Big Brother Canada: Gary says he doesn’t want to sleep with Aj because his pepperoni n*pples scare him.

POV Holder: Tom Next POV March 6th ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Suzette Next HOH: March 6th ?
Original Nominations: Emmett and Tom
Current Nominations: Emmett and Kat
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 1025pm

11:20pm The live feeds come back and the house guests are hanging out and chatting. Danielle and Andrew are talking on the couch. Danielle is frustrated that she is the target this week. Peter, Alec, Liza Talla and Aj are in the kitchen talking about the endurance competition. In the bathroom Jillian is showering. Gary and Aneal congratulate her on winning the endurance competition. Gary says that he tried to copy her pose but still couldn’t hang on and knew she wasn’t going anywhere. They talk about how bad they felt for Kat and how Big Brother didn’t even give her time to pack up her stuff .. that the other house guests had to help her.

11:30pm – 11:45pm Meanwhile in the living room Talla and Liza are talking. Talla reassures Liza that she has nothing to worry about and that she has her back. Talla tells Liza that if her name comes up as a possible nominee then she will try to persuade them not to put Liza up. Meanwhile, in the bedroom Gary and Emmett are talking about how they want to know who voted to evict Emmett. (It was Liza.) Emmett says that he doesn’t even really care and that he is just happy to still be here. Gary says just for fun he is going to find out who the vote was. Emmett says thanks. Gary starts talking to Talla and says that he is going to find out who the vote was so that he can secure his safety this week. Gary asks Talla if it was her and she says no. Talla leaves the room. Gary says Suzette is an idiot and he doesn’t trust her. He wishes Jillian had gone. Gary tells Liza that he wants AJ gone. Liza says that she wanted him gone days ago. They leave the bedroom for the kitchen. Soon after Tom jokingly propositions Talla and Liza for a three way.

11:45pm Emmett and Jillian look for something to eat in the storage room. While looking in the kitchen Emmett puts his arm around Jillian. They decide on eating cereal and leave the room.
Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 1144pm

In the kitchen the house guests are chatting and eating. Peter talks about how he pre-recorded videos and had them scheduled to upload to youtube up until the premiere night.

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 1148pm

11:55pm – 12:10am In the bedroom the discussion of who Gary will sleep with tonight is the topic of conversation. Emmett teases him that he can sleep with Aj. The conversation moves to the bathroom. Gary says he doesn’t want to sleep with Aj because his pepperoni nipples scare him. Gary starts campaigning to Jillian to let him sleep with Emmett. He says that she waited this long she can wait a little bit longer to sleep with Emmett. Gary asks Talla if there is the 1% chance that I don’t sleep with Emmett, will you be my back up?
Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 1202am

12:25pm In the bedroom the house guests continue to argue about who will sleep with Aj. Gary starts wrestling with Jillian saying that just cuz she won HOH doesn’t mean she gets to sleep with Emmett. Both Talla and Danielle say that they will just take a blanket and sleep in the middle of the room as long as no one kicks her in the middle of the night. Gary says that he doesn’t care he wants to sleep with Emmett.

Big Brother Canada March 1 2013 1220am

Big Brother Canada March 1 2013 1221am

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Nobody even likes AJ or talks to AJ, I just see him talking to himself all the time. AWKS!!!!


They need to send him home. He’s just a fly on the wall.