“The safer bet is to get rid of Scottie.. Tyler is weak minded and can be persuaded “

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Tyler Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – Bayleigh, Haleigh and FEs … are cutting Scottie loose but instead Bayleigh is going up. Poor sweet wounded bird lamb thrown in the lions den…

11:55pm – Rocks delivers cupcakes to Haleigh and Angela..

midnight – Rocks delivers a cupcakes to Kaycee

12:00am Brett and Hayleigh hug ..
haleigh – I like your smell.. I DOlike that.. (wait )
Brett has just worked out.

12:03am Backyard Fes and Haleigh
Haleigh says she’s talked to Angela and everything is fine as of right now. Haleigh – and as of right now you and I are not going up.
Fes – she sad that
H – yes… FINE don’t believe me..
Fes – come over here
H – no that would look suspicious
Fes – what .. talking to me is suspicious
H – You’re suspicious
Fes – should I talk to her ..
H – no
Fes – who do you think will go up
H – hard to say
H – Fes just trust me
fes – Monday comes nad I’m on teh block
H – you’re not going on the block
Haleigh tells him to put attentions into Angela tomorrow but not an odd amount, “At some point I’m going to tell you to come upstairs and we’ll have a conversation”
H – Basically .. long story short she just needs to feel like she’s protected
Fes – by me
H – by a couple people.. if sh’es going to make a move
Fes – my thing is and I don’t know … if she keeps Scottie Tyler safe.. Why would she take someone else shot for them if me Scottie and Tyler are comp beasts why is she going to take their shot..
H – what if the two comp beats are sitting next to each other .. what happens then
Fes – you think she would pull Rockstar off and Pull Scottie up on the block … get the f* outta here.. that would be the biggest move in big brother history ..
Fes – after you promise them both safety and .. the biggest f*ing move, 20 seasons ever f*ing done (he’s only seen like 4 seasons)

H – I know..


12:16pm HIVE
Haleigh tells baylegih about her conversation with Anglea in the HOH “basically she wanted reassurance about Fes”
Bay – of course

Fes joins them “Should we go talk to her .. That’s the biggest move in Big brother history”
Bay – do you think he should talk to her before she lays down
H – I think it’s too obvious
Fes – I looked her in the eyes and said even-thought we haven’t talked game we are playing the same game straight forward.. ”
Haleigh says Angela is either going to upset 3 people or make 6 very happy… she needs to know that..

Bay tells him he needs to bring up to Angela those people coming for her (I don’rt know what people they are talking about
Fes – I hate throwing people under the bus
Bay – you’ve decided who you are rocking with and it’s not them
Fes – look at these arms though.. (LOL)

12:47pm have nots eat..

12:30am Fes and HAleigh
fes is getting all excited about Angela pulling ROCKS down and putting up Scottie.. thinks it’s the biggest move in the universe.

Fes – She’ll be sitting pretty for 3 or 4 weeks
H – you, me, ROCKS, Bayleigh, KAycee..
Fes – Sam
H – Yeah Sam is definitely not putting her up
H – she says she’s going to cut a deal with Brett and make Brett thinks she’s backdooring him but she’s not so he doesn’t put her up
Fes – why would he put her up I thought they were best buddies
H – they are but she wanted to cut a deal so it’s like it
Fes – writing
H – firm yea..
Fes – like a pinky promise right
H – Yeah

Haleigh says it would be stupid for Angela to not use the veto on rocks because at this point she’s been promise 6 people’s loyalty.
H – ME, you, Bayleigh, ROCKS, SAM, BRETT… that would be6 people
Fes – Kaycee
H – That’s 7 not coming after her and are going to protect her from making the move…
H – JC is the only person left..
Fes/H – JC won’t put her up
H – For her to risk that safety that she is being promised and the loyalty that she is being offered for two people is stupid
Fes says Angela has floated this whole time…
Haleigh coaches him to go to Angela and say “you’re a bombshell.. no one expects you to make a move in this game”
Fes – not only promised safety…
H – count them out for her..
Fes – you’re a bombshell.. you come on this show and people don’t know what to expect.. and you are giving this opportunity where you are presented on a golden platter

Haleigh tells him to Stress that Scottie and Tyler are working together

FEs – what happens if I go up I go home
H – You won’t go home I won’t allow it.. Neither will JC

Haleigh tells him he needs to get JC to stop saying things like they are having s$x because her uncle could be watching it.. it’ll be al over the live feeds and she doesn’t want anybody in her family reading it.. (UNCLE! look at this)
H – I don’t like how you acted today.. you were standoffish..
Fes – lets see if we can pull this shit off Monday if she does this
H – the safer bet is to get rid of Scottie.. Tyler is weak minded and can be “The safer bet is to get rid of Scottie.. Tyler is weak minded and can be persuaded ” obviously (ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG)
Fes says on Thursday it was chess to checkers between Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh looks so much better. “she looks like a butterface”
Haleigh – he’s a innocent little lamb thrown in a lions den.. (ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG>> ZOMG ZOM)

(They’re so dumb at what’s going on.. I so hope they last)

1:01am Fes talking to himself in the Hammock.. still blown away.. completely away at being witness to what he thinks is the biggest move every.. like 2 pinky promises..
F – if Angela does this on Monday this is going to be the biggest move in Big brother history .. she pinky promised Tyler and Scottie that they were 100% safe (OMFG really?)
F – Ones on the block (omg)

F- the other was just on the block
F – not 1 but 2 people have a chance for 100% safety and they take a pinky promise instead are you… what…
F – you have a chance for a veto and you take a pinky promise instead not one but 2 people
F – if Angela does this she’s the biggest G in Big Brother History BAR NONE (no)
F – lets hope she does it..
F – if Ang does this .. Ang come clutch..

1:12am Tyler and Sam..
Keep her thinking she’s safe in case she can use her power and change nominations
Brett’s playing up that’s he’s pissed off and stuff…
Tyler says Bayleign is spending the night wth Angela tomorrow so she thinks she’s safe.. but the plan is to take bayeligh out..
She goes up.. nobody else is supposed to know that..

1:21am Tyler and Brett
Tyler says they are unclear about the power Bay has so they are going to make her feel safe. Angela will then use the veto on Tyler and slap Bayleigh on the block
Tyler – keep her calm.. .
Brett says SCottie thinks he’s going up
T – he’ll be so relieved .

