Brittany – “I would much rather be in labour right now this sh1t is no joke”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-20 13-19-06-618

1:18pm Brittany kicking soccer balls She’s got 7 hours left @1774/2400 goals
Donny is beside her says she’s doing an awesome job only missing one out of ten

BB16-2014-07-20 13-47-22-881

1:44pm FIREROOM Hayden and Nicole
Hayden says he has dreams about her every other night, “ I had a steamy dream about us.. Don’t worry it was good”
Hayden asks her if she hates everyone in the house because she doesn’t really hang out with people.
Nicole says she doesn’t hate anyone she has trouble being fake

BB16-2014-07-20 13-43-45-633

1:56pm Backyard Brittany, Christine and Donny
Brittany – “I would much rather be in labour right now this sh1t is no joke”
Brittany wonders if the live feeders see her playing the game. Christine says they do but they have to piece together what is going on. Brittany says everytime she hits the ball it hurts. She moans and groans every once and awhile.
Brittany goes and grabs some candy “ C’mon sugar rush give me a frickin spike give me a sugar buzz”

BB16-2014-07-20 14-10-53-991

2:07pm FIREROOM Nicole and hayden

Hayden says if one of the guys got that punishment they would have been done in 5 hours. Nicole says nobody would complain as much as she does. Hayden points out that Brittany is kicking the ball with the tips of her toes
Hayden says the number one target for next week is Amber the backup is Donny.
Hayden asks her even when they cuddle she has no desire to kiss him
Nicole says not on national Television
Hayden – not even under the covers
nicole HAYDEN.. you want to kiss me
Hayden – I do ..
Nicole – I’m not against it if it happens it happens I Just don’t want to talk about it..
Nicole says she hasn’t kiss anyone in a long time
Hayden jokes he hasn’t kissed with anyone in 6 hours.
Hayden says Christine was super worried during the first two nominations when the bombsquad members were in control full knowing she was 100% save. Hayden points out she’s a very good liar.
Nicole – It’s scary how convincing she is.. She’s a very good Actress
Hayden says they have a real possibility to get to finl 5. “me you Christine Derrick and Cody”

Bee Attack

2:10pm Brittany in the backyard takes out a bug

BB16-2014-07-20 14-36-38-205
2:36pm Christine, Nicole and Hayden backyard
Hayden joking around says Christine last name is TW or Third Wheel. She is third wheel by default not that she wants to be she has to be if you have to rank a third wheel on a scale from 1-0 she is a 12, “We’re a perfect tripod”
Hayden – “Every stool needs a third leg otherwise we would fall over :
Christine – “ahww Hayden that’s so niche”
Hayden says he has a crush on Nicole..Christine – “that is weird cause I married my innocent crush”

BB16-2014-07-20 14-44-25-202

2:44pm Cody is in the Diary room and while in there is given a pentaly kick. He talks out to the backyard gets kicked in the behind and goes back into the Diary room.

BB16-2014-07-20 14-41-34-240

2:48pm Brittany figures out a new way to score goals. shes now at 1996!

BB16-2014-07-20 14-50-04-791

2:50pm She hits 2000 Brittany, Donny and Jocasta
Brittnay – “Four hours to get 400”
Donny who’s been watching says if she continues to do it backyard she’ll make it without any problems.
Brittany takes her shoe off shows Donny the blistered toes. Donny says it could be a blood blister.
Brittany starts to cry. Donny says she can do it she’s almost there she’s done one thousand already today.. “ONE THOUSAND.. you can do it”
Donny – “I probably just a little blister a BIG blister”
Brittany – My nail is half way off.. oh my god
Brittany says she’s fought so hard to stay here why are they sending her home it’s not fair.
Brittany says Zach does nothing but sleep he won the trip to Germany, “WOW”
Jocasta says she is strong she can complete the task.
Donny mentions production has changed the net twice so she’s going to get extra time for that. He suggests she complete 200
Jocasta finds a verse from the bible reads it out.. “do not be surprised by the fiery attacks… don’t let discouragement set in… his demonic underlings are determined to destroy our intimacy.. when In battle call my name Jesus help me .. ”

