Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Results ” I hope you guys enjoy watching me suffer for no reason”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Angela used the power of Veto on Tyler. Angela nominated Bayleigh in his place.

Rocks all messed up..

10:14am Kaycee and Brett
Brett wonders why they are making them do the veto ceremony so early today
Brett mentions hwo there are no have nots
KAycee says it’s because of punishments from the veto.
Kaycee brings up the “cloud” that came up “it probably has something to do with the veto ceremony”
BRett – right.. I think JC has it
Kaycee – I think he does
Brett – do yo think he used it thinking he would .. I mean we just don’t know nothing happened.
Brett – was it the veto or the noms the day it popped up
KAycee – I don’t know it’s all a blur.. what day is it
Brett – Day 48 August 6
Brett – I was just bullshitting with Scottie.. Scottie can yo imagine the most rogue move ever leave Tyler up pull ROCKSTAR off,. put you on
They laugh..

Kaycee – she’s going to be pissed..
Brett – one of 2 things is going to to happen she’ll wither freak the f* out or she’ll shut down.. She’s smart girl.. she’s Actually a really smart girl . Every time I think she is going to freak out she doesn’t
Kaycee says Bayleigh has told her that she always bites her tongue because she doesn’t want to be seen as a target. Maybe if she knows the votes aren’t going her way she’s go out guns blazing.
KAycee – I told Angela I have her back 100% if she starts yelling don’t yell .. DOn’t let her do that stand up for yourself..
They aren’t sure how Angela will take Bayleigh yelling at her all day. Brett says he can handle it.
Kaycee is gong to be pissed off if Bayleigh starts yelling at Angela/
KAycee – you are going to die hearing her speech it’s epic…

Kayce – she’s going to campaign to me hardcore what do I say
Brett – just say you’ll vote for her to stay..
kaycee – but for Jury.. me and Bayleigh are like REALLY close I don’t want to fu* it ip

11:00am Brett’s made Breakfast for everyone..
Check out Sam’s tattoo..

Feeds come back. Angela used the power of veto on Tyler .. Angela placed Bayleigh on the block as the replacement.

Bayleigh rings the HOH bell..
Angela – I don’t want to talk right now

Bayleigh – OK ..

12:16pm Bayleigh and Hayleigh

Bayleigh – this is what I get for sticking my next out for Rockstar.. I literally got one question right..

Hayleigh – doesn’t make sense for you to be the hacker you’ve been trying to work with them all week

Bayleigh – for Tyler to be so rude and Cocky. I protected him it makes no sense that he’s treating me like trash.. Tyler is going to feel like a idiot when he watches this

Bayleigh – for her to make a speech like I’m hijacking her HOH that’s a joke..
Bayleigh – I don’t want to stay with you crazy a$$ white people.. I’m done..

Bay – this whole entire time I’ve been fighting for people I this game.

BAy – I don’t know what to do
H – Don’t give up .. did she give you any hints that’s what she was thinking..
H – I think she was going to say Scottie..
B – She paused like she was going to say Scottie
Bayleigh thinks Kaycee knew the entire time..

12:31pm Scottie and Bayleigh Later joined by Haleigh and The rocks
B – did you know that was the plan
SCottie — why the f* would I know that
B – I don’t know scottie i’m just confused.. You and Tyler have had one on ones
Bayleigh accuses Scottie of having planned this with Tyler to make her look dumb
Bayleigh says Tyler went off on her and made it look like she’s the hacker this whole time..
Bayleigh – I hope you guys enjoy watching me suffer for no reason

Bay – I’m just confused..
Bay the hacker is going to cancel Tyler’s vote.. Make me look even worse

Angela – I trust Bayleigh I don’t think she’s the hacker..
Haleigh – me too

12:49pm KAycee crying..
Bayleigh comes in they cry and hug..
Bayleigh says she purposefully didn’t use her power this week because Angela told her she wanted some power..
Bayleig – I look dumb as hell..

Bayleigh says Angela just told her during her speech “get over your power trip honey”

1:31pm Tyler and Kaycee
Kaycee thinks that Bayleigh is the hacker.

They agree they got each other and the 3 of them (Angela) are 1000 percent.
Kaycee asks who the next target

Tyler says put up Rockstar and haleigh to backdoor fes
Kaycee – same
Kaycee – this is the big move.. Angela made a Big move.. cut the head of the snake..

Tyler- Scottie won’t want to win an HOH.. he feels like he’s good with that other side and he’s good with us..
Kaycee – hopefully .

Kaycee leaves.. Tyler has a conversation with Rocks in the geometry room. He tells her she’s got his vote.

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the racist and bad attitude BayLEIGH should be shunned . i sure hope she gets boo’d for her racist comment and the rest of the house calls her a racist ; if the find out she said that . yes any race can be racist people


I agree! I would love to see her boo’d Thursday night! ????

Tired of racism

Don’t hate, appreciate. She ain’t done yet folks. Can’t believe the racist comments about this sweet girl.

Elizabeth "Cherokee" Warren

Bayleigh – I don’t want to stay with you crazy a$$ white people.. I’m done..

Does that sound like a sweet girl?


Why not just say I don’t want to stay with you crazy ass people. What was the purpose of adding the the qualifier “White”.


