“Classless.. Trashy a$$.. spoiled a$$, rich a$$ kids .. I’ve never broke a pinky swear.

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – The Hive is so clueless.. It’s all sour grapes from them now.


1:11pm Rocks, Bay and Fes

Fes is trying to calculate the day Steve left and how many episodes they’ve aired..
Bayleigh – no no no don’t do it like that
Rocks screams out – whos d1ck do you have to s** to get a Halting Hex in this b1tch
Bay – don’t ask me.. I don’t know..
Rocks – it’s just a turn of phrase..

1:30pm Rocks, Fes and Bay
Rocks – I just really can’t stand any of these people
Bay – these are the people America loves
ROcks – these are the people we needed to get rid of the first week

Rocks – Angela tell us someone else you dated in your modelling career.. Shut the f* up
Rocks says it’s possible to be very pretty and cool, “I only find her one of those”
Bay – I don’t find her either
Bay thought she was cool but not now..
Bay – nice body.. Real nice body..
Fes says it’s not his type of body
Bay – she got a boob job ..
Bay – sometime this is peoples only moment to shine so you gotta let them (LOL)
Rocks – i feel like there’s certain messages that need to be sent to America..

Bay – America the people you are supporting are big..
Rocks – fake spoiled a$$
Bay – classless.. TRashy a$$
Fes – spoiled ..
Rocks – Spoiled rich.. Privileged ..
Bay – Privileged is a great word too
Rocks – I’m thinking of going out Epic..
Bay tells her she’s not going..
Rocks says that is what she’s thinking of doing.. “I’m thinking of keeping you here for my feeling of justice in the world”
Bay – in my one on one she said Bayleigh I love you if it’s not me that wins I want you to be the first black person to ever do it ..
Bay – little b1tch.. Get off your power trips sweetie..
Bay – that’s going to go down in history that’s our one on one.. .
Rocks – what if I can say a epic f*ing speech you stay and take them all down.. what if.. I’m not promising nothing I’m just thinking about stuff..

1:57pm – 2:12pm Rockstar – I am just thinking a lot. Sam – Like about Isac and stuff? Rockstar – sort of, I guess it’s more self-preservation versus epic social statement. Sam – I just don’t know if this is the right platform for that. I think that I agree and I am not opposed to the idea. Rockstar – how real can I be with you and you not repeat anything. I am going to really need you to not repeat this. Sam – I’m a lock box. I’ve never broke a pinky swear. We can pinky swear. Rockstar – If these spoiled a$$, rich a$$ kids are going to keep throwing me on the this block. Is it better to let them know what I think about them and go out with a bang and keep Bay here who could potentially win and make a big social statement. Or is it self-preserving to stay on the f**king block over and over again while these kids win and maybe make it further because they keep using me as a pawn. And I am really thinking about that because they just keep winning and I don’t feel like I could actually beat any of them. I would like to say that I could but they’re real athletes. They’re really athletic and what if I could go out on some epic big a$$ statement. If anyone of these Brett or Angela win they’re just going to throw me right back on there. And I am really thinking about a bigger message but is that a disservice to my family if I could go further? By just being some weak person that they just keep throwing on the block. Sam – it’s easy to get caught up in this and not think about your team outside of here. We all love each other and will be friends outside of here. What matters most is the people outside of here. And I spend a lot of time missing my family but the they’re right here with me. The reality is I’m here for all of the people that I could potentially help. I guess. Bayleigh joins them. Rockstar – I am deep in thought. I am just really thinking. Bay – been there, done that. If I could just let you in on my mind for 30 seconds you would be overwhelmed. Sam – there isn’t really a destination or an end it’s a circle. It’s a never ending path. It’s just all a beginning. It’s a passage of time and distance where I will eventually end up where I started. Rockstar starts crying. Rockstar – I am just weighing self-preservation versus my believe system. So I stay here and these privileged a$$ kids keep throwing me back on the block. I have a lot of thoughts in my head like is it more likely if you stay could you win. That’s a big statement. Bay – I don’t understand why god would bring me here if it wasn’t for me to win. But I can’t discredit your path, it doesn’t mean more than your path. For me to be completely thrown under the bus someone must have some real life problems. I want to see justice for these dumba$$ people.

2:08pm Haleigh and Angela cam 3-4
Angela says when someone freaks out like Bayleigh did you know they are up to something.
Haleigh talking about being serious about a girls alliance.
Angela says she knew all week that Bayeligh was going up, “She told me so many lies.. So many lies”
Angela – she was always safe I was not trying to get Bayleigh out she was safe.. And the fact she had HOH last week, she had this power app to keep herself safe and she still wanted to mess with my thing when she wanted to work with me.
Angela – that’s the most shadiest.. How do I not put someone up that does that to me
Angela – you have proven to me I can’t trust you
Angela – nobody has done be wrong in such a way.. If she had not done anything she would be here.. That’s the thing you get too much power in this game it bites you in the a$$.

