Does Christine’s Big Brother hot guy list include Jeremy? “HELL NO face was ugly stupid tattoos”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-23 20-04-12-543

7:57pm HOH Frankie, Zach and Cody
Frankie says Caleb is stupid they have to make sure he’s voting out Brittany. They think they should pull in the 8 person alliance and make sure everyone is on board with getting Brittnay out.
errick rolls in .. Christine rolls in says he wants to punch Amber in the face. .
Christine and Derrick don’t think they should pull Caleb up and tell him as a group.
Derrick jokes they will tell Caleb – Simple Brittany goes this week and next week we’re sending you home followed by your girlfriend.
They start ripping on Caleb because he wants to put the pickle in a Banana .
Victoria comes up and they continue to slam Caleb for “being pathetic”
Christine starts saying that Amber gave her a “Offended looks” for having a date with Cody. Christine says the way Amber was asking her about it was frightening.
Christine says Amber told her she liked Christine’s skirt and said “I’m going to have to wear that”
Christine told her she didn’t think her “Booty” would fit in it and amber told her “And that is why I will look better in it”
They all say Amber is catty and they hate her.
Victoria calls Amber pathetic
Nicole and Caleb joins them … chit chat..

BB16-2014-07-23 20-43-05-636

8:38pm Donny and Amber ins thee storage room saying how people have been throwing garbage in the recycling
8:40pm Kitchen Cody and Donny
Talking about working out and starting a new workout program for Donny on Monday. Donny has his stuff packed tells him you never know for sure.
Donny – “I’ll leave my name on the water bottle here and you can cry next week”
They start talking about Donny’s home town. Donny says he’s close to Charlotte, “Great weather 4 equal seasons”. Cody tells him a bunch of stories about playing soccer at the university says his dad wanted to move to charlotte.
Cody asks him what competition would Donny like to see tomorrow.
Donny doesn’t know if he likes the ones that are True/False with everyone lined up. Donny also doesn’t like majority competitions ‘It’s kinda luck.. it usually comes down to the chalk”
They chat about the past season..
Donny says the 4th person to go home in season 15.. “that pretty dark haired girl.”
Cody – “Kaitlin”
Donny says the first one out was that surfer kid Daivd, than Ginatmaries boyfriend Nick followed by Jeremy.


BB16-2014-07-23 21-05-52-748

9:00pm HOH Nicole and Victoria
They are worried Caleb is going to tell Brittany she’s going home and make is really awkward in the house.
Nicole goes to the bathroom door and Christine jumps out scares her Nicole – “I’m really weird about pooping so please don’t let anyone into the bathroom

Frankie comes in says he’s going to be talking to the camera about his grandfather.

Frankie “Hello everybody today has been one of the most difficult days of my entire life i’ve never had to go through anything like this before in my life”
Frankie starts to read the letter ..

My dearest Frankie WE love and miss you so much i’m sitting here with Nona, Arie and your cousin and are so sad to tell you that Grandpa lost his battle with cancer. Although it’s so difficult we thought it would be the right thing to tell you. We love you so much and want you to know that Grandpa said specifically a few days ago that if anything happens to him he wants Frankie to know how proud he is and he’s rooting for him to win.
Eventhough he had no idea what was going on on the show he was watching just for you, live feeds and all. He also insisted that no matter what happened he didn’t want it to interfere with your opportunity.
All of us are here strongly supporting you and encouraging you to stay in the game and work hard like Grandpa did his whole life as grandpa wanted you to.
He said so himself please don’t think about coming home think of how much grandpa wanted you to stay. He’s watching you from heaven and i’m sure thats better than any live feed we got.
Be strong as he would be and smile as he deserve to be celebrated take you time take deep breaths we love you dearly and are staying strong over here.. we are waiting for you to have a celebration of his life. we love you so ,much and want to hug you
P.S. the four of us just spent 40 minutes arguing weather we should tell you we want to hug you. We don’t want to tempt you to come home. stay. be strong.

That is the letter I got today.. it’s been a difficult day for me mostly because i’m not with my family I know the pain the anguish that my family is going through. 6 years ago my aunt judy passed away of breast cancer they gave her 6 months to live and she lived for 7 years.. my grandfather gave her that life.. my grandfather fought every day of his life for his family.. he fought for his county he was born to very humble beginnings, and he worked every single day of his life, to get the money and the fortune that could support his family, As he wanted them to live. He had dreams he had ambitions he had goals, and he worked his butt off every single day to get to that place.

