Donny says If I’m the sole HOH, I would nominate Caleb & Cody with the purpose to backd**r Amber.

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 10-23-19-000
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9:45am – 10:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The house guests are waking up and getting ready for the day. In the bathroom Victoria talks about the shaving cream fight last night and how Derrick lost his wedding ring. She says they ended up finding it downstairs on the carpet. Up in the HOH bathroom – Caleb showers and comes out he sticks out his tongue and gives the hang loose sign.

10:20am – 10:50am In the kitchen – Donny tells Hayden if it was just 1 HOH I would go ahead and nominate Caleb with possibly Cody with the purpose to specifically back dooring Amber. And No one would suspect it. I would have reason to put up Cody too. You were the first to nominate me and the most current one to. And I would get to play in veto too. But this is only if it was just one HOH, I couldn’t nominate two power players if it was still the 2 HOHs. Caleb comes down and joins them and the conversation ends. Caleb says that he’s going to be the kitchen police from here on out. I haven’t done what they’ve been doing until last night. We took everything off the counter and cleaned everything. We spent 3 or 4 hours cleaning it. It needed to be done but there needs to be the police in here to say hey I saw you do that! Go clean that up. Derrick, Jocasta, Christine join them. Caleb says this was the first time I cleaned this kitchen and it will be the last. Amber said she is going to be that police. Everyone thanks Caleb and Amber for cleaning the kitchen.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 10-23-24-739

10:55am Up in the HOH bathroom – Derrick tells Cody that he talked to Caleb and Amber last night and they said they’re voting Brittany out. They said if they had the votes they would but realized everyone is voting her out and they didn’t want to be exposed. Derrick says we’re golden though.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 10-55-36-761

11am – 11:10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. When the live feeds return Zach and Victoria are sleeping in the HOH room bed. The other house guests are in the kitchen eating and talking about random things. Nicole wonders if she has to wear the Germ-itard suit till Saturday or if she can take it off today. She says she’ll check because it’s supposed to be a full week and she got it on Saturday.

Caleb and Cody head up to the HOH room. Caleb tells Victoria that she better get in a minute of sleep because pretty soon a whole bunch of Jamokes are going to come up here and she won’t be able to sleep now or tonight. Caleb tells Victoria that she woke up the beast! Normally it only comes out in competitions but you woke it up. Caleb says he hopes its the HOH wall endurance competition tonight because he will hang on all night! You could put Vaseline on it and it wouldn’t matter.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 11-14-11-373

11:15am – 12:40pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the HOH lock down.

1:35pm – 1:45pm The live feeds return. Derrick, Jocasta and Zach are sleeping in the fire room. In the bathroom – Amber, Christine, Victoria and Nicole are getting ready for the live show tonight. Caleb and Cody are in the havenot room. Caleb is getting dressed for the live show tonight. He talks about his hair was like Cody’s when he came into the house and if he makes it to jury he will let it grow out. Caleb asks Cody to ask in the diary room if they can dress up for tonight or if they’re going to be wearing athletic gear. That way I don’t waste my time dressing up. Cody comes out and says that he asked what they’re wearing tonight and they didn’t know yet because Rich wasn’t there. Hayden comments on how they’re usually not told until after the second rehearsal. Victoria is eating nuts. Hayden gives her a hard time and asks her why she has to touch all the nuts. Victoria says that she takes whatever she touches. Hayden then grabs the tin of nuts and digs his hand all around in it saying he only takes the ones he touches.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 13-50-13-337

1:53pm – 2pm In the bathroom – Caleb tells a story about his friend Zach that he was cleaning out the horse’s hoof and the horse reached down and took a bite on his hair and took a big old clump of his hair. Caleb says that his friend reached up and punched the horse square in the nose. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2pm – 2:30pm Cody jokes that he sprayed Victoria’s perfume all over the house. Victoria says if you even touch my perfume you will have to buy me a new one and it will come out of your pocket. Cody says that fine because my pockets are deep! Victoria laughs. They house guests are just milling around chatting about random things, getting ready for tonight and sleeping.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 14-24-38-322

2:35pm – 2:45pm In the bathroom – Caleb curls his eye lashes and then puts on mascara. Amber isn’t impressed.

2:55pm – 3pm Amber, Hayden and Nicole head to the earth bedroom to lay down. After they lay down Amber is called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 14-53-01-843

3pm – 3:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds… The feeds return showing Hayden/Nicole sleeping on cameras 3 & 4 and Cody/Derrick sleeping on cameras 1 & 2. The cameras switch to Brittany, Caleb and Donny in the living room.