BB16-2014-07-20 15-03-15-289

3:04pm Backyard Donny and Cody
Donny trying to get Caleb put up. Points out Caleb getting the money and screwing Cody over in the long run. caleb made a selfish decision and now he’s mad because he didn’t make another selfish decision and go for the money. Donny mentions how Caleb wanted to trade the money for a trip to Germany so he could take Amber.
Donny points out if Caleb goes home this week Brittany won’t be a big deal she will go against the girls
Donny – If he(Caleb) goes up she(Brittany) still might go home..
Cody – I’ve been thinking about it a lot.. my biggest thing is not knowing what she will do
Donny – talk to her
Cody – I can talk to her but can I beleive it or not..
Donny – she won’t go after you ..
Cody – that what she said to me yesterday she said that to devin and she was lying to him.
Donny – people say things to save themselves
Cody – that is what I’m saying
Donny – who’s she’s going to get on board with her I’m not… JOcasta won’t
Cody Yeah.. I dunno i’m really mad
Donny – he put you in this perdicatioment..
Cody says if he puts up Caleb and Caleb doesn’t go home he will be gunning for Caleb big time.
Donny assures him if Cody wants Caleb goen Caleb will go home.

Donny leaves Christine joins them asks if Donny if donny is going to get mad at him. Cody plans on talking to Donny later tonight. Cody says he doesn’t know who should go home Brittnay or Caleb. If caleb goes home Brittnay might go after Christne and if Caleb doesn’t go home he’ll be gunning for COdy.
Christine doesn’t think they should make the play for Caleb this week but she will support any decision he makes, “If Caleb wins next week we’re all safe and we can get him out next week”
Christine asks him if he’s worried about Caleb. Cody thinks Caleb will put him up but not as the target.

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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I just want Brittany to make all of these goals to show that she is actually a competitor. A lot of people say that she is a floater, if she can do this she will show that she can compete!


I have much respect for her doing it for this long, but kicking balls doesn’t necessarily make a person a “competitor”. She’s not good at this game. Given time, she could make better moves and turn into an actual competitor but she’s just not there yet. Maybe if she had watched the show before being cast…


Beast Mode Brit!!
Hope there is more in it for her than that useless reward if she goes home. BB should get Hayden to put up or shut up and do the challenge in five hours like he claims all the guys can do.


Hayden should really try to do it. He really has turned into a dick. Nicole says nobody would have complained more then Brittney did. Sorry to say, I don’t think Nicole would have even made it threw. Her and Christine are so fake. Connot stand them. They talk about the other girls talking badly about everybody. I hear them talking about others more then anybody else in the house.

Jimmy 64

Keep kicking girl !!!!
Hey Cody get some backbone put up Caleb
Because he’s coming after you.


Come on Brittany, just 400 goals till reach 2400!! You can do it!!! Don’t quit now!!!


Wow, I officially lost any sympathy I ever had for Nicole. Coming from one of the whiniest people in the house, I don’t think she could do what Brittany is doing, let alone do it without complaining. What a b*tch.


Exactly! She was complaining all last week about having to wear a frog suit. Get over yourself, Nicole, I already have!


Shove that sausage up your a$$ nicole, then you will have something to whine about.

julies's Glitter

No Joke, Nicole complains about everything in her whiny, nasally voice. She was already complaining that her Germantard is too hot, too hard to take off to use the bathroom and that she has to drink apple juice (and it gets warm so it’s “probably going to make me sick”) our of a beer stein.


Nicole never gives talking about Brittany a break!! At first I liked her but she’s seriously getting annoying.


I never liked her.


Nicole please be quiet. I feel like I’m reading something out of Realword circa 2002. From this middle school showmance that I guess is supposed to be cute to her twisting things to be about herself somehow so she can overreact. The stuff she complains about she has a lot of nerve judging Britney who is going home anyway. And not all people her age act like that so I don’t chalk it up to being young and dumb. She and Christine both just have sh*tty parts of their personality showing in there and the two big ones are being negative and catty.


I’m all on board the “bandwagon of hate” for Nicole and Hayden. Talk sh#t all the time about Brittany. Saying he could do it in 5 hours. Prove it mofo. Another punk a$$ kid in the house. I feel sorry for the patients of Nicole’s when she starts her nursing career. Talk about the kiss of death seeing her walk into your room. #Go Brittany


I wouldn’t want a nurse who doesn’t even know what state borders hers. How dumb can you be?!

Victoria's Secret

She also is not going to be attractive in a few years – her mama looks like a 400 lb version of her with the same chin and face. Sorry but guys say you should always look at the mom to see what the girl will look like.
Victoria (just an aside) looks like a man in drag and has a nasty scowl on her face most of the time.

julies's Glitter

I thought the same thing. She’s at her absolute peak right now. As soon as she cuts her hair and puts on a few pounds, she’s going to be a out-of-shape shrew and Haydon will run for the hills.


