The Hacker Changed a Nomination! “I will flip this whole f**king house!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie
Have Nots

Hacker TWIST: They can rescue one of the nominees from the eviction vote and name a replacement. In addition, they can choose one of the house guests (other than the HoH and nominees) to compete for the Power of Veto. And they can nullify one of the votes for eviction.

5:05pm HOH room. Angel, Fes, Haleigh. Angela. Angela leaves. Fes – I thought you won. Haleigh – I didn’t get it. Fes – you didn’t know it was a skull so I was trying to cover for you. Haleigh – I was making fun of her because she said sad face. Angela returns. Angela – everyone was like if I win I’ll let you know. Cool… and now no one is telling me. Haleigh – that’s the thing though if they change it you can just change it if the veto is used. Angela – it doesn’t make their game any better. Everyone is still in jeopardy. No one is safe regardless of what happens with the change because of the veto. Haleigh – to use it would just be stupid. Angela – I think the hacker will be obvious.

5:15pm – 5:23pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the hacker noms. When the live feeds return…

Hacker Twist: Was used

Scottie was taken off and Tyler was put up.

On the Block: Tyler & Rockstar

– Scottie isn’t safe this week he could still go up as the replacement nominee.
Word on the street: Haleigh is the hacker winner..
Tyler’s Cloud App: The Cloud ensures immunity for Tyler at a nomination or Veto ceremony during the first eight weeks and he must use it before the HOH reveals his or her picks.

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Living room. Kaycee – interesting. Very interesting. Rockstar, Bayleigh and Haleigh head to the bedroom. Rockstar – well that sucks, he’s like the veto champion. Haliegh – I’m sorry. Rockstar – I didn’t think either of us were going to be taken off. Bay – Someone is specifically targeting him. Scottie joins them. Haleigh – tells him congrats. Scottie – this could easily be a backdoor. I might not play in the veto now. Bay – and then put you right back up. Scottie – yeah I could easily go right back up. Rockstar – so whoever it is they get to pick who plays in the veto. Scotttie – yup, we’ll see. JC – this house is a sh*t show! Scottie leaves. Haleigh – that would be a stupid backdoor plan. Haleigh – when Scottie came down he looked shocked. Rockstar – this just adds another level of crazy.

5:27pm Bathroom. Angela, Tyler, Fes, Sam.
Sam – its not going to stick. Tyler – it could easily stay. Sam – no f**king way! Tyler – and a vote gets cancelled. Sam – well just win the veto and take yourself. Tyler – yeah. Sam – or I’ll win the veto and take you off. Sam – This is one of those things that I will just have to wait to because I don’t understand. there is no sense in worrying about it because there is so much that can change. Angela – the only thing that we need to worry about it the noms staying the same.

Tyler and JC are alone in the bathroom. JC – I am going to do as much as possible to make sure the veto is used. Tyler – I will go if I don’t win the veto. Someone’s vote is going to be cancelled out. JC – I will flip this whole f**king house. Tyler – If I don’t win, I am gone. Your vote is cancelled. JC – you are not going home. Don’t get in the negativity. Tyler – I am going to win the veto. Fes joins them. Fes – I have a feeling I am going to get picked to play. This is a crazy a$$ f**king game!!

5:40pm Bathroom – Tyler and Scottie. Scottie – I would like you to still look me in the eyes. You marched out of the havenot room and looked pretty mad. Tyler – I don’t know what the f**k is going on. Scottie – me neither. It doesn’t make any sense. I assume we were associated together but why take me down and put you up. It doesn’t make any sense. Tyler – I don’t know. I didn’t do sh*t. Scottie – we’re pretty much the same player. Scottie – the only options are one you really pissed someone off. Two – its a backdoor for me. Three – they want us to not trust each other. Tyler – but who knows we’re tight? Scottie – everyone. If I win, you’re coming off.. then we’re both safe. Tyler – yeah.. I don’t know this sucks. I’m just glad we’re not up there together. Haleigh joins them. Haleigh – I swear it wasn’t me.