Look up the term racist and what little Baybay said was undeniably racist. America is really getting tired of the hypocrisy that we non “minorities” endure every damn day. Way to keep it alive in the house Baybay, at least until Thursday. At least Rocky has settled down with her racist and bigoted remarks about that privileged whitey silver spoon up his butt Brett….She thought it played well in the house and with America, but it just doesn’t.


Wait until she sees Baleigh’s house. Damn!


Hi Mrs. Denton!


What is your definition of sweet?


I don’t think she should be shunned, but I do think she should be confronted about her racist comments. Do you really think she’s sweet, Tor, or are you being sarcastic?


What racist comments did she make. Above all I saw was “crazy a$$ white people”, is saying the word white considered racist?


No, there’s definitely nothing wrong with saying white or black. I also would not be offended if someone is kidding around, for example, my husband and his three friends posed for a picture once, the two black guys ended up on either end and the two white guys ended up in the middle. One of the black guys said, “Look, we’re a double-stuffed oreo”, which we all thought was hilarious or even if someone jokes that white people have no rhythm or something, it’s just a joke. No one should be over sensitive, but if you’re insulting someone, it’s better to stick to the facts, i.e. crazy people, and leave out color, physical features (i. fat, short, etc.),. All that does is divide us.


I heard her on the live feeds a few days ago telling Rock star that she hated white people. WTH


No she did not. She was saying Rock star talked like she didn’t like her race. If your going to put something up here get it right!


Exact Quote:
Bayleigh: “You’re the only white person I know that hates white people.”
(Rockstar laughs)
Bayleigh: “Yes, you do.”
Bayleigh: “…normal white people. You don’t like them [any] more than I do.”


If Bayleighs racist so is Angela , Rachel, Rockstar And JC , so lets Forget all this race crap . She deserved to get backdoored for her crappy game moves and entitled personality. She was spoon fed her whole life so you can tell where her Prissy attidude comes from. Next week Hope Tyler the liar and Kaycee get put on the block.

Bayleigh is RACIST

did your mommy drop you on your head as a child?


Was your mommy Roseanne ? Loooool

Bayleigh is RACIST

was your daddy Van Jones from CNN?


How has anyone outside of Beyleigh been racist? Spoiler alert, they haven’t.


As if Angela has not made racist comments. Come on. Can’t defend anyone in this case.


That comment wasn’t racist, The people are “crazy” & they’re “white” that’s the truth, not racist.


But if someone said she is a crazy a** black girl, she would go nuts! She could have just said these crazy a** people if she isn’t racist!


let’s flip that conversation if a white houseguest said that about black people they wouldn’t have a job after this show and TMZ would have a lead story


Yes, you are right. my point exactly.


These are run around arguments, theres historical facts that backup why that would be an issue. You guys aren’t ignorant , you are turning this into a black lives matter vs all lives matter debate. Historically speaking Black ppl have been told and made to feel that their colour is an issue, Whites have not had that problem. I don’t think anyone has a problem with you referring to them by the colour of their skin but when one race has consistently told everyone else “your colour makes u less than me”, it just means that theres more scrutiny involved. Not fair? Well historically, life hasn’t been fair.

If someone called me a crazy ass black female, the fact is i am black and i am female. Doesn’t necessarily mean the person making the statement is racist.
Its not that deep, chill out.

daniel james

Agreed… everyone needs to chill…

Baby bird

Sorry, but the fact that she’s grouping people by the color of someone’s skin is racist.


Ummmm….I’m sorry but who started that whole thing…you know grouping people by the color of their skin?

team fair

Right!!!! Let’s not get historical or else this is going to be a long conversation that won’t end well


If someone used that EXACT same statement but changed the word “white” to “black”….RACIST.

Bayleigh is RACIST

The New York Times hired an asian named Sarah Jeong who has a history of racist tweets against white people and twitter doesnt care.

Candice Owens a black conservative, posted the same tweet but changed the word “white” with the word “jew” and twitter banned her immediately.


I saw that. That’s why I delet d Twitter months ago…

3s a Crowd

& for that we thank you


Candace Owens lol! If the year was 1857 she would be helping her slave masters catch other slaves… Candace Owens that’s funny!

Bayleigh is RACIST

? LOL , the slave owners were democrats, you moron

James Arendsen

Your tyhe fool, the democrats were conservitive at that time IDIOT!!

Bayleigh is RACIST

But she also said she hates normal white peole,…lol try to spin that you moron


Replace the word “white” with “black”….point served.


Yes it is racist. If she was a white woman and said she hated blacks the African american/Canadians would be all over her. But because she is African American it is OK to say things about white people and not get the same comments said about her? Come on people. Give your head a shake. What isn’t good for one race isn’t good for another


I agree 100%! Why are black people allowed to use the n word but the second a white person says it it’s racist? If they are so offended by the word then why do they use it?


Because those are the rules since blacks had to endure slavery for hundreds of years and same way it’s an issue saying “jew” after the halocaust. And because of white peoples history of being racist is the reason why Bayleigh’s statement if reversed would be seen as racist.


It isn’t racist to use the word Jew to describe Jewish people.

Racism goes both ways. Bailey’s comment about crazy white people wasn’t a huge deal, but saying she hates normal white people is definitely racist.


And who made these rules?


Jewish people refer to their people as Jews all the time. I’m sure you could turn it into a slur, just as you could “black” or “white”, but it’s commonly used without any hard feelings.