Frankie says his mother took the company her grandfather gave her and she turned it into three companies all while raising her kids. My mother did this because she was strong she had in her the Grande fight that grandfather gave to her.
(The mother Joan Grande is the CEO of Defense contractor Hose-McCann bought be the Grande family in 1964)

Frankie says that letter he got shows his grandfather wants him to stay in the house. Frankie – “I’m playing a character in this house.. I’m playing many different rolls. i’m doing this to win half a million dollars so I can build Schools in Africa so people in the world can enjoy the luxuries he has all because of his grandfather

Frankie says he was a triple major in college biology, Theatre and dance “I never did drugs I never partied I never drank alcohol, all I did was study. I wanted to be my grandfather” My name is Frank Grande. His name is Frank Grande. I was named after that man. Frankie says if he wins all the money for the Team America tasks he’s going to Africa to build a school and name it after his Grandfather “Frank Grande”

Grandpa was an impeccable dresser. “Man, was never out of a suit He took such pride in his appearance, always a suit, always a tie.. He taught me how to take care of my nails. ”

His grandfather survived cancer twice colon and stomach cancer. he was 90 years old when he was diagnosed a second time with colon cancer.

Grandfather sacrificed everything for them . He laid down everything for us we were his entire life and he gave us everything that he could have ever possibly provided. He never thought about himself he worked to the day he died. My 90 year old Grandfather went to work everyday. Like literally to work He spent hours working. He was an electrical engineer He would draw blueprints invented thing. I hope that you all support my decision in wanting to stay here. I hope that honestly everyone that is watching this will support my family

Some might say that this is a failure this was his final battle and he didn’t win. I don’t look at it a different way. Look at the legacy that he left behind. He brought to this earth, two beautiful, One of them is no longer with us, but she is up there watching above. She gave birth to one of the most incredible, strongest, most brilliant woman my cousin Lonny she works at world health. his other daughter Joan had Frankie Grande and Ariana Grande. We know that Ariana is killing it. He passed away knowing that his granddaughter is one of the most strongest, talented, most successful young artist of this generation.

I hope he was proud of me he said he was proud of me I believe him. This is not a game that instills pride. it’s a hard game is not something that’s easy. It’s not a game that you play to win without getting your hands dirty. That’s how he fought and that was his life. I learned that from my Grandfather Frank.

Frankie asks us to support his family. His grandfather wants him to stay here and have their back.
Frankie – NONA if you are watching this you have to be strong because i’m going to need my hugs when I get out”
Frankie thanks all the people on twitter “I’m going to build schools around the world in his name”
Frankie says he’s going to win HOH and the game for his Grandfather.

I know my family If they wanted me home and they couldn’t handle it they would have said come home. I know that , that’s how my family works so the fact that they are telling to stay, means they have things under control. I don’t have to worry.

Rest in Peace Frank Grande. 90 Years Old. One of the most remarkable men to ever live on this earth. Thank you for all that you taught me being a father a gentlemen and for being the greatest role model a grandson could ever have.

BB16-2014-07-23 21-40-56-637

9:40pm Christine has been scaring Nicole all day

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Lol christine your tattoos are beyond stupid and your face is 10x uglier than Jeremy’s, can CBS please show this bitch for who she really is! I hate her the most.


I like how Christine says ” I only judge mean people” but is talking shit about Selena Gomez’s forehead.


I don’t get the live feeds but from what I read from you all…Christine is not the sweet girl the show depicts her as….


Exactly what I was thinking! The first thing she better do with any money she gets from the show is get a nose job. It blows my mind she had the nerve to call someone ugly. smh


I feel bad for her husband. She obviously doesn’t care that he is sitting at home watching her drool all over Cody.


Christine why make fun of Jeremy I doubt you would make the all time hot girls list.


Christine wouldn’t crack my top 100 lmao I can’t wait for her to find out how much everyone hates her because all she does is talk shit about everyone. Talk about insecure. Please get her out!!!!


Shouldn’t a minister know that Catholics are Christians?
Kinda painful to watch that conversation…


It’s unbelievable. How come Jocasta aka “the minister”, she who speaks in tongues, wouldn’t know THE BASICS of Christian religions???!! Once again CBS major fail on finding educated smart players. I love that Donny had to help. It’s really too much

Oh I hope CBS does a broadcast edit of how miserable and bitchy Christine is. Just an ugly soul.

First timer

In Jocasta’s defense, a number of Christian denominations require that one has a “natural calling” and indoctrination into the sect’s values in order to hold the title of minister. No additional education is needed, especially in learning about other movements within the religion. Unfortunately, she was never trained to counsel people outside of her denomination. This makes me judge her church harsher than her.