6:15pm HOH room. Tyler – who plays in the veto will be very telling. The cancelled vote is what really blows. Angela – I feel really helpless. I can’t control anything. Haleigh – you can control tomorrow who’s in it (Veto). Kaycee – pick me, I want to play. Tyler – I wonder if it is someone trying to pit me and Scottie against each other. IF Brett can survive on the block twice, I hope I can. Angela – I feel like when someone tries to make a big move .. it gets out and everyone will be pissed at them. Tyler – its just a weak thing to do. Like tell me I’m a threat because I win competitions.

Haleigh – the best case scenario is Tyler wins, takes himself off and Angela puts up her original nomination. Kaycee – I just hope I get to play.


6:55pm Bathroom. Brett and Haleigh. Brett – you know who it could be? It could be Angela. Haleigh – that would be stupid. Brett – not really because then there is no blood on her hands. Its not Rockstar, she would have used it on herself unless she put someone up that she thought she could beat. Haleigh – I don’t think Tyler would go home over Rockstar. Haleigh – I know it wasn’t f**king me. I don’t think it was you. I don’t think its Rockstar. It definitely wanst Angela is way too pissed or it.

7:20pm Havenot room. Scottie and Tyler. Scottie – I just hate all this lying. Tyler – either way they are trying to pinch it on you. Bay joins them. Bay – It couldn’t have been a smart play … you’re killer at vetos. Everyone is paranoid.

7:40pm Angela -& Tyler. Angela – If I win I am pulling you down. I have JC talking to Fes. I don’t think Fes will try to win. Tyler – he (Fes) told me that he would use the veto on me if she won. Angela – stupid hacker sh*t! Tyler – Bayleigh is so dumb too .. she said she got zero right. Umm .. no you Tryler – the only Thing e

8:15pm JC, Tyler and Angela. JC – If you get house guest choice, pick Harassment pick Fes. Angel – I was thinking of picking Kaycee. She hasn’t played yet. Tyler – she is going to be running or thing. Angela – if Rockstar wins and pulls herself down then we put up Bayleigh. Brett joins them.

8:28pm Haleigh and Scottie. Play chess. Scottie and and Haleigh. Haleigh – you need to get picked for the veto and win so that you don’t get backdoored! Scottie – that’s what I was saying.

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I gotta say i love tyler, he is on the same level of Dan Gheisling (is that how you spell it), without the over lying, but i also love seeing him on the block. lol

Swaggy Hep C

Won’t Tyler’s app let him off the hook if he doesn’t win veto?


i don’t think so as he is already on the block. he would have to use if at the time of being nomination.


Yes…it says he can use it at the veto ceremony as well


No, it cannot remove him once he’s put on the block. The app states he can prevent going up as a nominee or being the replacement after he’s activated it. He didn’t activate it so hit’s useless until next week.


Ok, I’m obviously not going to argue bout it since I don’t know, I was just going by what I read in this post…thanks for clarifying


No he can’t use it now

Just sayin'

I hated dan and his dumb big brother funeral and his game in general. I like how Tyler plays he is smart and interesting to watch, I dont think they are similar


I like Tyler but that’s a bit of a stretch. Too early to compare him to Dan lol. And this was actually a good move by Haleigh. I’m surprised, I had no idea she had it in her.


same level in the sense of the level of intelligence in which he has maneuvered himself. He is a likeable guy, he doesn’t get into conflicts, he’s very good with his words, and has so far ensured that everything he has done has been under the radar. everyone who has gone home have been people who trusted him and thought they were aligned with him. All very reminiscent of the way Dan played. The true test for Tyler now is if he’s capable of maneuvering himself of the block or at least have the votes in his favour

But, um

Tyler is no way close to the level of Dan!


I so wanna know who put Tyler up




You would think Haleigh would put up Sam. I didn’t think she would make sure a move to put up Tyler except no one knows its her, so maybe that’s why. Maybe she is using Tyler as a pond, I mean the Hive has been doing it wrong the last several weeks, so you never know. lol


A pond? It took me a few seconds to figure that one out….haha! (Pawn)


Ha ha auto correct. Didn’t even see that

Fly Agaric

i dont think it was Haleigh, She told Fes when they were alone she didnt get it


Haleigh did

Crazy T

Hearing it was Haleigh… It’s the cancelling of a vote that really bugs me..