Saying you hate a whole group of people based on their skin color is racist.


Because your ancestors used that world to devalue the lives of ppl. If all of you think that Black ppl get away with a lot, then the solution is simple: Ask every white person if they would like to be kidnapped, enslaved, sold off, separated from their children, be treated worse than dogs, hunted for sport, raped, killed and violated in every way possible, be told that God put you under the power of one race of ppl because they are more superior, and be called a litany of derogatory words, for over 300yrs.
When you have experienced that, feel free to ask that question again.
Have you ever done any research about the history of the word?
YOU KNOW exactly why you don’t get to use the world. Don’t feign stupidity, unless you actually are. If you truly believed it was ok to say it, you’d be saying it everyday out-loud.

If you find Bayleighs words hurtful and offensive, thats within your right. She was wrong, but the fact that this is what most of you jump on in order to make you feel better about yourself or morally superior, only serves to re-enforce the fact that some White people choose to be belligerently ignorant.

If not being allowed you use the N word is huge problem in your life, try engaging in dialogue with the very people you seem upset with.

I don’t go about my day calling my white friends/people racist, some of my friends are ignorant about certain things but have conversations. i also don’t go about screaming the N word, but if i wanted to, its my f***king birthright.


They were kidnapped and sold by Muslims and their own people,White children from Ireland and England were sold into slavery by their own people long before blacks were brought here, the difference was they were children, and they were called indentured servants, not slaves, different names same meaning..


Thank you for arguing semantics.
“well your own ppl were selling you off long before The Whites came and did it, so i don’t see what the difference is or why you guys are complaining”.

I guess that justifies everything else.

I’ll reference what i said previously, if you can willingly undergo the same treatment Blacks have experienced for over 300yrs, then you can have a seat at the table.
Every time someone recommends, i have never heard one White person say yes. Why is that?


I was going to say the same thing, slavery was a world-wide occurrence. A Catholic pope was the first one to outlaw slavery (as South America was discovered, he forbid them to take any of the indigenous people as slaves, as normally occurred at that time).

I think what bothers many white people is feeling like we are being blamed for what our ancestors did, or other people who are white who are not our ancestors (and also may have persecuted our ancestors) have done. We are all living in America now (well most of us on here are living in America or Canada). Slavery was a terrible thing, and we are thankful that society woke up to this fact, and we revere people like Dr. King who encouraged all of us to judge each other by the content of our character and not the color of our skin.

Most people in our society want equality for everyone. We want to judge people by their character, not how they look. That takes all of us laying aside our prejudices, all of us letting go of past injustices to our ancestors (black or white) and not treating any group as privileged. We are all brothers and sisters under God. None of us have a right to treat another person like they’re less than because of our appearance. God bless all of us.

Daniel J

Hunny, it’s not your “birthright”… its no one’s right anymore… stop living in your past and look to the future.


So if Angela said I don’t want to be here with you crazy ass black people that would be ok? You know the world would be damn well screaming about it!


So saying black men are predators, is cool?


I am in no way defending Bayleigh. I want her evicted. I don’t like the way she talks to people. I am wondering however, why no one is outraged by the racist comments both Angela and Rachel made. While outside sunbathing, Angela said if she gets any darker, she would look ghetto (like Bay). Rachel said she did not want to change ethnicities. I can’t stand either one of them nor their ignorant comments.


One of them said they were getting as dark as Bayleigh and the other said their tan was ghetto…


That doesn’t sound racist imo.

Team Tyler

That’s because it’s not.


Calling a tan “ghetto” isn’t racist? What is a ghetto tan? Can you walk into a tanning salon and choose ghetto as a option. People should really stop trying to be naive. If someone says you look “trailer park-ish” you know exactly what they mean same as someone saying ghetto u know what they are saying.

Haleigh's Melanoma

That was a meme TMZ tried to push that didn’t go anywhere. That ‘outrage’ lasted about a day and never gained any traction because it was so weak. TMZ does this every year with BB where they just wait for some disgruntled “fan” to get offended and call them up.


I think that it would be fair to say that the intensity of people’s outrage seems to correlate with the intensity and severity of the infraction.


People were outraged, and then they got over it…just like they will get over this. And Angela and Rachel aren’t exactly in the running for AFP.


Saying that Bayleigh’s skin is dark is not an insult. Her skin is darker than theirs. Calling people “crazy ass white people” is an insult.


Yes it is, and that makes her a racist, the black people seem to get away with way too much these days, and God for bid if a white person says anything out of the way. I’m so sick of black people, they get paid to go to school, Indigenous people have no tax on anything, Immigrants come into the country and take our jobs, and what do the white people get, wealth fare, and homelessness . Thank you for the rant


Jeannie, you sound like the biggest racist of them all. I wish I knew who you are so I could report you to your boss.


Don’t be a RAT……lol


Jeannie, you and Beyleigh are two of a kind l tbh


If Ang in fact said “I don’t want to look ghetto LIKE BAY,” yes, that’s racist. The other comment is not. It’s not racist to be proud of what you are. Just as it’s not racist for african americans to be proud of their race, it’s not racist for anglos to be proud of theirs. Period. Take a deep breath and let’s get away from all the racism accusations.


Well that was a dumb comment……..