Fuh Q

I don’t watch the live feeds but wondered if that was a sample of Joccosta’s ‘speaking in tongues’ act seen after Amber won the bob comp? That babbling, gurgling, choking, sound.


Was Cody being sarcastic when he asked Jocasta if he had to convert to be a
Christian? If it wasn’t he needs to go back and get some remedial catechism lessons.


Maybe you and the others need an education. Some branches of the “Christain faith” teach you can only enter heaven through Christ and them. An example was the Southern Baptists of the 80’s usually represented by Robertson and Fallwell on national talk shows like Larry King Live. The term “born again” was used for those who converted and so on. On many occasions either or both would argue the only true Christain faith was thiers. They would actually argue that Catholics as an example would not enter heaven and several Catholic leaders of the day did the same. For those who grew up in the environment it is not surprising they have difficulty defining Christianity.

Your very unlikely to get someone’s true faith from the BB house. All you have to do is look at bible reading Dan as a obvious example. His actions on the show spoke to non Christain values. Jocasta will just be a memory when the house gets around to evicting her. She won’t be missed!


Nice to see some intellect and smarts mixed in with the silliness and fun of BB. Those are interesting points Stan. I feel, maybe like some other posters, for Jocosta to run around wearing her ministry tiara and throwing God and Jesus around like a religious ATM machine, that she should have some basic education in theology. I’m thinking now she just cray-cray.

Also people who don’t think Catholics are Christian are ignoring the history of Christianity. The name Christian predates all Protestant and Evangelical Churches by over a millennium. Many Evangelicals may be surprised to learn they accept the authority of several Catholic councils every time they pick up their Bible. The Bible didn’t fall out of the sky, spiral bound with an NIV sticker on it. It has a rich Catholic history!

Theologians make it very clear that early Christian beliefs were Catholic. The relatively new usage of ‘born again’ might have put a different spin on the whole subject. Jocasta definitely caught in some sort of spin.


For the record amber would look better in that skirt Christine


You’re right, but Amber is still a boring bitch who gets by on looks and no personality.


BB being more important than his Grand Pa’s funeral says all we need to know about Frankie’s character.


It says in the letter they’re going to wait to have a celebration of his life until franke leaves the house, his grandfather wanted him to stay in the house no matter what and I’m sure if he didn’t say that Frankie would leave in a second


Are you kidding me? Who the hell are you to judge someone like that? You are aware that it was his grandpa’s wish for Frankie to stay, right?

I swear people are so big and bad on these comments talking about other people like they do. Some people here act a million times worse than any of these contestants WHO ARE LIVING IN A FISHBOWL 24/7 AND PLAYING A GAME FOR $500K. Some of you people need to look in the mirror before you judge other people so viciously. Disgusting.


As Timothy once said…”the love of money is a root of all…evil.


16 more “roots of all evil” this season. You’ll be surprised to know the HGs are there for the 500K. Hope you never bought a lottery ticket! 😛 You must be one of those 60 hour a week volunteers that works tirelessly for free?


Jacosta is pretty clueless considering about religion she’s a minister. The other night brit asked her for something specific (I can’t recall) and she searched the bible and couldnt find anything and made excuses like oh this is not my bible etc and ended up reading a random verse and started asking brit do you believe in jesus yadda yadda yadda..

p.s. christine is so needy for cody and shes the female caleb

Crazy eyed Christine

That’s right, by my donkey laugh, ye shall be judged. Be careful, least I find you unworthy. But, I only pass judgement on mean people, and pretty people, an people who aren’t in my alliance, and other women, oh and spiders. And people who do agree with me. But, I am really nice, to your face, it make my job as a judge easier if you would just turn around.


“it make my job as a judge easier if you would just turn around.”
LOL! I’m digging the wittiness of this season’s posts more and more!!! 😀


Bless her heart!!! At least we know Christine was raised right…she talks behind their backs…it’s called manner. (Thank you, Kathy)


Christine makes up so much stuff about Amber it’s hilarious

I would love for Christine to be voted out before Amber, that would be amazing


I’m sure Frankie is devastated by his grandfather’s death ….. But he sure bounced back into game mode fast

Just saying


What’s he supposed to do, lay in bed and bawl all day? Haven’t you ever known anyone who experienced a death and handled everything pretty well? His grandfather was 90 and this was his third time with cancer. I don’t think Frankie was unprepared that this day would come.

I really don’t understand all of these digs people here are getting in about how Frankie is dealing with this. It’s far more judgmental on a personal level than any of the “cattiness” people are ripping the houseguests apart for. You don’t judge how another person handles death. Period.


It’s ridiculous, my grandmother passed away after a stroke recently and I loved her every day of my life and I am a crier but I didn’t cry until the moment I saw her in the casket. It’s not fair to judge how people mourn.


