Big Brother Canada Kat Tries to rally the girls “We hold the power we have the vag!na’s”

POV Holder: Tom Next POV March 6th ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Suzette Next HOH: March 6th ?
Original Nominations: Emmett and Tom
Current Nominations: Emmett and Kat
Last Evicted Houseguest ?


10:43AM Aneal and Kat

Kat warns him if he gets caught in a lie he’s fu**ed. she doesn’t want to screw his game over so she’s going to be very careful what she says. Kat: “I don’t want to open a box that you can’t close again” Aneal: “It’s going to be really hard walking around with our secret” Kat: “Ya I totally get that”

Aneal tells her he’ll let her know how the votes are going right before the eviction. Kat is just worried about messing Anael up. They head inside.
(Kat plans on dropping bombs when she’s evicted today in the hopes that it does a) helps her out if she comes back in and b) helps Aneal out)


10:48AM Smoke Hole Kat by herself smoking

She starts talking into the camera “Trying to spin a web for all the BB Houseguests to just get tangled in.. Hopefully Aneal won’t get burned.. he could take a big Fall for it “


10:56AM Kat and Liza backyard couch

Kat is warning her that Peter and Alec are nice guys but they are in the Big Brother Canada house to mind f*** people. “They think they are unstoppable” Liza agrees. Kat continues to tell her that both sides of the house are going to start picking off floaters.

Liza asks Kat If she won HOH who would she put up.. Kat isn’t sure but thinks she would Backdoor one of the strong players. (Tom)

Liza: “I know who I would put up.. like straight up.. Alec and his female counterpart (Topaz)” Kat doesn’t think topaz is a strong player she points out if Alec goes home Topaz is lost.

Kat says she doesn’t connect with anybody instead of Aneal. Liza adds that it’s so early in the game. Kat is

Kat: “We hold the power we have the vag!nas” she wishes that Suzette was on board from the beginning that way the girls would have the power. She wishes they had backdoored Alec this week. and next week they can get rid of Tom or Emmett maybe Peter.

Kat: “If you a Jillian are up on the block it’ll be a battle royal.. she’s a sweet girl but she has fangs”
Liza thinks that her a Jillian are a lot alike, “white girl, in shape” Kat doesn’t think Jillian is in shape she thinks the dangerous thing about Jillian is friends with a lot of people in the house. Kat keep reiterating that there is so much more going on in the house that meets the eye.

Liza asks her about a scar on her neck. Kat says she has OCD and as a child she would do repetitive thing.. conversation switches to people with OCD..

Kat says she really wanted to be able to play this game, it sucks that she’s going home. She always wanted to get 4-5 people close and make a final run for the end. Kat points out that AJ is strange and Danielle is a sinking ship.

Kat: “I play 3-4 softball teams in the summer, I play dodge-ball, football all in leagues.. I work out 5 days a week.. I thought if I can into the house and revealed that it would burn me cause these catty girls will want me out”
Liza points out how big of a mistake Jillian made by doing 20 push-ups on day one. Kat agrees and adds that Jillian getting so close with Emmett was also a mistake.

Kat starts quoting Dan Goosling and his strategy says that he talked to everyone in the house but never revealed anything important. Liza points out that Tom is stupid he rubs her shoulders and thinks she’ll follow him around.

Kat: “If I could play Tom in Sports he would be floored” Kat now goes on and on about how superior she is at sports. She adds that she could have made it to Beijing for the Olympics but chose not to.. (LOL for such an elite athlete she sure smokes a lot)

Liza: “These boys think they are going to the final.. I can tell by the way they touch my shoulders they think they’ll use me and throw me away” Kat agrees adds that the boys think they have this game in the bag.

Kat laughs says she sees Liza being the girl with Japanese stress balls but instead of stress balls they’re the boys testicles. Kat starts building up Aneal telling Liza how smart and in tune with the game he is. She warns Liza that Danielle and Suzette are sinking ships liza needs to try and get them to fire another shot at the other side. Kat is certain she is going home tonight but is trying to build an alliance with Liza and Aneal. Liza tells her that Suzette threw her under the bus big time.. Production starts talkign to the players tells them in 10 minutes they will be in outdoor lockdown.

11:25AM Everyone starts to scramble getting shit ready for the lockdown..


11:31AM Suzette working out.. she gets called into the Diary Room. Suzette: “That’s my pills”


11:37AM Hammock Tom and Topz

Tom is telling her he wants them all to really try for the Head of Household competition. Topaz agrees. Tom: “the first Nine.. the lions..” Tom says they need to get rid of Kat this week. because she is such a unknown factor. Topaz adds that kat is really a strong competitor. Tom wants Suzette, Aneal and Kat gone after that they can worry about GAry and AJ. He thinks a lot of the girls will target AJ.

Tom thinks that Suzette has to go home this coming week because if they don’t she’ll be really hard to get out. He says if Suzette wins HOH she’ll put up any two Emmett, Alec, Tom and Jillian. Topaz isn’t sure that Suzette will even win another HOH. Tom points out the dangerous thing about Suzette is she’s not afraid to make big moves and she doesn’t listen to reason. He adds how her first nominations were against big players. Topaz doesn’t sound convince that Suzette is a threat. they doze off on the hammock.

11:47AM Smoke Hole Kat and Gary Gary “recently I’ve just entered into this this glitter phase of my life.. glitter is me.. Glitter is forever.. i’m getting that tatted”. Kat: “Glit that sh!t” Gary “Glitter means so much to me” (WTF ?)