Umm… Its not like she didn’t know where Ohio was, that is really a border state of Michigan. Unless you live in the UP there is a GIANT lake separating them. Now with saying that it is sad that she doesn’t know where Wisconsin is or where any state is (at least a general idea). However, that is not stupidity that is ignorance. I don’t think she is dumb, just grew up in a bubble. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind her being my nurse because I am sure she knows her stuff when it comes to nursing and her not knowing geography isn’t going to cause me my life.

Caleb has poopy pants

I wouldn’t bet my life on it. But, hey, if you will, the rock on!


If only Cody would listen to Donny and out up Caleb, but that won’t happen because Derrick will be in his ears right up until the POV meeting. I’d love to see Caleb backd@@red.


I wanna Caleb up also. But that I wont happen.. Cody has no balls

The things is… Donny wants Caleb up for team america? Derrick and Pink Rat should be doing the same…

Hayden, shut up and go home.. This is the “Bachelor” ( And you are not cute enough to even be on the Bachelor)

Im sure Christiane will go around and tell everybody that Donny wants to keep Brittany


Pretty sure it was Cody a week ago that said he would have no problem going after Caleb or Devin (this was when devin was still in the house), but look at him now – putting up two of the least dangerous players (both Victoria and Brittany don’t have a large alliance to come after him)….of course he was all talk


I have a new found respect for Britney. She has major heart, and mental/physical toughness. Shes a beast!!!! YOU GO BRITNEY!!!!! Cody please have compassion for this woman!!!!!


Please let Cody put up Caleb and let the house send him home or once Brittany finishes all of her goals let her get the Diamond Power of Veto so that Cody will put up Caleb and he is sent home. Caleb is so worthless as are a lot of these people. Boring season.


I think Production had a feeling this cast would turn this season a “Boredom” show. That`s why Julie said this will be the most twisted season ever.

They will have to make a new Twisted every week to keep us watching.


She’s almost there. Sweet of Donny to stay and keep encouraging her.


How can anyone not love Donny? He said this morning that for his father’s birthday he gave him a bag of fire ant killer. That wouldn’t make any sense if we hadn’t seen the interview with Donny’s parents on the last show. TEAM DONNY!!


Totally rooting for Donny and Brittany for final two. Everyone else kinda annoys me – except if Amber actually liked Caleb this season would be more fun.


Thank goodness we still have Donny. I was liking Nicole until her HOH duck, Hayden has been a big disappointment – a do-nuttin’ kid. Plus, he wants Donny out. Derrick, I still like for the win, but he’s become hard to root for. So, now it’s only Donny for me. And Brittany, the new underdog.

andy 2.0

nicole seriously you would be complaning 100 times more than brittany… dont judge someone unless you have kicked the soccer ball over 2000 times. secondly, im not against cops or anything but derrick seriously looks like a pig

amandas cooch smells like onions

LOL he really does!! =D

julies's Glitter

I think Derrick looks more like a rat. His phlehmy-voice drives me crazy. Clear your damn throat.


One more think Hayden and Nicole are so ridiculous! No man or woman could kick 2400 goals in five hours. What happened to the BB that actually put smart people in the house?


Cody put up the catty Nicole. I hate reading time after time of her belittling Brittany. I bet she would be complaining way more than Britney.


I’m not necessarily a fan of Brittany, but I really do find myself feeling bad for her. If Caleb goes home, Amber won’t have to worry about her psycho stalker, Cody won’t have to worry about having a target on his back, and TA could get their money as Caleb would be a “physical threat”. I do believe Brittany deserves to stay at least 1 more week having done a lot more in the past day than people like Nicole & Christine who just talk behind people’s backs.


And she’s wearing her wristband so she should be safe from Have Nots next week because all this will count to save her from that. That’s if Cody Man’s Up and puts Caleb on the block.


True, true and true. Donny’s working that line pretty well, let’s hope Copy hears the wisdom.


I used to like Nicole, but now I hate her almost as much as Christine..I am so sick of her talking about how much Brittany is complaining about kicking the goals. If Nicole had to do it she would never make it and she would be complaining a trillion times worse and probably crying. I can hear her nasally voice now…”oh Hayden, I can’t do this”


Come on Cody, grow a pair! I know you want to, just do it! All he has to do is tell Britney to not make the 2,400 goals and she’s no threat to anyone next week. Use your head!

OH MY !!!!!!!!!

Please stop trying to get Nicole and Hayden in a showmance . Who cares, and Nicole, what Brittney is doing is much harder than laying around talking about someone.


This is what small town girls like Nicole rolls in life.
They just find a man at a young age to take care of them. They just sit around, watch TV and gossip about the other girls in town.

Mannquinn of Misery

Stereotype much? Yes, I’m sure every girl in small town America does exactly that.