I think it’s admirable that Frankie has aspirations to build schools in Africa (like anyone in Hollywood hasn’t jumped on that bandwagon already), but why don’t people think about helping the country and people where they live – people who can’t afford basic life necessities because of poverty are all over America. Anyway, I don’t know why Frankie needed to tell us all that if not to gain support for ‘America’s Grandest Player’.
About Victoria: who is now a “competition beast” – her two strategic moves are 1. Wear lots of bows and 2. Call people disgusting or pathetic. How has Muppetine gone under the radar this far? I can’t understand it. I can’t wait to see her nose on the block (and it can’t come fast enough).
Brittany is gone tomorrow so she can go wine at home (maybe a bottle or 2).

Jesus H. Christ.

Jocasta is a minister and doesn’t know that Catholics are Christians?! Are you serious?! CODY HAS A CROSS TATTOO! That’s the main symbol of Christianity and she asked if he was Christian? That has to be a joke. How can these people claim to be so religious and know NOTHING about religion? It is a disgrace that they call themselves religious and then know nothing but popular Bible verses. Thankfully Donny knows what’s up; he continues to be my favorite and never stops proving himself.


Sad isn’t it?

Ummmm...yeah ok...get your facts together....ok?

First of all, just because you wear a cross does NOT make you a Christian. Being a Christian is a spiritual commitment. Many of us today identify ourselves as Christians because we go to church or our parents are Chrisians or you just believe that Jesus Christ existed and the Bible is true. These things however, does not make a true Christian. Being a true Christian is hard. It means dedicating your life to God after accepting Jesus Christ into your life. It is very easy to be good when you first meet the Lord and dedicate your life. After you get down from the high of becoming a Christian, you will face many difficulties in life. God has many rules and God expects you to change your life for him. After all, God gave you life and is our Almighty redeemer. Therefore, when you become a Christian you can’t be the same old you. We may live for an average of 80-90 years and throughout all that time we need to be close to God. There will be times in your life where everything seems to be going wrong and nothing in life makes sense. Being a true Christian means that you have to decide to be God’s child through all the tough times, get through all the temptations and trust God is doing everything for the best. After all, being a true Christian is dedication of your life to Jesus Christ.

I Got My Facts straight

Chris·tian (from Google)
adjective: Christian
of, relating to, or professing Christianity or its teachings.
“the Christian Church”
1. noun
a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.

I never claimed Cody was a “true Christian” or even a good Christian. He was baptized, so he is technically a Christian. Cody being a good Christian was not my point. My point was that it is a disgrace that Jocasta didn’t know that Catholicism is a form of Christianity.

Donny FTW!

Christine is the WORST! Fingers-crossed she’s bombarded with loud boos when she’s finally evicted. Her constant personal attacks on Brittany and Amber, and her weird obsession with Cody are making the feeds almost unbearable. If I was Christine’s husband I think I’d start banging a hot neighbor…

Michael from Canada

If he could bang a hot neighbor he wouldn’t be married to Christine.


He’s probably already banging a hot neighbor

mr ed

She would just have to be lukewarm at best to be better than anteater Christine!!!!!




I hope her spider bite gets infected and she gives spider-bite herpes to everyone in the house.


Ahahahahahah ratine only judges mean people….I guess someone hasn’t looked in the mirror yet


It touched my heart to gear Frankie talk about his grandpa. I wish i could hug him. Hang in there Frankie. He’s in a better place now, watching you play this hard game.


Boo how. Everybody knows there is no Better Place than the Big Brother House. Maybe Grandpa is now up in the attic.


Hmmmmm, don’t know about Frankie’s speech. I don’t care for him, so that’s probably colouring things, but that tribute sounds like very self-serving.

Good grief

Yeah, 95% of that entire speech was him talking about how wonderful his grandpa was and asking for support for his family. Sounds pretty self serving to me. *roll eyes*

People can knock the guy’s gameplay all day long, but all this personal attacking is ridiculous. Oh, but I forgot this is the internet.


No, 75% of his speech was about his plans to build schools in Africa. Now, THAT deserves an eye roll.


Reading the letter twice on the feeds to make sure every last person knows was a bit much. At least we know Frankie’s grandfather really died. Remember Johnny Fairplay on Survivor faking his grandmothers death to gain an edge over the other players? That was beyond horrible. I hope his whole family shunned him for that.


