Big Brother Canada: Liza notices the camera on them and says it’s just waiting for a n*p slip.

POV Holder: Tom Next POV March 6th ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Suzette Next HOH: March 6th ?
Original Nominations: Emmett and Tom
Current Nominations: Emmett and Kat
Last Evicted Houseguest ?

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 305pm

2:30pm – 3pm Alec tells Topaz that he isn’t wearing any underwear. Gary then tries to pull down his pants. Andrew, Topaz, Alec, Liza and Aj are in the kitchen chatting and eating. Andrew starts talking about what they were told to wear and wonders if they will have an endurance competition tonight. AJ says that he thinks he is going to be nominated but says that if the guys win HOH he will be safe. Meanwhile in the bedroom: Peter, Danielle, Tom, Emmett, Gary are talking about random stuff. Liza and Andrew join them. Andrew and Liza are in bed talking about if he won HOH and how he isn’t sure who he would put up on the block. Liza thinks that there is a major twist that is coming that Canada knows about and we don’t. Andrew isn’t sure. Liza says that they don’t want there to be a clean sweep so there is going to be a twist to change things up.

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 314pm

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 315pm

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 316pm

3:20pm Most of the house guests are in the bedroom talking. Sue is talking about how she has to return her letter. The others are surprised that she can’t keep it. Andrew tells Liza that she hasn’t talked to Peter in a while. Liza says that she doesn’t trust Peter. Andrew talks about how he likes Emmitt. Liza notices that the camera is on them and says that it’s just waiting for a nip slip.

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 326pm

3:35pm Alec, Peter, and Aj are sitting at the kitchen table. Peter is building something. Emmett and Tom join them. Tom is using a lint roller on his hair and face. (LOL)

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 335pm

3:45pm – 4pm The house guests are told that in 15 minutes there will be a house meeting in the living room. In the kitchen the house guests start cleaning up and getting ready for the meeting. They think the meeting is just about being told what’s going to happen to night for the live episode. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Aneal jokes with Emmett and tells him that he wasn’t able to get him the votes. Emmett tells him that he is so little he just wants to pick him up and throw him. Meanwhile, Liza and Andrew are in the storage room saying that one of them or Emmett has to win head of household tonight. They talk about how they want to put Suzette up on the block.

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 340pm

4pm – 4:20pm Live Feeds showing the “Hush, Hush Screen” for the meeting..

4:46pm Feeds are still blocked..

5:30pm Live feeds are still blocked and probably will be until after the Live Episode airs on the east coast.

6:40pm “Hush Hush” Continues…

8pm Feeds won’t be coming back till after the Live Show. While we wait, tell us who you think will be evicted? Kat? or Emmett? And who will win HOH?

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What, no model contestant

Juicy J

That was not Jillian with Andrew, that was Liza !


Easy to confuse those two this early in the show..


I really hope the feeds aren’t out until 11pm EST.. that’s a long time. I’m sure they will be though.


I liked Kat when I was reading the first interviews. But after listening to her try to scam and coach everyone, I hope she goes.


She reminds me a lot like Natalie BB11


So true. She’s very much like Natalie.