So how is not wanting to change ethnicities, racist?, when she said she would look Ghetto, did she include Bays name in it, if so , yea prob. racist.


idk why you got down votes. Im black and and agree with you one hundred. racism is racism…even when it’s against white people!!!!! I get so angry that people think things like what bayleigh said is ok…but if it were a white person telling her, “im tired of yall crazy blk ppl” we all know what would happen. its just so messed up.


Exactly – she said a racist comment about Fessy going to Pakistan…..if somebody said that she should go to Africa, she would have a fit.


You’re ignoring the entire context of why she made that statement, but ok.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Bayliegh told JC context doesn’t matter.


Sometimes im puzzled about the amount of racism all those house guesst spit on national TV.
Sounds like angelo and rachelo are not the only racist from the BBH. Pretty sad!

Trump Pimp Slapped Hillary! Bill Approved Maga2020

I find many young millenial liberals to be closet racists. BB needs to have a more age diverse cast.


can you tell me again when mexico is building the wall LOL

Blacks for Trump #maga

Its already being built.

Someone Needs a Safe Space

Isn’t there a wall around Hillary’s server?

This season has it all!


I think she will walk out before Thursday..


i hope so.

Judge Jury Executioner

What Bayleigh said was definitely racist! If Tyler or Angela had said that about black people then all hell would break loose. Bayleigh got got and now it’s her time to go. Best blindside this season so far besides Swaggy. I’ve waited too many seasons to see good game play like this. It’s about damn time people decided to make moves instead of playing for others to win!


Agree 100%!!!! It’s by far the best season in years! Love it


Yeah this “ I’m voting with the house” BS of the last few seasons was getting irritating!


If a white houseguest had made that statement about black people or hispanics, it would be all over the news by now and there would be rioting in the streets.


Bayleigh – I don’t want to stay with you crazy a$$ white people.. I’m done

Is anybody trying to talk her out of quitting? If so, they ARE insane. LOL
That said, I’d love to see Bayleigh and Swaggy on Amazing Race. They can travel the world together while she introduces him to a level of crazy he has not seen in his wildest nightmare. LOL. People say these two are a good match. Swaggy will know a level of emotional pain that he never suspected existed if he sticks with this girl.


I really would like to see them on the Amazing Race. I think Bayleigh has said some mean things and some racist things. I don’t know if she’s really a racist. I liked her a lot at different times during the season, but she definitely showed she has a mean streak. I don’t like that, no matter which race or nationality someone is. It’s our character that defines us, who cares what color we are (rhetorically, not aimed at you, g1)?

Bye Bayleigh

He isn’t much better himself if you ask me, He created a persona to play the game because he has a mentality that he is better than everyone.

He painted a target on his back after week 1 and went out week 2. So they can both be Big Brother Failures together. I think they are perfect for each other perfect trash who can’t win Big Brother

No name

Ummm so is Rachel & Angela…my how quickly week 2’s antics were about tanning.


you can’t be racist towards white people you can only be prejudiced against them. racism invokes systemic discrimination that white people never face.


No? Affimitive Action is discriminating to white folks


Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed at someone of a different race, based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

BB Fanatic

You d…. are an idiot! Racism can be against anyone…you must be black to think such nonsense!


“you must be black to think such nonsense” — what does that comment in itself imply?

Just stef

I get it. I see what she said but we need to relax with zero tolerance in life. It’s just a stupid off the cuff comment. I’m not offended. They are crazy and they are white. It’s no big deal. And yes what if it was the other way and stuff. It’s no big deal. Let’s all chill a bit.


What went through my head when I read that was, I wonder if anyone here will make a comment about that, like they did about Angela and Rachel? whoever it was. Racism does come in all colours but when its a person of colour saying it, it doesn’t seem as serious to many people. My parents always taught me that racist comments would never come out of your mouth if you truly didn’t already feel that way. My family has every colour in it, I don’t think in concepts of making comments about people due to the colour of their skin. There has sadly been a racist comment or two in many seasons.


Bayleigh blaming RockStar. SMH


What did she do for RS? I’m lost on that one. Bay sounds delusional.


Yeah, she’s clueless. I stopped liking Bayleigh the second she started treating her alliance like crap. She gets what she deserves.

Bay's Dilemma

Can’t even own it!

Poor baby

If Bayleigh is pregnant this will be the first double eviction of the season.

Sweet baby bird


Bayleigh's Babe

I just spit out my water!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

Crazy T

Total Lol. Good one


Wait, does the fetus get a vote? Is it like the twin twist?! Is the fetus eligible for a stipend too?


the fetus is on the block and getting back doored just like Honey Queen Bea Mom and Swaggy C Daddy!




Now that was funny……..


My dear sweet Simon, don’t you mean Angela used the POV not Tyler?


Aren’t they the same person? Angela, Sam, Kaycee…are all just Tyler bots


At least they are not Bayleigh Bots


How do we get voted down just because of a typo? LOL Sorry if I shouldn’t have seen that Simon and sorry you got a vote down for thank you haha


Simon I think the race card is getting out of control again. I’m scared.


OMG Simon wth has happened with these boards today and yesterday lol


Did Bay really say “crazy ass white people”?!?!

Sweet baby bird

She really did!


Right…she could have just said crazy ass people but no she has to throw race into it.

