Frankie finds out about the bad news “He’s watching from heaven it’s better than the live feeds”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-23 15-40-16-932

3:28pm HOH Cody and Derrick
Cody – last day in here
Derrick – you gotta enjoy it
They both complain about their legs hurting after they drink.
Derrick says Victoria found out that Brittany is telling everyone to keep her in the house so she can get out VIctoria. Brittany is saying Victoria doesn’t deserve to be in the house. Victoria told Derrick she’s redoing her goodbye message, “Theres a natural hatred there”
Zach joins them.
They wonder why Brittany was sleeping up in the HOH. Derick mentions that Jocasta was weirded out by it.
Derrick she does believe in her heart that Cody controls the votes.. “I’m going to start calling you the original DON .. She hasn’t even talked to some people”
They agree Brittany’s face is going to DROP when she finds out the vote is 10 to O
Derrick – “She’s conniving as f****” Derrick says Donny is handling the nomination much better. Zach points out if Donny thought he was in danger he would be doing things differently.
Cody says Amber is getting on his last nerve.
Christine and Nicole come in.
Cody goes on about Brittany sleeping in the room last night and how weird it was. Derrick jokes that Cody was getting a bl*w j*b
Victoria comes in.
Derrick says to Victoria to promise them all she’s not going to get mad at them.
Derrick – “We’re keeping Brittany.. Donny is talking mad sh!t around the house”
Victoria smiles says DOnny isn’t talking to anyone.
Nicole says they better not keep Brittany asks them if they really are keeping Brittany.
they all laugh.
Cody says he’s got a date with Christine tonight in the HOH because they didn’t get their hammock date last night.
Christine says she told Amber she had a date with COdy and her Face she gave was hilarious “She’s use to having everything.. every guy”
They start teasing Victoria for “Making out” with Frankie last night. Zach – “That was a wet sloppy kiss”
They start giving Victoria a hard time about Frank, Victoria play along.
Victoria says in this house “Frank” (Frankie’s hetero ego) is the best looking guy and he’s the most mysterious “He only comes out once a month.. you never know when you’ll see him next”
Victoria calls the kiss with Frank a “Pop” kiss. Zach calls something more
Victoria – Whatever I pop kiss my girlfriend all the time. They start giving her more grief for “Making out” with Frank but telling them she can’t sleep in a guys bed.
Vciotira say she’s over Frank.

hayden and Donny

3:47pm Hayden and Donny preparing for a HOH gladiator challenge

BB16-2014-07-23 15-55-22-047

3:55pm Donny and Hayden Living Room
They find a price sticker on the coffee table it say 1 thousand dollars.
Hayden says it better transform into a robot or something to cost so much

Nicole joins them they start chatting about Donny’s life. He starts at 7:30 and works until 3:30. He showers at night cause he gets dirty during the day at his job. He eats a pop tart in the morning, 9’clock he eats 4 crackers, For lunch he has a sandwich, chips and a cookie, He drinks one coffee in the morning..etc etc..
Christine joins them.

BB16-2014-07-23 16-24-37-257
4:24pm bathroom Brittany packing her stuff.. She told the girls she’s leaving some of her product for them.

BB16-2014-07-23 16-24-58-057

4:25pm HOH Derrick and Zach
Zach – “Dude you and me gotta win HOH this week.. it’s CRUCIAL”
Derrick agrees says it’s not going to be endurance they want some quick ones until they get to 10 people
Zach says they need to put up Amber/Donny/JOcasta/Donny the only problem is if Caleb wins POV and takes down amber.
Derrick – YUP
feeds change to the living room.

BB16-2014-07-23 16-30-57-623

4:28pm Living room Christine, HAyden and Nicole
Christine says top 5 best looking men to every be on Big Brother not inducing this years.
Christine – Lane (BB12), Dan (BB10,BB14), Jeff (BB11, BB13), Brendon (BB12,BB13), Dominic (BB13)
Nicole agrees with the list.
Hayden – WHAT DAN
Christine says Cody, Hayden, Caleb and Derrick are very attractive “We got a good looking season that is for sure”
Nicole says Hayden is very attractive.
Christine keeps telling everyone she’s going o a date with Cody in the hOH in 7 minutes.

