Big Brother 15 Finale Results and Discussion


After what is arguably one of the most controversial seasons of Big Brother we have made it to finale night where either Andy Herren, Ginamarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson will be crowned the winner and be awarded the $500,000 grand prize. Spencer is known for breaking the record for the number of times on the block as a pawn and by managing to not be evicted 8 times. Ginamarie is best known this season for nominating the power couple Amanda & McCrae which lead to the eviction of Amanda. Andy is best known for playing both sides of the house while being loyal to Amanda & McCrae the majority of the game until he joined a new alliance called the exterminators which masterminded the eviction of Amanda, Elissa and McCrae.

FINAL 3 House Guest Stats:

  • Spencer’s stats: HOH 1, POV 1, On the Block 8
  • Ginamarie’s stats: HOH 2, POV 0, On the block 3
  • Andy’s stats: HOH 2, POV 2, On the Block 1


  • Andy vs. Ginamarie in part 3 of 3 = Andy wins
  • Winner of final HOH competition = Andy
  • Andy votes to evict = Spencer
  • Andy wins Big Brother 15
  • America’s Favorite House Guest = ELISSA


3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = Andy
  • Part 3 – Ginamarie Vs Andy = Andy
  • FINAL HOH winner = Andy

Final House Guest Evicted from the Big Brother house: Spencer
Candice Votes – Andy
Elissa Votes – Andy
McCrae Votes – Andy
Helen Votes – Andy
JUDD Votes – GM
Aaryn Votes – GM
Jessie Votes – Andy
Amanda Votes – Andy
Spencer – Andy

WINNER of Big Brother 15: Andy
GM wins 50 grand

House Guest Awarded America’s Favorite: Elissa
JUDD, Elissa and Howard were the top three

If Elissa wins America’s Favorite we’ll see if Spencer follows through with his threat of “pulling down his pants and sh*tting on the stage.”

Most notable controversial moments that landed some of the house guests in hot water outside the house:

  • Aaryn Gries being dropped by her modeling agency for the racist comments she made on the live feeds. View the post HERE
  • Ginamarie being fired from her job as a pageant coordinator for making racist remarks. View the post HERE
  • Spencer being investigated by the police and his employer issuing a statement regarding his comments about child p*rn. View the posts HERE and HERE
  • Andy’s past employer issued a statement about not wanting to be associated with his views and comments on the live feeds.
  • Amanda’s Real Estate Company that she worked for removed her from their website due to her comments on the live feeds.

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537 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Finale Results and Discussion

      1. OMG! Haven’t even been able to start watching tonight’s show after just hearing the tragic news about Baby Tilly! :-(
        Prayers for Britney and her family – we already know none of these 3 FREAKS deserve any money…CBS should donate the money to Britney on behalf of all BB fans to help baby Tilly’s fight against CANCER!!! So sad it makes it that much more disturbing any of the final 3 are about to be rewarded for such poor actions all summer!

        Prayers for Baby Tilly!

        1. Although I feel bad for her baby, Britney was a whiny asshole. I didn’t like her AT ALL either season she was on and hope she never makes another appearance on BB or any other CBS show. I mean, what makes her so great? She was another floater. That being said, I wish the best for her baby.

          1. SERIOUSLY!?! Is that you Spencer? I’ve only witnessed such vile cruel bs from your mouth but am shocked you are online so quickly!?!
            Yeah, it’s clear how much care u have for Tilly! Do you have a dictionary? Look up EMPATHY? Liking or disliking BRITNEY is a non-issue…her newborn baby girl has CANCER you psychopath! Praying you aren’t a parent along w prayers for Tilly!


            1. Andy didn’t deserve to win it at all. Andy took a lot of credit from Amanda and Helen. Andy says, “He did that, he did this.” When he wasn’t on Helen’s float, Andy was securely on Amanda’s float. He took credit for the exterminators who were a team and there is no “I” in team. Without the help of the Spencer, Judd, and GM, Andy would have continued to be the third wheel to Amanda. Spencer and GM are survivors. They might it through the season without the extreme protection from Amanda. They didn’t have a successful alliance to help them. Andy sat there on final night like he masterminded an alliance to survivor the whole season. If the exterminators started the first week like the moving company they would have been dismantled. I wished GM would have been intelligent enough to give a good speech. I think GM deserved to win even though she is a racist. GM had good stats, too. It doesn’t matter too much to me who won. I stopped rooting for someone when Elissa left anyway. I wish Howard won America’s Favorite. I think Howard deserved to win that. He endured a lot of racism with class.

              1. I disagree, the response given by Who Cares…. was uncalled for – calling Britney whiny asshole…. no excuse for such nonsense at this time in her life. And I found the ending… ‘I wish the best for her baby’ to be condescending…

              2. i think the thing we forget is that these people werent picked because they were really nice, but rather that they were asshole narcissists.
                andy- biggest asshole of them all.
                we want to see good things in some of them but there really isnt. would you want any of these people as neighbors? married into your family? if you said yes, then i think that may say something about you.
                i have to say that im enjoying bb-canada much more that bb, but canada seems to manipulate the game more.

              3. I hate Andy but he played a good game. He was in a house full of dummies that allowed Amanduh and Mclazy to run the show. Every week they spilled their guts to Amanduh’s 1st in command(Rat fink Andy) and he was able to report to Amanduh while keeping the rest of the house in the dark. I have never seen a season of BB where a power couple is allowed to stay in the house so long and also have one player play ALL SIDES OF THE HOUSE WITHOUT GETTING HIS ASS VOTED OUT!!

          2. Oh my God! And I thought the houseguests were bad. But you have taken it to a new and really sad LOW. So how low can you go – well, I guess we know how low you can. HORRIBLE – SIMPLY HORRIBLE!!!!

            1. To “Who cares about Britney?” This is an innocent baby who has cancer. How can you be so insensitive to its mother? And why would anyone give you a thumbs up? This is not a stupid game we are talking about here. This is a child’s life. Please, show some compassion.

              1. I don’t think Who Cares was “being insensitive to Britney”. That person was responding to a post by another person, not to Britney. And from what I read the poster did show empathy toward the baby by wishing her well. I think he/she was just saying that why is Britney even being mentioned at all in this forum, especially since this last update was about season 15’s finale? The person who first commented on Britney had a right to do so I suppose but then so did Who Cares. And again from what I read they were just saying who is Britney? They were not attacking Britney at all, just expressing an opinion to an anonymous poster. There have been approximately 200 contestants over 15 years of BB, many of whom have children and personal woes. Britney was liked by some but not by all. I’m guessing Who Cares is saying how does Britney even merit a mention on these blogs since she didn’t win and was for the most part a floater? The person was just saying they didn’t like Britney. Period. They at least went out of their way to say it’s too bad about her baby and wishes her well. The follow-up posts are off the mark I think. But hey if they can insult Who Cares, then Who Cares can insult whoever they want. People love to express their opinion so long as you don’t disagree with them. The hypocrisy is ironic.

                1. “Britney was ok but” – really? REALLY?
                  What a long rant to excuse an extremely cruel ATTACK of a new Mom currently going through something so sad …VERY disturbing!
                  Yes, you’re correct, I made the post on “BB15 finale night” but uummmm – just FYI…
                  THIS IS A SITE FOR BIG BROTHER FANS & FOLLOWERS – Most of which have HEARTS & compassion, just in general, and especially for past BB cast members! Much like Jeff & Jordan (for example) – Britney was & is an adored alumni of Big Brother (polar opposites from the vile trash which filled that house this past summer) AND maybe you missed the episodes but actually SHE DID TAKE PART IN “BB15”- she played the rays of sunshine during an otherwise VERY dark season as she appeared sharing, VERY proudly, her baby belly and news of her precious baby that was on the way! Furthermore, on ANOTHER episode during this “BB15 season” – Julie Chen shared w America announcing Tilly’s birth – which even the disgusting BB15 hg’s themselves were overjoyed hearing! So my post wasn’t as random “who’s she talking about” to be excusing anyone making the attack that was made on her! If you are seriously trying to sell “the poster did show empathy for the baby”?!? For real? Then let me suggest you borrow his dictionary and look up “comprehension”!!!

                  Lastly, “Not a PHD Student…” – FRIKN OBVIOUSLY not a PHD anything! Children’s Cancer is a tragic reality thousands and thousands of families deal with and to suggest Britney is supposed to be treated my different “just because she was on bb” is NOT what the post even implied! For her to speak out and share their precious baby girl’s diagnosis was beyond Brave and selfless to bring awareness to just that!

                  “On September 1st, we were among the daily 720 sets of parents to be absolutely devastated with a Childhood Cancer diagnosis. September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Please take the time to pray for all these children, our sweet baby included. We appreciate each and every one.”

                  That was her exact statement – as a new Mom she didn’t have to go “public”!?! But w strength and courage She did – to the BB fanbase thus using the platform of major network which is CBS – Her voice is being heard and prayers are being made for EVERYONE in that sad circumstance – Baby Tilly is reaching millions to help bring awareness for ALL families fighting Cancer!

                  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!?! Wow!

                  1. Oh please. Save the sanctimony. This is an opinion board for Pete’s sake. That’s what people do – give opinions. Nobody is saying anything about Britney’s baby (other than what a tragedy it is and they hope for a full recovery). Who Cares is just saying they didn’t like Britney as a game player. They are allowed to do that here, just as you are allowed to kneel at the altar of past BB players that you liked. Get over yourselves. And while you are at it, the very thing you are accusing Who Cares of doing (being an asshole for criticizing) YOU are doing the same to him/her. So since you value your opinion of yourself so much how about letting other people give theirs without jumping down their throat. Peace.

                  2. Yeah, right. You were probably an Amanda hater. This blog was full of them. If it was revealed Amanda has a sick child at home I doubt you or her detractors would suddenly do a 180 and begin to glorify her. You may gratuitously empathize for the child but you would go on bashing Amanda and calling her disgusting names. Sorry, but having a sick child or any other personal crisis doesn’t give you a pass from criticism. Who Cares did not say anything bad about Britney’s baby, and indeed DID offer empathy. They merely said Britney was a whiny asshole when she was a contestant on the show, which arguably is true. No attacks were made to Britney and nothing further was said. Who Cares was just offering an opinion to a post PillDocs put up. And from the looks of things a lot of people agreed with the sentiment. Get a grip already. It’s people like you that are blowing this one innocuous opinion about a former player (NOT her baby) way out of proportion. And if you are going to be so judgmental ask yourself if you posted something negative about a HG this season in response to a positive post about that person. Stop being a hypocrite.

          3. Gosh, who cares about Britney, seems like you’re having a tough time distinguishing between reality and a television show. Your comment was unnecessary and just mean-spirited. Get a life, or better yet, contemplate the word kindness – it doesn’t seem to be a part of your outlook on life.

        2. I love how quick some people are to judge how other people should spend their money. If you are so concerned about Britney’s baby’s health, there’s nothing keeping you from donating your money of course it’s a lot more self righteous to tell other people they should donate , while you give nothing.

        3. This happens to 1000’s of families everyday that were not on TV. Brittney is no different or should be treated any different because she was on BB. Many other families are going through the same or even worse, let’s hope you feel the same way for all those people who were not on a TV show!!

      2. Lmao! Dawg & Simon you guys are SERIOUSLY the best! Made the absolute BEST out of the WORST season of BB Ever! I LOVE the reminder to watch for Spencer to follow through w his threat of such a class act If & When Elissa gets Americas Vote and then the “Seasons Most Notable” moments listed for us!!! ROFLMAO! Wow! CBS knocked it outta the park w this cast! NOT!

        Y’all absolutely ROCK!
        This Dawg/Simon Fan will return for BB16!!!
        Thanks for y’all’s true dedication and hard work keeping us all up to date!

        1. I agree – thanks Simon & Dawg & all the posters who have made this season bearable!! But I have to say that I will never again trust anything I see on T.V. According to tonite’s CBS program – Spencer is just a good ole boy – floater maybe – but meaning no harm; G.M. is just a good ole girl – a bit delusional maybe, & a funny loud mouth – but still, meaning no harm; And Andy, just a backstabber maybe – but just playing the game – & again – meaning no harm. REALLY??!! What is so sad is that millions of viewers who only watched the broadcast, & had no idea of how truly disgusting these people are, will actually believe this B.S. Broadcast. Only hope that all the jurors see what a scumbag they voted for! At least Elissa got America’s player. Though I wish I could see her face when she sees how badly Andy talked about her (since she voted for him). My fav moment was when Judd told Amanda “So are we all just suppose to pack our bags & let you win?” Worse moment (though there were Soooo many) was when Spencer held the sandwich up & compared it to Amanda’s vagina – Uggh!! Well again, thanks everybody for making this as fun as it could be. So until next time – PEACE OUT!!

      3. EW ANDY THE FLOATER WON?!?!?!… i am not going to watch this show again – so over it. I hope he finds out that majority of the fans of BB don’t like him.

        1. Omg Gina PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT NICK. Jesus! Final questions for Gina she had to talk
          About nick and make a bigger fool of her self. I felt sorry for him when SHE RAN TO HIM, I bet him wanted to run away.
          She is a fool. On one hand I’m glad she won the 50k and not spencer. Andy was the better player out of the three and he gave good points
          On his final questions but out of the three spencer needed to go. Hey Gina got Amanda out.

          1. Actually, Nick DID NOT run from Gina Marie, he seems to be quite smittened by this vile excuse for a woman. He did a TV broadcast and he stated he has already bought the tickets for the monster truck show he promised her for their first date. And he is looking forward to getting to know Gina Marie out of the house and that people can change. He stated that he and Gina Marie became very close in the house and much of it the viewing public did not see. He said that she even saw him at his weakest moments, as they cried together. He even took his own Mother to the finale so she could meet her (perhaps) future daughter in law?

            So, Nick, surely does not appear to be a victim in the love affair that appeared to some to be only one sided. It seems that Nick is just as much into Gina Marie, as is Gina Marie, into Nick. So, now we just have to sit back and see how long this short lived BBH showmance ends up, they will either end up married or Nick after getting to know her out of the BBH, gets tired of Gina Marie’s constant belching, swearing, racial slurs, and altogether unbecoming behavior, then he has to get a restraining order to keep her away.