Bayleigh is RACIST

yes, she also said a few days ago, that she hates normal white people


And Haleigh was sitting right next to her when she said it. You think that after she called Rocks unique ( code for bat sh*t weird) and saying that she hated white people that her little hive would be buzzing their butts someplace else.


One would think but then again they stuck around after she talked to them like sh!t when she was HOH. They held on tight after they found out she had a power, which she disclosed to someone from the other side. It sure makes it hard to feel sorry for them.


She’s the crazy one, straight up delusional. She made the stupidest mistake of the season telling Rachel about her power, then to top it off her attitude totally sucks. The HIVE should stay away from her, she’s horrible to each and every one of them. Haleigh was so smart not to tell anyone about being the hacker, she’s smart enough not to even trust her alliance unlike Bay who told the opposite side about her own power. SMH, Bayleigh this is all your fault, have fun in the jury house!

Marcie Morrow

If she did why is it no one is losing their mind


Yes she did! she’s a Rascist, I’m Shocked, Not!

Tom A

Of course she did. If society has taught me anything, white people are the “problem”. She doesn’t want to look in the mirror, and face that maybe she has been the “crazy ass” person in the house this entire time. Instead, she exudes what society taught her in that she isn’t the problem, it’s the “crazy ass white peoples” fault. Everything in today’s society is all about race, and it seems groups that cry wolf on race related issues simply flip the script, and create the racism with no fear on being called out. Exhibit A right here. I’m sorry if this is a somewhat controversial comment, I just don’t do double standards.


You’ve said a lot. If Bayleigh indeed made that comment then that is a racist comment and needs no justification; however, “everything in today’s society is all about race” is no more true/false than it always has been; not just in today’s society.


Yahasss Queen !


Yep!!! Has said that several times and Rockstar also has said she hates white people and privileged white boys.


Maybe she meant to say the crazy ass “hive” people because they ARE crazy for putting up with her BS and also dumb as a box of rocks. No pun intended.


Angela is the one who used the POV on Tyler, he didn’t use it on himself


I’d love to see Bay self evict. I was expecting more of a blow up from her. Oh well, it’s still early.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she did. If she does that, she shouldn’t be allowed to go to the jury house and have a vote.


Walking out means she forfeits the stipend and any thing the producers were going to throw her way after this ends at least for a bit.

JC is Pervy

This is fantastic! I love karma. Keep the updates coming please.

LA in LA

Bayleigh is so racist… I’m so glad she’s getting the boot.

Bite-Sized Baby Bunch

Is it racist that I don’t have any sympathy for Bayleigh?


Oh dear Queen dont blame to other but to yourself LOl
You got the biggest advantage of bb History and you decided to trust rachel with your secret and of course rachel trust snake angelo LOL
wait why in the word pinky little sad bird used his power? LOL Didn’t he trust snake angelo to get him out of the block? Oh dear lord………….
My predictions anyone would win except pinky little sad bird LOl he’s making the same mistakes as Paul LOL

Baby Bay

I have no idea what you just said……..


This aint the first time




If you’re talking about Tyler, he did NOT use his power yet. He won the VETO….big difference. AND there is NO comparison between Tyler and Paul except that both are thinking….Paul was a bully….Tyler is just outsmarting people.


Tyler didn’t win the VETO this week; it was Angela and she used it to remove Tyler from the block. But, everything else you said I agree with 100%.


“Crazy ass white people” wow… who’s racist now?
Her attitude and behavior is deplorable. She speaks to people like they are beneath her, yet when Brett called her honey, she reacted like he just called her something horrible. Yes, it might have been demeaning and misogynistic, but it wasn’t a racist slur!
She’s the worst ?


After reading that Bayleigh said that in Angela’s speech Angela said “Get over your power trip honey” I can’t help but laugh. Angela is pretty savage for saying that knowing Baileigh got upset with Brett for saying honey. I can’t wait to see this veto speech, I don’t know how Kaycee, Brett and Tyler kept a straight face, I would’ve been laughing so hard.


Everyone in the south call people honey. No
one is using it in a demeaning term. I call everyone honey. It that’s southern way of life


I have been called honey, sweetie and variations since I was knee high to a June bug. Women older, younger and the same age as me. It’s like aloha in that the meaning is in how it’s said and used.


Actually, in the South, it can be used two different ways. Honey is a term of endearment – or honey is being sarcastic. Kind of like “Bless her little heart”. (usually an insult)

Haleigh's Melanoma

Brett actually confessed to Angela that he didn’t know why he said the word ‘honey’ because he’s never called anyone honey, ever. Not friends, girlfriends, anybody, it just popped out of his mouth.

Sweet baby bird

Yesterday: Bayleigh notes how Scottie got $5K, a trip to Greece, and was saved this week. Faysal says those are good points and she should mention that to Angela. Bayleigh tells Faysal don’t tell her what to say because she gives him ideas, not the other way around, and she’s good at this.

I read that she said yesterday that she hates white people, and now she doesn’t want to be around “crazy ass white people”.

Racist, wretched bitch. Good riddance!


is it amazing how queen B went from favorite to the least favorite LOl
still I believe angelo is the most hated of the house or anyone who spits racism and hate.

JC is Pervy

Check the grid. Never was Bay anywhere near favorite. She has always been in the bottom

Penelope Taynt

I could never understand why but Bay did win the public vote for a power app.