1:44am Fes, Rocks and Haleigh
I’m becoming stupider than I already am listening to this conversation.
Rocks start wondering what America thinks of them.

Rocks – I think they really like our cast because we’re so competitive..
Fes – and we for the most part get along with people (Yes)
(This Canadian loves you never stop being dumb)

Fes – I can’t wait to tan tomorrow and run

1:49am Sam and Rocks..
Sam we have a friendship that goes above what we have here..
Sam – I genuinely click with you I genuinelylike you
Rocks – yeah .. it’s a game.. a game..
ROCKS – did you vote to keep Rachel
Sam – I love Rachel.. I love RAchel…
Rocks – I voted Rachel

2:03am Sam going on about how she’s working with everyone in the house and is her ally of everyone.. (She’s playing with what I assume is a spider)

2:18am Fer and Haleigh
FEs – i’m just glad to be part of this season if that move happens. (Seriously is he this dumb? I love fes but C’mon )
They are talking about how crazy it will be if Scottie goes up “I has to happen.. oh my god ”
Fes – such a big move .. it will set her up man”
Fes – she promised them.. but like what is a promise
Fes – I can believe Tyler but Scottie fell for it too..
H – he’s a idiot
Fes says if he was in the POV he would “Smoke their f*ing a$$es ”
h – I would have done well..
Fes – Brett was struggling..
H – he doesn’t do cardio
Fes – he’s a big beefcake.. (that’s the way we like him leave him alone)

Fes – Sleep with me..
ha – what
Fes – sleep with me
H – I can’t .. there’s gremlin in your bed (JC)

Fes says JC is a “Smooth criminal” he shy’s away from ROCKSTAR because she talks a lot

Haleigh says she’s gettign tired needs to go to bed.
Fes whimpers don’t leave me .. Haleigh don’t leave me
Haleigh says she can’t do this anymore she’s falling asleep..

They start heading to bed..

Fes alone – “And she leaves Tyler and Scottie on teh block.. OH MY GOD”

2:55am night…. (fes and Sam are still up on CAm 3-4)

9:26AM Rocks and Sam are up chit chatting..

Kaycee gets called to work out..

10:03AM Rocks has to flaxjacks and do jumping jacks in between making them..
Rocks – doesn’t look bad.. looks

Rocks used olive oil to fry the pancake up..

11:15am Sam and BRett

Sam – is the man eater club thing is that a real thing.. Rockstar asked me last night if I voted Rachel and I didn’t answer I said I loved Rachel..
Sam – was it Angela too..
Brett – I don’t think it was something that was real
SAm – they were going to exclude me.. I always refuse to involve myself in that..
Brett – it’s just something we had to use it’s not something that is real.

Sam goes on about how she loves men and she has a brother.

11:41am Getting Down…

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Botox Pelosi

That is great to know Simon. I use Amazon all the time and I will always link from here from now on.

Do you think CBS will give us another staged segment with Swaggy and Queen Bee’s family to see her get bounced this week? I’m guessing not.


Well, it’s important for the dad to be a part of the kid’s life.


I’m surprised BB is giving a lot of screen time to swaggy lol
Hope he is selling his swaggy tshirt online
Simon do you think Rachel and angelo would still be BFFS outside the BB house? LOL


I am hoping for a segment where Winston goes to meet Brett’s family. I’ve mentioned it on twitter a few times. Still hoping lol


i will be surprised if swaggy and kaitlyn aren’t tapped for an all-star season. sam also looks likely.

Trump Is A Serial Liar

Foutte was doomed from the start. Swaggs was so alpha, there was no room for another male leader (Scottie and Fez are followers). Without one, Swaggs’ eviction left a huge leadership void. IMO, most women are not cut out for this role because their interests are preserving relationships and not being cold and calculating — unless you are like ball busting Mangela.

The HOH uses power and threat of eviction to gather intel. That’s BB 101. I have never seen an HOH like Bay’s where SO much intel was given out but so little was gathered in return. She spilled her guts to everyone, but got nothing in return. As the HOH you ask other HGs “who are your targets” or “who would you put up” (if they don’t say, you say “I assume its me” and threaten nomination). Bay decided who her noms were and tried to convince everyone to get behind them ( (“I don’t want anyone mad at me…”).

Another Hive downfall is that they don’t compare notes or share conversations to reconcile different stories that are being told: Hay: “Rock people said x about you.” Rock: “who?” Hay: “6 people.” Who for crying out loud!! They also do not strategize and think ahead (if Fez says one more time “I don’t want to think about it…”). The fact that they did not even consider strategies to keep Tyler on the block as a huge target was BB blasphemy. Instead, they chastise Rock and tell her stop being weird and “fit in.”

And Hay not disclosing to her alliance she was the hacker was the final nail (prod can only help so much). She obviously needed help — her choices were atrocious (KC for the veto? I believe the comp was physical — tailor made for Fez). In spite of this, they still had a chance with Scottie (heard he could have won it), but they lost him because of their mistrust and lack of a relationship. A great season ruined.


I wonder if there’s a penalty for telling houseguests you are the hacker. She doesn’t seem like she could keep a secret that well. She’s been hinting a lot:

“”FEs – what happens if I go up I go home
H – You won’t go home I won’t allow it.. Neither will JC””

Haleigh's Melanoma

I think she’s scared to death to be found out. she’s perfectly capable of making moves anonymously but I wonder what would happen if she actually won something.


I was with you up to the point of you saying
A great season ruined
I think this has been one of the best seasons.


You’re views on women are extremely sexist. These people are not randomly selected, they are chosen to make good TV so an entire sex should not be judged by this cast or any other cast. Your point is just as valid as if I said all men are clueless like Fes. There are plenty of women that make good leaders.

Btw, had you left out your sexist comments your post would have actually made more sense. It’s a shame.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

I don’t believe the poster is sexist or saying women aren’t or can’t great leaders. I take the point as being a leader in BB requires a certain cut-throat, deceiving mentality that just goes against women’s nurturing nature. Clearly there are women like this (Vanessa Russo) and women are great leaders, but if you chose a population of men and women, there would be far fewer connivers in the population of women.