            And her excuse of coming from Staten Island, NJ, is NO excuse for her disgusting behavior, as much as she would like to use it as an excuse. After all, she is “JUST GINA MARIE”,! Her words not mine. She now has the funds to finance his You Tube en devour he has embarked on. And to keep him around, I’m sure she won’t have any problems in helping his dream come true.

            You could pretty much tell by her speech (as to why SHE should win the BB grand prize), just how absolutely “articulate” she is. Or, quite the lack of. I don’t know stranger things have happened? Look at Amanda and McCrae? UGH!

            1. It’s mind-boggling. Nick is an Ivy League grad I believe and he wants to be with a racist 33 year old, who he only knew for two weeks a couple months ago, who is unemployed, still lives with her parents, and can’t even put together a sentence like a first grader? This is the stuff Jerry Springer shows are made of. He could probably have his pick of a bevy of beauties but he may want GM? Smh.

        2. I wish I thought it would make a difference (how Andy will feel once he reads posts/blogs etc.) but I don’t think that, as a narcissist, he will feel anything other than what he wants to feel about himself – no matter that the posts are so glaringly bad. He will simply tell himself everyone is wrong because “they haven’t met me face to face and therefore do not know me and for that matter – they do not matter to me.” He’s hopeless and useless – so let’s not waste any more of our brain cells on him. But, not to worry, all his rat friends are going to come scurrying out of the woodwork to help him spend his prize money. Bets on how long the money will last? Anyone?

          1. Yeah the last thing I would worry about with 500K Is what a bunch of internet trolls thought. He outplayed every person on that stage including Elissa Queen of the Floaters, and FYI gay people can save money just as well as straight people do d-bag.

            1. Lighten up – your comment back was plain stupid. There was no reference to sexuality. Rats are rats. The commenter was basically stating what normally happens when someone -anyone, comes into a large sum of money publicly. All the sudden, everyone (rat, human, alien life form – its equal opportunity here) wants to try to get you to part with it.

          2. Amanda is the same way, when she bullies, attacks and or trashes someone it’s because they deserved it or they’re being to sensitive. When someone says the SLIGHTEST unkind thing toward her she cries like a baby. When someone fights back and doesn’t take her low blows, that person is just horrible. I hope the next person that interviews her doesn’t lob her softballs and calls her on her hypocritical, delusional sociopathic idiocy.

        3. i cant imagine how much production was in the jurys ears to vote for gameplay (andy). i think thats why they brought dr will on, terrible segment btw.
          elissa voting for andy- thats the proof in the pudding.

      4. Watching the post-show interview hosted by BB- JEFF. Aryan was just interviewed and she has been closely shadowed by no less than 3 PR WOMEN who no doubt have massively coached her on how to handle these live interviews. They put in in a sparkly, strapless Barbie-princess dress and the only thing missing is a crown. But you know, I still see a massive, little bitch. There’s no amount of PR that can erase that from her character.

        1. I did not see that at all. I saw a very young woman that is sincerely sorry about the things she said and have to give her thumbs up because she at least had the guts to apologize which none of the other pigs had the guts to do. I applaud her!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I think Aaryn is young and dumb but she did apoligize so lets give her a chance to see if she can shape up. Even Weiner got a second chance. He messed it up so shame on him but hopefully Aaryn can make the most of a second chance.

            1. If I were Aaryn I’d give one big F$CK YOU to every asshole out there who had the temerity to judge her. She owes no-one an apology. This was a game show for crying out loud, and whether or not she was kidding or meant the things she said, that’s HER business! This is America. Where you can think and say what you like. If you know her, work with her, or are related to her, treat her however way you wish. But for the millions of jerkoffs who don’t know her, how about reading the vitriolic posts you wrote this season or examine your conscience in front of a mirror for awhile. Tons of them were 1000% worse than anything Aaryn said. Other than Jesus and the Virgin Mary, there is no human being that is perfect. Aaryn, you are a bright, beautiful young woman who is going to go far. Don’t let any of these hypocrite assholes bring you down. In my opinion you aren’t 1/100 of the bigot these posts portrayed you as. And shame on Julie Chen and CBS for the way you were treated the night of your eviction and prior to that when Chen was on the CBS shows putting you down and putting a giant magnifying glass over just you. That was more shameful than anything you said in the house.

      1. NO, JULIE CHEN DID NOT!!!!!!!!! All CHEN DID WAS ONCE AGAIN TRY AND MAKE THE 22ND YEAR OLD THE SCAPE GOAT!!! She never called the pigs out for the horrible things she did. She should of called Andy out in front of Elissa for the horrible things he said about her son!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. CBS got their ratings by hyping the ‘racist’ comments made in the house and Chen scored a bullseye with the politically correct crowd the night of Aaryn’s eviction. I wonder if they thought they may be in hot water legally with Aaryn’s public shaming that they just decided to play it safe and treat the rest of the game the same way it’s been dealt with every other season. I mean, some of the things Aaryn said were controversial, as were things said by every other HG, every season. But no laws or rules were broken (as far as I know) so who is CBS or Chen to judge a HG’s conduct? They aren’t the morality police (except in Kaitlyn’s and Aaryn’s case, apparently). Chen did right by not putting anybody else on the hot seat. It remains to be seen whether there will be consequences regarding Aaryn’s exit interview. Doubtful since she is married to CBS’s President, but maybe a jury if there is ever a civil suit will say otherwise. I personally think CBS should change the format and get rid of a live host. Or maybe hire Dr. Will to be it next season?

          1. I can actually see CBS being sued over Chen’s interview with Aaryn, and not beause she did not say the things she did but because Chen only said those things to the YOUNGEST person on BB this season. I expect to see CBS sued over that and cannot say I blame them. CBS clearly only publically berated the youngest on the show when there were definitely others that were more disgusting and vulgar. If they called one out then CBS should of done the same with all of them and in lieu of Chen coming out about having eye surgery to correct her asian eyes it is very clear that Chen was not offended by any comments that were made about her.

            1. Considering that this all seems like a massive attack on a single contestant by CBS, where proof is abound that others were much more vicious in their comments – btw, I think this last week has been the worst of all weeks this past season as far as vulgar and offensive speech goes – I think Aaryn could get a settlement if she sued them. I’ll have to ask my lawyer and also a friend who happens to be a lawyer what they think, but CBS set out to ruin her reputation even after she long realized she needs to put a muzzle on it and actually did, while shielding other people who were more guilty. There is something very wrong with that and even though I don’t think she will want to touch it anymore but rather get away from the entire race thing altogether……. well, I’m just saying I feel she would have a pretty good case, but it would be a fight with mighty CBS and their money and their lawyers, so she will likely not want a part of it.

              I do hope she sues that producer d-bag who hit and dented her car then just walked away looking at her all funny.

            2. You are right. Chen lost all credibility of her saying she was “outraged” by Aaryn’s remarks when she admitted she had plastic surgery to hide her ‘Asianness’. Chen is a giant hypocrite and lost the moral high ground on criticizing anyone, let alone Aaryn, for racist things said in the house. Saying words is one thing. But actually changing your face because you don’t like what your heritage made you is way worse in my opinion. Either way, Chen is the last person to judge Aaryn.

          2. “who is CBS or Chen to judge a HG’s conduct?”

            Human beings. It’s what they do.

            And I’m amused that anybody thinks that Julie Chen was the one who decided who to grill and who to not. She’s just the host and mouthpiece of production. Anybody who has ever been involved in a TV show knows that saying the host decides the topics that she covers is blaming the weatherman for rain. Production tells Julie “Here is what you are going to ask them about” and she does it.

            How, anything that she may have said outside of the show? That’s a different beast. But once off the stage she’s an American with an Opinion, just like most of the people here.

            1. In most cases I would agree with you about the hosts, but not when your husband is the president of CBS!!! Julie Chen could of done whatever she wanted to but SHE CHOSE TO ONLY BE HATEFUL TO THE YOUNGEST AND DEFINITELY NOT THE WORSE HOUSE GUEST this season. Julie Chen is a bigot and a racist who is ashamed of her own race, and personally hope CBS, BB Producers and Julie Chen have to answer for not calling out the scummy final three for their comments and the others!!!!!!!!

            2. Ah yes, the good old Nuremberg defense. I’m not guilty because I was only following orders. Please. Chen had a choice. She chose to go for ratings, appease the politically correct prudes, and play judge, jury, and executioner. And before you say that she had no choice because production made her, I think her being married to CBS’s President trumps any threat of repercussions from production she may have experienced. Just my opinion. Interestingly, CBS put that disclaimer up every show that views of the HGs do not reflect CBS’s views. No such disclaimer was put up as far as I could see saying that views of Julie Chen do not represent CBS’s views. Therefore, she is the face of CBS. What she says she is speaking also for CBS, in my opinion.

          3. Julie did mentioned to the house guest that the goings on the house were all well known in the public. wonder if any of them are going to bother checking out how they were preceived or look the feeds…

            Spency how you changed – wonder why he did not ask julie why she came to the house drunk. Hey I thought you were going to drop your pants and take a crap on the stage after Elissa won AFP. and andy did not kill himself.

            Andy’s big win did not see so exciting like years past.

            do we know if there was an after party for the freaks – I know Rachel had said on twitter they were going only invite the HG that were liked.

          4. I agree completely. And my biggest issue all along has been the fact that (while admittedly inappropriate and NOT okay) Aaryn’s comments were mostly made in jest. I understand they were offensive to many people and that in order to even joke about racial things there is likely an underlying belief that what you’re saying is true. But the majority of the rest of the house particularly comments made by Amanda, Spencer, Gina Marie, Jeremy, and Andy WERE NOT intended as a joke and were much more vile in nature. Yet Aaryn is the one that got the most bad publicity.

            In fact, most of what Aaryn said was almost “innocent” or “naive” sounding, especially in the beginning. She quoted a well known skit about nails, she referred to Andy as “queer,” she used the term black (frequently), and she referenced “asian eyes.” Maybe it’s my own naivety that really just isn’t nearly as disgusted by her as I am by most of the other houseguests but to me she sounded like high school or college kid making jokes they think are funny and haven’t learned can be offensive yet.

            Not saying that Aaryn is a nice person (especially in the beginning she was just plain mean) – but honestly when ranking the most offensive houseguests this seasons, she’s pretty far down the list for me.

            1. 100% correct and when you realize that an adult’s brain is not fully developed until they are 25 years old makes sense. That is why kids go to college is to learn and they are going to make tons of mistakes and they should. Geez, I am so different now than when I was in college; it is called GROWING UP. Nice to read that both Howard and Candice totally understood that Aaryn’s stupid comments were made out of total ignorance, and not out of racial bias unlike Amanda, Gina Marie, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Andy who are plenty old enough to of known better and said the vile things they said out of PURE HATE. Even today Andy still does not get it that he said very vile and vulgar things about people. Shame on CBS for not letting them have it with both barrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            2. Aaryn is 22 going on 16 and I don’t mean that as an insult. I think she’s just a young girl who showed some bad judgment, mostly due to immaturity. It’s the older people on the show who should be ashamed of their behavior. Only the fact that she woke up so quickly and changed her tune, visibly worried about how the public perceives her is enough for me to forgive her. I was happy to see her make up with Candice, as they both stated last night they’ve gotten really close this past week. Compare all that to the other contestants who continued to belittle others to the very end… well, Aaryn comes out so far ahead of the rest of pack, it’s not even a contest. She seems a lot smarter and nicer than many realize.. some just can’t let go of the bad two weeks she had during a very tumultuous time with Jeremy causing havoc around the house. Seriously, how can anyone compare her to Amanda or Gina or Spencer or Andy toward the end. It’s pretty ridiculous, imo, yet she is forced to take the brunt of the criticism by CBS, but I’m glad to have been reading for a while now various articles around the web stating just how CBS focused its anger on this one contestant and not the others. So people have noticed.

        2. Julie hinted at the behavior but she sugar coated the vileness and her interview with Spencer was slow pitch underhand softballs. I was really disappointed in her.

          1. yes – but you only have so much time – they have all of those commercials to be aired. too bad spervy could not have acted like that – not be a di ck….all his edit hit the floor – because we only saw in the dr and when he was doing his comp.

    1. WHAT BS!!!!!! Julie Chen did not call one of the pigs out for their comments or actions in the house and Spencer acting like he did not say anything horrid made me want to GAG!!!!!! Elissa is going to hate herself in the morning for voting for Andy after she reads the horrible things he said about her and her child. Helen jumping around made me want to throw up!! This show is such BS!!!! Howard was the only one that showed any class at all, and at least he said the truth that it was not just one. I honestly think that Chen really is a racist and a bigot and wants to be white so badly that she picked on the one house guest that would not just get up and knock her on her butt if she did to them what she did to Aaryn. This whole show made me sick to my stomach, and Helen LYING that her crying was for real. Did the IDIOT forget that she admitted on the live feeds that she fake cries so that her children behave!!!!!!!!! What a bunch or hypocrites and bigots. Elissa looking like she was surprised that she won AF was bull crap. You could tell she knew she had it in the bag. HYPOCRITES, LIARS, BIGOTS, BULLIES and RACIST EVERYONE. I did love it when Jeremy called Helen out for her fake crying crap!!! The only good part of the entire show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. Why? He’s already demonstrated what a bad actor he is. Nobody believed him even after he swore on the bible (and then proceeded to lie). I wouldn’t reward him or anybody else from this season with ANY jobs, notariety, etc. None of them deserve it.

            2. That is really, really awesome news! Good for him. Hopefully, he does come out of this w/ a new acting career, that is what he was wanting anyway. Thanks for posting this! Finally, some good news!

    2. Thankfully Elissa assured everyone that her $25,000 would go toward a good cause – it would help fund her “wellness” center , yoga studio and Elissercize videos.

    3. This awful season of Big Brother is ended, thankfully, and so I’ll keep my opinions of the finale brief.

      To say that Andy is perhaps the least deserving of the $500,000 prize would only be restating the obvious. The dislike of him as a game player and as a person has been blogged about repeatedly these past few months. When Helen came out on stage and cheerfully blurted out something to the effect that Andy would stand a good chance of winning, I knew the fix was in. That and the fact that apparently only Andy’s parents were seated in the audience to “cheer him on”.