BB16-2014-07-23 17-03-23-669

5:02pm Living Room
Frankie was given a letter that Explains what happened with his grandfather, “He was a real italian bada$$”
Frankie talks about his grandfather’s life he was an electrical engineer a very smart man that was close to Frankie.
Frankie says they are letting him send a message to his family..
He overcame cancer 2 and a half times.
He was the first one that came out to support Frankie’s sexualty.
Caleb sleeping though all this probably because nobody woke him up.

More information about Frankie’s Grandfathers death here

BB16-2014-07-23 17-20-56-790

BB16-2014-07-23 17-23-57-892

5:25pm Zach ion the havenots room
Crying “Damn that f**ing sucks”

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Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Frankie is taking it really good! Gotta love him.


I think and hope the family decided to tell Frankie about his grandfather’s death and let Frankie decide. The family might have said they totally, totally support and want him to stay in the house because that is what his Grandfather wanted also. Then I hope Production gave him an opportunity to speak to his family on the phone regarding the situation.
I would hope that Production would see the exceptional case in letting this happen.


What becomes clear from this situation is the complete phoniness and hypocrisy of Jocasta. As a minister ( a term I use lightly) seems to be showing almost zero compassion to helping Frankie through his grieve. That’s her f-ing job for God’s sake! She even lacks the basic knowledge regarding theology when she is talking to Cody about Catholic tradition. She comes off as phony.


It’s not that hard to become a minister these days. Hell, you can even start your own non-denominational church if you have the motivation and enough people to financially support you. Many Christians know nothing about the history of the Catholic (universal) church because well, how many American’s even know the history of America? Many people just don’t seem to care and think they know it all.


but he mentioned his grandfather’s name, Frank Grande. wonder if the HGs will figure it out that he’s ariana’s brother?


Pretty sure they know Frankie’s last name already?

I think he seemed to be taking it well, but Zach is not judging from the photos 🙂

This is the most guys crying in a BB ever, if you ask me

Plus i can’t believe Christine’s list didn’t include the first Hayden.


yeah, zach’s taking it really hard. shows how close he is to frankie


please, this is the ultimate ugly girls’ list of hot guys, which is naturally skewed toward worshipping guys who are just average looking. I mean Lane? Dan? Bc if they created a list based on society’s standards, then they’d have to pick guys who’d they’d never have a chance with, and they themselves would never make the cut. This is exactly why someone like Hayden will pursue Nicole, even though he wants to bang Brittany and why Nicole will give attention to Hayden even though she thinks Cody is much hotter. So if you want to know who the real hot BB guys are, ask Amber and Brittany to make a list. That being said, these people think way too much about who is hot bc that conversation always seems to come up.


Zack,Cody and Hayden have a crush on Nicole, Derrick and Frankie have mentioned how adorable she is, nobody has a crush on Amber except crazy Caleb. That says it all.


I am also surprised her list did not include Nick Starcevik . He may be a nimrod, but he was kinda gorgeous.

TA Sucks

Glad Frankie was told, now send him home next week.


He should go home now and then Britney can stay

TA Sucks

Nah. Frankie leaves and they vote Brittany out also.


That is not fair.

Now, nobody will ever vote him out. Everybody will be scared of people would think of them evicting Frankie.

And why is Zack crying? He does not know anything about Frankie and even less his Grandfather.
And now CBS will show all this, and everyone will just feel sorry for him

Oh well… this season is a garbage anyways… who cares


when you live with the same people 24/7 obviously you are going to feel so close to them, that’s why showmances become so serious in the big brother house (not talking about this season) so its pretty understandable in my opinion that zach one of frankies closest friends is sad/upset to see his frankie crying and mourning a lost family member…..