BB16-2014-07-24 15-10-32-765

Right before the feeds go to jeff

Alliances (Some Of these are defunct)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Caleb helps clean the kitchen for the first time after living in this house for over a month and now he thinks he has the authority to tell grown adults not to make messes?? Please!


He finally cleaned it, but they’re are still a few who haven’t cleaned it yet either after being in the house for over a month. It’s a shame they’re all adults, but BB need to give them chores, because each year the kitchen is filled with ants, and what’s up with one bathroom for that many people in a house. Certainly they can add another bathroom besides the one downstairs and the one for the HOH. The bathroom is always filled with clothes and towels thrown all over the place. These people must have maids that come in to this house, because each season it’s always a select few that clean.

Pinocchio Obama

I think Cody choked by not putting Caleb on the block because Caleb is not going to have a problem nominating Cody. Who knows when you will get another chance.

If I was in the house I would be voting Donny out. He is my favorite but he is a dangerous player and if you keep letting him hang around he will be cashing a huge check. The guy has game skills and he is well liked by just about everyone.

Please tell me that we are not going to have a repeat of last years Red Rat win. Frankie is doing a pretty good Andy impersonation of controlling things behind the scenes.


I agree to a certain extent about frankie although frankie has been able to actually win stuff which would make his win if he does win a little bit more justified, but i hope he doesnt get anywhere near final 2


And there he goes again with the idiotic talk about the famous WALL. I believe it was day two that someone in the BS talked about a wall competition that happens kind of regularly and his panties have been all a flutter since. ” I’ll stay on that wall till the next live show!! “. And p.s., from what I remember about those comps is that the muscle dudes suck at them.


Oh Donny…….. Amber is NOT a threat to his game.. Plus all of the guys w/ the exception if Caleb would be happy if he nominated Amber. He should nominate Christine & Derrick


I think he’s just saying that and don’t really mean it. He knows people have been saying they want Amber out, so he’s going along with it, but he said a few days ago, he wanted to get out a power player and even mentioned Derrick, Frankie and Christine by name. Whether he does that or not I don’t know, but I don’t think he’ll put Amber up, not even to backdoor. I think he’ll put up Cody and Caleb and if one comes off, I think he’ll go with Christine. I don’t see him putting up Frankie, and Derrick up because of TA. If he can still collect 5000 for missions even if TA start to get voted out, then he may do it.


If Donny really wants Amber out, then I am done with this season.

He should not even go after Caleb. We could work with Caleb and Amber.

And don`t put Christiane up. Is she stays on the block with one of the guys, she will go home.

Frankie should go home – Oh He is Team American and because of his grandpa passing, he won`t go

Derrick should go – OHH He is team america, so he won`t go.

Cody and Zack are useless, and if Derrick goes home they will be even more useless.

Christiane is a bitcheee, but she can entertain us, and we don`t need to to get this season even more boring.

Caleb – Is my favorite guy in the house, I don`t wanna him gone now.

OH well, worst cast ever…


Worst cast ever hmmm *cough BB15 cough*


Last season was way better than this one. Amanda/Helen/Aaryn/GinaMarie/Elisa


I personally think this one is worst. More bashing and more passengers.


Don’t forget season 9 as well.


It’s Christine

anonymous too


Julie's Glitter

Donny said he was going to figure out who got Cody to put him on the block. Maybe he suspects Amber sweet talked Cody into not putting up Caleb.


Donny told BowTie that if he wins HOH he’s putting up Derrick and Frankie. He trust BowTie. I don’t think he’d put up Frankie this week but he’s got a handle on who is running the house. Team Donny!!


He could be just throwing it out there to see if Hayden narcs on him. A trust test because if Hayden does tell Caleb, it will come back to Danny ASAP. He really wants Derrick and Christine on the block. I want that too because Christine on the block will be hilarious. The detonaters will ditch her lickety – split.

Uncle oldie

That would be too funny. Christine doesn’t make it to jury and has to face her husband. The look on her face would be priceless.


Saw on twitter that Christine’s husband is getting made fun of. He said he had to block 30 people because they were saying stuff about Christine. He also responded to someone that said “how do you feel about Cody kissing your wife on the neck?” His response was something like “I don’t blame him, she’s extremely beautiful”. LOL! Someone’s delusional!