Hillary's Lies Mattered

The Hive got what it deserved. What did you expect from people who aligned with Swaggy C?


gender has nothing to do with the hive’s lack of leadership. there haven’t been great examples on bb that are immediately jumping to mind but on survivor parvati shallow and kim spradlin are two of the most dominant alliance leaders ever on the show, and they’re both women. on bb these are just people with huge personality blindspots in general. even swaggy made huge mistakes. he really should have tried to maintain the 8 he kept safe as a team then pull in floaters inclined to work with him (bayleigh and kaitlyn being obvious numbers, but he had a chance to reel in angela and completely blew it). it’s what paul did and it took him to final 2 with a chance at winning had he had any jury management skills.

Botox Pelosi

Parvati has more game than the Hive combined.


Yeah basically foutte/hive have made some of the dumbest moves i have ever seen on bb.


Seriously? Telling the person you put on the block your secret power builds trust…wait…thinking is hard.

Even Bill Didn't Vote For Hillary

I dont agree with your claims about women.


Jez I can’t wait

Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire

Is it too much to ask Angela to tell the Hive members that she will go along with their plan only if they commit to her by wearing Angela shirts to the veto meeting? That would be television gold to see them in their Angela shirts when Tyler is replaced with Bayleigh.


Can I just say Fes reminds me of Caleb from season 16. He thinks he is a big player and following a girl around like a lost puppy just like Caleb did. Amber didn’t like him but flirted back and the boys had no problem getting rid of him, all the while they both had no idea what was going on.


You’re exactly right. I was wondering who he reminded me of. Brass tacks…beast mode cowboy! lmao

Obama Spied on Trump

I dont think Caleb was in the closet like Fezzy.


True…but he did engage in some questionable behavior with frankie

Melting Snowflake

Please don’t mention Frankie. I’m trying to eat lunch.


lmao…sorry…I know the feeling


Fes doesn’t follow Hay around and unlike Amber she gets upset when Fes ignores her but their gameplay is similar.

Fes' Mind Is Blown

Haliegh is an unrepentant pr*cktease, leading the weakminded Fes around by his little Fes. For a guy with such an over inflated ego he doesn’t seem to have much self respect. All those bagging on Sam about her comments about Haliegh are spot on. She does it to all the guys but JC, but Fes is chief lackey. Promise, withhold, carrot, stick.


I agree. I think Sam was right on. Hay has rubbed up against most of the guys. Kaitlyn too. Those are two Sam called out. They both layed around on whichever guy they thought might benefit them at that moment. She didn’t call out Angela or Rachel or Angie or even Bayleigh who was just riding Swaggy. None of those girls jumped from lap to lap depending on what guy they needed to protect them in that moment. Sam was spot on, but she probably should have keep those thoughts to herself.


Hmm using people who are in power to their advantage. Sounds like strategic floating!!

Baby bird

She called Jc a gremlin. Where is all the outrage?


I disagree. He does follow herand he gets upset if he thinks she is flirting with another guy. Him and Caleb just alike

Rachel’s Vixens

I think ive finally witnessed Fes’ true idiocy…he should’ve been on the bachelorette and not BB! If he’s continually getting blindsided week after week, then clearly he must reevaluate his spot in the game. Angela is a cold blooded killer… if Fes stopped thinking about Haleigh’s lips for a sec & thought if Tyler or Scottie truly felt threatened from being evicted (or being the replacement nom), then no amount of money or a trip would be tempting enough for the veto. (my understanding is they had the opportunity to take it from Angela but they didnt – they chose the prizes). Any rational BB player has to question that and deduce Tyler / Scottie are working with the HOH / Angela. Im starting to get bored watching how clueless the Hive alliance are…. cant wait for the bloodbath that awaits when L6 start turning on each other!

Hillary Took $145 Million From Russian Oligarchs

Fes just needs to hookup with Brett and get over this phony interest he has in Hay.

Baby bird

You do know that being gay in the Muslim culture is punishable by death.


Haleigh coaches Fes to go to Angela and say “you’re a bombshell.. no one expects you to make a move in this game”
Yeah, women love hearing that kind of stuff. OMG. OK Fes, here’s a wall in front of you. Now, I need you to run as fast as you can, until your head hits that wall. Got it?
Fes: “Got it. OMG, this is going to be the bestest move in BB history”.
I can’t. I’m laughing hysterically.


Bombshell…..corniest word ever especially used in that context.


Right! Some girls might find that flattering, like Haleigh, but Angela doesn’t come off like that. I am betting she won’t take it the way Fes and Hay are hoping.


Me too Frenchie…he is soooo clueless. He’s gotta know that’s not how you speak to chicks. You gotta empower them, not talk about how everyone only thinks they’re a pretty face

King Silva

I just love how stupid and clueless Fes/Haleigh/Bayleigh/Rockstar are.

Monday’s feeds will be EPIC.

The ‘Queen’ is getting sentenced to ‘death’!

Bayleighs Mood Swings

Off with her head!

Gigi Tomasa

“Off with her head,” says the queen of hearts


In her case it’s “Off with her head.” says the Queen of Snorts !

Baby bird

She is so not a queen so can we please stop referring her as one?


It makes me feel sad that people in other countries are watching this show and probably thinking just how DUMB Americans can be by the representation of many of the people in this house!


Lol!!You’re joking, right!? It’s a game show. If people in other countries use this show as a measuring stick for how Americans are they aren’t working with a full deck.


I grew up abroad, going to international schools…and yes, these peeps are dumb but that view has been around for ages. Part of it is our need to broadcast to the world or most unsavory, stupid, and ignorant people. And the other is that yes, with 360 million people, we do have A LOT of stupid people.

Botox Pelosi

Well I would rather let them see Big Brother than Jerry Springer or Maury.


That’s kinda what I meant…baywatch, jerry, and maury are huge hits in a lot of the overseas market


Seriously? The world isn’t judging how dumb Americans are by the BB20 houseguests I can promise you that. We have better examples to judge on.


Sorry, but November 2016 has shattered the civilized world as to just how dumb almost 50% of the US voting population is. And basically every day since then, given whatever happens never seems to be “enough” to put an end to it. The world was laughing at a horribly tasteless joke, the US elected that joke.
Now, the US is the only country in the world to be against the agreement to reduce pollution, pu$$ies get grabbed, babies get put in jail away from their parents, collusion isn’t a crime, Russia invading the Ukraine and annexing its territory is “not a big deal”, and every aspect of the Handmaid’s Tale comes closer and closer.
But, as many Germans used to say back in the 1930s: “Let’s just look the other way”.

