Big Brother Spoilers – Players Picked for the Power of Veto Competition!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

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Power Of Veto Players: Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach
POV Host: Frankie

10:55am – 11:15am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the house guests to pick players for the power of veto competition. When the live feeds return – Cody, Caleb and Derrick are in the kitchen talking about how if nothing happens when they come back inside after the Veto this week will definitely be a double eviction because of how Julie stressed something would happen this week. Caleb talks to Cody in the living room about his conversation with Amber last night about her stepping all over him. Cody says that every time you walk in .. I can’t stress it enough that it is not like that. Calbe tells Cody about he told Amber that she is walking around like she had Cody in her back pocket like a baby and its pacifier. Caleb says that was not good to say to her. Cody laughs. Caleb talks about how she wanted cookie dough and I flew in with my cap and found some for her. She doesn’t appreciate anything that I’ve done for her. Caleb says it looks really sketchy that Brittany picked my to play in the veto because we were out there talking last night.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 11-19-12-589
In the fire room – Amber congratulates Frankie on Cody picking him to be the host of the veto competition. She says that she asked Cody not to pick her and is glad he got picked to do it. The cameras switch to Christine and Nicole in the hive room. Nicole says that she is so glad that she got picked. I had a feeling I would get picked. Christine tells her if you win it, it would solidify things with the guys if you didn’t use it. Nicole asks what if it’s the money Power of Veto Competition? Like the one with the unitard, or solitary confinement one? What do I do? Christine says if you are not the last person standing, then take whatever prize you can. Christine says if Derrick, Cody, Caleb or Zach have the veto, then don’t touch it. Christine tells Nicole she doesn’t think she’s in danger of being the replacement nominee. Nicole says that she’s happy, it’s her first POV competition. I had a good feeling I was going to get picked. Christine says it’s going to be awesome, 3 guys against 3 girls. Christine says I hate Amber’s attitude, when Cody said he was picking Frankie to be host. Christine says that Amber said Frankie, you’re lucky I didn’t want to do it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 11-14-26-859

11:30am In the earth room – Derrick and Amber are talking. Derrick says that its weird that Brittany picked Caleb to play in the veto. Amber says that she thought it was weird she didn’t pick me but she said it was because Caleb got more sleep. Derrick says I am surprised she didn’t pick me because I would have used it on her. Amber says you know how we are working in our alliance and outside. If Brittany were to win HOH she could put up people that we couldn’t. Amber says that she doesn’t trust Zach.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 11-29-01-237

11:40am Up in the HOH room – Derrick brings up the alliance name of “The Bottom Feeders” because we’re live feed watchers and .. Nicole says because we’re at the bottom, we’re bottom feeders.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 11-40-28-474

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11:45am Amber and Brittany are in the earth room talking. Brittany says that I have never had an opportunity to talk to anyone about anything. Amber says you need to go talk to people or else you will be on the block every week. Brittany says I know I have you, Caleb, Derrick and Jocasta’s vote. I don’t know about Donny. Brittany says if I win the veto I can dispel any rumors about me. Amber says if you do win or come off you need to start playing the game because it is day 30 something.. Amber says I wanted to play but I am just so tired. Brittany says I wish you got picked. I just couldn’t pick you because they people would know that you and I were talking.