      Given GinaMaries inability to communicate in a more articulate manner, I knew it would cost her the grand prize. Had she been able to brag (like Andy) about her accomplishments (and I consider getting Amanda and McCrae out of the house to be a HUGE accomplishment), she might have been able to persuade a few more of the jurors to cast a vote for her. As it stood, Andy won over a majority of the jurors including, to my surprise, Elissa and Spencer. Andy had just evicted Spencer and deprived him of winning any money and yet Spencer cast his vote for Andy to win the grand prize. As for Elissa, I have to believe that she was still victim to Helen’s powers of persuasion.

      The warm hearted congratulatory hugs and kisses for Andy by the jurors at the end of the show will be replaced by feelings of anger and disappointment after they’ve had an opportunity to view some of the behind-the-scenes feeds and spoken with friends and relatives regardin the vile things Andy said about each and every one of them before and AFTER their evictions. Perhaps then they’ll have time to reflect on their poor decision to award $500,000 to the sad excuse for a human being that is Andy Herren. Only it will be too late.

      Sadly, neither Andy nor Spencer made good on their “threats” if Elissa won America’s Favorite award. Andy is still breathing and the stage remained unsoiled by Spencer. I did notice, however, that Spencer leaned over and whispered something to Andy after Elissa’s name was announced. Andy managed a smile but only a weak one. At least Big Brother managed to toss a lightening bolt into Andy’s moment of happiness.

      1. GM’s family (mom and stepdad?) were there as well as Spencer’s family. I think there were 3 there for him. may be the girl was marilyn.

      1. McCrusty and Demanda have returned to their soiled bed in the Big Brother House and are back to be ‘McRanda’. They plan to remain there, as the filthy, squalid, freeloading squatters until the start of Big Brother All Stars.

    1. Damn. Rat turd made it to final HOH. Hope he doesn’t get any jury votes. By taking GM you just ensured her the win you lying traitorous asshole. Thanks for giving that racist skank ANY money. She’ll need it since she won’t be working. Maybe she won’t be eligible for that n$$$er insurance now that she won a big cash prize.

      See Candice is still keeping it real. That big mouth wouldn’t even be on the jury if CBS hasn’t decided to add two more spots.

        1. I definitely didn’t want Andy the Rat to win, but based on the answers that he gave to the jury’s questions, I would have voted for him also. GinaMarie was more like Caitlin–Miss South Carolina Teen. And Iraq and uhh such as and so forth and uhh uh. ..

          1. Now with the 50k GM won, she can hire Andy to teach her how to properly speak. It seems as though only McCrae was aware of her poor english since he was laughing every time she mis spoke. Seeing Amanda’s face when Elissa won was hilarious!

            1. MC showed his immaturity be laughing at GM. But heck, if someone has the photo of Amanda’s face when they announced AFP please post a link

      1. I think GM should start acting like an adult and take the money and rent an apartment. Maybe let her parents finally start living life without grown kids taking up their house. Hope she enjoys the windfall since she didn’t earn a penny of it (because she floated all season). Perhaps she should retake first grade so she can at least learn something. I think they teach basic decency and civility there, too. A lesson that racist bitch needs to learn.

  1. Just want to say thanks to everyone for making this site happen. Your support was much appreciated and is the only way this site can keep operating.

    Don’t forget Big Brother Canada starts in the new year and it will be awesome.

    1. Thank YOU, Dawg and you did an amazing job (as usual) recapping a not-so-interesting season. This year, you and I weren’t rooting for the same HGs except during the time Jessie tried to flip the house, but to each his own:-).

    2. You and Dawg are badasses, Simon. I can’t even wrap my mind around the number of hours you guys must’ve put towards providing these updates day in, day out for three solid months. Thank you so much for greatly enhancing the viewing experience.

    3. Thank you and Dawg for an amazing 3 months.

      I can’t say I’m upset that Andy won, better him than that devils spawn GM. I am however disappointed that all these stupid Branchel fans voted for Elissa to win the $25K I mean give it to someone who actually deserves it.

      1. I believe the vote was for ‘Americas Favorite Player’ not who do you think deserves it. Elissa happened to be my favorite so I voted for her. And actually, in my opinion, she does deserve it because she is MY FAVORITE. I never saw Rachel & Brendan’s season, so not a Brenchel fan. In fact, I hated what a crybaby Rachel was on Amazing Race. Nope. Just an Elissa fan.

    1. I wonder if Spencer’s blue jeans are clean? It looks like there are some boogers are it. You’d think that sick pervert would’ve dressed up a little better for finale but that is just in keeping with the pathetic piece of shit he is. Let’s see if he carries through with his threat of shitting on the stage when Elissa wins America’s favorite.

      Look at the parade of assholes walking out like they are models on the runway. A bunch of assholes. Candice quit your whining already. Hearing your voice tonight made me realize how glad I was you were voted out weeks ago.

      GM is even more stupid than I thought. No big game moves other than Amanda? And still harping on Nick? My God, get over him! You don’t have a chance and never did. He DOES NOT LIKE YOU!

      After the jury questioning, I predict Rat turd wins. Makes me sick but he is slightly more acceptable than that blonde piece of shit next to him. Thank God this season is at last over. Props to you Simon and Dawg for running an exceptional website and blog! You guys are awesome!!

      1. No need to sugar coat things Grandmaster6. How do you really feel?

        PS Spencer takes styling tips from Andy and McCrae.

      2. I know right. I am pretty sure he wore that same outfit for 2 days before on the live feeds. He probably didn’t even wash them before the final night. He is a disgusting pig & I am so glad he got 3rd. Too bad he did win a vacay & 10K though. :(

    2. This is the first time that I was glad the season was over. Usually I go through BB withdrawal and get a little depressed. This time, I’m shouting for joy and rejoicing that it’s over with. I truly hope BB16 will be a good season

  2. After watching the feeds last night I am just disgusted with these 3. I can’t believe one of them will win. I sure hope GM gets some help for her bulimia. It was really sad watching her on the feeds. She thought she was doing a good job of hiding it but she wasn’t. I hope she is able to overcome it after this is over.

  3. Well I’m here for the third year in a row! Thanks Dawg and Simon for everything you have done and for bringing hilarity and spoilers into my life!

  4. At first glance Andy’s stats look good but remember his HOH and veto came late in the game when he only had to defeat a couple of people. He is as bad as Amanda.

  5. If Spencer drops trough and lowers a rope on the stage after Elissa wins Favorite House Guest I’m sure his Conway employers will be thrilled.

    1. Spencer looked like a deer – caught in headlights!
      OMG! WTF!! Dumb ass pervert! He actually thought, the rat Andy – was taking HIM to final 2!
      BTW Will be watching, for Marilyn and Spencer, on Jerry Springer’s Show….next year!!
      The title should be “Why? DID ….. YOU FU** ….. Your Hillbilly…..Cousin”!

    1. He just won the third part of the HOH competition. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! He’s at least guaranteed $50,000. Hopefully he will not win the $500,000.

      1. I’m glad Andy won over Gutter Mouth………… GM made so much racist comments this season…. it’s hard to forget that…and i’m glad she lost………the N-word, Jew nose, Gook, and saying Elissa’s kid look dark like a dirty puerto-rican……..some of you may find her funny but she’s not funny…….she’s a joke…

    1. It was definitely a competition that Andy would do better in, however its a common final comp which Spencer had the entire season to workout for and prepare. After 3 months in the house he could have looked like Howard, instead he slept till 3 or 4pm.

      1. Y’all ROCK!!! Thanks for your dedication & hard work! I don’t get Bb Canada but will be back w y’all for BB16!
        I just made a final donation to yall for the season finale…will y’all be getting ur iPhone app available in the US store? Anxious to purchase & download if so!
        Until Next July…
        Prayers for Sweet Baby Tilly!

      2. That thought never occurred to me before but, YES, that is very true!! Hilarious! We could all say that the comps seemed rigged for Andy out of bitterness but in truth, there really wasn’t any comp that would’ve been “good” for Spencer because he spent the whole summer layin’ around with his hand down his pants.

        On another note, thank you for your endless devotion to this site and to Big Brother fans everywhere :D

      3. He also drank gallons of chocolate milk, ate dozens of chocolate chip cookies, ate midnight snacks, was either slouching, laying, sleeping or eating. You never saw him active the whole time he was in the house. In his mind he thought “why should I”, when he knew he was pretty much carried the entire season sitting in the hot seat and never getting evicted, and not having to do a darn thing to stay in the house, except be a pawn the entire season. He gave up on the competitions because in his pea sized brain, he thought he would be carried to the end without having to work for it. The surprise on his face when Andy told him to “get stepping” was timeless. And, so well deserved.

        I hated to see Andy the rat won the 500k, but, to see loser Spencer win anything, when he did absolutely NOTHING the whole time he was there except be gross, was so awesome. I could not stand this nasty, disgusting, vile, putrid excuse for a human being. And much of his behavior was rude to production as well, as the BBH guests and he played it well on the camera! Knowing and intently doing so.. He is just plain old nasty in every definition of the word!!!!!!!!

  6. Although I hate Andy but he should win because all the houseguests were the idiot ones who believed his lies. None of them deserve to be called big brother winner though.

    1. Congratulations to the first openly gay person to win BB. I bet he blows through the $500,000 in a couple weeks at the gay bars. He should save some of that loot because I’m thinking his employment as an “educator” (his word tonight) may be in jeopardy given the language and comments he used this season. I know I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near his classroom.

      1. He teaches adults not children ( not a lot of kids take college, public speaking class) and if he decides to go back to teaching he’ll make a fortune, he proved that he knows his s**t when it comes to persuasion and public speaking.

        1. I honestly feel as though Helen had already persuaded the jury in advance to vote for Andy. Helen is a political strategist and she’s very persuasive. Andy was her BFF in the house( even though he was secretly sabotaging her). Based on the fact that on the last time we saw the jury house, Helen was the only one defending Andy’s strategy. GinaMarie didn’t make the situation any better because she couldn’t answer the question of what big move she made besides getting Amanda out. The only thing that GinaMarie was interested in was seeing Nick.

          1. Great points Chessie. Seeing the jury footage really reminded me of how much I didn’t miss Helen.

          1. Plus even a sixty year old whose child is an adult – that person is still their kid. I can say so long as I am paying the tuition, whether my child is 18 or 45 years old, they aren’t going to be taking any classes from Rat boy. His being gay has nothing to do with it. I just didn’t like his game play or who he is as a person. He said a lot of cruel and disgusting things on the show, many times gratuitously after the HG was already long gone, that I don’t respect and just can’t see any person benefitting from that rat “educating” them. He’s such a narcissistic egomaniac I know comments on this blog won’t have any impact on him. Because in his mind he’s just so great. Wrong. The money will eventually run out, Rat boy. Good luck finding a job when it does.

        2. FYI 100% … Your comment that IF, the educator Andy, decides
          to return to teaching? He will make a FORTUNE?
          WTF! How many educators, with their masters degree, are
          making BIG bucks?
          Andy does NOT “impress” me!
          Actually, the exact opposite!
          HE GOT LUCKY!!
          BTW…IF he doesn’t CLEAN – UP his gay lifestyle….OMG!
          HE won’t be alive – long enough – to enjoy the $$$!

      2. Congrats Rat Boy:
        Andy made his true intentions clear in most of his DR sessions. He was in it to win it.. So yeah, he was all about game play.. He was final two And he played a better game than GM.. Obviously his choice to take GM was because he knew he could better answer the all important jury questions. Well played.. But as a guy I’d let my kids near.. Forget it.. Don’t like the his narrow-minded attitude towards others.. annnnnd the way he dresses.. Has he a good heart.. Yes, if it benefits him…

    2. OMG! The hg’s are ALL going to be fuc**n…..SHOCKED!
      things about EACH of them!! The tapes should be X-RATED!
      HOW will they feel LATER?
      Thanks to THEM – he now has $500K?

      Yes…I agree!!

      1. I loved how there was barely any applause fro aMANduh and Mcscum when they walked out. He looked so “radically” shocked when the cheering dwindled when his arms were raised. LOL.
        As for the rat winning the 500 G’s, this year’s cast was stupid to begin with, e’nuff said.
        I cannot wait until they read and hear all the stuff the little b*tch said about each and every single one of them. ragan and andy’s disgusting behavior and personality on the show is the reason why MANY people are homophobic in this world. Not worth any damn.

    1. Well, at least Amanda, Aaryn, and Elissa do. Kaitlyn also. Here’s hoping there is a Playboy edition of the “Girls of the BB House” (with just the aforementioned from this season, and a few from past seasons).

        1. In my opinion Jessie would NOT be included on that list. Her ass was a little big and she had a pot belly. Plus her face was so-so. MY list, and I named who I would like to see in a Playboy BB edition. Jordan and Janelle, too. Some others from past seasons, too, but can’t think of their names off hand. Lisa the winner from season 3, also. She was a real sweetheart. Too bad Season 15’s HGs couldn’t be like her.

  7. 21 plus mins Andy
    36 plus mins Spencer for the 2nd part of HOH ……….now there is some real competitors! What happened ….did they take a nap in the middle of the competition?!

    1. Why, because she was being herself and keeping it real? I applaud Amanda for not giving in to the haters and acting all nicey nice for the cameras. Seems to me Candice was obnoxious and still has delusions that she is a princess and better than everyone. (Yes, I said Candice, not Elissa). Candice certainly still has a mouth on her and a bad attitude. A real turn-off to me. I want to take this last opportunity to again apologize to Elissa for calling her names in earlier posts (duck lips, gold digger, joker face, etc). My opinion of her COMPLETELY changed when she decided to align with Amanda, and even more so after she was evicted and I was able to compare the remaining pieces of shit to her. NO comparison. I was and am an Amanda fan, so anybody after Amanda I didn’t like. I know Elissa was the only true lady in the house this season (along with Helen for the most part) and I voted for Elissa to be America’s favorite. Wishing Elissa and her family nothing but good things. She really was a world above everyone else in the house this year. A true “All-Star”.