Amy N

It’s called empathy, it’s in the dictionary if you aren’t familiar with the term.

Who cares!

I said it? The house guests will NEVER put up Frankie, oh poor Frankie. Frankie is probably saying to himself “Yes Papi, you just gave me 500, Ks!

Amy N

It’s called empathy…he’s good friends with Frankie and he feels bad for him. So do I, it’s very hard to lose a loved one.


I’m not buying the Zach crying thing. Take a look at the screen caps from the living room. Zach is laughing isn’t he? Almost like he thinks it’s a joke


rosie, frankie may have been sharing memories he had with his grandfather that made him happy and made him remember him in a better way, that could be the reason for zachs smile, but I don’t have live feeds so i don’t know if this is why or not


I was watching the live feeds, Zach was crying because he was feeling sad for Frankie, and everyone is right.. it is called empathy.. you need to see a psychologist (for real), if you can’t understand that.


emotions run so high in that house as it is, the slightest thing and the HGs are fighting or celebrating, super happy or sad or extremely angry, they go through all this in one day bc they are with each other all the time and have NOTHING else to focus on or distract them. Hearing about the death of a man who battled cancer – and then to have my friend cry about it in front of me would definitely send me over the edge in that house.


Now you guys felt he should know. Don’t start bad mouthing him because he want to stay.

Inform Denise

Sorry girl…bad news or not…Frankie literally SUCKS!!! GET HIS A$$ OUT!!!


I know it’s weird but I am sort of seeing Nicole and Zach as the final two.


No way will Zach make final 2. He’s already pissed too many people off.


More the reason to take him to the final 2, he is beatable…

anonymous too

i wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Final 2. Look at Dr. Will and Mike Boogie.


It can’t possibly be only me that finds Amber as interesting as the fish in the tank. She is beautiful but the girl has no sparkling conversation, interesting thoughts, etc. Even her diary room sessions are boring if not for her beauty.


Oh I almost forgot to add about Amber – no backbone whatsoever. Any other woman would have straightened that Caleb mess by now but she lacks the spine to say NO. She hasn’t said it and keeps complaining about being his victim.


Amber secretly loves that Caleb continues to pine for her….and will continue to…..until it costs her $500K


Yeah, I just saw the YouTube video posted ‘Caleb kisses Amber good-night’ and she is definitely not saying ‘NO’. As a matter of fact there was plenty of room to sleep further away from him and to even turn around. She’s so uninteresting that it’s the only ‘storyline’ she can offer. Without it, what would Amber have to talk about? She really is not lighting up the room with conversation or personality.
Oh well she sure is pretty though.


She has no problem being assertive about Caleb when talking to everyone else, I have no idea why she can’t just deal with him as tho she is talking to someone else.

About Amber

She’s Flirt Floating…using her feminine wiles…


They did the right thing telling Frankie. It is appropriate that he grieve now and not find out in 2 months. Since he appears to be safe at the moment I do not think his grandfather’s passing will be an issue that influences most of the houseguests.


of course will be an issue.

Nobody will vote him out.

everybody will feel bad and think that American would hate them


Donny had said if he wins HOH tomorrow he would put up Derprick and Frankie. He probably won’t put up Frankie now so it does influence the game. Still hope Donny wins and puts up Derprick and Ratine. That would be fun to watch.


Very classy move by BB. It will be hard for me personally root against Frankie, but if his family supports him to stay that is great. We dont know the situation and hopefully some people can refrain from insensitive comments. (Ps I only talk game and stategy here and never make any rude comments so hopefully you guys can as well, not just to Frankie but all the HGs)

#ZachHoH #fearDabeard #Frankiedecisonlooming



The amount of down votes on this comment makes me sad. Unfortunately some of the commenters here are worse than the houseguests they feel the need to insult on a personal level. It seems to happen every year too.


