Big Brother Power Of Veto Results “Dude that changes everything”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Leading up to the Power of Veto competition this is what we know

  • Cody and Frankie won HOH
  • Second place went to Jocasta and Brittany (Brittany wants to make sure everyone knows this I’m just passing it along)
  • The detonators are targeting either Jocasta or Brittany a distant 3rd target is Donny
  • Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta
  • Cody Nominated Brittany and Victoria
  • The winners of the Battle on the Block are safe from eviction for the week. The HOH that nominated the Winning Team is dethroned and is now at risk to being nominated.
  • Jocasta has been proven to be Competition poison whereas Brittany and Victoria both have BON wins.
  • Amber and Jocasta win the battle on the block, They are safe from eviction and frankie is dethroned.
  • The Plan is still to evict Brittany, She continues to  stay up around the clock ensuring feed watchers don’t sleep
  • Power of veto players are picked —> Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 15-56-45-328

Victoria Wins the Power of Veto
Nicole has to wear the Germatard
Caleb won money (5thousand)
Zach won a trip to Germany. When asked if he’ll take his brother he said no way my brother can’t drink.. followed by i’m giving it to my parents)
Brittany has a 24 hour punishment in the backyard where she has to kick 2400 goals
Cody gets kicked in the a$$ every hour

BB16-2014-07-19 16-05-39-275

3:54pm HOH Frankie and Zach
Frankie “Say.. if you put Caleb up I’m going home next week”
Zach – “Dude that changes everything”
Frankie doesn’t change shit”

BB16-2014-07-19 16-12-34-088

4:00pm FIREROOM Amber, Jocasta and Brittany
Talking about COdy not making a big move. Jocata says Derrick Caleb and COdy are in the room talking. “So it’s Derrick caleb and cody
Victoria comes in says she’s sorry
brittany tells her not to say that she won it she had to save herself.
Brittany – “I need to work out my legs cause these look like curdled milked”
Victoria leaves
Brittany – “Satan is working overtime”
Amber – Brittany
Brittany – I’m still here I’m still praying
Jocasta starts singing… “The sky’s the limit to what I can get.. just believe and receive”

BB16-2014-07-19 16-19-19-165

4:18pm hayden and Derrick
Hayden – Brittany is going home
Derrick says if Caleb goes up Cody is playing personal.
Derrick – If it was me I would put f***ing zach up as the pawn
Hayden – Zach or Caleb.. I know Cody wants to freak out right now
Hayden – Zach and Caleb are so f*** selfish
Derrick suggest they put up Donny.
Hayden says if they put up Donny the house will know what is going on
Hayden – Why would Caleb feel so safe and didn’t go for the veto
Derrick is worried if Caleb goes up he could go home says the same thing with Zach.
This is why Derrick thinks Cody has to put up Donny.
Derrick -”They f***d us.. They F***d us” (Zach and Caleb)
Hayden – Dude I hope we could send them all home Brittany, Zach, Caleb, Amber
Derrick “Caleb won 5 grand Zach won a german trip and they are being a$$holes”
Derrick – Zach should have taken the veto.. I knew Caleb was taking the money.. We have to make sure Cody knows we have his back
Hayden – We have to have this conversation with Him

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BB16-2014-07-19 16-34-32-369

4:30pm Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie
Derrick suggests they put up Donny. They all agree if Caleb goes up he will go home. Derrick explains they need the numbers. Cody – “I’m telling you next time I win HOH he’s going up”
Derrick says worst case scenario they flip the house and DOnny goes home “that is the worst case”. Derrick adds that they could say to Caleb you took the 5 thousand dollars now you’re on the block. Derrick warns if Caleb goes home it’s short term game but long term lose.
Cody is just going to have a hard time justifying to the house not putting Caleb up after being the last person and didn’t go for the Veto.
Cody is agreeing that putting up Donny is the best plan he wants to have a one on one with Donny. He’s going to say that Donny is a competitor and he wants to make sure he puts up a strong player against Brittnay to make sure Britany goes home.
Frankie about Caleb – He’s a bigger a$$ than you are
Zach – No he’s not don’t ever say that
Derrick tells them if Brittany goes home Amber will come running back to them.. Derrick adds she’ll be like “I need to go lick Caleb’s b@ll.. And cody and Frankies”
They all looking at the HOH TV screen.
Derrick says the girls are wanting Cody to put Zach up. Cody says there’s no way of that happening.
Nicole joins them all the guys in the room tell her she’;s not going up.
Christine joins them They Start bashing the players downstairs the ones suspected to have no idea about Big Brother. They talk about Brittany always mentioning how some people in the house deserve it over others because of their financial situation outside of the house.
Zach says sarcastically that Brittany is poor BUT she does drive a BMW and gets child support.