After that, no need to worry about a TV show impacting this image significantly. I have many US friends – though they’re educated, and are the first to regret what the f has happened to “US core values” – but they’re the first to admit that, as a nation, their image across the world is hopelessly destroyed.
Sorry, I needed to write that.
Best regards, the rest of the world*.

(* not including a few dictatorships across the globe, who can’t believe their luck)


Don’t need political on the B.B. site! But just to let you know, neither of the options were good. If you think we would be better off with the other option, you are just as nuts!


So you just read through the short list I gave you, and you thought “yes, Hillary would also grab pu$$ies, collude with a tyrant, call your neighbors “rapists and bad hombres”, get out of the Paris accord, etc.”
But I’m nuts? Please educate yourself, this is important.
There’s only so far the rhetoric of “she was just as bad” can carry you after having seen what he’s done over the past 2 years. But maybe, you’re just really good at looking the other way? Pretending it ain’t so? The Germans I alluded to back then had no internet and were easy preys to propaganda. What’s your excuse? It’s ok because you just don’t like gays/women/Mexicans/Canadians/French/Germans/TheEnvironment/Decency/Peace/…?
But you’re right. This is a BB forum.
Sorry, this is one of the few opportunities I get these days to interact with Americans, and I can’t help to hope they’ll let me know that they’re outraged by ALL THIS. I just want to shake you to the point of giving you a concussion and yell “What the F is wrong with you? Do the Facts not mean anything to you anymore? WAKE UP!”
But “she would have been just as bad” just makes too many of my few remaining brain cells explode to be quiet. Let’s go back to watching BB.
A show where some people are outraged and start petitions when someone uses the N word, even when they’re just reciting song lyrics or saying “this is an insult, like using the N word”.
Blessed be the fruit. May the Lord open.

Melted Snowflake

Please keep it to Big Brother discussions only Frenchie. This is a great season. Enjoy it.

Even Bill Didn't Vote For Hillary

I think the funny political screen names are fine. But I dont need some twat like Frenchie writing 2 massive, boring posts, on her Trump Derangement Syndrome. If so, I would be happy to write 2 posts of my own taking down this snowflake and laying her arguments to waste. But I am bigger than that. Please delete her political bull shit before this site because political and I take a few shots at Justin Trudeau. do we really need that?


Thank you Simon!

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I stopped FB because many friends posted political. Please, Simon, if you are monitoring posts, don’t let this site allow political comments! I don’t want to leave!


Big Brother is a form of escapism. Sometimes the world is unpleasant and you need a little stupid in your life so the ugly doesn’t bury you. I just want to come here and see my little wounded baby bird get comforted by the alliance he just screwed over.


HAHAHAHA That’s the funniest, truest thing I’ve seen in forever…wounded baby bird. LOL


Exactly…she/he is entitled to their opinion, and I’m entitled to mine, and I defend her/his right to express it, even if I disagree…but not on a forum dedicated to something apolitical. As many have said in other postings, there are places we go for outlets to vent and places we go to have fun. I’m gonna end this post cause I feel like it’s becoming massive and boring hahaha :p


Thanks for acknowledging that I’m not necessarily a she. (?)
This twat snowflake is a he.




I agree this is not a formal for politics but I support everything you said in your posts frenchie. I just think it is pointless to try and tell trump voters how badly they fucked up. They just dont’t get it, probably never will.

Looney Libs

Typical lib thinking that only your opinion matters. Trump won deal with it.

I got over Josh winning last year.

Baby bird

And you won’t ever realize or acknowledge how delusional and idiotic you are and how great the country is doing now so that’s okay we are all even now. Back to B.B.

Baby bird

Who cares?

Even Bill Didn't Vote For Hillary

I agree this is not a place for politics but what do you expect from these he/she twat snowflakes who voted for a lightweight kid like Justin Trudeau whose main claims to fame is his sparkly socks, that his mom slept with mick jagger, and his dad was a cuckhold? Of course I could have made 2 long a$$ posts about the ignorance of Hillary voters with Trump Derangement Syndrome, but this should suffice……

The Orange POS

So you like starting the fire but when you get burned you go running and crying to Papa (Simon). Whaaaa

Who said that!

The door is opened by the funny screen names.

Sweet baby bird

I agree, she is as deranged as her posts.

JC is Pervy



Thank you Simon! Did you say if we , OBB posters choose to individually block someone …that there is a way to do so? I love this site and I believe in freedom of speech. However, I want to read posts regarding BB not politics. Please advise when you can.
Appreciate all you and Dawg do.

Gigi Tomasa

Thank God no one wanted to “play” with Frenchie. This is not the forum for that.


Heyyyy I like frenchie, regardless of whether I share his views

Douchey C

The Honey Boo Boo shows would be a better gage to see how dumb Americans act over B.B.


And the Harlem Globetrotters beat the Washington Generals once again by tricking them with a basketball hooked to a rubber band.


it was indeed a great a·nal·o·gy
a comparison between two things, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.
“an analogy between the workings of nature and those of human societies”
a correspondence or partial similarity.
“the syndrome is called deep dysgraphia because of its analogy to deep dyslexia”
a thing that is comparable to something else in significant respects.
“works of art were seen as an analogy for works of nature”


Hey, don’t get overconfident! The Globetrotters lost to the Generals with some reports being as many as 6 times!

Since 1952…


Tyler = Meadowlark Lemon

Hoping against hope

Is this season so good that not even this lame azz hacker thing can’t ruin it???? It appears so for the moment. Let’s see how messed up next week gets. I feel like next week’s hacker thing will mess things up a lot and viewers will be left disappointed.


Let hope not, if Production is doing their data mining of comments like any good company they will see most don’t like the hacker twist.

Finally a good season

I will making a purchase in the next day or two on this site with Amazon Canada for my daughters birthday. Thanks for keeping us updated with this good season.


I would hate to be the first L6 to enter the jury house and be met by all the pissed off Foutte. With Queen Bay having the most time to simmer the pot of hatred, there will be a terrible fate awaiting. Be afraid…Be VERY afraid

Botox Pelosi

Great point. The Jury house footage this year will be great.


Hate she’s going to jury she will be the bitter jury and deed the hate

Botox Pelosi

She will be cranky getting into her second trimester too.