Saddens me too.


just means its time for….

Zach ATTACK HoH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donny calling Caleb “Dumbo”……priceless,,,,,


I wonder what the hgs will do if they find out Frankie is famous



If Frankie was famous they all would know who he is right?? Does anybody knew who he is??


fabio….LMAO…..thanks for being more entertaining than the stupid houseguests!

I am worried Frankie will cry when he finally gets to share who is *famous* sister is…and all the houseguests just silently mouth “who?”…..


no one in the house knows who he is, they all think he is a broadway performer


My kids know who he is and that he’s a blogger and Ariana Grande’s brother. They were telling me he was on BB and I was like who?


ok, this is embarrassing but luckily I am writing from behind a computer lol but I knew who Frankie was before this and recognized him as soon as I saw him on BB bc I used to (well still do) love the show Victorious (I named my daughter after one of the characters), and his sister was on that show. I used to watch her youtube videos before she even put out a single and got “famous” bc honestly she has a beautiful singing voice. Frankie and Ariana are half Sicilian, half Abruzzese, which, coincidentally, is what I am. I do not personally know of any other Italians that have this exact mix, so this always interested me too. I also have relatives with the last name Grande. Go figure. So by keeping up with Ariana over the years, I learned she had a brother who was in the business and they are actually very close and I would see pictures of them together all the time. I never watched his youtube videos though. I am a little embarrassed about this (well, not really, just slightly) is that I am in my early 30s lol I know, pretty bad that I watch kiddie stuff and follow teen pop stars but I am just one of those people who watches inordinate amounts of television. Trust me please, I am normal and I have a lot less time to do this kind of stuff now that I have a baby lol But I think it’s weird if they put me in the house, they might think I’d be the least likely to recognize him, since I am 34 and a new mom, but I’d be the first to call him out!!


Neither Grande is famous!
Well unless,,,, self made youtube videos count,
and , um, yeah, what does his sister do again??
Never heard of ’em, and won’t even remember either of ’em after he’s sent packing…


Lol, Ariana Grande is a famous singer (she’s had a number 1 song and is on the top iTunes chart often) and she had a show on Nickelodeon. I didn’t know who she was either, but I’m over 30. She’s very popular among younger kids. Just because you don’t know who she is doesn’t mean that she isn’t famous.


Ariana is pretty famous. Maybe not your cup of tea, but she’s got like 3 songs on the Billboard charts and has hit #1 with “Problem”. Plus her Nickelodeon shows. Already racking up awards for acting and singing. The kids love her!

Hayden Nicole fan

Yes young people know who she is, as in Tweens. Most people older than 15 barely know who she is. They may have heard the name Ari Grande, but they don’t know much about her (or care much about her).


May the grand father’s soul rest in peace. My sympathy to all his family members. That aside, what’s up with Christine? What does she want with Cody? Isn’t she married? What is a married woman doing alone with a young , fine looking guy, touching and rubbing each other?thats disrespecting your husband .


Just like Brittany said. Cody is 23 years old MAN, she won`t seat on her lap.

Who knows what kind of marriage Christiane has? It is embarrassing for her husband for sure.

anonymous too

faibo, it’s CHRISTINE CHRISTINE CHRISTINE, not Christiane. and yes i purposely misspelled your name, fabo! lol


I think is an attempt by Christine and Cody to piss off Amber.


Yes. Cody is trying to make amber jealous i think and christine just want to shove it ambers face


According to her husbands Twitter, he’s pretty pissed at her flirting and such. I’m not sure if she’s doing this as strategy or if she genuinely is into Cody (she did say all the men in the house were attractive) , but whatever it is, it’s pissing her husband off. I get she’s 23, and that’s kind of a young age to be married. I guess she could be realizing the grass is greener in Big Brother. I wouldn’t ruin my marriage over attractive people in a house though, not worth it.