      1. So I understand you are an Amanda fan but you really don’t think she is obnoxious? Even Amanda would admit to that. Did you feel like McCrae gave her the dust off?

        1. Where did she say Amanda isn’t obnoxious? Her point was everyone piles on Amanda but not anybody else, as though only Amanda is rude and ignorant. I watched last night and yes, I am an Amanda fan, too. I loved her responses. If anything, Amanda was more restrained that she normally would be. Candice on the other hand wasn’t and shot her fat mouth off like we’ve come to know. She has no manners and is going to say what she wants, when she wants, and where she wants. Like a whiny baby. The other jurors, and yes, even Amanda, were polite and respectful and didn’t talk over each other the way boo did. Gag me.

  8. is it true that Amanda and McCrea were supposed to be on Amazing Race. There is a petition out there to get them on…. and of course, everything on the internet is true, ask my french model boyfriend I met on line… lol

      1. From someone who is NOT idiotic! NOT racist!!
        and definitely NOT a perverted pig!!!
        ~Merry Xmas~
        ~Happy New Year~

  9. It’s official worse BB ever! That horrible person won HOH. Will get money, very undeserved. We live in bad times my friend, Karma went bye bye, there wasn’t any.

    1. Gina’s Mom had the leathery shake and bake tan, offset by the bleached blond parted in the middle shoulder length old perm hair don’t. She was accompanied by a burly man with mutton chop sideburns that merged into a mustache. Truly no one else in that audience could have spawned that hog GM.

  10. Can’t wait to see Spencer shit on Stage when Elissa wins America’s FAVORITE….AND GINAmarie falls in it running after gay boy Nick

    1. Never believe what you see on TV. Most of it is staged. Don’t think for one second CBS didn’t see a train wreck coming so they made sure to stack the audience with non-booing people who they, no doubt, threatened with removal if they didn’t comply.

      Julie Chen was content to skirt all the controversy of this season and only briefly acknowledged it because of Howard’s statement. So,technically CBS could go on record as having addressed the problems out of BB15. Make no mistake about it, they certainly did not want to spend any time on allowing prevailing public opinion to color this season.

      There are several reasons for this. Most of it goes back to the fact that (as vicious and nasty as some of the HGs were towards any/all types of diversity), CBS relished the attention and the ratings it produced. Secondly, they do not want to discourage people from signing up for the next season. People who will have to be equally as outrageous,now that the water mark has been set. If there’s a threat that there are consequences from CBS, no ‘entertaining’ contestants will apply for the show. The other, more serious issue, is that censorship is a slippery slop. Where does it end once it starts?

      CBS further proved how deft they were by removing Julie Chen from interviewing the Jury House that had two of the worst offenders in it. It solved the problem of again not having to face the mess that they had wrought. They play a crafty sleight-of-hand trick by picking a fan favorite to interview the Jury members, hoping viewers would be thrilled to see Dr. Will and forget that there were seriously offensive players who, at the very least, should have been called on to defend or denounce some of their statements.

      So the BB Finale was exactly as I expected it to be and it always will be. Business as usual. The end of a season wrapped up and delivered to the viewers with a pretty bow.

      1. Well said, BB4me! You hit the nail on the head. I would add that Chen may have crossed the line with her inquisition/judgment of Aaryn for playing the game HER way, not the way CBS or Chen may have wanted. As you said, where do you draw the line in holding HGs accountable for something they said? It is indeed a slippery slope and it’s best, in my opinion, to not comment at all about anything a HG said. There could be legal consequences for the public shaming of Aaryn. Especially since it was an ambush and was unnecessary… just to gin up ratings because the pc prudes wanted it. And I think Aaryn should consider talking to an attorney. Excellent analysis BB4Me!

  11. Im so glad Andy chose to evict Spencer. He and GM deserve the money more than spencer no matter which one wins the 500k. That being said, although I like GM, I really think Andy deserves to win the season.

  12. Cannot believe that audience cheered SPERVERT when he left the house. Obviously audience is filled with CBS employees and hg relatives. Julie needs to be called out for not saying something. This sucks.

    1. EVERYONE SHOULD WRITE CBS AND ASK WHY JULIE CHEN WAS SUCH A HYPOCRITE and did not call these pigs out for their actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Did anyone hear Spencer’s off camera remark once he got on stage – something about looking for his girlfriend? Yeah, Marilyn’s long gone, buddy.

    1. Well, he didn’t want to recycle that finely knit, couture janitor onesie he wore for his big brother wedding…the paparazzi would have a field day.

    2. Are you kidding? Once he got to Jury he did what he did in the BB House, SLEPT. He only showed up because Production told him he had one more task he was contractually obligated to fulfill. So he got up. Picked up his same clothes from the pile on the floor, went out there and voted.

    3. Spencer wasn’t dressed up, either. He had what appeared to be his snot-loaded jeans on and an ugly golf shirt. For a guy who could have potentially been in the Final 2 he dressed like Chester the Molester. And looked like one with his beedy eyes staring out into the audience searching for Marilyn. I agree, for a guy who praised Hitler’s oratorical skills, constantly demeaned women, and who talked about sex non-stop this season I was disappointed that Julie didn’t call him (or GM) out on any of it. Especially since she made such a big production of embarrassing and singling out Aaryn for saying not nearly as many controversial things.

  14. Helen is still stupid. All the people in the jury house are still blinded and stupid. Go ahead and vote for Mr. Fake Tears Rat. Keep on crying dumbass “cockaroaches” GinaMarie. All the people in the jury house are the fools in the end because that rat, pasty knees stretched Leprechaun is gonna win! Ugh!

    1. Her answer to any question is always the same…

      Q: “ginamarie, would you say that you are for or against the pursuit of world peace.”

      A “I’m ginamarie, you know me, and that’s all I can be, is ginamarie.” – GM

      I’ve flatulated more coherent sentences than this bleached turd.

    2. she totally froze. I expected her to do much better. She could have said, I had nobody and I’m not the smartest one in the house, your are all smarter than me, but I give it everything I got, I got a broken toe and ten stitches but I kept goin, and I didn’t never lie to any of youz. Because I respect all of youz. I played honest and I played hard and I made the big move that nobody else had the bawls to make, it changed the game. And it’s why I’m sitting here right now.

      1. 100%

        That sure would of helped her cause if you could of been coaching her. I was surprised that she didn’t get more votes.

    1. Way to go Elissa!!!!!!!! At least someone nice won something at the end of this awful BB15 season.

      Spencer as usual could not deliver – not in the HoH and not after Elissa won. Hope you are in hiding Marilyn.

      1. But she is to feel really stoopid for voting for Andy after she discovers how much Andy hates her. Elissa is incapable of reading people.

  15. Gotta give props to the rat, he’s making himself look good with his responses …….GM looks nervous and stupid….esp after the Amanda question…she still didn’t answer the question…I have a feeling it’s gonna be a win for the albino rat !

  16. Captain, My Captain thank you my greatest friend it’s off to Aruba with a million and Josh has a 2 million. Yessssssssssss my Rainbow Warrior Andy won I told you, I love you for being a Lucky Charm. How could you pick GM? Andy is a champion! Love you all. We are in the money, Life is so Sunny

      1. I’m actually happy Andy won. He played the best game. I’m really happy he took Gina Marie to the end as well, she played the 2nd best game of the three, and deserved 2nd place.

          1. You, like so many others, clearly have some sour grapes about the best strategist left winning the game. I’m sorry things didn’t go your way. Hope you enjoy next season more.

      2. Captain, my Captain, Josh thinks your mad. He wanted to know how your face looked when the Rainbow Warrior won in a landside. T told him to stop acting that way and that you were happy for us and that you were happy our Gay Man Andy won. I love you, give me your facebook and I will write to you from Aruba. Love you my Good Luck Charm. Our you on any other sites. Josh and I might to use you to make more. Enjoy work today. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  17. All you Andy Haters can’t admit he played the best game and deserves the win. Hahahahahahaha…..go cry in your beers, suckers! Wah wah wah….

    1. Ihope Andy hears everything he said and claim it was just game play….been saying all week how he hates Elissa, hope she finds out. See he’s still lying just for votes, Judd and Aaron did not get fooled,

    2. Andy earned that win over Gina and Spencer. People hate the fact that rats sometimes win this game, but it’s always been a viable strategy.

      Jillian from Big Brother Canada, anyone? I’d argue Andy was more tactful at breaking his word and knowing when to than she was. Emmett carried her the entire way (socially anyway). Andy more or less was alone, playing everyone against each other the whole season, and always got away with it. Guy had game.

      1. Oh PLEASE spare me the task of walking you through BBCAN! I’m no fan of Jillian but I will say that it was Jillian who carried Emmett throughout most of the game! It was Jillian who constantly won the comps to keep them in power. Emmett cheated throughout the entire game – even after having his HOH taken away. IMO he should have been penalized more since he didnt learn his lesson. Emmets’ social game had an element of arrogance to it but he hid it well until closer to the end. E did a lot of laying around just as Mcrae did, except that Em actually got people to tell him their secrets while not revealing too much. Mcrae never made it past reading a pizza box, so his vocabulary consisted of “yup” and “I dont know”. Emmett was able to manipulate beautiful-but-dumber-than-a-box-of-nails Talla and played on Andrew’s Eastcoast home connection. Sure it kept them safe but thats only because of Andrews’ heart longing for J and kept his eyes on the wrong prize. I didnt want J or E to win. I wasnt keen at all on Gary at first but he grew on me and I ended up rooting for him cuz at least he had the balls to make big moves. Too bad topaz ruined it for Gary!

        1. No where in your response do you defend Jillian’s social game…which was the point of my argument. I stand by what I said.

  18. I cannot believe how often Andy uses the “c” word to describe women. Disgusting. So while we are on how offensive people are let’s add his view of women to the list.

  19. It’s sad that the people that didn’t watch BBAD or came here, will not know how much hate some of the HGs spewed out of their mouths. They think Spencer and Andy are really nice people.

  20. Of course, my cable didn’t show after the final HOH, so I missed Andy’s choice as to who to take to the final two….where can I replay that particular scene? Thanks so much. Huge shout outs to Dawg and Simon for the tremendous job they did this season!

  21. LOL at GinaMarie – royally screwing up her jury questions and still obsessed with Nick. And THAT’S who the Brenchel drones were rooting for at the end, LMAO.

    1. I was thinking the same thing!

      Elissa is probably going to beat up her stepson after she finds out that Andy called her a c*nt and mysoginzed her behind her back.

    2. She had to vote for someone. They were all as equally as offensive. I would rather she voted for Andy,which she did instead of GinaMarie who said that her kid looked like a dirty Puerto Rican

  22. Congratulations to ANDY.

    Now, hopefully the personal who played the 2nd best game win America’s Player, and not the entitled passive-aggressive one.

    1. I saw that which leads me to believe that if he had brought Spencer, then he would have lost. They voted for him as a default. GinaMarie in their opinion didn’t do anything to deserve the money and Andy is a rat to them and they really don’t want to associate with him

      1. Ladybug, I’m not so sure it is going to the Vets, unless that has something to do with her opening a wellness/yoga centre. (Her interview with Jeff Schroeder)

    1. I think they should keep the MVP but always let America control it. America should also get a vote in the final too. Just make the jury pool an even number.

      1. To keep CBS, because I don’t trust them, they should publish the official voting results for EVERY poll they do (America’s MVP, Have Nots food choice, America’s Favorite Player, etc). Especially if they are charging $1 if you vote by cell phone. If this really is America deciding these things then post the breakdown of the votes for all to see.

  23. Did you see that rat start crying when Elissa won “America’s Favorite”? What a loser. Even as the winner, he is a big fat loser.

  24. Spencer’s face when Elissa’s name was announced for favorite houseguest was PRICELESS……still didn’t take a shi! though

    1. Judd’s vote for GM wasn’t influenced by Aaryn at all. He told Julie in the interview when he was evicted that he wanted GM to win.

  25. I know I’m gonna be disagreed with but Andy did play a good game and deserved to win. His arguments were very convincing. Yes this season was disappointing but still he deserved to win. Thanks Simon and Dawg for everything this summer!

  26. Can’t say I’m happy with the results. I’m glad the GM didn’t win. Can stand any of the last 3 but I would have rather seen Spencer and Andy in the final 2 (dont like either of them so I could care less who won) that way GM would not have gotten anything. What a disappointing season!!

  27. Andy is such an effing liar!!! He was NOT loyal to gm the ‘entire’ game!!!!! Have they all forgotten about the week that elissa nominated aaryn and andy; andy was livid that E didnt nominate gm instead of him. He was even involved in amanda harrassing E in an effort to save both aaryn and andy and have gm nominated and then evicted.

    1. I can tell why you are a newbie. Elissa said she was considering only Andy and GM as replacement noms. Why would andy not lobby to have GM put up? But you are also missing what so many others missed, which is that Andy had already turned on 3AM while he was lobbying Elissa. His intention was to vote out Aaryn to weaken Amanda/McCrae, which is why he told Judd on the Saturday night before the Monday renom that it was time to make a move, and why he told Spencer that Judd was on board, and why on the next night he helped form the exterminators after GM was venting.

      1. No need to be rude eric. In your need to be sarcastic I think that you missed my point: andy claimed to have always veen loyal to gm from day one, and never went against her once, she was the one person that he was always loyal to, proving that he did indeed have complete loyalty to someone-gm. That was all a lie; did try to have gm nominated and then evicted. And maybe my being fairly new to watching BB has effected my memory because I remember elissa saying that there was no way that she would consider nominating gm and did not want to waste her HOH on spencer, therefore wouldn’t nom him either.

      2. No need to be rude bbericfan. I believe that in your need to be sarcastic you missed my point. Andy claimed that although he had stabbed many of the hgs in the back, that didnt mean that he wasnt loyal to anyone. He said that gm was proof of his unwavering loyalty; he made a deal with her on the first night and NEVER did anything to go against her.-that was a huge lie, and the jury seemed to believe this even though it was not true. Andy fought like crazy to have gm nominated/put up as replacement the week elissa was hoh. He even encouraged amanda to harrass E in an attempt to have gm put on the block, then sent home.
        Maybe my being fairly new to watching BB has effected my memory because I remember when elissa was hoh she said that she would not consider nominating gm and did not want to waste an hoh on spencer. I dont care that andy tried to get E to put gm on the block (it is part of the game) I just dont like it when people lie and rewrite history. Nor do I like it when people start falling for that bs.

