“I’m over Sam.. she’s risking our game ” – Kaycee

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: ? Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: ?? Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers

7:08pm Tyler and Kaycee Storage room
Tyler- I’m over Sam
kaycee – i am to
Kaycee – it’s personal.. she’s risking our game .. she might put Sam out
Tyler – maybe not because of that
KAycee – i’m over her
Tyler- Dude..

7:12pm Sam and Angela

Sam – I didn’t want neither of them to go but nobody would tell be definitively how they are going to vote (BS)
Sam – at the very last minute I decided that would be the bigger thing to do I don’t think it’s right for her to… I don’t know
A – you don’t have to explain yourself.. if you think that is the right thing to do than you are 100% right
Sam – everyone voted against her are you f*ing kidding me
A – I don’t know why.. I don’t know what happened, I’m not in their loop
A – all I know is she had this app thing and if she stayed I was going to be on the block next week and she was telling everyone that and that is why I had to tell my people.. that she has to go if she stayed I knew I was going home
A – I don’t know what happened on the other side… no clue
Sam – I don’t feel like their’s sides anymore..

Sam – I’m the only one that loves ROckstar beside Bayleigh (there’s a reason for that)
Angela – everyone has their own unique connections in the house.. the last 2 weeks I had 2 people up that I loved.. ultimately we are here to play the game and I had to to what makes me safe the longest time possible.. once you start taking personal side it’s a whole new level..

Sam – I’m doing the exact opposite
A – that is why this is so hard for you Sam.. that breaks my hear..
Sam – I got to tell my brother happy birthday this evening (ZOMG )
A – I know
Sam – I might be going home or I might go to the little house this week..
Sam thinks Haleigh is putting her up.. “it makes the most sense I put her up.. I’m not going to s**k her D*** because she’s the HOH”

7:24pm Sam and Rocks
Sam – I didn’t know her until the end of the game but.. you and her are the only reason I feel comfortable here.. I know you and her really do care about me and check on me .. I’m sad to see one of you go
Sam – I wasn’t voting against you I was voting for her.. I was pretty sure you were going to stay..

Rocks – I’m glad someone voted for her to stay.. I would have voted for her to stay
Rocks – I refused to campaign against her
Rock – she really shouldn’t have been on the block it was a stupid thing why she was there to begin with (Rocks you are dumb…)

Fes joins them to comfort Sam … tells her how big the cheers were for Bayleigh.

Sam just keeps crying ,… grabs for ROcks..

Fes – Bayleigh went out Classy
Sam – she is classy.. she looked beautiful too she was gorgeous
Rocks – she looked beautiful.. I put her in that dress..

Sam whimpers “I’m f*ing stupid.. I’m going crazy I made up a bunch 0f stuff in my head and it’s not real.. ”

7:34pm KAycee and Angela
Kaycee points out how Sam is now crying all over the other side now that Haleigh is HOH.
Kaycee talking about how over Sam she is.. “now she’s crying with fes.. ”
Angela – they are going to try and backdoor one of us.. put up Sam as a pawn and backdoor one of us..

Rocks joins them talks about how JC said she had DINOSAUR Toe.. not camel toe.. they all laugh..
Rocks screams.. “JC were are you you gremlin” JC yells back at her something.. (LOL rocks is the best)

Rocks leaves…

Angela – Sam’s an easy target.. she can get her out with not blood on her hands..
Angela mentions that Fes will want one of the boys out .. “I think she will put up Sam and Bret and backdoor Tyler”

7:38pm Rocks and Haleigh

Haleigh says she’s doing one on ones until 10 then no more.. asks ROCKS what they should do
Rocks says she was going to put up Kaycee and Angela backdoor Tyler..

Says that haleigh can win teh hacker comp again.. points otu that Angeal and kaycee walk around here they’ve never seen the block
Haleigh says she’s not putting rbett up

Rockstar tells Brett if she was going to win HOH she wouldn’t put him on the block says she means it.. (LOL if she wins HOH)
Rocks – I really wanted you to know If I had won I wouldn’t put you on the block we’ve both been on twice and it’s a really shitty feeling..

