Big Brother Canada: The Morning Show – AFTER the Finale! Is GARY okay with SECOND PLACE?

Big Brother canada the morning show

Love it or hate it, the events that transpired on last nights Big Brother Canada Finale Episode could not have be predicted. There is only one rule to Big Brother and that is to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and that was surely the case last night. Whether or not someone deserves to win, it all comes down to the votes and as Arisa stated there will be no re-vote.
Big Brother canada the morning show 2

With a SHOCKING Big Brother Canada FINALE episode last night, everyone is wondering what the house guests are thinking about the conclusion of season one. Last night’s 2 hour finale episode was filled with surprises and jaw dropping moments. First the season front runner Emmett was evicted by the final HOH winner Gary and then by some insane mix up Topaz mistakenly voted for Jillian to win when in fact she wanted to vote for Gary. The shocking reveal of the votes by host Arisa Cox will go down in Big Brother history as one of the most unbelievable mistakes that ultimately cost Gary the Big Brother Canada Grand prize. As you will see in the following videos, Gary is a very gracious second place winner and states that it was never about the money for him and that he is more than okay with being second place.
Big Brother canada the morning show 3
With being on camera in front of a audience and with millions watching, Topaz was concentrating on the name Jillian and picked up her key mistakenly. Ultimately this was just another case of Topaz not listening to the rules and being more caught up in the chance to take a dig at Jillian while she was voting saying “So my vote is 150% SECURE! 150 PERCENT!” This was in reference to how Jillian had told Topaz she was 150% secure after the ice burg endurance challenge where Jillian promised Topaz that she & Alec were safe from being nominated which Jillian ended up going back on her word.

Big Brother canada topaz

Video is uploading:

Finale Interview: Winner Jillian with Kid Craig

Finale Interview: Runner-up Gary with Kid Craig

Finale Interview: Emmett with Kid Craig

Finale Interview: Topaz with Kid Craig

Watch the other house guest interviews with Kid Craig: 99.9 Virgin Radio on YouTube

Gary on ET Canada: Met Gala Fashion Hits & Misses

If you missed the part of the finale where Topaz mistakenly voted for Jillian instead of Gary then watch this video:

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I’m not in Gary’s head or anything but I have a feeling he’s okay with what happened simply because he knows he got a second life after losing the game.It’s like ”Get evicted therefore lose the game, get voted back in, make Final 2, lose the game again this time through a misvote.HAHAHA kind of thing he’ll laugh about for years to come.
Imagine how he would be feeling if he had never been evicted and had been in the house the whole time, he would probably be outraged. And people would have felt differently about the whole thing.


Gary is a gracious guy. No one else would have handled finale night as well as he did.

Just my opinion but Emmett is such a tool. I’m so sick of all this Gary had to have two lives to make it to the end bull crap. Gary is at peace with not getting first place but Emmett is SOO BITTER that he didn’t even get second place, lol! Instead of accepting the game, he keeps on trying to make digs about how Gary didn’t “deserve” to be in the finals. So if Emmett were offered some new mystery POV power to walk back in after Gary evicted him, he wouldn’t take it? UHH yeah of course he would! He would do the same thing that Gary did and get back in the game! That’s what every single player there would do! So what is he still complaining about? And if Gary didn’t “deserve” to come back in the game, then why didn’t Emmett evict him when he had the chance? Uh because he was playing the game, too.

Emmett, go back to your dairy farm and working at Hollister. There’s no reason to be bitter because I’m sure that if you play your cards right, Jillian will keep fawning over you and will probably end up spending the 100k on you, anyways!


Annette, you’re *so* right about Emmett’s bellyaching! He keeps saying, “A player should only have one chance to win BB!” And “No, I still have no regrets at all about choosing to keep Gary over Talla. Why should I? I lost on a 50-50 question, in the 3rd HOH!” No, you didn’t, Emmett!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is both patently false, and TOTAL sour grapes!!! Emmett *still* doesn’t get it. How is that possible? Because Emmett’s still *way* too busy blaming both Production and “dumb luck”, and everything/everyone else his mind can come up with as a scapegoat, for his own BBCA demise. Instead of who the *actual* culprit was: HIMSELF!!!!!!!” Emmett, you 100% lost because you took Gary to final 3 with you, over Talla! Period. Don’t believe me? Play this out, Mr. Milkman! Part 1 HOH? Is Talla gonna be able to hold up the bucket of blood longer than your 4 hours, 5 minutes? Heck, no. So you still win Part One, Emmett. Part TWO was your mistake – the part of the comp that *you* didn’t even compete in, lost you BBCA!!!!!!!!! Because, by you choosing Gary over Talla, you forced Jillian to compete against a very strong-comper, Gary, instead of no-comp-wins-all-season, Talla! Talla wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in *he*ll* of beating Jillian’s time, in the “HOH Sequence Hoop Ring Comp.” This past weekend, Talla wasn’t studying the HOH order at all, since Day 1, as Production instructed, like Jillian was. Instead, Talla was spending all of her time drinking, dancing, Wave Pooling, exfoliating, and having daily strategy talks with “Henry The Moose!” Emmett, how was Talla *ever* gonna beat Jillian in HOH Part 2, by doing all that, instead of studying? She wasn’t. And how is that important to you, “Mr. I played a perfect game?” Because that guaranteed Jillian HOH Part 2 win, over Talla, which would’ve happened if you took Talla over Gary, would then guarantee a “Milkmance Final Two”, no matter WHO won your “poor, unlucky me” Part 3 HOH, “50/50” questions right or wrong. Because if Jill wins it, she takes Emmett. If Emmett wins it, he takes Jillian. You both leave Talla behind, in third place. Done deal. Then, Emmett, you destroy Jillian in jury. And Jillian’s happy with second. How much clearer does it need to be, Emmett? YOU, and you alone, lost yourself 100K. You were just on reality TV. I suggest you stop spewing out all these bogus alibis, look at your loss honestly and logically, and start to own the truth: Emmett, you caused your own BBCA defeat. It was totally self-inflicted. It was not Gary’s fault. It was not 50/50 luck’s fault. It was not Production’s fault. It was yours. Sorry, my friends. Emmett’s “sore loser, poor me” act still has me pretty fired up!