  28. I hope there are follow up interviews with these scums. When Elissa won Spencer whispered into Andy’s ear…No doubt it was FOUL. When the Pervert said Why Julie did I say something? What a jackass!

  29. If anyone happens to know Captain Wedgie in the real world, will you please give the guy a call to make sure he’s not about to off himself. Thanks

  30. Blah! Glad it’s over! Happy that Nick was kind to GM! My thoughts of wanting to see them get theirs have been over for a long time… pity took its place. Some of these people are in for some tough times. They need prayer.

    Have a great year everyone! Simon and Dawg, THANK YOU, YOU ROCK! See you all here next year!

  31. You all were great again this year! I have stopped watching the show and come here to read the feeds. I hope and pray next summer or even February Canada BB will pick better behaved house guest. I really hate saying god bye to a show I have watched for 14 year (one year there was a winter house).

    Remember to donate to Dawg and Simon!! With our donations they are able to sit at their computers and keep us updated so we don’t have to. There are cost involved in running this web site and paying for the server!!

    Until next year!!

  32. Bummed out that Andy won the game!
    But happy that Elissa won Americas fav!!! Love her. Hope shes back for an all stars someday.

  33. BB15: Crackhead Edition is officially over! Elissa won America’s favorite! Andy won 1st and GM 2nd… whatever. We didn’t get to hear or see the house guests reactions to the consequences some of them have suffered as a result of their vile behavior, but at this point, who cares. It’s over!

  34. Judd and Aaryn were the only ones that voted for GM. They make a cute couple? Maybe?
    I’m 100% positive that at least one of the others would have voted different if they had heard Andy’s hateful words in the house.

  35. Andy BS’s his way through the game and then BS’s the jury for the win. With a jury this concerned about being labeled bitter they lapped up his fake game play propaganda.

    1. That was funny when GinaMarie made a beeline for Nick when she came out of the house. Was it just me or did he seem pretty receptive?

  36. First of all, Thank you Simon and Dawg for the wonderful job of keeping us updated during this 15 Season of BB.

    Secondly, I am looking forward to reading your recaps of BB Canada this February.

    Thanks also to the people that wrote comments without using the kind of language we all objected to in the BB house.

  37. Wow. I predicted Andy would win 7-2, but against Spencer! I’m so impressed. He really had this game all wrapped up weeks ago. Well done! LOL.

  38. Sorry Gina did not win
    Judd and. Aaryn got it right
    The rest gave it to the rat Andy
    So now we got survivor and the amazing. Race

    1. Isn’t it funny how they all voted for him…but then they’ll get informed of what Andy said about each of them (including Spencer & GM)…

      Spencer: “Did I say anything…?”
      Julie Chen: “We don’t have enough time…”

      1. PRICELESS! One of the 3 shining moments during this 90 minute eulogy. No way anybody ever has the gonads to ask that question!

        2nd great moment – Howard’s comments!

        3rd great moment – Howard named as one of the top three for America’s favorite! You couldn’t have slapped the idiot houseguests that remained after Howard’s eviction hard enough to cause this much pain! (except E & J of course) WAY BEYOND PRICELESS!!! I can visualize Amanda hunched over a dining table right now stabbing it with a butcher knife. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  39. Andy played the best game of anyone in the house and clearly deserved to win. I’m a bit surprised that only Judd was particularly bitter out of the people he lied to, but that also indicates the skill of his overall game.

  40. It is sickening that Andy won ! Come on attorneys , this would be a good probono case for Elissa . Andy made damaging statements about her exercise business
    even going so far as saying someone had died doing her exercise program .

      1. Simon… what does “to a certain degree” mean. You and Dawg covered it so well in it’s first season. You have me worried bro. What’s up?

        1. I think its just hard to think about a new season right after we just finished 90+ days straight. We will be back for BBCA and we’ll do our best again just like we do for every season.

  41. I am appalled by this season. BUT I am thankful for Simon and Dawg’s hard work keeping us updated because I had to stop watching the show and After Dark weeks ago due to extreme nausea. I just couldn’t give CBS any more ratings…

  42. On CBS, Jeff is suppose to be doing some live interviews — but the online countdown went to zero and then reset to 26 min. Wonder if the HGs are figuring things out and are worried to do any interviews.

  43. Voting for Elissa to piss off certain people was so immature. Whereas you could have .
    voted for someone who needed the money. Not all the HG were assholes, but you are.

    1. Don’t get mad because Elissa won “America’s Favorite Player”. Like someone previously stated, this is Big Brother, not “Who Needs The Money The Most”.

    2. Good for you, Helen! You left the game with nothing! You could’ve made it to the Final 3 but noooo. You turned your back against Candice and Elissa and went over to the “Mean Girls”. Thats okay, though because we all have to make sure that we do what the house wants and not get blood on our hands. I guess its okay to not win and help rats and cockroaches get the money because it’s what the house wants. In the end, you wasted your time and ended up looking stupid to America after all! Congratulations to you, my friend!

  44. Simon and Dawg, thank you for all of your hard work! I know this season was hard but you got through it and kept us informed. Thank you for all you do!!!

    Lurker001, thank you for all of your post. You are a hoot! Very funny. You were a bright spot during this awful season of BB. Loved your jokes!!!

    I will be back for season 16 and I look forward to reading Simon, Dawg and Lurker001’s post. You all have a great year.

  45. Oy oy oy. I want to hear the after affect of these dopey goofy (any Disney character name will do) ….Howard summed it up well, glad he was a top 3 fave pick

  46. wow… floating all the way to the end is a strategy now?? i hated rachel in the season i saw her in (not allstars) but at least she won hoh a lot and was competitive. i like strong players who are competitive the ENTIRE time and not just when they feel like it

    1. Merely winning competitions doesn’t make you a good player. Having a social game and playing strategically has a lot more to do with it, and Rachel SUCKED at that part. That’s why she needed the most rigged season in BB history to “win.”

  47. Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2013 let’s introduce the inductees!!!!!!!!
    Eval Dick & Daniele Donato (Big Brother 8 & 13)
    Diane Henry (Big Brother 5 & 7)
    The Friendship Alliance (Ivette Corredero, Maggie Ausburn, Eric Littmann, Beau Beasley, Jennifer Vasquez,April Lewis) (Big Brother 6)
    Adria & Natalie Montgomery (Big Brother 5)
    David HassellHoff (Celebrity wing-Big Brother 13)
    Congrats big brother class of 2013!!!

  48. I’m done with CBS! I feel so bad for those jurors who voted with no clue what was happening! Shame on CBS and Julie! I’m so tired of having to pretend some things never happened! Despicable scum house guests, IRS targeting, Benghazi. I could go on and on but I don’t want this to sound political. CBS, you are a money grubbing bunch of liars and fakes! CBS I don’t need you and you sure don’t need me!

  49. I feel silly….. But after this lackluster ending, I would have anyway! I didn’t realize until today that Andy’s last name is Herren, I thought throughout the whole season that Herren was just an attempt at mimicry of hg’s making fun of Helen’s Asian heritage!! HaHaHa, I’m dumb…But even that was more exciting than the actual game!

    1. Spencer in his exit interview with Julie got less boos than either Amanda or Aaryn!!!
      Some of his remarks were worse than theirs combined. GM missed the whole thing!
      I think the JURY decided to forgive Andy at the last minute. BB Canada + BB16 loom!

  50. There’s either some bad technical difficulties, or a lot of people are being told what’s up b/c still no interviews with Jeff. As if he’s gonna ask anything more controversial than, “How do you feel?” LOL. Sounds like people may be freaking out.

  51. Oh and you’re so mature in judging her? It was America’s Favorite Player not Who needs the money the most.
    Its done, move on.
    Next year you can pick someone else to hate on.

  52. Andy chose GM for final 2 because he knew when she opened her mouth, she’d do herself in. I don’t believe his BS that he kept his deal with her.

    I hope they all watch all the episodes and read the blogs to see how they came across to the public. Some of them still won’t understand that their comments were offensive, just like Spencer asking Julie if he said anything wrong. In his mind he didn’t.

    I do hope the press does a follow-up on these people to see if/how this experience changed them.

    Simon and Dawg have been awesome in keeping this site up to date. Thanks to all the posters out there, too, for sharing your comments. See you next year!

  53. GM didn’t know how to defend herself verbally. She could have said her biggest moves were to win 2 HOH beating everyone that was left and one which booted Amanada out. She was a good physical player. No one can say she didn’t play hard. (but she was really mean and crass)

    1. Everyone was mean and crass – even Howard (who was so Godly) said GinaMarie’s legs look like that because all she does is eat junk. She doesn’t have verbal skills, but considering what was spewing out of the mouths of the so-called educated ones, at least she was honest and couldn’t fake her dislike. Just sayin’.

    2. I totally felt for her…it was probably nerves…but as she kept talking I just wanted to yell at her to stop. She is gonna have a hard time dealing with reality when she realizes how bad it’s gonna be…hopefully Nick will be that friend she’ll need in dealing with the outcome of what she said…

      On another note…what do you think the jurors will think now, once they gave Andy the win, when they find out what he said about each of them the last couple of days?

      1. Andy did what Andy always does. Bad mouth them, stab them in the back and finish up with, ,,,
        “I love all of you, each and every one of you! I do, I do, I do.”

        (Now, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!)

      2. Did you get Julie’s opening? She called it a, “Social Experiment.” All this time I thought it was a game.

        CBS cares. Yah, they do!

        1. That was my talking point this year – and I told her to use it… my company needed a way out of this mess and calling this season a ‘social experiment’ is just the start.

    3. Your right that GinaMarie could not verbalize her case very well. I think she was thrown off by seeing Nick. One thing I will say is that GinaMarie was not a bitter loser. She was a great sport and really did seem to appreciate that she won 50 grand.

  54. I can’t believe they let Howard be the one to call out the disgusting behavior on the show!! How come Julie didn’t grill them??? She brought it up on her show The Talk…yet she coudn’t confront them on the actual show?? WTF???? All she said was ‘it made national news’ and then all the houseguests were dead quiet. When Spencer asks if he said anything, Julie or one of the earlier evicted HG’s had the perfect opportunity to say “Um Yeah”

    It’s too bad we can’t get the live feeds from these guys faces as they learn everything that has happened…. as well as their faces as they read over these forums (which you know they will… esp Andy such a narcissist)

  55. Well GM has proved to be an epic fail at interviewing……..that was an embarrassing back and forth between Amanda and MeanaMarie

  56. Not that it matters to anyone including CBS, but I will never watch BB or anything on CBS ever again. That they allowed such vile comments to be made shows to what depth of depravity they will sink to to bring in the viewers.

    ….btw, by not outing more HG’s it could be argued that they lied to America.


    Over and out, all that I need to know I now know so I won’t even be coming back here.

    It’s been a slice. Thank you both Simon and Dawg.

  57. I’m glad Gina Marie didn’t win. She won just enough to run through it by the end of the next month and will still have to do something with her life. I didn’t consider her the lesser of the three evils. I was hoping she would redeem herself but she fell right back into the her negativity. Andy’s win was relevant to the type of game that was played by most of the house. They had an opportunity to get him out. So out of those three left his win was relevant to the gutter season with gutter people. Some of them didn’t make vile comments but still participated in the meanness and validated the ones who were the most vocal including Helen and Judd. And although I like Elissa, she depended too much on Helen’s lead including voting out people that could have been her allies after Helen was gone. The cast in general was a mess with some being too passive and others being too over the top mean and vile. There wasn’t enough strategy in general so the season wasn’t enjoyable to watch. It was more like a train wreck. Or what Sesame Street would look like after all the characters came out of drug and sex rehab and were stuck in a house for 3 months.

    . Some are upset with Julie Chen for not calling everyone out. I thought she could have too at first. But these people were nonstop and even insulted her. So on the flip side they know that social media is huge now and people will address some of the house guests in the same manner they used in the house. So Aaryn won’t be the scapegoat completely. It was really just too much to swift through to call them all to the carpet equally. It would have been great if they have shown a montage of comments but I’m sure they want to lessen the outrage for the part of the audience who isn’t aware of everything. They also probably didn’t want to lose sponsors due to people complaining. Because the edit versions of the show is like watching a lie so people are clueless if they don’t follow more than the edits. I hope next year is a better quality group of people. But I’m not too sure.

  58. Big thanks Dawg/Simon/Team OBB. Saved me 90 minutes of my life tonight! Actually over the past few weeks, I’ve had hours of free time after i stopped watching the worst season ever.

    CBS, please choose a better cast next season. And if you’re gonna fix it, fix it to someone with integrity.

  59. Haven’t been on here for awhile but I just wanted to say this was probably THE worst season of BB that I have personally watched, especially considering the potential it had. Regardless though thank you Simon&Dawg and thank you to all you great people that make this website special I love my OBB family and I can’t wait to hear from you guys next summer for BB 16 (All-Stars 2 PLEASE? ;) ) Love you guys<3

  60. I am ok with Andy winning. There were more house guests than ever this year,
    and he still managed to make everyone feel safe with him. Yes he back stabbed and was a rat ,
    but let’s be honest here, this wasn’t exactly an honest and noble cast. I am not thrilled
    with Elissa winning favorite houseguest, but I expected it. She has a big fan base and I don’t even
    know who I would have wanted to win it.

    I was not impressed with how most of the house guests behaved this year at all,
    and sincerly hope that next years cast learns from the negative consequences many
    of these house guests will face after they leave the house. CBS has made a ton
    of money of this year though so I am unsure what to expect.

    I was also dissapointed with a lot of the “fan” behavior this year. So many claims the game was rigged
    for Amanda to win. So many people saying things just as distasteful as what the house guests said.
    I still love the game and I am still a fan , but I sincerly hope for a better season next year.