BB16-2014-07-19 17-00-11-420

4:59pm FIREROOM Amber and Caleb (Beastmance)
Caleb saying he’s been trying to convince the guys to get out Victoria but not that she has the veto, “It’s sticky”
Amber – Donny is stirring up stuff.. he’s been saying stuff this morning
Caleb doesn’t know hasn’t heard anything from Donny. He says the guys have it in their heads they want Brittany out.
Amber says she trusts Brittany a lot more than Zach
Caleb feels that whoever they put up against Brittany will stay. Before when Victoria was nominated there was a chance.
Amber – “I’m telling you right now if Donny goes up I’m voting Brittnay to stay.. he’s stirring up stuff”
Caleb warns her if she votes against the house she may be painting a target on herself.
Amber says she’s by herself she’s not playing with anyone.
Jocasta joins them
Amber – “I’m waiting for a girl to be HOH”
BB16-2014-07-19 17-11-26-742

BB16-2014-07-19 17-16-02-406

5:13pm Storage room Victoria and Zach

Victoria “2nd time on the block 2nd time I’ve saved myself.. does anyone see a pattern here stop putting me on the f***ing Block”
Zach says he’s putting up Amber and jocasta. Says Brittany and Amber HATE him they have made it so obvious today.

Victoria admits that today was pure luck. She said before coming in she was going to fight as hard as she can and that is what she’s doing.
Zach – Caleb is going up for sure next week (For taking the money)
Victoria says she’s more deserving than Brittnay to win the game she bring positive vibes into the house. She points out she was a big fan of the show but it was from another country, “It’s the same show just another language”

BB16-2014-07-19 17-33-45-783

5:30pm Amber and Caleb
He tells her she needs to do what is best for her game Caleb warns her they all saw what happened to Devin when he went against his house.
Caleb doesn’t want Brittany gone but there’s nothing they can do.
Caleb says they all made a deal at the beginning and if they turn their back on that deal why go hom, “Devin went against us no you see where he’s at” (Talking about the bombsquad)

BB16-2014-07-19 17-31-14-985

5:41pm BEEHIVE Derrick and Victoria
Derrick tells her to be quiet for the rest of the week lay super low. She’s won the Veto she’s not going anywhere. Victoria says Cody seems alittle made. Derrick points out now he has to nominate another person that’s 3 poepel he’s pis$$ing off.
They agree grabbing the money and trip will put a target on Zach’s/Caleb’s back.

Thy talk about the taxes you have to pay on your Big Brother Winnings. Victoria wonders if you can go to jail for not paying your taxes. Derrick says “Umm ya for Tax evasion you go to jail”

Derrick – “F** all you people that do Animal abuse.. you f***er”

BB16-2014-07-19 17-48-49-790

5:48pm Rock Room Caleb and Amber
Caleb says the only guy he trusts 100% is Derrick. He doesn’t trust Cody he’s too close to Zach.
Amber – “Zach is hurting Cody’s game just like Devin was hurting yours’
Caleb says Frankie told him that Cody said Amber volunteered to go up.
Caleb wants her to be sure about the people she trusts. He warns her she being so close to Brittany is really turning the house the wrong way. He’s worried come Double eviction people might want to take them out. “During the Double evict you have no time to convince anybody.. ”

BB16-2014-07-19 17-56-00-940

5:55pm Brittany and Cody
Brittany working on Cody.. Will cody fall in love with Brittany like Devin did?

Derrick comes in says that Nicole didn’t get her germatard yet. Brittany tells him “You traded me in for Victoria”
Derrick says Vicotira has been on him since Day one.



Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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141 thoughts on “Big Brother Power Of Veto Results “Dude that changes everything”

  1. hahahah AWESOME…so much for her “sucking” idc if it was a lucky win, it’s making the boys ans girl (frankie) nervous :)

    1. lemme take a wild guess and say it will be Derick who makes the decison on who Cody places on the block next to Brittney.

      1. Thank You. And the dumbass will listen. That’s what I mean by actual smart gameplay vs. stupidity of other houseguests. Yes Cody is aligned with Derrick, but the dumbass and the Frankie dumbass let him decide the nominations. That itself is stupid. Let’s hope Donny does not go up in her place. He and Jocasta are probably the only two who will stand up to Derrick. I lost hope in Britney, since she still trusts him.

