Big Brother Spoilers – Have you ever had s$x with a random person at your tanning salon?

POV Holder: Tom Next POV March 6th ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Suzette Next HOH: March 6th ?
Original Nominations: Emmett and Tom
Current Nominations: Emmett and Kat
Last Evicted Houseguest ?


Simon here.. Big Brother Canada Live Feed update post.

11:46AM BBT Kitchen lisa, tom, emmett, Danielle.

Tom is talking to Lisa about the tanning salon business.. “ have you ever had s$x with a random person at your tanning salon?” Lisa answers no.. Tom: “cause when my girlfriend was a manager at a tanning salon I would go in there during my lunch break… “ (Hinting that he would ‘bone’ her)

Houseguests milling around the kitchen talking about how awesome it will be tomorrow that they all can compete in the HOH Comp. The you tuber Peter is telling Danielle that he thinks that tomorrow’s comp is going to be a quiz. He start rattling out reasons why tomorrows comp is not physical because if it was he they would have set up practice time for them. Danielle “Oh… Oh Cool… That’s Cool… Oh Oh Cool…. “

Emmett and Peter comment about how “Crappy” the protein powder is.. Apparently it’s “Iso Crap “ and not “Whey” (I think Iso crap is actually the more expensive superior protein)

Peter goes back to talking about the quiz comp tomorrow.. he’s pretty sure that it’s a quiz. He starts asking Danielle questions to test her knowledge of the house. Danielle “Ohh ohh cool.. ohh that sucks.. oh oh cool” Essentially Peter is chatting up a storm showing everyone how much about Big Brother he knows.

Gary joins them… random chit chat.. Peter starts talking to the “LIve Feeders”
Danielle: “I feel bad” implying that they are boring for us live feeders.
Peter: “This is it this is what they sign up for.. and they don’t even pay because it’s free”

Tom starts telling them if you drink 3-5 drinks a day you’re well on your way to becoming a alcoholic. Gary starts telling them that he drinks a mickey of hard alcohol a day, “Oh My God that’s what I do”

Everyone chatting about partying and drinking..


12:04AM Kitchen

Gary, Danielle, Tom, Liza.. Gary wants to play 20 questions with Danielle, Peter jumps in tells him he’s playing 20 questions wrong. Peter goes on to explain how you are suppose to play 20 questions. Gary and Danielle starts to play under Peter’s specifications.

Liza and Tom are having a side conversation, while Peter, Danielle and Gary play “20 questions”
I hear “Shania Twain’s name”.. Danielle tells them 20 questions is too hard and she doesn’t want



Kat and Aneal on the hammock.. They are going over “secret Identities” they can use in the Big Brother House. Sounds like they are trying to figure out a way they can tell everyone that they know each other before entering the Big Brother Canada game. (WHY?)

Kat tells him that she was on electric circus, Aneal also has a dance background.. they hatch this plan to tell everyone that they went to the “CDC.. the Canadian dance company” together and that is how they know each other.. Kat explains that they will tell everyone that she was the “Hot Shot” at the CDC because she’s been on the electric circus..

Kay now starts making up a story about how their families have gotten to know each other. Aneal says the only person that knows about him from their conversation before is AJ. Kat makes a comment that AJ has been talking to a lot of people about Final 5.

They keep working on their story… It sounds completely ridiculous.. Kat is going to say she babysitted Aneal.. Kat is going to tell everyone that her cousin competed in the olympics and that Kat was super athletic but she never went for it because of wanting to be on Electric Circus.

Peter joins them.. starts going over what is going to happen tomorrow. Live eviction, casting Votes in the Diary Room etc etc.. Peter leaves, Kat and Aneal go back to their scheming. Kat starts coaching him if he wins HOH next week he doesn’t want to get blood on his hand but on the flip side he wants to “Start a war” Aneal asks her what should his vote be tomorrow. Kat says it’s going to be hard. She thinks that Aneal should toss her one vote and just say that he doesn’t think that everyone on the block should get at least one vote

You want to start a war between the “4 Bros” but Aneal has to watch out for the shrapnel with the Girls”

general jist of things is that Danielle and topaz has isolated themselves. Kat warns them about Alec and Peter being “Stone Walls” Aneal points out how into the Big Brother Game Alec and Peter are.

Kat is pretty much coaching Aneal on everything he should do in this game. instructs him to get close to Danielle

Suzette starts talking to Aneal about the HOH room and how tonight is her last night…



12:37AM Bedroom Tom, Gary, Talla, Suzette, Topaz, Danielle…

Tom is getting close to Talla rubbing her shoulders.. Random Chit Chat (Showmance starting up)


12:44AM Emmett and Jillian Hammock. Emmett is saying that Tom is alright but some people in the house are not liking him. Emmett is worried about Aneal. He feels that he can’t trust him.

Jillian says that Suzette talks a lot of sh!t about her. She also heard Suzette making a big deal about how strong and good looking Emmett is.