A lot of them do.


would like to see this same punishment handed to Nicole and Christine at some point. Be interesting to hear how much whingeing they do.


They should make them clean the toilet seat with their tongue.


and under the rim!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Donny is a GREAT man, with a big heart and with spine. Let’s see if Cody’s got balls or not to put Caleb up!

OH MY !!!!!!!!!

sorry Britany


I don’t understand why production put her to waste her time when she needs it to campaign


They did that on purpose. While she is outside, Nicole and Ratine has more time to talk crap about her.


She gained a lot of sympathy/support from Cody. It may be a good thing she got that punishment.


Bumper bowling. She should’ve lined the path between the mat and the goal with clothes, chairs, pillows, sheets, a mattress, whatever… I think this challenge sums up her game. Determined and strong willed, but uncompromising and stubborn. She received direction and instruction from Cody on how to kick the ball. I didn’t see it, but sounds like she gave it one or two kicks and dismissed it. The guy is freakin holding a soccer ball during the opening of the show. She didn’t know what she was doing, yet still apparently thought her way was the best way. “Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves.” ? Emily Brontë

Caleb has poopy pants

Poor pitiful Nicole, having mean ol big brother make her wear a germ-tard and drink from a stein. No wonder she can’t kiss Haydum, she has the problems of Job. NOT!


Come on Brit, make a deal with Cody. Tell him you will vote his way for the next two weeks. Tell him if you win hoh next week that you will let him control your nominations. This is BB, lets go!!!!!

Caleb Puts The Lotion In the Bucket

Here we go with the “we’ll get him next week” nonsense again. Helen must be proud. That strategy worked out real well for her too huh? Cody…man the F up. You talked tough. Now act like it.


Christiane is retarded stupid Shi##.. If funny how she thinks she is so “safe” and she is in such power in the game.

Girl, Did you see Amber on the block this week??
Next week no matter who wins HOH, you will be on the block, and let`s see if you can win a competition.


I love Donny he is really a great person he went out of his way for Brit. But .. Brit needs to make one big last move to make sure she stays. This point on she needs to think about all the right things to say because people in this game would flip on a dim with all the different “alliances”.


As you all know. CBS is rooting for the triangle Caleb-Amber-Cody.

They never showed Cody in a episode until last Thursday. It was all about Cody. And the next episode will be the same thing. They will show like Cody is really trying to backdoor Caleb ( we all know Cody was no balls and won`t do that).

And they will show this retarded couple Nicole and Hayden again like if they were the new Jeff and Jordan.


Nicole is really starting to get on my nerves. I liked her at the beginning, now she she is just bitchy and complaining about Brittany and other people all the time. There is no way in hell that wearing that germitard is as hard as scoring those goals. I’d like to see her do it without complaining. I bet she would give up. Id really like to see Hayden do that in 5 hours as well, he probably couldn’t. Cody needs to put Caleb and hopefully Brittany can then stay, because after this she should stay.


Nicole would so give up. She’s whining because the stein keeps spilling on her germitard and there is no one to listen because she was in the HOH room/bathroom alone. She was whining down the hall all the way in and kept going. I get it would be annoying to have to hold two items unless your were preparing/eating food, but use that to your advantage to get Cody to put up the two guys who didn’t risk anything and gained from the POV comp. oh wait, she hates Brittany. What exactly does she hate her for?

Slop in my butt hole feels good

What happens if Brittany doesn’t finish?


Same thing as if she does finish… she gets evicted this Thursday. Kind of a shame really.


Can we take a moment and appreciate how FREAKING AMAZING Donny is?! I wish everyone in the world could be like him.


Donny is the best! I couldn’t agree with you more. I knew from the interview with his family that this guy is the real deal. People like him are rare indeed!


Derrick should be called “The Don” the reigning dictator of the house because no decision can be made without his approval. He is the Godfather of the Big Brother House.


Its hard to watch because shes hurting so bad. From bending down picking up the ball and she says her toes feel broken from kicking the ball. She took her shoes off at 2000 and has blisters under her toe nails. 2400 but she will have kicked much more with all the misses…more like 2800+ Shes got heart though. She wanted to give up this morning crying saying its pointless but donny gave her a pep talk. They had to have a backyard lockdown twice just to fix the net or change the net because it was all torn from her kicking so many goals. This has to be so hard for her family to watch. And fcking little bitch nicole said that her punishment of wearing the germatard is worst than brits punishment. If nicole would have gotten brits punishment she probly would not have even attempted to kick the goals she would have taken the chance of not playing in the next pov instead of completing this challenge. STFU Nicole!!! BEAST MODE BRIT!!!!