See, you’re under the impression that those final HOH challenges would have been the same if talla had been in the final 3 and not gary.
Production tip: they wouldn’t have been you dumbass. Production has been helping Gary all season, they were all tuned towards him in the final HOH comps. They would have been completely different if he had been evicted.


Annette, I am not an Emmett supporter, but cut him some slack. He is just experiencing what other evicted HG’s have. He needs time to process. When he gets busy with his real life and is able to expend some energy he will gain perspective. Maybe not, but at some point maybe. After all, he has been tasting the win for some time and someone just added some bitterex.


Lol I’ll cut him some slack when he cuts Gary some slack… never gonna happen! haha. Your opinion is that this is a case of needing some time to reflect and, as you call it, ”gain perspective”. My opinion is that this is a case of ego ego ego! Part of me thinks that he was wearing that big cowboy hat to cover his ever inflating head. Time to gain perspective? Psshh. Gary lost the first place that he would’ve received over something that he couldn’t do anything about and he still didn’t act like 1% of the jerk that Emmett was being. If Gary can do that, then there’s no excuse for being a tool, a-hole, douche, SORE LOSER or (as I’m now calling it) “puling an Emmett” lol!


Queen Bee, I think you are *so* right about that. (Man, I’ve said that to you many times this season!) 🙂 The class, poise and perspective that Gary displayed, in the wake of a terribly bad break, was a glimpse into his true character, which is always revealed in the toughest of times. I applaud him. Gary’s right when he says he didn’t “lobby” to be placed back in the game. Other forces (I can’t honestly say “Canada”) did it for him. But Gary also understands that there are those who do legitimately feel that his “late game good fortune” made Jillian a more deserving winner. Gary said he looks at it as a tie. I think it’s a very wise viewpoint.

Canada won’t remember Gary for the money he lost. Or the title of BBCA winner. (To me, it’s like when Clay Aiken lost to Ruben Studdard, in the American Idol final, way back when. And the loud public outcry. But in the end, Clay had far more musical success. So did Clay *really* lose to Ruben? Or did it end up helping Clay, in the public eye? I think so.) Once the dust settles, I hope many viewers will remember Gary for instantly telling Topaz that he forgave her, despite its bad consequences for him, for her not to worry about it, and that honest mistakes happen in life to people every single day.

And Gary’s amazing grace under pressure didn’t just serve *him* well here. A part of Topaz will never fully be able to forgive herself. But Gary’s instant, total forgiveness of her for it, I believe, will help Topaz herself move past it, 1000 times quicker and easier. On TV, you could already see that Topaz was starting to accept her gaffe, even to the point of her “joke raising her hand”, in studio, on Friday’s The Morning Show Canada. Without Gary’s repeated, “Topaz, don’t sweat it, girl!”, I could easily see Topaz hanging on to her vote mistake guilt and anger, for a much longer time. More kudos, Mr. Glitter Gary.

Like you, Queen, I also thought Jillian was the more deserving winner, based 100% on overall gameplay. And yes, at the end, Gary did speak several times about the pride and comfort he finally feels, to now go ahead and be exactly the person that he is inside, in public. And about him badly wanting to be a role model for young people who share his sexual orientation, that he never found himself on TV, as a kid. I understand how that issue still burns deeply inside of him. To me, Gary achieved that goal.

But I also hope Gary can, at some point, personally step away from that one issue, for just a bit. And take a bit of a broader view of the events, and his own significant and gracious actions, as it was all going down, on Finale night. I think Gary should feel just as much pride about what a credit he was to the *entire* human race, on Thursday night. Not “his” brand. The human brand. Personally, I hope just as many people will see Gary as a role model for being able to instantly react so rationally and calmly, the whole time. In the face of him being the cruel victim, of a fluky error, that just cost him 80K. And on national TV, no less!

I’m not trying to elevate Gary to sainthood or anything. Like all of us, he is far from perfect. But I’m fairly certain that very few people would’ve performed so admirably, in that exact same situation, that’s all. (For example, several evicted HGs used Finale night to display a childish, self-righteous, bitter attitude, and shout out “verbal grenades” to finalists the perceived as evil and undeserving.) And that only served to make that “children vs. grown ups” HG contrast even more stark to me, when all he*l broke loose. Compared to Gary, who coolly kept his head, while everyone else in the Slice studio was losing theirs!

