angela really was bayleigh’s replacement, “that’s what she told me”
Kaycee says Rachel was an alternate last year

Angela goes on about how she will be able to figure out who wins the hacker comp . Angela says they got four plus sam and JC making 6
Brett says if he goes up and Rockstar down then they will know she has the hacker power app they think they will able to figure this out.
Brett says bay and fes want him out so he’s certain he’s going up if anyone on that side wins the hacker power.
Brett – I’m going to work on Bayleigh this week.. every time I talked to her I was in not position I was on the block..
Tyler – are there any scenarios that is bad for us…
Kaycee – one on that side win the comp and one of ours go up.. we need to win the veto to replace that and change it back to two people on their side..
Angela says she’ll put Bayleigh up as teh renom.

They bring up how JC is saying he was on the block because Sam almost put him up.
Brett – I need to win something
Brett and Angela both had a feeling she was going to win HOH..
KAycee – I had a good feeling too..
Angela – me and Rachel were supposedly a duo we get her out..
KAycee – Rachel doubted us.. she doubted our group..
Brett thinks Rachel going up was 100% her fault.

They talk about how much the other side sucks with how they handled bayleigh’s power app.
Brett about Fes – he thinks he’s so f*ing smooth.. he never gives me anything..
They talk about how the other side always wants to fill the silence with talk and end up spilling too much information.
Tyler says that Bayleigh only told Fes so now Rocks and Haleigh are pissed art her for not telling anyone..
Angela – yeah that makes you a target now that sucks..

Brett – they are so f*ing split right now even if they get this stupid app they won’t work together
Anbela- they’ll run up here Save me help me..
Tyler – if one of us win this hacker thing…
A – I think it’s a stupid thing like pacman..

Level 4 agrees their goal is to backdoor Bayleigh
Kaycee – Hayeligh and Rockstar kisses Bayeligh’s feet they are scared of her ..

Brett – Bayleigh yelled at them said KNOCK it off..
Kaycee – they got them whipped up
Angela – bayelgih is the brains fes is the enforcer
Brett – she wasn’t revenge for Swaggy she’s wants us out.. (Angela)
Angela says she’s been talking to bayleigh about things further down the road so she’s not going to expect the backdoor
Tyler goes on about flushing the power s out of the game
Brett – theres enough f*ing twists (correct )
They agree if they don’t get baylegih out now she’ll use her power next week.
T – Bayleigh is WAY more dangerous with her power than Scottie is

They notice Fes in the kitchen..
Angela brings up how Fes always looks at himself in the mirror. they all agree.
3:51am Brett says he had a much meaner version of a speech for Racehl but after talking to her before and hearing that her spech was nice to him he cut it out.
Tyler – good call
Angela – that would be hilarious though. (of course you would say that)

Angela “I’m just so happy to be in here with you guys I don’t want to go to sleep”

Tyler mentions how he’s happy he doesn’t hang out with the other side this week. The rest agree. Brett says the entire other side hates him.

They agree the other side made it so clear they ware working together while kept it secret. Tyler knew right away that the other side were idiots when they made it so obvious in front of him they were working together.

Tyler says their alliance name was FOUTTE “Five of us till the end” .

Tyler – Stupid as * right  then Bayleigh joined them they were the BB illuminate.. so that’s probably what they are called ..Scottie wasn’t a part of it kaitlyn told me on the couch.

Brett brings up how the other side would corner him and ask him where he was “you a$$holes made a public alliance drew the line and I wasn’t invited to teh party.. I’m not aligned with anyone ”

Kaycee – I said the same thing too.. by default I’m on the other side of the house


Angela is pissed that Fes is sitting around waiting and being sneaky.. “this is how people make themselves targets”

Brett – I can’t f*ing wait to make ROCKSTAR f*ing cry
A – I hope she’s a have not this week…
T – She’s already crying
Tyler mentions that Bayleigh, Haleigh and JC are due to be the have nots.