To be fair, Frankie’s entire speech to the camera is not quoted in its here. It was much longer and most of what he said was talking about how great his grandfather was and all his grandfather’s accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this site but you can’t base your perception of the people off of what is quoted here. You may or may not get the full story (for the most part you do, not knocking the site) or you may miss the context of how something was said. I found Frankie’s entire speech to be heartfelt and genuine. He really wanted America to understand the situation and understand why he was staying.


I agree. I think you needed to see the whole thing. It made me cry.

so over Christine...

Christine makes me sick. I used to like her the first week. Now all she does is flirt with the guys, talk bad about Amber and try to get in Cody’s pants. For the love of God you ate married! Stop acting like a jealous slut. I hope her husband has divorce papers waiting for her when she gets home.
And as for punching Amber I would to see her try. Amber would knock her out cold. And duh of course Amber would look better in Christine’s clothes. She’s a model and Christine is ugly. I don’t know why she thinks she is Miss Popular. The boys only want her around because she is a rat. I hope Amber wind HOH and puts her up. She will go home because she can’t win a competition .


Donny said if he won HOH he would put up Derprick and Frankie. I think he would change Frankie to Ratine since Frankie’s grandfather just passed. And Donny really dislikes Ratine. Team Donny!!


On the premiere, when they did the intro for Christine, she told the camera that she wished she could pack nothing because she loves being naked. I can’t speak for everyone, but I thought it was funny at the time. We should have known she was an insecure girl that will do anything to get attention right then.
If Amber had done the same thing, there would be 50 posts on here about how they wish Amber would go naked. And 100 posts about how big of a slut she is. I think people didn’t really give it that much attention because Christine’s not very attractive.


Christine is a Racist. She always says whom she doesn’t like and they just happen to be minorities. Jeremy is Cherokee Indian

Race Card

So Brittany is a minority now? Stop reaching, not everything is about race.


Most if her dislikes are minority and in my opinion she is a racist

Well my opinion is...

That your opinion is baseless and you like to play the race card…
so there.


I find that these people who always bring up race or make EVERYTHING about race really are the true racists. I don’t think christine is a racist. She hates EVERYONE! I bet she can’t even stand to be around herself 🙂

She's Not White

Brittany Martinez


Martinez might be her married name.

beast mode cowboy creeper

uuuuh seriously? I think you’re reaching a bit with the racist remark. She also talks shit about Brittany and Caleb who are ****drum roll please*** WHITE! She is an equal opportunist with her hate and rags on everyone.


Christine is a judger!!!


im pretty sure brittany is hispanic but yeah

Michael from Canada

Jeremy was also a very aggressive male and what Christine would consider a “bully”. It has nothing to do with race. Nice try though.


I’m fairly certain she chooses her diluted rants based on who she feels inferior too, not by their race…

Michael from Canada

Jesus… I didn’t know the Grande family was THAT rich. Ariana’s money is just a drop in the bucket.


Christine is the worst! Who is she to judge? Cody or any of the guys in the house would never give her the attention she is getting if she didn’t constantly rat out the girls. Fingers crossed that Donny wins HOH and throws her on the block with one of the boys in her alliance so she really gets to see what they think of her when they vote her out to save their boys alliance.


I just love how Zach called Christine out. He gets a couple brownie points for that.


Oh ye of too much faith: for those of who believe the fake bios of the majority of the houseguests who enter the Big Brother house. They can make up any kind of BS and accompanying video to support their ‘story’ – doesn’t mean it’s true. A lot of them hire videographer, have a set and the whole nine to fool even us.
Beware ye of too much faith.
Jocasta seems to use her religion when it’s convenient. She does not pray before meals for example.


Prayers go out to Frankie and his family. Now back to the game, He is still a di##head and I hope he is kicked out very soon. I’m sure Frankie and CBS will milk this for all its worth. I can only imagine what type of BS Julie Chen says on Thursday night. She might even have some tears. I wanna know who’s gonna put Frankie up. Cause you know someone will say, “We can’t do that to Frankie, he’s been through some much, it wouldn’t be fair to him and his family.” He will use this to his advantage.


Julie Chen….shed tears????……..not likely.


For ratings? Cry me a river!!!


If the Chenbot cried, she’d rust.


Yeah…still don’t like Ariana Grande’s brother…


Was the grandpa his mom’s dad or his dad’s dad? Sounded like he was his mom’s. If so, why is Frankie’s last name same as the grandpa? Need some clarification pls.


The grandpa was his mother’s dad. I don’t know for sure, but a possibility is that Frankie’s mom was never married to his dad or just kept her maiden name.


add in when woman divorce they often will return to maiden name. If Frankie was born after the marriage the laws vary on last name by state


Mom most likely gave the kids her last name, her father’s surname. Like I have my father’s last name, and my kid has my last name.