    1. Also… if TA is going to win their $5,000 for this week they have to get a strong player put on the block.

      1. They already accomplished their TA mission and will get the $5000. They put Amber on the block but she won BoB and got off. They (Team America) was allowed to deem pretty much anyone a physical threat that they wanted to, so they deemed Amber a physical threat for the girls. Dumb mission. Dumb twist.

    2. What/who is a strong player? You mean back door Derrick, Christine or Nicole? The house isn’t doing that! BB is a social game…. HELLO! Caleb has no F4 shot at this point. Muscles don’t make you a strong player. Frankie is a stronger player than Caleb!
      Britt 1st Thursday and if it’s a double Caleb would be a convenient choice in an “hour”. Victoria, Amber, Donny and Jocasta other choices as is Zach
      All going to plan. Get out the weak and the occasional idiot. I’ll never understand why people settle for 5K versus 500K? Caleb had a tough road but he is done now. Zack not far behind.

  2. I wish was Brittany, but at least now Cody got piss somebody off?

    Is he going to be a man and backdoor Caleb after bitching the whole week about him? or is he going to be a Chicken and put Nicole up?

  3. Karma is all I can say, not a huge fan of Victoria but looks like she’s more of a threat than they thought huh? CODY BE A MAN AND BACKDOOR CALEB, TAKE A SHOT AT HIM BEFORE HE DOES IT TO YOU. Things definitely just got interesting.

    1. Caleb got 5k…. that’s enough to live in the backwoods of Kentucky for about 10 years… time to send the beast mode cowboy home

  4. It would be pretty sweet to see, Caleb I’ll have a line on women waiting for me after this show is over, to get voted out this week.

      1. Technically Victoria does have more comp wins than Caleb, she won the first BOB, and this POV when Caleb only won 1 HOH

    1. Um Kelly – you do know they can’t actually hear you right? Are you related to Victoria or something?

    2. My guess is the POV was a soccer themed one where the one with the lowest score each round has to get a punishment/reward n trade with the person before them if they like.

      And according to feeds it seems that Caleb was the last one standing and chose not to take the Veto.
      She was probably the last 3 left with Zach n Caleb, and Zach took the Germany trip and Caleb took the money.

  5. Do it Cody! Do it! That would actually be a legit move. Between last season and so far this season I can’t remember the last time we saw some sort of power play. Not that Caleb is a huge power player…but it least it would be a move that isn’t “what the house wants.”

    1. The problem is they now don’t see Caleb as a power player anymore. BMC is not as strong in competitions as they thought initially.

  6. lol so glad brittany didn’t win! she is showing her true colors right now! she expects everything to be given to her and all she does is complain! i pray that she goes home and LOL at nicole getting another costume

    1. I hate when people talk about “Showing your true colors” because the more time flies in the house, the more you show anything but your “true colors”.
      The house is filled with paranoia, homesickness, and people losing touch with reality the more time goes on. The fact is that after several weeks in, you’re only going to react this way once and that’s in between the Big Brother walls.

        1. I agree too, I let most of what the HGs say and do slide by unjudged. Which one of us could deal with this much scrutiny, lack of privacy, and loss of support networks? And having to be hyper-social and try to enjoy it? Certainly not me.

  7. I am starting to not like Brittney at all. She is not a nice person and a little clueless to how to talk to others.

  8. you don’t take out caleb this week. already with a threat of the girls teaming up, you don’t eliminate a guy with ZERO connection to those girls. they can cut caleb whenever the heck they want

  9. is anyone else not surprised that after what sounded like a pretty big controversy in the DR surrounding Victoria leads to a Victoria POV win? Interested to see how easy this one would be to rig….

    1. this one couldn’t be rigged…. its pretty obvious its the one where someone gets eliminated every round and can pick a prize or trade with someone

  10. As much as I would love to see Caleb get back doored and voted out on Thursday, for Dawg and Simon’s sake getting Brittany out might make it possible for them to get a bit more sleep.

  11. Victoria is victorious! I love it when people prove the haters wrong. Cody definitely needs to use this opportunity to backdoor Caleb esp since he just won $5,000.

    1. Cody’s heart pumps puppy piss. I don’t expect too much out of him. The guy busted tears when someone wore his shirt for God’s sake.

  12. Brittney was careless to do an all-nighter again before a comp, NOW she has a 24 hr. physical punishment? I would bet money that before the week’s over, she’ll self evict.