Also, besides the Caleb/Amber antics, the house is starting to become a little stale. I wonder if production has anything planned to shake things up a bit? Possibly a double eviction or diamond power of veto? it’s too early to bring someone back into the game though (no one wants Devin coming back, that’s for sure). Maybe a banner plane can leave a message about a cop being in the house. That would be interesting.


HOLY CRAP she’s 23?!?! I thought she was at least 30 – I guess I should have guessed from her immature comments about others in the house that she was younger but WOWZA she seems ridden hard and put away wet. #nohardfeelings


CBS and their slanted fu*king editing. I don’t get it. TLC (The Lame Crew) gets an edit as if they were rooting for Brittany during her punishment on tonight’s episode when they actually spent the bulk of that time trashing the girl


I know.. I was even thinking. You know maybe Hayden and Nicole are not so bad. they do care about other people.

At least they showed what a P$$$Y Cody is.

Did BB changed their directors? … the Episodes this year are Horrible.

GA Peach

Now…while I do sympathize with Frankie for his loss, I am hoping no one, especially America, forgets his poor weasel-like game play. I just hope that he doesn’t end up America’s Favorite because of his personal loss.
Donny deserves that title more than any other HGs in my opinion…only one who doesn’t constantly trash people behind their backs..I know it’s .BB but the beard has integrity.


What’s up with Cody wanting a “date” with Christine? Totally inappropriate on both their parts, IMO, especially with Christine’s husband and family home watching. Hope she goes before jury, but I know that’s wishful thinking.


Congratulations to cbs for giving frankie christine hayden and nichole edits that make them look like saints. Terrible


Everyone in the house gets an edit, get over yourselves. Brittany is no saint either. Maybe if she spent less time whining about how “alone” she is in the house, she wouldn’t be in this position.


I adore Donny but I would NOT want to take him to the final two. That pretty much garuntees him the 500k, and I don’t think people come to the game to settle for second place.


After watching tonight’s episode I am not understanding why everyone is so mad at Caleb for taking the money. Zach had the first opportunity to take the veto from Brittany but he took the trip instead. Cody should be mad at both Zach and Caleb not Caleb just alone. Even Nicole took the POV


Zack went out so early that there was almost no chance that he would have kept the veto, one of the four that went out after him, like Victoria, would have grabbed it.
Caleb had the only 100% shot at getting and keeping it.


I could be wrong. But I think maybe because Caleb was ultimately the last man standing and winner and instead of taking the power to keep the noms the same (since he thinks he’s in an alliance) he took money. He also put another player in danger in being nominated included himself. But seeing how he acts I wouldn’t doubt if Caleb took the money so that he can take Amber on a trip or date in his mind. I think he’s that simple-minded so he likely assumes she is too since she doesn’t come off very direct and definite at times. And i think there was a little bit of a factor of him taking that money from Nicole over the POV as maybe bad social etiquette as well since he could have snagged the power.


I keep loving Donny more and more, and suprisingly Zach is creeping up to my second fav.

I don’t care if he is a d-bag, he entertains me. Which is the point.


Zach has also grown on me too. Plus I can appreciate that he doesn’t seem to be playing the game like a coward. Even if he may go too far at times. And he also seems to be aware that he is on an entertainment show. He has a bit of that unpredictibility factor to him to an extent.


I soooo want Donny and Zach to team up and become the final two (and Donny win the 500k). They could be called the Odd Couple Alliance. XD

Lady D

Hahaha “Odd Couple Alliance” Love it! I would also love to see those two in the finale. Zach is hands-down my favorite house guest right now (followed by Donny). I think he is hilarious- would be sad to see him go anytime soon.

Chuckles the Clown

Condolences to Frankie. But his grandpa ain’t in heaven… Because there’s no such thing. Same for god and Jebus.

Carry on!

Team Zach 4eva!


Good call BB for letting Frankie know about his grandfather. We may not always agree on your method of operations in this game but coming from someone who is soo close to her family, I would’ve been devastated not so I’m glad you show the softer side of your crew.