Ariana and Frankie are half siblings. Same Mom. Different Dad. Frankie and his Mom have the same last name of Grande and Ariana last name is Butera.


Her name is hyphenated but she still has and uses mom’s last name, which mom got from grandpa frank grande.


I would love to see Christine TRY to punch Amber in the face. And people think Caleb is the cuckoo?

Umm…Donny and Amber, never mind the frickin recycling. Talk some game dammit! I wanna see those two put their heads together–like right now. If neither one of them (nor Caleb, who would put up whoever Amber tells him to) wins HoH, I think I’ll be sick tomorrow.


Every time Donny has talked to Amber she tells the BS Squad what he said so Donny knows not to say anything to her. Donny can’t talk game to anyone except BowTie and then its limited. He has to win HOH. Go Donny!!

beast mode cowboy creeper

What does Frankie’s 3 majors, college degree, his sisters career, and all his other self centered comments have to do with his grandfather passing? I get its hard and I want to feel for him, but when shit like that spews out of his mouth I have a hard time thinking he is being genuine, let alone feeling sorry for him. That speech was basically talking about how awesome he is and ONCE AGAIN kissing his sisters ass, and giving her a quick tv plug for her career.


You obviously didn’t watch the entire speech and only read what was written here which is only tidbits of what he actually said.

Frankie went on and on and on about his grandfather’s accomplishments and what he passed on to Frankie (his grandfather was like his dad, he had a single mother). He listed his accomplishments as well as his sister’s, mother’s, cousin’s, aunt’s and so on in regards to the legacy his grandfather left behind. He thought it was proof of his grandfather’s greatness that he accomplished so much in his life and raised two daughters who accomplished so much and passed that on to their kids as well.

beast mode cowboy creeper

I did watch it actually. I couldn’t stomach reading it after I already watched it because the whole thing was so self absorbed. Yes he did speak of his grandfather (obviously) but 95% was him speaking about himself or plugging his sister.


Jacosta is an idiot! Catholicism is the first Christian denomination started by Jesus Christ himself and yes we pray directly to God. Catholic has been around since 33 AD while other denominations didn’t form til the 16th century. Protestants use OUR bible minus all the books they’ve excluded. Get Real Jacosta!


I didn’t know it was YOUR bible(catholics). Organized religion and Christianity are different in my opinion. Like I said that’s MY opinion.


Man…Jocasta’s comments kind of freaked me out…
A serious question here, but I wonder what her thoughts or reaction would be on the two Jewish HG (Victoria & Zach) & how their faith doesn’t view Jesus like other denominations do?
I would hope this experience educates her of the different denominations out there…


I’m sorry… What?! Catholicism was started by Jesus himself ?! Now who sounds as dumb as Jocosta lol!!!!


The first Christians were Catholic. Why don’t you think that is true???

Also Christian

Jacosta is not an idiot. She is just not informed. You may know the history of your religion, but how much do you know about the history of Jocasta’s religion?

“OUR bible?” The bible belongs to many faiths. Jesus was born into the Jewish faith, which also uses the bible as the primary text. Christians (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox), Mormons, Jehovahs Witnesses, and many other religions believe in the bible, but have different interpretations of it. Catholics don’t have a lock on the bible.

Most of us are not knowledgeable about faiths outside of our own. But, with an open mind we can learn and grow.


Yes, the Catholic church was started by Jesus. His deciples went out to spread the word and convert people to this new belief. There were no methodists, baptists, nondenominational, etc… there were only those 12. It was one church.
Catholic means Universal, they were spreading what they hoped to be the new Universal Church.
A few hundred years later a group of Catholic Bishops came together and wrote the bible. So, Yes, it is our Bible. It was written by the Catholic Bishops.
Several hundred years go by and groups start to split off, Methodists, Lutherans, Church of England, etc… those groups (Mostly Martin Luther) removed several books from the Bible. To this day there is a Catholic Bible and a Prodestant Bible. Our Bible still includes the books that Martin Luther decided to remove from the Bibles that most other Christian faiths use.


Sorry, Jesus was a Jew, not a Catholic. Also, Jesus would smite you and your church for the way it’s abused children over the years.


except those other Christian religions did not exist at the time the new testament
started taking form.


Umm yes she is an idiot. People may not be knowledgable about the specifics of a certain religion that is not their own but seriously not know that Catholics are Christians !? And she is the one who thinks she has a lock in the bible. What does she think Catholics read… How does someone not know that Catholics read the bible and Jewish the Torah. Not acceptable for a Christian minister to not know that. Disgusting. And Cody’s parents must be face palming themselves at how dumb their son sounded in that conversation. Idk what these people were taught in school. I learned about all the different religions in high school and could give a lot of details about each religion so don’t make it like all people are idiots like her. It kinda goes to show the average person is not that well educated unfortunately. Maybe it depends on the type of area they are from. But I hate how she acts like she is the religion expert yet clearly knows nothing about basic Christianity. She looks down on anyone who is not her sect of Christianity and it’s getting irritating.