Angeal a- Me and Bayleigh will be really really good friends.. I adore her I love her personality she’s fun to be around.. I don’t know what she did this
H – it’s just crazy she’s never said a word
Angela – I think she was targeting me for f*iung with my HOH
Haleigh thought she was going to put up Scottie
Angela – I want everyone to think I was going after scottie..
Angela says Bay made it personal when she lied to her.

Angela – if we talk right now she’s just going to lie to me.. I don’t want to be lied to anymore..
H – I know it’s tough
Angela – she hasn’t tried to pitch anything to anyone.. Is she giving up

2:36pm pump off


4:04pm Scottie and Fes
fes – how are you feeling in this game
Scottie – this week I’m alive.. I was freaking the f* out yesterday morning.. next week I don’t f*ing know.. obviously if one of us wins I’m goo d
Fes – me, you or Tyler have to win.. the girls.. Like the past HOH’s have been girls and they’ve all sent home a girl.. if a girl wins [HOH] the shot at me you or Tyler is happening.. that is what I feel
Scottie asks him who he thinks would take that shot at them.
Fes doesn’t know
Fes – people in this game are being very social just to co er angles.. does that make sense..

4:41pm Haleigh and Fes..

Bayleigh – Stop flirting it’s really weird..

5:28pm KAycee and Bay in the kitchen
Bay – I asked you if you were the hacker or not
Bayleigh saying when Angela was saying she thought she was the hacker Kaycee was probably agreeing with her because bayleigh lied to her about not having the power app

Kaycee says it wasn’t like that says she’s close to a lot of people in the house not only Bayleigh..
Kaycee – I’m not telling people what you tell me .. I wasn’t going against you
bayleigh says people (dr) were asking her yesterday if she can trust KAycee moving forward and she broke down from the question.
Kaycee says the personal and game thing is different
Bay – you’re laughing right now this isn’t funny..
Kaycee – how am I laughing
Bay – you smirked at me
Kaycee – are you kidding me I”m always smiling.. you think I’m laughing at you why would I sit here laugh at you
Kaycee – why would I laugh
Bay – look at your face .. I’m genuinely coming to you because my feelings are hurt
Kaycee – I’m not laughing..
BAy – I don’t appreciate that .. you’re smiling
Kaycee – this is how I talk
Bay – Can I not come to you and express my thoughts
Kaycee says she can they trust each other
Kaycee says he’s trying to give Bay space out of respect she can tell BAyelgih is in a mood.
Bay – I’m not in a mood.. Like am I not allowed to come to you and be like Hey Kace
Kaycee – you can
Baye – but you get snappy at me
KAycee – I’m not snappy at you, you are taking it the wrong way

5:55pm Bayleigh and Haleigh
Haleigh tells her she’s the hacker..

Bayleigh thinks that Angela has something deeper inside her that’s not game for why she wants to get rid of Bayleigh because if Angela had accepted their deal she would have been set.
Bayleigh suggest that she offended Angela in some way (you have a power)
(drop the alliance you’ve had from week1 feeds to be the bottom of an alliance that is at best at treading water)

6:10pm Backyard Kaycee and the rest of her ilk

Kaycee is talking about her conversation with Bayleigh.. Angela tells them that Fes was up in the HOH talking to her. they laugh at his lack of game knowledge. Tyler impersonates fes pretending to read off “notes”

Tyler – I won’t put you up next week .. you’re hot…
Angela – that was his pitch seriously..
Tyler- I don’t know what the f* is going on


6:45pm Bayleigh, FEs and Haleigh
They’re talking about how to keep Bayleigh. They know Angela doesn’t vote and Tyler has already said he’s voting out Bayleigh so that’s 2 votes out from the the other side.
Bay says that Fes was the only person that knew she had the power before Rachel.
Haleigh says Kaycee will vote for her.
Bay – Kaycee has been so rude to me these past few days and being and so pro Angela.. the only time I cried was yesterday and today because of Kaycee ..
H – Angela can’t play next week..
Bay – I’m not mad i’m on the block I’m more disgusted how people are treating me this week.. like I would never treat someone so disrespectfully

H – all we need is 4 we have half of them right now..
Fes – I could get JC..
Bay – what about Scottie .. (hmm.. )
Bay – what about Brett…
Fes – what of JC can convince them that BRett and Rockstar are working together

Haleigh – we don’t know where Sam’s head is at
Bayleigh – Sam doesn’t want to choose between us two
H – the thing about rocks is people have been wanting her out for while
Bay – this has been a very rough few weeks in this house.. we’ve had 1 good week..
They are joking around that Fes needs to stop winning vetos and start winning HOH’s

Fes says he’s board..
Bayleigh – you’re board right now fes!!! he’s so spoiled what have we gotten ourselves into

7:08pm haleigh and Fes

Fes – what has gotten over you these past couple days.. you act like you like me
H – I do like you

7:50pm HIVE in the pink room.. (minus Scottie)

Chit chat.. I heard Jeff and Jordan and hit MUTE

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WOW! i cant wait when Rockstar finds out Bay is a privileged, spoiled rich a$$ kid!
And now they are both attacking “America” like Swaggy did.