I hope zach turns on derrick, frankie, & ratine soooo bad!!! I would love to see him join the outsiders who would actually appreciate having him as an ally. He is on the low end of the totem pole in his alliance right now!! Even he knows that his alliance thinks he’s too much of a liability. BB should convince him to switch sides!!


Do you guys realize the sooner double eviction soon, sooner it will get rid of the BOB twist because there would be impossible to fit all that in the show with the HOH, BOB, and the Veto all played in a 1 hour show, so i hope a DE happens soon.


“The sooner the double eviction happens, the sooner it will get rid of the BOB”, holy crap at my grammar error….


I’m glad Frankie was told about his grandfather. It’s only right. I feel badly for him losing his grandpa Frank who from the sounds of it was a fun guy, may he rest in peace. It was touching watching Frankie talk about his grandfather. He has lots of good and funny memories.


even though zach is a jackass at times, he has a heart. im starting to warm up to him now.


Only good thing about tonight’s show was seeing Nicole’s face when she lost the $5k!!! She was super pissed, love it!


I only moment i found sadder was when in BB2 when Monica’s cousin died in 9/11. Anyone remember that?

Thor's Sister

I just told my friend the same story today, about Monica and her cousin in 911(I don’t think they ever found her 🙁 ) . My friend said she didn’t watch BB back then, I looked away in shame!!!


Christine has bad taste in men, I guess. Lane was a nice guy, muscly body, but average looking, Dominic is good looking in a plastic way, Jeff is only slightly above average, I thought Russell was better looking than him and Brendan doesn’t even rate. My vote for hottest BB guy of all time is definitely Kaysar from season 6 and 7.


What up, KAY-SAR! Those were some great seasons …. i miss them!

BB16 sucks

And just when I thought this show couldn’t get worse than BB15 we have this infinity of dullness, fraternity of evil uneducated bastards, no game moves, no social dynamics… Unless something radically changes this will go down as the most boring BB in the history recorded so far.


I feel bad mentioning this but also feel I need to. I wake of what has mahhened, I hope that Simon and Dawg will change the statement regarding the current alliances… states “(some of these are dead)”. And after what I just read, that made me even sadder. I know thats been there since the alliances started, but for Frankie, please change the last part. You guys are awesome and the best site for BB info. I donate each years and get my feeds from you. Prayers to the Grande family and for strength in Frankie.

please vote christine out next

Do Christine do anything but cackle , talk about Amber and obsess over Cody. Good forbid she actually get up and clean something. I want her gone so bad.


I love how people say “its boring now or its going to be boring ect” How about STFU with that noise all the time. When things are happening in the house (like Drama) most of you say ” The house needs to calm down, are these people 12 yr olds, they are petty and blah blah f*cking blah” Get real. Seems like people forget about the game and just keep complaining about everything especially peoples looks and other unimportant crap. The house cant be Rockin every second of the day. If someone followed you around all day with a camera, how exciting would it really be?
I am enjoying this season, even when I am “complaining ” about the game as in peoples moves in the game, not the actually show FFS!
Enjoy it or watch something else!

Thor's Sister

I change my mind with Brittany and Amber back and forth. Brittany bugs me but I would rather have her around then Amber, shes just kind of lame. At least Brittany will go after people and not just do what shes told.

Glad they (BB) told Frankie and glad hes taking it well. As well as he can having no family in there for him. I think its sweet that Zach is sad for Frankie. Also it could have Zach thinking about his family and if something ever happened to them while he was in the house, who knows. They are all stuck in that house with each other. You are bound to get close to someone and feel for them when they are hurting. You know, like Caleb does for Amber?? (kidding of course).:P

RIP Frankies Grandpa, Hope you are at peace x


So which contestant wants to get a huge amount of blood by getting Frankie out?
How would America now react to Frankie prematurely getting voted out?