Someone Needs a Safe Space

More fake news impeach? B was never a favorite.

Tyler & Sam have been the favorites all season.


She’s was never my favorite. I disliked her from her first vignette talking about how she treats her customers. And from her first overacting in the dr. I actually liked Swaggy until he paired up to with her. She started telling him how to act . He was the first person she got snippy with. She ruined his game and now ruined her own.

White People

Just couldn’t wait. After 20 years of racist white people, you are so happy now that one black person made a racist comment. If I was in the BBH I probably would feel the same was. Well at least she was not evicted the third week like black people in the BBH usually are.

team fair

Thank you! Just waiting to jump on the gravy train…black ppl have been discriminated against since the beginning of time and had racist slurred swung at them for years, their very existence is a threat….but i digress…most white ppl will remain quiet in instances of racism and only speak up when they can use one little slip to justify jumping down a person of colours throat…especially if they can throw around reverse racism…smh


So fair


What is reverse racism? No such thing. Racism is racism.

Baby bird

Seriously, StFu. Your comment is ignorant.


You tell em wounded bird

Scottie will be Tyler's downfall

On behalf of all white people, we would like to donate rockstar and fes. You know, so you can have 2 more black people to pull for……. Bruh, you interesting


Oh pleeeaaasseee


Karma’s a b#@ch, Bay! So it’s all Rockstar’s fault, huh. Ha! UMMMM..OWN IT! Keep packing…soon you’ll be away from “those crazy azz white people”. (Only to meet up with them in jury again. Can you imagine being in jury with Bay for the next weeks??? Yikes! )

And Hay sitting there commiserating about Bay being called the hacker. Great job with your hacker power Hay. (snark) Wonder what Bay would say to you if she knew you were the hacker???

KC working that jury vote…boo hoo, sniff, sniff. While Angela hides out in the HOH room. Hey, I would too! Bay is a vicious person. I’ll be glad to see the back of her.

Best season ever!!!

Bayleighs Mood Swings

What happened to that poor wounded baby bird talk? Lol. Karma is a b*tch.


i bet Haleigh is feeling guilty, she sacrificed Bay to save Scottie and a chance to get Tyler out, bad move!


She should do the opposite of what the brain tells her because its always wrong lol


Bayleigh sacrificed herself. Had she used the power — and in combination with Haleigh’s hacker app — they could have reduced Tyler’s numbers by one. Two on that side on the block, one comes down with the veto, but a potential 4-3 vote to evict a Level 4 or JC or Sam. But he didn’t pull the trigger — and she’s toast.


It wasn’t a bad idea really. If they had controlled the veto, Tyler would most like be the one walking out the door. However, like most things from FOUTTE it blew up in their face.


they needed tyler next to sam, jc, or someone from L6 to potentially send him home. bay blew it not using her power.


It’s foutte/hive…we should have known this would happen. Oh to be in the house and see fuzzball confused and questioning everything lol


while i think hay made a mistake putting kaycee in the veto. it didn’t matter who she pulled down and tyler was absolutely the correct replacement. angela winning veto makes everything moot anyway. bay on the other hand made a huge mistake not using her app (though again had angela won veto, it wouldn’t have mattered).


Bayleigh got what she deserved! I can’t wait for Thursday!!!

Smitten By Haleigh

OMG!!! BayLeigh has to be hands down the worst player in BB history. She went from being a dictator with all the power to just a powerless dick. What a ruthless season. The Hive should disband asap. I can’t wait to see as it narrows down how JC and Sam get eliminated. #TeamHaleigh


I couldn’t agree more LOL I ‘m reading other blogs and everyone wants Queen B out LOL
I would say worst player ever!


a Powerless Dick…..Well said.


there are worse players. she’s in the conversation for top ten though.

another name

as haleigh crawls into bed next to bayleigh to give her comfort and support… while rockstar is two beds away, think rockstar is getting the hint?
the whole blame scottie for being the hacker, by either nominee is stupid. they’re on the block. not him. campaign against a voter? that’s… oh wait. hive logic.
we all know bayleigh hasn’t loudly responded yet, a half hour after the ceremony. we all know she will either go weepy everyone is against me route for sympathy, or she will go anger route. it’s coming.

JC is Pervy

Did Angela really call her “honey”? OMG. This is great. Hey Swagger, how u feel bout this. You deserve each other…..


Brett did.


I think that they both did. Angela did to make fun of her freaking out on Brett.


Not a fan of Rocky but hopefully she will regain some self-confidence once Bay is gone.


Love Rock style. I would vote for her to win favorite guest money! She is the least annoying from the house.


This is the first season in ages, I’m not recommending the first person evicted as America’s Favorite Player. Although there is no way I’d advocate Angie as the winner of AFP.


ugg I just threw up in my mouth


I’ve actually enjoyed seeing RS interact with everyone this week. I feel so bad for her, she’s been 100% down for Bay and the HIVE and Bayleigh treats her like garbage. I hope she’s able to break out and have fun once Bayleigh is gone. I don’t see her lasting much longer though, unless Tyler decides to carry her to the end to secure a win.


yeah, i’m hopeful rs and bay stop talking to each other as they should be campaigning against each other.

JC is Pervy

Hey Bay, you stink as a human being. Is that clear enough?