It won’t matter in rockstars eyes you can only be privileged if you are white


I think God sent Bay to BB to learn humility. He sent Tyler there to win.


I take my faith in God pretty seriously, so the more I see of Bayleigh, the less I like her.
– Quotes the Bible but also thinks she might be pregnant with Swaggy’s baby after knowing him for 2 whole weeks.
-says Angela is on a power Trip and doesn’t recognize the irony
– believe s God could only put her in the BB House to win. She’s one of those people who thinks God’s will always matches their own.

I know, I should pull the log out of my eye before I point out the speck in hers but geez at the hypocrisy

Scottie’s quickly becoming a favorite and I wouldn’t complain about seeing him the final 2/3.


Well, God failed on that one…. she hasn’t learned a damned thing.


If indeed God wanted her there & she failed to see His will then He’ll continue to put her back into the same situation until she does. If that’s the case until she finds some humility, she’s got a rough road ahead.

Shaking my head

God did not fail her, she failed him. Maybe his will was to teach her humility and how better to treat others. Just my thought. If others of different color said what she has said…all h@#$ would be breaking loose. Racism is not only white to black…it is any person to any other person for such a pathetic reason as money, difference of opinion, and so on. Seems like a reality check is in order to me…but what do I know, I am just one person with one opinion.


I truly think that Rockstar comes from a good place, the fact that she’s so emotional about sacrificing herself (to her family’s detriment) to help keep Bayleigh in the game because of some social injustice she feels is going on, is admirable in a way. Now unfortunately she is blinded by an us vs. them mentality in terms of social economic injustice. I’m sure she’s seen extreme poverty in her life and feels slighted by the so called “spoiled rich entitled” people. She’s blinded by what she feels the other people in the house are, it’s obvious that she’s completely prejudiced against people who happen to have been born better off than her. If only she knew about Bayleigh’s background, she is probably one of the ones who has grown up with the most wealth. Rockstar is totally misguided in her feelings, but I do think she is empathetic and sympathetic which are good qualities.

As for Bayleigh, she is the opposite of RS. She has no empathy or sympathy. She is entitled and self absorbed and not a very nice person. It’s all about ME, ME, ME with her, she could care less about anyone else. I hope it’s Bayleigh that goes, and I hope RS can put aside her insecurities and prejudices and enjoy herself and get to see the others for who they are not how much money they may or may not have.


I grew up with Ange “rockstar” and I can’t believe how she talks about spoiled kids. She was one of the most spoiled kids I’ve known. Had everything she ever wanted wanted. Designer everything, nice house, parents who did everything for her and still do. She is as fake as they come.


If that’s true, then some rich white guy must have screwed her over because she hates the “Rich, white privilege”.

BB is not what it use to B

Or her parents who have taken care of her for so long, finally cut her off after having them babies! Just saying…


OMG, HALEIGH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why, why, why????? Why on earth would you tell Bayleigh you were the hacker.

Bayleigh (dumbest move this season) tells Rachel about her power.
Haleigh……hold my beer.

The HIVE is so dumb!! I mean seriously wth


I agree with u to a point, but Rockstar has made comments about white privilege and such… honestly that narrative is very old especially coming from a white woman… everybody has hardships, and people need to stop seeing things as black and white… especially Bayley with her crazy white people comments… Bailey appeared to be the hacker to the house but at the end of the day she is going bc she has a game changing power, clear and simple


everything is black and white in this country and in this game. majority of bb following are whites. every post lately evern on this page is all about showing bay in a negative light. nothing that tyler or angela do or say goes into the headline on this page and many others. everyone is against bay and 80% of people who watch bb are white and do not like bay. they wanted her to be the crazy black women when she went on the block and she did the exact opposite. if tyler yelled at me in that house i would have been off the show. thats all i can say. i feel sorry for u all who dont have live feeds


no you do not make fun of everyone simon. i didnt see anything on this site when angela and rachel made racist comments. i also dont see you headlining any mean thing that angela, jc, tyler say or do. you are against r.s. and bay. i wonder why. yes, bay isnt the smartest at this game but you continue to paint her and rs in a negative light like they are the only ones that say stuff. folks that do not have feeds, will go off of what you post and its not always accurate. im happy i have feeds so i can judge everyone in that house appropriately and not be bias


RS and Bay have painted themselves in a negative light. No one told them to say and do the things they have done.


Thank God you don’t have a BB blog to air your “analysis” of what’s going on in the house. Your’s is some of the most biased, skewed towards one race being good and another being bad, that I’ve ever seen. You also do not use facts to support your misguided opinions. That would be helpful so people can make up their own mind as to whether or not to agree with you. Simon is the most accurate I’ve ever seen, with some funny opinions in parentheses. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re a bad or evil person, but you are extremely one sided and you need to offer up facts so people can understand you better

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Actually there were many on here that liked bay up until last week. She showed her true self. The negative has nothing to do with her race!