  61. Well a horror show of a season has come to its inevitable horrific end and the rat runs away with the cheese. All I can say is thank God for you, Simon, and you, Dawg, for slogging through the slime and muck to faithfully report the goings-on in the house so we did not have to subject ourselves to the constant visual perversions shown on the live feeds or BBAD (which, I might add, completely SUCKS on TVGN anyway!) Thanks again, guys! You ROCK See you for BB16
    Must add: Love and prayers for Baby Tilly

  62. Jeff is still doing the live interviews. i kinda like them, they let us fans unwind.
    the canned metalic muzak between interviews is driving people up the wall.

  63. No questions for the hottest housemate of the season…. Caitlyn… BB needs more heterosexual producers. No offense.
    Speaking of the BB women. Elissa seemed hot at first.. Then became ugly… Aaryn also appeared hot at first… Then I noticed she was not..
    Jesse seemed not hot for a long time… Then I realized she WAS hot.. It’s strange how perceptions change.
    Anyway. Cheers =)

  64. Racism is cruel and unjust. It cuts deep and lingers long in individual and community memories. And it is not a thing of the past….We all have a duty to do what we can to turn this around.
    — William Deane

    I was under the misconception that racism was a thing of the past and was strictly a generational issue that was coming to an end sooner rather than later. How wrong I am. Perhaps its time to take the racism and hate that was prevalent in this season of Big Brother and use it as a springboard to teach tolerance, acceptance, and kindness to our children as well as ourselves.

    Thank you Simon and Dawg. The two of you have offered the only positive aspect of this BB season.

    1. Can we just add other things that also cut just as deep such as ageism, sexism, hate towards obesity, hatred towards those in wheelchairs, etc. Racism is not special somehow it is just another form of hatred and intolerance of a group of people based on ignorance. Disabled people used to be ‘institutionalized’ for decades and were subjected to experiments, cruelty and varying forms of unspeakable acts.

  65. Elissa in the backyard interview saying she hopes to remain friends will several housemates including …. Andy. Somehow I don’t think so.

  66. Well, glad that’s done! I ‘m far more interested in seeing/hearing their reactions to the aftermath of all the crap that’s been said & done. Hope it doesn’t all get white-washed over & only Aaryn gets the brunt-don’t like her, but that’s really unfair IMO. Best to all & thanks to Simon & Dawg for having the fortitude to slog through this season. Over to BBAU now.

  67. I also want to say that I felt bad that Elissa didn’t know the hateful things Andy said about her and voted for him to win it all. I think she’ll regret her vote later. Andy and Spencer said too many vile and disgusting things about her and her family. People that just watched the show on CBS were watching a completely different show than what the people with the live feeds and BBAD were watching. On CBS, it was a show that was completely edited. The real BB happened on live feeds and BBAD. How sad that people think Andy and Spencer are saints.

    1. Elissa probably is the sort of person who would not want to watch the live feeds. Thankfully Rachel did and will tell her the truth.

    2. GinaMarie was just as hateful saying Elissa’s kid looks like a dirty Puerto Rican. Children are innocent and always off limits. You can always say what you want about a person, but don’t mess with their kid. Based on that alone, Elissa made the right decision in voting for Andy. All of the F3 were totally disgusting, cruel, vile. etc…

  68. Rat Boy Won. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Pervert did not make Final 2. YAAAAAYYYYY!

    Elissa won Favorite Player YAAAAAYYYYY!

    Pervert did not sh*it on the stage. BOOOOOOOOO!

    Howard’s comments were the best part of the entire show. YAAAAAAYYYY!

    It’s finally Over. YAAAAAAYYYYY!

    Until next year……. Or better yet BB Canada!

  69. the West Coast viewers saw GM live right after the BB broadcast
    but the lucky few in the East saw all the earlier interviews live… i
    sometimes see people in the feed doing an interview or two before
    they then step over to where Jeff is. its almost 2:30 a.m in the East

  70. I was watching Jeff Schroeder’s interviews to the HGs on (it just ended but they are going to put the interviews up tomorrow). He was giving every HG a gift from a dollar store (gifts that went with their personality). He gave Andy a toddler shirt with dinosaurs on it and Jeff said Andy could also dry his tears with it. I think that was the best out of the ones he gave.
    Hopefully Andy, Spencer, GM, And Amanda will learn from this experience and change their lives around. Hate is not good. I didn’t mention Aaryn because I really think she learned her lesson. It’s sad that CBS targeted her for being the worst person of the season, when the other 4 were much worse than her.
    It’s 2:45 a.m. I think I’m going to sleep now.
    God bless everyone.

    1. So true Todd, if I were Aaryn’s family I would file a suit. CBS used her as the poster child for the entire house guests behavior. It’s all on tape so a case could easily be made. Now having said that, there is probably something written into their contracts that allowed CBS to do this. I’m hoping that some great modeling company hires her – she’s young and I think she may have learned a valuable lessen.

  71. three roadies are seen packing up the last of the tv equipment
    and then finally in the distance we see spencer and jeff talking.
    in a few minutes jeff walks back to where he had interviewed
    everyone, and reaches into a bag and gets a gift from the dollar
    store. this is after he took a swig of water. he had been on a cell
    phone, too. finally we are left with the roadies and everything gone.
    at about 2:50 a.m GM walks across the length of the entire red carpet.
    after she leaves we see roadies, Jeff briefly, then the music stops…
    this is it. the live feed is over. i am told my video is over and i can
    look at it again. the feed might be up and at its begining. BB15 is over.

  72. When Amanda and McRae and Aaryn were the most powerful alliance in the house, Andy was working with them, when the exterminators was formed and Aaryn was gone, Andy shifted to the exterminators. Flip flopping to the most powerful alliance everytime and not being the one to decide or form one, is called FLOATING.

    As for why he wasn’t honest with the houseguest that was going to be evicted, that’s because (as he said first) he was a coward and he was afraid of confrontation. Andy is a big liar and a good spokesman and he tried to sell it in the finale questions as being a strategic move so that houseguests wouldn’t have time to expose him but we never heard him say that before so it appears he only thought of that reason before the finale night…

    The thing about taking GM to the final two because of a deal we never heard about, what a BS, he only took her because GM can’t speak and he knew he could outsmart her in the finale questions and in the final speech. Smart move but a big lie to fake a loyalty he doesn’t have.

    Andy only made it that far and won because the cast this year is really made of stupid people, most of them are ignorant and all of them are young and mostly chosen for their looks instead of their brains. It doesn’t take a genius to notice that if a houseguest is friends with everyone or that he’s present in each and every conversation he should be taken out ASAP. Andy shouldn’t be that proud of himself, if he was in any other season he would’ve never made it till the end…

    Now, regarding what happened and this season, Andy may have won the big price but everyone who watches the live feeds knows his true colors, his ugly personality, the ugly words he used to describe women, how unfair of a professor he is with his students (allowing his favorite ones to cheat) and how he spoke horribly of the evicted houseguests behind their back. And most of all, he’ll always be remembered as Andy the Rat ! :)

  73. One last thing must be noted: if someone says something ignorant to you and it is not the truth, it does not hold water and should therefore not hurt you. Sound logical right? Someone called me a sl#t and said I’ve slept with every guy in my building, etc. Now, I have been celibate now for about 8 years, so I silently laughed to myself and told her to go away.
    When Candice held on to GM’s words (which were really childish IMO), and said ‘she really hurt me’, then that means that something she said was true.
    Candice needs some serious help if she thinks she’s fooling anyone by saying ‘candyland is a happy place’.

    1. Not everyone is like you. Just cause a falsehood hurts doesn’t mean it’s partially true .. Sometimes .. Gasp… You care about what others say about you. Doesn’t have to be true at all … People react differently to certain situations and just because you do or don’t act a certain way doesn’t mean everyone else acts that way too.

      1. To each his own, absolutely. What Gina Marie said or did hurt her, her reputation and her integrity, not Candice’s. What that person said to me hurt her – it made her look ugly, foolish, petty and ridiculous. Peace

    2. Sorry… What are you talking about?….

      You talked to yourself and told her to go away?…
      Candice said she really hurt me and that was childish?….
      Candice needs help because she said Candyland is a happy place? ….

      What? Say what?

    3. Hey SayWhat?…GM hurt Candace feelings by saying her mother didn’t want her. I believe that’s something more than one adopted person has wondered about in their life.

      1. Got to my computer after a few hours and saw this question but I don’t know what the ‘Obama’ reference is, so I have to answer ‘no’. I’m Canadian but pretty keenly aware of American Politics for the most part so I might have missed something or a statement he made?
        Anyhow – if you respond I’d be interested to know.
        Peace out.

  74. I’m kind of mad at Julie Chen she only called out
    Aaryn on the racism what about the rest of them like
    It was all Aaryn’s fault call out one call out them all

  75. Simon and Dawg, Thank you both so much for all the hard work and long hours you have put in the last 3 months.

    Maybe next year you will have some semblance of a decent cast to work with and not so many shitty, hate-filled commenters on here. And hey, if they all knew the game and how the rules worked, that’d be cool too.

    At any rate, get some rest and know that in th BB internet world, you two are widely considered the best at what you do.


    1. I voted ten times each on two different computers for Elissa just for you worstseasonever. BEST RESULT EVER.

  76. Definitely a crap season. The third nom twist really screwed up the beginning. It was all downhill from there.
    They need another allstar season as their casting agents suck balls.
    And they have to stop messing with the formula. The third nom thing was a horrible misfire.

  77. I watched the camera guys take down their gear….GM was finishing her interview with some station…Spencer walked by & talked to Jeff for a few minutes…until my screen said Film has ended……….took me hours to find a few interviews of hgs with Jeff Schroeder at the by party……I know I’m hooked on this show….but I still want to know answers to imp. questions: What was the reaction….specifically…of Aaryn, GM, Amanda, & Spencer to America’s reaction to their nasty comments……..Did they all get ” lawyered up” before answering Jeff’s questions????….hard to stop my addiction to this show so quickly…….need to know about complete aftermath details for some closure…thanks for any imput….:)

  78. The two of you make BB and coming here so much fun ! Really the best site ever. I encourage everyone to donate and throw them a bone for all the hard work !

  79. Andy commits suicide before the $500K is all BLOWN on KY and MEDICAL SCRUB TOPS and half way thru reading the comments on this site… may he join me in HELL.

  80. Thank you, Simon and Dawg. I’m marking my calendar for BB Canada in February. Have been watching BB US since season 1 and next year hope they find some intelligent (real) people and not just good looking 20 to early 30-year-olds (with a couple of exceptions) who are there to further their acting/business careers.

  81. I think the worst part was hearing his last speech about expertly calculating every move and how he is such a strong player. Keep telling yourself that my dude. You were a floater who won against two other floaters. David was a stronger player than he was….lol.

  82. I along with many others voted for Elissa for best houseguest not because I was a fan of her sister (wasn’t), but I hated Spencer and Andy soooo much for their disgusting comments and obsessiveness over her after she left. It’s as if they had nothing else to talk about. They went on and on for us not to vote for her…what losers! I ran into ‘Nick” at a NY street fair, and he said that Elissa was actually a very sweet girl while he was in the house. Couldn’t understand their comments.
    It was also sooo disgusting listening to Andy twist his play as if he was so strategic …he was nothing but a whiny crybaby floater.

  83. Copout!!! That was it? No one at the finale show held accountable for what was the filthiest, most vile display of human behavior throughout an entire season by a cast on a tv show. Not one mention by Julie or anyone at BB or CBS about what these people are really like. Howard had barely a minute to bring a semblance of reality to viewers. Spencer getting away with asking if he did or said anything wrong, Andy proclaiming he loves and respects all the houseguests, Ginamarie also proclaiming her love and respect for them. All the while these people and others in this cast sounded and acted like the dregs of the earth. It’s inexcusable that last night no one was exposed for who they really are. CBS and BB have shown we seemed to have lost all sense of decency and accountability for our actions, what a deplorable and unpardonable message they have sent.

  84. I think Big Brother is like pizza, even when it’s not very good…it’s still pretty good!

    I rather enjoyed seeing Andy & GM so happy at the end!

    Thanx Simon & Dawg for all the updates! Wonderful job!

  85. Happy that all this nonsense is finish

    I’ve had my “good moments” last night when watching the finally and my favorite was the look on Amanda’s face. during the live show, it was priceless, loved it!

    At time I was afraid that she was going to jump and leave the stage, she looked completely pissed!


  86. CBS, either show the HGs like they really are, or don’t bother having the show. Aaryn is not a nice person , but why was she the only one to get chastised on air, while Andy, Spencer , GM and Amanda all got a pass.? For the people that don’t watch the live feeds, they think its just gameplay, they have no idea of the true , vicious nature of some of the participants. Julie, you sure picked the right evicted , non jury hours guests to ask their thoughts from watching from the outside….Howard who cannot answer a simple question and didn’t even watch the live feeds, and that Nitwit Jeremy , who when he was asked about the HGs behavior , could only say ” well.. I didn’t like how Helen always acted like a mom” all the horrible insults, vile name calling etc. and that’s the best he could come up with? …what an idiot!

  87. This Jury was so petrified of being considered bitter that they lapped up Andy’s complete BS. All Andy did all season was float from one alliance to another and lie, cry and cowardly back-stab.

    He’s one hell of a vile backstabbing ratting bastard cowardly floater.

    1. You can thank us for that – that’s why we hired Dr. Will to talk to jury – we needed Andy to win over GM and Spencer. We couldn’t have either GM or Spencer win considering all the national media attention they drew.

  88. I’m glad Elissa got the $25K, and I hope she does give it all to charity.

    I’m not happy Andy backstabbed Spencer… but Andy won the game and the $500K, so what the hell do I know?

    I was pulling for GM to win so bad. :(

    Favorite Moment(s): Any of the “War of Words” fights. Always love those in the BB House and the tension right before it sets the hell off.

    Least Favorite Moment: Andy winning BB15. :(

    Why was Dr. Will even on the show? (Sarcasm) But why?


    1. I think they brought Dr. Will back so he would convince the jury to vote forr Vile Ratboy. He told them to vote on play, not feelings.
      We don’t know what happened before the show started, he probably had some time to talk to them.

