Big Brother Canada Finale Night SPOILERS

Big Brother Canada FINAL 3 finale night 5a

Here we go folks Big Brother Canada Finale spoilers – Can’t believe it’s this time Already!

Special thanks to the OBB Community for their AWESOME contributions. It’s a real treat to have such a good group of people discussing Big Brother. Both Dawg and I appreciate all your support.

Final 3 is Gary Levy, Emmett Blois and Jillian MacLaughlin. We have no idea what has happened in the BB House this week as the feeds have been down. (we actually did record all the feeds for the past week in the hopes that there was a leak.. no luck :( )

What’s my take on the first season of Big Brother Canada? I really liked the cast and the feeds were great. We were allowed to post videos of the feeds which was awesome.
The only problem I had with this season was the twists. I don’t like a lot of pointless twists and Big Brother Canada was all about pointless twists. Still in the end of it all A great first season.

Social Media Spoilers

(Unconfirmed )

Emmett wins Part one
Gary wins PArt Two
Gary wins Part three
Gary wins Final HOH
Gary Evicts Emmett
Jillian and GAry final 2
Jillian 4-3 wins Big Brother Canada

Final HOH Results

First HOH won by Emmett
Second HOH won by Gary
Third HOH won by Gary

Final HOH is won by Gary

Final Eviction Results

Gary sends Emmett packing

Final vote results

AJ votes for Gary
Andrew votes for Jillian
Talla votes for Jillian
Alec votes for Gary
Peter votes for Gary
Topaz votes for Jillian (see video)
Emmett votes for Jillian

Jillian wins Big Brother Canada

“My vote is 150% Secure.. 150%”

Finale Episode from BigBrotherCA2013

Big Brother 15 Commercial from the Finale

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Interviews with TOPAZ and her voting MIX UP along with the other house guests:

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406 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Finale Night SPOILERS

  1. If the spoilers are true, then that sucks for Emmett and I hope Jillian wins it because Gary was carried by production to F2 (as I predicted 3 weeks ago).

    1. If it’s true Emmett must be kicking himself for evicting Talla, maybe if she had been there she wouldn’t have won any part of the HOH, unlike Gary.

      1. I predicted Talla could prove to be the wild card and someones 100k mistake.. It was Emmetts game to lose. Gary did mange to get more votes than other jury members. He did put a wedge in the power showmance. And outlasted devoted Andrew and LaLa lla. Jillian strategy was to ask Emmett what he thinks first. Win comps for them And lie and lie and lie for no reason.. Good luck to all.. As for production.. Please use twists to encourage game play., eg Pandora box… And stop using alcohol like a bad date in a cheap bar.

        1. Oh my god, I can’t be the only one to think Emmett honestly deserves this for keeping Gary. He thought it would be better for his game, because clearly Talla was a super beast competitor who could lose absolutely nothing! You go Jillian, not here for Gary.

    2. OMG! Seriously Gary was robbed, Topaz made an honest mistake & the nerves & flashy studio lights got to her.You could tell she was struggling to see the name on the card. The producers never should have allowed this & allow Topaz to correct her mistake. Doesn’t anyone feel the same? We should ban together and write the producers, this was wrong Jillian didin’t deserve it!

      1. rules are rules… why should they change for Topaz when they have forced everyone else to follow them.. IMO – she was tooo caught up in herself to ensure she voted the way she wanted.. Her fault – no one to blame but herself!

        1. Gary was robbed! Yes, rules are rules but why should Gary have to suffer off of Topaz’s mistake??? Therein lies the BIGGEST difference between cheating rule breaks and this rule break. In a cheating rule break, the person cheating would have everything to gain and should therefore be the one to lose out by being disqualified from that competition. When Emmett cheated in the toothbrush competition by telling Jillian how to do it, was Jillian also disqualified? No! It wouldn’t be right if they disqualified her, too, because she couldn’t help it if Emmett broke a rule. In this rule break, Gary was punished because of something that he did not do and had no control over. That wasn’t right. If BB didn’t penalize Jillian when she received an advantage from Emmett, then why should Gary be punished because of Topaz’s rule break?

          I think that the fair thing to do was either let Topaz change her vote or omit her vote. Then it would’ve been a tie and Canada could vote online and reveal it the next morning on a morning talk show or at a reunion show or they could just keep it a tie and split the total sum.

      2. Absolutely not… rules are rules for a reason. Emmet got robbed of several competitions because of breaking rules accidentally which could have changed the outcome of the entire game.

      3. I agree .. Gary was robbed. All season production hasn’t been clear on a variety of rules.. Topaz wanted to vote for Gary but somehow the machine/key got it wrong.. A computer error. Easy enough to clear up. Topaz was there. Topaz said it was wrong.. What stupid rules would not reconsider a vote when one of the voters makes it clear immediately there has been an error… Unbelievable incompetence by production and staff.. This not Topaz fault. Gary and Topaz should hire a good lawyer…

        1. Well if rules are rules, Gary should of had his veto power taken away from him for fallen asleep during his stay up all night punshiment. Topaz should of been more concerned with making sure she put the correct vote in the slot then her speech.

        2. Computer error? What the hell are you talking about? No computers were used in the final vote. Each jury member had 2 keys. One said Jillian and the other said Gary. All Topaz had to do was grab the key with Gary on it and place it in the table. She fucked up, plain and simple so why should Jillian be punished for Topazs mistake?

      4. she did say she was voting for the 150% .. isn’t that what jillian said to her on the iceberg all I can say is that there is justice …lol

      5. Instead of ensuring she got her 15 seconds of fame Topaz shoulda paid attention to what the f##k she was doin , or was she nappin again when the rules were explained ? Frankly I didnt care which of the two remaining tools won ,after Andrew was evicted it was all down hill from there!

      6. Today’s young people take this as a lesson. There are few do-overs, mulligans or reset buttons on real life. There are real consequences to our actions, and it’s rare that anything can be salvaged from the recycle bin of reality.

        Thanks Topaz, for crowing the right winner.

    3. Well, it appears as though God does watch Big Brother! I am elated that FATE overcame all of the rigging and bitter jury and the rightful winner won. Congrats Jillian. You deserved it. Emmett, Andrew, Talla (love you for that girl), and TOPAZ! hahahhahaa!!! I DO love it. hahahhaa!!

    4. Gary was up for eviction 5 times! Had to be voted back in the house on a popularity contest. Production setup this mess with him coming back it. It made the show a joke. Then that temper tantrum by Topaz was a classic “I didn’t get my way!”
      Voting on emotions is NOT the game! Who played the BEST gane? It was not Gary! He was there to be famous ONLY! The entire jury voted on emotion. I hope they have learned that putting back in a houseguest is NOT the way to play the GAME!

    1. OKAY folks, my last questions to y’all.
      Gary vs Jillian.First question who SHOULD win BB Canada, not will win, but SHOULD win. Vote thumbs up for Gary to win, vote thumbs down for Jillian to win.This is based on viewer opinion, likability etc etc, second question below.

      1. SECOND question, who WILL win based not on who you like but who you think the jury will vote for.
        So who WILL win, Vote thumbs up for Gary, thumbs down for Jillian.

      1. Using this to get my message further up, sorry.

        However, rules are rules, Topaz. When Emmett broke them and got punished for it, there were rules then and there are rules now, I am glad to see it is no double standard because they wanted Gary to win. Most controversial win in BB history but congratulations, Jillian.

  2. Gary would never turn on Emmett. No way.

    He is too worried about his image. He knows Emmett got rid of Talla for him and he wouldn’t want the publics last impression of him to be screwing over someone who’s momma likes him!

    1. Oh please, Gary will do anything because he wants to win and he thinks his best shot is against Jillian.

  3. Annoying how production brought back Gary, but I kind of hope these spoilers are true just so Emmett can get a taste of his own medicine.

  4. Great season, OBB. I do disagree, though. I think the twists completely ruined the season. I found myself completely disengaged the moment they brought Gary back, not because I don’t like Gary but because to me, at that point, I just couldn’t trust the game. I like to see the players play the game, and they were all so (justifiably) worried about twists, that it drained the honest emotion (and ALL the drama) out of the house.

    For me to watch next season they’ll have to make some major changes.

  5. Social media spoilers from a normal source?
    If it’s true, Emmett is probably murderous, to play such a game and make such a fatal mistake eat the end taking Gary over Talla, then lose all the HOH’s against him lol

    This is the exact reason why I thought Talla would be a much better final 3 choice.

    1. Also, I’ve seen the video of Emmett in his orange shorts pacing, and Jillian and Emmett dressed up sitting on separate beds, but not Gary anywhere.
      Makes me think it’s a Jillian/Emmett final.

    2. Totally agree! I was kind of shocked Emmett wanted to evict Talla because she had no chance at winning the final HOH, dumbest move Emmett could have done!

      1. In evicting Talla I think Em’s mistake was thinking too far ahead – he was sure Talla would take Jill F2 so wanted her out before that could happen. But he didn’t stop to think about the 1st steps – what the odds were of Talla winning 2 of final 3 comps compared to Gary.

      2. I can’t necessarily say he made the wrong decision based on what he knew, but it was certainly an interesting result.

        Talla would have taken Jillian to the final 2 over Emmett, and also would have made it a bit tempting for Jillian to take Talla. I can’t blame him for wanting Talla out because IF she had managed to win somehow then Emmett would have been screwed. Alternatively, he really thought Gary would take him to the final 2 over Jillian (though he should have thought about this more beyond “Gary doesn’t like Jillian”) and so it made more sense to take Gary than Talla.

        I think it was a foolish decision because he really should have thought more about how Gary CAN win comps and what would be the best decisions for GARY’S game. Talla had maybe 1% chance to win, and you knew exactly what her decision would have been. But Gary had at least 50% chance, and his decision was more up in the air.

  6. If this is true I hope Gary puts his arm around Emmett and gives him the ‘I’m sorry buddy’ speech, just like Emmett did to his own alliance. Ha, this is going to be good ;) Go Jill…

  7. If Gary wins Big Brother Canada I will not be watching another season. I will stick to Big Brother US.

    Most of the time when Big Brother brought people back in, it was entertaining but with Gary it seemed like well this is who we want our first winner to be. Also not cool doing it to the Final Four. In my opinion this season will be a total joke and fluke if Gary wins.

    1. I completely agree with you. If bbcan really wanted to bring gary back, they should’ve done it earlier. As much as i love gary it was completely unfair for the rest of the houseguests. If the final two are actually jillian and gary here is what i think will happen.
      Aj-Not so sure
      Topaz- Gary
      Alec+Peter- if they’re smart, they’ll vote for jill but since they took things way too personal, i think they’ll vote for gary

      And also, where can i find the live streaming?

  8. If the social media rumors are true and Gary won the final HOH, then I think it’s perfect and hilarious. Gary knows his only way to maybe win is picking Jillian. Emmett made a comment last week that its basically him and Jillian’s house and the others are basically visitors. For him being so cocky just end up being karma. If it comes down to Gary and Jillian I can see it being a close vote because the jury really isn’t a fan of Jillian besides Andrew and Talla.

  9. Just saw the short clip of Jill and Emmett nervously sitting in the Have bedroom. looked like they were waiting to be called out and they looked super nervous. I think the spoilers are right and Gary wins the final HOH. but isn’t the jury vote happening live? so how could the vote of Gary winning be true?

    1. Not one thing has been done “live” on this show (they even stopped trying to imply it) so I’d be surprised if the jury vote is actually done during the show tonight and wasn’t done within the past couple of hours.

  10. I have no BBCA favorite. But since the feeds cut Sunday, and with Emmett clearly intending to evict Talla over Gary, I’ve been screaming here on OBB, that this was a *catastrophic* error on Emmett’s part. Emmett said 50 times, “I know that Gary will take me to the final two.” Oh, really? Guess not. The *only* person that Emmett could truly count on, to bring him to final two, was his showmance partner all season, Jillian. (And even that was much shakier of late, based on Emmett’s recent “I had a final two with Talla” slip of the tongue to Jillian.)

    Emmett needed to evict Gary, not Talla, for *three* obvious reasons: 1) Gary is a *far* better comp competitor than Talla (as we clearly now see on spoilers!), 2) Gary is a HG who’s already had two weeks of personal, fun interaction with many in Jury, and 3) Because Emmett could easily beat Talla in the final HOH comp. THAT’S how to guarantee your spot in the final two, Comp wins and genuine deals, not one of those dime-a-dozen “lip service deals”, you foolish, foolish, foolish Milkman!!!!!

    This colossal Emmett BB strategy error should *forever* live on, in BB lore. It even dwarfs Lawon’s legendary BB gaffe. (“I’ll get evicted, and then come back with a special power!”, for those unfamiliar.) Because we all knew that Lawon was never gonna win BB. But Emmett was! He had BBCA in the bag! Emmett went from having a 99% chance to be the BBCA winner, to a 3-way dead heat, at best, *all* by choosing to keep Gary over Talla. If BBCA was a baseball game, Emmett’s team had a 10-0 lead, going into the ninth inning. But “Emmett The Genius” decides to put himself in danger, by putting an outfielder in to pitch, for the first time in his life. He walks 15 guys in a row, and ends up beating Emmett!’s team, 11-10. Emmett’s BBCA loss is *every* bit as bizarre as that!

    I wasn’t sure Gary would think logically, about who to take to finals. But, to his credit, Gary did. Taking Jillian to final *is* Gary’s best chance to win. Major kudos to Gary as well, for winning both Parts 2 and 3 of the final HOH! Yeah, Gary didn’t deserve to be put back in the house. But Gary did nothing wrong himself. Yes, Production threw Gary a *totally* unfair life raft, all for better ratings on Slice. But Gary sure did make the most of it. That’s what a HG is supposed to do, right?

    As I said last night, in a Gary vs. Jillian vote, Emmett decides it. Emmett votes for Jillian, because she’s *not* the one that didn’t take him to the final, and she did nothing but stand by Emmett all season. Jillian wins, either 4-3 or perhaps even 5-2 (I think Peter might actually vote “best gameplay”, over what his Shield partner Alec wants….)

    Votes for Jillian: Talla, Andrew, AJ, Emmett
    Votes for Gary: Topaz, Alec, Peter

    Jillian wins BBCA! Wow! Didn’t see that coming……….

    1. As usual Jim, you don’t disappoint with your post. Love the outfielder analogy (spot on). I’m all jittery because I can’t wait for the show tonight. Here’s hoping a lot of others are too. Cheers to you.

      1. Babybare, thanks!!!!! Loved reading your posts all season! Your are just *so* into it! Enjoy the finale, and I truly hope to see you back here on OBB with Simon and Dawg next month, for more fun on BB15! :)

    2. I’ve been rooting for Emmett ALL season, but he’s had some pretty dumb ideas. Wanting to keep Peter, wanting to keep Gary (and doing so), etc. If he loses because he chose to evict Talla over Gary, then I will not be upset, because he did it to himself.
      You keep Gary because he tells you he’ll take you to final 2? Very dumb.
      Even if these spoilers are wrong and this doesn’t happen, I STILL think it’s dumb. I wouldn’t let Gary anywhere near my final 3.

    3. Excellent and articulate synopsis, Jim, as always. I didn’t see it coming either, and actually, I’m ok with it. Emmett evicting Talla was on par with any past BB dumbest move ever! I couldn’t believe it. Milkman, you just soured your own milk and have only yourself to blame!

      Hopefully, this will be a pivotal point in Jillian’s life. Yesterday she was shown upset that Emmett had told Talla he was evicting her and also attempting to smooth things over so he’d have a bracelet of a chance at her vote. Jillian said plaintively, “I wasn’t allowed to tell Andrew!” I was sitting here cringing. Hello! You didn’t need permission, you foolish girl!

      Does anyone know anything about voting for Canada’s favourite player? I can’t see anywhere on the site to vote, and I have saved up most of my points on purpose for this event. I had planned to toss them all Andrew’s way. Maybe they’re not having a favourite … a big mistake, in my opinion.

      1. Nana Jo, I hope that all of your grandchildren are doing well, and that they are smart enough to listen to their wonderful Grandma. Because she can teach them plenty, especially about “relationship do’s and don’ts!” Enjoy the final, Nana Jo! :)

    4. The production chose the final three competitions on that manner to disatvange Jillian and then Emmet and, therefore to increase Garry’s chances to win
      : first competition, Jillian had to compete with two strong guys in holding a heavy bucket -that was completely chosen so she has no chances of winning. The third competition (question): if you paid attention, most of the questions were related to HG that has a very close and personal relationship with Garry ( Danielle, Suzette) and I don’t believe this was coincidental. It was done in purpose in my opinion, to increase Garry’s chances to win, one more time. So, what a bigger proof at the end that Karma works? Topaz screwed up royally, just because what goes around comes around and Garry was helped too much through this game. Also it is a turn off his false pretend to cry, to speak about all the boys and girls, etc. when we all know he was there for the prize. If he meant it, is he going to donate his 20000Cad now to a charity organization (e.g., against bullying)? We will see, I believe he will keep the money, buy more glitter and fame.