You are wrong. I am white and I would celebrate a black person, female or male, that was wiley and smart enough to win this game. I’d celebrate them no different than any other color person that could do it. This game is hard and it is a great achievement to make it to the end. Not all white people discriminate. I really liked Bayleigh at the beginning of the season. Then she showed us all her true colors. A lot of people say the same thing. We can’t all be wrong!


Not true. I’ve up and down on Baliegh over the season, and really started liking her after Shaggy left, but sorry, she lost me with her ridiculous argument tbat it is fine for her to use the word midget to a little person because there was a question mark at the end of the sentence, but Jc- the gay, latino, little person was waaay out of line according to her highness for equating it to the n-word in his response as a way of educating her. A slur is a slur. The way she talks down to and demeans Rockstar is abhorent. Then when she demanded her ally Fes immediately wake up and be interrogated by her, I was done.


Bay is showing herself in a negative light and so is Rockstar.


You don’t think her ugly attitudes and crass demeanor and treatment of the other houseguests have anything to do with it? Absolutely, they do. Plus she couldn’t get over her power trip and tried telling Angela what to do as well as bossing and yelling at all the other houseguests. I take my God very seriously also and I would never demand (not even ask) anyone to swear o the Holy Bible. For ANY reason. Admit it…after the way she acted all last week, she would have been voted out anyway…power or no.


Well Said, My opinion of RS is the same. I really do think she means well, but is misguided.

Douchey C

Believe me, Rocktard will have a different perspective on this and actually feel happy for Bay-Bay ( eyeroll)


To live with the guilt of being white…. RS has some serious issues. She is soo indoctrinated.


Rockstar would have more money if she didn’t waste it on cigarettes, tattoos and breast implants, just saying.

Level 7

Rockstar – I am deep in thought. I am just really thinking.
Bayleigh – been there, done that. If I could just let you in on my mind for 30 seconds you would be overwhelmed.

What kind of ignorant shit is this? Your slow little mind would never be able to keep up with my one-point-from-genius level mind. Unbelievable.

Can not wait for the actual spoiled little brat to get the heave-ho

Cali Girl

Let us not forget who brought Bay’s festering boil of a personality to a smelly, exploding, head… the hacker-Bay’s bestie in/of cluelessness to cause and effect AKA common sense. The irony here is quite delicious. Bay’s epic downfall has ultimately been Hayleigh’s dumbing (who is stuck watching her own game die silently in her hacky secrecy).

Damn consequences. Go primp some more Hacky Hay… your looks are strategizing so brilliantly. *flood of sarcasm*


It won’t make a difference….. she’s delusional to everything, including what a privileged, self centered brat Blahleigh is…..

Longtime Lurker

These houseguests are all delusional. Lol

I really enjoy reading your posts since I don’t have feeds. I tried the feeds last year and found that I’d rather just keep up through OBB. So, great job, guys.

Anyway, I just placed an Amazon order using your link. I didn’t see anything that showed proceeds to y’all so I’m not sure it worked right. I tried, though.

Botox Pelosi

Rocks in her head & Bitchy Bayleigh are tough to listen to. Whoa is me.


Poor babies.
They get to be on BB over thousands of applicants, are on TV, and get paid to be on a paid vacation. Rock has a husband that puts up with her and has kids (which I can’t have). If Bay is actually pregnant, CBS will make a big deal out of it. Would be the first baby conceived in the BB house that I know of. Her, Swag and baby will never go away.
My heart breaks for them and their tragic lives caused by privileged rich a** white kids.


Whoa there! The word is woe…


Excellent lesson on homonyms!


Errr, or is it homophones

Botox Pelosi

I guess Rocks isn’t the only dumb one.

Bayleigh's Conscience

Do you mean “woe”?


I blew a job interview when they asked me to pinky swear I never used drugs.


Didn’t even own it…

Busta Fooligan

Does anyone else hear that tiny violin?


First of all rockface…the only message you are sending to America is about pre-judging people when you have absolutely nothing to base it on…tearing people down on a personal level when they have done nothing personal to you, endure as much humiliation from someone then tear other people down to try and appease the person who was humiliating you, be gross and disgusting, and obsess about sucking c**k to a national and international audience with your daughter at home possibly watching you degrade yourself, but then fake outrage at someone who made up a game, not personal, lie about you.
And Bay…you were classy, smart and a good girl when you entered the house. I don’t know if it was rockface’s incessant rants of personal destruction and low self esteem, or if you just have a lower self worth than I thought you did…but snap out of it. You’re not like her. You probably are leaving the house, but you still have time to redeem yourself since you’re concerned with America’s view of you.


at least she didn’t say it on your daughters birthday


lol…can’t even own it

Hi my name is Scott

Psssst. Queen Bay nor anyone else changed after coming into that house. All that happens is that under such circumstances your true personality and thoughts tend to come out for the public to consume. The only thing that changes is things that you would normally keep to yourself or only talk about behind closed doors with family or very close friends come out when you forget that the whole world is watching and listening.


im sure you talk about black people at your table behind close doors. you all think blacks are ghetto, ignorant, violent etc. the hypocrisy

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Wow! Nope I don’t sit around talking about people’s race….now I may talk about people’s attitudes but has nothing to do with the color of their skin!