Kaycee – I dont’ think I have met anyone that looks at the mirror..
they all comment how Fes looks at the mirror 24/7
Kaycee – are we on live feeds on right now.. we shoul dbe right

Angela – rockstar was like I stayed up all night.. I knew the order.. I was like I didn’t really study at all.. (LOL ouch)


4:09am brett and Angela
Brett says how Bayleigh is pissed at him because he called her Honey in his speech goes on about how he doesn’t know why he said it he never calls people honey.
he talks about after everything that happened today she was most mad at him for that. They hugged it out and she went to bed.
Brett – I swear to god I almost said goodnight honey .. I never really called my girlfriend honey
brett – you know what it is.. F*ing Sam.. .
Brett says Kailtyn never told him he was her soul mate but he was sure it was coming..
Bret hopes they have an easy week
Angela – we got rid of the most annoying person in the House

5:32am they’re all sleeping…

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Ugh- Angela’s a mean girl from high school all grown up. Gross. Oddly I feel like I would get along with her though, and that makes me question my own character.



In Austin Powers we had Dr Evil and his hairless cat. In the Big Brother house we have an evil Mini-Me and a wounded little bird that are bringing hilarious chaos to the house.


This was the most hilarious post yet! I laughed at so much that was said by Level 4. Thanks for the clarification or the Hacker Comp winner. I had no idea it was all of that! This could screw up Level 4! I hope not!


That’s a lot of power. I could see it if they let them pick one of those three things to do, but all three? WTF?


C’mon…Team Chaos wants anything that throws a monkey wrench into well laid plans. We don’t want to have to wait 3 weeks for the arrogance and overconfidence of Angela, Tyler, Brett and Kaycee to unravel…we want the most agreeable target to win hacker, then the next agreeable target to win veto, so there are increased chances for some cracks in the facade, whether it’s disagreement over who goes or based on what gets revealed through so many having to campaigning in just one week.

Angela’s HOH-itus is already showing…she’s certain everybody will be honest about the hacker because she might just be a golden god…and we saw with Rachel that one misinterpretation from even her closest ally and she will flip like the nastiest, most vindictive and petty, switch

Team Chaos…


That’s a lot of power. I can’t believe they can do all 3, and not pick 1 of the 3.

Hi My Name Is Scott

So many freaking powers going on right now. Can’t keep em straight. So going with your explanation of the Hacker, and Queen Bay and her power to change the noms, and what does Tyler’s power do again? Is it still in effect? As Sgt Hulka once said, “I’m getting too old for this sh*t!”


Screws up the HOH. At least Bayleighs power only allows to change noms. Angela has no control if the hacker uses it. Wonder if the pick a veto player replaces her pick. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. This will screw someones game completely and they have no control of it. Who ever the hacker puts up, they know they are the target and will know the vote for that person will be nullify.


They should have done power apps or hacker…not both…Oh well. To be honest though it is interesting because they usually stop twists week 4 and it’s a normal season.


there’s too much power on one side L6 + JC/sam, let the other side mess things up for them or at least try cause they are not good at it. I only like this power if it works out for the underdogs! it will be super funny if any of the these won the whole game after being so clueless throughout.

K...bb fan

They already have voted 2 alliance members out, not certain why you are acting like they have not been damaged…they are just far superior tg han the other side.


The underdogs are underdogs because they are not very smart. I don’t think it’s right that they get help because they are dumb. They tried to cheat for the HOH.


An underdog is a competitor thought to have little or no chance of winning. I don’t think I would consider Queen Bay and her subjects the “underdogs.” Until last night, they have won every HOH but 1 (Tyler). I think the problem is that they are still living in a bubble created by Swaggy. Every week, they fail to look outside of their bubble and are shocked when the votes don’t go their way. How many times can a person be blindsided? I guess that remains to be seen. Lol!

I can’t fault L4 for celebrating and being a little cocky. This hacker power seems like overkill but I guess we will see how it plays out.


I think production could see that 1) Bay’s app was nullified by Brett’s outing of it & 2) it looks like L6/5/4 was going to steamroll the rest of the season. So they threw in the hacker app. Now I don’t mind this twist BUT they gave it tooooo much power. They should have made it “OR” & not “And”. Change a nom OR pick a veto player OR nullify one vote. If they don’t play this comp on the feeds & live tv, you know they are just picking someone to win it. And I agree with you, Simon, this season was going great without it.

Rachel is living rent free in Angela’s head. She’s gone! What’s wrong with you?? Why can’t you let her go????