Bayleighs Mood Swings

I’m going on a limb and saying it was Scottie.


I have to agree that it could be Scottie., but my main suspect is Brett. It sounds counter-intuitive, but he knows he’d have a hard time beating Tyler and this is his chance to put him up anonymously. He knows he can sway most of the others with his charm.


charm? what charm does scottie have that will make others want to side with him? scottie has no charm. His own side doesn’t trust him and you think the others will want to stand with him? Everyone has talked about scottie, doubt he will have any of this charm you think he has. LOL. will be interesting to see whose vote will get negated. you know its not tylers side (L6/5/4) who won it. I am wondering if fessie boy wonit actually, only because he seems really upset that tyler is up there and talking so hard about how if he wins veto he will use it to pull him off. Just something about him seems off.


I think fess.
He is not smart.. and he always saying stupid comp.. cause he won.. he will be the only one to put tyler..
Hali would save rockstar and put like sam or j.c .. someone that wont get veto or she thinks have the votes..
It sound like a move for fess


It had to be Bay that one that Hacker Comp. Looking back Bay was the only one who did not trust Rockstar or Tyler, they were some of the people Swaggy pushed on her.. I can not think of anyone else who would take off Scottie and put up Tyler… Maybe it was Kaycee or JC shaking things up… who knows?


It was Haleigh


I think it was Bayleigh, there isn’t much coming on the feeds about her or with her, she is too quiet, and then it could be JC- just because, he’s JC.


No, it was Haleigh. Literally type in Big Brother 20 wikipedia and scroll down. Haleigh won it guys.

Save Tyler

Talk about fake news. I would trust CNN before Wikipedia.

Q Anon-A Storm is Coming!

CNN is Very Fake News


Keep the USA politics out of this, THX


So there’s a new Warcraft thing people seem all bothered about…

Buh Bye

Can we keep this site non political, please? No one wants to hear or read Qanon cr@p or news bashing. We come here to get away from that for a while. Seriously!


Go back up to the top of the page. It actually states Haleigh won the hack. Website is online big brother from last nights bb after dark


It was Haleigh. She doesn’t have to tell anyone she won. She did. Bayleigh evidently didn’t use her app.

BB Fanatic


Fly Agaric

Production F*@#ing SUX! Why ruin a great season? LET THEM PLAY THE GAME! L6 finally gets an HoH and production screws them over WTF?

Susan Gray

Fly Agaric, I so agree. Let them play the damn game. This hacker thing is terrible. Don’t like or need it. Production sucks on this one!!@

Finally a good season

Haleigh you can win a comp and help your alliance. This season is good even as the numbers are dwindling in the house.


Hmmmmm. The cloud showed up for a moment and Tyler is on the block. That isn’t sketchy at all.


The cloud was before the hack, it was actually before the noms.


I am trying to remember a bigger flip than this. Paulie’s game was destroyed in a week. In one season Pandora’s box kind of canceled the noms if I remember correctly.

But this is clearly aimed at Tyler. As in real life, a hacker is able to take advantage of the cloud. So Tyler can’t play it.

Someone knew to target Tyler – someone who really knew what the true state of play was. Tyler has been brilliant – but he has told a lot of lies and if someone matches it up he is gone.

Am amazing flip of the season.


If it really was Hailiegh my respect for her gameplay just went way up.


It was a good move for her but who else would she nominate? She’s using Brett and Fez for meat shields, Bayleigh is her girl, Sam’s in the kitchen, JC is Fez’s little buddy and that leaves Tyler or Kaycee and Haleigh isn’t completely stupid so I think she’s paying attention. Maybe she isn’t as clueless as the rest of her crew.

Butters Mom

She goes to Texas A&M, she cant be completely stupid.


You’d be surprised at how stupid they are!


Pretty competitive school to get into to. I don’t think she is dumb.Pretty impressed she had the sense to do this: and to not tell Fessy (who cannot keep a secret)

Botox Pelosi

Someone as in Production? They want drama.