Oh look everyone, it is Ms Thea. She tells fortunes and reads minds… Wait! That was Miss Cleo…
Thea stop telling folks what they are thinking, I for one am a white woman and I rooted for Bay after SwaggyC left… She is not only racist against white people but also Muslims… She has shown herself as being a hateful racist… Had she just played the game instead of acting like QueenBay and started spewing hateful racist things out of her face I would still be rooting for her.
If I was Rockstar I would have stood up and walked out on Bay and told her when she wants to talk and stop treating like her very own whipping post, then we can talk. Until then she can believe whatever the hell she wants.
I don’t see her being bossy to Brett, Tyler, Angela and Sam… She started her crap with Kaycee today…
But she is mean to Rockstar, JC, Fes and Haleigh… I guess that is her privilege speaking to them.


oh so what makes you think bay is racist. you know her heart? do you know the context in which she was speaking or if she was joking? do u have live feeds? did you hear her say kill muslims i hate them? did you hear her say i hate white people and i want them extinct? what makes you think she is racist? i for one live in a world where i know racism exists because i have experienced it first hand. idont hate anyone but i am definitely cautious because at the end of the day i have seen a white woman hold her purse tight when a black man is besides her. so dont act dumb on this thread like you all have never sat aaround behind closed doors and discuss race. IT IS A FACT THAT BLACKS ARE NOT HELD TO THE SAME STD AS WHITES IN THE BB HOUSE. FIRST THING ANGELA DOES IS HIDE IN HER ROOM AND BASH BAY BC SHE THINKS BAY WOULD BE THE ANGRY BLACK WOMAN. THE STEREOTYPE IS THERE. SO DONT ACT LIKE WHITE PEOPLE DONT THINK THAT WAY


Wow, there really are no words for you!




No shouty capitals…no need to get angry. I would never try and take away from the racism you may have experienced. But I too have seen racism in several forms, from different races. The important thing is to not let it shade your view of the vast majority of that particular race


You don’t know me!


Most of us don’t. To assume that we do is prejudice. And not everyone that dislikes Bay is white. WHats your theory on nonwhites hating bay, since you can’t blame race? The hypocrisy is that you are projecting your prejudice on us.



BB Fanatic

No, just you


Rockmonster considering putting herself on her sword for Bay is disturbing and reminiscent of bb19. I don’t care for her, but she deserves to be there just as much as Bay or anyone else in the house.


it doesn’t matter what type of speech Rock gives, L6 wants Bay out because of her power.


I know! Seriously! I don’t think it will matter what Rock says. Bayleigh is going home!


You now Angie has the power to affect a vote change! Just look at her what she’s accomplished over the other evictions…


Lol what about Marcellas not using the veto on himself because his bff Amy would go up. His ass was evicted.

Hi my name is Scott

Still the biggest mistake in Big Brother history. I still remember when his dropped like a member of foute when he was evicted. Never saw it coming.

Marianne Martin

they all deserve to be there .. but how many times did the Rockmoster say the others do not deserve to be there .. every single day … and all day when things are not going her way .. i have no respect for those two .. i was hoping Bay would play once scrappy left .. but she got that power .. (which i still can not believe she was trending… not on any of the sites i read or watch) after that Bay became Queen Bitch … and Rockmonster more colourful after getting beat down by the Queen B… At least the Canadian Queen B is a sweetheart and was fun to watch ..


so why is it impossible that bay won the power?

Rockstar Sucks

So Rockstar (stupidest name ever) wants to let Bay win because she’s black so she can make a statement? How stupid are these morons?

Bayleigh's Conscience

Surely Rockfall has to know that even if there was a way to keep Bayleigh this week which we know there isn’t, she is such a shitty person, she would just get voted out next week. No way would she ever come close to winning! But, hey if Rocks wants to walk out the door with her, I’m all for it!


Sounds like bay got her period. The bitchy is leaking out. It really bothers me that she’s so disrespectful of rocks. And others. I know she’s is disappointed in the way things turned out at B.B. but her reputation is not dependent on this reality show her intelligence and normal poised demeanor will be enough with looks to get her in a great many doors still. What she is experiencing in B.B. is like life, sometimes out of your control . One more observation she is one of the rich spoiled privileged kids that got an opportunity to be on tv reality game show and be exposed to additional opportunities because of it so quit belly aching and pouting at people telling them how to talk eat dance sing play and vote .!!!


When did she supposedly get her period? Vegas leaked on Twitter, less than 48 hours ago, that it a possibility and producers have talked to her and she is seeing a nurse practitioner.