Tyler is the master. Telling Bay how he would vote beforehand was brilliant. She is convinced her baby bird is completely under her spell. Tyler getting Bay to trust him!!!! Wow! He has positioned himself really well with the house.

I think Sam had a good idea there (letting one person win the hacker comp so that it won’t be used) but she forgot that in this game nobody trusts anyone that much. Too bad…I would have liked seeing the house nullify productions gambit. Ha! That would have been a first!

another name

temptation apple thing last season. on the last week of it, the lemmings refused to participate because paul said not to do it.


Brett didn’t out anything about Bayleigh’s power. She carefully explained it to Rachel, who she put on the block…Rachel then told Angela who told the rest of her alliance. The only ones who didn’t know about the power were Haleigh and Angie. I think JC knew and Sam…well is Sam so it’s not important because it’s a game thing.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

Allison wants to ensure Tyler, Brett, Bay and maybe angela stay in the game. This power shit is nonsense


I know, right? And so disrespectful to introduce it on the 2 1/2 week anniversary of the night before Rockstar’s kid’s birthday.




Well, that’s something ugly about Angela…and Tyler shedding the sweet baby bird image…it could be an exciting week!


I also dislike the introduction of the hacker thing while Bayleigh’s power is in effect. It makes her power very weak. I mean she pissed all over it’s power last week but the hacker thing is beating it like it stole something.


She had lots of time to use it. Sort of a twist on the twist.


She didn’t though, she could affect Sam’s or her own. That’s it. I think they should have limited the duration until this week. All powers are dead and then introduce the hacker crap. Anything that allows the producers to mask the winner, even if they don’t, is highly suspect.


Her power died as soon as she revealed it…but the hacker thing is beautiful. Anything that f**ks with predictability is awesome.


yeah, she needs to burn it this week or she’s going to be a target til she does. it’s possible she can win veto and keep noms the same. the hacker crap i think is to ensure it is worthless this week. people will vote her out if she has a power but leave her alone if she doesn’t.

Gigi Tomasa

Wow! Brett and Angela are quite the pair of mean folks. I hope the rest of the summer isn’t this mean and nasty hateful words about the other HG. L6 players need to be humbled leveled down with their words. Brett takes pleasure in making women cry, big red flag of an abuser, but he chooses women weaker than him. i hope he feels powerful! NOT
Angela’s speech goodbye was brutal and I think the mean and nasty girl is finally coming out to play. I wonder if she will even feel bad when she learns Tyler did put the thought of Angela going up last week in Bay’s head. That is too bad because she will live to regret her words against another woman when she gets out. Hoping the game does not become predictable now.


Angela is NOT a nice person and it’s showing, I can’t wait for her eviction. She’s not a good friend at all. What she said to Rachel was really mean and not necessary. The girl was already down, why kick her too? I dislike Angela the most, followed by Brett


Yeah I knew angelo since day 1 was fake and horrible as a person. If she bashed so bad on live Tv to someone who supposed to be her friend imagine what else she is capable of doing outside the BBH. I am sure several bb fans would open a champagne bottle when angelo gets evicted LOL

My list of the most hated guys

1. Brett
2. Pinky Sweet pinky little bird
3. JC


The other side of the house is just as nasty with their words about other hgs


none of the houseguests this season are nearly as bad as last season (and many previous seasons). it’s actually pretty balanced in terms of for the most part the people one side is mean to is exactly the inverse on the other side. rachel’s getting a lot of crap she doesn’t deserve, but rs and bay are easily just as mean if not moreso than brett and angela.


There was no last season! It shall not be named!


It’s official. Renamed to “BB Nonteen”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yes! The Season That Shall Not Be Named. Love it


I am glad angela show her true colors last night LOl she truly is the new plastic LOL
She reminds me to Natalie from BB11 she is so unlikable LOL


Angela is beyond cold, definitely someone people will love to hate, so I’m hoping she sticks around for awhile.

I love Fes, he’s just so dumb that I find it endearing. Brett saying he wants to keep him around just to hear him say “I don’t f*ing know man” made me laugh so hard.

How can FOUTTE still be so clueless, people really can’t be this dumb. The fact that they are turning on each other rather than seeing what is right in front of their face just baffles me.

I’ve said this a bunch, but I love this season!!! Every week has been awesome.