Obama Spied on Trump

Who will Bay be bitter at???
3- L6
2- The Hive
1- Herself


She told Rockhead the other night that she hated whites, so my guess is everyone but herself and GaggyC

Melted Snowflake

Everyone but herself.


In jury….3
Post jury…2/1


They don’t know now about L6 and they won’t know it then. It doesn’t occur to them that the other side organized, they keep looking at themselves for the hinky votes. They will be very unhappy they were voted out but they are incapable of figuring it out. Just yesterday they were talking about how they are running the house and the arrogance shown by Hay and Bay towards Angela was almost a parody.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yes, Fez. Pinky Promise with Angela. (She’ll rip that finger off and have it for breakfast in her low carb omelette with turkey bacon.)


As much as Faysal is getting played in this game, I love his demeanour.. He’s always willing to trust and be loyal n so optimistic, which is making him look like a dumbass…

Big Brother really isn’t a game for Emotional people, who trusts so easily.

But bless his heart


I don’t know. Josh won last year and he was so blinded by Paul until probably 2 weeks before finale.


eh, josh didn’t know the extent he was being manipulated by paul, but he was aware of paul’s lack of jury management and that despite being a horrible person himself, josh was still better liked by the jury than paul (heck, most of the jury, probably correctly, believed they could beat paul in a final 2. paul was just that much of a jerk).

Hillary Took $145 Million From Russian Oligarchs

Josh was a lunk head who got lucky. His oen jury management was almost as bad as Pauls. Josh openly humiliated and antagonized people.


that antagonization was at paul’s behest though. paul’s mistake was voting out five people who were super likely to be bitter with no one but himself to blame. had he made it look like cody and jessica were responsible he had a chance but instead he got cody and jessica out way too early and then openly convinced people to work against their interest with no contingency when they ended up in jury. josh definitely got lucky, but paul played a really bad game.


Unpopular opinion alert:
Paul played one of the best seasons ever he had everybody eating out of his hand except for two people and got them out as soon as he could where he messed up was his gbms if he would have just owned what he did and why he did it instead of continuing the lie even though they were already evicted he would have won 7-2 or 9-0 but him lying in his gbms cost him the game


minor tweaks could have saved paul’s game sure, but he didn’t make them. i was a little surprised mark and elena were as bitter as they were and matt and raven weren’t. but alex and jason were clearly going to be bitter from the get go and paul should have cut them pre-jury.


Everyone followed Paul because it was obvious production favored him, probably because they jerked Paul over as much as Nicole did Corey. They did as they were told because they figured it would help their career.


Paul was safe the weeks he got out Cody and Jess….Paul would have been gone if he did not have safety.

Hillary Will Never Be President. Ever!

Paul got magic protection from production for WEEKS, which completely tilted one side of the house and solidified his spot. And we have no idea what intel he was fed behind the scenes by Grodner beyond that. Shooting fish in a barrel from then on. And they would have had a new comp to bring him back anyway. The most rigged season ever. Josh didnt wake up until the end and began to adjust his gbms later on. Credit for that. But his fate was always in pauls hands. Xmas or kevin could have been in his shoes.


Sure he did because he was given immunity at the get go and on top of it, he got to grant “friendship” to a huge chunk of the houseguests. So for him, all he had to be concerned with was building relationships and molding a bunch of followers


Josh showed he was no blockhead by his good bye messages to each jury member . Letting each one know the truth about Paul and what was really going on. He knew in the long run, came down to jury votes.


I give him that. He was very clever in his jury management and that is what delivered him the W


So I take it that Tyler ‘s Power expired. Is it legitimate that B’s Power doesn’t preclude her from being a replacement nominee?

Botox Pelosi

I think it is good for a few more weeks. It was good for 2 months and Sam’s power that was good for 4 weeks just ran out with Kaitlyn’s eviction so I think Tyler’s is good for awhile since he won it a week after Sam.


Tyler’s power hasnt expired. He needs to use it before being nominated and with the hacker nominating him, he didn’t use it. Bayleigh needs to use her power prior as well and should do so if she thinks she’ll be nominated. If she used it and she was not the one nominated, she can go up.
That’s why they want to make her feel safe so she doesn’t use it.


Her power has no effect on the HoH’s renomination at the veto. Both Tyler and Bayleigh’s powers are useless right now.


but they don’t know that. they know she has a power to replace 2 noms, but they don’t know it can’t be done with povs


I think some of them do though. I thought Bayleigh explained it to Rachel (brilliant!) and Rachel blabbed. I could be wrong.


They don’t know it can’t be used for POVs. Rachel did blab but she didn’t tell the whole thing or they didn’t pick up on that part of it. That’s why they want her to feel save right up till the ceremony. Bayleigh is also saying it is only good until 9 people are left when it’s actually 8.


Tyler’s power will come in handy during double eviction.


His power hasn’t expired yet. Bayleigh’s power doesn’t keep her safe from being the replacement nominee.


Just reading the headline on this one made me laugh! Another blindside week! I agree with this being one of the best BB’s I’ve seen in a long time. Tyler has the Hive all fooled! Its awesome! #TylerFTW

True Dat

His jedi mind tricks are amazing – “these are not the flipped votes you’re looking for”


Hayleigh – “the safer bet is to get rid of Scottie.. Tyler is weak minded and can be persuaded ” obviously (ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG)”

See….this is why I don’t think the hacker is Hayleigh (although she could be playing Fessie). If she is the hacker, why would she take Scottie down & put up Tyler if she thinks the safer bet is to get rid of Scottie????

I think it’s more likely that Scottie is the hacker, took himself off the block & gave himself a spot to play in the veto. Remember…he offered Angela $5k for the veto. Why would he do that??? 1) To make sure he wasn’t renominated 2)to make sure his nomination (Tyler) stayed on the block by not using the veto.

BTW…I was watching BBAD last nite & heard the convo between Angela & Sam. Just watching Sam’s face when Angela told her about Bay, Hay & Rocks asking Angela & KC to join an all girls alliance….all Sam said (really quietly) was ” and not me”. My heart broke for her. But she shook it off & reinforced her friendship with Angela.

Best season in years!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler FTW……Sam for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was thinking that as well, except the hacker picked KC to play


The ‘Vegasforsure’ production leak Twitter account hasn’t gotten anything wrong yet. Until then, it’s probably wisest to just believe what he/she is reporting.

I’m sure we’ll get to hear Haleigh’s reasoning for everything tonight in her DR’s.