Cali Girl

“What to Expect When You Are Expecting the Unexpected”

Oh my. Hilarious. Never would I EVER have sex in the game with cameras everywhere and millions watching/listening. Silly hamsters.

Oh and Swaggy daddy retweeted this. *facepalm*


Could be preggo hormones.

Cali Girl

My thoughts as well. Pregger hormones amplifying the cray cray.


Such a shame. I liked bayleigh. Then she won how and now I can’t wait for her to go


Hoh. Stupid autocorrect.

Douchey C

Dayum, can both these bitches go Thursday? I swear Rocktard spews hate on everyone to impress Queen…. she is clearly intimidated by her…..ugly ass behavior


Rockstar refers to the other side of the house as “rich” and “privileged” every other sentence. How does she know that they are rich and privileged? Does she have access to see their houses, cars, and bank accounts? Nope, didn’t think so.


because they are white…she haws said it over and over. thing is Bay is rich and privileged but she assumes because of color.


And that wrong assumption on Rockstar’s part that because Baleigh is black she doesn’t come from a privileged background is actually really racist.

So sick of level 6..5...4...3...2...1

Angelo is such. C U Next Tuesday. She’s on a power trip just like Bay but worse. Can’t wait til L4? Turns in each other. No way Tyler take Angelo. He’ll take Brett. Most people hate him.


ahh, took me a second to realize u were being sarcastic.

Bottomfeeder Bay

I didn’t know Swaggy was literate.

Bayleigh's Conscience

Most people hate him? How do you explain his face as the number 1 spot on the ranking grid every day since day 1? You need to be educated, Swaggy.


I think they meant Brett is most hated

Angela's Fantastic A$$

F U Angela is the best!


What famous people has Angela dated?

Hive on Fire

Paul, JC & Bill Clinton.


David Beckman


Bill Cosby for one night


I’m pretty sure that someone will report that she went out with Trump.

Brett's Butt Plug

Cosby, Weinstein, and Clinton


Joey Chestnut, the “Chocolate Rain” guy, and Lassie


hahahahahaha….good one, any woman would like joey chestnut down


Why is Rocks assuming they are all rich? Why does that exclude them from being able to win? If she isn’t happy with her situation, change it. Why does she think America cares about her “big” statement. Is Baleigh the only person on the planet God cares about?

Busta Fooligan

Amen to that

Brutally Honest

I can’t tell who’s more self centered and conceited, Bayleigh or Frankie Grande?


I think Frankie Grande is still in the lead for that role


I agree, but Bayleigh’s just ugly mean. Frankie was wackily upbeat by comparison, at least, in a delusional way. How did Bayleigh ever win “Miss Congeniality” in that beauty contest?


OMG…..Bay you really don’t think you are privileged? or spoiled? and then Gold brought you here to win? what planet are you living on……I can’t wait until she see what America thinks of the Queen!


“Bay – classless.. TRashy a$$” Bayleigh just described yourself to us. lol


My feeling sorry for Rockstar is now over.. Her virtue signaling is ridiculous. She wants to make an epic social statement on behalf of someone who is a delusional brat. Rockstar doesn’t care about winning, her only motivation was to make it to jury so she can keep earning an easy paycheck.

Who said that!

Any thoughts on where FOUTTE/HIVE ranks on the worst alliances in BB history?

Sakura Haruno

I don’t get the whole “white privileged spoiled rich kid” argument.

I thought you have to play the game the best to deserve the win.

I’m from japan so I guess we don’t really have these issues over there.

Can someone explain it to me???


I believe white privilege is a term used by the political left to blame everything on white people to divide the USA. I’m Mexican and the term is soo silly to me. I was raised poor to lower middle class, just north of border in city of San hairdo, and I had a great childhood not having much of anything. But I did have Mexicans parents that loved us and taught Us we could be anything we wanted to be and make good choices in life.

Sakura Haruno

Great story 😀


Sounds like you have great parents that raised you right! =)

“privileged white kid”

Wow , this was good to hear. You have some pretty solid parents Motto.


It’s a weird phenomena that anyone in the game should judge other houseguests by how deserving they perceive them to be, outside of the game. Neuroses and insecurities bubble over, and unfortunately racism spills out sometimes, too.

Bayleigh's Conscience

It’s just a big copout for jealousy.


San ysidro not hairdo


I was wondering if there was a place actually called San Hairdo…pretty funny auto correct! =)


Sounds like a fun place!!

Who said that!

CBS should give Sam her own show,therapy house with Sambot.Kaitlny could watch to learn how to be a life coach.