I don’t understand how much she hates Rachael. I understand she thinks she lied, but she didn’t even really confront her to find out the truth.

She almost seems jealous how often she rags on her…
But I do still like her for some reason.


I think the whole situation just got out of hand. We watch BB out of curiosity. How will people react to certain situations when confined in a house with strangers and a lot of time on your hands with nothing to do but obsess, scheme/plot ways to be the last one standing. Everyone says something different. How can you not be paranoid?

Angela thought Rachel betrayed her. Rachel was falling apart, crying, paranoid and kept running up to HOH. Angela gets angry, paranoid and thinks Rachel is acting shady. Maybe outside of the house, as friends, they would have communicated more effectively and worked it out. In the BB house things tend to spiral out of control.

I agree that Angela needs to let it go already. Maybe she is feeling betrayed and deeply hurt by Rachel, who she considered a friend and is lashing out in anger … or she is just a mean girl. ????

I don’t blame them for choosing to keep Brett over Rachel. She did appear to be unraveling and I see why they thought she was becoming a liability. It made sense not to tell her she was going fir fear she would blow up L6,5,4. Given the game, Brett’s speech was good for L4,

BUT ….

the goodbye messages were just too much and totally unnecessary. I truly felt bad for Rachel.


it’s like the first season of survivor. richard hatch and his alliance were terrible people but they actually understood the game while you had bumbling idiots surrounding them that you kinda rooted for by default but realized were too inept to actually be worthy of winning.

No brains

They are so clueless. How do they go 4 weeks in a row and not figure out who has flipped. Is Tyler that good? That kid deserves an Oscar for the performance he is giving that side of the house

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Regardless, this season is just so beautiful in every way, all that we loved about BB til production tried to squeeze the life out of it. Even if a couple members of the “cool team” are a little mean, a couple members of the tragic misfits team are equally unlikable at times. It’s just a mish mash of glorious deception, tears, blindsides, secrets …. I can’t take it! Too good.


An anonymous comp…well that’s not sketchy at all. Who does production think will cause a little havoc this week with the power? OMG, guess who won it!!! Who could have thought?! I’m about to call shenanigans…Production just needs to back off, the cast is doing a good job of keeping folks entertained already, there’s no need to start flailing away with the production interference crap.


it strikes me as insurance against bay’s power. production wants someone on her side going this week.

another name

it strikes me as the opposite. one side that can’t figure out who is with them and who is against them, as well as can’t figure out a rogue vote every week. a power comes along that gives the winner the ability to change a nomination and nullify a vote.


I agree. It would be funny if The Hives got the Hacker and still couldn’t get the vote right and sent the wrong person home.


I can’t stand the HG’s this year. None of them deserve a dime for this terrible lack of gameplay


100% Simon. The best!


Simon this is obviously a troll post check out the name lol


I was thinking kinda the same thing. It’s BB19’s Raven who thinks she and her cast played a great game. LMFAO


Raven did think she was running the show. Even in Jury she still thought so lol

Hi My Name Is Scott

Absolutely the best in a while. Not boringly predictable at all. No unanimous evictions. No vets in running the show. This is the most fun in a long time.


Angela is being so mean to Rachel. And here I thought she was a nice girl.


It’s been said several times on the feeds by different HGs how nasty Angela can be at just random times for no reason towards the others, esp Rachel (probably bc she was closest to her). She is just one of those nasty mean girls types I guess.


Brett n Fess’s beef is so funny….
They both think they are the alpha males in the house…

Fighting over miss hayleigh…

Good news is that, fess is clearly ahead in that race

Fezzy's Nose Goop

But since both Fes and Brett are gay its sort of irrelevant that they are “fighting over hay”. I think the big twist in the game is when some boy on boy action goes down. Right now you have 5 gay dudes in the house, 4 of whom are in the closet.


Haleigh’s going to end up with JC, he’s already gotten more out of her than either of the other two. I am aware JC is non-heterosexual.


LOL the team clueless are truly clueless LOL They don’t deserve winning LOL
Who would think angelo would win HOH angelo the new plastics might have the power but B could ruin her reign of terror LOL as long as she stop being clueless LOL


I was on fes and the crew side because I dont like anglea and Brett but how have they dont caught on to tyler being the flip every time isn’t that more likely than fes rock scottie haleigh? Every week I want to say yeah tyler playing a great game but honestly just think other people are clueless.. and Sam is all about female empowerment but has evicted Rachel and nominated only woman.