11:52AM Bros Working out Alec asks Emmett to critique his form..


12:19pm Jillian and Suzette backyard couch

Suzette tells her that this season of Big Brother Canada has “Canada’s Player” She starts saying that this show is going to have way more twists than the US version.
Jillian and Suzette agree that it’s become so cut throat early in the game. Jillian asks her if the US version is as cut throat. Suzette explains that the US version is only cutthroat when there is a big twist earl one. (Big Twist like the Big Brother Saboteur.. lol)

Suzette tells her that Season 9 had some neat twists and become very cut throat she adds that Big Brother 9 was her favorite season.

Jillian: “We will learn a twist tonight”
Suzette: “We won’t find out about a twist until finale.. or later down the road..” She points out that the producers want entertainment and will use twists to stir the pot. Suzette warns her that every season of Big Brother the guys use the girls the only girls that make it to the end are the showmances. Suzette points out some exceptions Janelle, Rachel and Danielle Donato.

Suzette starts to instruct Jillian on what is going on in the house she says that people are going to start to throw challenges so that the strong players get their hands dirty. Jillian doesn’t believe that people would throw challenges this early in the game she would never do that. Suzette explains that it’s a given .. they could have 5 players throw the challenge to one person today.

Jillian says she’s only watched Big Brother 12 and doesn’t really know how the game works. She tells Suzette she’s had butterflies in her stomach ever since they’ve entered the house. They both comment about the grand prize being a little low.. Suzette: “I can put a downpayment on a house and maybe get a car… Vacation.. or counseling for my kids“ Jillian laughs they both agree that 100 Grand isn’t enough for them to sell out on the feeds.

Jillian asks her what Rachel did to make her look so bad on the show. Suzette says that Rachel and Brendon had a showmance and they both fed off each other, “They were really dysfunctional in the beginning.. and they got cocky.. in the game they were all like we are going to win the challenges.. Screw you.” Suzette adds that Brendon and rachel were both really smart and good at challenges.


12:38pm Liza and Talla Chatting about who they want out. They agree Jillian needs to go soon. Talk drifts to the competition tonight… Is it endurance or isn’t it. They agree that it’s not endurance. Both feel that Aneal will throw the competition


12:45PM Bros working out

12:50PM Backyard AJ and Alec Alec asks AJ if he’s feeling alright. Last night Peter, Topaz and Alec had expressed concern that AJ is losing it.


1:05pm Gary and Danielle Bedroom

Feeds keep cutting in and out.. Danielle and Gary saying “Bitch” every second word. Danielle is pissed about Jillian sleeping with her so that Emmett wouldn’t. (Seems like Danielle has a crush on Emmett)

Danielle starts to fantasize about winning HOH says she will put up the two people she doesn’t talk to. Jillian and AJ appear to be on her hit list. Danielle says about 12 times that “I fu**ing Hate Her (Jillian)”

Gary plans on going up top Tom and asking him what he would do if he nominated him. Gary jokes that Tom would just tell him no biggie i would just win HOH. Danielle laughs says it would be so great if they won HOH and POV. Gary says it’s such a choir to be nice to these people says that AJ grosses him out. Talla joins them starts talking about how big of a mistake Suzette made by not putting Jillian up. Danielle starts telling Talla that the only reason why Jillian is sleeping with her is top keep Emmett away.

Talla is really beating the war drum against the Tom, Emmett and Jillian. Gary and Danielle agree say they are happy Talla is on the same page. Gary adds that Liza wants Jillian gone to. They are all worried if Tom, Emmett or Jillian win HOH they are going up. Gary starts to suggests they get rid of Emmett first and Jillian will collapse.


1:40pm Bathroom Random conversations while the the houseguests get ready for tonights live show.

Apparently the live eviction is at 2:30pm ..

1:50pm Indoor lockdown


2:00pm Girls getting ready for the live show today.. random chit chat about their bodies and what they should wear. Talk moves to the blogs that are following and transcribing everything they are saying. (Cmon people through OBB a Canadian blog a bone..) They say there are people sitting around watching the feeds 24/7 waiting for the D!ck or N!p slip. (Yeah those people are called Simon and Dawg)
2:05pm Feeds go to Hush Hush Screen


2:12PM Bedroom Gary, Jillian, Liza, Topaz and Emmett. They ask Emmett if he’s nervous. Emmett says not really. Gary: “What b!tch you gotta be a bit nervous.. it can’t be that easy for you” Emmett explains that he’s over being nervous. Tells them he’s been through a lot already being nominated right away, playing in a Power of Veto Competition, losing a POV comp and now facing eviction.

2:20pm Feeds cut..
2:21pm Feeds come back.. Danielle has joined the bedroom crew everyone is suspecting that today’s HOH is physical. Danielle is claiming that she doesn’t get nervous. Says the only time she’s been nervous in the house was Day one when they first walked in. (Side note.. every time someone swears they cut the feeds. seems like the girls swear the most)

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Talla's Furhat

So exactly what are the alliances?

julie chen

omg its so confusing with so many ppl.

Dennis Quesnel (dennney)

I didn’t know you guys were Canadian, if I ever get in I’ll make sure to give you guys shout outs from time to time. :) There was a point where you could see Tom’s pubes. Hahaha. I love how Tom asked Gary to check out his back. I don’t think the eviction will be live, it’ll be around 6-7pm EST (I think)


Not sure if you have screen shots and/or video, but last night when Alec and Topaz were in the storage room, Alec couldn’t really hide what was in his pants. Haha


Hey Simon, you need a stats for big brother Canada or are you okay with it