11:45am – 12:20pm Up in the HOH room – Cody joins Derrick and Nicole. Cody tells them about his conversation with Caleb. He explains that he was telling me about his conversation with Brittany last night. Cody says I don’t give a f**k what any one has to tell me about Brittany. If she can’t even come talk to me. Derrick says she is trying to get everyone but herself to campaign for her. Derrick says and I don’t get it I am a pretty easy person to talk to. I am not like Devin. Cody says Brittany is a flip flopper and Amber is the biggest one. Cody says I am playing Amber.. I’m not really her friend. Nicole leaves. Derrick says I am not talking game to Zach any more and I don’t think you should either. He is talking too much. Cody says oh I know. Derrick says that Amber is campaigning for Brittany to stay. She is playing you. Cody says what I want to tell Caleb is that we know 10 times what he knows. I wish I could tell him that Amber is trying to get Nicole and Brittany to form an alliance and their biggest target is to get you (Caleb) out. Cody says that Nicole and Christine are on board with getting Brittany out. Zach joins them. Cody talks about how he pulled Zach’s name to play in the veto. Cody tells Zach that Caleb said in the kitchen that if he wins it he won’t use it on her (Brittany). Zach asks why would Brittany pick him then? Derrick says she’s trying to get her vote. Caleb won’t use it or if anything he will throw it. Cody says if Brittany comes to be I am going to be like if you are telling people that we are so close but then why have I had 4 people come and talk to me for you. I take it as being disrespectful. Cody says this girl says I won’t look her in the face .. Does she not walk around with her head down? Zach says yeah. They agree the votes they have for sure to evict Brittnay are Derrick, Cody, Zach, Christine, Hayden, Frankie. We have 6 for sure and all we need are five. If Brittany wins veto I would put up Donny. They talk about how Amber, Hayden, Nicole and Christine all volunteered when Brittany got house guest choice and asked for someone to volunteer to play. Derrick says I was surprised she didn’t pick me. Cody says she would have if you had volunteered. Derrick says now that we know that Amber is so adamant about getting out Victoria show us that Victoria hasn’t flipped and has nothing to do with them. We can then use that next week that Amber was campaigning to get her (Victoria) out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 12-00-25-184

12:25pm – 12:35pm Brittany says I was thinking last night that I wouldn’t even give a veto speech because the obvious is the obvious you know. Brittany and Amber try to get some rest. Right after Brittany gets called to the diary room. She asks why is it every time I try and close my eyes you guy call me in. The DR hates me too! If the diary room could, they would put me on the block too! Brittany goes to the diary room. Amber goes to sleep.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 12-26-02-433

12:50pm – 1pm In the kitchen – Caleb tells Donny that he figured out when they are live and when they’re not. Its when the light is on the fish tank, thats when we’re not live it means they’re showing the fish. Caleb says I feel like there was a lot more for me coming here than just for the money. I think they put Nicole in here for me because she like straight up country boys. But I like a little more dark to the skin if you know what I mean. I’ve never dated a black girl before. Jocasta says I don’t know I would have thought you had. Caleb says I might, you never know! Big Brother calls Victoria to the diary room. Caleb says good luck with that you’ll see her in 45 minutes to an hour. She’s sleeping. Caleb says I think some money and punishments are going to be involved in this POV. Brittany says well if you win money you realize you have to give me some because I picked you to play in it. Caleb says if I see money, I am going for it!

BB16-2014-07-19 13-21-16-104

1:05pm Loitering around waiting for the Power of Veto competition.
Brittnay I used frankies face wash and I feel like my face is on fire

BB16-2014-07-19 13-09-50-632

1:09pm cam 3-4 Victoria and Christine
Christine there’s no way she’s going to win a veto
Victoria what if she does
CHristine – I’ll kill her.. ok sorry that was harsh
Christine She’s literally the only person that can’t win
Victoria says Brittany called her the second POW Christine have you seen Jocata in the last two competitions ..
Victoria – thank you

Victoria is motor mouthing taking the conversation in 100 different directions at lighting speed..
Christine mentions how Cody put Brittnay up as a target when they were friends that is how huge she screwed up/

Victoria says that Brittany is getting mad at her for talking to people. CHristine says nothing that comes out of Brittany’s mouth is the truth. Christine doesn’t think Brittany will talk to her anymore after what has happened. Brittany knows Christine doesn’t listen to her.

Victoria – “All Brittany does is shove shit into my mind.. I had to break down in DR” Victoria keeps saying how annoyed at Brittany she is, “She told me in the bedroom.. you’re the weak one”
Christine supports victoria thinks she has a real chance of winning the POV. Christine- “I think it’s really rude that brittany said you are weak.. it actually really pisses me off”
Victoria says her parents never babied her she a fighter been on her own since she was 16.

1:33pm Feeds go to Jeff POV Time

3:13pm Feeds on Jeff

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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nice, Zach can possibly win a comp. shut these people up who actually believe he does nothing in the house

dude talks more game than all the girls combined thus far.