Jillian: “Danielle is a moody bitch… I swear on my life I will only be talking to you”
Emmett lists off the people he can trust, “you liza, tom, peter, I don’t think if I can trust alec”
Jillian: “Alec loves me”

Emmett: “I trust Peter”
Jilliian: “Peter and Alec are one person. “
Emmett: “I trust Liza” He complains that he has to talk to Danielle tonight to make sure he’s got her vote.

Jillian is confident that Emmett has the votes, Emmett agrees. He’s thinking that maybe it’s best if someone doesn’t vote for him to stay that way it’ll introduce confusion. Jillian isn’t sure that’s the best idea.
Emmett: “I can’t trust Suzette”
Jillian agrees says she can trust Alec. Jillian mentions that she’s worried about AJ but is confident that Alec has their back if he wins HOH.

They start working through scenarios. If “the other side” wins HOH Emmett thinks they will keep putting up Tom and himself. Jillian “I think She (Danielle) likes you” suggests Emmett talks to her a builds a relationship.


12:56AM Hot Tub Talla, Kat and Gary smoking.

Kat is bitching about Suzette’s nomination speech. Apparently Suzette said that Kat is up on the block because she’s close to Tom and Emmett. Kat thinks that Suzette made a big mistake because Kat wasn’t even going to target her. Gary suggests that she keeps her positive attitude because it’s rubbing off on her. They leave the Smoke Hole.. Gary tells Kat she’s not going anywhere.


1:06AM Topaz and Alec Storage room

Alec is telling her that AJ is going to talk his way out of the house. They both don’t trust Tom. Alec: “If we get Tom out now who is everyone going to target”?
Alec thinks it’s better they stick close to Tom, he tells her “I’m not here for me.. i’m here for you.. I’m trying to protect you”
Topaz: “ohh please.. I so believe that”
Topaz asks him who his final 3 is. Alec says Topaz but doesn’t know who else. Topaz suggests Peter.. then tells him if Peter makes it to final 23 he’ll win. Alec tells her he trusts Peter and Andrew but doesn’t trust Liza.

They start a discussion about jury and votes. Topaz starts listing off who she can beat in the final two. They both laugh at how premature it is to start planning final 2.
Alec: “We gotta be more strategic.. like a powerhouse couple”
Topaz: “Let’s just be cutesy.. have our little dates”
Alec: “and continue to get to know each other and like each other”
Topaz giggles says “Maybe” They hold each other, Alec kisses her a couple times (WTF there’s shomances everywhere)
They decide not to call themselves the “Cuddle Couple” and head to the kitchen

Updated Part


1:34AM Living Room Aneal and Kat

Kat is thinking about making a scene. She tells Aneal that his long game plan is to split the 4 boys apart without getting any blood on his hands. She thinks is she goes home tomorrow he needs to side with Tom and Emmett because once Alec and Peter is gone Topaz is nothing. Kat suggests Aneal needs to tell the boys they need to get Suzette out of the house next week.

Kat says that Alec is using Tom to do all the dirty work. Alec wants Tom to take out Suzette once she’s gone Gary will go and Aneal can work on splitting up the 4 Bros.

She instructs him to get close to Tom and Emmett but treat them as being completely expendable, “no final 3 deals”.

If you get Emmett out of here Tom is after you, if you get out Jillian than Emmett is after you.. you need to get a third party to do your dirty work.

Kat things Aneal needs to team up with Liza.. Aneal wonders if he should start planting seeds tonight. Kat says she’s going to Plant seeds before she goes (Sounds like she’s confident about leaving)

Kat starts fantasizing about coming back into the house after being evicted tomorrow. She hopes when she comes back it’s during a “Meaty” part of the game where she can do some damage to the people that put her up.

Kat: “No.. you thought you were the target.. no it’s you b!tch you’re back doored “ They keep talking in circles about what Aneal need to do next week.. basically Kat has thrown in the towell. Aneal asks what he should do with Killian. Kat: “Jillian can su*k my D!c*.. she can s*ck.. “


1:55AM Hallway Aj and Andrew

Aj is going off about how every time he talks to Liza she introduces some S$xual inuendo. Seems like AJ has a crush on Liza.. (every person in this house is trying to pair up with someone.. )


2:08AM Kitchen Alec, Andrew and Topz

Andrew is talking about how deluded AJ is being about Liza, AJ thinks if he wins HOH he has a chance to sleep with Liza. Topaz wants to know what it is all about how did AJ start to think this. Alec doesn’t really tell her says that something small happened in the bedroom and Aj has blown it up into something Huge. Topaz wants to know more.. Alec jokes says it’s “Bro Code” he can’t saying anymore.

Jillian joins them. Alec and Topaz are not hiding their affection

2:30AM Kat continues giving everyone advice ..


2:46AM Tom Sleeping.. Kat and Alec in the kitchen. Alec and Kat are both acting/talking that she is going home. Alec tells her that everyone remembers the first person that gets evicted but nobody remembers number 2,3,4..


2:50AM Bedroom Aneal and Suzette

Suzette is wondering why Everyone is after her, “What did I ever do to these people” Aneal tells her if he wins HOH a lot of people are going to be pressuring him to nominate her.