Christine's future ex-husband

Guess Ill go swoop Brittany’s trampy ass up once she is eliminated tomorrow night. Lord knows she likes anything with a d!ck and gives her attention. Enjoy chasing Cody around skank….


Amber is the best. She doesnt deserve to have mean shit talked about her. Christine is really making amber look like a real bitch in front of everyone. Someone has to tell amber sadley the only one who will will be cody but hes not going to tell amber anything until caleb leaves. Hopefully ppl choose B for TA. Dang we need some drama!


I agree. Can’t stand Christine. She is jealous of pretty girls like Brit and Amber. She talks about how she hates cattiness yet she is the cattiest in the house. She is finally getting some male attention in life from someone besides her husband and she’s riding off that adrenaline trip from it. I’ve dealt with girls like Christine my whole life. They love putting others down to make their ugly selves feel better. Also funny how Christine loves to see ambers jealousy when she goes on “dates” with Cody. She has never been around an attractive man like that so she’s loving this.


These Haters (Christine, Victoria ……) are justing proving that they hate themselves because Amber/Brittny are refelction of what they wish to be, they want to be like them, they see them as a threat and they can’t have the attention Amber/Britteny have!! poor confused people lack of personality and integrity!

christine hater

Christine looks like that old perv on family guy


wow he is so going to use his grandfather death to get him further in the game and that makes me sick. I would never be able to stay in a house like that, with strangers, after losing a family member. I would be running to my family, if for nothing else comforting my grandmother and parent who just lost their parent. yes his grandfather said stay and we all handle things our own way, but I think he should be with his real family right now. And my gut tells me he is going to use this as emotional blackmail and be handed the game when he does not deserve it one bit.


She also looks like a younger version of Heather on Real Housewives of New York, which makes her hard to watch (for me).


It’s been a few seasons since we saw the Coup d’Etat right? Jeff got it in Season 11 – I’m predicting (hoping), it gets revealed this season.
Anyone know the Crank Yankers puppets? If you do, Victoria is definitely Haddasah Guberman.


Grenades Yo!


The look on Donny’s face is one of stunned amazement at the collective stupidity, and sheep-like behavior that’s going on around him! He cannot get the outsiders to see the forest for the trees…this is the dumbest group of players, ever! They have an Alliance of Derrick,Cody, Frankie,Christine,Zach…also rans…Caleb,Amber,Hayden!Victoria,Nicole…then there’s the two on the block who need to speak up and be heard on Thursday!


Yeah Donny’s pretty good – love when said the competition ‘goes to chalk’. I want him to get some power in that house so bad. I wish he didn’t have to the asinine TA challenges with those 2 others but…


this just went from being Big Brother to the Frankie show


I wouldn’t be surprised if BB do like they did last season and give evicted house guests an opportunity to re enter the game

Oh my gawd

Christine is beyond the most annoying player in this game! All she does is talks smack about everyone! Like seriously look at yourself! And everyone is beyond chicken sh&t to do something big! Another season like last year.


Unfortunately, the current house guests got the memo that you need to be in an Alliance…check!!!…now, try and make it less than 10!!!! Geez…when they run out of Jocasta, Victorias and Donny’s…well…Caleb ain’t going without a fight! Might not be too boring!


Cody – I’m catholic thats not Christian?
Jocasta – no.. you probably find yourself more non denominational

And that bitch entered the house as a minister. She OBVIOUSLY knows shit about Christianity. She’s just one of those sickos who sell Bible and preach to the ordinary people in subways. Sicko! All that convo with Cody reveals two things: that Cody is ball-less airhead^2, and that Jocasta (what about that name in the first place!?) is completely shallow — malfunctioning Bible blabbering box.


Nice. You are a disgrace to Catholics everywhere. Such hate. May God have mercy on you.


Get off your high horse with the have mercy on your soul. Give me a break. Jacosta is stupid and so is Cody. You should not be a minister and should not be preaching the shit she is saying if you don’t know Catholics are Christians. Lol she thinks her form of Christianity is the only one that can talk anywhere to god?? No one else can? What a dumbie. And she obviously looks down on Catholics. And then you have a guy with a cross on his shoulder and doesn’t even know he’s Christian. His parents must be proud. Shows how dumb the average person is.