They never think that JC flipped on them either.


Tyler told Bayleigh he was going to evict Rachel this time. It’s what confuses them, they cn’t imagine him only lying sometimes.


I kinda feel like this Hacker thing (because its anonymous n stuff) is just because stupid Bayleigh outed her power app. N now everyone knows. The beauty of that power was it was anonymous! She even could’ve put up a pawn instead of two obvious people and completely thrown everyone off as to who had the power. But now everyone knows because of this stupid move. Now everyone just wants the power flushed and it’s not like she could even cause chaos n paranoia by changing things, they all know its gonna be her… ugh! That was such a dumb move. I wanted to root for her so bad, but dumb dumb dumb. The only way I can root for her now, is she wins the hacker comp n shuts up this time.


I feel the same way too. The hacker app is to cover up for Bayleigh outing hers. There’s probably somebody else in mind they want to give it to in order to have it play out the way Bayleigh’s was supposed to.


I agree, Tinkerbell 1000% percent!!


the hacker comp is so pointless. it is probably the best season since BB10 and there is no need for more stupid twists.
L6… or L4 is like one of the best alliances in the history of the show. Angela is such a cold-hearted queen and I love it. If he keeps playing like that Tyler might be one of the best players this game had ever seen.,..
The other side + Sam is just pathetic. besides Haleigh I just hate them all.


I cannot stand sam’s baby voice. It’s so annoying!


Sam is green with jealousy over the girls… especially H! I want Bay to go this week and Sam the next week. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

The Swaggy visit to Bay’s house cracked me up. What in the world was that shirt he had on? I loved it when they said the dad wasn’t allowed to watch BBAD. I wonder if the mom and sister know about all the choices Swag gave Bay to put “IT” while they were having sex…..


Simon and Dawg– Thank you for all the updates and posts for BB20. You make it so much easier to follow the game and different alliances. Keep up the great work!!


I agree, you guys are the best. I have a 22 month old and could never keep up with the feeds without you guys. Thank you.


Your 22 month old should go on BB. Probably smarter than Foutte…


LOL I couldn’t agree more about Sam’s voice LOL
I believe Sam would be the next rachel to go LOL
who are the most hated female player?
1.Angelo – Queen Plastic
2. Sam – Annoying baby voice
3. KC – Sheep
Love rockstarz style LOL

Who Me

L4 (L6) remind of a bunch of jackels circling the herd, and Angela is Scar from Lion King. I like good game play, but these people are just downright nasty to the extreme.


They really are awful, but the other side is just so stupid.


Is it just me or is Hayleigh starting to be a bit lovey-dovey with Fessy again… (in case she needs somebody to win the veto and rescue her again). She can go back to treating him like trash when their side of the house is back in control and Hayleigh does not need rescuing. LOL


The guys are a meat shield for her. It’s a type of play but it’s rather boring, at least Kaitlyn brought the crazy with her lap hopping. Haleigh is sensing a possible stint on the block and needs someone to use the veto on her or one of the apps.


I think she really likes him but she doesn’t want to have a showmance in front of her Paw-Paw. She is also a smart gal and probably doesn’t want to compromise her game play.


IMO she was in a 5 year relationship that obviously did not end well. She is young and most likely does not want to get herself into any commitment for fear of being hurt again. She is a pretty girl and can get it whenever she wants it from whomever so I am guessing she just wants to be single until she is ready again. I could see them hooking up in jury! I don’t think she is a bad girl or even a mean girl. I think she was raised well enough to know right and wrong but also raised well enough to know how to get what she wants.


She’s being lovey dovey because he isn’t given her the attention she wants. Once he starts giving her attention she will go back to herself.


It’s honestly disappointing how clueless the hive is. Especially now that Tyler and Angela are turning into cocky a$$holes.


It’s hard not to get cocky when you can tell them you are voting against them and they still think you are on their side.


Idk about great lol but she’s definitely starting to fulfill the villain role. I really can’t stand her now.


Evil Angel? Lol

3s a Crowd

“What’s wrong with Angela”

Just me

I loved that moment! Classic blindside.