Jimmy 64

Zach couldn’t win a competition if he was playing by himself


he has actually placed second multiple times. so you keep telling yourself that he won’t win one eventually

Caleb has poopy pants

So what you are saying is, if Zach was playing by himself, he COULD win?


Victoria wins POV

Caleb has poopy pants

Bye Brittany.


how long will it take before these idiots figure out what Devin told them was not a lie about the bomb squad. they are being placed on the block and they still think DERRICK, CODY, ZACH, FRANKIE and CHRISTINE are trustworthy people. SMH…. now Derrick want to backdoor Donny if Brittney wins the POV.


Why would Brittany pick Caleb to play in the veto? I don’t care if she leaves anymore. She is incapable of making a good decision in this game.


Maybe Brittany picked Caleb instead of Amber because she didn’t want them to know that they’re working together and if Caleb wins, maybe Amber could tell him to use the veto on her.


too bad they all already know amber and brit are working together


She could have picked Donny

kay w

ita. she should have picked donny. if he had won, cody would’ve been forced to put up one of his own as a pawn.

Put a sock in it

Every time I see Caleb’s name in the post I simply scroll past. I can see 100s of “Amber” on my down to the next conversation.


I hope Beast Mode Cowboy does his thing (loses the comp) and becomes the targeted replacement nominee.


brittany or victoria winning pov and caleb going up as a renom would make this the best week yet, better than last…oh, if there were any chance it could happen…


Come on Britt, quit whining and start fighting! Girl needs to go into beast mode and win the Veto! I would like to see her come out of this one. She and Amber are finally catching on….finally. Lol If only she had watched the show before, she could take some inspiration from Rachel’s past….fight harder when you’re down!


I wanted the girls to team up and put up some kind of fight, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen without interference from production. Since Christine and Nicole are the ones that are betraying their gender………..I want to see them get taken out by the guys. Brittany Haynes style.

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

That would be great — to see nasty-giggly Christine and dead-fish-floater Nicole sent home!


Why didn’t she pick amber Brittany come on I’m still rooting for thou.


I like Nicole, but how she could ever see Derrick as a bottom feeder is amazing to me

that dude is running the show and no one has a darn clue. unbelievable.

kathie from canada

I don’t know that Derrick is necessarily such a power house. The rest are playing such a passive game and going along to get along. Maybe he is just filling a power vacuum for now.


I agree. Derrick could be considered a floater in past seasons.


The times that Amber wasn’t nominated was when Devin was HOH and the week before when Caleb was the HOH.

Now that Amber distanced herself from Devin/Caleb, she’s nominated.

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Nicole is floating like a dead fish. No stamina, no move, she votes like she’s told to… DREADFUL!

Frankie is the evil gay in the house and it is unfortunate that gays in the BB house this year and last year are so disingenuous, despicable persons.

Cody is inflating and twisting the arguments when recounting the conversations he’s had with other housemates — which would be OK if it was for his own benefit, but since it isn’t it only tells us that behind that pretty face is a pitiful person.

Zach is just a pile of steaming sh!t.



I am gay, and I hate that Production only chooses feminine gays for the show.


Because there`s gays out there that would just look like Devin or Caleb.

They give people the idea that being gay means acting and living like a girl


BSSSSSSSSSSSSSS? Is that a lisp i detect there?

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

I don’t mind their looks but to see the production selecting such heartless, despicable person and nasty character gays is borderline homophobic to me.


I hate Christine and how she’s kissing the guys ass ugh! What a piece of shit she is. I hope the guys use her and then evict her when they are done with her.


Derrick is saying that would be a good idea keeping Victoria for the long run.

I hope they have a double eviction next week and they ride of Christiane and Nicole.

I hope they stop showing Nicole and Hayden as this cute, sweet, darling young couple.
They need to show what a stupid girl she is


I don’t get why Britney would pick Caleb over Amber. This is all a chance and figuring out who you can trust but I don’t get why she would trust him. Unless she really thinks that Caleb would listen to to Amber if he won POV and she thought he was a better competitor. I want to see Britney stay over Victoria but I don’t get some of their logic since it’s slow simmering and the boys domination is on boil.