  11. This is my idea. The video of Emmett and Jillian in the have bedroom was them being locked in there while the set up the jury (including Gary) up for the finale vote. This makes sense to me at least in the fact that guarenteed, they’ve already done the vote by now and are editing up the episode like crazy.

    It’ll be interesting to see if I’m right.

  12. I disagree. I’m sure Jillian and Emmett will make to final 2. Sorry Gary, you suck anyway. Go jilmett

  13. Do you love it?! FREAKING OUT! That’s awesome, I hope the spoilers were right! Go Gary Glitter! ;)
    I bet he will be at the Gay Pride Parade! I may have to go to see him!

  14. i dont have a problem with Gary winning because at least he did win some pov’s and hoh…eventhough the last pov comp he won was a complete joke, it did not require any effort and they probably designed it that way to make it easier for him to win it! I mean come on, they were just asking them questions…any one of them could have won that pov! Anyway, yeah i am not invested in any of the final three competitors but at least they have earned their spot in my book…would love to see emmit and jillian in the final 2 so that they can get called out for their scheming

  15. So, watching the ep & reading too much into it probably but Jillian & Em aren’t sitting next to each other??? Hehehe

  16. When Jillian said she’s “Not even competing, she’s just sitting here” but then arisa said there was still the 1 other part which means she didn’t win the first or second.
    That makes me think the spoilers are right. :(

  17. just heard Jillian won…apparently Topaz ACCIDENTALLY voted for Jillian which was the deciding vote…

    1. It’ll be interesting to see how that happens. I’m guessing they vote for the winner and she goes by their old “voting to evict”

    1. the only reason Jillian is won is because Topaz accidentally voted for Jillian…or maybe it wasn’t an accident…

      1. True to form – Topaz *accidentally* does something AGAIN. She was way too bright for this game anyway – maybe Jeopardy next time.

    2. Yes! I’m so tired of listening to those 2 sprout off what amazing players they are. NO, amazing players play their own game, they do not try to copy past amazing players gameplay. If they were truly the great players they think they are they would of made it to the end :P

  18. i like Gary more than Jillian, but i think Jillian deserves to win based on the fact that Gary was actually EVICTED…no evicted person should win ever

    1. Simon, I would have to fully agree with you on this. I genuinely liked both of them as players and quickly had them as favorites. But this season unlike most US seasons in which I have a clear clear favorite right off no one really grabbed it (I mostly had feelings of irritation towards danielle and tom). However as the season went further and further on I can’t stand to even watch them (particularly Alec) doing the stupid shield symbol. I mostly just feel bad for Peter, and hope he doesn’t watch the show after because the guy is gonna be crushed and embarrassed to see how hair-elastic Liza could have cared less about him.

    2. interesting read: evel dick’s thoughts on the finale:

      this is what he said about peter:

      “What a bitter jury member. What a shitty player.

      What a twat. Your only game was yelling in the diary room. You didn’t play for ***** in the house. You went to bed when everyone was talking game. You thought you were so great a player and had it all in the bag, but you got played.
      You even had a chance to ***** things up in the house by taking Topaz off the block and really doing something, instead you did absolutely NOTHING. Your whole game had zero substance, none. After Topaz was gone, you sucked up to Jillian and Emmet and YOU were stupid enough to believe they took you into their alliance. That also makes you blind to everything that was going on in the house.

      The “Shyld” was one of the worst alliances ever. Quattro was a ridiculous failure. You thought that both you and Alec were playing everyone… how? What did you do? Who did you play? Who did you blindside? Who did you evict? NOBODY…

      And I think you need to be put on suicide watch after all of your stupidity with Liza’s hair rubberband. Dude…. SHE’S ***** TOM. She was using you in the house, nothing more.
      You were in the house flapping on and on about Dan not winning because of a bitter jury. YOU, my friend are the epitome of a bitter jury member. You really made yourself look like a complete douche at the finale.”

      spot on eveldick, i love it!!!

  19. IF Ghandoo Gary wins, I am gonna be so pissed off. He does not deserve it, frigging powershifts and producers rigging it has booked him a spot in F2 -__-

  20. There is no doubt in my mind that final HOH comp was so geared towards Gary. They did not ask 1 question about anyone Emmett was close to!! Every single question was about someone Gary was really close with!! That was horrible! Emmett got royally screwed!! No Doubt about it, but Gary miscalculated the final vote in which Emmett will vote for Jillian.. Too bad for Production! Can’t control the Milkman

    1. I agree 1000% with you and not only that you could tell by the joy in Arisa’s voice when she announced Gary as the winner. I wonder what will be her face/reaction when Jillian wins Big Brother. Never have I seen this level of rigging and favouritism shown for anybody in BB. I mean to literally give someone evicted the time to mingle with jury members and then bring them back to F5. Then rig the POV comp to save Gary, then not take his POV away after failing to complete many tasks. Then rigging the final HOH, they should have just had Canada voting for Gary or start Gary off with 3 votes…

    2. no, they asked a question about tom, about if he came in with a strategy or not. emmett could have gotten that right easily and won, but he didn’t. keeping gary over talla was his biggest mistake and basically the reason he lost the game.

    3. Finesse 1978, Gary played in all 3 components of the HOH. He went over 4 hours on the endurance, beat Jillian on a speed and accuracy race, then played Emmett on a character knowledge quiz…all while being on slop for about 2 weeks and not prepping with a partner and excercizing. Give the boy some slack. He played hard. I don’t care wether he ‘deserved’ to win or not. He played as hard as all the others whenever he was in the house wether it was within the comp, social or strategic arena. I do not begrudge Jillian winning, even if from a tragic error on someone elses part, but I do believe Gary deserves credit for his gameplay.

  21. I think if this is true this is bs i heard that in the second hoh it look like jillian won but bb decide to cheat so that gary won

  22. True to the imbecile he is – super genius with the elastic hair band still in place, calls Jillian an idiot. Now that’s rich.

  23. OMG!!! I am watching this stupid jury question thing with the final two and I want to literally throw up!!!!!!!! This is the most pathetic excuse for a jury. What the heck kind of questions are these?????????????

    I actually have changed the channel three times! the only person who asked a legitimate question was Emmett!!!

    Topaz and Alec make me wanna puke!

    Peter is an a@#h0le! I have watched his you tube channel and this is the same character he plays so many times on there! He is a forgetful loser who will be forgotten 5 minutes after this show ends.


    1. Bullcrap. Topaz made a mistake. She immediately made it clear she had made a mistake. There should have been a re-vote or re-count.. Production is 100% wrong.. Gary had the win. Jillian was the loser.. They didn’t have to do the machine thing again. Arissa could have asked each one to stand and say who they were voting for.. Simple logic.. This is outrageous.. Gary should sue.. Get a lawyer and sue.. This will tie the money up for years,,We’ll see how anxious their advertisers will want to be involved with them again.. This show isn’t worthy of air time. …Scandalous….

      1. I am so happy that Topaz couldn’t understand English on how to vote, Arissa said it twice, but Topaz was more interested in giving her 150% vote to realize she was giving the money to the wrong person, Karma is a bitch, but it looked so good on her!!!!

  24. I am so sick of this bs… Peter should be shot then sued…. I VOW never to watch BB CANADA again .. I am ashame of those Canadian player .. soar looser .. nasty jerks .. thanks for your time and up dates simon and dawg .. see you with BB USA

  25. Sorry folks (my last little dig at Topaz). Anything over 100% is absolutely non-existent. Saying 100 is adequate. She is still a….well I don’t want to get bashed by all her supporters so I’ll just not call her any names. Gary being in the game for all the girly boys etc. – what a bunch of pure shit. That’s not why you win BB. Just sayin.

    1. Babybare, Topaz was restating what Jillian became infamous with those she made deals with and then evicted. It is a Jillian line.

    2. She was quoted the deal Jillian made to her. As she voted for Jillian thinking that was a vote to evict . Crazy!

  26. Gary’s comment to Emmett…… He made it threw the game playing for himself unlike Jillian and Emmett who played with each other in mind. As did the other showmances…they didn’t play for themselves.

    Jillian and her baby talk right up to the end got on my nerves. She did not deserve to win. Emmett was obviously bitter about being evicted. Her BS line to Andrew about playing the game and her having control of hoh when she was in charge then the next comment saying she wasn’t allowed to tell him he was being kicked out…..I sent that the opposite of being in charge.

    I never liked topaz but sure did love her dig of “150 percent” secured vote. Lovedit

    1. I thought Jillian was going to have a meltdown. She sounded so desperate. And what was with the yelling and pleading. Had Arisa not stopped her she would have been down on her knees begging for people to believe her…150%.

  27. When Peter came down the steps in his intro, pumping his arms like crazy, all I could think was 1) he’s going to hit someone he seemed so on edge & 2) perhaps he shouldn’t have watched so much wrestling growing up :-)

    But yeah, bitter loser. At least Alec has a bit of self deprecation about it all.

  28. BB Canada better learn from their mistakes from this first season. They made some huge errors.

    And PLEASE get a new IMPARTIAL host for next year!!!

  29. i do think peter is a sore loser, but jillian’s answer kind of proved that she is a bit of an idiot when it comes to the game. next year big brother please get people who have watched the show before.

    1. I think I would of felt the same way as jillian .. 1) Peter (PUKE) acted disgracefully when asking her the question 2) Peter(PUKE) called her an idiot .. no call for that ..AJ well he should of just sat there like the bump on a log that he was during the game .. what a nob .. but I feel the three goofs (peter alec topaz) showed their true colours… very very poor loosers. . don’t really know the game … and who are they to judge… wondering if they ever told a lie …ROFLMAO .

  30. Is it confirmed Topaz accidentally voted against Gary and lost him the game…? I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, I’ll be so angry…

    1. That would be awsome!OMG how dumb is she but it would be carma bb cheated to get gary in the final 2 and the one thing they can’t control is the jury how awsome would that be gary really doesn’t deserve to win.

    2. What a flop of a season. All that, just to see the grand prize go to someone by a little accident? Jillian was not the true winner. Gary was.

      1. The Topaz controversy, loving it!
        I think the people that felt it was unfair for an evicted Gary to be brought back into the game are thrilled about Topaz’s mistake, like ME. And the people that were happy with Gary being in the house are mad. Well whatevs, we the ‘anti- Gary-back-in-the-house’ people were crying about how unfair it was now we’re laughing and the other side is the one crying about how unfair it is.

        Well with the way the game has gone, I don’t care. Finally a fun ‘twist’.
        ”Expect the unexpected, ”….right?

  31. Peter is such a wannabe. He’s a nobody trying to be somebody. Peter and Alec are no Chilltown. If the spoilers are true I hope Jillian’s family tell her the truth about the milkman before he spends her money. Would like to see her with Andrew.

    1. andrew is way to old for jillian and i think jemmette are cute but even if things don’t work out with emmette she needs someone her age not a guy that is 12 years older gross

      1. Hallie, you do know Andrew is 38 not 68, right? You make it sound like he’s some ancient fogey preying on a minor. Firstly, whether Andrew & Jililan ever decided to date or not isn’t the point, regardless I do think they’ll be good friends. Have you ever really listened to their conversations together? They have a lot of similar interest, both able to talk about a wide range of subjects; he makes her laugh like crazy & most women love when a guy can make them laugh – in a relationship especially, it can help you over the rough times; both physically active & enjoy adventure – cause joining BB definitely takes an adventurous spirit.

        Jillian was genuinely upset that Andrew had to be evicted. She liked spending time with him – when she wasn’t you know, sucking face with Em . Hell, I would think you’d be happy if she did get together with Andrew cause then Em would be available for you! Just saying… ;-)

  32. Some of the montages are pretty funny. There definitely was some fun moments over the season. Just too bad those damn game draining twists happened too.

    A last shout out to Simon & Dawg & to everyone who’s posted here. You made this such a fun experience. Hope to meet up with you all next month for BBUS.

    & hoping yes, Jillian walks away with it all, despite Gary throwing out the sob story hoping for the sympathy win…

  33. Oh my God! Topaz’s melt down will be what is remembered – not the who the 1st winner of BBCan was. Epic!

    How in the world did she not know what she was voting for – to win not to evict.

    1. Agreed, that is going to be a classic. Perfect ending for me. The whole time she was getting in her 150% digs she was putting in Jillians key. Just too damn funny.

      Glad Jill won, don’t think she had the best game, but she was a beast, and had decent social game securing 3 votes. Ultimately I think she should win and is the most deserving between her and Gary. Petter and Alec voted like bitches, still butthurt, and showing that they don’t really have any respect for the game.

      1. Apparently if there was something called Justice, then Justice has been watching the whole season of BBCA and witnessed how the production rigged for Gary to return and win the whole thing even it was too late in the show. It was a mistake that should not have been done by Topaz. Seemed like something or some spirits had blindsided her eyes or her minds when she voted.

        I don’t think Jillian deserved to win. The winner should be Emment or even Andrew if production had not brought back Gary by the SO-CALLED Canadian vote that they never revealed the details.

  34. haha Topaz is killing me. They made it really clear how the vote was going to go and have her on video putting Jillian’s name in.
    “Someone changed it!” lol

    1. Hey Simon, Can we get a still image of Topaz putting Jill’s key in the box? I saw the replay but I can’t see the name on the key, and I wasn’t the only one.

      1. Jillian’s was on Topaz’s left and Gary’s was on her right and she picked up Jillian’s. You could see Gary’s name still laying in the box.

        1. I’ve watched the video Simon and Dawg posted 6 times and I still cannot read either name on either key. This is why I asked for a still shot where one or both names can be read. It’s more of a “peace of mind” thing for me, the finale was pre-taped, so I’m open to the possibility that something happened production side without anyone realizing it. I’d really like to believe Topaz isn’t that stupid and didn’t cost her best friend the win of a lifetime, but I don’t dismiss that possibility either.

          Simon and Dawg, thank you for the feed updates. I started reading in BB13 and have been hooked ever since. You guys are awesome, and although I can’t donate right now I’ll be sure both me and my BB watching buddy donate over the summer. Thank you again!!

  35. WOW Arisa couldn’t be any more biased, you could hear the joy in her voice when Gary won HOH but was so disappointed to announce Andrew’s final vote for Jillian to win. She was also starting to choke at the end and becoming nervous, this is absolutely pathetic from someone who’s professionally hosting a show. I vote to powershift Arisa and bring a more competent and IMPARTIAL host. See you next season! Thanks Simon and Dawg for your brilliant updates, IDK what I would do without OBB.

    1. Say what you will about ChenBot but she doesn’t give ANYthing away to the evicted houseguests or during the live shows. Arisa has spilled valuable info to housemates since the start of the show.

    1. How could Topaz not understand the rules.. Ask Emmett. He and others were DQ several times because they didn’t understand rules… This was a vote for the winner. Not a comp…If one of the voters say it is wrong during the vote this must be respected.. Topaz challenge should have been taken seriously. It is unfair to her. Gary not Jillian deserves the money and prizes.. This unfair to Gary.. Jillian will carry the burden of winning something she shouldn’t have won.. Bad for her. But BBCan will be the biggest loser.. Cheating a winner out of their winnings due to a clerical error and no backup plan for mistakes will prove to be their undoing..

  36. Thanks Dawg and Simon for all your hard work.I’ m officially done with big brother canada that was bull shit she spoke out loud she didn’t vote for that bitch. I will only watch bbus from now on. Gary was robbed.

  37. Still not sure how I feel about Jillian’s game play but a little excited that someone from my county won.

  38. That finale was a complete cluster (you know what)

    It was awkward, unorganized and messy.

    New production team (and host) very much needed for next year.

    And I agree with a previous post, get houseguests who actually know the game please!

    Oh and one more thing, why was Jillian yelling her responses and her final speech and constantly playing with her hair? She’s a mess

  39. I absolutely LOVED the ending..I didnt want Gary to win because I don’t think they had any business bringing someone back in that late in the game. I have to wonder if Topaz voted for Jillian accidentally on purpose lol Sour grapes because Gary got back in??

    1. Ok, as soon as I watched the finale my first thought was — attention grabber! I don’t believe Topaz made a “mistake.” Sure she is close to Gary, but she obviously cares most about herself. I suspect she did this on purpose to be the centre of a controversy that won’t be forgotten in BBCan history – looking for as much media attention and buzz as possible!

      And even if (giving her the benefit of the doubt) she truly made a dumb mistake… it is what it is, c;est la vie, and all that.