I agree – I don’t think Amber is Donny’s target, but the rest of his plan is great. If Hayden doesn’t tell, it’s sort of what happens; if Hayden does tell, the guys will likely not be pissed as they think Amber’s the target. Donny DOES owe them some grief so no bitchin’ rights. Only fair their side gets some nom action.

julies's Glitter

If Christine was gone, Donny would have Nicole and Haydon all to himself. Donny should also take notice of how close Cody is to Christine. He needs to get rid of her – sooner rather than later.


This season is lost for me. I can’t stand this cast. I barely watch the feeds anymore. Last night Christine came into the HOH room and said she wants to punch Amber in the face. I listened to the bashing for half a minute and closed the browser.

This isn’t the game of BB. This is a hangout for a clique of high schoolers where they ridicule the nicer and the prettier, before eventually turning on each other. What happened to the players to whom the game actually mattered and who could hold a conversation on politics, economy, or social issues, like in the past. BB used to select intelligent, interesting, characters. These people are dumb.

If this is the future of BB, then they will lose me as a fan for good. I’ll stick around somewhat, but my passion is gone.


Sorry to hear it; I’m enjoying this year, especially compared to last year. Some interesting personalities and a couple of good players.


I knew Doony was all mouth. I’m telling you guys BB has got to re-create this show to keep me reading about it. I rarely watch it because it’s worst to watch.

IMO they need to:
1. Not have a Jury. (Let america choose the final winner) why? That would stop them from forming alliance to just reach a Jury, because there is no reward of a $1,000 a week. Earn your money while you there in more competition.

2. HoH go into sequester place their nominations. Make it more of a reward then just a HoH room. For instance let every HoH win $1,000 or $500.00. Or perhaps visit a family member for 3 hours. Then return to the group.
Why? Make HoH mean something then piling in a room hanging out. There is no respect for the HoH. Everyone will fight harder and not be so quick to give it away.

3. Draw for have nots and have a competition for one to be removed. Or better yet do away with it altogether.
Just start with those 3 points would make it more interesting yo me.


America should not decide who wins…now way. It could very easily become a popularity contest OR the villains who scheme and manipulate and play the game won’t win because they played underhandedly. Most importantly, BB does the final editing and they could make or break a contestant with such editing. Look at Christine…most of the viewers would never know what a catty little witch she is because BB has given her a pass in their editing.


That’s the point we America who watch the live feeds do know. Don’t under estimate America.
We know how catty Christine is and she would not have my vote.


How many people do you think watch the feeds? Not nearly enough to give the power to America.


If America decides who wins then minorities should not waste their time getting on the show.


Those are some really good suggestions; you should forward them to the producers.

Cannot justify the hate for Caleb/Amber

There should be a year of “No Floating” theme. Where contestants that are floating should be forced to be a have not and people that win comps and put in effort secretly wins $5ooo every few weeks or something. The producers need to motivate the house guests to not be floaters by giving some kind of incentive. Kinda like how teachers have to motivate their lazy students. Or else, this show will be going downhill fast.


Go Nicole and Christine! #TeamNicotine


“Caleb says that he’s going to be the kitchen police from here on out.”
Great. Congratulations, Caleb, you might just have found that last missing little piece of the puzzle to make you the best BB player of all time. Seriously.

Beastmode Dish Washer

I went beast mode all over this kitchen. Check the reflection of my 4% body fat on these dishes. I’m ready to take Amber on a date (stare at her from the bushes outside her house), and by $5000 worth of bull sperm to make my own energy drinks, called BeastMode Cowboy Cocktail.


Slow clap. Thanks for the great laugh!


Come on Donny, I know you can do better with those noms!!!


What makes you think he was telling Hayden the truth?


I think he is telling the true. For me sounds like Donny really trusts Hayden now.
And Hayden and Amber are not close, so there`s no reason for Donny lie to him about that.

Let`s hope for a twist tonight and Brittany will be saved.


Donny knows Hayden is allied with the BS Squad and KnowNothing Nic and Ratine. Donny doesn’t trust Hayden.


Donny doesn’t mean a thing he says to anyone in the house. He just says what he thinks they need to hear to feel compelled to keep him safe. Donny knows Hayden hates Caleb/Amber AND that Hayden will blab to the Detonators. This is his very subtle, stealth way of campaigning.


