Have Nots and Veto Players “British baked beans, french baguettes and Italian basil”

9:13am HAve nots are picked..
Basil and Beans..
James- I feel sorry for the rest of the houseguests that have to put up with us..

PAulie – This week have nots are the first team completely eliminated from the head of household competitions that means James and Natalie are have nots

British baked beans, french baguettes and Italian basil
NAtalie – we’re going to be shitting our brains out with this.. I’m not mad about it it could be worse

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The Havenots Nicole, Corey, and TIffany get to eat Popcorn & Peanuts!

8:45am – 10am Big Brother blocks the feeds to wake up the house guests. Nicole and Zakiyah are in the bathroom doing their makeup. Big Brother then blocks the feeds again. When the live feeds return – The house guests are coming out of the HOH room for the havenot food reveal. Bridgette reads the card and says that this week the Nicole, Corey, Paul, TIffany are all havenots

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Big Brother 18 Week 2 Have Not Results “All the berries you can eat”

10:03am .. The houseguets think there’s a catch the have nots food looks too good, Blueberries, Strawberries, Coconut, ast berries.. .
Paulie reads the HAve nots card – “at the end of this weeks head of household competitions the team Big sister had the lease number of Berries this mean Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah are have nots”
Paulie adds they get to have “All the berries you can eat” on top of slop. (WOW! havenots ain’t what it used to be)

Paul – PISSED so PISSED.. guess we’re dieting again
James- sorry guys..

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HaveNot Competition Results! Jared “The spotlight is on me for yelling at Dallas”

In the bathroom – Tim comments that we all signed up for this. There’s no saying this isn’t fair. Dallas hugs Mitch and says I know you’re upset. Its okay. Be cool. They hug and Dallas leaves. Jared joins them and they talk about how things got out of hand. Nikki says that she was having fun before everything went wrong. She says it was one of the best Big Brother tasks she’s taken part of. Nikki says a hedge got broken and a knee got hurt that’s it. Tim says we’re okay with losing. Nikki tells Ramsey well done. Sorry I was no use. They hug.

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Big Brother Canada 4 – Havenot Teams Picked! Dallas “I just started a mini war”

9:30am HOH room – Joel tells Loveita his initial thought was to nominate Rual because it would ruffle the least amount of feathers. Dallas joins them. You’re not on my radar at all. I want to eliminate him from this competition. I don’t know if he’s your target or not. I’d like to stay under the radar this week, is that cool? Dallas fist bumps Joel. Jared is a competitive animal. The first HOH he came second, the second HOH he won. He is gifted. He is going to go far. Socially I told him he is a favourite in the house. I drew a line in the sand. I want to take out the alpha dog.

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Big Brother “Last week 2 house guests were caught breaking the rules of being a havenot!”

9:20pm – 9:50pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds and when the feeds return. Big Brother says “Last week two house guests were caught breaking the rules of being a have not!” Big Brother then shows on the tv the two eating. Cassandra tasted yogurt off a spoon from Tim. The next video show Joel eating a grape that Nick feed him. Raul says oh my god if we all get in trouble I’m going to be pissed!! Big Brother says Joel and Cassandra as a result of your actions you will be the only havenots again this week. Joel says you have to respect the rules.

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Loveita “If I win the veto and Sharr is the other person up, I’m going to use it on her”

8pm HOH room – Jared is talking to Ramsey. Ramsey says this is your HOH and you and I know I’m not a threat to you. Jared says when this game changes we can utilize each other. Ramsey says I can so without a doubt if I was HOH I would not put you up. Jared says I am for sure putting up Sharry and Loveita. We look out for each others best interests and take other people out. Ramsey says I am just worried because you’re in an alliance with Kelsey. Jared says she has no influence on me.

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“It doesn’t have to be Audrey there’s 3 other options, Steve and Becky”

10:22pm HOH Vanessa, Shelli and Clay
Vanessa is asking if they are OK with her using the Veto. She’s wanting to go to jason and make a big deal.
Vanessa tells her she could have thrown the POV at the last second but she knew it was best for them to get the power. She wasn’t going to do what Austin did last week when he threw the POV to johnnyMAC. She’s still upset he did that.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Have Not Results “My adrenaline was on f***ing overdrive “

10:43 In the Kitchen Most the houseguests milling around getting food

Cindy calls Kevin out for cheating (I think she’s joking around). Kevin tells Cindy it wasn’t his intention to cheat he was just having fun. Craig says Cheating is not the right word, “You threw all the balls at Bobby”
Naeha is distraught being on slop. “I’m going to ask Big Brother For light maple syrup I can’t eat all that sugar it’s bad for you “

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Big Brother Spoilers Have Not Results “We need a upset in this house”

12:55pm Nicole crying she’s on slop again and going on the block.
Victoria asked her if she wants to talk. Nicole is fine tell her not to tell them she’s crying
Nicole talking to the camera “I want to go home this freaking sucks I’m going to be nominated”
Nicole – “I hate Frankie he’s a manipulator.. I just have to fight in a veto.. I’m praying it;s a punishment i’ll take all the punishments but if it’s the ball thing I’m freaking weak

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