      It’s ridiculous to talk about suing or to suggest they should have allowed a re-vote or something. By the time Topaz made her scene about no no no – someone changed it blah blah… most of the votes had already been revealed. If there were a re-vote called at that point, anyone could decide to change their original vote based on what they learned (AJ for instance didn’t seem to be a solid Gary supporter, and he might have made a last minute decision to vote for Gary, but cold have changed that if they allowed a re-vote). If only Topaz was allowed to re-vote that would also be unfair. You don’t get to re-vote in an election (fed, prov, city, etc) if you chance your mind or realize you made a mistake – once your vote is cast that’s it. So be it.

      Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work – your postings helped me get into this show more than I have any other season of BBUS (or UK or AU…).


    1. I’m with you Cooper….To me this is no different from business who steal other peoples lotto winnings.. Gary was the clear winner. i just hope Gary gets a lawyer…. See how Jillian tries to lie herself out of a lawsuit.. Go for it Gary.. The advertisers have lots of money. They can afford to pay you both…

  41. Regarding Topaz’s accidental vote ,of all the things that have gone ‘wrong’ this season at least something went ‘wrong’ in favor of the person who really deserved to win the game. Jillian deserved it over Gary hands down.

    I’m thrilled Topaz had an ‘accident’, hehehe.

    1. I totally agree. Jillian deserved to win, and it’s karma that the “bitter jury” got burned. They should vote for who played the best game! Topaz is an idiot who slept through the entire game as well as the finale. And Peter is the biggest jerk of them all….and the most bitter because Jillian played a better game then “the shield”!

  42. I can not believe how stupid topaz is…i’m still trying to take it all in and understand…..I think.i’ll have to sleep on it =/

  43. She couldn’t see the key she was putting in..Gary won for all purposes Gary won, how does it feel jillian to know you won by an error…you didn’t really win but enjoy your car and cash and leons shopping trip..But Gary is the REAL WINNER

    1. Only because she decided to be “cutesy” and “sly” and not open the box fully, look down, pick up the key, and put it in. 100% her fault.

    2. Topaz saw exactly what key she was putting in. That’s why her dig of “150%” was so special to her because she thought she was voting Gillian out… So stop coming up with excuses for her, seriously. “someone switched them” yes ‘by. Wait.. what was that all the glitter fans were saying when ever Emmett won or “cheated” oh… rules are rules. I love the whole “I’ll never watch another big brother canada” too… yeah, see you all next season suckers.

  44. Topaz is the biggest idiot! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Gary but it’s just to ironic. Emmett keeps Gary over Talla to further his game, (Screwing Jill over) Gary turns on Emmetts tand votes him out, Gary’s #1 votes against him by accident!!!! Jillian wins!!!! Just goes to show that production doesnt have to be involved to make crazy Sh!t happen!!!!!

    1. I asked this before on another post: Where is Persia? Is it perhaps I R A N? You f**kin racist. You have a hatred towards your own ethnicity so you call yourself Persian. The worst kind of hatred is hatred towards self. You are Iranian – deal with it. There is no Persia on a map genius.

    2. Persian Princess, I love your name. You should keep it and use it to post your comments for Big Brother 15. NEVER change it.

  45. Sad ending to the Final night of BBCanada. There isn’t really a winner ’cause the true winner came in 2nd. Shame on BB, A stain on what was going to be a good season. BULLSHIT

  46. That was the icing on the cake of bullshit. I didn’t care who won when it came down to those two, but come on….

  47. I’m glad Jillian won. She and Emmett easily played the best games, as much as the game could be played well under the circumstances. I’m curious, though, do you think this may have had something to do with BB wanting Jillian to be the face of the franchise? Let’s face it: she’s a lot more appealing to the general public than Emmett or Gary.

    1. *Snort* JILLIAN is supposed to be more appealing than Gary or Emmett? Man, I sure hope that’s not the case! I tend to feel embarrassed for my gender whenever that woman talks.

  48. Hahahahahhahaaha!!!!! There is a GOD!! I said it from the beginning that Topaz was a complete waste of space in the Big Brother House. All she did was sleep the whole game and the 1 task they give her she ruins the whole outcome and screws her friend out of a great prize and the bragging rights of being the first ever winner of BB Canada!!!! She can’t walk the streets in peace for a very long time! She is gonna hate herself for the rest of her life. But that’s all granted she wasn’t told to do what she did as 1 last move of interference by production because her emotion and facial expression was pretty heartless. She didn’t even apologize to Gary before it went off air. LOL

    1. Yah I guess the minute Gary was evicted that was it, he wasn’t meant to win the game over someone who had lasted without being voted off. I’m still laughing at Topaz’s mistake.

  49. Final final prediction: At the wrap party – Hey boys want to see Jillian get a smackdown? Peter asks, “wrestling? where?” Hell, yeah. Topaz is gonna beat the shit out of Jillian. Outside on the driveway, Topaz is taking off her earrings and eyelashes and putting on her blue bandana, “c’mon you f**kin whore”. Glitter Gary should have won. I was sleeping just before the show and had only enough time to do make-up and have my crotch waxed, so I was still drowsy. Don’t do this to me!. C’mon Villian, you f**kin whore I’m gonna give you the beating of your life”. Production steps in with a twist and says, “Here Topaz, have a mountain dew”.

  50. What a nightmare final episode. They interview them at the start of the 2 hours and Jillian says she can’t even compete tonite …totally spoils the results of the first 2 competitions, you know it’s Gary vs. Emmett in the final 2. Then Topaz’s vote .. What a joke this whole production team has been.

    1. That’s one thing they really need to fix next season is production and editing.
      I can’t understand if they’re trying to make it seem “live” so they let mistakes like this go on the show, or if it’s actually just sheer incompetence on their end.

      1. Well its fairly evident that Topaz was prancing around making a big deal of voting for Gary – trying to extend the attention that she missed while she was sleeping – so like I said – it’s perfectly 150% KARMA ROTFL!!!!

  51. That is so crazy, gary should win..all this talk of justice and karma…the one person who screwed the vote was garys showmance lol. I guess its karma for bringing back an evicted hg

  52. I wonder is onlinebigbrother is exploding like tumblr is. How can you thank topaz? Gary was clearly a winner and Jill won by a fluke. Argue and hate all you want, but you can’t deny that it was Gary’s.

  53. Topass – another showmance dumb-dumb babe – who slept her way through the BB game, manages to sleep thru the BB finale as well and accidentally vote for the person she did NOT want to win the game and cost Gary his well deserved win.

    I’d like to recommend that for the next casting, Big Brother must administer IQ TESTS to anyone auditioning to play next year so that all contestants have the minimum intelligence necessary to play this game.

  54. Well that totally screwed up a really innovative and fun first season in Canada. Gary loses because of his #1 ally and “TRUE SHOWMANCE” Topaz. What a joke. Really leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Oh well we have 6 weeks until the real shit starts no more of this amateur hour crap

  55. Obviously Topaz did not realize that each jury member would be named with their vote. Unless she really made a mistake and put J’s name by accident or misunderstood the instructions?

    Emmett should have brought Talla! Then this game would’ve been his to win.

    1. She was a fan of the show- she knew how it works. Her and Gary were best best best friends, so I have no idea why you might have the impression she might have purposely voted for Jillian. She could not have made it more clear how much she wanted her best friend, Gary to win. The whole season was a flop because of her one little mistake. Ridiculous. I love Topaz and Gary, and I can’t stand knowing he lost because of his best friend’s little mistake.

      1. Cooper! “Little Mistake”? It was a HUGE mistake. It was clear that peter, alec, and topaz were going to *give it to Jillian*, * expose her for what she did*, ecetera ecetera, on ‘live(?) tv” and to show to Canada how smart they were. Topaz being to self-absorbed and caught up in her and the shyld’s attempt to *expose Jillian* is what cost Gary the win. Sad.

  56. So happy Jill won, Gary was for the entertainment value but did not deserve to win and topaz……hahaha that is why you never won the game simple rules honey!! I love it!!

  57. OH – MY – GOD !!!!!!!!!

    I just finished watching the finale. I’m in such shock, I don’t even know if I should / can write something coherent!

    I was disappointed that Emmett didn’t make it to F2, but this allows me to execute my final tip of the hat (only for this season, I hope!) to Jim:
    Jim, you were right, I was wrong. I really thought that Emmett evicting Talla over Gary wasthe better move for him, you said it was his biggest mistake, and you were 100% right.

    After a few minutes, I got over it and just went on watching, curious as to what would happen next.
    And, oh boy, what a huge mess. After hearing Jillian talk (yell/try to form sentences), thus revealing her utter uselessness in this game on every aspect but the competition wins, and listening to Gary’s heartwarming shoutout to girls, boys and girly boys (lol!), I ended up wishing that it was Gary who won.

    If you want to read how surprising this is, go read my post on the 2nd page of the previous thread, where I basically said that those on the jury who really love the game of BB wouldn’t vote for Gary. Well, I ended up cheering for Gary to win, and was honestly psyched when I heard that AJ and Alec had voted for Gary to win. With Topaz and Peter to come, Gary had won…
    But wait. Topaz, who’s been called so smart by many, actually voted for the wrong person? Let me repeat: OH – MY – GOD !!!!!
    Gary doesn’t win because his one and only true friend votes against him? The winner of BB Canada SEASON 1 is the winner because a jury member didn’t get the ca. 10 times she was told how to vote? This is such a huge mess!

    How to f* up everything that was accomplished by this whole BB CA experience in 1 show. UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE!
    I thought the lowest low had been reached at the beginning where we learned at the very start of the show who won the 1st part of the HOH comp, and a minute later, who won the second part. BEFORE seeing the comps. Isn’t that why they have the several hour delay in their so-called “live show”? So they can cut such stuff out?

    The level of incompetence displayed by the BB production team can only be matched by Topaz at this point. I guess after this, “pulling a Topaz” will enter the dictionary: I”t’s a complete brainfreeze that costs your dearest friend 150.000$ and gives it to your biggest enemy.” UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE!

    I can’t imagine Jillian giving any interview about her “being proud of winning”…


    OK. Simon, Dawg, thank you so much for all your work and dedication to make this site the best there is! I will peak in for BB15, for sure.
    I hope that the live feeds will be available for Europe.

    And one last time, Jim, you WERE right! ;)

    Bye, y’all!

    1. Johnny, thanks for the kind words. You’ve been my main “partner in crime” on OBB all season! We almost always agreed, until the Emmett choice of Gary or Talla. (All I’m gonna say is I’d rather be lucky than good.) Thanks for your many humorous postings, and your consistently astute BBCA analysis, buddy!

    2. “After hearing Jillian talk (yell/try to form sentences), thus revealing her utter uselessness in this game on every aspect but the competition wins… I ended up wishing that it was Gary who won.”

      Yeah, I have to agree with you there. Instead of actually giving good reasons as to why she should win she was loud, annoying, and borderling ANGRY at the jurors. Though Peter phrased it a bit rudely, I think he demonstrated a very good point that Jillian should have answered. Without using the words “Emmett” or “competition” she needed to explain why she deserved to win. …and she could not.

    1. It clicked in my head when he did cast the vote and said “someone made a 100.000$ mistake, and it wasn’t the jury”.
      He meant Jillian, she had voted to evict him, whereas Gary voted to save him. Had Jillian voted differently, AJ would have stayed that night.

  58. To all of you who say Karma got Gary he didn’t deserve a 2nd chance and shouldn’t have won ……………………………….. Bang your heads against the wall. CANADA voted him back in that is why he was there !!!! Why Blame Gary if you want to blame someone blame BBCANADA for the huge screw ups this season. Everyone can say they love that Jillian won from topaz’s mistake but in the end She will never ever be considered the true winner of this season. Yes Topaz screwed up but i also blame production on this result. Arisa is a terrible Host and it is hard to follow her sometimes. Throw in a crowd in the studio that is loud and only telling the Jury members 1 TIME how to vote and there was bound to be a screw up. If anything BB should have told the Jury members before the show how they needed to cast their votes then their is no doubt in anyone’s mind.
    Last but not least…….
    I am so VERYYYYYYYYYY happy Emmett was sent packing. You can tell the type of person he is when he said to Gary this was my game. He is an ASS.. He thinks he is God’s gift. See ya milky!!!!

    1. c’mon, you know it as well as all the glitter fans do, that everyone knows how to vote in the end. Using the crowd and Arisa’s “confusing” instructions is a lame excuse. Topaz screwed the vote so that she could get one last dig in on Gillian because they (the sheyld = fail) were all more spiteful and venomous than the ones they hated on, only thing is… Karma reared it’s head on television seconds later. Accept it and maybe the people who found it absolutely hilarious won’t rub it in so much.

  59. You know those last 7 mins or so was so epic I just checked, Slice is repeating the 2 hr. in a couple of hrs & again tomorrow. I’ve set the PVR to record cause all in all this was a much better ending than I could have hoped for. Who would have ever guessed that the best “twist” of the season would be provided by Topaz!!

    While it just would have sat wrong with many fans of the game for Gary to win it all, I am glad he’s got his $20K so he’ll be able to get an apt. & a puppy. I’m sure this pup will put Paris Hilton’s glammed up pups to shame in the glitter department. LOL.

    Whose vote surprised you the most (aside from Topaz’s shocker)?

    I’d have to say AJ. Course, his question to Jillian was so lame – I believe they do like in US where they each write up questions & then it’s decided which 1 they’ll get to ask during the show, yes? So BB has him ask her such an airhead question, while Alec then gets to ask Gary 1 that gives Gary this real emotional moment to entice everyone to feel for him. Not doubting the sincerity of Gary’s answer, just the optics of it next to Jillian’s bland question just was off putting. So despite maneuvering by Production, because Topaz misunderstood the most important instruction given, Gary still didn’t win.

    As Talla would say “LOVE IT!”

    1. Hey Chili. Love your posts. For me, AJ was not a surprise. Outside of finding her attractive, AJ has never really liked Jillian. She was on his list of ‘got to go’. He also has never bought into the ‘comp-win’ strategy, ie: he is a supporter of the social game, which he believed she had none of. Even if it was Talla sitting with Jillian in the F2 he would not have voted for Jillian. His jury question to Jillian, weak as it was, was another indication of it didn’t matter what she had to say, and his expression of what he thought of her intellectually…not much, hence the multiple question.

  60. And I didn’t realized Dan was actually that big a part of production. I guess that explains it though. I love BBus and I am Canadian, but I will not be watching next season.

    1. Me I’m one of those people that will watch BB no matter how terrible the twists are. I’ll complain and complain but hell I love Big Brother and will watch until it is cancelled.

  61. Man, as soon as I saw AJ’s vote come in for Gary, which totally shocked me, it looked like a stone lock win for Gary, 4-3. But little did I know that BBCA had an 11th-hour, non-sponsored Chevy Powershift left for us, waiting to reveal itself! Gotta get the right key in there, Topaz! (How could Topaz have *possibly* been so careless?) Fluky as it all turned out, I do think, for all of Jillian’s quirks (like her baby talk, picking at food with her fingers, etc.), that Jillian did honestly deserve to win the 100K, over Gary. Based on one thing: best overall gameplay. I favor neither. But Jillian won 4 HOH’s, and she was never on the block even *once*, all season. You just don’t do that well in BB, by simply being an “Emmett puppet.”

    Honestly, Gary finished 7th in BBCA, fair and square. Were it not for a *way* too late, highly questionable bit of Production interference, done 100% for ratings, Gary’d be in jury tonight. And yes, Emmett’s awful eviction judgement did help Gary a ton. To his credit, Gary made the most of it. But I sensed Gary was actually fine with 2nd. He still got 20K, he got to both be himself and “flaunt his brand” all season. I like him. I hope he gets what he wants in life, and I truly wish Gary well. So congrats to Jillian, Simon, Dawg and all my wonderful fellow OBB posters!!

  62. Did anyone notice AJ’s comment when he voted?

    “Someone is making a $100,000 mistake”

    Clearly they knew this was going to happen. RIGGED yet again by BB producers.

    1. AJ made the comment based on his knowledge of how he anticipated the jury voting. He knew Peter, Alec and Topaz would not vote for Jillian regardless of who she was sitting with in F2. So in his mind he was casting the 4th vote required to win. The 1000K mistake was referencing Jillian’s vote to evict AJ, ie:payback. He could not have known in advance of Topaz’s mistake. A mistake that is clearly unfathomable .

  63. So many people calling Topaz names…

    AJ said, “someone is going to make a $100,000 mistake.. Integers… ”

    Arisa was watching for Topaz’s hand before Topaz said anything and you guys have seen Topaz mad, this was not Topaz mad. Whatever it was, it was not a ‘mistake.’

    1. I think Topaz’s reaction was in character. She was in shock – in shock & not knowing what to do. There’s a difference between screaming at Tom say, while in the house than to be out in the studio, all dressed up, with an audience & dealing with something your brain can’t even comprehend in the moment – that you just cost your good friend $100K.