Now, more than a day later, to my surprise, it’s not gonna be the usual great BB entertainment (which was great) that I will most remember. Instead, it will be Gary’s composure, dignity and basic human compassion, in the face of total BB chaos all around him, that I’ll remember the most. And nothing any HG did, or anything Production did or didn’t do, can change the great respect I will now have, going forward, for young, 21-year-old Gary Levy.

Nana Jo

Jim, if I could add 100 thumbs up to your comment, I would! You have said every single thing I had planned to say, and in such an eloquent way! I always said to my sons when they were growing up, that it’s easy to show grace and class when everything is going well in your life, but the true test of character comes when life dumps on you. Gary showed such maturity and integrity. Indeed, his lack of bitterness and utter compassion to Topaz, is an example to each of us.

When you compare that to some of the childish tantruming exploits of certain HG’s at the finale,I would hope that they would feel a sense of shame. Just as Gary’s reaction showed his true mettle as a fine man, thus, Emmett’s did the opposite. He had very little adversity during his time in the BB house, and the moment things went awry, his self-absored, blaming, non-introspective nature came roaring out. If anyone has reason for bitterness, it’s Gary, and I am in awe of his composure and acceptance. Emmett’s bitterness and anger is so totally misplaced. It should be directed where it truly belongs … towards himself. As you outlined so well, it’s his own foolish decisions which set his fate, not Gary coming back into the house!

I am sure Topaz feels terrible and will for a long time. Gary’s reaching out to her will help mitigate her self-loatrhing, though. Shit happens, as the saying goes, and although I was sorry to see it all end in such a dramatic fashion, in a way it’s perhaps a fitting denouement. I wish Jillian all the best and congratulate her on her win. She certainly worked hard for it. My last word of advice to Jillian … don’t spend too much money on cultivating a continued romance with Emmett! Think about developing a continued friendship with Jillian instead!

Nana Jo

“Think about developing a continued friendship with Jillian instead!” … That should read, “think about developing a continued frienship with Andrew instead!”


I think Gary is ok with it because he KNOWS he’s going to get some media work from this exposure plus he already knows some production people from the places he hangs out in I think. He got a second chance and he kept saying he just wants camera time so he can be famous. Not to mention he will probably get a ton of attention from people who will sympathize and tell him how great he is and was robbed bla bla bla.

As far as being gracious, agreed he was very poised but if anyone remembers he was a jerk ever since he won HOH. According to Liza he power tripped the most and would lock his HOH room (unlike other HOHs) and people would have to beg to use his washroom or visit him. After his second chance he mellowed out quite a bit and personally I think it was pure strategy to gain the audiences sympathy and change perception so he could win. So as far as I’m concerned, his graciousness is an act. Also feel BBCan was pretty lame compared to US version. Was Topaz sleeping when Arisa reminded them of voting rules…twice???


I also feel that Gary is getting more press because of the incident than he would have had he won. I think the way he is handling it is great. It’s so easy to be bitter. Like you said look at emette. We all laughed when Gary thought this would make him famous but I really do think after all of this craziness he will. Go glitter!


What a dumb ending to an exciting first season.


Cooper, the self professed 12 year old genius, staying with them thumbs down.


I’m 13 😉
& I believe it was a dumb ending because the finale was very rushed, and unprofessional. They focused so much on other stuff that they ended up giving each of the finalists such a short period of time to plead their cases to the jury. I hope Season 2 of BBCAN is more organized!


Emmett is such a SORE LOSER!!!! His anger towards Gary is unjustified especially after he broke the east coast alliance and kicked Andrew out! Really liked him up until this point.


I agree…and the moment that stood out to me the most that showed just how much of a cold person he is was when he sat in the hot tub with Andrew the Monday or Tuesday before Andrew was evicted, and ‘tested him’, by just smugly and arrogantly sitting there just saying,”yep,” to virtually everything Andrew had to say, offering nothing in an extremely unnecessarily cold fashion, basically hinting in code he wanted him evicted…and then the way Em bullied Jill into not allowing her to let Andrew know what was going on…if I was Andrew I would not want anything to do with him in future…for me, Em was majorly jealous of the genuine friendship, connection, banter, humour and many laughs shared between Andrew and Jill


Out with the disaster we call Big Brother Canada Season 1 and in with BB USA Season 15!


Disaster ???? More like Fkin roller coaster ride from hell…. the good type if your on the watching end LOL


I was referring to the disaster of production – not the game itself. Was I the only one that thought production did a piss poor job on the finale??? Bad editing during the finale told us the results of the first two comps before we even watched them, Stage was too big and returning players were all the way across the room. Everyone had to yell. It was stupid.

I just hope production learns from this and gives us something better for next year.


That moment with Topaz’s vote was the worst real moment in reality tv… no words, just an aughhh from inside my stomach. What a confusing, disappointing, frustrating and UNCOMFORTABLE ending to the season.