7:52pm Geometry room kaycee, Angela and Tyler
A – who do yo think will be running them fes or Haleigh
Kaycee – probably Hayleigh
Angela is worried they are going to try and pull Sam in..
Kaycee complains about Sam could have screwed their game up tonight if bayleigh had stayed in the game with the power.
Kaycee – I’m sick of her being so negative about everything.. It’s a f*ing gamer we all care about her but she says she’s going through things in life we are all
a – We all have sh1t to deal with (like being beautiful)
They think that Sam will go up as the Pawn.
T – we gotta get this hacker..

JC comes in..

JC – I’m so sorry I didn’t know what the f* i was doing..
T – just convince her not to put me up right away and I’ll win the Hacker.. don’t say shit about backdoor.. just say don’t put me up right away

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Farris Fanik

Tyler use you’re power! But will he use it to prevent himself as a nomination or veto replacement? Decisions decisions

Farris Fanik



If he uses it now does it keep him safe from nomination period this week or can he still be a replacement nom in the event the veto is used?


He can only use it once. So, for example if he used it prior to initial noms & she didn’t nom him it would be a waste. Fortunately, they’ll know (b/c Fessy told JC they won’t put up the strong players to start). He’s right – Hal will try to backdoor Ty, so his goal will be to win the Hacker app, put up (either RS/Fes) then play POV win & if they can get Sam up from the get keep noms the same. The question is will they vote out Sam now that’s she proven to be playing the same game with the other side.

Hearing her tell Rock Star that Bay & you (RS) are the only people who I feel comfortable with and who check on me every day was akin to what she used to tell KC & Angela. And, the fact she repeatedly told KC/Ty her only concern was their safety and the first vote where it really mattered that she vote with them she didn’t. It felt more like jury management by Sam. After the fact she lied to Angela telling her she didn’t know definitively where people were voting. SHE DID b/c JC, Ty, KC & Scottie all confirmed they were voting out Bay and KC laid out how much danger Ty & Angela would be in if she Bay stayed. She also lied to Angela b/c she promised her she would vote how Angela wanted and did NOT.

Soooooooo THIS is Sam’s game. She’s done it pretty much at the start of every HOH to make sure she stays off the block. For someone who says they don’t want to be in this game she sure does go out of her way to ensure her safety. Kudo’s to Sammy, she’s playing the game – just not a traditional game. Too bad it’s likely cost her what was almost a guarantee to F3 at worst.


Tyler knows he is a target this week. I think his best play is to save the power app for the power of veto (if at all, if he wins veto he can save it). You have to take the gamble you don’t get put up. So many variables, but if uses his power app at noms, he would still be a serious
backdoor candidate and potentially can’t play in veto. I just see it more of a benefit if he saves for the POV.

The Beef

You make a whole lot of good points here. Sam may have fooled not only the HG’s, but all of us as well, by “not playing” the game she is playing (if that makes any sense). I don’t know whether to hope you are 100% right, making Sam an evil genius, or 100% wrong, making Sam a wonderfully sweet completely out of place person in a game for more cut-throat type individuals.

I guess we’ll find out as things play out this week and maybe in future weeks, given she doesn’t up and quit on us (sounds like they let her talk to her family tonight, which is highly unusual).

I hope she stays and sees it through.


Yeah, I gave a down vote. I have suspected, as many others have, that Sam IS playing the game. Her game is to be the dumb, I don’t know what I’m doing game. A lot of girls play the same game in real life, especially with guys. The poor little “help me, I don’t get it, protect me” game. In real life it makes me sick, but as a game strategy, although unconventional, it is pretty effective. There have been others that have used this strategy in the past. I suspected this was her game and when she isolated herself, I figured she was doing that to keep her secret and make it look even more like she wasn’t playing. So I agree with you in that regard.
What I don’t agree with is that I do NOT want her to stay. Would like to see her out A.S.A.P. Sorry…


why on Earth would they let her talk to her family?


Seems like Sam does this frequently – flip flops between poor me the victim and the aggressive, self assured forceful Sam. Think back to when she was the Robot and cried and everyone, including America, felt so sad and sorry for her – she came across so fragile, and easily hurt – almost child-like. Then when she won HOH she came across quite aggressive and condescending when lecturing the girls before putting them on the block and firmly let the house know she wasn’t going to have one on ones and didn’t want anyone up in her room. I know it caught me off guard and made me think I had perhaps gotten the wrong impression of her being so frail. She seems to be emotionally unstable and has her feelings hurt easily. Then the next minute she is accusing people of making fun of her. The difference in her seems extreme beyond normal changes in moods. This extreme flip flopping makes me wonder if there may be a psychological issue with her.