I know what you mean by the production thing but I just had this hilarious image of “Bob the caterer has won the hack competition and nominates Tyler!”

Houka Inumura

Tyler is going home on Thursday Aug 9!!! Who’s excited!!!

Scottie is safe this week.

Scottie is the winner of bb20


I hope Tyler wins veto and Scotty gets put right back on the block and goes home, if for no other reason than to pi$$ you off LOL


You took the words right out of my mouth.


Scottie isn’t safe, he can be renominated if the veto is used.

Bay Da Hood Rat

He has the cloud app! Pay attention hooka looka

Gigi Tomasa

Those are my thoughts as well! He put himself up to cover his secrets!!

Swaggy Hep C

I think Scottie won and after the veto meeting he will be back on the block and on Thursday he can sit in the jury house dressed up like Bilbo Baggins and play World of Warcraft.

Swaggy C’s unemployed dentist

I think I just saw Swaggy chumps grill on shark week. Hopefully he can use the 3 weeks pay on B.B. to find a dentist


NOOoooo ! Tyler is on the block. Who won the Hacker? Can he use the cloud power before veto to take himself down? I don’t think he can. What will happen now? We can’t lose Tyler! Doctor, doctor, help…HELP.
Invent another power, quick!


Tyler cannot use the cloud app to pull himself down only prevent his nomination. He’ll have to save himself the old fashioned way! With a little help from his friends…and production…


I thought it says in this post that he can use it to save himself at noms or at veto


Only to PREVENT him becoming the nominee. It cannot save him after he is already the nominee.

Darrell G Irick

I pissed tonight


I’m actually excited!!


LOL OMG Thank you Big brother LOVe it!
Pinky sweet bird new sad face is so delicious awesome to watch LOL
The perfect scenario would be the other side wins the veto they don’t use it and backdoor little pink sweet bird LOL
and I would love to see angelo plastic face when swet pinky bird gets evicted under her reign of terror LOL
Hope B doesn’t ruin it the game!

Mad Maxine waters wig

Little pink Bird is running this joint! MAGA

Douchey C

Would be hilarious if L4/5/6 figured out it was Haleigh, won veto , took Tyler down then nominated her ass….. and just for grins, have Brett interject for a few minutes on eviction night to give another Captain Chaos speech


I’m pretty sure Tyler can use his cloud app at veto ceremony if he doesn’t win veto. Am I right?


His app PREVENTS his nomination, he’s already nominated so he’s stuck on the block. He needs the veto to be used on him for him to come off the block.


“The cloud ensures Tyler’s safety at a nomination OR a veto ceremony during the first 8 weeks”


Great Team Chaos news.

Now we need whoever won the hacker to STFU about it. Tell nobody. Then JC wins the veto, although Bay would be fun too. Somebody who wants Tyler to trust them but who chooses not to use the veto. And boom Tyler uses his power and Fes goes up…then Haleigh, who turns out to be the hacker winner cancels out the wrong vote and sends who she wanted to save home

Same me; different name

Just my opinion, but I don’t think Hayleigh won the hacker comp. If she did, I think she would have nominated Sam. As crazy as this is going to sound, I think it might have been Tyler. I know, I know! But, if it was Tyler, he secured himself playing in the veto comp and likely winning. Even if he doesn’t win veto, if he won the Hacker comp, he can nullify one of Foutte’s votes, guaranteeing his safety. If it is Tyler who nominated himself, it will be either one of the best moves ever in BB, or one of the dumbest.


It was Haleigh, look it up on BB20 Wikipedia


You do know that anyone can update Wikipedia….it’s not alway correct!

Makes you think

Was pondering the same thought….it is possible, plus it rally’s people around Tyler and throws all suspicions away from him….who would nominate themselves. Risky but interesting strategy to watch play out!!


I was thinking the same thing!!! I really think Tyler won the hacker. Risky move, but brilliant all the same!!!


Why would he do that to himself? He was already safe because of Angela’s HOH so he wouldn’t have to secure his safety. That would be a dumb ass move because he can’t control all the variables and would have a chance to go home. I don’t think he would risk it.