(To clarify, I mean the above comment as a compliment. Donny is a genius.)


Agreed – I think Donny knows exactly what he is doing…..
History shows that the great deceptors always send out useless information to test their proteges….Donny does not tell people his actual plans….he knows how to give people what they think he should be saying and then sits back and watches what happens to that information…..


“then sits back and watches what happens to that [useless] information”

thank you, caz, for adding this. very well-put!


Donny learned this tactic in SEAL Training.


I hope you guys are right and if so Donny is a genius that deserves to win. A player that made it to the top without an alliance will influence future Bb house guest in the upcoming


Zach ATTACK/Donnie HOH. lets get it done production!


I really hope Donny wins a HOH tonight!


From your fingertips (and mouth… :-)) to CBS’s ears! Please! 🙂


Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease…yes. That is what I want. Can’t decide who I’d like to go home though. First choices would be Frankie or Christine.

Baby Firefly

Come on Donny, throw Derrick up on the block! I’m hoping he’s just saying that to Hayden to be safe just in case Hayden blabs to other HG’s. It would be pointless for Donny to back door Amber, he would be essentially doing work for the Detonators. Back door Derrick the mastermind. Huge game move!


I wanna Frankie gone next week. We all know that won`t happen and why.. so moving on.

I hope Caleb and Amber wins HOH.

somehow I wanna see Derrick and Cody on the block. Only this way Cody will see what a manipulator Derrick is. Because Derrick of course will do everything he can to stay, which includes trowing him under the bus and stabbing him in the back. Just running the whole house on him.

Cody knows what a P$$$Y he is, but he will clear he don`t have and never had any power on this game.


I hope Brittany finds out what a snake Derrick is. He’s the primary reason why she is going home.


Oh My God Donny just shut the fuck up… statements like that gets you evicted… Thursday is not over yet.


I love BB but it’s sucks that everyone votes the same way. I would voted the way I want and who will know??? No one! I’d say so n so did it HAHA. Deny deny deny!


I agree. I hate how everyone wants to play too safe.


The best time to vote against the house is when everyone else is voting another way. It’ll lead to speculation and drama and blow up everyone’s game. I’m surprised more people don’t do it.


The HOH should nominate Derrick and Victoria together. Derrick wouldn’t stand a chance to win with Victoria on his team


do you want Victoria gone???

If any of (Cody,Derrick,Frankie,Zack) stays on the block vs anybody besides them, they will stay and the other person goes home.

This week gotta be.
On the block.

Derrick/Cody/Zack/Frankie….one of them gotta go

Chuckles the Clown

EVERYONE wants Victory gone. She is a useless, air-head that doesn’t even know what is going on or where she is. A ding-dong dummy. You know when she stares off into nothingness when she talks with those vacant dead eyes? CREEPY with a capital C.

Not sure she is even human.

Any you like her? W-O-W


I think you’re wrong, the powers that be want Victoria to stay, who better to have as a stooge and who better to be with at the end? She’s 0 threat and a very useful vote. Derrick definitely wants her around.


These people in this house are not the brightest light bulbs. What one person in the house does EVERYONE hate…..Caleb. (I dont understand it but I dont live in the house either) my thing is this…..If everyone in the house hates him how many votes would he have if someone like Donny or Hayden took him to final two ….ZERO. Automatic win for the guy who figures this out and takes him with them.

Doubled D

CBS has a photo of Donnie WITHOUT the beard. Makes him look younger. More of a threat.


What’s up with the activity tracker? Does it really work, because I can’t see how Jocasta is in the lead. Amber moves more than she does and she’s like 4th or 5th. There are a few other people in the house that moves around more than Jocasta. I don’t know what they do with the tracker’s when they’re in the storage room, but someone is tampering with them if they believe Jocasta is in the lead.


Jocosta isn’t lazy. She does most of her exercising with Donnie . If you watch the live feeds and BB After Dark you will see most of them walking and working out.

Doubled D

They are going to use those bracelets to determine Have Nots this week. Just wait until the house guests find that out.


which means Zach is a have not, which means more absolutely epic unintentional(we think) Zach sabotage on the way. #WILDCARD


Zach is always near the top too and he sleeps all day!

Cannot justify the hate for Caleb/Amber

Zack may sleep all day but when he’s awake that ADHD kicks into high gear and he’s never still. He runs back and forth up and down the stairs to the HOH room every 33 seconds.