      Because someone (Simon?) had posted a few mins. before the vote that Topaz had screwed the vote (which I totally thought “yeah, right?”) I focused on Topaz – could see her behind Arisa as she pulled out the key. As Arisa says Jillian’s name as her vote, you can see Topaz’s reaction. Her body language was “did I just hear what I thought I just heard?” Then her hand goes up, comes down, up again. She kept wavering as to what she could do, should do, wanted to do.

      To me, her reaction was totally believable. She knew there was nothing that could be done. She was literally heart sick. It was painful to watch actually as she begged for a revote.

      There’s no way that would have been allowed. Can you imagine – every game going forward, if a player’s in Jury & sees where the votes are heading, they could claim they put wrong key in, just to change their vote after the fact.

      And something like this happening is yet another reason that the Finale is taped – for any hic cup that could delay production. Going live when you have this many people to interview, incorporate into the show is a nightmare for timing, especially if you get a rambling guest, or the like. Then something like this happening – can you imagine if it had been live?

      By the time Production would have had a huddle as to how to handle it, run it past the Co. Lawyer, checked the cameras to see if they did catch her putting Jillian’s Key in the slot, got Topaz calmed down & back in her seat, retouched Arisa’s make-up cause you know she would be all flustered well, the show would have gone over into News time & well, as big as BBCan might be to us, the News shows are big bucks for the station & you don’t want to screw around with its start time. Not only don’t they want to deal with the head ache of annoyed viewers, the financial mess of having to give make-goods for the commercials that were scheduled to air during news would be an even bigger headache.

      This “twist” definitely wasn’t orchestrated by Production. Too many people would have needed to keep quiet & that just wouldn’t happen in this day & age.

      I like how someone put it…. so apropos – Topaz slept through the instructions.

    2. So who wants to bet that Topaz changes her name back to Emerald so no one will at least recognize her by that infamous name? ;-)

      Hey, she was part of the group that wanted their “brand”, to be famous. Well, honey, you got your wish… !

      That’s what people don’t realize about reality TV, especially those in their teens & early-twenties. Fame, esp. reality based, is a double edge sword. Many have fallen on its sword, lessons learnt at a terrible price.

    3. Joiamarina and Seana, you both make a *excellent* point here. I am now gonna have to re-think all of this. OK. AJ was the first person to vote. How could AJ *possibly* know that someone was about to make a 100K mistake? Integers? Who says “integers” in everyday conversation? (At the time, I thought it had something to do with him knowing Jillian was a math teacher.) I haven’t heard that word since 4th grade math class! Topaz was clear over at the other end of the top row. Her hand wasn’t even IN the “name bag” yet, and Topaz hadn’t even started her “150% speech thing” yet! If it was all just an honest mistake. how then could AJ have said what he said, about a 100K mistake – unless it was all pre-planned by production?

      Also, come on AJ was *never* gonna vote for Gary – the two didn’t get along at all! AJ was clearly gonna vote with his other two, recently-evicted Stooges, both of whom *loved* Jillian. AJ and Andrew were *inseparable* in the house. Andrew badly wanted Jillian to win. AJ would have 100% voted with Andrew on this.

      Until this post, I really did think it was just an honest, careless mistake by Topaz. But you two guys also just posted, “Topaz wasn’t really mad. I’ve seen Topaz mad before, and *that* wasn’t Topaz being mad!” You’re right again! Remember when Topaz found Talla in bad with Alec, after Alec sent AJ home and not Andrew, causing an Alec-Topaz rift. When some HGs played the “scare the sh*t out of Talla” prank, and Topaz walks in and finds the two in bed together? Now THAT was Topaz when she was mad!)

      You know what? You guys are exactly right, again! Yeah, Topaz wouldn’t leave Arisa’a side, but she was strangely composed. Almost as if she was, dare I say it – acting! (Not to mention, Slice got to squeeze in another, last-minute commercial break, allegedly to “sort out the vote madness!” Smells increasingly fishy to me. Hmmmm…..)

      Try this on for size. What if BBCA Production said to the jury, “OK, guys, all seven of you said to us, in the pre-votes you’ve just submitted, that your votes are final, etched in stone, no matter what the two finalists say to you in their final argument. Well, it came out 4-3 Jillian. But how ’bout, for max TV drama, we offer to split the 25K that we “didn’t” spend on a favorite HG, with two jury member volunteers. The two volunteers will switch their votes, just to throw Canada “off the scent.” The vote numbers won’t change – still 4-3 Jillian. We’ll give each volunteer $12,500 to do it. Any takers?

      You know that Emmett, Talla and Andrew wouldn’t bite on the offer. But “third-person AJ?” He’s a fun guy. He’d be up for it! You know “The Shield” wouldn’t want any part of that nonsense – they’re both purists, and students of the game. That only leaves Topaz. Who better? Gary’s closest ally. Topaz has by now, after the show, told Gary, “Hey, my love, you got your 20K. I’m so happy for you! You were gonna lose, 4-3, no matter what. So I knew you wouldn’t want me to turn down $12,500 for myself, just to let production do a final, harmless little twist, right!” (Of course, Gary wouldn’t.)

      So Arisa announces AJ’s name 2nd. Notice how Arisa’s announce order was *totally” at random? Can you say, for maximum TV suspense? Emmett first. No brainer – Jillian. AJ second? Why? Because we all now see his “unexpected Gary vote” early. Then, of course, we have the Topaz vote reveal, down near the end. By this point, we all know it’s Gary FTW! Perfect time for some final BBCA drama. The entire *world* knows Topaz is voting for Gary. But we get the “unexpected Jillian vote.” All of North America is in absolute shock!!!!! Like the two posters above, I now also think the *entire* situation was just a 100% BBCA Production stunt. Finally, we all knew that Andrew had voted for Jillian.

      Guys, I’m not sure if I’m right, or if I’m wrong. But after putting all the finale night puzzle pieces together, I can no longer see how it could have been just an honest Topaz accident! As they’ve done all season, production left too many obvious fingerprints on their own actions. My thanks to the two folks that saw it before I did. Without them, I wasn’t even gonna give Topaz voting error a second thought.

      Anybody else? I’m *especially* interested in folks that still think it *was* an honest mistake by Topaz. My brain just can’t get there anymore…..

      1. I don’t want to insult you…so I’ll just say you have a very vivid imagination.
        Why would production rig the game for Gary to win and then take it away at the end?
        Face it man, Topaz made a mistake. She was too busy insulting Jillian to realize which name she picked up.

      2. Jim, you so silly. :) Throughout the season AJ would utter ‘integers’, especially when with stooges. He’s referencing counting, numbers, knowing where the votes are. As I recall it was his way of viewing/explaining how each HG fit into the game…not people but objects/pawns/pieces within the game. But he was the first ‘integer’ into the jury house. He would have voted against anyone that voted him out (option available). He also knew 3 other members were fully against Jillian winning if she was F2.

      3. I’m still in shock. Watched the show twice. I wonder if the sponsors will withold their prizes anticipating a legal challenge.. Gary and Jillian didn’t do anything wrong. Both can claim they’re winners..Why should Jillian get all the money and prizes and Gary only 20k. . This wasn’t his screw up… Topaz is claiming that her vote was tampered with.. I suspect in the noise, excitement and case of nerves being in the situation, it was a honest mistake. As Topaz challenged the vote immediately production, should have had another vote.. If you throw out Topaz vote it was a tie.. In survivor a tie means another vote. This the reason juries are polled verbally even after the written ballot. I hope Gary gets a lawyer and doesn’t sign anything before that….It doesn’t matter if Topaz screwed up. Production is responsible for the show.. Plus we still haven’t heard or cleared up this claim of glass in his eye…

  64. ughh i can’ believe this. i wanted jillian to win but not like this- i’m so unsettled – topaz, what is wrong with u!!! it’s so well known gary would be her vote, so i’m not sure about how i feel about production’s decision to keep the vote as is. seeing its their first season and people may be confused (regardless if it’s a poor excuse), i feel like unles they also explicitly sat them down before the show as well to explain the rules that u need to put the key in for who want to win, a redo should be allowed. we aren;t voting a president here, topaz should be able to fix her vote. as stupid as i think it is she voted for the wrong person, ughhh, not the ending i wanted!

    1. Since they saw footage of the season before the votes were read a re-do wouldn’t be possible even if the rules were misunderstood, because that would ruin the integrity of the vote, thus the integrity of the show.

    2. Honestly this will go down as the most riddiculus ending to a season i have to say carma is b***h bb tried to fix it so gary won (it was obvious from the games ) and then topez gary’s bff votes wrong. How stupid is she like really. Gary really didn’t deserve to win sending someone back into the that close to the end is was so unfair so topez voting for jillian just made the tables fair. If gary won that would have been so unfair i just this it was hallerious. bb handed gary the win and topez stabbed him in the back awsome!!!!!!

    3. Arisa repeated it twice before they voted that they were voting for who to WIN and I’m sure they told them that also when they got their black key boxes during the break. What really else could BB do? Ask them about 7 times if they’re sure they put the right key in?
      Topaz made a mistake and it cost Gary a lot of money but it;s not BB’s job to give her a redo. Emmett lost his HOH 3 times for “mistakes” and they didn’t give him any redos, why should Topaz get anything different?

  65. If it wasn’t for Topaz “sleeping” her easy thru the finale like she died the show Gary would have won. Stupid bitch

  66. This is why BB Canada should never reveal who voted for who. It would have saved so much controversy. Anyone else notice they didn’t tell us who Canada’s favorite player was. I hope it was Gary that would help make up for Topaz’s BLUNDER.

    1. That’s cause there was never a vote for favourite player. I saved up all my point on the BB Slice game for nothing :(

  67. She was to busy with her mind being on kissing Alec that she wasn’t paying attention to what she was actually there for

  68. Notice that Jillian never actually answered Andrew’s question about final 2? She went off on something else, rambling on and never once admitted she did lie to him. All he asked was ‘were you honest with me about final 2’!

    1. And she didn’t answer Peters, and she failed at her jury speech. She didn’t even mention that she was never nominated…

      Ultimately, the winner is the person who persuades the majority of the jury to vote for them. That is why Gary is the true winner.

  69. It just does not make sense! I’m disgusted. Gary is the winner, that ugly b!&ch should be ashamed of herself. There’s no way anyone will take her seriously. Production set this up to create a media buzz. Good bye big brother Canada I will never watch you again.

    Sooooooo pissed!!!

  70. I absolutely hated to see Peter behave like an ass**le talking to Jillian. Such a sore loser. Very femme with a grandiose ego. Ugly in and out

  71. as i continue to decompress from this mess of a final show, one thing i know for sure is i couldn’t stand arisa as host and hope to god they get a new host next year. she was always weird, awkward and used her big manly hands too much and would do a salute sometimes, what was that? And they need to work on wardrobe!!! she looked like she came out of a thrift shop most of the time, except the night she wore the pretty purple butterfly dress that i want last week. So please BB, many blunders in your first season but pls just change your host.

  72. 1. Jillian played a great game and deserved to win second only to Emmett in my opinion.
    2. The only reason she would have lost is because Peter and Alec are the sorest of losers. How can these two people worship a player like Dan who lied and backstabbed and then whine like little bitches when they are on the receiving end of the blade. And how dare Peter call Jillian an idiot on tv like that and tell her not to use competitions as an excuse as to why and how she made it that far. Peters strategy was to throw comps and it landed him in jury. Good for Jillian for taking control of her game and securing her own safety.
    3. Gary had a totally unfair advantage going back into the house knowing that the jury members did not favour Jillian. One of the most difficult parts of final 3 is deciding who to take to the end based on who you think the jury will vote for. Production should have kept everyone separate if they intended to bring someone back.
    4. Topaz finally proved to be useful. Good for BB for not re voting. Others have been penalized before for not listening to the rules this is no exception.

    I hope next season BB doesn’t interfere and blatantly pick a favorite and just let them play the game. The many instances of favoritism for Gary throughout the season really ruined the game for me. In all the season I’ve watched I have never seen that. I hate when people make big brother out to be a popularity contest or a pity fest. Its about the gameplay. I don’t care about your life outside of the house.

      1. Totally agree. Emmett’s big mistake was voting out Talla over Gary. Would have been a walk in the park to the 100K. All it takes is one wrong move.

  73. The rules are were very clear & if she wasn’t sure she could have asked for clarification. I think BBCAN did the right thing the votes are what they are & you can’t re-do it.

  74. Though Peter could of done without the name calling i thought his question was by far the best, Jillian had nothing to say that didnt involve “Emmett” or “competetions.”
    Now Jillians reason for voting out Alec and Peter was because she didn’t trust them due to them not making an effort to form a personal relationship with her or include her in “game-talk”, maybe if she would of took the initiative to go form personal relationships with these two she might of got more of their respect and and have received their vote.
    This is why i always believe the social aspect matters far more then comps, if you dont form these personal relationships and earn some respect with these people you end up voting out, they will not vote for you to win at the end.

    1. Why would you want to talk game with two of the worst players in BB history? Certainly one of the most inept alliances ever. Maybe only The Regulators can match and that wasn’t even a real alliance and never had the chance to make a move.

    2. Valid point. I understand having good relationships with people is important on the social side of things, and if they truly believe Gary played a better game than Jillian once they factor in all the different components of the game that’s their choice. However, they were so bitter that a vote for Gary was more of a vote against Jillian. If Talla had made it to the end they probably would have voted for Talla so they wouldn’t have to put her key in that hole.

      P.S. Don’t know if this has already been discussed on the message boards but that was the worst veto necklace. Whoever made that should be fired.

      1. Ha! The Sheyld would have voted for AJ if he was sitting next to Jillian, which would be akin to the ‘toaster’… in Peter’s mind. :)

        1. The Sheyld was such a terrible alliance. You can’t go into the house and (poorly) attempt to copy someone else’s strategy, its about reading the game and making your moves accordingly. Peter and Alec are not Will, Boogie or Dan. Just a couple of delusional sore losers who think they are gods of the game. They need to watch a few more seasons and see how real players play the game.

          X – oh please.

  75. I just gotta say a big thanks to the guys that ran this blog. I’m not a reality tv fan, and I was literally hooked to this site everyday, awesome job.

  76. As much as I hate scripted reality shows and have defended them from `rigging` comments, this was totally a `RIGGED` ending.

    Having Gary win would have had some people cheering and some people mad. The cheering people would have said he earned it and the mad people would have said he didn`t deserve it.

    Production has been reading the thousands of comments and needed to somehow vindicate themselves and the show as well as to repair the damage it has done throughout the season with it`s interference. So……………..somehow Topaz, who conveniently was the last vote, `accidently` used the wrong vote. By complaining, holding up the game and making a scene, Topaz and production saved face both with the public and with Gary, and, the show got DRAMA!

    Production `corrected`a mistake of bringing an evicted person back who they probably didn`t think would end up as final 2 and Topaz made a scene so Gary would believe she really wanted to vote for him.

    Now I wonder, if this is really what happened, was Topaz `bribed`or quietly paid to do this? I’m not saying this happened. I’m just speculating but it sure makes me wonder.

  77. That was officially the best episode of BB EVER!!!! You start to realize Jill has no chance and is gonna loose because Peter and Alec think they are gods gift, and Jill is a moron on how she answered AJ ‘s question too loose that vote. I personally don’t think Gary deserved to win the game and was gonna be pretty choked the jury was so bitter but it was understandable seeing jell couldn’t sell herself when it mattered most. Next thing you know Ms 150% cast the wrong vote and Jill wins LOL.

    Gary Evicting Emmett was pretty awesome, top 3 moments of the season along with Topaz casting the wrong vote. Emmett over thank the game we all knew jill would have taken him and LALA cant win shit especially those last 3 competitions . Emmett good job bud you where set up to win it all but instead you won nothing. You tried to look out for yourself but if you looked out for yourself and jill you would have kept LALA and would have been standing there in the final 2.

    ooh well theres always next time right :)

  78. lmao!

    I suppose Topaz took a quick nap when they clearly said to vote for who they want to win.

    She probably also slept during every BBUSA live evictions.

    Sleeping in the arms of Morpheus is a real Biatch yall!

    In any case Gary said to Talla at some point that he would be happy with the second place prize cuz going from $0 to something is better than nothing!

    And Jillian won enough competitions to deserve the big prize!