Scratch that, why didn’t Britney pick Donny who she would have an easier time forming an alliance with? Maybe I’m missing something since I don’t have the live feeds.


Maybe she isn’t sure he would use it on her


This is so pissing me off.

I love Brittany, but Caleb? Come on, of course Caleb will not use the veto on her, and Caleb hates Amber now.

Im still hopping she wins the veto.

What is Donny doing in the house? Just floating? He needs to start making some moves in this game or I won`t feel bad if he gets backdoored this week.


Nicole cannot be a super fan, if she was, she would know who is with who, they make no attempt to hide it. Rule #1 in BB, keep your mouth shut, your eyes open and listen. [ Remember, Janelle always complaining that Dan never tells her anything.] Derrick mentioned the other night he read Dan’s book, hence he is trying to play a game more in Dan’s style.
I think the reason Brittany picked Caleb, is, if he wins, she is hoping she can make him feel sorry for her and take her off the block. Good Luck with that one Brittany. Even if Caleb wanted to do that, his buddies would not allow it. Sorry, he is not Devin, Except for Devin, no one has a mind of their own. They have a herd mentality.

Past Performance

As much as I dislike Derrick, he is a major manipulator in the mold of Dan. I like Donny, but the fodder are afraid to follow. Maybe Donny will prove me wrong – maybe he isn’t as kind-hearted as he seems. Also, I think Donny is very smart, which scares the house alpha males. Hayden has shown a sleazy side. Nicole isn’t as sweet, as I thought. Christine – don’t like her, but she is playing a good game – she carries out Derrick’s orders dutifully.


But let`s be honest. Even a Dog would be able to manipulate anybody in that house.


Yep i am glad people are starting to see what i said for the past two weeks. There needs to be a game changer somewhere. I dont fault Derrick for doing what he is doing becuase they are letting him. But I would like to see a year in BB that the house does not vote the same and there is a line drawn in the sand. Maybe if the continue to punish the losing HOH like they did with Nicole that they would war against each other. Christine (The Weasle) and Nicole (The Toad) will not know they are expendible until its too late. I am tired of hearing all this crap about i cant wait till jury junk. Play the game and try to win.


Maybe they need to choose people that don`t really need the money.

I get the feeling people like Nicole needs the money so bad, that she prefer just to be quite and hope she wins.

At least if they had people that were rich and did not need the money. They would do whatever they want to

Love Guru

I this how you see it?
Cody loves Brittany
Amber loves Cody
Caleb loves Amber
Zach loves Victoria
Hayden loves Nicole
Nicole used to like Hayden, but now she has a crush on Cody
Christine wants a guy (except Frankie and Donny) to like her
Brittany likes Cody, but is afraid to show it and doesn’t know Cody likes her back
Derrick wants all the girls, but is married
Donny likes many of the girls, but won’t cheat on his girlfriend
Victoria loves herself and anyone else that will show her attention
Frankie likes to flirt, but doesn’t have a steady crush
Jocasta is faithful to God and her family


I think brittany liked cody and cody was crushing on her at the beginning than he started flirting with everyone including amber. Amber flocked to him to get away from caleb and he strtd flirting back with her for his game and to hurt brittany .
Nicole was flirting with both hayden and cody but liked hoped cody could be her showmance when she realized he acrs like that with all the girls and she was nothing special she settld on hayden because he had a crush on her.
Hayden is tired of waiting for her to kiss him and maybe over her freaking out everytime he trys to be affectionate is now flirting with victoria because she would dry rape a log.
Zack and frankie had chemistry and frankie was feeling zack until zack startd being best buds with cody and sorta dryd out.
That is my long winded take on it ?


Brittany never liked CODY.

She is 29, with 3 kids.
Cody is 23, no proffession. What would attracted Cody to her?

Cody is the one into her.


Frankie doesn’t have a steady crush?! All that muttering to himself about actually falling for Zach was just for fun then?