JC is Pervy

Sorry, it was confirmed…..Haleigh IS the hacker.


I think Hayleigh wanted to take Scottie down and make a big move. But didn’t want to pick Fes to play in Veto because then L6 would think it was her. She needs to remain anonymous or she can be backdoored if Angela figures it out….like how they think it’s Bayleigh so Bayleigh is going up.


It’s like watching a slow-motion train-wreck. each week they think they have it in the bag only to be duped. they’re like that one guy at the party that says hold my beer.


A Special Level of Clueless: The Hive

They cannot decide if the wolf at their door is a wounded little bird or a lost little lamb. Is production feeding them these specific terms (wounded little bird & lost little lamb)? If they are the hive then Tyler is a honey badger eating their young.
I know you guys love Fessy but he is all-world clueless. He’s in a league of his own. I wonder how this guy can cross the street safely on his own. Where did they find this sheltered man-child? Nobody does clueless meathead like him. I would like to be a fly on the wall when he gets out of the house and his family & friends tell him: “dude, Hayleigh would rather pound sand up her butt then be romantically involved with you.”
The most hilarious ending would be if Bayleigh, Hayleigh, Rockstar and Fessy all end up in jury and Tyler is in the final two…and all of these geniuses rise up to declare Tyler a lost little lamb…and conclude WHOMEVER the hell is sitting next to him is the brains of the operation and deserves to win. Please let it be Sam and Tyler in the final two. The hive will conclude that Samantha was this season’s mastermind.

who me?

As much as I think they ALL are pretty much idiots (except Scottie & Tyler), if it came down to your ending, I believe the jury would all start with…”I love you too Sam, BUT what did you do besides arts and crafts to win this game?” Don’t think she will win it.


i don’t think any of the jury would respect sam’s game in a final two. her only hope is a super bitter jury and jc and rs are the only two that i read as being crazy bitter. even bayleigh i think will shake it off if she’s voted off early enough.

Hillary Took $145 Million From Russian Oligarchs

Super bitter juries have been common place for about a decade. It used to be the Will or Evil Dick strategy was respected and appreciated. Lie cheat steal was respected as hardcore game play. Now the juries get really bitter if their former alliance partner makes it to the final ahead of themselves. Jealous and butt hurt jurors engage in grievances. Its typical of delicate snowflake millenials who have their own concept of fairness..


it varies season to season. last season was a very bitter jury but the season before was surprisingly not bitter (paul clearly banked on davonne being bitter enough to throw him a vote). bitter juries are rarer than people think as bitter jurors rarely get invited back, but people are misremembering as the last season featured a bitter jury and bitter juries tend to be more memorable. you have to go back to ian terry’s win over dan gheesling to find the previous truly bitter jury before that.


We’ll, she’s been loyal to the lost little lamb.


FOUTEE= A team of Victorias … Fes = Lawon


No, Victoria was just a piece of furniture in the house that voted. FOUTTE tries…and that’s so sad because they are in such a terrible place in the game. They had half of the HoH’s and vetos and still have no idea what’s going on!


Thanks for everything you guys do to keep us in the loop. This has to be one of the best seasons ever. I love everything about it. Not even production can mess this chit up. Just another pothole to get around for some of these players. Just loving it.


OK, I know it sounds crazy but I think for a few reasons Tyler really is the hacker. 1. He knows how to keep he’s mouth shut. No one knows about he’s cloud app which is still in play 2. He put himself up, take suspicion off himself 3. He played in veto 4. Got another person in veto (Kaycee or Brett) 5. Gets to remove a vote. So working with Angela he knew either way. Angie gets the veto (which after her 9 laps last night is extremely laughable, not trying to be mean but seriously that is beyond out of shape) Angela would put up Bayleigh, Fes or Hayleigh and just cancel a vote for them. And same scenario but someone takes him off.

Hayleigh I’m sorry can’t keep a secret. And I still ask why Tyler, she would either 1. need help from the house 2. The DR …… and I don’t see the DR using Tyler. To much says it’s NOT her. Maybe Scottie maybe

I want so bad for some to realize there are people in the world like Sam. She’s just nice! Ya a little crazy with her crafts but she might have lost it not doing that stuff. And unless someone can find me what seasons she said she watched SIMON/ DAWG (LMBO) tell me how clueless she is about the game when a few said their favorite player was someone from 18 or (UGH) 19. Read her CBS Bio, her favorite player is Daniele Donato….. hello 8 and 13 really so she might just be a big brother fan but keeps it to herself.

We’ll find out tonight right? And now if all goes as planned Tyler comes down, Bay up.

Let chaos reign!!!!

And if I were Sam, I’d tell Bayleigh straight up, not keeping you when you exclude me as I chilled in that tree and your girl can’t run 9 “laps” suck it. Just me


I’m so on the fence about Tyler being the hacker. But…he has been able to make everything go how he wants it. Even tho he has lost 2 members of his alliance, he made sure he kept who he wanted and the other side never suspected him. So. He has that confidence that he can win veto and that he can get the votes if not and gets to cancel one of the other sides votes. It’s the riskiest move ever. If it was Tyler. And he pulls it off. Which it looks like he will. One of the greatest moves ever. I actually would love if it was Tyler. And he said in an interview that Dan was the BB God. So if he did that. He’s definitely playing a Dan style of game. It would be epic.


i still think the hacker is Scottie and he’s playing rouge

Carlene Trujillo

OK Steve, Scottie, Tyler, Angela and Bayleigh gave a name other then season 18/19. I still think Sam might have watched Big Brother more then she is letting on. “Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
Daniele Donato. She’s a smart girl who happens to be pretty, not a pretty girl who happens to be smart.”
Chris (not using his self given nickname sorry not sorry) even said “Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
Paul, Paul, Paul. That man got robbed of a million dollars. He is a Top 5 Big Brother player of all time and he didn’t even WIN. He’s better than EVERY SINGLE winner over the last 12 years aside from Derrick, Evel Dick, Dan, and Rachel, and I didn’t even like Derrick’s game.” So he knows the game yet still thinks Paul is the best????????????????

I’m not sorry but unless production seriously guided Hayleigh I think Tyler is the hacker, and I’m a Sam, Tyler and Kaycee fan. I like Angela, Brett and Scottie but not so much the rest. Bayleigh was cool but she’s gotten to power hungry, with no real power.