  13. I find it funny to hear the girls complain about cody not making a move, when they have talked of being in power and taking out………..Zach…….what?

    its like this house totally doesn’t understand what a threat is. physical threat? oh…amber…girls get power…oh take out Zach. yeah all of that really makes a lot of sense guys..smh

  14. I’m worried that Cody is going to put up Donny. Things are just not looking good for Donny right now. I feel bad.

  15. What I would tell Cody if I could:
    “Caleb has won $5000. Okay; now he’s expendable. Act on your whining from last week, Cody. Do what you said you wanted to do. Put up Caleb, and send him packing. You know you want to… Go with your gut instinct. Prove us wrong — that you’re a man of action and not just whiny words — because, right now, a lot of us think you’re Derrick’s puppet, only saying and doing what Derrick instructs. Come on, Cody, think for yourself. You have a brain; use it.”

  16. So what – winning a POV doesn’t necessarily mean she’s smart or that it wasn’t handed to her by others who would rather take the prizes. She’s still a crazy-eyed moron who knows nothing about life outside of her little Arab existence. She wasn’t going home anyway. Dr. Will won nothing (comps) so it means shit for all of you thinking that everyone’s eating ‘crow’ – maybe the crow that Victoria the moron claims swooped her away. Not far away enough….
    See what a little ‘elbow grease’ can do?

    1. That was a bit harsh. If Victoria’s such a non-entity as a player why are you so adamant about bashing her? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

    2. Victoria is not an Arab. She is Israeli. Which is about the furthest thing you can get from Arab. Get your racism right.

  17. If they put up Donny, then hopefully the rest of the house GETS iT, and rallies against the boys. Brittany is gone with either Nicole or Donny, but if they don’t realize it after the re-nom, then they really are dumb as dirt.

    1. It seems the only people not working with the giant alliance all know. Nicole, Hayden, Amber , Christine, Caleb and Victoria all believe they are safe. It doesn’t leave many people left to rally against the core alliance (Frankie, Zach, Cody and Derrick) and even you can halve that core down to Derivk and Cody.

      1. Hayden and Christiane are working FOR the guys.

        Hayden is dumb and stupid.

        Why does he wants Brittany and Jocasta gone? Would not be better Caleb gone for him? or even DOnny?

        This guy has no game at all

    2. Maybe Cody should put up Derrick as a pawn. Since he’s the all powerful leader he won’t go home… or would he? Would love to see his face if someone suggests that little move.

  18. wait a minute hayden. zach sacrificed the veto so he could get the trip and do something nice for his parents and he’s selfish? g to hell. that is the very anti-thesis of selfishness.

    1. do you really think his parents will ever see those tickets? he’ll exchange/sell them for cash, and pocket the bucks, who are you kidding.

    1. GREAT.

      As much you all love Donny. Donny won`t make any moves in the game. He is too nice to do that.
      Brittany and Amber can at least do something next week.

      I hope Derrick wants Donny gone. Derrick probably thinks if Donny is gone he will get his money on team american tasks.

  19. Tired of those guys throwing Donny up on the Block. Get a little blood on your hands Cody. If he does not take Caleb out, I hope Caleb takes him out next week.

  20. all see drrick an frankie trying to protect caleb in put up donny hes on your america team i hope frankie an drrick get no america money i didnt vote for them i vote for donny the only one they turn they back on us in we going to hand them the money for our team what a joke

    1. Come on now…remember we agreed you would use capital letters and punctuation.
      Don’t you want people to read you comments?
      That’s a good boy!

      1. OMDearG! You make my blood BOIL, you condescending woman! AGAIN, you don’t know this person’s situation. Maybe they’re elderly, or computer illiterate or just learning English. Or maybe they didn’t receive your education. ” that’s a good boy” is just plain cruel. If you don’t want to read it, skim over it.

        1. Oh, and Ilene, it’s “Don’t you want people to read YOUR comments”, not “YOU comments”; now, that’s a good girl.

    2. That would be interesting if when a American Team member leaves, the other 2 gets a extra 5K. Then if the other member leaves , the only TA left would make 15K for each task.

      Donny and Frankie gone next. ….. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  21. The fratbrats are telling Nicole that her rankings on the fan sites just went up and she said she fine with Donny going up as long as its not her. Guess what you spines, superfan wanna be? Your nothing but a coward and don’t deserve to be there.

    1. Why on Gods green earth, would that twit think for one moment seeing her in another demeaning costume would make her poll numbers rise?

      And where is our adorable bearded collie Donny? Did that nasty man, Derrick, hurt him? ;(

  22. Too funny, Derrick mad at Zach because Zach has the nerve to play his own game. C’mon Derrick, piss off Zach, I’m waiting for that guy to sting Derrick hard.Hayden is just a complete Muppet. Like I said, his demise will be brutal, cuz the kid ain’t got a clue. Derrick came into the forefront way too soon, if he would’ve stayed back, he was easily F4. This week is the beginning of his end.