On another note, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ONLINE BIG BROTHER! No matter who’s side you’re on, we are all Big Brother addicts and you guys are feeding our obsession. Thank you to Simon and Dawg and whoever else mans the computer and tv just so that we can get our BB fix ;D


yeah the vote spoiled the entire season for me because jillian should not be the winner, she only takes home the 100,000 because topaz was a self absorbed idiot…its funny because alec had said that he was not going to align himself with stupid people because they are emotional lol…

Out of everyone in the house Gary has the most to gain, simply because of his persona alone. He will be the type of person who will move on and end up doing bigger and better things in entertainment..i wouldnt be surprised if he gets his own show on slice or something like that..or a fashion correspondent for et canada etc..nobody other than him has anything going for them..

they kept saying how the cast are strong personalities and this and that but really?? REALLY? The casting process seems like an incredibly big hill to climb so i wonder what hg’s like AJ, Danielle, Topaz, and even Andrew had that made them stand out from the rest, because honestly alot of the times they were extremely boring to watch. The only ones who brought some kind of excitement were Tom, Talla, Kat and Aneal. Its too bad that Kat was evicted early because i think should would have made it extremely entertaining and would stir the house up quite a bit….plus she is a hottie!! ;

I do believe that some of the houseguests are connected in a way to production, Gary was mentioned in another thread to be connected. Also, AJ is friends with Murtz Jaffer the reality tv guy so he probably coached him on what to do and say etc..Topaz is friends with one guy who works at MTV…i hate to keep bashing AJ but he didnt stand out for me, he was like a bump on a log..i am putting so much pressure on myself trying to put together a potential audition tape, researching dan’s tips and advice on what to do…feel like its an impossible task to try and get the casting directors attention but then boring hg like aj and danielle made it to big brother, it makes me wonder what the hell they are looking for in a house guest…..anyone want to help me in what i should and shouldnt talk about in my audition tape..assuming they have a season 2 which is probably very likely.


Jillian is the winner and most certainly should be the winner. Gary aligned himself with idiots, losers and deluded prats. Anyone who believes that the voting mistake was basically random and could easily have happened to Jillian or someone else, completely ignores the fact that a major part of the game is making sure that you rely on people who will not f**K your game. Gary ultimately ended up relying on people who were so stupid and so incredibly self-absorbed that they could make such a staggeringly huge imbecilic mistake. And what a surprise, one of them actually did. This was absolutely no coincidence. Gary was arguably the dumbest player ever to get to the final of one of these shows. So stupid that his whole alliance including himself was systematically decimated. If you surround yourself with stupid – because you basically are fundamentally stupid yourself – you should not be surprised if stupid comes visiting your door and shoves a giant custard pie right in your face.


Emmett was one of Gary’s alliances, from early on. But wait a minute, you said surrounded himself with stupid…

Sir Peanut

OK OK With the Topaz thing. I know all of us have pushed, picked, or chosen something we didn’t mean to choose. Unfortunately it didn’t cost us $100,000. Maybe $100 or more. But we all have done it. We’ve have all kicked ourselves in the butt. Still no excuse. It’s a tuff pill to swallow especially for Gary fans.

That being said …….. Congrats to Canada on your first season of BB. The cast members were true characters. Maybe too many one sided young people, but characters.

To reflect I remember when some people said the could not understand Talla. To me I had the same problem with the whole cast. (It’s that Canadien accent) Yes, it does exist. And most of there eating habits were questionable. I’ll have to pay attention to BB15 US for this.

Will be looking for all of your comments with BB15. We get to watch normal speaking cast members. (Southern accents, New york and N Jersey, Minnesoten, Valley california etc) Just a little humour.


The only ones with accents were the contestants from the east coast..andrew, jillian and emmett. Its sounds almost Irish but that makes sense because they do live in the maritime provinces. Andrew’s newfoundland accent would really show when he would get fired up, but i still like the accent though lol

Danielle my numbers 604 522 4554 Holler !!

Anyone else notice how skinny Danielle got? She looks great now. Makes no sense why she didn’t do this before she came on the show.


It says “Ultimately this was just another case of Topaz not listening to the rules”, and I’m just wondering, when did she not listen to the rules before? I can’t remember.


the 3 happiest people on finale night were my 3 favourite players to watch – Jill, Andrew, Talla, the 3 that watched the Evil Dead movie together, with Andrew inviting the 2 girls to watch it when he won the build a demon veto…Andrew/Jill and Andrew/Talla banter more often than not had alot of great humour and warmth during the entire season…the Talla/Andrew stooge banter was hilarious…and for Andrew/Jill I really liked the moment during the freeze challenge when Andrew had his twin brother visit and he was in tears, then when unfreeze was called the embrace of Andrew and Jill was very deep and really cool to see, and the humour between Andrew and Jill was awesome too, and literally Jill must have laughed at the jokes and banter of Andrew hundreds of times over the season…2 great moments were Andrew unexpectedly saying the line, “what would you do if I killed you,” in an over the top Italian accent, just as Jill was taking a sip of her drink, and she laughed so hard her drink came out of her nose…the other one was Jill, Andrew, Gary, Talla discussing if looks or personality was more important, Andrew said they are equally important, Jill agreed, then she said what if your boyfriend/girlfriend was good looking but boring with no personality? andrew jokingly responds,”well thats emmett!” and jill laughs for about 30 seconds in agreement

Arissa: “Andrew has voted for…Jillian…congratulations Jillian, you are the first ever winner of Big Brother Canada!”

great to see a well deserved win for Jill

I thought it was fitting that Andrew, the person in the house who was the most respectful and genuine and loyal to Jill, and connected the best with her, and shared the most laughs with her, was the last vote announced to confirm her win…Andrew and Jill can now go to the Brick on shopping sprees that they won…my 2 favourite house guests from early on, and for me the most genuine connection and friendship i enjoyed watching…i think they will be great friends and share alot of good times


above comment from CG


Emmett has always behaved like a spoiled little boy whenever things did not go his way and he stayed true to that on Global TV. This was true when caught cheating or whenever he lost a competition. Good for Talla who wasted no time in putting him in his place in no uncertain terms on live TV. Go home little man and go curdle in your corner so we don’t have to watch you anymore. So glad you lost and walked away with only that $1000 you grabbed while throwing every other answer in that Veto competition.