And hate all you want, EvelDick blocked me because I said I liked a comment from last year so don’t care about haters 🙂


Sorry, Paul was brought back and gifted weeks of safety. A vet playing against newbies always has an unfair advantage over them. And he had no jury management whatsoever. You can’t lie to everyone about Friendship and “It’s you and me” and then not expect them to be bitter in the jury. And you can’t use Josh as your sword and shield and not expect people to catch up to what you were doing eventually. Paul lost fair and square even though BB clearly wanted him to win. Maybe they will bring him back again and give him 8 weeks of safety.

Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire

Too bad Queen Bayleigh can’t see the ranking grid from this site. See is ranked last behind Swaggy and Kaitlyn. I bet she would self evict if she knew she was rated lower than Kaitlyn.

Botox Pelosi


Does the Hive still think that Swaggy C is coming back? 🙂


I’m not Simon and don’t wanna take away from him…but I do believe so. I think I heard fuzzball talk about the “battle back” the night before last


Fes is by far my favorite houseguest! He’s surviving every week but never knows a clue as to what’s going on (ZOMG) It’s hilarious I honestly hope he wins lmaoo


he’s entertaining i’ll grant you that and i am rooting for him to outlast hay, bay, and rs, but i am not rooting for him to win.


Rock’s cupcakes look disgusting, there’s no way I would eat those. My 3 yr old makes mud pies that look better than those!

Hillary Took $145 Million From Russian Oligarchs

What cupcakes are you talking about????

Melted Snowflake

See the pictures above at the top of the post.


First of all…”Brett’s just a beefcake. (That’s the way we like him, leave him alone)” HAHAHA BAHAHA
Second…let’s just imagine in fuzzball’s world…ang does take rockface down and replace her with rat. How on earth, in anyone’s mind, is that the biggest move in bb history? I’m tryin to understand. Maybe the hive is just giddy cause they would remain intact. Regardless…this is incredible for the viewing audience. I don’t ever want this season to end and I want every last one of them to remain in the house. Each person serves such an awesome purpose for our viewing pleasure. :p


Brett has a mind for business and a body for sin

who me?

Please someone with the ability….put Bretts face on Scotties body…and you will see how unattractive he actually is

Melanoma Griffith

Working Boy.


Oh poor Fessie !! Fessie is the lost little lamb. And he is not dumb. He’s shown he is smart in comps. Haleigh is his problem. When she’s around he loses brain cells. He’s controlled by his infatuation for her and believes everything she says is true. As long as she’s around him, he will not catch on to anything. Seriously he needs to wake up. If she liked him. She wouldn’t be so flirty with with Brett. I thought he had a clue. Then he let her manipulate him right back in. And I just still have trouble believing she is the hacker. I’m sticking with Scottie. Hoping we find out on tonight’s show who it is.


Yes, but that makes you dumb. If I follow around a stupid person and believe and do everything they say, that doesn’t let me off the hook. That makes me even dumber than the person I’m following around. I like the dude, but he’s realllllllly not BB smart at all.


True. Definitely not BB smart. But can anyone say that they have never been blinded by someone. Then. Later. After lots and lots of reflection. You think. How stupid was I. To not see things right in front of me. It happens to the best and smartest. And the smart ones learn from it. I just think he’s a smart guy being really stupid.


Sure…but not over and over and over. I like him, I just am waiting to see him show some sense. I really don’t like to call someone dumb…but he’s def making repeated dumb moves, as are his comrades lol


Amen to that. Lol


I agree. I don’t know why people think the hacker is Haliegh. scottie is the hacker. Haliegh would have told bay if she had the power. She can’t keep a secret. . Wish Angela knew that but it’s better to get out bay and her power.

Tyler's stupid mop head.

The only person that hasn’t pissed me off on the hive crew is Scottie and he doesn’t stand a chance because he doesn’t have anyone competent enough to work with. He’s on the bottom at every angle. The only thing I have to look forward to is the bayleigh backdoor.
I can’t believe how blind and stupid these people are. Mindless drones! I’m going to laugh like a hyena when bay leaves and those idiots are left with their jaws on the ground.
They ruined the season. No fight. No nothing.
Give the money to Tyler already! Or if the angle is for blandgela to win (for girls) give it to her.


Watching after dark and I’m so annoyed with Sam. Rockstar is making her shake and even though BB has told her to stop she continues to tell Rockstar exactly how to make it. She’s hovering over her instead of letting her figure it out on her own. She is ridiculous trying to always undermine the rules. I use to like Sam but now find her very Annoying!


Sam is one of those folks that feels they absolutely has to help out no matter what.


Omg now Sam is literally doing Rockstars entire routine with her. WTF I hope she gets called out for it.


Sam is just encouraging her. Do you think RS will hate her for that in jury?


Exactly. And Sam is most definitely thinking about jury votes. She’s mentioned it several times to different people. She is working on jury votes.


Excellent point!!!

Bay's Delimma

At least Sam is giving her some support and positive reinforcement, which is MUCH more than can be said of Rock’s alliance members!

Bay's Delimma

I suspect Sam has been the odd one out more than once! She appears to be a truly nice person and doesn’t like to see anyone feel left out.


Why would she get called out for it? There’s no rules that say you can exercise


LOVE it :p


Love the smell of flapjacks in the morning…and sweat and tears


Those were Paulie’s pie tears. Patent pending…and trademarked, also copyrighted! I’ll make a tiny pile of pennies…

Miss Conception

Just wondering……………….could this next one be the double eviction? That would truly be insane!


I’m thinking the week after because that will give us 4 evictees and they may do the jury battle back then.


lol. I just figured out that is Rockstar’s penalty costume. I originally thought it was something she had brought into the house herself. Not much of a penalty for her.


HAHA me too. I feel like she’s always wearing some costume or other

Hillary Took $145 Million From Russian Oligarchs

So basically the 3 Hive girls admitted to Angela that Hay Bay and PopRock are in an alliance. The Hive are willing to stab their 2 guy members Scottie and Fes in the back. And they are clueless as to L4 alliance. And who would want to team up with these clueless twits????

Gimmie a Break!!!

Fouttee needs to be renamed to Big Dummy allience… I can’t wait to see Bay go off when she is the re-nom on Monday!!! Going to be another great week of feeds…

Funny how Bay n Hay try to pitch again an all girls allience but yet they want Fez safe how does that work Bay save a guy in an all girls allience so ur whole allience is safe… Never gonna happen!!!