  23. Bad, bad news for Donny
    Cody will not betray Derrick and risk exile. Even though he hates Caleb; he loves D’rick more.

  24. sounds like derrick, hayden, frankie, and cody know where caleb and zach’s loyalties are (taking the prizes over the veto). victoria can stay as long as she wants, even into jury, no one will listen to her, and she’ll probably never win another comp.

    putting donny up next to brittany is best, but they need to smooth it over with donny first, with lots of explanation – brittany’s going home either way.

    1. We never know.

      There`s a way Brittany can stay ( she won`t do it )… as long she starts flirting with little Cody again, and being over Derrick. She could change their minds and send Donny packing.

  25. Actually Brittany could stay there is actually a much smaller list of people that could be pawns for her and not go home.

    1) Caleb would get evicted. that is a no brainer given the opportunity everyone would evict Caleb,

    2) Zach, not really liked or trusted outside of Derrick and Cody… even Frankie has talked about evicting him because of his loose lipped loud mouth. He might go home.

    3) Hayden, he is actually the safest bet for a pawn. It would piss him off and he might turn on them but he would stay.

    4) Donny, I wish I could say that Donny would be a lock down for staying but the guys have talked about ridding the house of him and he is a threat to them. He might go.

    5) Nicole, It is possible that there people in the house that may see keeping Brittany in the game over Nicole. She really does not have a lot to offer.

    6) Christine, Not the guaranteed pawn you might think she is. They may not have the numbers to keep her and she might freak out… who knows. She is not trusted in all corners of the House.

    7) Now there are going to be people that will recommend that Derrick as the pawn. He is actually well liked in the game… what they don’t know is the head of the snake can be the target. They will not risk Derrick at all so no need to talk about it,

    Anyway you look at it… the worst possible scenario has happened. Victoria the potential sacrificial lamb and so is Jocasta I would not cry if she went home. No matter how you look at it… Cody is screwed big time… because this week only needs 6 to evict and 5 to tie… depending on who he nominates, the will be down on numbers and looking better for the other side of the house.

    1. I forgot Frankie… he would go home just like Zach… NOBODY TRUSTS FRANKIE he has daggers in a lot of their backs.

      1. The thing is. There will be no ties and no house flipping

        Derrick is calling all the shot. If he says Brittany is leaving she will leave, if He says Donny is leaving, Donny will leave.

        Nobody has any balls to make any decisions on their own.

        1. The weirdest part is they have no clue that Derrick makes their decisions for them… that is the weird part.

          1. EricCa, Bravo on that analysis. I think you’re right on the money…especially the part about Derrick. I really don’t think anyone, at this point, has an idea how far he’s infiltrated the minds in this house. I think it will be a long time, if ever, he’s completely understood by all of them. And, unfortunately, that’s why he’s going after Donny. See’s him watching. Good job, EricCa. Two thumbs up from me!

          2. And that is why he has a good (the best?) shot at winning. I’m not as much of a fan of Derrick as I was – for the simple fact he’s targetting Donny. You can’t deny it’s good game play on his part, but I can’t like it.

  26. Lets not act like Victoria performed some special skill to win the veto. Its obvious it was given to her because people took prizes. With that said her win is making the people im not fond of scramble a bit so im happy something finally didnt go their way. Ive really grown to not like Hayden thought he would be one of the more decent people in the house but hes just another follower and by the way hasnt won jack squat.

  27. Watching Derrick pull the strings to ensure Donny goes up as the replacement is very interesting to watch. Before he came up to the HOH room Frankie, Zach and Cody were discussing Caleb going up and then in walks Derrick. Amazing how easily he is controlling the game and spin it to his advantage and looking at all the angles. I’m not a Derrick fan, but amazed at his skills of manipulation.

      1. I hated Derrick since day 1.

        But now Im starting to like him, just because there`s nobody else for me to like.

  28. These guys are so full of shit! I can’t wait till they get put up on the block together and turn on each other. So sick of this fake-ass camaraderie and the horrible stuff they say about EVERY girl behind their back.

    Sure, the girls aren’t playing a good game right now, and the guys are dominating by default. But does that mean that they should through decency out the window and say vile things about the women? They puff their chests and brag about how manly and strong they are, but the only true man I see in that house is Donny.