Actually, in all of the post-game interviews so many of the former houseguests are bitter – what a shame on those players who were fortunate to be picked.

Alec and Peter – stoooopid until the end with that dumb shield sign.

Gary was gracious, composed and unflustered, showing a maturity well beyond his years. Canada voted you back and you demonstrated that we picked you for all of the right reasons. I wish him a glorious, happy and successful future.


So enjoying reading all the comments on this & the last few treads – even the ones I disagree with! 😉

Read an interesting interview in the Sun today with Jillian who said Topaz came up to on stage afterwards & said: “I want you to know that I don’t think you’re undeserving of this. I was just so rattled because you obviously know I have a strong tie to Gary & that’s who my vote would have been for. But I can’t say you’re not deserving.” Jill said that was good to hear.

She also talks about how great Gary has been about it as they’ve talked about it a lot. “Gary has been nothing but great about the whole situation & I love him to death for it.”

All in all, a 21 year who cried about going on slop has shown true maturity & character – his “brand” is what we need as a role model for young people (let alone anyone at any age). Gary is playing this very smart as well – he knows no one champions a bitter, petulant role model. I also think he’s looking at the big picture – he had 10 weeks of air time to put forward his brand & with coming back into the game a 2nd time, I believe he looks at all that happened from that as gravy.

Again, very mature for a 21 year old. Some of his older house guests (ahem, Peter, Alec) should have taken a page from his book. Course, If they had, they would have voted based on game play making it 5-2 Jillian & Topaz’s mix-up wouldn’t have mattered.


Chili – “his “brand” is what we need as a role model for young people (let alone anyone at any age)”- where are you from? Filthy language, questionable
hygiene, slovenly, bully (Talla) and just plain ole’ disrespectful – I and many others, I’m sure, wouldn’t want him as a role model for their children of any age.


SoWhat – The “Brand” role modeling I was referring to was how he handled himself on Finale night & since regarding the fiasco. No one, especially the young people he wants to be a role model for will remember how messy he was or any of the things you mentioned – if they even noticed in the 1st place. Cleaning usually isn’t a priority for most young people ‘-).

I think if the vote mix up had impacted most of the other guests, they might not have been so gracious – look at how bitter Peter & Alec still were, even Topaz weeks after their eviction. Talk about fireworks if it had impacted them!

The Gary we saw that night & since on entertainment shows is 1 we had glimpses of during the show but he’s really rocking it now. He’s in the limelight & loving it & he’s going to use it to get as far as he can career wise & also as a platform to be keep getting his message out there to young people that he expressed on Finale night.

So, to my original point – no matter what he did in the house he handled himself well on Finale night & since. Still glad Jillian won- & again, were it not for the bitter, spiteful 2, she would have. Someone mentioned Gary actually won more comps – the final 3. Fair enough except Jillian kept herself off the block through the 10 wks – Gary was on several times, was evicted, didn’t have to win a comp to earn back in the house. Jillian had a hand in pretty much every eviction – sure Em had a hand in it too but she went against his suggestions when it didn’t chive with what she wanted for her game.

Plus we all know those final 3 comps were pretty suspiciously geared to Gary’s strengths… just saying.

See, this is why I love this board. Always diverse opinions, passionately expressed even while respectfully begging to differ.

The Watcher

I feel kind of bad for Jillian!

The way they are making her look on how she won…by mistake…….

I mean she won regardless , mistake or not, twist or not, she won enough competitions to win it all at the end.

Sure Topaz made a mistake but who cares? It was entertaining to watch!

Gary is not even mad! He seems happy and ready to move on to the next level. Perhaps host the next Big Brother Canada? lol

The only one frustrated is Emmett. I can understand why but still this is a game. Twist will happen and if you cant handle it then go home!

Cant wait for the reunion tho!

Thanks for all the great work Simon & Dawg! Its was a fun twisted ride 🙂


I agree about Emmett. He had no problem keeping Gary over Talla and Andrew but suddenly when Gary doesn’t take him to the final 2 he has a problem. Spoiled selfish farm–boy from NS. They’re the snotty rich kids of that area ya know.


Bad smell – jealousy, envy?


Yeah i agree emmit was definitely jealous and envied Jillian. Some farmboys are spoiled rich kids.


My favorite BBC-1 housemates:

(1) Andrew
(2) Talla
(3) Jillian

My least favorite BBC-1 housemates:

(1) Peter
(2) Alec
(3) Emmett

Peter is without question the vilest individual I have ever come across.