Cody reminds me of those cliche charming guys who always say the right things on a first date but when his guard’s down and he starts to show who he really is, you find out that he’s an egotistical douchenozzle with control issues. For someone with such an attractive face, he has a hideous personality and little to no redeeming qualities. I really hope either Brittany or someone willing to use the veto on her wins the comp just to see the look on his face when he realizes that his target is safe.


When I saw Cody at the first episode, I could not stop starting at his face.

I still love to look at him, as long he keeps his mouth shut

He is so clueless.

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Cody is a flatout ahole!


I lovd how derrick was like i am not talking game with him anymoreand you shoulnt either. He tells people how to act and has them coming up to him like victoria oo what should i do? Genius and nobody is even whispering about him rveryone saying they trust him. I think he is the only one not on anyones radar.
Brittany is the new deven


Isint this cheating? Shouldn’t bb make them redo the draw? “Cody confides in Derrick about something he did during the POV player draw. He made sure the player’s chip (Zach) he wanted was on top.
He looked in the bag and saw Zach’s chip. He put it on top of the stack and didn’t mix it up so he could insure that he’d get Zach’s chip when he drew.”


That is bull crap.

The problem is. there`s some many manupulation that comes from production, that they don`t ever care when things like this happens.

And I always wondered about that… Having the names in that bag is not fair, because you can see the names..
and do they houseguests check if all the names are in there?

I wanna Brittany to win veto, But Cody said he would put up DOnny if she wins..

Production wants Donny to stay no matter what… which means Brittanny wont win.

Production it just make a twist when if Donny, Nicole or Hayden are in danger


We got away with the veto pick cheating with Frank and Mike B – so why would we speak up this time.


Amber will know by Thursday that her alliance with Derrick, Nicole and Christine is only one sided and they are not on her side. Most likely Brittany will be going home if she doesn’t win veto.


i dont care who wins i just dont want donny gone i hope frankie and drick dont get know money if theysomehow get donny out what a joke we should of never pick frankie an drrick donny hope stays in win hoh with jocasts


Brittany is playing like Devim

I Don't Like Derrick

I hope Donny doesn’t get backdoored. Regardless of who wins veto, if Derrick decides to get rid of Donny, it will probably happen, because all these dumbasses listen to him. Say what you want about Jocasta, but I think she and Donny are the only ones that will put up Derrick, Zack, Cody, or anyone else. They won’t listen to Derrick. Everyone else will. I think, and I hope Victoria might be getting a clue.


Lol at Derrick wondering why Brit didn’t pick him.. I WONDER WHY. haha


Is good to know that he is delusional


I think keeping Brittany in the game would be very good for derrick and Cody.
say she won HoH who would she put up?
Zach/Frankie…. She may the person that can get out Zach and Frankie out for them.
Which would be good for both of their games.
I think as I look at the PoV people Brittany may have a fare shot at this. I would worry more if Donny was in the comp than I would Cody or Caleb. No threat coming from Nicole or Victoria.
I would die if Victoria won the PoV… that would be hysterical… Cody, Zach and the Beast Mode Cowboy loose to Victoria… classic.

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Excellent post!
No, they’re jemoke to see a bigger picture.


Has Team America been notified of their task this week to get out a *strong* player? And who decides who is a *strong* player??


They know and already accomplished it. They consider getting amber nominated getting a physical threat put up


That was a joke. I wanted them to put up one of the guys, but they are all weak players. So the only option was Derrick.


maybe if Brittany wins the veto she can tell Cody and Derrick that Caleb was working with her and Amber


I laughed aloud when I read that Derrick, frustrated that Brittany wouldn’t come and talk to him because he thinks he’s easy to talk to, claimed, “I am not like Devin.” Really? Just because you say something doesn’t make it true. He has become what he claims to despise in Devin. Seriously, Derrick is delusional. He’s upset that Britt wouldn’t choose him in the POV competition. Why, on earth, would Brittany pick Derrick? Some people in the BB house are catching on to your shenanigans, buddy. Please, please, someone win HOH next week who will knock Derrick on his sorry backside by putting him on the block…


They should to bring back Devin.