Tom A

Not too much of an outburst has happened yet. Hopefully things pop off within the next couple of days


Lol, I love watching karma manifest itself!


I can not wait to watch the veto ceremony Wednesday! I’m sure all the reactions will be priceless!


I didn’t catch that Angela called Bay “Honey”. Angela is a mean girl! Love it! LOL


Angela didn’t call her “honey”, it was Brett.

JC is Pervy

Brett called her honey before and she blew up on him for it. Angela called her honey during her speech today when she put her on the block. It was priceless!


Yes she did. In the veto meeting.


That’s what she gets, she should’ve used her power to save both Scottie & Rockstar. Now she gets evicted with a power she could’ve used to turn the house upside down by placing another 2 Level Whatever members up. This hacker thing benefited Level more than anybody else. ????


She had to use her power before the nominations were made though. She thought Angela was going after at least one person outside her alliance.

Busta Fooligan

Dear Queen Bay,
The feeling is mutual.
Crazy A$$ White People

To Bay, all white people are prejudice toward her

Bayleigh – “I don’t want to stay with you crazy a$$ white people.. I’m done..”
She couldn’t have just said “I don’t want to stay with you crazy a$$ people.. I’m done..”

If I was her employer, I would not let her be employed with my company any longer over the comments she has made on this show.

Evicted from house, fired from her job!

To Bay, all white people are prejudice toward her

I work with the public … if I posted the same type of stuff that she has said on my Facebook as if it was my opinion and my employer was notified, I would be fired. Our company regularly refuses interviews based on what people place on their FB walls. Granted, BB is not FB, but it is a television program that is broadcast on a major network with millions of “friends” to watch (in keeping with the FB analogy). She works in a job where she is interacting with the public. I wouldn’t want somebody that I know has made these racial comments to be serving me anything. We have businesses being sued because they believe a certain way that is offensive to a specific group of people. I think it should work the same way in this case (not sued, but fired). Bay believes and vocalizes her opinion that she hates white people. It may be harsh to some, but you just can’t say whatever you want on a show that focuses so much on … WHAT you say … and walk away from it like everybody is fine with it “because it was just a game”.


Everything you said is true. However, Bayleigh quit her job before BB. I would be very surprised if another airline hires her after this.

Bay's Dilemma

Bay has absolutely no idea how bitchy she has been!
Constantly berating Rockstar, making rude comments about JC and refusing to give him chips, drinking straight from the containers as if no else might want some.
She is vile and I will be happy to see her leave the house, pity the next few people that have to be in the jury house with her and her superiority complex! I just hope the next few joining the jury house will put her in her place, no need to worry about jury votes anymore!


Yes! Bayleigh is whiny and INSUFFERABLE, I have been saying that for weeks. I could never live with someone like her in a house. The constant racism against white people is just the perfect cherry.


According to twitter, this is her. She acts like this daily.

Hi my name is Scott

Soooo, According to Queen B, Tyler is going to be the one who is going to feel like an idiot when he watches the show back…….Wonder what Queen B is gonna feel like when she watches the season back………..Tyler has played the house like a fiddle up to this point.


Just so we’re clear: Bayleigh was sooooooo offended by JC “using” the N-word, then actually used it herself in a derogatory manner, and now wants to get away from all “you crazy ass white people”???


If Bayleigh calls the other house guests “crazy ass white people”, how in earth is she going to get her job back as a stewardess? Imagine her flipping out if a passenger calls her “honey” which is so common in the South.

Hoping against hope

Do you really believe that Bay is a stewardess? If so, you probably believe that Tyler is actually a lifeguard, and that Brett is an internet hacker.
They aren’t. Those are simply characters they came up with to get on the show.


Fes needs to win HOH next week or he’s got a high chance of going home. If he doesn’t win HOH he has to hope that he gets picked to play in the veto and win cause if not it looks like he’ll get backdoored next week.


It’s too soon to say she’s gone, after all anything can happen. I sure hope to see her GO out the door. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Poor dear Skaggy’s hopes must be dashed. He still had an investment in the game as long as she was in the house (whatever of the prize monies he could scam her out of). Wonder if he’ll dump her and the baby when she gets evicted. Hope not.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Guess I the anticipated big blowup was a fizzle……..Bummer………Still will be fun to watch the ceremony and to see what she has to say after being evicted. Bayleigh is in for a big awakening if and when she watches the show back.


I’m just looking forward to seeing her face when Angela says her name, I hope they caught it and lingered. I wouldn’t anticipate the blowup until later but the surprise should be rewarding.

Momma Knows Best

I’m pretty sure if would be difficult for any white woman to be in a house full of black ppl, living 24/7. She was bullied as a child by white kids, so she is entitled to have those feelings coming back during something like this.” Dumbass white ppl” was said out of frustration, as she feels like she has no allies. I know she has been acting very entitled and rude, especially to Rockstar. I think ppl need to give her grace, it’s a game being played under an extreme situation.

Are you Serious!

Hey “Momma Knows Best” she knew what she was signing up for when she applied to play the “game” and there have been past contestants on BB and Survivor that have lost their jobs for saying or just implying certain things, that are not even as bad. She has been acting like a total spoiled rotten child and other things, who has never had to do anything for herself. Hopefully she does not get fired, but I do hope that they put her on probation and she has to take anger management classes so she learns to treat people as she expects to be treated.