I share both your top 3, but I would have Talla 3rd favorite, and my equal favorites were Andrew and Jill


Gary is such a loser. Face it, Jillian is much better competitor than Gary




Why hasn’t anyone written that Gary and Jillian won the same amount of comps? Or that Gary won more? HOH, 2 povs, then 2 of the three part HOH? That’s five wins in my book. I think Jillian’s hoh against Topaz was deserving… Topaz jumped while Jill was shaking — Jillian wouldn’t have won that one if they’d played it out. Sorry everyone, but I believe Gary was the rightful winner. Only thing that wasn’t fair was that jury wasn’t sequestered first– Gary had a huge advantage knowing how the jury felt. But that’s just another debacle production made! ( other huge mistake was Arisa asking the final 3 their favorite moment in house, and 2 of them ruined the 3 part HOH results with their answers– viewers hadn’t seen the comps yet!) idiots.


Sorry: I meant Jillian’s HOH against Topaz was NOT deserving!!!!


Jillian deserved that hoh considering she won it? Duh. Jillian can not be blamed for Topaz’s stupidity on finale night or on the night of that hoh. If Topaz could of hung on longer than she should have, but like the moron she if she step off.. Jillian was not stupid enough to trust that Topaz would not back door Emmett, which is exactly what she would have done if she won that hoh. Jillian deserved every win she had, including the grand prize! Plain and simple! It’s not just about physical ability, it’s about intelligence also. Jillian won her first hoh for the exact same reason! I don’t understand why everyone has so much hate for one of the only strong dominating female winners of big brother!! She played an awesome game!


Happiest people around now are the producers because Topaz’s screw up has taken attention away from all their mistakes. Allowing us to know who had won the 1st 2 parts of the final 3 part HOH before showing it was the worst of many mistakes throughout.


I think it’s hilarious that while Topaz was so busy trying to stick it to Jillian with her sore-loser comment she accidentally voted for her. Hilarious and serves her right. Jillian deserved it. Too bad Jillian even tried to answer serial-killer Peters question. She should have just told him I know I don’t have your vote no matter what I say so f*ck off u psycho sore loser. Good going Topaz! I really wanted Emmett to win but couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.


I was disappointed the most by AJ’s stupid question to Jill and his decision not to vote for her. I think the time he spent with Gary in the Jury house effected his decision along with hearing Alec, Peter, and Topaz’s dislike of her. I don’t think it was fair for Gary to go back into the house when he had knowledge of how the Jury would vote. I also think Gary was expecting Talla to vote for him.


Gary made the biggest move in the house. One that Jillian could never do. He won final HOH and evicted Emmett. WOw.
As for this lame follow the rules excuse for not giving first prize money and gifts to Gary, but to second place Jillian. Gary didn’t break any rules. This wasn’t a comp like when other HG were DQ. No comparison.
(Q) Not Garys fault so why does he lose the win?
(A) Apparently because of Topaz. No they were not a team like J/E.
Topaz was certain she had voted for Gary not Jillian.. Topaz ,one of the jury members authorized to vote, challenged the results of her ballot by the show host. Arissa immediately . Before the final count was complete. There was a long delay between the jury key votes, into a machine, to the host’s count of same. . Who’s to say the host didn’t make a mistake. Or a key malfunction. And what happen to Topaz second key. Why wasn’t that produced? Did the key have Gary on one side and Jillian on the other? The film clip could have been edited. All very suspicious.
Topaz was very brave to protest.. Very clear there had been a mistake. Even fraud. So did production set Topaz up to take the fall for their meddling once again in the game… I think so. I think the blame is all on production for gross incompetence
Ah yes the rules.. Topaz verbal challenge to the host interpretation of the key vote DQ the vote. A spoiled ballot is never counted in any election.
It is outrageous BBCan would validate a key error under any circumstance..
Hate to see a decent young man like Gary being played for a sucker. Feel production are cowards for allowing the blame for their fiasco on poor Topaz…


Mooning, no one believes your conspiracy theories. It’s over, let it go.


Name (sigh). What I wrote was not a “conspiracy theory.” Rather an opinon based on the facts. Just not the more popular one. You and others may not agree. So what. I don’t try to turn the tables and push this other conspiracy theory of sorts claim that Jillian is the winner…The CRTC and sponsors will be the real judges in the end..


let it go, he lost.. No one will remember him in five years


There seems to be a clear pattern here. Stupid Gary surrounded himself with stupid people and lost the game because of a stupid mistake by one of his stupid allies. Stupid people then come to his defense with some of the most irrationally stupid reasoning I have heard in years.


there are no redo’s for stupidity or errors for something as important as the jury vote to decide the winner with 100k on the line

if you bet on a sporting event or played the lottery and you realized you may have written down the wrong result or number on the ticket after the deadline would you ask them to redo the sporting event or lottery? of course not

when you have the opportunity and responsibility of doing something you either do it right with focus or not at all

the facts are that Jill was by far the better overall player for 10 weeks…it was 4-3, but should have been a 7-0 win for Jill


I am pleased how the votes turned out, shield arseholes DID get justice, be careful what you ask for, you may get it

The best part of the end of BBC is, I will never see lala again, she called Andrew a snake, that smirk on her face after Andrew went to bed said it all,she is a useless viper to the end.