It will actually will be so good!!!!
Now he will see how people react to him on the block
If they can save him.. or he will win the veto make sur to backdoor bailey
And worst case he cancel haily vote and rockstar is out
It could also be brett plan


OMG thought Tyler was safe for sure. When is veto played? If it was Haleigh that won I’m surprised she didn’t take rockstar down…
But I guess she is using RS as pawn cuz she’s clearly not the threat Tyler is (or Scottie)…

You Only Live Once

This is an easy fix for production! Come veto only the names of Sam, Brett, KC, JC will be in the bag. I mean if BB is guided along by production, the Veto chips are never revealed or shown to the viewer…how is one to truly know certain names are left out. I don’t want to truly believe that but the bottom line is viewers and if they lost Tyler, gauging the amount of popularity he brings to the show…you bet production will save him or somehow get him back in the house through a battle back.


Before the chips are pulled they are dumped out on the table for everyone to see, then they are put back into the little bag.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

The hacker picks the veto players


The hacker chooses ONE Veto player.

Is Maxine Waters a Clone of James Brown?

Production will not let Tyler get evicted. he is ratings gold


More likely the veto will be something that Tyler can’t possibly not win. A question competition that has stuff like “what is Tyler’s favorite movie?” “What color are Tyler’s eyes” “What is Tyler’s favorite food”. They won’t allow another screw up like with Kaitlyn.


If Hayleigh truly “won” the Hacker competition, then I call bullsh*t. She hasn’t won jack squat all season, then suddenly she wins a competition that nobody gets to see and is granted the greatest power that has ever been granted in the 20-year history of Big Brother. On Level 6/5/4’s HOH. This reeks of production, and I’m annoyed.


Jeff’s coupdetat was way better.


It’s “coup d’etat”. If you want to use big foreign words, please check the spelling beforehand.


YES! Exactly what I was thinking. This smells mighty fishy to me!

who me?

Angela didn’t win jack squat and she won HOH


The only person who would remove Scottie and put up Tyler is Scottie himself. He’s playing Tyler and everyone else acting like he has no clue. If Haleigh won she would have put up someone else she’s talked a lot about wanted people up but never Tyler and Bayleigh was all in with Tyler and if it was her why wouldn’t she have switched rockstar for Tyler instead of Scottie. Neither of them make sense. Has to be Scottie


Looks liike Miss Irrelevant just became relevant to your game Ty!


Tyler all last week mentioned how irrelevant Hayleigh was over and over……this is a total production steered thing you know part of the soft scripting of CBS……Tyler will be safe and then have his cioud app to use later……lol

Purple people eater

If it’s true that hayleigh won the hack comp-
Wow! Great move!
I hope that both she and Scottie will be safe this week.


Tyler constantly refers to Haleigh as “irrelevant” when discussing with L6 who the potential threats are. If the Hive can control the veto and not use it, would love to see Tyler walk out the door on Angela’s HOH.

Who said that!

Can someone clarify Tylers cloud app that it only stops him from going up on the block and can’t remove himself if already there.Whoever won the hack I’m glad they’re now playing the game.


His app has to be invoked BEFORE the nomination/veto ceremony and it only prevents him from being the guy to go on the block. It cannot remove him from the block. It’s a shield not a get out of jail free card.


I might be crazy for thinking this, but what if Tyler won the Hacker and threw himself up to throw everyone off of him having it and put suapicion on someone else? Chances of him winning Veto are good and Rockstar being voted out if nominations stay the same… and he can null a vote!