Also, the results we see are only for the day prior. We don’t know, as a whole, where everyone falls. I THINK Nicole and Christine will for sure be Have Nots, but obviously I can’t be sure.


how do you know she’s in the lead?


You can check their activity trackers on the CBS BB site


Hope donny nominate Cody and Caleb and backdoor derrick, that would be a powerful move, otherwise will know how everything will go on… Amber, victoria, jocasta, donny, Nicole and then hayden.


Derrick won`t get evicted, I really mean, who will vote him out? Once he is the one controlling everyone`s vote??

If he stays on the block, he will stay.

Captain Crunch

i would love to see Derrick and Ratstine on the block with Frankie as the replacement if veto is used.


yes, I want Derrick and Frankie on the block.

He will find out that Cody/Zack/Derrick, never gave a $$$$ to him…


Too bad Donnie has been cursed with having his 2 biggest threats attached to him in TA. I’m SURE TA aside, he wants Derrick and Frankie out the most.


Is time for this team American be over. It didn`t work. And they are making all that money.

They already made what? 10k. There`s one more for sure. So They will have 15k.

At finale the favorite houseguest gets 25k? Which means Team American can not make more than 20k. That would not be fair if they make more than that.

I wish they would have a twist with this Team America.
They would a choice to make.

1) Keep the money they made, but gotta tell everybody about Team America.

2) Don`t tell anybody but keep the money


this is why I didn’t want him to learn about outside game stuff. because like it or not, the sad news(and it is horrible, so don’t make me out as heartless here) of the death of his grandfather bought him at least 2 weeks off the block


Please let us vote for the next HOH and let Donny win it. I thought this year was suppose to be the most “twisted” yet the only twists were announced before the show even started to air.
Also as much as I can’t stand Caleb, I’m starting to hate Cody more, more so than Christine. I like how he said last night if Caleb puts him up he’s going to go off on him, paleeeeeseee you had the chance to put up that creepy stalker and instead you put up the nicest guy in the house.

Holy Cow

Princess Cody is all MOUTH and zero ACTION. He is useless !!!!


This cast is something else

Even the other side is targeting the other side


Im on Brittany/Victoria/Donny/Jocasta side.

But is like HELLOOO? Devin told you there`s a alliance of 8 people in the house, and they know who they are. And they don`t do nothing? They just sit there and still wonder is that is true or not??!!!!!!

Give me a break

Would someone please tell Caleb that just because he cleaned the kitchen once ( in over a month since they have been there) hardly now makes him bbe the one to police other people. People who actually didn’t wait over a month to step up and pitch in. On top of that we all know the only reason he even cleaned this time was to spend time with Amber. Where does this guy get off and why are all of these people who claim to be so over him so scared to call him out on his b.s. Or put him up for that matter. I don’t know who’s worse Calab and his self absorbed rants or these spineless gossips who put up with it!


We all know how Caleb’s brain (?) works:
Everytime the subject of cleaning will come up in the future, he’s going to talk about this one time he spent 3 hours… no, 4 hours… no, 5 hours in the kitchen cleaning everything.
I already wanted to tear my arm off so that I would have something to throw at the screen when Frankie was telling him about his grandpa’s death in the HOH room, and his first words were:
“the only person here that knows about death / can tell you all about it… is ME. ME, ME, ME and ME. I’m mourning with you while I’m at 4% body fat, and even when you’re sad, you’ll just think of ME while I’m preparing my pickle filled banana to give to Amber. ME.


I’m kind of glad he made an announcement to the house that they are a bunch of Pigs

Cannot justify the hate for Caleb/Amber

Yep! I think the reason Caleb hasn’t cleaned the dishes is because he feels he cleans up after himself and he shouldn’t have to do dishes for people that are grown.


I agree with you that the house is a pig sty.
BUT the problem with Caleb pointing it out is that he’s one of the biggest pigs in there.
Have you ever watched him eat chips / junk food in the HOH room? It’s actually entertaining to compare the “in the mouth / on the floor” ratio.
When people clean the kitchen and he’s around, he’ll always sit down and stare at them. Like the idea of helping out is so far beyond the realm of possibility, it doesn’t even cross his mind.
So for him to ride out the fact that he THIS ONCE spent a lot of time cleaning, and we all know he will talk about it ad nauseam, is just WRONG on so many levels.


sounds like a nothing boring week ahead, trying to get out a woman, cowards…..


and this is because none of the women are good players at all. If there were Amanda/Helen/Aaryn I would understand it.. but really??