I agree, not one of her better moments, but you should know the next night at bed time (the last night before he got evicted) she made a really sweet apology to him. Andrew was her friend in the game (even if he wanted to cut her at final 4) and she knows this. The fight you speak of came after they had been on slop for a week together. She didn’t do well controlling her mood (it was her 3rd time on slop) and Andrew worked really hard to help her not self destruct. I guess he ran out of patience with her and towards the end of their slop session he started to get pretty mean to her. Then the next week (the week of the fight) they went on the block together. Their relationship had still not fully recovered from the slop, and Andrew to continued to mix funny jabs at Tally with mean ones. Well I guess she started feeling pretty sensitive to things he was saying to her, and that fight was her eventual reaction.

She was definitely not easy for him to deal with in those last 2 weeks, so I understand his frustration with her, but he also was guilty of being half nice/ half mean towards her and saying some really disrespectful things at times………I blame the fight on both of them. At least they had it out face to face (actually he was guilty of saying a lot more trash about her behind her back than she was about him)………In the end I was just sad to see their relationship deteriorate. When it was going good, it was the best thing about the show 🙂


For all of you who observe Gary’s “grace”, “class”, “poise”, etc., this was definitely something he made absolutely sure of portraying while an audience was there. Always the perfect model. If you want just a little (because there is plenty) reality of what Gary’s personality and hatred for his fellow houseguest (he and ‘Topaz’s’), I urge you to watch After Dark Ep 29 (among others if you really want the truth).
That’s what I saw and (not that other houseguests didn’t do the same), but he and Topaz took some low blows at several people. Gary, being so anti-bullying does not come off looking like a poised, classy person.
I don’t have a favourite – I loved watching After Dark because of the insight it gave (especially when the houseguests would slip or their true nature couldn’t be hidden at times). Maybe it’s just me? The ‘nice’ things a lot of them did for each other was definitely to gain ‘brownie points’ and several even admitted to that fact in their diary confessions.
There is an insurmountable portion of this game that has to be played as an actor (constantly knowing that “our” opinion may be altered or their fellow houseguest may return the ‘nice thing’ they did for them in the future (ie not putting them on the block, etc.). Like I said in a previous post – I would love to see a Big Brother where the houseguests were not aware (visibility) of where all these cameras are placed. They were large, visible and moved with the person as they moved around (ie in the kitchen, bathroom, etc.)


I agree 150% 😉 Thank you so much for posting this! I was going to say much the same thing, but was too lazy to get around to it. I know the After Dark e.p. you speak of and you’re dead on. What he said about Talla to Topaz was straight up the meanest, most nasty, totally un-game related stuff in the whole game. No one was as mean spirited as Garry. It makes me sick to see how many people think he is such a loving and kind guy…….couldn’t be further from the truth.

He may be able to use his past trials and tribulations to make for a good speech to try to win money, but when he forgets the cameras are on, it is clear to see he has internalized his past pain and is more than willing to spew it out on those around him. Pure venom.


Could not be more right babybare! This whole season I have thought exactly that about Gary. Though I found him entertaining of course, I first saw how mean and nasty he really is in endless conversations with Danielle. The two of then personally attacked each and every houseguest including Suzette! Who they were “friends” with. Talking about how much she eats and how much she must weigh! It was horrible to watch! After Jillian’s first hoh room was revealed he sat in the bathroom talking about how ugly her family is. This is totally not game related and totally unnecessary! For someone who had to deal with so much taunting and bullying he has some pretty nasty things to say about other people. For anyone who watched the live feeds it was easy to see how mean Gary can really be. He needs to thank his lucky stars that he got the heroic edit producers gave him. The screaming match with Talla they aired was one of many, and if that had been Tom or Emmett screaming in her face it would have been unforgivable yet everyone seemed to just forget it. Yes Gary is taking the loss well- a lot better than some of the jury members! (The shield) but I also think he is fully aware of what he is going to get out of this experience in the big picture. Throwing a fit would not have looked too good for his brand.


I am 150% certain that Topaz beats Lawon and Marcellus as the dumbest houseguest ever in all Big Brothher History


I agree…and Peter will go down as the most creepy, delusional, bitter house guest of all time…he did nothing in the game, especially socially, more often than not just sitting like a creepy statue staring at people, yet acts like he is 100 times a better player than Dr Will, Boogie, Evil Dick, Jeff and Dan combined…i think Evil Dick in his recent negative blog about Peter would have done so not just because of his dislike of Peter, but also with a soft spot for Jill, as perhaps Jill reminds him a bit of his own daughter Dani Donato…similar age, look and lively personality, both comp queens, fiesty and very strong big brother players…the more legendary big brother players that tell Peter the truth that he is a crap bb player the better, so it actually sinks in, and that the person he thinks is a terrible player and idiot is far more mentally and physically stronger and by far a much greater big brother player, and deserving and worthy winner


Lingering afterthoughts: the jury was so resentful and vengeful because Jillian lied. Since Gary’s re-entry into house (and even since he did entered initially), he constantly talked to people to plant seeds and lied. When he went back in his plan was to tell each and every person lies about how the jury was thinking to make that person question who they should take to F2 should they make it. Now for the *ULTIMATE* he did, in fact (like Jillian) tell someone they were not being evicted. Who was the final person evicted? Emmett. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that NOONE, not even the jury thought of that as “villainous” or despicable? I’m not saying it is, I’m questioning the jury’s utter disdain for Jillian. She was the biggest threat and they hated that especially the ones who considered themselves geniuses, or students of the game.