Not crazy, just very stupid 🙂


But if it worked, it would be epic…he’d need a wheelbarrow to lug his bits around. Still it seems counter productive to put himself up and make the week about him. It would draw too much attention to his dealings.

another name

To the Tyler is production pet people: say it again. bwahahaha.
This twist is designed to help the side that honestly can’t catch a clue. we’ve seen it before (Canada’s hoh in bbcan2 comes to mind, that twist change between voting and what was awarded in bbott is also a reminder).
that said, we all know the person that has said Tyler’s name as a target the most is Haleigh. The only close second is Scottie. But come on, we know from the way she’s acting. It’s Haleigh. Even without any tweet spoilers saying it’s Haleigh, or the cams focusing on her far too much in the hour before the reveal, we can tell. She’s well into the she doth protest too much realm now. So far into that realm that i imagine she’ll trip up soon.
It’s a good move on her part. No shame there. If production hands you a death ray, use it. It’s not the house guest that takes advantage of twist’s fault for taking advantage of the twist. It’s production. Think of the instant evictions where there is no veto (happened plenty of times in bbcan). This is one of those production moments where their storyline has met an alliance that would get lost on a one way street… with gps.
in order to protect himself, Tyler should be trying to secure Bayleigh’s vote. He’s her sweet wounded baby bird after all.
He should also be trying to secure that Scottie / Fes deal from last week is nailed down.
If he fails to do these things, instead relying on his alliance…. he deserves what he gets.
Sam has made herself completely obvious as the vote to negate. Putting Sam on the block would have been a big ol neon sign saying hi i’m haleigh i won the hack. Taking away her vote…. now an obvious choice because of Sam’s reaction.


Instant eviction with no veto in bbcan? I don’t think so. Simon and Dawg correct me if I’m Wrong.

another name

season 2 allison. season 3 naeha. both were evicted without a veto having been played.


Why can’t Tyler use his app during veto ceremony? Does he have to use it before he is put on the block ? I’m confused how it works.

another name

The holder of the cloud app (Tyler) must go to production before a nomination or a veto ceremony and declare that he wants to be on the cloud for that ceremony. The Hack comp ceremony isn’t covered. once he is on the block he cannot go to production to ask to be safe from nomination when he is already nominated.


Thanks all clear now


I can’t see Haileigh putting Tyler up. I’d guess that her first choice would be to take RS down and save her and put Brett back up or put Sam up. But…yeah, I checked Wikipedia and she did win it. Tyler’s not worried because he can use his cloud to take himself off and Haileigh’s power is only good to change the noms.

another name

Haleigh has a back up final two with Scottie. She doesn’t want her back up final two to have a back up.
Haleigh has mentioned Tyler as a possible threat. She told Fes and Bayleigh she’d backdoor Tyler first chance she got. The night before Rachel was evicted, after seeing Tyler, Scottie and Sam in the kitchen and thinking their alliance was still active.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

Wow!!!1 Hay of all people finally figured it out on the Hive side. And she is keeping her mouth shut. Kick Fezzy and Brett to the curb, clear your head, and play this game girl!!! Well done


I say Fesse did since he’s the first one in Tylers face…

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

If Haleigh is 5he hacker, she’ll pick Fez, Bay and herself to play in Veto. Tyler or Angela win Veto, put Haleigh up…now which vote does she void to stay. Lol

Q Anon-A Storm is Coming!

Always sketchy when production does a secret competition that no one sees. This seems like an obvious swerve. Getting the best player in danger and the drama of will he stay or go. And then miraculously Tyler battles his way back and an irrelevant player gets evicted. And a way for production to say to the internet community “We dont play favorites. Tyler is on the block”. Production still has a lot of ways to save Tyler. I think its all ratings drama and Tyler will be safe at the end.

womp womp

I’m sure we’ll see it Sunday or Wednesday night.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Most likely Sunday since that’s the day Noms are aired. Probably show noms earlier then the hacker comp the the switch. I doubt they air 2 comps on Wed.




I think JC did it, he’s pushing Scotties name to ppl now


Tyler ain’t going anywhere he drives this show production needs him lol

Gigi Tomasa

Every year the viewing public start blaming production for playing in the game and controlling it. Not too many people have started saying this until Tyler, the fan favorite, was on the block in a twist. In this thread almost 40% of the post are accusing production of changing the game. Why? Because the fan favorite is on the block…..hmmm


Not blaming just pointing out production creating drama…’s a fact.