Sam’s the new BB Life Coach. She’s giving advice for free and Kaitlyn is charging $2700-$11,000.

that is crazy

That’s how much Kaitlyn charges… for real? WOW that’s a lot for her to just quote Tony Robins

Non PC

Oh geez how should I put this politely…, so yet another season with an angry, mean, entitled, chip on your shoulder black woman, who is bitching and moaning about being portrayed on TV as an angry, mean, entitled, chip on your shoulder black woman. Because “What will they think about me at home? I’m nothing like this in real life.” Oh yeah, we know. Chima II. no wait III. or maybe IV. hold on VII…

CBS you once again fulfilled your mandatory quota and failed miserably. Next…


Comparing the black women to each other lol! I guess you don’t think you’re racist. Did you see Xmas last season?


And we’re off to the races about race, right StopTheBs? Since just that you totally missed his post?

Baby bird

Can we please have black women on the show minus the chips please!


Brett is such a Greek God….OMG he gives me life…

Finally a good season

Can it be Thursday already, I just want to see how the crowd boos bayleigh. Her comments are too much maybe Swaggy will dump her


I’d like to see it too, but don’t get your hopes up. It seems like they don’t let the audience boo anymore. The best we get is less than enthusiastic cheering.


Wont happen….hop on over to his Instagram and you will see he doesn’t care what she saids or does. He thinks they were the best showmance and best looking couple ever.


They will not have an audience that will boo her. Either they go with a heavily employee filled audience or bring in folks sympathetic to her.

Finally a good season

Really hope Angela goes next. After watching Sunday’s episode she’s pretty cocky.

Sadie Blue

No one is as Cocky as Bay!


Angela doesn’t believe Bay is the hacker,,,,you can tell by how she is rationalizing putting Bay up to everyone. I pray someone blindsides her. She’s a witch




She must be a witch if she has somehow made her way back into the house. Rachel went home last week.


Elmer, you just taught me there’s an edit button. Good to know, thanks!! I was just giving you a hard time all in fun with the Rachel/Angela mix up. I meant no offense.

Sadie Blue

Bay has delusions of grandeur!! Sucks she will be in jury!


Bay calling people privileged. Bitch your family lives in an Eyes Wide Shut mansion. God she SUCKS


I meant Angela not Rachel

JC is Pervy

Haleigh spilled the beans.

Cat Nip

Yup, Hay spilled the beans and now Hay wants to call a house meeting. Uh oh.


Omg really? PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN! “Hey guys I’m really the hacker please be nice to Bay, thanks!”

Right on!

Murd thank you , that’s the best I’ve heard all day!

Bayleigh's Conscience

I thought that she was not allowed to tell. Won’t she get a penalty or evicted or something?


I’m not sure why, but I’m still surprised Haley told Bailey she was the hacker.


The HIVE, the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you think they couldn’t be any dumber smh


Does Rockstar not realize that the fact that she has not even considered the possibility that Bay could herself be one of those “privileged, rich kids” as she calls them is inherently racist, narrow-minded, and superficially ignorant? Does she not know that many black people can be and are in fact upwardly mobile and financially successful? And yes, they can raise spoiled “privileged a– kids” too??

Does Rockstar also not recognize that by sacrificing herself (and her game) is not a social statement at all, but a perpetuation of the very racist “white hero saves the downtrodden black person who can’t help him/herself”? What kind of racist, self-centered, egotistical, delusional BS is that? What is wrong with her?

If she wants to better society and make “epic social statements,” then perhaps she can try raising her kids (who, mother or father, leaves a 6 month old), working to get a better job or better education, or how about just learning to speak grammatically correct English (bc the way she speaks grates on me as well) before pointing fingers at other people who she assumes are white, rich, and therefore evil?


This! And may I add that when you are gifted the ability to better your own offspring’s lives, you don’t sacrifice that chance for a bully you met weeks ago who treats you like garbage and won’t speak to you when this is all over because of her


it seems with rocky the only privilege she is against is white privilege. She seems she would be okay with a black/gay person who is privileged but not a white man, as she has stated over and over. She is racist herself in her comments or at least very ignorant about people from different walks of life. I grew up middle class, worked my butt off went to University, doing very well for myself now, would hate to think what she would say about me or anyone like me, who worked hard to get to where they are. Being white shouldn’t make her think someone is privileged or because they dress better than she does. She is reverse discrimination IMO. This so-called grand speech she wants to make to get herself evicted and save bay isn’t going to work. Even if bay stayed she will not win, she has ticked off to many in the house they will get her out as soon as they can.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Rockstar does NOT deserve to be on BB! Thousands of people who wanted to be there lost out the opportunity for this wasted coward! Her loyalty is to her FAMILY!! Always! She desperately wanted to make jury for her family, and she has. But now, that’s not good enough! She wants to sacrifice any chance she has I the game for a statement about a person who has belittled her o national TV!

We all know that there are upcoming comps that are a total crapshoot! The kind that ANY one can win by luck alone! And she wants to give that up??

She’s right! She IS a loser! A loser gives up before they even TRY!

Just me

Why!!! Why would Haleigh tell Baleigh she was the hacker??? I thought she made a great move, by putting up Tyler and keeping quiet about it, but she followed it up with a bonehead move. Let’s see how Baleigh responds.