I don’t think she is a villain or mean girl! She is beautiful and knows it which I am guessing has lead to her mistrust men and women. It appears she is always looking for the worst in people which brings out the worst in her. I honestly think she is a warm caring person but its buried under that giant sheet of protective ice she has up as a shield. She appears very competitive by nature and would run anyone over that gets in her way. She is not full of herself like Bay, and not immature like Hayleigh. She knows herself and is confident unlike Rachel and Kaitlyn who blames others for their failures. I think Angela would just own failure and move on from it stronger. I am also sure Angela’s ideal man would be successful and well off. The average guy has no chance! I think she is very lonely in the game and in life in general. So no I don’t think she is a villain but she could easily be viewed as such…

Just me

Let’s see how she handles her HOH first. I saw a glimpse of villain greatness last night too, but she still has a way to go to be considered the next great BB villain. We’ll see how she cuts her 4 up when the time comes, that’s when things will get brutal.

Angela is a bitch

Angela is just a mean bitch. There is nothing nice about her.


I have to agree with Angela even though she seems like a mean girl lately….the other side is clueless wtf would they not suspect Tyler and JC of voting the other way instead of each other. Tyler has done a great job of controling this entire game…how do they win this hacker power is it going to be a competition? It’s hard to predict who’s going to leave the house this week with so many power apps around. I wish it was Rockstar, JC or Sam though!


can’t the other side of the house at least look at who tyler’s hanging out with and figure it out? they are so dumb.

another name

They think Tyler is just floating, and will always do what the hoh wants no matter who the hoh is.


He does a great job of hanging out with everyone and making up excuses as to why he’s doing it. It’s what’s made him so dangerous

Fezzy's Nose Goop

If Brett weren’t gay, I think Angela would be ready to bone him right now.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

I go back to season 2. Does anyone else miss the old days when the rules were understood before the game? It was all about having a coherent strategy and those people with a plan moved forward. Now BB constantly throws in magic unearned powers to protect their favorites. The person who plans ahead has their game blown up by production. And BB pushes along weak players who they like and give them ratings. Yet the game is actually better without all the manipulation. I can only imagine at the behind the scenes coaching sessions that goes on. And how they tell people who to work with. Maybe the reason the Hive is so oblivious to Tyler is that BB tells Bay to work with him. I can already guess the final 3 are Tyler, Brett, and Bay.

Just me

Aren’t they doing the hacker competition today in addition to the nominations? Or, maybe baileigh’s power app was used and that’s what’s causing the delay? Noms were supposed to be at 10…


If they had announced ALL of the twist to us at the beginning of the season, then I wouldn’t be so suspicious that this power app was a way to save productions favorite.

BTW, did you notice Bayleigh’s parents house… Omg if I was to take all of the money my family has ever earned I doubt I could pay the taxes on that house…


Wonder what Rockstar will say about Bayleigh when she see’s Bayleigh comes from money.


I read articles about these segments on various shows and in many cases they rent houses for them. MTV Cribs was always renting places, cars and everything for the person to show off for some reason.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

Did the hive on these feeds ever sit down together with pen and paper and do the maths on how the vote went???? Cmon guys this is simple stuff. Start with the idea of your own members “flipping”. Why would anyone flip this early while you are taking down the other team one by one? Why in the world would RockPop want to save Brett? Why would anyone flip on an alliance that could help them coast for weeks? Isn’t it more obvious that the other side teamed up with the 2 Free agents (Sam Tyler). This aint brain surgery! And if you were looking for a turncoat, RockSnap would be on the bottom of the list. if you assume your alliance held Hay, Fez, RockChat , scottie. It obvious where the other 5 votes came from. Man, its all layed out in front of you twits!


They can’t write it down, the one time they did try to write stuff down to cheat in the HOH they got caught. Their brains and memory suck. lol

another name

they save the pen and paper for making cheat sheets for mental comps.
or maybe i should say eyeliner and cereal boxes or eyeliner and food wrappers.