  29. okay hold on. Now im hearing that zach went 3rd with victoria and caleb to come. HOW IN THE NAME OF HELL ARE DERRICK AND HAYDEN MAD AT HIM THEN?. even if he took the veto victoria would have come along and taken irt right from him anyway so there’s no possible ay zach could have won. meanwhile caleb goes last and takes the 5000

  30. Cody’s best move is to put Caleb up….Nobody in the house would come after him if Caleb goes. Don’t listen to Derrick and put up Donny.

  31. So sick and tired of Derrick running the show. I was pulling for him at the start of the season. Now, he just needs to be quiet. He is NOT the HOH. His insistence of people in his alliances doing what he says rivals Zach’s verbal diarrhea, in my opinion. One good thing — if Donny goes up, the rest of the house will know what’s happening. The question then remains — will anyone on the outside do something about it?

    1. It is amazing that they are even scared of the rest of the house finding out they are working together?

      There`s no rest of the house.

      Bomb Squad was exploded.

      Everybody just knows it…

      In which world Brittany, Nicole, Jocasta, Donny and Victoria lives in??

  32. It’s time for victory cuddles !!! Lol .. Way to go Victoria .. The punishments always make me laugh :) … Nicole has to wear another ridiculous outfit lol .. The kicking soccer balls is hilarious!! Yay big brother .. Really they should do way more punishments .. Always a good distraction when the players get comfortable :)

    1. I would like BB to give out as punishments – Someone having to keep Q-Tips in their ears for 24hrs. Dress up as a parrot and can only repeat what is said for a day, Can only talk Cling-on for a day, Can’t say anyones name for a day and if they do – each time they get a full day of slop, Bellow like a goat after every sentence…………etc

  33. Derrick is running this game. Cody is too scared to put Caleb on the block. He’s all talk. Lets just hope Donny stays over Britt!!

  34. Everyone on here needs to stop having Donny’s balls in their mouths. So what game is he playing? Nothing really. He does good things, is the grandpa figure, and he/his family is real down to earth. He’s the southern nice guy who couldn’t let the “squad” go and he IS a stand up guy, and when do stand up people ever win? Jordan does. Dan was his first season, only to have everyone treating him like crap when he tagged along with the first guy who got evicted. Dan let that entire house explode with no blood on the hands. So there’s a big alliance running the house… Sounds like people don’t want a brigade again & neither do I. This isn’t boy vs girl. …we aren’t watching 1st grade recess. People got along and understood that this is BB. Expect everything and keep heads on a swivel. I like derrick. I like Nicole. I like Hayden. A distant 4th is Cody. Everyone else is coasting, snoozing, sleeping, or complaining. Love to tap dat Brittney though. Let the thumbs down commence.

    1. Donnie is our sweet bearded collie puppy. All he wants to do is be nice. Not like that nasty Demon dog Derrick. ;)

    2. For me Donny is just a floater.

      Brittany needs to stay over him, because she is the only hope with Amber to flip the house.

      Donny has done nothing, and will remain this way

      1. Of course Donny is a floater. He just wants to be loved. And of course, we all love him. But, that won’t save him now. Derrick wants him up on the block, so up he will go. I fully expect, if Derrick wants him gone, out the door he will go. In this game, it isn’t enough to be loved. Especially when your opponents love money more. But, in the end, this just might be Derrick’s downfall. Putting up Donny is very risky if he is not ready to be outed as the mastermind behind the dumbass squad. Because, no one in that house could really believe Cody is smart enough to think this through on his own. In the dark of night, Cody doesn’t even believe it. If he did, he would be able to make his own plays.

  35. I don’t like when houseguest assume someone can’t win something anyway like they’ve been givien a directory of what is next and the person’s skill level next to it. Some of the comps appear to be news. Some of these people may be better at one thing but not other things since people have jobs and lives outside the house. Now that she’s staying anohter week at least, I hope Victoria can get a clue I can’t believe she still trusts someone like Frankie who put her up at the start.But I guess since he sings, dances, and makes them last he’s harmless and eveyone’s friend. Your an outsider too princess get a clue and pass one on to Amber while you’re at it.

  36. I cannot wait until they turn on Christine. I hate her. If Donny goes on the block as replacement, I’m finished for the season.

    1. Christiane needs to do down the worst way possible.

      Maybe Derrick wins HOH next week and put her up.

      Nicole wins the veto and does not save her.

      And she goes home

  37. These guys have no guts! Why would you not put up Caleb. Are you seriously going to tell me that Brittany is a bigger threat? Derrick you are controlling most of the house, you do not need Caleb as a vote, are you really going to use that as an excuse to keep him? They are so frustrating!