  89. I am very happy this season is over. It was really difficult sometimes to watch the live feeds, so much so, that often, I had to just turn it off. It is apparent that 3/4 of the BB 15 HG have some serious hatred and bigotry issues, among some other various disgusting issues. My prayers and hopes for each one of these individuals is they will do some deep self reflection on themselves and choose to make some improvements within their internal thinking and being. They are at the most still young and if they watch themselves and their behaviors and self reflect, hopefully, they willsee themselves as we have, and realize just how distasteful, racial, filthy, bigoted and disgusting they actually were on the show. I could not stand the majority of these HG.

    However, I don’t wish bad for any of them, as they are human beings, as we all are. And they for sure have created a path for themselves, that is by far not going to be easy, at all, now that they are out of the BB house. If they care enough to show the world that they can change and become decent, productive, giving, compassionate, loving individuals, then I wish them all the best. If they choose not too, then KARMA is a “Bitch”. By no means do I approve of any of these morons actions, nor did I like the majority of them, but to wish them to have a miserable life is wrong, IF they CHOOSE to make some positive changes within themselves, then I hope they are successful in doing so.

    I realize that the message board gets more positive responses from the comments that include hatred. But, I have chosen to say “If you live in a glass house, then cast the first stone”. Most of these HG seemed to go out of their way to prove just how much this generation can be so full of hatred, be so lazy and the last three HG were just down right pathetic. As, a senior citizen whom has been a fan of the show since 2000, I have never seen a show that involved everything that was proof that something is seriously wrong with some of the younger generation. Shame on you Spencer, as an older adult in the house you should have been a role model and made a stand against all the bullying, negative and vile behavior. Instead you were just as bad or even worst than some of the younger HG.

    I pray you guys that were on BB15, that you will get the help you need and make a difference in the world by giving back in a positive way, by making the world a better place. Because, you have a lot to prove to all of us true BB fans, your family and friends, but more so, to yourselves. Us true, BB fans wanted to see a good game, not a house full of bigoted, filthy, disgusting, vile, pathetic humans beings that didn’t seem to have the concept of how to play BB. Basically, it was a wasted season and very, very difficult to watch BBAD and the live feeds. Get help guys and show the world that what we saw was only temporary!!!! Hope to see you doing some charity work or speaking out against bullying and racism, etc. etc. And good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Thank you, I just hope that these individuals will see themselves and go get the help they need to make them better people. To think that they would want to remain the ugly, nasty, vile, disgusting human beings they were on the show saddens me, as they have their whole lives ahead of them. I would pray and hope that they will want to make changes and be counter productive and prove to themselves they are know longer those ugly, horrible, despicable human beings they were on BB15. Like I said, if not KARMA will catch up to them and they will get back what they throw out there.


  90. I almost didn’t want to watch the final. There were two scumbags in the final two.
    I wish that neither of them could win.

    I can’t stand that Rat Vulture Fairy who keep on talking about playing a strong game. You didn’t arsehole. You suck and floated through the whole game. None of the final three deserved to be there.

    I could handle Judd or even McPussy winning but not that dirty stinking fairy who is so ugly but now rich he can finally get laid.

    1. Seriously? So people get thumbs up for calling this bunch of HGs insenstive, misogynistic racists, etc., but you also thumbs up calling Andy a “fairy”?

      Nice. And you probably don’t realize how rich that is.

      1. psst…hey Eric, good to see you again.

        Guess who predicted correctly that Andy would win this season?

        Guess I’m at least 4 for “35” now, huh? ;)

          1. uh, no, I got called out and called all kinds of stuff for defending Andy’s game and claiming he’d win when we got down to the final 5…and eric, you certainly were ready with a retort for everything I said. Whatever to both of you, ego preservation is an astounding thing. LOL.

  91. did anyone feel bad for GM when she couldnt even answer the jury questions? especially the first question, WOW. is she clinically retarded or have some debilitating condition that affects her mind? seriously, cause if so then i wouldnt say anything. but wow, like really, she must have some condition. the way she screamed and ran over to nick, a guy she knew for 45 minutes. she needs HELP

    1. Nope, did not feel bad because honestly she only made one game move and that was being smart enough to put up both Amanda and McCrae. She made no other move in the house. As much as I did not personally like Andy, he did play better than the others in the final 3 so whoever he was up against he would have gotten my vote.

    2. Maybe instead of spending all that time playing “How much do we hate Elissa” over the last few days, she could have been preparing her answers for the incredibly obvious questions that the jury asked her. In other words no, didn’t feel sorry for her at all. She destroyed any last chance she had of getting votes by not being prepared for the jury – her own fault.

    1. Make yourself a nice cup of hot tea – add a shot of your favorite whiskey – plump up your pillows and. . . watch SURVIVOR! At least you’ll get to see Hayden and you won’t have to report on anything! Feel better!

  92. where can one find afterparty pics, interviews and anything else post show? is it too soon? is there a blog with stories from the afterparty somewhere?

  93. any after party reports? anyone hookup or fight or flip out? wonder if they think they are celebs now or realize that its only .00001% of people that know who they are? and that fades away within 3 months to almost 0%

    1. I just listened to a podcast with Andy, GM and Spencer from a link on Jokers. Andy has yet to admit that he said anything wrong. GM was read the statement her former employer released (she hadn’t heard it before) and she tried to keep up a good front and Spencer says the union is fighting hard for him to keep his job.

      Oh yeah, I guess the only family member that was there for Amanda was her brother and they were on a plane out of town 1st thing this morning. Probably back in Boca already. I don’t think we’ll be hearing much from her for a long time.

      1. Thanks Jackie, my computer is acting up and I can’t seem to get the interviews to play! I enjoyed your comments this year! Take care.

  94. Legendary Dr. Will seemed like a pre packaged, rehearsed toolbox last night, thought we would see at least a glimpse of the guy we knew from BB past

  95. I watched the interviews last night with the HG and these people still had no clue…Jeff (of Jeff & Jordan) asked each if they knew what was going on…even telling Amanda that “this season was pretty bad”…Amanda, of course, still wouldn’t own up to her behavior and said she “was saying things people wanted to say.” No apologies or remorse. Jessie mentioned that Amanda was still behaving badly right before they went out on the live show and still hating on Elissa. (I wished Elissa didn’t apologies to her during their jury interviews with Dr Will). Spencer said he was informed on what he said in the afterparty and apologized profusely. Andy even said he”doesn’t condone what was said or done in the house…” (I guess they didn’t think we, the general public, didn’t see what they said and done the past couple of days on the live feeds). Poor Elissa said Helen and Andy were the only people she was gonna talk too and that she “adored Andy.” Jeff didn’t say anything to her about what Andy said about her during the live feeds. Candice said, “while in the house, people kept going at each other and still playing the game,” and her and Aaryn knew the game was over and became friends…Candice also stated that Aaryn “is not a racist!” Aaryn’s “just ignorant!”

    Above all…I am glad everyone is owning up to their behaviors in the house…and hope Amanda just disappears.

    1. Candice gets it that Aaryn was just young and ignorant and I knew that they would become friends. Really do think the lie by Spencer about the hat and Aaryn being so young and stupid caused the whole mess between her and Candice. I hope they stay friends!

      1. Howard even when Chen (the bigot) asked Howard about statements made that Howard said it was a lot more than just one. Howard and Candice both get that Aaryn was stupid and ignorant and is not a racist but just young and ignorant. Shame that the BIGOT JULIE CHEN does not get it. Chen is such a bully it disgust me. Props to Candice and Howard for getting it!!!!!!!

  96. What a joke

    The three Americans Favorites JUDD, ElISSA and Howard

    Howard all he did was talk about doing something BS

    JUDD was a joke, did nothing

    Elissa DID nothing,

    Helen, Amanda, did something plan and plot.

    And Andy winning, is BS too, but maybe he can afford some friends and a job, because he has lost his and I would not be his friend.

    1. Clearly people were voting mainly based on quality of character. On a season of mostly vile idiots I’m not surprised. The top three made sense.

  97. Does one have to be a lying, back-stabbing fraud to win BB, or can a good/ethical person win? Have good/ethical people won in the past? Is BB designed to bring out the worst in people?

    1. You’re missing the point. Lying and backstabbing are an integral part of the game of Big Brother. And just because people do that on the show doesn’t mean they’re bad people, it just means they want to win.

      1. So you’re saying it is impossible to win without back-stabbing and lying? What’s the difference between someone who lies and back-stabs on the game and someone who lies and back-stabs at work? There isn’t any difference, and that’s why some of these people are getting fired for what they did in the game.

      2. I agree This Season….. but you have to admit – this bunch took BB to a whole new level of unnecessary crudeness. Last year after the final – this site was full of game talk – Dan vs Ian – this year, it’s all about how horrible most of this group behaved. Just sad!

  98. I hope all these comments, from day one to the end, are printed out, bound in book form and sent to each of the house guests. These people are delusional. Aaryn show up with 2 publicists, says she is going to write a book, and has 6 interviews with modeling agencies? The whole BB deal is a fraud and a farce.

    1. Yes she said she had 6 interviews with other agencies lined up but she said that right after she said the agency that fired her wasn’t very good anyway. The girl just doesn’t know when to shut up. Doesn’t she realize that any agency that takes her on is taking a risk and then to bad mouth another agency…beyond stupid.

      1. She was not being stupid; she was being honest because if you google the agency it is not one of the best agencies that are out there. Stupid and ignorance totally go along with being 22.

        1. She had 2 high priced PR reps by her side the whole night. So didn’t they tell her Don’t say anything negative about anybody?

          1. Good grief the girl did not say anything negative about anyone and she owns her actions and has apologized. Look up the agency she was with and it was not a top notch agency in the modeling industry. She was right about that one!! Good Luck to her as the only house guest that owned it and apologized.

  99. Does anyone know of the families that showed up? After Andy won I quit watching. I did see Andy’s parents but that was all. Any information would be appreciated.

    1. It seems Amanda’s brother was her only family member to show up and he had her on a plane back to FL early this morning. Candice’s mother was there. Saw a pic of Spencer’s parents and I think Marilyn. Spencer said the union is fighting for him to keep his job. GM said that her parents were disappointed with some of the things she said and told her they raised her better than that. I think most of them are keeping a low profile except Andy who is still saying he only stood by while others said terrible things but is glad he didn’t say anything bad. He even denied saying he said “biracial robots”. Just wait until the finale party Rachel is co-hosting and he tries that BS with Elissa’s husband and Brendon.

      1. Actually, you must have missed Andy’s twitter page. He had posted an apology for the statements he made about Elissa seven hours ago — so about 7 a.m. BB time this morning.

        I’m glad he won even though I don’t particularly like his style of play. But he played the best game out of the final five left.

        Lying and backstabbing while making people like you is a skill that goes a long way in BB.

        1. Elissa voted for him instead of GM i see. He had to apologize for being a total heel.
          Elissa deserves a profuse apology at great length in person because of the vitriol.

  100. Set aside the vocals and Andy played a pretty good game. He took advantage of all his attributes.
    His intelligence
    His ability to stay cool
    His ability to cry on demand (Helen was just an amateur compared to Andy)
    His ability to represent the worst psychological assets of both sexes

    No straight guy could have played that way. And in the end the jury vote proved it. They voted the Girlie-man.

    Yes, I’m not taking into account who he was up against in the final. GM was a dismal disappointment.

  101. Did anyone notice Spencer looking to his right in disbelief as they said Elissa got America’s Favorite? He definitely looked disappointed!

    Great job Simon and Dawg, y’all are amazing!

  102. Happy that Elissa won americas favorite but disappointed that Andy won the whole thing. Thank-you so much Simon and Dawg for all of you great spoilers! Bring on Big Brother Canada season 2!

  103. What a disappointing back yard interview, Jeff !! They all basically get away with ” Sorry if I offended anyone…it was taken out of context” Andy lies and says he didn’t say anything negative!!!! GM is all smiles and giggles and can’t wait to hop in the sack with Nick to give him a STD !!! WTF !!

    1. Jeff had no room to criticize people for their comments, considering the homophobic rant he went on when he was in the house.

      1. Thank You! I’m glad somebody else remembers Jeff wasn’t such a great guy either during his two too many stints in the BB House. Nor was Brendan. Both made bigoted comments that seemed to be forgotten.

    1. Nice!!! thnx. any other reports from the afterparty? any fights, anyone get arrested, any straight jackets needed, breakdowns. did aaryn hookup with judd, david, both, neither or someone else? jessie? candice/howard?

  104. I thought Candice was annoying and not much of a player during the season, but I have mad respect for her after her interview last night. The fact that she forgave Aaryn and was willing to help her was very classy of her.

    I also think Aaryn has handled herself surprisingly well. Demanda, on the other hand, is as delusional as ever. She seriously thinks she’s a “strong woman,” not a bully. And Helen is also just as bad as she was in the house. Ruining the season apparently wasn’t enough for her, she had to ruin the finale too. Ugh.

    1. I agree!! I give mad props to Candice, Howard and Aaryn. They forgave and understood and even Howard spoke up to Chen and said it was not just one person that made comments. I think they all will come away better for it, but those others in the house, Helen, Andy (GAG), Spencer (hope the douche looses his job), GM (sad excuse for a human), Amanda (nothing more to say) are all awful and still today continue with their LYING!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. America’s Fav wasn’t about the 25k, it was about being the fav, and also hitting andy and the rest with a true “WTF” moment of “oh they actually liked elisa??????? oh no……”

  106. I really don’t get why people wanted Elissa to win America’s favorite?!?! She threatened to leave the show on several occasions without going to jury, she had no self awareness in the house, and her gameplay was horrible!!! I know it is because of all the losers in the Brenchel Army, but even they should be ashamed of themselves for voting for such a lousy player like her!!!

    1. She threatened to leave because she was surrounded by vile bastards. Can’t really blame her for considering quitting. But she stuck it out bravely and that’s a further reason why she deserved to win. Well done Elissa. Hope she forgives Judd.

  107. surprised how boldly McCrae told Amanda that his plan was to cut her before final 2. i heard they are long done, back to minn and fl separately

  108. Anticlimatic predictable boring finale. Andy winning, Elissa favorite, Julie a paid mannequin spin machine for BB and cowardly CBS, Dr.Will a paid robot for BB and cowardly CBS, no one exposed for their vile mouths and horrendous behavior, no one held accountable for their actions, Not worthy to be called a game show or social experiment or anything other than a forum for perverts, racists, bigots, psycotics, drugys, bullys, filthy germ carriors and unsanitary sex addicts, They define the word lowlife.