Aneal coaches her tells her the best thing for her to do Is be happy with everyone. Aneal points out that AJ is hanging him. Suzette says that AJ is friends with Tom. Anael: “They were just ripping him bad downstairs.. we just need to win POV now”

Aneal suggests they try and take out Topaz tell everyone they need to break up the showmances.

Aneal tells her he hasn’t talked to game to anyone except for the 5 people he talked to about voting Emmett out.
Suzette is feeling down on her self is really worried she’s going to be nominated.
Aneal tells her that everyone in the house likes her personality they won’t even care about her nominations next week when there is a new HOH.

They decide to go to bed because tomorrow is a BIG DAY


3:10AM AJ, Topaz, Gary, Peter, Alec

AJ talks talks talks talks .. he brings up the scenario if he got s$xually involved with someone in the house and then backstab them. Alec says he wouldn’t be allowed to do that. A debate starts about whether or not you can use S$X as a strategy in the Big Brother Canada House. Production tells them to stop.

Talk shifts to Hockey.. Peter is from Vancouver brings up the Canuck hockey riots. He says he could see the smoke. Peter calls the Vancouver riots as a big time shame. Alec agrees says the city felt a giant shame after the riots. AJ mentions that he never thought anything bad about Vancouver after hearing about the riots he just thought it was a bunch of drunk people getting out of hand. Peter and Alec tell him the riots were a big deal.

3:23AM AJ Leaves. Alec, Topaz and Peter on the kitchen couch with Gary in the kitchen. They agree that AJ is really not adjusting well in the house. Peter points out his fidgeting and over talking. Peter asks Alec about his professional opinion. Alec points out that he’s not a clinical physiologist. They wonder if they should talk to production about AJ because they are worried about his behavior.

3:37AM Kitchen Topaz and Gary Gary points out to her that Alec isn’t even hiding his affection towards her. Topaz knows.. tells him that she likes Alec. Topaz adds that everyone knows what it is so there’s no point in hiding it. Gary asks her if she is OK with it. Topaz “Yes” She adds that there will be no S$X between them. Gary warns her about that.

4am – 4:10am Gary is still up counting things in the house and talking to himself. He says that the floaters need to go home. He says that he will nominate Tom if he wins HOH. He says that he needs to get back on Andrew’s good side. He then says that he can use Peter. Gary says I have no threats. Tom has got to go. Tom has to go. I f**king hate that bitch. Gary then says that he can’t trust Liza.
Big Brother Canada feb 27 2013 401am
He’s now looking at the memory wall of all the house guest photos. He says Sue you’re emotional, you need to go. Peter is smart. He says that Jillian looks like a bitch. Topaz is cute. My photo looks so good, I love my photo. If I say that I am going to put Liza and Peter up but then I really put you’re a$$ up. (Tom) You’re a$$ goes home. (Tom) Gary heads down the hall and starts counting squares on the wall. He then goes to the washroom and brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed.

4:10am All the house guests are now sleeping. Looks like some of the house guests are already getting pretty close..
Big Brother Canada feb 27 2013 410am

Big Brother Canada feb 28 2013 414am

4:50am – 5am Andrew gets up and goes to the washroom, then heads back to bed. Then Jillian gets up to use the washroom and goes back to bed. Aj is lying awake in bed and moving around. Aj gets up to go the washroom then sits on the couch by the kitchen. He sits there untangling his mic. He keeps talking to himself, shaking his head and waving his hands around.

9:00am Houseguests getting woken up by Big Brohther

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Big Brother Canada is the worst! The cast sucks, the house sucks, the competitions suck! Can’t wait to see who wins that $25,000 Brick Gift Card… Thanks for trying Canada! You fucked up!


the house is killer… too soon to judge the cast.


I’m sorry. I’m just now getting a chance to get online and I missed the first episode! I see the live streaming of after dark but is there a link to watch the first episode or can we only watch it live? Sorry if this has already been asked a million times


also..I’m in the US 🙁


You’re the best! Thanks so much 🙂


just watched BBCA on you tube ( am in US and you tube is the only way to watch it) and it was pretty good. I did not know what to expect but was totally entertained. but wow a hoh, and pov in first ep then eviction tomorrow already!


agreed the all new cast is very refreshing but i cant get the feeds it says it’s out of my area or something like that but i will be looking for more you tube shows.


Simon thanks for the link to BBCA to watch the feeds but it doesn’t work. It just shows a commercial then freezes.


I am happy they are showing the episodes on you tube and hope they show the after dark episodes on you tube as well.


Quick question for you Simon…I am trying to watch the LiveFeeds for BBCA and it says it is prohibited from this location. Any thoughts? I LOVE your site and am interested to see how this CA version goes…thanks!


I think the cast is pretty good so far. A few I like (Andrew Topaz and Alec), a few I already dislike (Tom is a know it all douche) and some big personalities. Everyone seems to be walking on eggshells, but that won’t last. I expect some big explosions. My question is why no French Canadians? You can’t have a Canadian cast without a French Canadian. Guaranteed nuclear bomb!! What was casting thinking? Maybe they will do a version for francophone audiences. I would pay to watch that!