I guess Christiane will have her wish coming true. She will be the last bitchee standing with 7 guys. And she will probably just walk around naked in the house, because that is what she does at her house.


It’s Christine


the fabio/bobbeluga Christine/Christiane has been giggle every time I read it…..are you two an old married couple in disguise?


Her name is to complicate, just like her.

Cannot justify the hate for Caleb/Amber

I don’t know why so many idiots gave you thumbs down. I may not like Helen/Amanda/Aaryn as a person but they were running that house and they deserved to be targeted. This season the women are weak sauce and they have been scared since Joey tried to start an all-girl power move and got sent packing.,


Donny, win that HoH so you will put up Amber & Cody!!!!


Christine & Victoria HOH. Put up Cody and Derrick & Frankie and Zach. Put Caleb on a hot seat. Caleb to the end, but NOT THE WIN…
Team Donny


I love that zach hates christine!! I think he secretly hates nicole too… I hope he gets into an argument with both of them soon. I feel like it’s definitely going to happen!


Zach hates Christine? news to me I thought his new hatred is for Amber.


He hasn’t been obvious about it, but if you pay attention to how he talks to her then you can tell he doesn’t like her. He’s been taking subtle digs at her a lot lately. He definitely has a thing for amber… He’s like a second grader with girls he likes lol


Brad, I did not notice that..I will sure to pay more attention to Zach & Christine conversations.. Maybe because I hate Christine and turn to another Cam when she is on.


Haha you aren’t the only one!! She’s going to have quite the reality check when she gets out of there!!


Zach hates women in general.


oh please. he is just out of a frat. he is a frat guy, you obviously never spent time in groups with guys. they say all sorts of things they don’t mean about women


Donny needs to wise up and target those ghouls Christine and Derrick. I don’t really have anything against Derick personally but this season can get boring a.f if it ends up being him controlling everything. Christine is just another lame troll thats playing a game similar to Andy from last season. Amber has a point about how certain people are always put up and how others are not. I want to see the former bomb squaders start targeting each other (Frankie/Zach vs. Derrick/ Cody would be awesome)


Ratine thinks she’s playing RatAndy’s game but Donny tracks her movements and the info that gets told and when it’s told. He know Ratine’s game He sees her run to Frankie and Derprick and he sees when she runs to Frankie then Frankie runs to Derprick. He knows what’s going on he just has to win HOH to make his move. Team Donny!!


I just heard today on TMZ that 2 former HG agree/disagree on BB letting Frankie know about his grandfather. One said that you know going into it that you will not know anything about the outside world. They felt isn’t fair to the other HG. Although they are sympathetic of Frankies’ grandfather but still says it isn’t fair.


Of course is not fair.

Im ok the family letting him know, but he should have not told anybody.

This has happened twice in Big Brother Brasil.
Then a family member went to the house and talked with the person in the Dairy Room. Both times the person choose to stay. Then they just went back to the house and did not tell anybody what happened.
Because if they mentally strong enough to stay on the show, means they are strong enough to keep this for themselfs in the house.

But the ratings for this season is below average. CBS hopes this will help a little bit.
Tonight Im sure they will show Frankie`s letter, etc.. I will just skip, when they show it.


No one cared when Johnny Fairway on Survivor Pearl Island died. LOL

Cannot justify the hate for Caleb/Amber

Lol, Ok that’s a joke and one of the most classic moments in Survivor history. That was such a douche.


Actually, teh other survivor people DID care that he had a “dead grandma”. So much that they GAVE HIM the reward challenge to see his friend from home. The others gave away their chance to see their loved ones so Johnny could get even a little heads up from the competition. It kept others from winning the reward to see their loved one, which would give them more oomph and gusto to finish the game.

So, even though Frankie’s grandfather’s passing is real and it is not done in a way to garner attention or votes, it will still be there. It’s human decency for the others to give him a “pass”. And it’s just not fair, IMO.


Flap-jaw Zach? All blow and no go! Get HOH Zach, and show us your hate.