Math is hard.


well when you think 30×60 is 1200, yes Math is hard lol

Fezzy's Nose Goop

Typo. The Free Agents are (Sam and JC). sorry for typo! Carry on!

another name

This season i think most of the house is so worried about episode inclusion, and trending and who is going to get on another show…. that they end up exaggerating a lot of their reactions: case in point Angela’s Rachel hate. It doesn’t make sense, so it’s obviously exaggerated for effect.
Angela has until now been pushing Brett to make big statements, egging him on to go for the jugular in speeches. Now she’s getting in on the act.
I’m not a fan of the Hacker comp idea. It’s an obvious ploy to even the playing field for the strategically challenged. I get the expect the unexpected argument and counter it with the contract stipulation that begins with ‘big brother reserves the right to alter…’
Problem with Angela’s nominations: why would they nominate the two main suspects in the rogue vote conspiracy if one of them is secretly working on the other side? I doubt that the hive will stop long enough to say hey wait a minute… at least until after the next eviction when they are all saying what happened, but they could. By putting up the two main suspects in the vote controversy, Angela actually makes it more likely that JC will be found out.
Gee, the hoh is female and not in her alliance, guess it’s time for Haleigh to pull her meat shield Fes back in close until after veto at which point she can say he’s smothering her. If the hoh was male she’d already have moved into hoh. Hey, it’s her strategy and her pattern, i’m just observing.
I’m still wide eyed and spitting popcorn about Bayleigh’s hohitis extending past it’s expiration date.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

Keep in my mind that they are coached in the Diary Room. At other points production will make “suggestions” as to what is going on in the game. At times the players are purposely fed bad info to get them to do something. Players have to be aware of production as part of their game.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

Yes. The Hive is just not thinking this thru. On one hand L4 are convincing the Hive (or the hive is convincing themselves) that RockShot is the turncoat/flipper. But the team she is flipping to L4 then puts her up as a nominee??? Huh??? And she wants to save Brett??? Huh??? The guy she hates??? Huh??? The guy Bay says is a consumate salesman??? Huh??? So the Hive thinks its more likely RockBot flipped, than the 2 floaters (JC and Sam) simply worked with the other side?


I’m telling yall level 6 or 4 whatever you wanna call them are so rude and mean. This is why I want the other side to win the hacker comp.

another name

If the Hive knew for a fact that level 6 existed, do you seriously think they wouldn’t be just as rude and mean?
let’s get serious. Rock goes off on her class warfare tangent every chance she gets. Bayleigh is curt to downright rude every time the wind changes directions. Fes has a tendency toward chauvinist language and reaction…
Oh yeah. i’m sure butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths if they could actually do bbmath.


Are you watching the same show I am watching. Did you hear what Angela said that was straight out cruel and heartless. Anyone with manner at home can see that. The hive Is frustrated because they trust people way too much like Tyler and jc so being in that house for A LONG TIME there Will be times they are angry but not straight up mean like they are. (Kaycee and Sam are alright for now they just are following orders to still be in the game.)

Finally A Good Season

OMG ty so much for writing all of that,Simon. I laughed so much!!


Wait, does JC really claim he was on the block because Sam ‘almost’ put him up? I never heard that when I watched the feeds..LOL. So would that mean he was on the block twice because Bay told him she was gonna put him on the block as a pawn and had to run to fessie boy to get her not to do it. I would love to see if he did make it to F2 if he would claim that as an extra time he was on the block..LOL. They all seem to suffer HOH’itis. Angela really has become a mean girl since winning HOH. I would have thought after her good-bye message to Rachel she would have stopped but nope, she is still going on about her and spreading the comments around. Sad really that she has become a mean girl right up there with Bay and rocky. Also, I am sure she will regret all the things she is saying about Rachel when she watches the show and sees that Rachel actually told her the truth, Bay did say it to her, exactly the way she told Angela. It’s not exactly what Tyler said though, he said Angela would go up right and Bay just said ‘yeah probably’. The part of he said he would only use the veto if Angela went up Bay added. It’s funny because I could see the “mean girl” stereo type in Sam from her introduction video, that side has peeked out a couple of times in comments Sam has made but really hasn’t been anything all that bad. So far Sam has held herself together better than the other girls and that’s not saying much. LOL. I am still not rooting for Sam, I personally find her boring, she is doing nothing except house work, I want to see her play the game. Just recently saw her ‘house meeting’ feed and OMG she couldn’t really think that people would have thrown the hacker app to her…could she?? seriously? No one in their right minds who is on the block would ever agree to that. The things she was saying just left me SMH..LOL