Yes, that’s why he doesn’t want her to nominate him right off. If he avoids the block through the initial ceremony and the hacker thing, he’s safe this week.

Who said that!

He needs to save it til after the veto,he probably won’t be put up initially anyway.


I had a feeling it would backfire on Tyler when he told Sam about his app. Bayleigh and Rockstar hung out with Sam on a personal level and did not make it about the game. Tyler is all game, which is great, because that’s the reason they’re in the house. Gamewise, Sam doesn’t even seem to be in the same zip code tho. Tyler might have overplayed. Revealing about his power after that whole mess with Bayleigh would seem to Sam that he’s using her. If it was about trust, he would have told her long before now.


Tyler is a bum! He’s mad because Bayleigh had a power app when he is holding an app also. Angela didn’t just want to evict Bayleigh she wanted to really make Bayleigh look bad and hurt her, that’s not the way the game should be played.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Bayleigh needs NO help in looking bad… She completes that task all on her own!


That IS the game. He wasn’t mad at Bayleigh for having the app; he wanted her out before she used the app on him.


He wants them all to try to get Haileigh to put up two other people (kinda suggesting a backdoor, but not…you know?) then he can use his power at veto to prevent her from putting him on the block. I think I said all of that right. I don’t know when he would use the power at veto…I guess if the power of veto is used, his power would then stop Haileigh from naming Tyler as the replacement, right?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think Tyler can use the power before the Veto ceremony (when the Veto power has been won by someone) to keep himself off the block. His best bet. And they HAVE to win the hacker comp, and they HAVE to do Sammy Damage Control & talk that girl off the ledge! Operation Reel Sam In.


Appears he wants to wait till veto to use the cloud…. But what if the Hacker puts him up again: no more cloud! ? If he uses it for noms, maybe they will assume he’s safe for the week? Lol

Busta Fooligan

Geez Sam, pull it together.

Miss Conception

Sadly,I do believe that Sam is on the verge of a breakdown.She has lost the concept of this game(if she ever had it) She seems to be doing everything that she can to sabotage her game. Her sense of personal justice is extreme and from what I can ascertain,this leads me back to the conversations that she had about her brother and his history with women. She is just very convoluted. I do feel that she is getting a lot of support from production in their attempt to keep her in the game. Unless she gets to jury soon, she may self evict.


Lol at JC, when did this show become “everyone worry about Tyler’s safety forget your own game”?

These people have no guts, Angela and Kaycee should be worried about saving themselves first. Forget Tyler he has a power anyway


Maybe they recognize that Tyler has been the one keeping them safe.


JC is playing the middle, I think he picked those two on purpose to disguise the fact he’s working with Tyler and crew to Fez and Haleigh. Plus JC probably thought Tyler would win. JC is in a real good spot right now and he knows he’s safe this week.


Freaking JC, they’re over Sam I’m over JC. Picking Tyler vs Rockstar in the hoh comp just to maintain his middle status between the two sides and not pick a side. Smart gameplay but horrible because it eliminated my favorite Tyler.

What I’d like to see is JC and Sam gone then we have the two sides battling each other without anyone riding the middle.


Level 6 is garbage at comps. If the HIVE used their brains they would be dominating this game. Hopefully now that Bayleigh the tyrant is gone they can start being smarter.

And hopefully Angela the second most vile person of the season gets the boot this week.


I always think of Regina George (Mean Girls) when I look at Angela for some reason.


I find it a tad curious the HOH comp was in essence a very similar comp to what Haleigh won the Hacker app with this week *(ie: scrambled words). Earlier this week she told Fessy the DR was asking her what types of comps she excelled it. It’s production manipulation at it’s best. Still, it’s great for drama (which I’m all for as a viewer).

That said, I won’t be surprised if Ty wins the Hacker app and POV this week. The irony of course will be Hal losing Bay on her hacker week and potentially losing one of RS or Fessy on her HOH week.


How many comps have FOUTTE won? Hayleifh and co are only winning NOW when numbers are down….

Douchey C

I’m over Sam too…. she’s a head case now AND a liability. GTFO, please. Wouldn’t be surprised if she self evicts


I can’t listen to Sam anymore . The baby talk and attention seeking is over the top..enough already. I’m starting to wonder if she has some mental issues. This game is definitely not for her.