This bb is insanely boring compared to bbcan. Bbcan was twisted and they couldn’t sleep all day made the feeds so much better. I hope it picks up soon. Cbc needs to spice up this yawnfest


Reading the posts above and seeing all the hate for Derrick. I don’t understand why he is blamed for Cody’s decision. In watching the live feeds I saw what Derrick said to him, and if that was all it took to change Cody’s mind, Cody wasn’t going to follow through with his nomination of Caleb in the first place. Anyone that was as mad as Cody appeared when he went outside and spoke to Hayden, Frankie, Nicole and Christine about putting Caleb up wouldn’t have changed their minds that easily. This is solely on Cody in my estimation, and he didn’t have the guts to do it in case eviction of Caleb was a sure thing.


Derrick was playing his game. You do what you need to,I have your back, but remember…… And brings up all the reasons why he shouldn’t. I don’t think Derrick was the reason why Cody put Donny up instead of Caleb. I think it came down to Cody being weak and a talker. He wasn’t able to follow through because he has a weak character.


I’d say Cody’s change of mind was 10% Derrick and 90% production.
I remember Season 14, when Shane said the DR was “working him really hard” not to put Boogie and Frank on the block next to each other.
I think the houseguests feel that it’s a bad idea to go against the DR’s obvious wishes, as production might intervene just a few days later to get YOU out of the house.
“you scratch my back, I scratch yours”…
sad, but true.


Get rid of Jocasta. She has done nothing in the game and is not even playing the game. Praise Jesus!


At least the “NOTHING” she has done, was her own decision.

Everything that Zack/Cody/Frankie/Christiane/Nicole was what Derrick told them to do.


Amen to that Fabio


It’s Christine

Christine's crazy eye

Such distain for Christane

A Nonny Mouse

You spelled Christine’s name wrong.


I don’t get the hype with Donny ……


Get off Donny’s Dick, if the house was full of him this season would be watching paint dry on the feeds & show.


Betchu would, Don-nay! Betchu would!


Donny……just focus on winning that HoH so you can shake up the house.


Donny might be testing where Hayden’s loyalties are by saying this. We all know Hayden isn’t on Donny’s side and maybe Donny does as well?


It would be great if Zach went after Derrick, especially after he told Derrick he had his back and wanted him to win this cause he needed the $. Derrick wants to buy a house and $ for his family (he plays the family card too) and Zach was totally getting reeled in hook, line and sinker,


Zack is so bipolar that if he wins HOH will probably put himself on the block


Zach is partly a Production creation( as they all are to some extent). I was reminded of that a few nights ago on BBAD when he was talking to Frankie and told Frankie that they (the Diary Room) told him what he said wasn’t mean enough. Frankie tersely responded, ‘yeah you are THAT guy’.

No doubt Zach is untamed on his own, but Production makes sure he lives up to bad boy/wildcard/evil genius persona. I’ll admit we have yet to see the ‘genius’ part!

Cannot justify the hate for Caleb/Amber

Why are Amber/Caleb always everyone’s target? They may be physical threat but that can only take you so far. Amber is hated by everyone in the house except Jocosta/Caleb/ and maybe Cody. She will not get far because the girls are extremely jealous of her and now that Britney (the other pretty girl) is gone, Amber will really be the number one person to talk about. Caleb is only hated because he likes Amber and he was friends with Devin. but those two do not have a good social game.


I think they are the go-to people to say your would nominate because enough people wan them out and/or feels if they say those two are going up then they are safe. I’m not sure Caleb is much of a threat in this game.


Completely agree with you. Its all really juvenile if you ask me.
I don’t see ANY reason for hatred of Amber. I mean I know that some personalities will clash when cooped up in the house together but it seems to be just an all out bash fest when she isn’t around

and as for Caleb- I can understand how his non-stop talking about Amber and praise for himself could get annoying but the HG feed into it and continuously mislead him. It’s hard to correct your behavior if ppl don’t tell you about it. I just feel really sad for him for when he goes home and sees not only what the ppl on the show said but ppl online as well.


Dawg or Simon,

Years ago you gave out the website for where West Coasters could watch the live show. I live in Texas, but I am working tonight. Could you please send that site back out? Thanks!


I’ll add this again with the episode post


it says service unavailable… do you have a plan b?


id rather have a weak player around then someone who could take me out in a comp, if CHRISTINE walks around nakid, we will see she is actually a man and has a penis. 😀


doesn’t hayden get more BS on here? he does NOTHING. he never talks game and for whatever reason outside Zach mentioning turning attention to hayden, no one has said a thing about the guy. wtf


Hayden is the Vicotria of the boys. I think we forget he is there, or at leat I do!


I don`t like him at all. He is just a floater. And has no personality. I hate his DR also.