Amanda has slop is her piss slit

I was all about your post until you said “beast mode” that saying is the dumbest thing ever! Caleb makes me hate him with his “beast mode cowboy” ,or stupid Pow Pow talking about going “beast mode” on comps when she sucked at them, and sucked at life.


I guess all that butt kicking Cody has been doing to himself isn’t getting the point across. Come on wake up and get rid of who you actually want and not who Derrick wants

A Nonny Mouse

Hell’s Bells,
it’s pouters and whiners and ignoramuses, oh my!


To all the Brittney fans. If she stays over Calab, she will be up Derrick and the douchebags butts almost immediately, joining Nicole, Hayden and Christine who are already up there.

The absolute stupidity of Christine. She knows that Brittney has already said that she wants to target her, and Caleb is the perfect person to have in the house as a big target to deflect attention away from her. She’s the biggest plank in the house.

Nicole and Christine are only hating on Brittney because they don’t have a mind of their own.
BTW, I’m no fan of Caleb.

julies's Glitter

Nicole and Christine don’t like any of the girls. Nicole said she didn’t really get along with girls in real-life. Shocker.


Brit hit 2300!! It’s not even 5:00 BBT so she’s going to make it!! Now if Cody would just Man Up and put Caleb on the block!!


Julie should be required to test all comps/punishments before hgs participate. Doubt Julie could score 100.


Just gotta say this re: Jocasta on the live feeds. Shut the fcuk up with all that je$us talk. If it was me kickin them balls, trying to focus on the goal and hearing her praise the lord for all MY efforts, I would lose it. That girl is a b!ble-thumping nut job. She needs to go too. Je$us Chri$t!


I love Donny, what a sweetheart. I don’t understand why more people aren’t willing to work with him…. he’s proven he’s good at comps, he is smart, he’s not a bully. Why is everybody so far up Derrick’s a$$ instead?! What has he done except won 1 crapshoot HOH, where he technically even came in second.

julies's Glitter

Maybe FitBit will give a $5k prize to the person with the most activity this week. At least Britany could go home with a little cash, seeing that she is for sure going to lose her big toe nail.


After kicking all of these goals they should nickname her BECKANY. She should be kicking with the side of her foot not her toes. Guss the US isn’t quite a soccer nation yet. LOL


I know I will get down arrowed for this but WHY do Canadians and Americans insist on calling it soccer. During FIFA the US and CDN news kept referring to soccer when it is FOOTBALL as in Federation International Football Association. What North America calls football is a misnomer. How often do feet come in to play other than running with the ball. Real football ( footie) is played almost entirely with the feet. Just my 2 pence worth.

The Paw

@Taylor Not going to give you a thumbs down, but it was the British, not Americans nor Canadians who used it first.


It is kinda ridiculous to say that if Caleb wins they are all safe. They have a Better chance if Brittany stays of being safe.

So lets say if Caleb wins HoH… there is a second HoH.
There are less targets in the House… we are at the point where they need to put up pawns

Caleb HoH Amber is safe and Caleb is safe that leaves.
Donny, Jocasta and Victoria. If one of them is the second HoH that leaves two sacrifices.

So who are the other two, possibly three?
Nicole: She is low girl on her totem pole without Brittany, who she bitches about all her bitching but she is safer with Brittany in the house than without her. This will put Hayden and Christine in a real bad spot because they will have to sacrifice Nicole to keep their alliance happy. Now who is the one bitching.

Christine: Chistine is really not one of them has never really been one of them and she might go up if Hayden wins.

Frankie: He is not trusted he is just as disposable as the other disposables. Imagine if he is on the block. He is against Nicole… he may be cocky but he would go home.

Zach: Of course they have already talked about getting rid of him, and if it is them or him… by Zach.

Derrick: depending who is the second HoH they may think that Derrick is a safe nomination and he may just go home, because his alliance may have to choose between him and Cody.

Cody: is in danger if Caleb wins even without a nomination. Caleb might even screw him more by partnering him with Jocasta or Victoria…. Cody is not safe at all.

So as you can see, numbers isn’t just the votes this time around because the possibility of being on the block is higher and the lower the disposables the higher you chance of being screwed.
Have fun next week kids… because you have screwed yourselves big time.


where can i watch the live streaming of episodes. i would love to watch it right now.

im sure you get this question all the time. (im sorry)


Brit did it!!! WTG! You did it!


Of course Cody will not put up anyone that his Ruler, Derrik, does not approve. But down the road when Cody might be near”taking” the money that Derrik thinks is rightfully his, Derrik will toss Cody out and use Caleb or whomever is left to do it.