She is just taking the target off of Tyler by distracting all of them, which is annoying. She is terrified that the only guy who gives her attention will leave.


I’m really wishing Sam would hav stayed a robot


yeah……she was cute as a robot…..but a terrible player….what’s with all the crying anyway


I would like to take this moment to give a special shout out to all the people who said Haleigh won’t win HOH. This one is for you 🙂 You may proceed to click the down arrow, MUAHAHAHAHA.


Ok but only because you said so…


Much appreciated 🙂


Nah, not going to click the down arrow, but I do think that she needs as asterick next to her win because she flat-out admitted to Fes that the DR helped her win the hacker and also for this next week (she thought it was the hacker for this next week, but we all know it was HOH now). This is actually production’s win, not Haleigh’s win.


This is what I hate about this show – production manipulation. Not to go there but legally, I’m not sure they help Hal like that. Game shows (which this is) have rules that they must follow and not adding individual contestants is near the top.

True Dat

Actually Big Brother is not classified as a game show and do not have to adhere to the rules that you speak of. It’s very unfortunate, but they are legally allowed to tamper with the game however they see fit. It’s unfair to the viewers and the contestants but it’s all about the ratings for the network.


There’s the at home member of hive. Hate to see how u r when YOU actually win sh*t lmao

Sam you dumb bitch

Sam is a freaking joke.


I want Hayleigh to put up Angela and Tyler ,or Angela and JC (Tyler will most likely use his power) I just hope production doesn’t make Tyler hacker comp winner

Baby bird

Its looking like Tyler will have to use his power at the veto ceremony unless he gets to play in veto and wins. That is why he doesn’t want to go up initially because if he gets stuck up there, he won’t be able to use it.

Smitten By Haleigh

This is too funny. Lol. What happened to all the L6 fans comments about Karma? Make Tyler, Angela and Brett kiss her ass all week and still throw them on the block. Haa


Scottie for the win


I agree. So much hate was thrown towards Bay. It was just ugly. They know who they are! Now they are all throwing it at Sam. Sad that the conversation board about this show has become a troll hang out for ugliness!

BB Fan

Welcome to the internet


It just seems that they people you are calling out actually perceive people better then you. Bay was fine until her HoH and Sam is just a genius or lunatic.


Bayleigh WAS the hate ..she was even mean to her own alliance.


Sam is playing the game and just got a jury vote or she has some mental issues.


Sam is playing the game,

She alone knows her strategy




Sam is definitely playing the game.

Only she alone knows her strategy.



another name

at this point, i think there is every possibility that she is over it.
i’ve been looking at her moves and seeing a strategy until after the episode. but.
a) tyler’s app confession led her to believe he didn’t trust her.
b) she seemed genuinely hurt about the girls alliance excluding her.
c) she let bayleigh’s rants get into her head.
d) she didn’t like the house meeting.
e) she’s been called to d/r about 14 times in the last five days. she’s had no televised d/r commentary in either wed or thurs episodes.
she knew what she was doing in the vote. she knew the house was voting one way, she’d be voting the other. she voted against the two people she said she was there to help and protect to get further.
She’s over it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree. I NOW believe she’s losing it and never really had a strategy. I’ve been back and forth hoping somehow we’d get an “Ah Ha” moment and see her genius plan. But these break downs are not contrived and she’s falling apart. Time for the Little House (or the white straight jacket).

Cat Nip

Sorry to say, I’m so disappointed in Sam. Sigh. : ( She need to go before she self destructs or ruins others games who actually want to play the game.


I love sam she a good person but some things she has done I don’t think was right. I don’t think she knows how to play the game she should have played a better game let’s all think about this tyler well win it he has played the best game this season even if he goes up I think he would have the votes to stay or win. Then the hacker thing whoever wins well may never know until we know who it is not sure who would be out up but I think it be sam an if sam still on there she well go home I really don’t want to see her go but I’m more sure they well out sam up whoever wins the hacker an I don’t think she well win the pov tyler has this game. I like tyler as well. Sorry sam still love yeah but your not good at BB


Hahaha f*ck all of you idiots you hated on HIVE. One of the mean brats is going home this week whether it be Angela or Tyler or maybe even the biggest floater in the game, Kaycee. One of those idiots are going bye-bye!