Victoria is way better then him.


Long a*s week in the big brother house. Can we hurry up and do what derrick and frankie want so we can get back to whatever derrick and frankie want next week


I actually feel sorry for dawg and simon lately having to sit up and watch this – it’s gotten so boring. Hey simon or dawg – you think there will be any kind of a twist tonight or is it too soon?? Thanks for doing such a great job! I like your blogs better than the actual feeds!!


It hasn’t been the most eventful 4 days. We might have one more week before a twist drops.. Lets hope whoever has HOH has the stones to do something other than put up Jocasta/Donny/Amber/vicotira


Did you see the Jocasta act during the POV competition? Yi, Yip, Yip Yip,Yipyipyipyip!!? I wonder if she does that on the pulpit when things get going?


Sorry, not POV, but BOB…


All that for winning a BOB? She will have a heart attack if she wins BB


Simon, how old are you??


Older than Ariana Grande younger than Frank Grande sr



Hayden doesn’t have to do anything because he’s in the detonators(#68 alliance)LOL Just like Nicole & Christine aren’t doing anything but making unnecessary comments about ppl. I presume they think this makes good tv. When Nicole gets out of the house she better have 2 boxes of Kleenexes to wipe those tears away. She’s timid and without Christine around she will be a wounded puppy.


Hayden is NOT in the detonators: They are Derrick / Cody / Frankie / Zach / Christine.

I actually think Hayden is playing pretty smart: He knew he wasn’t in the Bomb Squad, but he was able to reel himself in that big group of people with Nicole, and he thinks there’s no Detonators, but just his alliance with Nicole and Christine within this group of people. He also sits pretty with Donny and has an “almost alliance, but no name” with Nicole, Christine, Cody and Derrick.
He’s likeable, which might prove more and more beneficial as time progresses. So far, every evicted HG was somebody he doesn’t need / wasn’t close to, same goes with Brit when she’ll leave tonight.

Perfect timing

Now would have been a great time to evict Victoria – she could go to Israel where she has citizenship and her people are inflicting terror on several countries. I wouldn’t be too proud of my heritage if I was her.


Am I the only one who really likes Nicole and Christine? #TeamNicotine


I like Christine because she is bitchee, liar, backstabbing. etc etc..
Nicole is way to boring, no personality and no game plan.


It’s Christiane


I have this feeling Frankie is going to be given the HOH by the other house guest…”Let him have it so he can get a picture of his Grandfather”. Oh and I thought his Grandfather taught him to respect woman, how exactly is saying if Caleb wins HOh and put you up you F*** Amber” respectful? No one will vote him out, he is here to the end, I am sorry for his lose, but mad that he is going to win because of it


I agree.

And let`s be honest, if he really was that close to him, he would left the house and should be with his family right now.
And course his Grandfather wanna him to stay in the game. But if Frankie really had respect he would left.

I have not seen any website talking about Ariana Grande`s grandfather passing away.
This is because she kept it private and this is something that people don`t need to talk about. Is a family matter.

But of course CBS had to use this for the show.
SHAME on them…


and as the man of the family now that his Grandfather is gone, he needs to be home to comfort his Mother who just lost her Dad, his Grandmother who just lost her husband of many years, and his sister who he says he loves. I am sorry but no game could ever keep me from my family, no matter what they said, at a time like this. Especially if the one I lost was “like a father to me since I was two”


I really wonder if Frankie just got a pass from his evidently pretty awesome grandfather that says “will not get nominated for at least a month”. because who is going to nominate the guy who just like his grandfather? in a game like this they freak out over 5k. 5k! Frankie is golden possibly all summer. like it or not.


Ugh! I agree with you & had to thumb down your comment because it’s probably gonna be true…hope not.


Finally someone is saying something to Victoria about her disgusting eating habits – I just wish she would take off her mic and make it less nauseating for us.
Why can she now sleep with a boy (Zach)? She’s such a fukcin liar about her beliefs.

warlord link

they get money in there alnold made law in california that anyone use in tv,ads must be payed,,they tvgn pays them,live feed might pay also plus cbs give them money….ya know brittaney left reason they knew it and her kids was there very odd they live in tenn,,this cali baby how they send them there there dad must came…she going get that money like on naked and afraid they get undisclosed money i heard its alot….on these shows they pay money…how they know she was going she cook good,,look good,,,i thought zac said he was going get donny old ass out???