Big Brother Canada 2 – POST Finale Interviews, Photos, and MORE..

Last night on the finale of Big Brother Canada 2 the winner Jon Pardy was crowned by a vote of 6-1 and took home the grand prize of $100,000, $25,000 gift certificate to the brick and a $10,000 vacation sponsored by Twistos. Sabrina Abbate took second place and left with the second place prize of $20,000. The visually bitter Neda Kalantar walked away with only regrets and disappointment in not being the one to have been able to cut Jon had she beat him in the final part of the 3 part HOH competition.

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Big Brother Canada INVADES and the Season 2 Application Deadline is Fast Approaching!

Get ready Big Brother fans! After recently wrapping up Big Brother 15 we are now getting ramped up for Big Brother Canada season 2 set to premiere in February 2014. The casting auditions have been taking place across Canada since the beginning of September and will wrap up with the final casting call in Toronto Ontario on October 19th. If you’re planning on submitting a video application you have just under a month to do it as the deadline is Friday, October 25, 2013. Do you think you have what it takes to last 75 days in the big brother Canada house? Are you able to lie, back-stab and manipulate your way to the $100,000 grand prize?

During the Big Brother Canada season 2 auditions Andrew Monaghan’s brother Pete tried out to see if he had what it takes to be cast as one of the new house guests.

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Big Brother Canada REUNION SPECIAL

After almost a week since the Big Brother Canada Finale episode the house guests have been reunited for the ET Canada Reunion Special. The special reunion was hosted by ET Canada’s Roz Weston where he interviewed and spoke with all the house guests. Roz speaks with the season 1 winner Jillian about how she won the grand prize, as well as with Topaz where she explains what happened and how despite the mix-up runner-up Glitter Gary gracefully took it all in stride. In addition, Roz also puts Alec and Emmett in the hot seat when he shows their showmances Topaz and Jillian footage they hadn’t seen before.

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Big Brother Canada: The Morning Show – AFTER the Finale! Is GARY okay with SECOND PLACE?

Love it or hate it, the events that transpired on last nights Big Brother Canada Finale Episode could not have be predicted. There is only one rule to Big Brother and that is to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and that was surely what happened last night.

With a SHOCKING Big Brother Canada FINALE episode last night, everyone is wondering what the house guests are thinking about conclusion of season one. Last night’s 2 hour finale episode was filled with surprises and jaw dropping moments. First the season front runner Emmett was evicted by the final HOH winner Gary and then by some insane mix up Topaz mistakenly voted for Jillian to win when in fact she wanted to vote for Gary. The shocking reveal of the votes by host Arisa Cox will go down in Big Brother history as one of the most unbelievable mistakes that ultimately cost Gary the Big Brother Canada Grand prize.

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Big Brother Canada: Gary says he doesn’t want to sleep with Aj because his pepperoni n*pples scare him.

11:20pm The live feeds come back and the house guests are hanging out and chatting. Danielle and Andrew are talking on the couch. Danielle is frustrated that she is the target this week. Peter, Alec, Liza Talla and Aj are in the kitchen talking about the endurance competition. In the bathroom Jillian is showering. Gary and Aneal congratulate her on winning the endurance competition. Gary says that he tried to copy her pose but still couldn’t hang on and knew she wasn’t going anywhere. They talk about how bad they felt for Kat and how Big Brother didn’t even give her time to pack up her stuff .. that the other house guests had to help her.

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Big Brother Canada Live Eviction / HOH Results!

Tonight is the very first Live Eviction episode for Big Brother Canada. This is only the second day of the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds and already so much has happened as the house guests entered the house earlier this week. By chance Suzette won the Head of Household title by answering the telephone first when it rang. Part of this seasons twist is that there is a telephone located in the storage room and when it rings the person that answers it will be given a task to complete. If they successfully complete the task they will be rewarded but if they fail to complete the task they will be punished. Suzette’s task was to keep it a secret that she won HOH and to nominate two house guests based on first impressions. Suzette nominated Tom & Emmett for eviction. During the Power Of Veto Tom won the POV and removed himself from the block during the Power of Veto Ceremony. As a result Suzette nominated Kat as the replacement nominee.

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Big Brother Canada: Liza notices the camera on them and says it’s just waiting for a n*p slip.