    Ready for BBUSA now! :)

    And lets not be too harsh on Big Brother Canada first season! They will learn assuming there will be a second season for us to bitch about :P

  79. After all the shit that Topaz has done and said to production (i.e. telling them off, being annoying, telling people about her diary room, not respecting BB). I wouldn’t be surprised if Topaz’s vote was changed by production. Or maybe she knew what she was doing by saying 150%, but the way she reacted it seemed she knew she fucked up. Plus i’m pretty sure it was scripted after all because AJ said “I think someone’s going to make a 100’000$ mistake” and when he went back to the jury stall he looked at Topaz. The only part that made this finale exciting as when Peter finally called out Jillian, everyone’s just being a lil baby because he spoke his mind and had the balls to say something a lot of people thought and are jealous of his confidence. I hope they bring him and Gary back if they even do an All Stars like BBUS did. To me this season has been a huge joke and was extremely obvious as to who production favored, the last 15 minutes of the finale was just completely awkward and everyone knew Gary should’ve won so they didn’t showcase the celebrating. Just awful season, so many wrong and horrible decisions they’ve made I could on about but it’ll be a waste. Get a new fuckin host at least, Arisa’s hair looks like a lions mane for and is horrible on the mic

  80. Yay for JILLIAN!!
    Super glad that she won.
    As for the whole Topaz thing.. Her vote was true to the end. Sure she played like she would vote for Gary but honestly, she mainly did it because if she didn’t she’d lose Gary’s friendship. She repeated Jillian’s words back to her. “150% secure” those are the exact same words Jillian used during the iceberg comp that Topaz agreed to get down for. She then proceeded to act as if it was a mistake, to show support for Gary. When they show the playback, her hands hesitate over Gary before she picks up Jillian’s key.
    So in the end, the true winner won.
    Production shouldn’t have brought Gary back, all that did was hurt Emmett in the end. Who also deserved to win.
    I suggest less twists for the next season though.. Watching them be scared constantly for twists made for depressing live feeds in my opinion.

    1. Although those were her words.. she did lie to her.
      I took it as if Topaz was saying she was gonna vote for her.. but that it was a lie (therefore voting for Gary)

      1. Exactly.! She purposely was taking a shot at Jillian.. Just so unfortunate that she put the wrong key in.

        Not sure about production changing the key. That’s a huge chance to take and a possible lawsuit as well! All for what, when you think about it!

  81. Yay for JILLIAN!!
    Super glad that she won.
    As for the whole Topaz thing.. Her vote was true to the end. Sure she played like she would vote for Gary but honestly, she mainly did it because if she didn’t she’d lose Gary’s friendship. She repeated Jillian’s words back to her. “150% secure” those are the exact same words Jillian used during the iceberg comp that Topaz agreed to get down for. She then proceeded to act as if it was a mistake, to show support for Gary. When they show the playback, her hands hesitate over Gary before she picks up Jillian’s key.
    So in the end, the true winner won.
    Production shouldn’t have brought Gary back, all that did was hurt Emmett in the end. Who also deserved to win.
    I suggest less twists for the next season though.. Watching them be scared constantly for twists made for depressing live feeds in my opinion.

  82. I wanted Gary to win so bad but because of a stupid mistake Topaz made he lost and Jillian won because of a technicality. Jillian may have won the prize, but Gary won the title of BBC Winner !! :)

  83. Here’s my theory. Production knew Jillian or Emment would win over Gary. They approached AJ with a money offer to switch his vote to Gary (no way in hell he would vote for Gary) Then they asked Topaz to switch her vote as well, since it would of been the same outcome.

    AJ votes Jillian
    Topaz votes Gary
    Jillian wins

    To add controversy production asks them to switch their votes

    Same outcome

    AJ votes Gary
    Topaz vots Jillian
    Jillian wins

    Everything was staged.

    1. You are giving production WAY too much credit. They couldn’t even figure out how to NOT show who was nominated the first live episode before the veto replacement noms had even been announced. The sad thing it isn’t even a live show. It’s been a hallmark of the shoddy production the entire season.

  84. Well, Topaz, it’s like I always say: if you can’t be the best, be the worst. (see, Black, Rebecca; Hung, William).

  85. Missed the finale to go to a concert. BUT WOW! Who’d of thought and to think Gary was so close to winning.

    As Tall would say: FAIL. Topaz, that was an EPIC FAIL.

    Oh well. 20k is something.

    Still don’t care much for Jillian though.

  86. Why all the production bribes, conspiracy theories? Topaz isn’t exactly known for being a genius. In fact no one on this season was but least of all her or Talla. She effed up and too bad so sad. If production had a part in it (which is HIGHLY unlikely), the vote was cast right there in front of a live audience and if someone had come up to that box and done anything funny, hell would have broken out in that studio, NO? C’mon folks Topaz slept through everything else so why not some simple instructions too? Like I said – not a genius.

  87. Omg what is with these people and their complete inability to follow simple instructions???? Topaz you are a moron!! Gary should shun you!!

  88. The producers dropped the ball here, in my opinion.

    It’s obvious to everyone that Topaz actually meant to vote for Gary to win (she even said she wanted him to win right before they actually voted). Since the show isn’t live they should have just retaped the reveal of her vote. The entire season is basically a waste in my opinion because Jillian clearly did not deserve to win based on how the votes were intended to play out.

    Of course people are going to argue that Jillian was a better player throughout the whole game because of her comp wins and Alec, Peter and their annoying shield are sore losers. But in order to win the Big Brother game you have to be able to win over 4 members of the jury, which means you have to be able to read their personalities. Jillian played her game with disregard for how people would feel about her lying and back-stabbing (which I love). So in the end, with this type of “emotional” jury – Jillian’s strategy only left 2nd place a possibility. Ultimately, Jillian’s strategy didn’t win the game for her, but instead she won because solely because a stupid jury member can’t follow basic instructions.

    It makes no sense why the producers would allow this to happen. They should’ve just retaped the vote and sure the people in attendance would tell others what happened but noone would have any issues with it because obviously Topaz would have meant to vote for Gary. Instead, they decided to air the chaos which made the show look sloppy and took away the credibility of the entire game. I feel like I’ve just wasted 3 months of my life watching this show because the results were completely botched.

    Just my opinion though…

    1. I agree. Now instead of having a clean ending to a great season, there is a clear lack of credibility and all of these conspiracy theories. What a disaster!!

    2. Wait a second here….

      So when Emmett doesn’t listen to instructions, he is called out for being a whiner and a sore loser and he needs to just suck it up and take his punishment

      but when Snorepaz (Topaz) “clearly” hears the rules and messes up then there needs to be a redo??????

      Look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary.

      1. I looked it up for you, since it appears you do not know the meaning of it. According to the websters dictionary, a hypocrite is ” a person who knowingly acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings”.

        Not sure how that has any relevance to what you are trying to say…perhaps you should stop being so rude and look up the word “ignorant” in the dictionary.

        Emmet (who is my favorite player) cheated 3 times on 3 different comps to try and better himself in the game..not because he’s stupid, but because he’s trying to win. His cheating directly benefits him (a positive result from his perspective).

        Conversely, Topaz clearly wanted to vote for Gary but mistakenly voted for Jillian – an action that could only lead to an unfavorable result for her.

        So let’s try to tie this back to the word hypocrite that you tried to cleverly use in your attempt to be a smart ass – but this time let’s try to apply it to a context that makes a bit more sense.

        Emmet’s stated belief is that he is a fair player with strong values, yet, in this 3 instances he was hypocritical because he cheated to try and win. His intentions to cheat to benefit himself are clearly different firm his stated values.

        Topaz actions were clearly not intentional and did not benefit her, she clearly thought she was voting for Gary but instead voted for Jill…not as hypocritical.

        Sooooo…. You are really comparing apples to oranges here… Or for the sake of my 2 favorite house guests, you are comparing glitter to milk.

        1. MORON might be more like it for the poster in this case.

          Ann is refering to the fans of Gary/Topaz some of whom have gone after emmit for whining about production after not understanding rules/cheating during the game. The hoodrat wanted a do over which production was CORRECT in not allowing. See what Ann is saying is the hypocracy is in those folks who pilled on Emmit for his mistakes and now think that Topaz should get a redo. And that idiot is what hypocracy is.

          1. That is exactly what I was referring to Stan! Didnt realize I had to spell it out for some people but then again they are Topaz fans so maybe I should have.

          2. No Stan.

            What Ohann was saying is that they are completely different situations and therefore fans are warranted to have a difference of opinion because the circumstances are different.

            Perhaps you should look up the word ignorant as well.

            1. Why should she get a freaking redo!?!? Arissa said the instructions like a thousand times AND if she was ANY fan of BB she would KNOW how the voting works. Was she too stoned or something to pay attention?? Arissa should have also been a little bit more assertive towards her being like “I CLEARLY said the instructions” and shouldnt have been allowed to get SO close to Arissa!

  89. Who else thought it was hilarious when Emmet was fist pumping and clapping when Topaz was on stage saying thats not how she meant to vote. PRICELESS

  90. I am glad Gary did not win. To bring someone back that late in the game was not fair. It is one thing to bring someone back early on, but to bring someone back after they are in jury seems wrong.

    1. Why is it not fair?

      I don’t understand. It’s happened before and any big brother fan knows it’s a possibility in any season. I kind of like how it gave Canada a chance to keep someone in the house that they like.. pays tribute to how the game was originally set up and how the game is still played around the world. Gary’s strong social game allowed him to take advantage of this ASPECT OF THE GAME. Jillian and Emmet had multiple chance to get him out (they were pretty much HOH the entire time they came back). So you can’t argue Jillian deserved to win more than Gary because she never really tried to get rid of him once he came back in the house.

      1. Anonymous, I agree. And posters need to recall that 3 HG were glad to see his return as it gave them more options. Had it been as unfair as Emmett now suggests the HG’s had opportunities to return him to jury. They just didn’t know how badly he wanted to make it to the end. I guess you could say his hunger was greater. :)

    2. I laughed so hard when Emmett asked Gary why he deserved to be there….

      “I love fashion and I wore a jail suit! I ate slop! I….I…..I… I dunno I just do!” (I’m paraphrasing but that’s pretty much the gist of it)

      Uh…nice try Gary but when someone asked you a question that actually required you to use your brain and not your glitter you didn’t know what to say.

      Can’t pose and smile your way out of that one Glitter boy!

      1. I agree that Gary’s answer to that question was terrible, but to be fair, Jillian’s answer to Peter’s question was just as bad (or worse). Without using the words “Emmett” or “competition” explain why you deserve to win? “I definitely deserve to win, and competions… I mean, Emmett was…. did I mention that I deserve to win?”

  91. Did anyone remember when Jillian said to Topaz during the ice berg HoH comp. That she was 150% safe if Jillian won HoH . Funny how Topaz used the same 150% when voting for Jillian. Just a thought !

    1. Topaz was thinking so much about her 150% comment she forgot the basic instructions of how to vote – sooooo dumb

  92. This is what happens when you align yourself with dumb-arses.

    We already knew that Alec was just plain stupid – voting to keep Andrew in the game, and generally because of his vacant stupid expression – but come on we also knew that Topaz was just as much of an idiot. I betting that both of them are pot heads. Gary surrounded himself with losers and subsequently became a loser himself.

    Thank God for stupid! So pleased Jillian won.

  93. I want to watch the finale soooo badly!!! Can’t find it uploaded anywhere!!!! Not yet on YouTube, not yet on Slice…. Somebody pleeeeaaase help me!!!! I already ruined for myself coming here to read winner… Couldn’t wait any longer, and it’s already 1:00am here!!!!

  94. What ridiculous, unauthentic, idiotic questions the jurors posed. What kind of horse poop was that? Peter is a factory-deficient robot.

  95. One *very* important OBB compliment needs to be given here, to both Simon and Dawg. With all the finale night chaos, one key fact got lost, and it shouldn’t have. I didn’t see *any* other site, Joker’s or otherwise, that had any spoller info, on the final 3-part HOH. And while it was posted on OBB as “unconfirmed”, the info turned out to be 100% right, on both the winner of all 3 HOH comp parts, and the evictee. Just an amazing job by OBB, to have such reliable, inside connections. We all benefit from that. It was the first time I saw that the *clear* favorite to win BBCA, Emmett, had both lost the final HOH to Gary, and had then been bypassed by Gary for finals, in favor of Jillian.

    Some folks don’t like spoilers. But I do. Especially after live feeds were cut Sunday, and we had *no* info. Guys, thanks a million, for posting the most important info of the BBCA season, both correctly and before anyone else did. It’s just one of many reasons why Simon, Dawg and OBB have *so* many loyal supporters!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Sorry for all the posts one after the other (watching at 2:00 am) tonight’s episode. Gary answers Emmett (why does he deserve to be sitting there), by saying he was a target coming into the house? Was anyone NOT a target coming into that house? He wore a prison suit and HE LOVES FASHION. O H M Y G O D!!!!!!! Call the Fashion Police. If that doesn’t prove Gary deserves it then everything I have ever believed about Big Brother is questionable now. M Y G O D. For the love of Tyra Banks!. As for ‘Topaz’ – go back to bed girl.

    1. Hey Babybare :) You are right…sort of. Gary should have articulated his response better. Once he returned He won comps where it was needed and he out strategized Emmett.

  97. On the very first episode, Emmet’s brother tells him to watch out for the gay guy… should have listened

  98. I was right, had Emmett gone with Talla he and Jillian would have been in final 2 (Talla would never have beat Jillian in the obstacle course…

    So Glad Jillian won and I think Topaz voted wrong on purpose to drum up ratings on the show and social media….

  99. PEOPLE last i checked AJ was his own person and would vote how he wanted not how his fellow stooges would. Also he said someone has made a $100,000 mistake meaning Jillian with her answer to AJ praising Gary thus leaving AJ no choice but to vote for Gary. Those where the integers Jillian was short by because she answered his question poorly and he knew he was the swing vote. AJ had to have had a good idea where the other votes where gonna go and knew he was the swing vote and thats why he said its a game of integers and that someone had made a 100k mistake.

    Cant believe none else has seen it that way yet. Everyones coming up with these stupid conspiracy theories like come on we all know Topaz is a dumb Mutt and if you didn’t you do now . We all know BB wasnt behind this because BB did everything in their power to get Gary to where he was.

    DAWG N SIMON thanks for all the good work I love this site and will donate when i can …. What are your guys input on this and all the other madness of tonight i would love to hear.

    1. Mike, what an interesting read on AJ. You might be right. AJ did follow her response with “bad answer”.

  100. This Finale already has conspiracy theorists conjuring up wild scenarios, soon to rival the Kennedy/1 shooter/2 shooter/grassy knoll debates.

    Sorry, this was all Topaz. While Production did screw around with all the damn Twists this season, some really damaging to some players, there’s no way they had anything to do with this mess. Don’t many people would have been involved & when more than 1 person knows a secret… well, it doesn’t stay secret long.

    Plus, since the 1950’s Quiz Show Scandal, TV game shows are uber paranoid about being accused of cheating. The penalties are severe – legally, financially plus once you lose your audience’s trusts, well, not much left for you as a production company.

    This way Topaz – 2 monumental blunders in 1 season. A record perhaps??

    You know, this could actually be the best outcome for Gary. This “BUZZ” just might work out better for him, more exposure, more money – much more than what he “lost”. He’ll be a sought after guest on many shows to talk about it – then will be offered hosting gigs as “consolation prize” but hey, he’ll rock it (hell, he’s had a free on-air 10 week audition to help him too. He’ll be offered lots of hosting gigs for events by anyone looking for extra media coverage (the ad copy writes itself!). I’m sure Global/Slice will provide him with lots of on-air opportunities to help take the sting out.

    Course, none of that would work if Gary didn’t actually have a good look, good voice, sparkling personae – the whole package as the camera loves him. There are so many TV channels, many smaller ones looking for an edge & Gary finally has what he’s ben yapping about for 10 wks “Brand recognition”.

    So yeah, he might have lost $80K & the vehicle but I think Gary will make out quite well actually. He & his (future) puppy will get the last laugh.

    1. i agree. gary was it in for the fame, he said more than once he didn’t care about the money. he absolutely accomplished what he set out to do.

  101. It’s obvious topaz voted for Jillian and faked it. Watch the clip. She even paused and moved her hand to Jillian. She voted Jillian and wanted to be viewed as the last “backstabber” who had the most impact on the game. Jillian won fair and square watching the clip makes me laugh at how fake topaz’s reaction was.

    1. But if she wanted to be viewed as the last backstabber then why did she say she didn’t mean to do it. Just makes her look dumb.

  102. Anyone else think that when Topaz said her vote was 150% secure she was so caught up in her hate for Jill that she picked up Jills name subconsciously thinking it was like she was casting to evict her???

  103. My thoughts…

    It is frustrating to know gary should have was a messed up situation, they should of had topaz redo her vote. least gary would have been emotional instead of jilbot who doesnt have an exciting bone in her body!

    The reason people hate jillian is because she didnt own the moves she made..why? Because it was not strategy, she was always conflicted and confused about what to do and put herself in situations that resulted in her backstabbing and lying.