Who said that!

It will make this week very interesting.If Haleigh can survive the hack and keep 2 of her noms on the block next Thursday Level 4 goes down to Level 3 and for the first time this season they won’t be able to control the vote.If 1 of level 4 wins the hack they could potentially have the numbers to sacrifice Sam,if the hacker puts up Fes or Scottie then level 4 is at the mercy of JC and Sam for that 4th vote.

Douchey C

She’s still a fake ass” Hiiiiiiieeeeee Juuuuuuleeeeee, you look ravishing” ( puke )

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Tonight it was “Astounding!” (Eye roll). They must have that vocabulary word of the day toilet paper in the BB bathrooms.


I love how she says it before she even looks at her. I know she sees her earlier in the episode…but still, it’s funny


We’ll see…just like every week so far…the hive is doin a fine job of gettin their anticipated targets out lol

Sakura Haruno

Tyler for hacker!!!!!

What’s wrong with Tyler lately.? he seems angry and stressed. I hope he’ll feel better soon.


He’s had a close call being on the block and it’s the first time someone’s taken a real shot at him. He better get used to it because it’s time to play.


His game is slowly unraveling and he knows it. He’s my #1 pick to win but i want to see him struggle and bust out moves


He realized that Kaitlyn isn’t in the jury house and no one else would actually vote for him to win. There is not a single person left that he could win against because they all know that he has played a shady game.


I love Big Brother, but I DO NOT love how the HGs get too damn vicious with the insults; and the personal attacks each other (Brett, Angela, Rockstar, Bayleigh, Tyler, and JC). Yes, lying is part of the game but going below the belt with their comments is sickening!! I hope when they see the tapes, they’ll feel so embarrassed especially when the fans crucified them on social media!!!!

Busta Nut in Sam

Sam– Haleigh is putting me up.. “it makes the most sense I put her up.. I’m not going to s**k her D*** because she’s the HOH”

These girls love d@ck!


I know….I mean we know they do…but this season is so brazen


This should be such an easy week. Have your one on ones, ask questions, don’t give out any info. Pick 3ppl that pose a threat to you, don’t fixate on a target (Tyler, Angela, kaycee). Don’t start with this whole pawn thing. I’d but tyler up upfront, which ensure a few things:

1) if he has a power app (which he does), he’ll be forced to use it
2) If he wins the veto, it further cements the fact that he is a comp beast, it now becomes a bigger talking point to his and your allies, and ensures that everyone sees him as a treat to win.
3) All in all, it would expose his hand to the house

that would be my move to begin with and then see how veto/hacker situation plays out.

However, if history is any indicator, I’m expecting some dumb shit to happen

NOTE: I would like 1 week of not hearing or reading anything Faysal says, theres only so much stupid one can handle lol


Also can these idiots stop telling ppl, im not putting you up and ask for a deal???? WHAT THE F***

Who said that!

Danger Will Robinson Danger!Does not compute!Sambot goes rogue,will Tyler pull the plug?


Haleigh already admitted that production helped her win the Hacker comp and HOH comp. During a conversation with Fez, she started to say that in the DR they helped her with “this week” and “next week” (she thought it was the hacker comp for next week, but we now know it was the HOH). Of course, the feeds cut as soon as she said that. So, since this is production’s HOH, it better be a good one!


After all of the angry screaming and nasty words for Tyler, I got the feeling Bayleigh still had a sweet spot fir Tyler. When she was watching her goodbye messages, you could see the anger on her face during Angela’s message. When Tyler said something about being friends afterwards, it looked like she was on the verge of smiling.

Poor wounded bird. Look what Angela did to him.


Dammit! I always type fir instead of for. Fat fingers.


Bayleighs comment about the “scary black lady leaving” as she was walking out was gross.


Still the classiest exit of the season.


After steve…I wasn’t a steve fan…but he had a good exit


“I’m not going to s**k her D*** because she’s the HOH”

You can tell Sam’s been hanging out with Rock


Everybody commenting on Sam doing Jury Management, blah, blah, blah…. Sam has cracked. She’s lost her mind. This is not an act. She tried self-evicting and refusing to vote in the DR today. She’s lost it.

Who said that!