  38. So much for Derrick’s statement that TA is his number one alliance. Wonder what the idiots who voted him will think of their little darling once they see him trying to get Donny on the block…again.
    Maybe a kick in the a$$ hourly will help Cody find the ballz to put up Caleb.
    Can we get rid of Ratine next week and allow her to wallow in her lack of popularity?

  39. donny to stay vote zack frankie jocasta hyden victoria caleb derrick christina nicloe
    brrtiny vote amber maby vote for her christina caleb
    donny stays revenge time

  40. These prize competitions always end the same. People get 5K or a trip (something really hard to pass up) and others who didn’t play complain, though alot of them would do the same thing if they had played. Bottom line is Caleb could have taken the veto and not used it, but he didn’t. I hope they put Caleb up and Donny, Brittney wins HOH next week and the power shifts some. This is starting to get a little boring with all the guys controlling everything.

  41. Cody won’t put up Caleb. He’s too spineless. Just a little boy boasting about what he would do, if only he didn’t have _____ insert whatever excuse you want. Then as soon as his bluff is called, ducking behind “big brother” (pun intended) for protection.
    But, good for you Victoria. I’m sure it’ll be the last thing you win. But you made the frat-pack think twice.

  42. This season is going to suck like last years. Were are the dans, the franks, the danielles in the house. All we get is the andys(christine) the calebs, nd the dumb girls who dont wake up nd dont know how play. I really hope amber gets an apiphany. Derrick just seems like a nicer version of amanda. I never thought i would ever say this but i hope jocasta wins hoh. Lmao. Seriously

  43. donny is universally loved. he’s the safest one to put up if they want brittany gone. lets look at this and think about how the votes would go with brittany v.d donny.

    zach – brittany
    derrick – brittany
    hayden – brittany
    nicole – brittany
    christine – brittany
    jacosta – brittany
    frankie – brittany
    amber – donny
    caleb – brittany

  44. and forgot:
    victoria – brittany

    there is ZERO chance amber flips the house. jacosta would be a complete bitch if she voted out donny after he saved her last week with veto. caleb is afraid to go against the house. these are the only 2 votes amber could even realistically try and get

    at most it would be 7-3 to evict brittany

  45. Cant wait for this episode to air on tv. Congrats to Victoria for winning the POV. Hope they don’t use Donny as a replacement and send him home

  46. team america if donny goes up an goes home i wish we could tell three people who america player is in mess up their game in the money goes to them what a joke derrick and frankie is they could of said put up nicole all i say is krama

  47. They could make a big move and take out Caleb,but these weaklings are going to take out Donny or Britney….

  48. Production should tell Derrick and Frankie that if any member of TA gets evicted, they all lose the money they’ve won. At least for the next 4 weeks..

  49. THIS is where the DR needs to get involved and tell them that Amber doesn’t pass as a “physical threat.” Then they will be forced to throw up Caleb. :)

  50. Cody talks the talk but does not walk the walk.
    Spineless indeed.
    These guys don’t know how to make big moves
    which will be there downfall. Watching them pick off
    the weak players is like watching a bunch of boys
    in the schoolyard throwing rocks at girls.
    Truly unpleasant stuff

  51. Brittany will never kick 2400 goals in the net before the VETO comp. No way….she is too busy bitching and crabbing about others. She will end up being penalized and not being able to compete.

  52. zach had a chance at veto and took the trip

    playing boogie’s game for sure. problem is he is playing like his 3rd time not his 2nd or even his first.

    that said, Derrick is so darn bent on getting zach out, that this was probably his best personal move. grab prizes while you can, chances are you won’t win more than your stipend which might not even include a trip to jury

  53. Victoria and Jocasta both saved themselves from elimination in the same week! Goes to show they no one should be underestimated in this game.

  54. IF they are so sure they have the numbers to get Britney out why not volunteer to go up? Somebody from they alliance like Zach, Frankie, Hayden, Christine, and Derrick somebody? its all fun a games till somebody have to become a pawn then its I trust yall but not enuf to go up as a pawn because I know how yall are quick to turn on somebody at the drop of any information. Some alliance.

  55. Vic might be referring to BB Israel. I’d love to see it but haven’t, so not sure what it’s like, but BBCAN and BBUS are the only ones that I’ve seen where the HGs vote. BBUK and BBAUS are way better imo because people don’t have to lie, cheat, scheme, back stab to win Viewers vote for them based on who they are or present themselves to be.

    BBUK right now is HOT. And all of the HG are interesting to watch, whether you like them or not; whereas BB16 and most BBUS HGs are painful to watch and even more painful to watch are the scripted DR sessions. So fake. Still, I’ll keep watching every BB I can because I love the concept of the show, but I still feel like no one should have to sacrifice their character and integrity for any amount of money.