    1. It is a competition gameshow with “regular folks”. That some “fans” wanted every contestant burned at the stake for their many insensitive, vile, and disgusting comments is not surprising, but I actually appreciate that CBS took the high road. In reality, CBS likely hoped to be able to distance itself and the show from the behavior of this season’s contestants. While I am disappointed in many of this season’s contestants, both for their general poor gameplay and extremely immature and ignorant actions, I’d have been more disappointed in CBS had they turned the finale into some sort of public flogging. These people will have consequences to face when they go home and try to continue their lives. We don’t have to like any of them as individuals. No point in making it any worse for these contestants than it already is.

  109. Sept. 18, 2013
    Prior to Spencer Clawson being allowed to return from his Leave of Absence to active duty with Union Pacific Railroad, a formal investigation will be held under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement to determine the facts involving Mr. Clawson’s behavior on the Big Brother television show and online live feed. Based on the results of the investigation, Union Pacific will determine the appropriate action regarding Mr. Clawson’s employment status.

    This is from Union Pacific’s website. I think they are going to focus less on his vile comments and more on his saying he smokes pot while on the job and about his “side business” also known as drug dealer. Spencer said this morning that the union is fighting for him to keep his job so we’ll have to see what happens. They may go through the motions of fighting for him but hearing anyone who works for a railroad talk about how they get stoned while on the job is serious. Being in Canada, I’m sure Simon and Dawg agree. Earlier this summer a small Canadian town was all but wiped out by a freight train accident.

    1. He also admitted on the feeds that he ” stole” from them as well……it will be interesting to see how this all pans out !

  110. It is really sad that several of the HGs don’t think what THEY said and did was wrong and hurtful but they comment on what other HGs have said and done.
    They all need to watch the whole season to see what America saw and heard and read the comments. I think alot of people in America don’t think what they say and do is wrong and hurtful that is why bullying in schools and beyond is a serious problem.

  111. Aryan was well rehearsed…..obviously under the guidance of publicists….I’m sure they were working with Candace as well in the jury house for major CBS damage control !

    1. Aaryn was the only one that seemed one bit remorseful and even Candice and Howard have forgiven and both have stated very clearly that neither think that Aaryn is a racist but just that her comments, even though hurtful were the least offensive when you listen to what Amanda, GM, Andy, Spencer, Kaitlin and Jeremy had said, were based on total IGNORANCE! They get it!! Candice even said along with Jessie that Amanda and Elissa and others were still going at it in the Jury house but that Candice and Aaryn became close friends and that both of them stayed away for the fighting which makes sense because the first night before Spencer’s lie about the hat it did seem as if Candice and Aaryn liked each other a lot. KUDOS, to Candice and Howard for understanding and for Aaryn for actually being remorseful and apologizing which is much more than the others have done. Andy still thinks he is America’s GOLDEN CHILD (even though he made horrible comments and has admitted to letting students cheat and made ugly comments about the mentally challenged), or GM (who is just DELUSIONAL). Neither have apologized!!

  112. How about investigating him for his comments in regard to raping women after giving them roofies, or the comments he made in regard to being a pedophile. He is disgusting and hope no one has to die because of his using drugs and then working on the railroad!!!!!!!!!!

  113. BB Discaimer- Everything you are about to see and hear is thoroughly sanitized because it is too disgusting and perverted for anyone with a thread of decency existing in their lives. We hope you enjoy what we could salvage. Now on with the show, There’s no business like show business like no busuness I know…..

    1. I watched “the talk” just today to see if Julie had a shred of honesty or decency left. Nope, all nice and sanitized. Leave it to the mainstream media to cover up yet another travesty! However…..if it is on their agenda they will scream from the mountaintops! Next time “they” tell you they are concerned about the youth of today, don’t believe them!

  114. I heard an interview today with Spencer and he said the union was fighting to keep his job. I don’t like unions and in this case you can see why: The union wants someone who is racist and misogynist and who does drugs, to keep his job.

    Someone who does drugs shouldn’t be the conductor of a train, many lives are in his hands.

    Someone who’s racist and insults women shouldn’t work anywhere.

    I feel sorry for Union Pacific because they can’t fire a person that uses drugs and hates more than half the people in the world. The union is a piece of garbage, how can they defend that behavior?

    Maybe the head of the union can give Spencer some marihuana while he’s driving the train and put himself and his entire family in it for a ride. Then, while they are riding he can start verbally abusing the women and people who are not white.

    And then something might happen to the train………….then this union person might get a wake up call, or maybe he’s just a cruel person, who knows.

    1. …and life goes on. Take a deep breath Spencer, Union Pacific, the union…Survivors on now, can’t wait to hear you bitch about that now…

    2. please read a book about america and the labor union,companies could do whatever they pleased and they did.minimun wage did not exist until unions demanded were allowed to pay you 3 dollars an hour And force you to work 80 hour weeks.the union forced a “minimum wage” of 8 dollars or whatever it is.child labor laws that state you have to be 16 to work also didnt exist before know because the parent is making 3/hr which wouldnt even cover toothpaste and soap so kids as young as 6 or 7 also worked instead of going to school.vacation and sick time…are you crazy?if you got injured on the job dont bother coming back because you cant operate machinery or work if you are missing limbs.the union you hate so much said,ok fine,this person cant work but becuz theu got hurt on the job they need disability pay.the middle class did not exist before the you honestly believe that if whoever you work for,is paying you a living wage,with medical,dental,vision healthcare,40 hr weeks,vacation,sick time,disability etc out of the kindness of their hearts?the only thing spensers union is doing is making the company prove their allegations as opposed to gm whose employer fired her on the spot.the outcome may very well be the same but again,if it were you wouldnt you want the comp to prove they have grounds to essentially take away your livlehood?think,people,think.

  115. No one cares about asking direct questions to: Andy, Spencer, GM, and Amanda.

    The one who got bashed for her words was Aaryn, and she definitely was the less offensive of them all.

    Even Candice confirmed that they were getting along very well now and that she knows Aaryn is sorry for what she said.

    By watching BB I can definitely see how TV shows can tarnish a person’s life that didn’t deserve it and praise others who don’t deserve it.

    1. Isn’t there a phrase, grace under pressure? Anybody can get along when there’s no stress/pressure to do otherwise,such as living in the Jury House and collecting your weekly stipend.

      If anything Aaryn is pissed that she has to even pretend that she cares. Wondering what carrots CBS dangled before Howard and/or Candice to get them to feign friendship with her?

  116. I think when they watch it they will be sorry they voted for Andy because, basically, he was lying to them even at the end. Do any of us know if he really made that deal first day with GM? Him saying, “I love you all” is a fat lie too. I love you so much I dissed you with rude remarks to the very end. Ya right.

  117. McCrae really transformed himself in the BB house. He entered a seemingly meek, insecure, timid, lonely outcast and left like some sorta johnny depp like confident, layed back, badass pimp cult icon. this is clear as day when you see clips of him from week 1 as opposed to last night.

    1. Is that supposed to be sarcastic? McCrae pre-Amanda at least had a game plan. Post Amanda, he can barely sit up straight and look presentable for the Finale. Not sure if Amanda drained his energy or he only had so much allotted for 90 days. He does strike me as exceedingly lazy.

    2. I don’t think Mccrae changed much. The non-competitive houseguests bascially let him sit back and do nothing for half the season. When 3AM started falling apart, he started playing again, but by then he was on the wrong side of the numbers game.

  118. For those of you in Canada, Global has been advertising that Andy will be on tonight’s episode of Entertainment Tonight Canada.

    1. I HOPE Aaryn comes back strong and loud…I am so happy for her and the changes she has made and that Howard and Candice support her.

      I could also care less if you all spew your hate and your vile minds towards me, because you don’t know me just like I don’t know you. So…Ha! Keep hating away…

  119. Unlike many here, I wasn’t expecting the house guests to be truly grilled tonight by the bad behavior in the house. With so much actual game to cover, there was no way that there was going to be time for that. I was however disappointed that there wasn’t at least just a little bit more of an acknowledgment. Julie kept saying things like “most controversial season” without actually discussing the source of the controversy, and “you guys made national headlines” – ok, fine, so maybe just read one or two of those headlines and get a reaction, rather than just asking Spencer what he thought. It was like asking a director what he thought about his movies getting bad reviews without him knowing what was actually said in those reviews.

    At a minimum, there was the perfect opening at that point for Julie to even say something like “Now we know that many of the viewers are hoping to get your reactions to those headlines here today, but rather than put you on the spot here, our staff will be taking you through some what has happened after the show.” Wouldn’t have been entirely satisfying, but at least it would have been *something* that acknowledged that situation.

    Meanwhile, Aaryn going on and on about how everything was “taken out of context” in her post-game interviews is pissing me off. Dear media, I want at least one of you to say back to her “You are aware that the live feeds were on 24/7, right? How can something be taken out of context when every single word you say is being heard?” Let her PR team take on that one.

    1. Now I’m thinking that they were advised by the CBS legal team NOT to directly address due to possible litigation down the road…..esp with Spencer’s situation….possible lawsuits…that’s the only thing that makes sense anyway…..If I were Elissa, I would seriously think abt pursuing this as she may have a case for slander, defamation of character…….could be wrong but what they did to her ( EVEN AFTER SHE LEFT THE HOUSE ) was out of bounds!

      1. There is almost certainly no slander/defamation case. It is unfortunate that these players were so critical and often mean-spirited toward those they evicted, but a case generally requires damages. If anything, Andy, Judd, GM, and Spencer look bad for their harsh and unnecessary words…they’ve damaged their own reputations more than that of anyone they evicted then insulted.

    2. Live feeds aren’t running 24/7. We often get to watch fish swimming or do BB trivia. Your general point is correct, though…that we generally observed in real time what was happening….we knew the context. While some may have been edited for dramatic effect to be aired on the weekly episodes, us fans that follow more than just the episodes know that relatively little was taken out of context this year.

  120. Andy tweeted this today:

    “I’m going to say it right now: I already feel terrible about my Elissa comments. to anyone I offended, especiall Elissa, I am sorry.

    He is @andyherren on twitter.

    Meanwhile, I believe Helen just tweeted everybody else to say that it is too soon to get rid of Amanda.

  121. What a season it was!!!

    Someone will have to explain to me how come these house guests still act as if they didnt know they were recorded 24/7 and streamed on the internet of all places secure enough for privacy (…………….)

    We are in the 15 season going on 16 YALL!!!!

    If you are going to audition for a game show the logic thing to do is to educate yourself on said game show. You dont go on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and think thats the actual question and all you have to do is answer Yes or No and you might become a millionaire…..

    Since this season had a lot of youngsters, one would think they should be smart enough coming from a generation of technology everywhere not to act a fool in front of a camera. And they actually did know to some extend about it because on more than one occasion the house guests were talking about having screen caps of themselves all over the internet or videos recordings from the live feeds…

    With that being said I feel like half of the Big Brother viewers at home are small minded with a strange love for destroying someones life just because they won the HOH that week or because of their ears or because well just because….

    Granted some said bad stuff… the show is over….the people concerned (Candice – Howard – Helen….) arent even making a big deal about it anymore so why should we all still?

    Andy won….oh big deal! Let me tell you about the amount of BB winners I disliked in the past…..

    All and All I am pretty sure I will see you all here for the next Big Brother bitching fest : ) 2014 here we come….

    And given the nature of this season they might as well audition people from Craigslist for season 16!

  122. So did McCrae and Amanda have a falling out at the final. I know she was upset that he said he was going to vote her out. She is a bitch but his game did go downhill after she left. He was dumb and voted out his only ally in Elissa and he would of been gone sooner if he wouldn’t of had a good run with an HOH and a veto win. I got the feeling that they are no longer together.

    1. To be fair, you have to admit he had no way of knowing that Elissa was truly his ally. It was double eviction night and he had to make a quick decision. McCrae wasn’t sure he could trust Andy after the Amanda eviction, but wasn’t certain whether it was Elissa or Andy that lied to him. He had no knowledge of the recently formed Exterminators. Several members of the jury figured out after their eviction that Andy had duped them….and they gave him credit for doing so because that is part of the game. Andy’s strategy worked this year because he was a convincing liar and this group of houseguests feared and evicted physical competitors moreso than duplicitous players. For whatever reason, everyone liked and trusted Andy, often to their own detriment.

  123. I think it is great that Elissa voted for Andy and he trashed her in the house. I read that he apologized but we all know this is hollow. He was a RAT in the house and now he knows we all hate him! Elissa and Helen were fools for voting for him. Just wait till they see what he said about them behind their backs. Egg on their face. HAHAHA

  124. I was surprised that Judd was in the top three for favorite house guest. Elissa was a deserving winner and bravo to America to recognizing Howards character.

    1. If Elissa weren’t related to a BB celebrity, she is probably less liked than Jesse. She was made relevant by the MVP, which was all due to support from her sister’s fans. She might not have even made jury if it weren’t for the MVP twist, which was more or less a disaster this year.

  125. Andy is the most hypocritical, self-righteous bitch ever! He has been blurting out that he truly deserved to win and that he’s the best BB player ever.

    No you’re not Andy. The reasons you won are because the strong players took each other out and they would’ve done that without your snitching. You made yourself to be a shameless little girl (my apologies to little girls) who no one can ever trust in life. That is who you really are and gameplay had nothing to do with it. When Elissa was so nice to you and said such great things about you both in the house and out; why did you say such vile, hateful things about her and her family after she was gone. That was not gameplay, it just shows you’re a hurtful, hate-filled jealous imp.

    You’re a disgrace to the gay community and your conduct and despicable behavior should be notice by any college that you apply for after being “fired” from the one you worked on a semester by semester basis. Saying I hope you learn from this would be futile because your bias and prejudice is based on hate from a “man” who is wordly and educated, but NOT wise!

    Hope your money doesn’t last you and you have to depend on others, maybe you’ll gain an appreciation on the finer things in life and not be such a self-entitled a$$hole.

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