My condolence to Frankie and his family. His grandfather lived a full life and is in heaven…he’s earned it. I just hope that Frankie will not use this to further himself into the game and win it all. As someone mentioned here in the comments section that Jonny Fairplay from Survivor used the death of his grandmother to try to make the other survivors feel sorry for him and not vote him off. Now I remembered Frankie said in the Diary Room that would “lie, lie, lie” because after all, this is Big Brother! I just do not want to him to turn on the waterworks and pull at the heartstrings to get him off the block: and shame the houseguests into it (but I have a feeling Derrick, Christine, Donny, and Zack will not let Frankie get away with that ploy). He said he wanted to help build schools in Africa…and that’s all good, but what about the people here in the USA? Homeless people, the elderly, abused children, starving families, people with final stages of disease? What about them? Believe me, if I was on there and win Big Brother, I’d give some of the money for the people here in the USA that would need it. As for Christine and her wretched comments lately, if she did try to punch Amber in the face, Amber would freaking kick her ass from the Big Brother house, all over Hollywood and Vine, to Santa Barbara and back! I hope Amber find out and confront that ugly bitch and make her cry!! She is the one of the most vile and disgusting woman (next to Amanda) that’s ever been on Big Brother! Getting mad when the other girls are all up on Cody…bitch, you’re a married woman…remember?! I hope her husband see it all and questions her when she get home! I’m still rooting for Donny to win the next HOH and start tearing apart the Detonators and you’ll see them scrambling with all the promises to Donny for him not putting them up (especially Derrick, Frankie, and Christine…and you know Zack will throw them under the bus to Donny)!


Here…Africa…what’s the difference? More importantly, I’m not sure how many schools one would be able to open with half a million after about 60% taken for taxes.


Cody is such a bastard for putting Donny on the block! No balls, no spine, soaking the mucous content of his nose 30 times/hour, and beyond that pretty face is just a very bad person. His parents did a really bad job with him! #hypocrite #growapairoftits #tampexmen


Thor's Sister

I had no idea Christine was being so brutal about people. I didn’t know she was 23 either not like that’s an excuse but it makes a little more sense at the maturity level shes at , but being married and all, its surprising. In all fairness though, they do all talk about each other but the girls are a little more frequent about it, where the guys manage to get some game talk in between the banter and this is why they are ruling the house. Girls will never come together in this game. I have no idea why.

Ohhhhhhh Jocasta, The Catholic church is the largest Christian denomination ect ect. Weird a Minister wouldn’t know that. I am glad Donny was there to educate them about it (I think someone had mentioned that already) .

Is Kellie Pickler Catholic??? 😛


Christine shouldn’t make no comments about ppl looks with that nose. She the most unattractive girl in the house. Zach’s diary room screaming is so annoying.


Oh, please, Christine, get over yourself already. You’re going to have rude awakening when you get back into the “real world.”


Christine the rat is so much a judger. She keeps on judging other people from jeremy (bb15) to brittany, amber and selena gomez forehead. Damn that rat, why dont she look in the mirror and judge herself. Shes definately jealous bec shes not beautiful from the inside and out


Johnny Fairplay did not use the death of his grandmother. His grandmother didn’t die! He and his friend cooked up that story to garner sympathy for Johnny Fairplay.

Also, it’s not “ppl”. It’s p-e-o-p-l-e.

And especially is not “esp”. It’s e-s-p-e-c-I-a-l-l-y.


Is it F-U or do we have to say f*ck you? Why not let PPL talk how they want to talk, use shorthand or text talk if they choose? Esp when it is a free country! IMHO 🙂


Maybe Christine and her husband are free love swingers. She likes being naked, after all. Even if they don’t actively swing they probably flirt with others in front of each other and it’s just part of who they are.


Ok really getting tired of Christine, they need to get her out NOW!! She sucks as a game player and is just a jealous, whiny person. Whoever gets her out should be voted America’s favorite houseguest lol

A Nonny Mouse

~ Christine rolls in says he wants to punch Amber in the face~

And there is your reason Christine is pretty much hated all over social media: this unnecessary meanness that contributes zero to her gameplay. She’s no different than Victoria or Jocasta, it’s just dumbass luck that she’s in alliances and under the radar.


Christine has got to be one of the ugliest women I have ever seen on this show(and possibly in all my life) big nose gargoyle eyes bean shaped face etc., I don’t know how she was picked, probably as a decoy to ward off the thought that Big Brother only picks beautiful women to be on the show 😉


All Christine needs is a black brimmed had and razor fingers and a red and black stripe shirt and you would not be able to tell her apart from Freddy Kruger