Well that was quick,last night on bb After Dark Tyler Angela and Kaycee were saying who much they love Sam now they’re trying to get her nominated,which is a good game move for Level 4.Haleigh really would be stupid to target her for revenge.

Gimmie a Break!!!

First of all Hay had that Hoh given to her since it was made for her to win similar to Hacker comp… As we all heard her say production asked her what she was good at and she said she knew she wld get it n possibly this week too, so we shall see… Hay’s game is crap n her telling eveyone she was the hacker was a big fail n even tho shes Hoh this week she will def be heading to jury sooner rather than later while Rockstar floats for awhile…

Level 4 still has control of votes unless sam flips, so they can control who leaves… Tyler is in for a rough week but still has the power ap which he will likely have to use this week but I dont think he will be going anywhere… # Team Tyler & level 4!!! There down but not out by a longshot…


A lot of you all are as bad as L6. You ragged on Bayleigh all week just like that group, and because Sam went against following along like a sheep and voting with the pack, you are talking bad about her. She not following the L6 mantra so now you throw her under the bus. You all need someone to talk badly about just like them. The only difference is they are all coop up with no news, nothing to read except the bible, no writing material, and no place to go to be alone to put down their thoughts. at least I can kind of understand why they behave the way they do. You all need to have someone to insult. once Sam is out you will move on to insult someone else. (And I don’t care if you vote me down because it means you read my comment. Maybe you will see you are no better than you people you insult.)


You’re delusional


If you really didn’t care about thumbs down, you wouldn’t feel the need to write that you don’t care.


Also, I haven’t liked Sam from the beginning, her whining when she was a robot drove me crazy


I am definitely better than you……deaz.

another name

eyeroll. as haleight and fes have their discussion that is cutting into her one on ones with the house part of me thinks oh well haleigh, you used the flirt strategy on him, repeatedly… you reap what you sew.

Rocks front

Does anybody else notice how different Rocky’s voice is now versus her stump speech tonight? She sounds a whole lot more…her age, for lack of a better term.


Yes, she adjusts her accent depending on the audience

Drink Every Time Bay Says "Literally"

I’ve never been the conspiracy theory type or someone who has ever believed BB is rigged, but what I heard this week on After Dark left me questioning that.

In the conversation between Haleigh and Fes on the hammock (I think it was when she told him she was the hacker), she said she felt positive she would win that week’s hacker comp. She said she was called in prior to the comp and asked what her strengths were. The comp was catered to that strength. Now, in the new battle for HOH, a competition that seems eerily similar to the hacker comp?!? Am I the only one that finds that odd? Please, someone find that clip and post to Youtube.

another name

yeah, the girl good at word puzzles that types 120 wpm gets a speed type word puzzle hack and a word puzzle hoh after saying on feeds the d/r asked her specifically what her skills were…. it’s not unusual at all. nope. nothing to see here. not. at. all.


No one cries no fair when the guys get a physical challenge. Get over it, they cater to keeping Tyler in the spotlight and Hay is the only one targeting Tyler. You know if they couldn’t make at least half the episode about him they would just scrap it all together and just show the comps.


Appreciate the summary but can we stop with the personal comments? Just because you don’t like Rockstar does not mean you need to constantly talk shit about her asshole

True Dat

A lot of people here enjoy the commentary. Even if they didn’t, most people understand that they get to have an opinion too and shouldn’t have to pump out words all day long just for ungrateful people to criticize the way they’re doing it. Also, they have never said anything truly horrible about Rockstar, like calling her something as bad as…I don’t know…an asshole. Your words, not mine.


I’m here for the comments! (Always funny, never mean.) Keep them coming, guys.


I think that Haileigh is for sure gonna try to backdoor Tyler. I hope somehow he gets picked to play in the veto. That way he can save his power in case he needs it for the double eviction. Is it this week? His side has the numbers to save him regardless, I just want him to have all the help he can get!


I don’t know if there is going to be a double eviction this year because Kaitlyn was not able to solve the puzzle. Maybe, if there’s a battle back for the jury members.


I was thinking the same thing JAX


From the very first night, I said to my fellow BB watchers . .I did not like Sam ! I thought she was really dragging out that ‘ southern charm’ a little bit too much ! Give credit where credit is due . . .she is playing the game, it is just that no one has noticed !!!! She plays dumb. She plays naive. She plays every person in that house @!!