    All season it seemed like she was not taking the game seriously and just making out with emmet. Always asking emmet about what to do and being wishy washy with her decisions.

    As for the production, they should incrase the prize money next year..maybe then people will take it more seriously…maybe 200,000 and a brick gift certificate?

    I am not opposed to bringing a hg back, but given the dynamics of the house at the time they should not of done that! Also, was not a big fan of marsha made the show seem really amateurish

    Arisa as host was great

    Will there be a season 2? I think so, and probably still on slice, but i bet there will be no hg returning from jury house for that one lol

    If and when the show continues probably 5 seasons in they will have an allstar version…who do u think will come back? I say gary, jillian, emmett and talla

    I am auditioning for season 2 if they have won…look out for ali!!!

    1. Initially I thought Arissa was quite good but she gave away who her favorites were far too much. This is a presenter fail.

  104. The most significant losers of this Big Brother:

    (1) Peter
    (2) Gary
    (3) Alec
    (4) Emmett
    (5) Tom

    The most significant winners:

    (1) Jillian
    (2) Andrew
    (3) Talla

    Peter is unquestionably the biggest loser – in every way possible – and really only three players will probably leave the game feeling completely content.

    1. I was a Peter fan through most of the season. But his comments, especially in the Dr towards the end, and then his comments at eviction and the final night have soured me completely about Peter.

      His remarks are bitter and hateful, which is too bad for someone who is such a big fan of the game. Seems he has forgotton that it is a game and he got played better than he played.

      I sadly agree that Peter is Number 1 of the losers.

  105. I really don’t have much to say about the Topaz thing other than i do find it funny that biggest twist of season comes from just an all time boneheaded move. It did make the last ten minutes must see tv though. Reason i’m commenting is I thought this final episode, production wise, was just so uneven. Since this was obviously taped prior to airing, why did they allow the remaining houseguests to basically give away the first half hour of the show (jillian saying she wasn’t in later hoh comp and emmett revealing his biggest moment was beating jillian in endurance)? They had already asked few minutes of questions, they could have filtered out those comments, to keep up the suspense of first 2 hoh comps.

    Secondly, one of my favorite things about finale is when they bring back first few evicted houseguests who have actually gone home to see episodes. they then usually come on and spill couple of things they were surprised by, things members of jury nor final 2 may not have known. I always liked those moments of surprise when houseguests are blindsided on finale. Instead the only real surprise was getting to find out noone revealed marsha the moose.

    Finally, thank you again Dawg and Simon for another great season of Big Brother. Always love coming here to catch up on what i’ve missed. Can’t wait for BB15 to start!

  106. Gary was BB’s productions winner. He was protected when the producers saved suzette in one powershift (his ally) leaving her in the house, a bigger “target” than him. He got voted out fair and square only to be brought back as “canadas vote” and I guarantee 150%…. 100 and FIFTY percent that if every single citizen of canada voted for AJ 10 times and no one for Gary, Gary still would have returned as “canadas vote”.

    Also as stated before the competitions for the final HOH part 1 and 2 were completely set out to disadvantage Jill. And also all the questions for the final part against emmett were about Garys allies and friends. RIG RIG RIG RIG all the BB production meddling has put me off of this version. How is production so stupid, what franchise has Canada watched all these years? BB US. So format canadas version like US. Twists are amazing and so fun to watch but not when they completely change the whole point of the game. Anneal in my opinion was completely robbed. Gary was not. He had more than his fair shot in the game and I am a huge Gary fan as a PERSON but he didn’t deserve to win. Jill is the rightful winner. Emmett should have kept Talla and then he would have won, his mistake (also bet that bucket challenge wouldnt have even been the one they used if talla was still in it).

    When Arissa said Topaz voted for Jillian my jaw dropped, and then her arm shot straight up! I was speechless, I woke my mom up who fell asleep while watching the finale (couldnt blame her) until that point and we rewatched it together. She was just too preoccupied to ensured she said her dig to Jillian and was looking into the camera so perfectly for it. Congrats Topaz you are infamous now.

    Serves BB production right. Bet they already had Gary’s name on the cheque. Karma is a bitch!! Stop rigging the show.

    Congrats Jillian on your well deserved win!!!!

  107. I could not believe how bitter the so called “super fans” Peter and Alec were as jury members. If they were truly lovers of this game they would not vote with emotion, they would vote for the most deserving player. It is embarrassing for both of them who have claimed to idolize big brother legends like Dr. Will and Dan, yet they had no respect for Jill’s game because he lied and back stabbed. Hello… It’s big brother, and the lying and backstabbing is literally from Dan’s playbook! Funny how those hypocrites sit there facing Tom who they both lied to and back stabbed and call Jillian names. Peter needs to give his head a shake. Ignorant prick. Game over, Jill won. Topez should not have been so caught up with running her mouth. Everyone else .. Including Talla… Managed to vote correctly. The blame falls on no one but Topez. Karma.

    1. to be fair, at least alec was aligned to gary at one point. i do believe he liked gary. as for peter, he absolutely voted for gary JUST to not vote for jillian. he is a sexist, hypocritical asshole. i cannot believe he called her an idiot like that when he’s sitting in jury and she’s final 2! if she’s such an idiot, how did she get you out peter?? if jillian was a guy and lied as she did, peter would have voted for her to win, but since she’s a women, peter hated her… so sexist. lying and manipulating was absolutely part of peter’s strategy to win, so him not voting for her in the end is so hypocritical. i remember alec and peter having a convo about how it sucks when the best player doesn’t win because of a bitter jury… well now peter is absolutely the most bitter jury member i have seen. it’s weird to me that the shield (i refuse to play into their stupid spelling decision) thought they were such rational, logical players, when really they were both extremely emotional in the end…

      1. Could not agree with you more D. Neither Alec or Peter could admit that Jillian out played them, and I too believe it was because she is a women. Dan also tweeted today that it is a major double standard that Jillian is taking so much heat for playing a flawless game! How two “students of the game” can sit in the jury and not give her an ounce of respect or congratulate her on 4 hoh wins, never being nominated and being one half of a completely dominating two person alliance until the end of the game is despicable. And if you ask me it’s disrespectful to the game. Unlike survivor, we rarely get to see a strong deserving female winner in big brother and I for one couldn’t be happier!

  108. I know this won’t get posted ’til morning but I’m having lingering afterthoughts and this is the only forum (and the best).
    So – Alec is wearing a ‘ONLY WILL CAN JUDGE ME’ t-shirt again. If that was Will Kirby instead of Jillian McLaughlin, he would not have such a burning desire to do ‘terrible things to her’ as he said. If that was his hero then why can’t he accept a woman doing the same thing (the blatant lying).
    Peter is so beyond loathsome, words do not suffice.
    One more thing on Alec – (if he is IN FACT studying social psychology), what will be on the door to his office if he starts practicing? The shield sign? How the hell could anyone take this guy seriously after this? (Him and Peter for that matter).
    The bonus footage we were shown revealed Topaz can ‘make it rain’ so she will have no trouble making money as a ‘dental hygienist’. Yeah ok – I’m buying that story.
    I would love to hang out with Andrew.
    Kat would have been awesome to watch play this game (I have a feeling).
    Liza is just so well – she’s got teeth. (I’ll leave it at that).
    Gary can now buy his ‘new puppy’ and if I see him with a dog that he is dressing up in glitter or dyeing different colours (and such nonsense), I’m calling animal services. Gary was unable to cry tears, it seems (did anyone notice that)? Maybe it’s that special glitter power. Peculiar.
    I can’t wait to see what changes (or not) the producers of this show will make before next season.
    Next season I think a great idea would be not to let the houseguests know where all these cameras are (to avoid all the self-conscious behaviour and ‘posing’ so much).

    1. Babybare, I agree with your thought on Kat. I think she would bring an interesting game. I thought she was targeted because she does have a brain and people picked up on her strength.

  109. My heart goes out to Gary. He’s the victim here. I repeat.. Gary didn’t do anything wrong…In what universe would anyone be glad to get only 20k instead of 150K. If I had 4 out of 7 votes and someone gave my 150k prize to the person with the least votes, all hell would have broke out…. On Survivor contestants first write the name down. Then hold it up and confirm on camera verbally who they are voting for and why. This wasn’t a Topaz mistake. This was a crappy production mistake…..

    1. Mooning, even if the votes were done that way it would not have altered this outcome. The key Topaz held up would have read ‘Jillian’. In this instance it was not productions fault. It all falls on Topaz.

  110. Jillian winning… this is poetic justice on so many levels!!!

    – Topaz’s mistake seems meant to be. Some pathetic bitter jury members, if they all respected the game, she should have won 7-0 against Gary.

    – Peter and Alec: shitty delusional players until the end, voting emotionally, doing absolutely everything they claim to hate. No integrity. Getting their asses whooped by a girl… hurts, doesn’t it? I recall Peter saying “a girl never wins against a guy in any final 2 situation”… hahaha well in your face Peter, although by mistake (Topaz), still in your face :-)

    – Great justice regarding the double standard for women playing BB, e.g. lying, backstabbing, getting blood on your hands, doing the dirty work, not being likeable,…

    – Emmets repeated attempts to cheat and his cocky attitude were not awarded with the win.

    – Production favouring Gary did not work out.

    Messy ending to a messy season, I love it! Makes up for so much nonsense that happened this season.

    Some of the winners of BBUS, Dan, Evel Dick and Ian agree that Jillian is a very deserving winner, check out their twitter messages, experts telling the truth.

  111. For my final comment on BBCAN until next year I wanted to say even tho the outcome was questionable Gary handled the loss with grace and dignity even tho he did freak out about him being put on slop. He should be proud that he handled himself so well. His answers to the questions he was asked were right on the nail and didn’t back away from Emmett’s question but answered it head on…IMHO.

    Simon and Dawg… both are the bomb. Thank you so much for your updates and spoilers. Sorry I couldn’t donate more than what I did. Will see you In a few weeks on BBUSA. Now get some sleep!

  112. I love Jillian, but I don’t understand how she can be happy with the way she won. She won because someone made a stupid mistake not because she had the jury votes, clearly the winner should have been Gary because of the way the jury feels. He would have been the winner if Topaz wasn’t so stupid.

    1. The actual point is: She SHOULD HAVE WON ANYWAYS!
      I’m sure she’s not too happy about the way she has won because again, she SHOULD have won by a landslide against a returning houseguest who was so favoured by production. She clearly was the better and more deserving player out of the two of them.
      The fact that she almost didn’t win because of a childish bitter jury, is unbelievable considering the nature of the game. Otherwise they could just turn the format into a popularity contest, where gameplay and achievements don’t matter.
      If Gary had won (although I like Gary), BBCanada would be disgraced to a complete farce. Her “accidental” win (which should not have been accidental) saved the last bit of credibility for the show’s future.

  113. I think jillian should step down and give gary the win. She did not win fair and square. She won only by an error. Personally I would not be able to live with myself if I was her and kept the money knowing I did not actually win.

    1. But she did IN FACT win.
      All her jury members were able to vote correctly, while not all of Gary’s supporters had the same mental acuity.
      This is a wholly clean win for Jillian.

  114. I think jillian should step down and give gary the win. She did not win fair and square. She won only by an error. Personally I would not be able to live with myself if I was her and kept the money knowing I did not actually win.

  115. So, watching the house guests on Global’s morning shows & very interesting.

    Em is bitter about Gary – though it does feel like his biggest beef is the vote back in. He does have a point, just not expressing it properly & so comes across as bitter over all.

    Peter – Well, well, well. Stayed a douche till the very last moment when he was asked the question – You’re such a big fan of Boogie & Dr. Will backstabbing & lying, why then not vote for Jillian for doing the same thing? He gave some bull justification answer but then, did say (while dropping the BB “wrestler announcer” attitude he’d sported throughout the game, to say as “himself” – congrats to Jillian. She deserved the win.” (paraphrasing a bit but gist is the point so)

    Topaz & Gary – Kudos to Gary. He is being super chill about it all. I really, really believe it’s because he knows he’s going to come out the biggest winner in all this. He’s going to be able to dine out on that controversy for a long time & he’s definitely savvy enough to capitalize on it. He really shows his savvy too by not coming across as bitter – nothing turns people off faster than that, no matter how much they might originally be in your corner. Case in point: Peter,

    Arisa: The morning hosts kept heaping praise on her but kudos to her. She thanked them but would always turn it back around to the players, said no matter how great the house itself was, how good the production of the game, success always rested on the cast & these players were amazing. She said it several times, so good on her to recognize what her role was. Too often the Host(s) take all credit, which is so ridiculous.

    Just fun watching the dynamics of the group sitting all together. In general, there’s a cohesiveness there, a shared bond of having an amazing experience most people will never have.

    They also promoted the reunion special coming up next week. The host teased with: let’s see how they really feel about each other after a week out of the house so sounds like they’ll be bringing everyone back, not just filming it today & airing next week. Having a week to decompress, to check in with family, friends, hear what their take on the plays was & watching the other players Diary rooms & things said in the game – the reunion could be very interesting.

    Again, Simon & Dawg, thanks for hosting such an amazing 10 week party! Looking forward to doing it all over again in a few weeks with BB15.

  116. I think next year they need to follow US and not allow HG to tell anyone who they are putting on the block.

  117. I applaud talla for the first time in this game for standing up to Emmett and saying that he is no better than any of the other house guests, that they had all earned a spot in BBCAN. She may be tiny but standing up to a bully is good in my eyes. He may not seem like a bully to many but the way he went around doing things, telling Jillian not to talk to Andrew etc…that is a bully in my eyes.

    How dare he even comment that Gary wasn’t being truthful when he said he was fine with second place that it was never about the money. How does he know why Gary was really there for?

    Well the season is over and Jillian can go back home and brag how she won BBCN fair and square but we all know the truth. Let her have that fantasy to keep her warm when Emmett suddenly drops her in a few weeks when all the hoopla settles down and girls are throwing themselves at him. She will go back to her job….maybe….if there isn’t a morals clause in her contract. Good luck with that Jillian.

    1. Wow the show is over and she can’t even get her dues if the jury wasn’t voting to be vendictive then she would have won hands down no question but as dan told emmette younger jury member’s tend to vote to vindictive. Gary’s votes were not because he played this game better but because he didn’t make any enemies (because he didn’t make any moves except tom but the whole house wanted him out.), he also got to spend three weeks with the jury that was so unfair. The honest truth is if you win alot in this game then you will make enemies. If gary had won that would have been riddiculus from how yesturday went it was obvious the deck was stacked against jemmette they wanted gary to win. Talla’ s comments to emmette also dumb there are people in the houst that didn’t do anything to earn there spot she didn’t some people it was just dumb luck talla had no strategy physical or social she just believed that she was suppose to be carried to the end so i disagree with her certain players worked hard all season others just got drunk andy yelled. In the case of the jury twist they should have done what the american’s do they serquester the jury seperatly so they do not have unfair advantage. I think topez voting wrong was just pure karma gary didn’t deserve to win and fate step in. I was surprised at aj vote i though with all his talk about him having a love for the game he would have voted who deserved it but in stead he voted how i am sure topez,alec and peter wanted him to because clearly emmette aside jillina was a beast at comps and had the best game hands down. If there were moral clauses (and i am not sure what moral clause jill could have broken that would effect her job) every single person on every bb would never work dumb comment. JILLIAN DESERVED TO WIN AND SHE DID REGARDLESS OF TOPEZ MSTAKE AND HATERED FOR HER!!

      1. Halie, not to rant on you for your opinions, but you repeatedly state that Gary was in the jury house for 3 weeks…when he wasn’t.

    2. You’re right, we do know the truth. A bitter jury tried to take away her rightful win, ended up making a huge mistake, and handed her the win anyway.

      1. bbk, bitter jury? yes. But, what if the jury had not been bitter (and the bitterness extends to perspectives on a returning jury member). We can’t assume that if looking at game play alone (no emotion, no bitterness, friendships aside, no most deserved dogma ), that the jury would have voted for Jillian. From a purely analytical point of view, those voting for Jillian may have voted otherwise.

  118. What a JOKE!!!!! Thank god that is over with… Ironic that the couple that cheated their way through Big Brother, supporting each other through their lies, finally took a winning position that again was not deserved. Jillian, you are a disgrace but Karma has it’s own way of making things work out in the end. Big Brother Canada was the most ridiculous production of a show that I have ever seen. Bringing any player back into the game after being voted out is preposterous and totally unfair. Screwing over players in their HOH and having the houseguests watching them talk through their eviction, probably coached to talk out loud, then back stabbed by production, then leaving so much room for error in their voting method… disgraceful… what a rough go for Topaz, I’m sure Big B will leave a very bitter taste in her mouth, as it will mine, for a long time to come.

    Best of luck to Gary, I wish that you would have really won the money, but disagree with you being voted back into the game.