Caleb has poopy pants

Oh BM cowpoke, she didn’t want cookie dough, she wanted you to go away!


Brittany is not out of this. She has Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden, Amber, and Caleb. The problem is, she and they do not know it. All these girls already know they are getting picked off one by one. Caleb should know he is barely hanging on, and will be 1st guy out, if not Donny. Donny still believes in the Bombsquad. Hayden should lean on the side of Nicole, Donny, and the girls. If Brittany would calm down and speak sense to them, just know to avoid Christine and the remaining guys. They should all prefer her over Victoria, since Victoria is just not a competitor. They need to know this information, quite soon, or top 5/6 will be a coast ride.

Caleb has poopy pants

The rational they used to get rid of Pow was that you wouldn’t want to go to a BOB with her, because she would either be incompetent or would throw it.
The rational the are using for Brittney is she is too much of a player. It’s a shame the big, strong men are so intimidated by the girls. Almost as big a shame as the girls being too dumb to see what is gonna happen to each and every one of them. By the way, where is our sweet bearded collie, Donny?


yeah, but the problem is.

Nicole is just a dump stupid girl, that is scared to do anything in the game. She won`t do s&hit ..

Hayden is no naive, he is just so happy to be a member of the Bomb Squad.. He finally feels he is with the cool kids.

And Nicole and Hayden trust that rat called Christiane 100%… if Brittany tries to tell them anything the RAT will tell the guys

Donny??? is he still in the house???


Great thoughts! 🙂 Dare I hope those thoughtful words of wisdom will somehow make their way to the minds of those mentioned? Mental telepathy, anyone? Anyone on the outside or the fringe of the inner circle should be able to see this situation for what it is. Come on, kick any Dominator to the curb! You don’t need them. Sooner rather than later, there will be too few to do anything… Use your brains, people!


Victoria won POV


As much as I hate, hate, hate how Christine is, this was her plan all along. I watched the interviews with all the hgs last night snd she said she would like to have a small alliance that she is really loyal to and be in a bigger one too that can kinda get her along in the game. Everything came right to her. I thought she would betray Nicole but maybe her + Hayden is her real alliance. I don’t know just a thought. She also said she would def not be a floater and would be so embarrassed if that happened and that’s exactly what I see her as.


That would make sense if she was loyal to Nicole. But she is not. She never told Nicole about the Bomb Squad, until she was caught. She just made another alliance and did not tell Nicole.
And she has been giving all the information to the guys, not giving a single world to Nicole.

Christiane is just working for the guys like a slave.

She never had any attention from guys, so when Devin brought her to the Bomb Squad with all those guys, she finally could see her being, smart, pretty and influential. She is living in dream ( or better a nightmare)


my prediction Brittany wins pov, replacement nom is caleb… caleb leaves on Thursday…..


Victoria wins Veto


I hope donny doesn’t get put up, anybody else but him #TeamBeard.


How many final two deals does Derrick have?


31.. we shook on one last night


It’s too late for the girls. They have let themselves be manipulated by the guys by not thinking ahead. They felt the guys “saved” them from the big bad wolf (Devin) and falsely believed that meant they were safe. Now we have girls who think they are invulnerable because they’re on the boys’ team (Christine, Nicole, Amber); girls who missed their chance to bond together a team to compete against the guys (all of them); girls who in the 11th hour are seeing the light but can not find anyone else to fight with them (Brittany, Amber); girls who have no idea what’s going on (Victoria, Jocasta). None of them know how to secretly form an alliance without the guys finding out. Most of them can’t see what is happening right before their eyes and will continue happening because of their inability to see ahead. Each of them will get picked off, starting with Brit & Amber. Christine & Nicole will be saved for last because they are useful as spies for the guys. Meanwhile, Vic and Jo are useful as pawns. Donny might as well be a girl because he is treated as one and he will go soon leaving Jo to blow in the breeze. Unfortunately, even if one of the girls wins HOH or POV the guys will manipulate them to do their bidding, AND THEY LET THEM! They deserve what they get. The guys have it locked up. It will only get interesting when the guys only have each other to pick off.