Weird I guess the fact Bay knows Hay is the hacker didn’t affect her. But yet she bites Kaycee’s head off because she thought she smiled. She is truly wacko!!!


Halegh, Rocks and Fez are all misted by Baleigh. I don’t understand it whatsoever – they tip toe around her, and never stick up for themselves when she snaps at them. Haleigh telling her she is the hacker and Rocks saying that all she wants is for a black woman to win – they should just self evict so Baleigh could stay already. Crazy how they are all for Baleigh.


They had someone one year who was on the block and had to leave due to his dad being really sick, they just replaced him on the block with someone else and someone got evicted (I believe it was CanBB). So self eviction doesn’t mean that no one goes home. just means someone else gets replaced. bay will go regardless of who replaces her on the block. rocky is not a bright girl.


It’s part of the requirements of their alliance. You have no idea how hard it is to mess up this often and still be in the game. That is real talent. There is no way Tyler could pull it off…



Brett's Butt Plug

Rocks screams out – whos d1ck do you have to s** to get a Halting Hex in this b1tch
Bay – don’t ask me.. I don’t know..
Rocks – it’s just a turn of phrase..

Please do not turn the phrase “tossed salad” when you go to KFC…

Brett's Butt Plug

Hayleigh can you please shower more than once a week you filthy, dirty, ho.

Brett's Butt Plug

Brett and Fezzy had the oil in hand looking for a little man on man action. Holla if you hear me b@tches!

Baby bird

Did you notice that when things are going bad for Hayleigh she’s up Fes’s butt and when she feels like she has power he is like pond scum to her? Get away from me, no wait, save me! Idiots.

Hive worst alliance ever

I respect Hailey for telling her she was the hacker… but another dumb plan by the hive…. I’m going to call a house meeting and tell everyone…. what votes do you think you are getting? 1) you have to campaign fully against Rock. 2) all of a sudden you are best friends with Scottie after not saying a word to him for 3 days and campaigning for him to go on the block next to Tyler 3) Bay has the power so no matter what Bay against Rock Bay goes home every time. 5) they think they can get Brett and JC to do what Fes says. 6) Kaycee will vote for Bay to stay? Seriously? I will say I have not seen all 20 seasons but it would amaze me to see another alliance in any season go 6 weeks and still be absolutely clueless in the game.

Long story short. Bay still goes home on Thursday and Hailey paints a huge target on her back. I love watching the Hive Entertainment at its best


I think I am actually speechless. I have to gather my thoughts.


I’m with you !!! Omg !!!!

Brett's Butt Plug

Bay – I’m not mad i’m on the block I’m more disgusted how people are treating me this week.. like I would never treat someone so disrespectfully



OMG I know, she has been nothing but disrespectful to people, especially rocky and the rest of her alliance. Sam as well. Yeah bay, you are a very respectful woman..rolls my eyes

Brett's Butt Plug

LOL! The 3 hives of Bay, Hay, Fezzy plotting how to screw over RockNock and vote her out. Maybe they should have worried about votes over the last few weeks.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Rock is helping them screw her over. But once again they will be shocked when the votes don’t go their way. Lol

Brett's Butt Plug

since bay still has the power she is gone.

Brett's Butt Plug

Does Hayleigh have a pimple or a tumor on her forehead?


I can’t wait until the Hive is gone and Level 6 has to turn on each other!! Let’s see how they handle the pressure! They are going to be worse because they have become close and the anger is more intense when it’s your suppose to be friend! Lets see if the fans on here rip Tyler and Angela then like they are doing Bay!

Finally a good season

Does it seem like bayleigh is really pregnant. Some of her comments suggest she may be.


Can you imagine being the child conceived in the shower of a TV show. How awfull for that kid. Than add to his father’s name is Swaggy C! Poor kid…..

team fair

Listen…I’m so sick in tired of people judging these two for having sex…even if it was on t.v. …i hope that means none of you have ever watched porn or movies either. There is tons of people who pay to watch people they don’t know have sex live on the internet as well…like seriously get over yourselves…just because your things have been aired on t.v. doesn’t make you innocent or better than…they had sex…so what get over it! People who live in glass houses should not throw stones

Brett's Butt Plug

Thats why we have Planned Parenthood.

Finally a good season

The DR should give her a pregnancy test.

Brett's Butt Plug

How about an IQ test????


“I’m not mad i’m on the block I’m more disgusted how people are treating me this week.. like I would never treat someone so disrespectfully” – Are you effing kidding me?!?!?!?! How about the way that B*TCH was talking to Rockstar after the eviction for starters…. I could LITERALLY (B*tchleigh’s FAVORITE word) spend an hour pointing out examples of how you’ve treated 90% of the people in the house “disrespectfully”.


After SwaggyC left I was rooting for Bayleigh and then I was just disgusted by what comes out of her mouth.
Her racist remarks against white people and against Muslims gave me more than enough reason not sad to see her go this week. I am sad however that she lasted until jury.
Such a beautiful black female with such a nasty attitude.