    I look forward to BBUS on June 26th, I will remain a huge fan but will never watch another season of BBCAN… you literally made me sick to my stomach!

    Love, love, love GARY!

    1. “leaving so much room for error in their voting method” …ok the rules were CLEARLY stated on camera and I’m sure off camera as well..the only error is that Topaz was not paying attention so you can’t blame anybody but her for what she’s not that difficult, like did someone need to hold her hand and explain everything while she was up voting?! Everyone else seemed to understand the memo..

    2. Any fan of BB knows that in the end, you vote for who played the game, whether it was through honesty (please… it’s BB), or deceit. Most often the winner is deceitful and gets the votes because… they played the game. In BBC, the jury members voting for Gary did so out of spite… not for gameplay. Jillian got the win as it was deserved and Karma made sure of that. Let’s face it… all the haters might as well just post “my fav didn’t win” and let it go. I would love to see what BB season the haters are talking about though… you know… the one where everyone is honest, no one lies, and pink rabbits are farting rainbows in the backyard the whole season for entertainment. You and everyone else knows deep down inside that y’all will be back here for the next season of BBC, complaining about being robbed again. Oh… for flame sake… way to go Jill! The true player got the win!

    3. karma does that is why topez messed up because jillian deserved to win because she played the best game not someone that got kicked out and got carried most of the way didn’t really win anything.

  119. Apparently the key card had two ends, one would cast a vote for Jillian, the other for Gary. You were supposed to insert the end with person’s name you wanted to WIN. Topaz got confused and cast her vote for JIllian, thinking of eviction instead of win. Yes, it was a mistake but production got it 100% right. There was no other choice but to allow her vote to stand regardless of the error. Can you imagine what a precedent that would have set?! Other jury members could claim to have mistakes also, and who could prove any different? All of them had been explained the rules in detail. They also had to sign a legal agreement that their vote was final and could not be changed..It was not a computer malfunction. Topaz, in her excitement, made a huge mistake and cost Gary the game. I feel sorry for her, and sorry for him, but there could be no other fair outcome. It’s just like a soccer player who accidently scores into their own net … still a goal for the other team! I wish it hadn’t ended that way, though. It will taint Jillian’s win. I think Gary will forgive Topaz, though. She is obviously devastated.

    1. What? I don’t know if yall were watching on a computer and couldn’t see or what…
      But if you watched on TV, you would see there were TWO cards. The on one the right said “Gary,” and the one on the left said “Jillian.”
      She picked up the card that said “Jillian” (which didn’t have “Gary” written ANYWHERE on it), and used it to cast her vote.

    2. There were two green cards in the box that they carried, each one had a different name on it Gary’s was on the right and Jillian’s was on the left, she picked up the wrong one, or thought she was suppose to vote someone out, apparently she didn’t understand Arissa the two times she told them they needed to vote for who they wanted to win.

      1. Not disagreeing with anything, but none of us can know what she was feeling. Probably just got too excited and lost concentration. I know that used to happen to me a lot, especially at competitions like a track meet. DO NOT WALK BACK INTO THE PIT– but alas, being too nervous i did anyway.

    3. Nana Jo. If the key cards had two ends with one for Gary and the other end for Jillian, then why were the Jury members each given two cards..? Interesting,… Two computer cards where both ends work inserted into a computer.. No room for error there LOL

  120. anybody watching the cast on the morning show should check out Andrew pretending to shoot Alec in the head as he was making the shield sign haha hilarious

  121. Did Topaz give any ‘exit’ interview? Love to see that. If so, could someone post a link? Just two days ago someone was on this site pleading and urging us all to vote Topaz Canada’s favourite. No sign of that person on yestedary’s entire post. What happened – the truth your girl was a huge dumbass right to the end played itself out (on tape) for all to see. Canada’s favourite – yes, actually now she is.

  122. I don’t understand how people are trashing Jillian right now. She made it to the finals without ever being nominated! Perhaps some of the jury members should remember that they had plenty of chances to break up the showmance and never did. She won HOH when she had to and made an alliance (showmance) with Emmett who also helped keep her off the block. As far as I’m concerned she played a great game. Lying is a part of the game and anyone who doesn’t understand that shouldn’t be playing. As for Topaz, THANKS!! I won $50 in a pool at work because you don’t know how to listen to clear instructions, which is more than you left the show with! :)

  123. Unbelievable.
    From the moment they awarded 1st HOH with a phonecall.
    No evicted HG should ever come back to play for keeps, only to mess them around for a day or two.
    No more Arisa. Please.
    No Canada votes, except for a season fav.
    Instant evictions? No. Double evictions? Yes. But every HG should have a chance to play for POV.
    Start with as many HGs as they like, do double evicts every week if needed but don’t screw players!
    Best game overall – Emmett. Bad endgame mistake. Too bad.
    Topaz either needs corrective lense and less vanity or made a big mistake. I don’t buy the conspiracy or drama ideas.
    Any similarity to an actual “game” is purely coincidental. It’s Product.
    Who deserves to win?
    As long as it’s Product, that would be the Producers, Network and Sponsors. In their opinion.
    In fact, it comes down to the flow of luck and circumstance. The HGs only edge is social skill, attentiveness, head-in-the-game from minute one
    and a modicum of physical fitness. All that counts for nothing with twists.
    Say Em evicted Gary. Won the blood bucket thing. Then Jillian won the HOH ring toss. Then Jill won questions. Then took Talla to Final 2, fearing Em & the Jury and thinking No Way they’d pick Talla. Then Talla won because Peter & Alec DON’T respect the “game”, Topaz wanted to gut Jill and AJ, while resentful, also thought a stooge winning would be funny. Talla FTW!
    OK, we know Jill wouldnt boot Em. Don’t we? The point is, randomness and emotions happened all along the path.
    Did Jill or Gary “deserve” to win? What WE AND HGs deserve is a FAIR and entertaining Product that narrows the field while respecting integrity and competence
    on the part of Players and Production. The selection process ignored competence. Production ignored both.
    It is what it is but it could be so much more.
    Thank you simon and dawg and all you commenters!

    1. I agree, no more Arisa please. She was so annoying and always looked like she was dead inside when she was speaking it was creepy. BBCan failed badly their first season. They tried to do too much, I think for the first season they should of just let the game be no stupid twists or power plays.

  124. What a waste of a potentially great season. The twists and the powershifts ruined the game. The cast was great, but the power shifts turned the season into the Emmett and Jillian show. I stopped watching when it was clear that Gary was coming back and Andrew was done. Half way through the season, I would have put this season in the top 5. After that it went downhill really fast. It was kind of like season 11, started out great, but ruined by too much interference and too much showmance. Totally disappointed!! We can only hope that the US season doesn’t fall flat like BBCA.

    1. I don’t see how the twist played into the jemmette show if anything the twist kept messing up there game they were in the final 3 becasue they won things not get a pass by a twist

  125. Peter is such a bitter loser and was wrong calling Jillian an idiot..if anyone is the idiot it is him because he played a horrible game! When answering the question about what she did the in the game she should have turned it around asked him what he did, which was obviously nothing. Him and Alec think they’re such amazing players and look how far they got. If they were such true fans of the show they should have easily realized Jillian played the better game and made bigger moves than Gary..not to mention she wasn’t given a second chance. Yeah Jillian lied, but so what people, this is Big Brother. It’s not like Gary was the most honest person either.

    Maybe Peter was so salty because he saw his lovely Liza with Tom?!

  126. Last Impressions!

    Peter- Final night should have been classy for a true student of the game! hehehe His imature rant on Jillian showed the bitterness of an 8 year old losing at any game you can think of. He’s going to be a very lonely guy humping his fist if he doesn’t grow up soon.

    Alec- See Peter above…. no wait he has a little game for the ladies. But what surprised me with both he and Peter was the bitterness and complete lack of respect for the game. They both behaved like spoiled children after being told no cookie before dinner.

    Topaz- It’s all been said in the 1st 6 pages of this thread. Take an extended nap you idiot.

    Emmit- was obvious he was voting Jillian. His decisions over the season ranged from a huge number of excellent decision/game play to some fatale errors in the end. I think I called basically all his end game mistakes and Gary backstabbing him. Just by keeping Andrew and or Lala Emmit wins the money. F4 vote one of the worst decisions in BB history. It may not beat Marcelous but it sure is close. It’s at least as bad as Danielle taking Dan off the block and watching 50K minimum getting sent out the door(Shane).

    Andrew- did exactly what I thought on the finally and frankly the children, ie Alec and Peter, could learn alot about being a grownup looking at how Andrew dealt with being backstabbed.

    Talla- The humanity she showed on her eviction was touching. I’d have much prefered that side of her during the season. Rummy and ditz are not word she should want associated with the name Talla. She has issues of self control and dilusion but I think basically a nice person……BUSY!

    AJ- Have to say I was more dissappointed with his vote than anyones last night. I’ll adress the whole Gary second chance next.

    Well if you have read any of my comments about Gary reentering the house you’ll know I was not a fan. When they chose to bring back jury member rather than pre jury as the US normally does I could see the rational 1st being money. They just avoiding the expense of have a house rented an extra month. The consequences were truely horrible.
    1st the obvious that the returning HG was brought in way to late. I totally agree with others observations on this. Not having a comp between Peter and Gary rather than just dumping Gary back in a further error in my opinion. The results of the late reenter also effected production negatively in the F4 anf F3 were combined into 1 week and feeds down for 4 days at that. The best 2 weeks of the season butchered. Remember Dan last season on BB14 scheming F4 and F3. May not like him but some good TV.

    All above has been said but I don’t believe may next observation has been touched upon. Gary’s time in the jury house was a huge advantage. It should have won him the game on jury votes if not for the ever napping Topaz. Aj who I would NEVER have considered a vote for Gary clearly bonded as they were the 1st 2 in the jury. I also think Gary’s social game helped with Alec. Let’s face it Topaz was a vote for Gary to win dispite her f**king it up. When somone in the jury house is in fact still playing a social game free of competition while the rest are in the house, dealing with competition, ect. it is a huge unfair advantage. Production screwed up completely…..FAIL. Just replace Gary with any other HG in the jury the end advantage I’m refering to is the same.

    Been fun looking forward to BB15. Can we please stop the niceness and get back to nasty? When I have more thumbs up than down I feel like Talla……FAIL!!

    Next 2 months….. Busy Busy Busy….:P

    1. Even in the end you are bias of jemmette, emmette played a great game was it a mistake taking gary from his pov i don’t think so if talla won the end result would have been the same. Emmettes only chance was for him or jillian to win nobody else was going to take him was it the worst move in history that is riddiculus. Talla did nothing to impress me, andrew was mature about the situation. Peter was acting like a two year old he knows jill played a better game and he voted against her out of spite. He appoligized to her on the morining show which was nice. Gary really didn’t deserve to win.

      On the morning show gary seems to want stay in touch with emmette but you can tell emmette was mad. Gary’s speach this morning about he didn’t care about the money was bs becasue if that was true he would have taken emmette to the final two and not jillian.

      1. gary wants to be popular and keep his fans. his fans would want him to take jillian bc he would have a better chance of winning. you can’t expect fans to rally behind you if you are not truly trying to win. gary is smart and he knew this. i think winning would have been nice for him, but he was really in it for the fame. i dont think he was bullshitting about not being it in for the money.

        hallie, do you know emmett personally? ive seen very many posts on here from your being very pro-emmett and generally arguing for emmett, so i am just curious.

      2. Good Lord you are as dillusional as Lala. Emmit taking Gary over Talla is exactly why he lost the money and prizes. What freaking show were you watching? What I saw is Gary evicting Emmit after winning the final HOH. Emmit taking Gary was BECAUSE he thought his F2 deal with Gary garunteed him F2 as Jillian would also keep him if HOH.

        I realize you don’t understand much so I’ll help you. And god knows you need alot of help. Lala has won exactly ZERO(that’s 0 you dumba$$) comps this season. For her to evict Emmit she has to win 2 of the last 3 comps. And that is against the comp beasts Jillian and Emmit. She has to win one of the 1st 2 and the 7 questions. Lord how stupid does someone need to be to know 1st choosing Gary cost him the game moron!!! If he had chosen Talla it might be 1% she wins 2/3 prt final. He can’t do any worse than Gary eliminating him 3rd stupid!!!

        Emmit final 2 seeing the Jury now he wins easy 5-2 versus Jillian. I’m happy Jillian won rather than Gary. I went from a huge Em fan to disliking him because of him backstabbing Andrew. See I live in Nova Scotia idiot! I was rooting for all 3 to make it to the end. It could have and should of happened. As I made clear in my comment I give Emmit alot of credit for good play until the end(reset F5 down) where he clearly made bad decisions if you were even mostly honest. You show up it’s the great Emmit love thread. He won nothing and ended up third because he choose Gary you dillusional idiot!!!

  127. ITS LIKE THIS JILLIAN WOULD NOT HAVE WON IF TOPAZ AKA DUMBASS NEVER MADE THAT MISTAKE GRRRRR. My wildcard of the jury was AJ i didnt know what he was going to do. I really dont know how Jillian could be happy with this win knowing that Topaz make a mistake with her vote. Dont get me wrong I liked Jillian from day one and yes she did deserve to win but I would not want to win the way she did. It was really sad to see Gary upset but he did get over it pretty quick. Gary really is a superstar and lastnight shows what kind of person Gary is. Gary Rocks.

    1. IT IS LIKE SAYING WHY WOULD GARY WANT TO WIN IT BECAUSE HE WOULD ONLY WIN BECAUSE THE JURY WAS BEING VENDICTIVE HE DIDN’T DESERVE IT. Emmette was right he got a free pass back in, he made moves in the jury house and had info the rest of the house didn’t in all fairness it should go to the best player but gary winning wouldn’t be that

  128. I am sorry, Jillian did NOT win, she got the prize…that is all. Gary actually won the game.

    The whining about him being brought back in, we all knew it could happen as BB US does it all the time.

    I have to wonder if those people who said it was unfair that Gary was given a new life, I wonder if they , themselves would have turned
    down the opportunity?? Ya Right !!

    It was just a another part of the game.

    I feel bad for Gary, it was stolen from him.

    1. You know what “another part of the game” was? Jillian winning…which she did. Not only was she never evicted, but she also got 4 jury votes without holding a gun to any of their heads.

      1. I can’t wait until I can get a 720p or similar rip of the show.

        Those pics, I will print/frame it to have it on my wall and any time I need a pick me up, I’ll look at it and think…there is a God…and he watches Big Brother.

        Anybody got a better quality image though? That first pic is when they initially found out. The second is the first close-up they did on them after finding out. By that time, Talla was done celebrating, so her smile isn’t as big. Peter’s face though! lmaooooooo!! “to the max yo”….gawd what a cornball.

        *really am going to print it out though*

          1. Well at least he actually congratulated her on The Morning Show today (lady asked him if he was such a fan of backstabbing and lying why was he so hard on Jillian…he said “I watch wrestling..I was just playing the heel”…smh). For anyone who doesn’t know…there was a 30min (with commercials) segment with the full cast. While everyone was talking about the mistake and how great Gary is, Emmett chimed in and called out the bitter jury and the fact that Gary needed to reply on a twist to go back in the house. Talla also came at Emmett for his comment of her not deserving to be F3. Also in the background, Alec made The Shyld sign and Andrew put a finger gun to his head and pulled the trigger LOL
            Apparently though, that’s not it, as there will be a full BB Canada reunion show next week where they answer question from the audience.

    2. Actually they don’t do this in BBUSA all the time. Anyone who knows anything about Big Brother knows that non-sequestered jurors shouldn’t be allowed back in the house. Sequestering versus non-sequestering, hello.
      No need to feel bad for Gary. He got more than he deserved. If Topaz did not make that mistake, then Jillian would have been robbed.

  129. The shield is a ripped off group name from wwe. Peter and Alec were awful game players and got voted out. They screwed over topaz, who was working with them, on two occasions and ultimately they lost. Gary lost, was voted for and evicted and didn’t deserve to be in the final two, and topaz epic screw up was poetic justice.

    1. wow, the shield is ripped off? not surprised. and spelling it based on tom’s y not bro? also ripped off. and peter’s speech “dissapear here” is a quote from a bret easton ellis novel. and his whole gameplay based on dan’s gameplay. all peter does is copy others.

  130. Gary deserves to win this game….bringing back players to the game after been evicted is part of it – americans’ve done it so many times in the past…watch BB US season 2 – they did the same thing almost at the end of the show

    1. The us version never brought anyone back that close to the end they were brought back before and they are sequestered from each other

      1. What show is this again? That’s right, NOT big brother canada. They aren’t even under the same channel. Like alec said, what if bringing back someone really was a part of the show? They all had a chance, and Gary won it by popularity. Almost like a comp.