Topaz is a liar and a coward. She lied about how she voted on camera and she is too coward to tell gary she didnt really vote for him. Seriously, you can’t see the name on a key 2 feet from your face in giant type where even a blind person could feel a 4 letter word different from a 7 letter one. It is the typical low class black girl behaviour, do anything to hold back one of her own


Whoa Whoa Whoa! I think what Topaz did was stupid but ease up on the racial comments. Many “white” people in this game have made dumb mistakes as well! It’s not a race thing, it’s a personality thing.


Simon/Dawg…..I want to post a link to a posting about BBCAN but I dont know if I would be allowed. Can you email me so I can send it to you and you can decide if it is postable or not? THanks


AM going to post it anyway….if i need to remove i will.

Came across this when reading today’s news on yahoo:


I agree with him totally , great link thx…


Love him or hate him he is spot on with his comments.


was just reading online on evildicks rtvzone how he was asked to do a skype for BBCan and he refused because BBCan wouldnt pay him to do it…..I guess when someone “thinks” they are more famous than what they actually are they can demand money for an appearance. I myself am glad BBCan didnt pay him…..IMHO


Thanks Angela for that link. People aren’t so worried about being so nicey nicey or getting thumbs up/down it seems. Loved reading brutal honesty. : )


Babybare…….you are welcome…..looking forward to reading more of your comments when BBUS begins again


Just caught some of the repeat of the Finale that’s on now & interesting to watch it again with a few days distance from the hoop la. I realize now that I actually missed a portion of the Jury House chit chat around the fire pit the 1st time around & very revealing.

Some here had posted the Shyld’s mandate once in Jury was to campaign against Jillian & it is so obvious re-watching this bit just how true that was. Just illustrated how bitter they were – they bashed everything about Jillian’s game play but then turned around & justified the very same actions in Em & Gary.

Had I seen the full piece then, I wouldn’t have been so surprised by AJ’s vote. It’s so obvious as they all talk, AJ had drunk the Shyld Kool-Ade, hell, was swimming in it. There was no more Stooges mind-meld with Andrew either which I thought might have helped him to vote for over all game play. Course, Andrew only had a few days with AJ, whereas AJ spent all those wks with only the Anti-Jillian co-habitants & I’d bet they never let up on their campaigning against that “idiot” not deserving to be rewarded for you know, besting them. I’m surprised he didn’t throw up the Shyld sign when he did talk.


I hope Jill does not give any money to Em if he tries to bully or guilt her into it with the whole we did it as a team mentality…its not her fault he got greedy and put so much misguided trust in Gary and turned his back on his own loyal alliance which cost him the game…in real life he is going to have to remember there are no HOHs, vetos or votes to try to get people to do what he wants them to do…he can attempt to continue try manipulating people, but anyone with any real intelligence will not tolerate it…and i hope after watching the episodes and speaking to her friends and family that Jill realizes Em’s true colours and that he is an extremely selfish and disrespectful person and not worthy of her in terms of a serious long term relationship…she may have been most committed to Em in the big brother house for strategic purposes, but its evident to me, in the real world, Andrew is the person she will be the greatest of friends with…Em did not care about making friends with anyone with an overwhelming cold, ruthless, greed to try to win the money, but Jill gained some good genuine friendships along the way, and it wasnt all about the money for her…on finale night karma struck down with great vengeance and furious anger those most deserving of being on the negative end of it, such as Peter, Alec, Em, and Topaz and rewarded most notably Talla, Andrew and Jill – good to hear Jill will spend her money on her student loan and down payment on a house, and she can drive her new car she won to pick up Andrew when he gets back from Florida so they can both go on their Brick shopping spree they both won


LOL. CG, Jill probably wouldn’t give money to Emmett, directly in that manner. However, I can foresee a partnership developing within one of Emmett’s pursuits. Real estate investment…flipping houses. She did say she wanted to put a downpayment on a house…Ha!


after taking the 1k in the veto, im happy thats all Em ended up with…even Alec won ten times that

Andrew 10k at the Brick was a good prize for him as I think he already owns a house and needed extra appliances…and 25k at the Brick, car, and I assume tax free 100k for Jill – I think Jill will be keeping all her prizemoney for herself


Congrats Gary! You did great this season. I wish all the best for you!


Simon and Dawg, are you going to have links to the Big Brother Canada reunion that’s going to air on ET Canada Wednesday?


We won’t be streaming it.. Might be able to put it up on youtube though


I meant posting it afterward, not streaming! I hope so since I won’t be home to watch it.


haha at Topaz…proves she spent too much time in her housecoat! Although I was a fan of Jillian’s, Gary was extremely gracious and humble, and an awesome sport, at least in front of the cameras when he lost the big prize. That cant be said for Peter, Alec or Topaz though…they were such poor losers and poor sports. Peter will see what a jerk he really was when he reviews the episodes, and sees how he was portrayed in the diary room feeds. Him and Alec showed another side of themselves since eviction, that made them less popular once they each hit the jury house. Oh well, expect the unexpected. Someone had to win, and if it meant lying, scheming, etc., that is what the game is about…whether you are social or just down out after the big bucks.



Topaz: @150percent

Jill: @winning100k