  56. I hope you leave Brittany, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!! When Devin saved your “ash” you weren’t appreciative, instead you went back to the “wussies” and told them everything Devin shared with you in confidence. You even joined them in calling him names and denigrating him. It looks good on you now, Karma is a biatch! Remember how y’all gave it to Devin good but now the tables have turned and it doesn’t feel that good, does it? Bear it biatch! If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, then get the hell out! Devin had recognized very early in the game that he was dealing with a bunch of limp “d**ks” as all they do is sit and gossip like a bunch of old women but don’t have the guts to tell anyone to their face what they’ve been saying about them. He tried to take command (somebody’s got to do it if you’re dealing with a pack of “wussies”), but the “frat” boys (as a blogger here calls them) couldn’t stand a strong, dominant black man taking the reins and telling them what they should do, hence the unanimous vote last Thursday.

    1. You have certainly made a good point about Devin. I never did think he was bulling anyone. But, his mistake was playing to hard, too soon. He should’ve laid back a bit. He might have the been able to realize how Derrick is manipulating everyone. Might have. Might have not. He realized too late that he should have been leading that bunch of horse butts with a carrot and not a stick. Almost all of them think they are actually smarter than they are.

  57. I apologize for the length of this post ….

    I want Brittany to stay. It’s difficult because as many mistakes as Devin made – he did try to correct them. He took Brittany off of the block. Derrick is worst than Devin – he wanted Devin so that he (Derrick) could control everything. Devin made it difficult for Derrick to have control over everyone. After Devin took Brittany off of the block – Brittany should have appreciated Devin’s game move (as Devin put Brittany on the block under the instruction of House Control). It’s difficult to see how Brittany did not see how Devin went against the House Control by taking her off of the block. When Caleb and Devin were on the block – that would have been the time for Brittany to band together with Amber to vote out Caleb. Amber could have “on” Cody’s bandwagon to vote out Caleb. With Devin in the house – Brittany, Amber, Devin, Donny (a person that Derrick does not view as important – a person that Derrick does not share Game Talk with), Jocasta, Victoria, and maybe Zach could have joined together.

    Derrick is worst than Devin because Devin “owned” the type of game player he is in an overt manner. Derrick’s modus operandi is covert manipulation. Derrick feigns innocence. Unlike Devin, Derrick calmly talks masking his aggression – disguising himself as benign.

    Why does Derrick want Brittany out? Why did Derrick covertly lead The House to making the target Brittany during Devin’s HOH?

    Why didn’t Brittany lead a pro Devin campaign after Devin saved her? Cody attempted to influence The House Power into voting out Caleb – with Brittany’s help this could have been accomplished.

    I really do not understand how Brittany did not realize that Devin made Brittany the target under the influence of The House Power – Why didn’t Brittany realize that Devin became the target because he went against The House Power successfully. An action that Derrick could not have being the covert House Power. Derrick realized that Devin had the power to successfully influence the house against Derrick’s covert control.

    Brittany did not realize, “wow The House Power is going after Devin severely for saving me! This must mean that Devin went against their orders when saving me. I need to keep Devin here – Cody is saying it is a favorable idea to vote out Caleb – I think that Devin, Amber, Cody, Jocasta, Donna, and I can work together.”

    For the reason above – I am disappointed in Brittany as I wanted her to stay in the house. I hope that several of the house guests become enlightened and see that Derrick should be placed beside Brittany, and, voted out.

    Derrick is this year’s Amanda is sheep’s clothing. Derrick’s Amanda-Like brutality is under his disguise of understanding and caring.

    Derrick told Victoria prior to the POV that the house votes with him – and that she has nothing to worry about. It is remarkable to me that Victoria, Brittany, Cody and so on still will say “I trust Derrick one hundred percent.” Donny is the only person that I have witnessed to recognize & unmask (briefly) Derrick’s covert aggressive intent — Donny rebuffed Derrick’s attempt at making Donny doubt himself (Donny told Derrick in the storage room, “no you have never talked game with me).” Derrick almost showed his true self – but with a slight eye roll was able to continue to conceal his aggressiveness.

    I hope that Amber and Brittany can wise up – and Amber can influence Cody – and Cody will put Derrick up as the replacement nominee, vote Derrick out, put an end to future victimization from Derrick (The true manipulator in the house, not Devin), allowing them all to move forward to play an interesting game of Big Brother — a game absent of House Control via Derrick The Covert Aggressor and Manipulator.

    Hoping that the house guests’ eyes are open – and they make the bold move to vote out Derrick this week.

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