2:30pm – 3pm Alec tells Topaz that he isn’t wearing any underwear. Gary then tries to pull down his pants. Andrew, Topaz, Alec, Liza and Aj are in the kitchen chatting and eating. Andrew starts talking about what they were told to wear and wonders if they will have an endurance competition tonight. AJ says that he thinks he is going to be nominated but says that if the guys win HOH he will be safe. Meanwhile in the bedroom: Peter, Danielle, Tom, Emmett, Gary are talking about random stuff. Liza and Andrew join them. Andrew and Jillian are in bed talking about if he won HOH and how he isn’t sure who he would put up on the block. Liza thinks that there is a major twist that is coming that Canada knows about and we don’t. Andrew isn’t sure. Liza says that they don’t want there to be a clean sweep so there is going to be a twist to change things up.

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Big Brother Canada Kat Tries to rally the girls “We hold the power we have the vag!na’s”

10:43AM Aneal and Kat

Kat warns him if he gets caught in a lie he’s fu**ed. she doesn’t want to screw his game over so she’s going to be very careful what she says. Kat: “I don’t want to open a box that you can’t close again” Aneal: “It’s going to be really hard walking around with our secret” Kat: “Ya I totally get that”

Aneal tells her he’ll let her know how the votes are going right before the eviction. Kat is just worried about messing Anael up. They head inside.
(Kat plans on dropping bombs when she’s evicted today in the hopes that it does a) helps her out if she comes back in and b) helps Aneal out)

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Big Brother Canada Kat Fine i’ll drink your milk and fart on you all day.. you F***er

9:24AM Backyard Kat and Aneal

Kat saying that she’s been working on Alec last night. Kat goes back to coaching Aneal.. She’s acting like she has the entire house figured out.

Kat is telling him to leak some information to Liza to see where it goes. She plans on dropping bombs before she leaves today.

Aneal: “I think I should drop a bomb in the F***ing house”

Kat: “I think you should talk to Liza let her know give it a few days see if it goes really public.. and if it doesn’t tell Tom and Emmett.. and I will say”… Talla joins them acting all upset because Andrew was giving her a hard time for being lactose intolerant. Apparently Big Brother hasn’t given them very much Milk. Aneal mentions that they haven’t been given milk for 8 days. Talla goes on and on about being lactose intolerant and how Andrew bugs her about it.
Kat suggests she says: “Fine i’ll drink your milk and fart on you all day.. you F***er” Talk moves to the HOH comp today. Aneal: “I don’t think HOH is endurance otherwise they would be building it”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Have you ever had s$x with a random person at your tanning salon?

11:46AM BBT Kitchen lisa, tom, emmett, Danielle.

Tom is talking to Lisa about the tanning salon business.. “ have you ever had s$x with a random person at your tanning salon?” Lisa answers no.. Tom: “cause when my girlfriend was a manager at a tanning salon I would go in there during my lunch break… “ (Hinting that he would ‘bone’ her)

Houseguests milling around the kitchen talking about how awesome it will be tomorrow that they all can compete in the HOH Comp. The you tuber Peter is telling Danielle that he thinks that tomorrow’s comp is going to be a quiz. He start rattling out reasons why tomorrows comp is not physical because if it was he they would have set up practice time for them. Danielle “Oh… Oh Cool… That’s Cool… Oh Oh Cool…. “

Emmett and Peter comment about how “Crappy” the protein powder is.. Apparently it’s “Iso Crap “ and not “Whey” (I think Iso crap is actually the more expensive superior protein)

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Big Brother Canada Live Feeds: Alec says that he was just joking when he said that we needed to bone.

10pm Big Brother Time: When the live feeds start for the first time a bunch of the house guests are sitting around the living room talking about random stuff. Out by the hot tub Gary is talking to Kat? Kat talked about about how she thought the others made too big of a deal about blood on the toilet. Kat says that she was brought up differently and said that it’s a sanitary issue for her. They finish up their smoke and head back inside.

10:15pm Topaz, Liza, Aneal and Gary are all in the bedroom. Liza is changing while Aneal and Gary talking. Topaz tells them that they are going to play games like Truth or Dare tonight after they finish up their vd’s. Aneal asks if they should throw HOH. Gary says no because they are coming after me (Gary). Gary says that Liza wants him to win so that he can do her dirty work. Aneal says that he is going to win it. Gary you better invite me up there with you. They talk about how everyone is talking about throwing the HOH. Aneal and Gary start talking about voting tomorrow. Aneal says that he thinks it will end up being a 12 – 0 vote. (Tom used the veto and took himself off the block and Kat was named as the replacement nominee.)

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