She shouldn’t have gone around treating everyone like SH** and telling them to shut up and pointing her finger in your face and demanding you to swear on a bible. She deserves this back door!!

You have got to be kidding!

Uh, No! If I was in a house full of black people, the LAST thing I would do is say something racist out loud! I would have the “right” to think it, but no way would I say it to any one of them plus the whole world!


She is entitled to NOTHING. You need to pull your head out of the 60’s.


Then, can you explain the Pakistan comment directed at Fessy? No, she wouldn’t even try to be reasonable when talking to JC – who is homosexual, latino (not sure exactly what background) and short. You KNOW that JC has been picked on more than a beauty queen – give me a break with her poor, poor, little girl story. She is a poor little rich girl who has been spoiled ROTTEN.


Well, then, why is it that a few weeks back when they were talking about Fessie being a substitute teacher in whatever city he lives in, Bayleigh mentioned how there were tons of Hispanic people living there and “no one can control them” so they need a strong, male teacher. So which is it? Was bullied by white people or Hispanic people for her to have such terrible racist opinions? Or maybe it has nothing to do with being bullied and she is just universally disliked bc she is awful?


Not really. I think it’s less about race and more about socio economics. Bay was raised and grew up very similarly to many of the hg’s


Best line of this update: “for Tyler to be so rude and Cocky. I protected him it makes no sense that he’s treating me like trash.” When I saw that on the live feeds, I realized that Queen Bay has finally surpassed Kaitlyn in lack of self-awareness. Calling others “rude” and “cocky,” the week after she threatened to gut her own alliance member like a fish.

And yes, for those of you who don’t have live feeds, she really did say that she doesn’t want to be there with the “crazy @ss white people.” Wait, Bayleigh, I thought you were so innocent and everyone else was rude, cocky, and racist?


I hate you, Angela, I hate you soooo much!!! You and your little blue-eyed devil both are DIRT TO ME DIRT!!!!! Gone with the wind DIRTY!!!!! You never win when you play dirty ask Paul about that X2!!!!


Da fuh you talking about? Bayleigh is pretty dirty too, she treats her alliance like garbage. She’s an entitled, self-centered, delusional b*tch. She deserves every bit of what she’s getting. Sorry not sorry!!

Bayleigh is RACIST

Swaggy is that you?


#1 Bay is a spoiled opinionated upper middle-class snobby millennial
#2 Bay is not racist she is PREJUDICE
#3 I’m 50 and a black woman and I have worked with young black woman like her. It is so challenging because you want to curse them F$&! out. They have no clue about working a job to eat and pay rent opposed to working a job to buy $1,000 pair of Shoes.
Lastly, Scottie, Tyler, and Brett final three

Blacks for Trump #maga

I dont find her comment to be racist. Racism implies power. I find some black folk and Caucasians to be bigoted not racist. Bigotry is a matter of ignorance. The racism term is thrown about too much. People can be ignorant or bigoted, but not necessarily racists.

The Canadian

I like you, you nailed it to a T ! Bravo!

and I totally understand the type of spoiled opinionated upper middle-class snobby millennial Black girl you are talking about, have them at my job too…. Real pain, I tell you…


Imagine if another houseguest said that crazy black girl. They would be a pinned a racist for life. Smh


double standard smh.

Yo Believo

Really Bayleigh? Crazy ass white people? If somebody that was white in the house said crazy ass black people then there would be a public outrage. Just stop. I don’t know why people have to bring ethnicity into it, there’s absolutely no reason.


Really hope Fes wins , and when he wins he wears the Islamic garments loool. That would definately make everyone in the comment section go apeshit.

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

“Crazy ass white people”. Are you kidding me!!?!? If that was a white person saying crazy ass black people, it would’ve been WW3. Damn, bye Queen Bitch Bay. Hope you don’t loose your job over that comment!! Which Airline does she work for?? I mean WORKED…


Early on, on AD, she said “Southwest”.

Double G

Did anyone else notice that Brett spelled anallice instead of alliance in the hacker comp?! Freaking hilarious!!!?

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

Lol anal lice


His “proud of myself” smile after he did it was awesome.


Did you see his smirk?


Did you all break the internet I tried getting in around 3 and it wouldn’t load lol thanks for the spoilers


Haha, same for me. I kept thinking the veto ceremony must’ve been epic and Simon and Dawg had tons of people clicking their site causing it to crash. This is the best site for BB spoilers, hands down!

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

I got a little nervous. Kept trying and nothing… glad you’re back guys!! Simon and Dawg rock


Did you guys break the internet tried to get in at 3 and page wouldn’t load lol thanks for the spoilers been on your site for about 7 years love it


Awww…. I had to come home from my office to turn on the feeds lol


Don’t be sorry… it’s a good thing your site is on fire:) Lots of Love!!!

Trump Pimp Slapped Hillary! Bill Approved Maga2020

Bayleigh – for Tyler to be so rude and Cocky. I protected him it makes no sense that he’s treating me like trash.. Tyler is going to feel like a idiot when he watches this

I kinda think someone else may feel like an idiot

Trump Pimp Slapped Hillary! Bill is Envious. MAGA

Bayleigh – I don’t want to stay with you crazy a$$ white people.. I’m done..

Don’t wanna go there girlfriend!




Sam is a racist, so is Brett.