Gigi Tomasa

They do create drama, i agree with that, but they only put thoughts in the HG heads, not make them stronger for comps, give them answers, and anything else that determines who wins comps. They create untrustworthy between HG, uncertainty and paranoia. Not playing who wins the comps. As soon as Tyler, who I like, went on the block, th post started to be about production controlling the game. The HG are given “words” and what they do with what the “dr” says, its up to them. production does not say go do this and do that. We will agree to disagree above.

another name

given the trend of the season, i’d be perfectly cool with change a nominee, or stack a veto comp, or nullify a vote. the fact that it’s not an ‘or’ situation but an ‘and’ situation… how can that not be a little bit concerning. I’d be saying the same thing no matter whose game was being nullified.


All at one time makes it VERY potent.

Is Maxine Waters a Clone of James Brown?

Next they will announce The Developer App. The holder off this app gets to design the next HoH competition. However, the HoH winner will only get to nominate one houseguest and the developer gets to secretly select one other houseguest. The replacement nominee at veto is also selected by The Developer.


Ha, ha. This is the most exciting thing that has happened all season. Which makes me think that production had a heavy hand in it. Especially since the last few episodes have been extremely Tyler-centered. It’s just another way for them to create story lines around their little favorite. Yuck, gross. Unwatchable bullshit that will end with RS going home (poor thing is so un-photogenic they only show her for like 3 seconds at a time on the show).

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Poor Rockstar….lol

Help Wanted

Tyler’s eviction comes just in the nick of time. I heard they are looking for a lifeguard at the BB Jury house pool. Can’t think of a more suited candidate for the job.

Bay's Delimma

It is SO time for Queen Bee Bay to exit stage left. Sick of her tinkling she is above everyone else! I don’t care if she is green, yellow, black or white she is B$%#h and does not deserve any more air time!!! Can you say: narcissistic, entitled, arrogant and just palin MEAN???

Douchey C

She and Schwags will be like fire & gas together

The Beef

I LOL’ed at “Sick of her tinkling” above everyone else! I’d bet they are sick of it too! Don’t p@$$ down my back and tell me it’s raining!!!!

Addicted2BB (also named Angela)

Slim chance of Tyler going to the jury yet.

1. Tyler is usually good at VETO competitions and we will be very motivated this time.
2. Angela plays VETO too and I think she is far more capable than she has let on.
3. The vote. I am not 100% Bay or Scottie will vote out Tyler and keep Rockmonster.
4. If L6 does not win the veto AND he gets voted out, production is short a person thanks to Kaitlyn. Plus, Tyler is popular and CBS lives him (remember he was chosen to play in that other show) so chances are he will come back with a battle back.

How do we know Hayleigh actually won? Because of wikipedia?


There’s a person on twitter whose information has been very accurate in the past, who seems to have insider knowledge of BB. That person tweeted that it was Haleigh who had won the hacker comp.


whoever win hacker comp, i really really respect it ,i’ve been saying this all the time , Tyler is invisible , the fact that someone put him up , it’s really a game move, and really respect it.


Haleigh informed NO ONE that she won the Hacker App. Info that Haleigh won came from somebody on Twitter that supposedly leaks info…this is now a circulating rumor only. Maybe it’s true…but maybe it’s not. We just have to wait and see unless someone admits it. I’m not going to get my info from the rumor mill.

Save Tyler

Well it can only be one of four people. Bayleigh,Hayleigh, Scottie or Fes. Rockstar would of taken herself off the block. i know everyone is saying it was Hayleigh but I think she would of been bragging about it to the other Hive members. I feel the same way about Fes. He would of wanted the credit with the other Hive members.

My guess is that Scottie or Bayleigh won. I think Bayleigh knows to keep it on the down low after what happened with her power after she ran her mourh. I’m thinking Scottie won and he will choose Fes to play in the veto.

if Level 6 doesn’t win the veto Angela’s HOH will have been hijacked due to the ability to cancel one vote. There will not be a 4-4 tie that Angela can break.

I’m hoping Level 6 wins veto and shuts down the attempt by Production to steer the game.


I think Scottie is the hacker.

Roll Tide

I thought Tyler was the hacker. He knows his side +2 will save him. By being on the block he would be showing Bayleigh’s side of the house that he doesn’t have an alliance.