    2. On the morning show gary said he wasn’t mad about the money because it didn’t matter which is bs i am glad emmette called him on it because if gary didn’t care about the money then he would have taken emmette to the finale. The only reason he picked jillian is he thought he could beat her all his i don’t care about the money all bs.

      1. Hallie, Gary meant he wouldn’t dwell on it. Nothing could be done about it so why dwell on it.It is in keeping with his projection of a persona of positivity…hence *Glitter*. Shine on. :)

  131. Interview with Peter and Alec. Alec said, “Jillian played such a despicable game.” WOW.

    Following up with the Big Brother finale controversy… For wanting to be “true players” of the game, Peter and Alec took bitter jury to another level. They are just sore losers mad that they got outplayed. I guess Karma’s a bitch (their bitterness and Topaz’s stupidity).

  132. Interview with Peter and Alec. Alec said, “Jillian played such a despicable game.” WOW.

    Following up with the Big Brother finale controversy… For wanting to be “true players” of the game, Peter and Alec took bitter jury to another level. They are just sore losers mad that they got outplayed. I guess Karma’s a bitch (their bitterness and Topaz’s stupidity).

  133. Woke up this Am still upset that a reailty show winner loses his prizes due to some sort of ridiculous technical key malfunction error. Clearly Topaz thought she had voted for Gary..It was such an easy fix and so unfair to Gary. He did absolutely nothing to deserve this loss..So email my disgust and shock to the producers.. Signed a petition in Gary`s favor. Encouraged Gary to get some legal advice.. We all know that`s what Villian would be doing if their roles were reversed..
    Also sad to see so little empathy and compassion by BB fans for Gary`s and Topaz predicament.. This rules are rules crap is a poor excuse for production stupidy and interference. From what I`ve seen this season it wouldn`t surprise me at all if an investigation showed Topaz was set up to be the fall guy in yet another twist to promote this really bad show.. Production did show a dislike for Topaz… It is painful to watch Villan the recreation devious deceptive liar claim the prize. Stil under the delusion she really earned it honestly.. Villian honest.. LOL.

    1. Fuk off with your whining already Mooning! Gary did not deserve to win anything, not even the 20 grand!!! He was voted out already like week 7.. Why don’t you Gary supporters kick in 100 dollars each to make up the 80 grand or have topaz take out a loan for 80 grand for him! It was her fuc up!
      Gary manipulates people with his sob story that he was bullied when I was young. I have been bullied thoughout my life also but I don’t manipulate people into feeling sorry for me. I have zero respect for manipulators….When Gary had to wear the prison outfit he said to Jill, ‘I feel like I am being degraded having to wear this. Jill responded by saying, ‘Anyone could have picked that punishment Gary’
      Enough whining already !!!

      1. Well fuddle duddle back to you Fed Up With Gary Fans.. ` FYI.. Didn`t care who won. Not a big Gary fan..Question the how & why he was back in the game. Give him big points for being the only HG wth the gonads who was both smart enough, strong enough to break up the boring power showmance.The fact is four people claim they voted Gary to win. A majority. Gary is the real winner. The key screw up malfunction whatever. was not Topaz responsibility. It was up to production to put in every safeguard, like other show do, to make sure these types of mistakes can`t happen. Frankly I suspect Topaz was set up to be the fall guy and or scapegoat for a really bad show endless faux pas. Rules are rules lame excuse.. Well in a normal vote Topaz objection, during the voting process, would have created a spoiled ballot. (Can vot for two people on the same ballot) Means the count was a tie. The prizes should be shared.. The title shared at the very least. Obviously my point is way over your level of understanding.. The guy was duped. The audience tricked. The contestants scammed.. Geez .

  134. Not only is Emmett whining, he is also dishonest. He calls himself a dairy farmer but he does not live on the farm. He is therefore associated with the family business and is not a farmer day and day out.

  135. There definitely needs to be a few older HG’s next year. Evil Dick was mid forties when he won BB. The majority of HG’s this yr were too young and immature. I’m 46 and in better shape than 3/4 of that lot.

  136. Topaz’s mistake was actually a Gary FAIL.

    Right from the very beginning of the game Gary aligned himself with losers and idiots – Danielle, Suzette and Topaz. If that was not bad enough he then teamed up with the delusional twins – Peter and Alec. His whole alliance was so pathetic that the whole lot – including himself – was sent packing right out of the game. Gary coming back into the house at that late stage was fundamentally unfair because most of the jury was guaranteed to be made up of his idiot failure mates. The other side of the house – Jillian, Emmett, Andrew and Talla had systematically trounced their sorry arses and were so nearly denied their rightful victory by the producers favoritism with Gary and his idiot crew.

    The final mistake by Topaz was actually a perfect representation of Gary’s own extreme level of self centeredness and self delusion. Topaz made the mistake not only because she is dumb but also because she was so absorbed with her own self-image and by her immature fixation with getting back at Jillian for the broken ‘150%’ promise. Gary ultimately decided to align himself with people most like himself and it is absolutely no coincidence that such a moronic mistake was made by one of his own people.

    1. Wow that’s a nasty comment. Gary did not aligned himself with idiots or losers. They were all underdogs and Gary could relate to them. He was a strong player and he wanted to protect them in a way, if you listened his speech Gry grew up with adversity, alone and rejected. He had a good game.
      And you my Dear are obv. a fan of winners like Peter and Alec.

      1. I find the comment comedic not nasty, nothing wrong with a bit of humour to describe what happened spot on.
        He’s clearly not a Peter/Alec fan, see “delusional twins” LMAO! What a terrific name for them… I can see a comic or self-help book being published “The adventures of the delusional twins or: how to lose but feel like winning”

  137. if “Jillian played such a despicable game” why wasnt she ever nominated for eviction. Every one else in the house was and then also voted out at some point.

    1. Villian only claim to fame, cash, prizes is a mistake by production`s inabilty to run a fake reality show properly. Gary had 4 real votes.This is outrageous Canada.. Stop being so darn polite. Stand up and fight against this injustice.. Oh Sorry.. It hockey play-off season…. Busy…Busy… Can only hope the big sponsors have taken note of this fiasco. This could be the first and last BBcan.

      1. sorry but topazs stupidity is one of the few things you can’t blame production for. if anything her mistake made up for the injustice of gary being there and the bitter children (esp. peter) in jury almost robbing jillian of her deserved win.

      2. Mooning I’ve been all over the place online and it seems that the majority of people actually feel Jillian deserved to win over Gary, so no one is going to stand up, Gary had no business back in the house after losing the game.

        The game ended the way it was supoosed to, with a Beast Coast win.

        1. I to Queen Bee spent way too much of my valuable time doing the same thing today. I agree a small majority are for Jillian. The last poll I saw was 52% Jiliiam and 46% Gary.. This doesn’t change what happen or my opinion..Gary was robbed. Production is responsible….. Cowards…… Topaz was set up to be the fall guy. Jillian was lucky. It is, what it is. Reminds me of the saying, you can fool some of the people all of the time. All of the people some of the time. But can’t fool all of the people all of the time.. The show is done. I won’t watch again. Wonder if they’ll manage to hang on to their sponsors. So glad some people I know were not picked. Not sure I’ll even watch the summer US one… . The one bright spot for me was this site.. Thanks Simon and Dawg

          1. Gary wasn’t robbed, he’s had an unfair advantage being brought back so if by Topaz’s mistake he lost the game..oh well. It was unfair to the Beast Coast who’d already made Final 4 and in walks this guy who’d had 2 weeks of luxury at some mansion whilst the others were still playing and making thier way ti Final 4 , eating whatever he wanted, comparing notes with everyone, to resume a game he already lost. No.
            So if it was okay for that to happen then it was okay for him to lose the way he did. So he got ‘screwed’. Good. Other people got screwed when he came back, that’s why people are more in support of Jiliian winning over him. So that balances everything. Makes perfect sense there’s no way a person that had already been evicted had to win over one that was NEVER evicted, NEVER nominated and instrumental in getting out over half the jury.

            It’s so nice when divine intervention/ justice/ karma//call it wahtever you want happens. You call it an injustice, I call it a correction of an injustice.

          2. I would not call it a small majority supporting Jillian as the winner. Almost every post on this site, including most of yours that claim Jillian is undeserving and Gary was robbed have over 20 dislikes and less than 5 likes. Beyond that, big brother legends like evel dick, Dan and many other reality stars who follow the show have all tweeted and commented that Jillian was the most deserving winner. Like it has been said in a hundred posts, everyone else in this season and big brother history has managed to vote correctly. Maybe if Topaz took those moments to congratulate Gary instead of trying to be hateful towards Jillian things would be different. It’s nothing but karma. Gary spoke of bullying and being called names growing up in his speach and the jury members who “supported” him spent the night calling Jillian names and personally attacking her character over this game. No one set Topaz up, it’s ridiculous to even say that, how on earth could they have got her to put in the wrong key? For once this has nothing to do with production and everything to do with karma. Gary is not some victim here, he just became a reality star and this scandal has done nothing but add more buzz around his name. Seems like he couldn’t be happier! His fans should try to be as gracious as he has been. He has said in numerous interviews that Jill played an amazing game and totally deserved to win… Which she did!

    2. Did you not watch the show? She was clueless a good part of the time. While she occasionally made 1 or 2 solid moves, she mostly guided by someone else.

      1. lol. you should petition to be a honorary member of the shield aka the delusional embarassement. they also didn’t get a grasp on things going on in the house and they were participating and not just watching.

  138. I could not be happier with Jillian as the first winner of big brother Canada, though I am also a Gary fan. I think it is amazing how well Gary has taken this whole thing. He has managed to accept the end result & instead of trying to fault Jill and say nasty things about her he is actually happy for her and is taking more energy to look at the big picture of what this experience has done for his life & career. Gary will undoubtedly be the most memorable houseguest and will defiantly get another shot at the prize. The real tragedy here is the embarrassing behaviour from the “shield”. If you are still a shield fan at this point, you seriously need to give your head a shake! These guys are an embarrassment to the game! They both came in as strong strategic players who have claimed to have so much love for the big brother game.. Yet they have done nothing but personally attack Jillian for Topaz’s stupidity. Jill played a great game and absolutely deserved the prize. Great physical game and dispite what Peter and Alec say, she played a great social game.. She never even sat on the block all season long. You cannot claim to be a strategic mastermind if you can not even congradulate someone on their win because they lied..its what the game is about, and you’d think those two would be the first to put personal feelings aside and respect Jill’s game. Great job Jill! You deserve it! And great job Gary for being so gracious about this when you are the only one who actually has the right to be bitter. It’s over, seriously the shield it’s over… Please stop doing the shield sign.. It makes me cringe.. I’m embarrassed for both of them.

    1. Alex and Pater should retire that stupid sign. They lost on all dents and their theories proved nothing. To the very end they were even wrong about the winner. Well boys this only proves you cannot predict and precalculate life. Alex at least has some class left in him ( socializing with that genius Topaz wil be his downfall) but Peter is just a bitter loser. Aggressive too. No class.

  139. This may sound bad on my part but, I’m a Canadian and i love Big brother u.s more than Big brother Canada

  140. Topaz messing up the vote was epic and it should stand. A vote is a vote. The only thing I would change is have the voters go into some type of booth to vote that way they can pull out the dogtag and read it rather than try to hide it from the crowd.
    Another thing I would change is never have people come back once voted out. Once you are gone thats it. For all we really know is that Gary never had enough votes from Canada but production put him in anyway.

    1. They really didn’t have to hide it though. It was easy enough to read for them (except for Topaz apparently) but even the people sitting right next to/behind that podium wouldn’t have been able to see the name. Also, the show itself showed from the front, which had a little privacy guard up.
      Topaz was just trying to be “cutesy” and it cost Gary.

  141. Wow Gary was robbed blind! I don’t know if Topaz couldn’t see or what. I probably would have struggled to see too with those green cards with white writing. At least he got a fat $20,000 check anyways.

  142. During the all important final vote reveal, Gary was staring at the video screen looking like an incredibly vacant self-styled fashion dummy. How ironic it was that he ultimately lost the game because one of his supporters just happened to vote like a complete dummy. Actually as I said earlier this was no coincidence.

  143. I *** hated *** Topaz all season – could not stand to even look at her, hear her voice, she her shake her ass, talk about her pussy, etc. THEN THE HEAVENS PARTED and last night my hate turned into admiration – for her sheer stupidity and unwillingness to wake up and follow Big Brother rules. If she was in the house (not in the studio) when that happened, it would have been the real ho that came out and screamed F**k you. Every time she voted to evict a woman she would say, Yeah you’re a nice girl but you gotta go. She is pure utter trash right up until the end. She’s going to have to work overtime at the “dentist’s” office (wink wink) to pay Glitter Fairy back the 80K she robbed him of. Nappying was her strategy. Way to go girl. A final farewell to my girl “topless” – woops ‘Topaz’. Make it rain, girl.

    1. Megan – You have the audacity to speak the truth -I feel the same as you do about Topaz and love the way you describe her . Take care.

  144. Jillian was busy making love and kissing Emmet. She does not deserve the prize. Justice was not served. true winner is Gary. Jil won competitions out of sheer luck. she is not better than any of the other house guests. Something about her just doesn’t click with me . She is so fake and dishonest it shows during her stay in the house and on her morning show interviews.

    1. well you should state your case to the shield aka the bitter losers. they will understand your personal and emotional resentments against jillian and assure you to be intellectually superior to all those idiots thinking jillian deserved to win. they call it their rationale and will support your brilliant analysis of jillian’s game (winning everything by sheer luck when all she really did was make out with emmett lol) by making you an honorary member.

  145. I think that Topaz’ mistake was a deliberate one. I truly believe that it was the final twist in the game, one preordained from the time Gary went back in the house. Gary’s face was too stoic when the winner was chosen and Topaz’ outrage was totally faked, not at all convincing if you recall her past explosions in the house (she’s not a very good actress) and even on the Morning Show she did not come off sounding believable, she couldn’t look anyone in the eye, she kept looking down when she was relating how the error occurred. I know “scripted” material when I see it.

    I think production sent Gary back in (it could have been any one of the others too) with the intent that should he get to Final 2, then this supposed error would be made and he would at least get $20,000 for going along with the act. Gary was not at all dismayed by the fact that Jillian was chosen, all he ever wanted was to get “spotted” by the fashion world. Who knows, he will probably end up with a lucrative offer that will be worth much more than the $80,000 which he supposedly lost, at least that’s his fervent wish. I wish him well as I think he has great talent, I’ve seen his creations in the house.

    By the way folks, Jillian is only a supply teacher, which is not a permanent position. She did state on the Morning Show that she has no job and that the money will go towards paying off her student loan and a downpayment on a home.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion on the finale and I’m sticking to it!

    1. I dont think production would have gone to that extent…if Topaz did deliberately vote for Jill to win it would have been to hurt Peter and Alec, who hated Jill to a ridiculous extent, plus Peter did not use the veto on Topaz, and Alec treated Topaz pretty badly at times in the house…and maybe topaz got sick of hearing peter and alec talk about how much they hate Jill and wanted to vote for Jill to win as she realized Jill was the more worthy winner who lied for strategy within the game, but not to hurt people on a personal level like Peter and Alec like to do…Topaz could have faked the mistake knowing Gary would still be her friend as he was cool with 20k, and both Gary and Topaz would get way more headlines because of the voting drama…another possibility is that topaz may have thought arissa would not read out who voted for who meaning she may have thought her vote for jill to win may have stayed anonymous, but we will never know truly what the intention of topaz was…Peter and Alec were mentally crushed that Jill won

      the funny thing is that on this site 2 nights before the finale i joked about possible ridiculous finale night twists, one being the final 2 would have the chance to each bribe a jury member of their choice with 10% of their eventual prizemoney…i had a laugh when some people were saying aj and topaz were asked by production to change their vote to make it more interesting

      if Gary is cool with 2nd and is congratulating Jill on the win it would be good to see Garys fans follow his classy lead and example and do the same

      the fact is jill did more in the game, won a bunch of HOH comps, teamed up with strong people to keep herself safe, and developed some good friendships…was never on the block or had a vote against her pre jury vote, just like Dan, and was responsible for alot of players leaving the game…of the final 2, she actually spent the entire 10 weeks in the house, whereas Gary got a few weeks physical and mental break plus unfair jury info and interaction advantage when he was evicted…so quite clearly the more deserving player won…she was my pick to win after week 2, and Im glad to see Jill won

  146. Big Brother Canada House Guest Twitter accounts:

    1. Talla = @Talla_87
    2. Gary = @GaryLevyOnline
    3. Peter = @alsopeterbrown
    4. Alec = @AlecBeall
    5. Aj = @BurmanAJ
    6. Andrew = @Drewmanji74
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