Botox Pelosi

The Big Dummy alliance could have shirts made up with Lawon on the front and Marcellas on the back.

Hoping against hope

Lawon on the front, and Brendan clapping like a retarded walrus while Porsche dances in front of him on the back

Jay Crimson

Of course this is pure 100% opinion and 0 facts. But, I really think Tyler is the Hacker. So far he has yet to be on the block so he puts himself up during Angela’s HOH to show the naive side that he is in a way in their alliance and have been voting the way they have and acting as if he is blindsided by this hacker nom. Tyler knows with Angela being HOH and based on the numbers majority who would play in the veto would save him anyway.

Tyler would later reveal to scottie that he has the hacker app and let him know before Thursday that he use it to save him keeping the idea that they are working together along with Angela. The hacker picking Kaycee just to even up the odds that the Veto would be used to save Tyler. I feel if anyone had power they would have told someone. But everyone is still clueless about who is the hacker. And being that Tyler had the first power and NO ONE as of yet still don’t know who has the first power. I believe it is Tyler because he has shown to keep it a secret. Will know tonight But I got a feeling its Tyler man.


tyler as the hacker makes more sense than hayleigh. putting himself on the block guarantees him to play in pov when he wants to stack the pov comp with people who will use it so bayleigh can get backdoored, plus it doesn’t piss off an alliance member and potentially allows him to work with scottie all the while it is very unlikely he would go home if he doesn’t get pulled off the block.

i also think tyler and sam are the only two that would keep it to themselves. the rest of the house would either tell someone or at least address the cams at some point.

Jay Crimsion

10 hours later…… Yea I was wrong but I did say it was 100% opinion LOL!


Tyler needs to stop talking. The more people you tell, the more it will burn you. As a long time B.B. watcher, I know that idle time is your enemy.

Shut your yap, at the very least until you are off the block.

Hillary Took $145 Million From Russian Oligarchs

One of the reasons this season is so entertaining is the fact that many of these people do not seem to be BB fans. Fans know the ins and outs of the game and game strategy. Many of these people are clueless. I think that cluelessness reminds me of the first few seasons of BB and Survivor where people were still trying to figure it out. Set strategies were still be worked out. This seems to be going on here. I would suggest that in the future BB avoid casting superfans and keep casting newbies and rookies. Its far more entertaining. And can we get a few more people over 40?

Tyler on Top

I would like less people over 40. Steve added nothing this season and do you really want to see the over 40’s in swimwear? They also want to go to bed at 9:00.


Denzel Washington is 63 and he’s in the Equalizer…Wahlburg and Matt Damon are 47. Phieffer, Brinkley, Halle Berry and Jennifer Tilly are over 50!! I’m showing my age…point is they can find gorgeous folks over 30!


I remember seeing Brinkley on the wall of my uncle’s work shed and thinking how hot she was. She still looks almost the same. I’d also add Heather Locklear…except her most recent pics from her breakdown


People over 40 go to bed around 9pm in real life because they have actual jobs that require them to be there in the morning.

Maxine Waters Is POTUS45's Bottom B@tch

As opposed the greasy, filthy, pimple faced millenials? The only players that look good in a bikinis are angie and hay. And they rarely show bikinis on the show anyway. Instead we see them in bed all day covered in Doritos in piss stained sheets. They have poor hygiene, wear sweatpants, and probably dont wear expensive cologne like Creed Aventus, which I wear. Its a house filled with filth germs and bacteria.




What did I miss? Why is Tyler on the block?!


Hay won the hacker comp took Scottie down and put Tyler up

Even Bill Didn't Vote For Hillary

“H – the safer bet is to get rid of Scottie.. Tyler is weak minded and can be “The safer bet is to get rid of Scottie.. Tyler is weak minded and can be persuaded ” obviously (ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG)”

Well there goes my idea that ONE member of the Hive actually has a clue. Unless Production steps in, L4 will now take out Hay, Fezzy, and RockSlop over the next 3 weeks in that exact order. And they deserve it. I know Production does not like predictability. But stay out of the game, let L4 finish off the Hive, and then the battle between the final 6 will be even more interesting

Bay's Delimma

I would love to see Hay and Fezzy out before Rockstar, after the way they have treated her it would be a F you to all other Hive members!!!

JC is Pervy

I like Sam but, why does she feel she has to instruct and assist rockslop? She is very intrusive with her bossiness. If that’s a word…….


Could we please have less footage of Fes and Hay? I’m so sick of these two, I just FF through their dialogue!


wait little pinky sweet bird is the weakest player? LOL
Pls evict B she is one the worst player of BB history LOL
OMG my predictions is the final 2 would be between pinky little bird and sam and Sam would win
Angelo would be backdoored the same way they backdoor rachel and still the most hated player is Angelo followed by Brett


Rachel wasn’t back doored. She could have saved herself. She was blindsided!


So sorry I made such a loaded comment about Americans looking dumb to people outside our country. I didn’t expect the political explosion it caused. I promise to refrain from being the site troublemaker.
Can’t wait for tonight’s show!

another name

… i’m still trying to process the hay/bay logic last night when speaking to Angela:
so. let’s get the fake gang back together now that you are in power and have the veto and we’re sitting ducks but for reals this time (until your hoh is over). sure there’s three of us and only two of you, but hey… we trust each other, right?
it would be a great move if you broke your pinky promises, and became a ‘legend’ by bouncing cheques. we won’t hold that against you as a reason to get rid of you because your word means nothing. not at all.
oh and that power one of us has… well yeah, we have it… but let’s change the subject when you ask if we’ll use it to save you.
oh, and you know what would be great? If our all girl’s alliance kept the guy on our side safe… and targeted the only woman not in our alliance moving forward because she clocked one of our games and it was embarrassing.
is that pretty much right?


Plus, poor little Hay needs someone to ride and die, someone to trust and work with all the way (with Bay sitting right there). They honestly don’t think the other side ever organized and the pomposity that they were showing was hysterical. They were telling Angela what to do when she’s the winner and they the losers. I hope production puts together a clip of their egotisical lecturing of Angela and their faces at the next veto meeting. Drumroll please.


If I were going to play this game, I’d like to think I’d be the Tyler of my group, but I’d probably just be the Fes. Maybe Sam.